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Newbie here, but what visual novels do you guys recommend? I have only played Katawa Shoujo, Clannad, and Saya no Uta. I dont mind eroge but I would prefer a good plot more then something that is just fap material.

Pic unrelated

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Drop everything and go read books.
Stop reading colored stories for teens.

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Try the Amagami. It's a well-written romantic VN.
That said, I partly agree with >>13737706. Check out /lit/'s recommended readings as a counterweight. Their also super moe, but don't tell them that! Their easily flustered.

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"They're" as FUG

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sorry none of the translated ones are good, you'll have to read nabokov instead.

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dont have a PS2 just a PC, anything else?

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lol u n00b

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I kind of already know that

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It's on PSP as well, and the respective emulator is really mature.

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You sound like one of those fags who thinks eroge = nukige.
Also, fuck off newfag.

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What do you enjoy the most in VNs ?

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being able to replay a story
several times and get several different outcomes.
I never said they were the same I just said I didnt mind sexual content as long as the story is the main focus.

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Ever17 seems like the game for you then. Steins;Gate has some of that too.
If you have some time, Higurashi and Umineko may give you a similar experience but not in the way you're used to.

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Ha ha I get it, because none of Nabokov's translated works are the good ones either.

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>he didn't play Steins;Gate

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Umineko, Higurashi, Muvluv

ignore the rest

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>Newbie here
>Waifu Wallpaper
>played Katawa Shoujo
I recommend suicide.

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Naice kuroneko, dude.

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Has anyone noticed how the Kancerkolon general is half dead due to drama and as soon as that happens we get threads like this, like all the fucking time when something like that ever happens?

Just saying.

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I recommend you kill yourself.

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Kancolle? Well all the oldfags and real wota played it an got bored of it long ago, so it's going to be mostly people from the anime at this point.

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