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Can Marisa have a hug?

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No, you piece of shit.

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No. She's going to steal my wallet.

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Cute witch, would hug.

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no brakes on the hug train

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No thanks, dont want her to steal everything on me down to my clothes.

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She can hug my dick with her tits.

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I'd hug her cervix with my dick if you know what i mean

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I'd hug her colon with my dick.

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It's 2015. Just how old must she be now? She's as ancient as Touhou

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I'm sure that a hug would help especially you a lot!

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Hug fluffy witch

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You could have a lot of stories happen in the same year. Time may not pass exactly the same as real life does.

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No! But..

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Marisa is cute! I would be happy to hug such a cute girl!

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She can but I'm not sure if she will. Has she been a good girl?

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Get the fuck away from you, you ugly little cunt.

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Too late dude, I just hugged her and now we're getting married! I'll give her all the hugs she needs from now on.

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Congrats, dude!

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Better watch out dude, you've got some competition!

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Apparently not if they're already getting married! Unless Marisa actually likes Rinnosuke even though she's marrying another man like in that one doujin.

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Maybe she'll just hug anyone!

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Hug lifetime access revoked!

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burn the witch.

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I love Marisa so fucking much.

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I want to hug all the Marisas!

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Where are 9-12 on the first row, 10-12 and the second row, and all of the bottom row from?

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I think the end of the 1st row is all from ZUN's website. 9 and 10 definitely are (1st is XXX hits commemoration).

End of 2nd row is SSiB.

3rd row is WaHH. Aya's style changed every other issue for the first year or two.

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She even hugs bakas!

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Marisa gets many tiny hugs

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Marisa gets all the bitches.

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I want to hug the witch!

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Marisa is by far the most huggable 2hu.

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I'd rather hug Cirno right now.

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Huggable up 100%

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How do I get Marisa to notice me?

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Steal her heart!

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I'll try!

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A single touhou cannot be this dorkly and huggable, cease and desist.

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Yeah why not?

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I bet no one ever compliments her looks, so try that

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What? I refuse to believe that a girl as cute and beautiful as Marisa doesn't receive compliments on her appearance daily.

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How do you even pronounce her name?!

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>star of david

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Who the HELL are you quoting, dude?

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>shilling this hard
Don't you have a media to run, Goldstein?

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Go away /v/.

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So which syllable should be stressed out? The first one? I usually hear some people stress the second one.

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Epic shilling, friend.
The sad part is that this will be seen as a legitimate refutation by the sheeple of this board.

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>Star of David

Hexagram in an ancient symbol and can be associated with Sorcery in general. Example: Hinduism uses it for both the Shatkona and the Anahata (Heart Chakra).

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Please don't respond to /v/, it just wants attention.

This guy seems pretty smart.

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It's kind of weird listening to nonjaps speaking jap, even if they almost sound like the real thing and get to say it right.

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Actually it's more /pol/ than /v/. That behavior is definitely a /pol/lacks than a /v/irgins.

Given that I frequent /pol/ myself it's not a big surprise that people give the Hexagram a bad rap because of Jewish Influence in the USA and abroad.

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It's probably an accent thing. Like listening to a Jap speak English.

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I think cute Flan could give her a run for her money but Marisa is definitely aong the most huggable.

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I'd rather hug a fairy.

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First, unless she's moved in with you in the land of the free, then second.

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Oh come on anon /new/ isn't even that old yet, stop blaming /pol/ for everything.

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Who would do it? Reimu? A fairy? The villagers must think she's strange and youkai-like. Maybe the old ladies in the shops would.

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I want to brighten up Marisa's day by giving her a much needed compliment, then!
She needs to know how cute she is.

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Tits too big. Would not hug.

She wears an apron outside the house. They're made to catch dirt, you know. If you hug her, you'll get a disease!

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Girls get compliments all the time. Even the ugliest girls will be hounded by guys. You know that cute quiet girl you were always too scared to talk to at the register, that was kind of ugly so she was definitely your type?
She already fucked like 12 bad boys and gets hit on every day.
Girls cant be pure, only guys can.

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*hugs. Checks pockets."

Hey, where's my wallet?

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I want to catch Marisa's disease!

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Hug the tiny Marisa!

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Hug the ordinary Marisa!

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Whoa! Girls can't marry girls!

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Marrying the witch?!

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This anon already got her >>13711889

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What do magician girls like?
I need to get her a gift that she'll love.

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Get her some mushrooms she's never seen before. She likes those

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Marisa is not in control of her bitches.

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Should I get her my mushroom?

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I wonder what Marisa thinks of hair fetishism.

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What if I agree to be her mushroom taster?
It's not even that weird of a fetish, I swear!

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Hope you have a big appetite

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get ready to see some magic shit

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wow girls are nasty

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I get it.

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Looks like we're not the only ones who want to hug Marisa!

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Living the dream

I know, right?
Why not both?

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It seems that it's pronounced "Mah-Ree-Sah" but then again,Marisa is a western name so it could be pronounced "Mah-riss-Ah" too.

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Your friend Marisa will never come over to pass the time.

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I want to be Marisa's friend!

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Marisa is a little hungover....Give her a hug but keep it down....

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Put away the mini-Hakkero, then we'll talk.

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No. You'll just have to trust her.

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I don't know if you're cool enough to ride with Marisa.

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Please don't remind me.

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Caught another fake

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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Marisa's midriff in the morning!

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Marisa with big boobs... and being scolded by Seiga's floating severed head.

I Need some context.

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That's all it takes for Marisa to come into your shop with the intent to sit on your merchandise and cook you mushrooms that she was carrying in her hat.

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Not on my watch.

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Shitty break action

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Please post more Marisa midriff.

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but you arent wearing a watch

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