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Ready your head cannons.

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

M̶o̶n̶s̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶G̶i̶r̶l̶ ̶B̶l̶o̶g̶s̶p̶o̶t̶:̶ ̶h̶t̶t̶p̶:̶/̶/̶m̶o̶n̶s̶t̶e̶r̶g̶i̶r̶l̶c̶o̶l̶l̶e̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶.̶b̶l̶o̶g̶s̶p̶o̶t̶.̶m̶x̶/̶?̶z̶x̶=̶6̶1̶f̶8̶b̶d̶d̶c̶3̶f̶2̶8̶4̶7̶7̶0̶ ̶

Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com/

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First for White Snake!

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Remember to love and headpat your Kiki!

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Third for tenderly loving centipedes

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I want to become the Anon filling to a Shirohebi and Apophis sandwich

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Does she float?

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I want to be a dirty piece of shit who never take baths and have a harem of mothgirls!

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White Snakes get sunburns easily, so you need to warm her up with your body!
They like it rough though.

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I want to court a haughty pale Elf, using humor to win her over

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>They like it rough though.
What proof do you have?

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You're going to get devil bugs and beelzebubs you slob.

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>What proof
None right now, but I'll make some.

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The only thing she's laughing at is your pathetic infatuation.

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Childhood mindflayer friend is best friend

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What's the difference between a mothgirl and a beelzebub?

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Oh god, yes please.

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How can you be sure she was always your childhood friend and didn't just make you think she is?

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One has aphrodisiac dandruff, the other lays eggs in yo butt.

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Does it matter?

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How would cumming in a girl's butt that's filled with beelzebub eggs effect the eggs? How they grow faster?

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because she when was born her tentacles were found to be broken,but she never told you

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They would be born pregnant.

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I'd rather roughly.

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I want to tease the Kiki so when I have sex with her she's plesently surprised, then more surprised when she's pregnant!

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>Nobody's upset that I just made a cait sith OP

And I really went out of my way to be a faggot here, too.

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But cait sith is perfectly fine and the one you posted isn't furry.

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Just imagine roughly raping your beloved childhood friend in an NTR-panic only to have it mean nothing.

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I want to make a Kiki pluck out her feathers! Master will be angry if she doesn't!

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I want to serve the Goddess Bahamut.

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Wait how would that work? would she just be banking on a bluff that you think she has her abilities

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I want YOU DEAD.

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I want a tomboy kiki who slowly starts wearing a maid dress as she gets older

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I want to act like a complete retard in front of a Lich!

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do you fight the good fight, anons?
join now

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Does she slip up and call you master then blush every so often?

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This is KC we're talking about, she'd probably enjoy it.

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The good fight? You mean spreading the message of peace, love and understanding? Sure.

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Go back to /tg/

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do you have monster girls......

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>tfw you devote your whole life to reviving your fallen Goddess
>tfw some pirate chick and her paladin rival are out to destroy you
>tfw the key to your success is having Bahamut-chan fuck a five-year-old boy in a man's body
>tfw you get turned to stone while Bahamut-chan and her reverse shota get banished to a different dimension when the pirate chick is revealed to be a NTR'ing futa

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I want to be a Paladin on an adventure with a reluctant Alp companion out to improve human/monster relations, and be leery and give her a hard time!

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Let's say light and dark are always equal so a Succubus turning pure would cause an Angel to turn dark and the same reversed. If you were in the middle of something with one which would rather have light to dark or dark to ligh

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I like both.

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So you are having some really vanilla sex with an angel and suddenly a ripple in the air and it get's dark and purple for a moment and in that moment your sex turned from regular to her dominating you hard and your brain hasn't even caught up in this sudden change

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Umm, do we chase Lu Bu or not? I forgot.

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>Muh balance
I hate that trope so much. Individual responsibility and possibility for clear and lasting scale tipping or bust.

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I like my Succubi the way they are.

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Don't pursue Lu Bu.

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Every morning.

Though I'm still weirded out by her insisting on sharing a room with me.

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I fight only so that laws are properly enforced.

Monster, human, or demon, it matters not to me.

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he is gonna pass out in those tits

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Yessuh! Then do we invade Russia next winter?

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Send the wendigos.

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Stop wasting images on things that aren't monstergirls.

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Camel girl when?

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>perfect opportunity for Lu Moo / Lu Muu
>Doesn't take it


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I want to take a haughty Vampire to a small little restaurant

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>Invading Russia
>During winter
Girl, not even the russians themselves survive their own country's climate. We're gonna be ice statues in no time. What next? You wanna invade them at night in the winter?

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Who told you to draft Buxom-Betty? Is your fight really that important?

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No I didn't, I told her she should be working in the barracks' infirmary or the chow hut but she just showed up in one of the squads I'm training for some reason. What is she even doing here?

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I want to be made into a communal husband by Gnoll girls who don't have Not!Futa parts

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She's a beautiful bimbo, brooding and bawling for she has no bull.

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>Not pursuing Lu Bu
>Not getting Güd

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Just do it

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Don't let your dreams be dreams

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I want to find an elf and then not rape her

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Well, we got no bulls around here, what was she expecting to find here in the military?

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>"What is this place? It's owned by peasants"
>"How am I meant to enjoy myself in such close proximity to human commoners?"
>"T-there's no way I'm trying that, it looks disgusting"
>Her face when trying to hide that she likes the food

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You're a bull if you've got bollocks.

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Why do you people insist on Shia LaBeouf'ing me.

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She wants to tell her vampire acquaintances but doesn't want to look bad, so she keeps the delicious food a secret

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You just gotta do it man.

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Because if you're gonna keep wishing for things like >>13704919 all the time, SO JUST


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You are now imagining monster girl Shia LaBeouf

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>DO HIM!! JUST DO HIM! Don't let your dreams just be dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow, so just do him!

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I would just tap her shoulder then walk off

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So she enlisted to go through military training just to find a "bull"?

Man, the other NCOs are gonna make fun of me for fucking weeks...

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Meanwhile, inna woods... something unexpected is encountered.

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Thank you

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>She tries to tell her friends
>"It's a nice place to take your husband once in a while, I don't like it but for some reason humans enjoy such places"
>They all look disgusted at the thought
>It secretly hurts her inside but she laughs it off nervously

>> No.13704960

>Tapping the shoulder
>Not booping the nose

>> No.13704962

But the nose is too personal

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This Kiki does not float. She's been learning to swim though.

Don't worry about it anon. She just wants to make sure that you stay warm. That's why she sleeps in the same bed at you! It's also easier for her to inspect you for your health too.

Please do not pluck the Kiki.

Good man.

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She gonna go there and have their famous comfort food sin't she

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I want to be drafted against my will into the space fleet and made to fight a meaningless fight against a vastly superior foe, only to be caught by the Space Dark Elves and taken on a tour of the many exotic worlds that make up their empire, to be used as a stud by the various Monster Girls than inhabit each world.

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What if I want her to headpat me uh

>> No.13704971

I want to sweep a kiki off her feet and bridal carry her

>> No.13704976

>Some people dream of daughterus, while you're gonna wake up and FUCK HARD FOR IT! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE
>You should fuck to the point where anyone else should quit, and you're not gonna stop there!

>> No.13704977

>The Kiki does not float
Oh yes. She DOES float. We all float down here.

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Oh dear. Sounds like you'll need to stay inna woods for a loooong time to let that wound heal.

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And suddenly I'm imagining waltzing with her under the moonlight...

Is it true you wear fishnets under that clown suit?

>> No.13704987

Fishnets and a corset, yes.

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I want to go to the depths of the underworld to retrieve my wurm waifu's soul!

...As well as her body.

...She dug too deep.

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>She becomes a regular there, her favourite is their steak
>Keeps it a secret from her friends and husband
>One day she walks in and drops her parasol in shock
>At the other end of the room are two of her friends happily chatting away over some burgers
>They notice her too
>Their faces freeze so stiffly it's like they seen a gorgon

>> No.13704996

>Wurm comes back with a Balrog
>"It followed me home! Can I keep it?"

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So is there anything more NOPE than a Mindflayer? They're about as bad as the old setting's succubi, maybe even worse. Having your mind replaced with a walking dildo seems like a fate worse than death.

>> No.13705002

They laugh it off when they calm down and enjoy the shit out of a big basket of steak fries

>> No.13705006

Cat Shit is worse because it's furry.

>> No.13705009

I still hold Matangos as the definite NOPE.

>> No.13705010

Meanwhile her husband is at home eating cheap takeaways out of desperation, as much as his wife likes to keep appearances she's usually the one cooking.

>> No.13705013

They all just gotta rent the little place for a night pig out

>> No.13705019

>You'll never come across a Mindflayer who takes an interest in you
>You'll nope the fuck out and leave her alone every time she tries to chat with you
>She'll never get a little bit sad but never give up on you
>You'll never eventually notice that even after so many times running into her, you haven't felt a tentacle slipping into your ear, not even once
>You'll never realize that the poor Mindflayer has been working hard to convince you to like her and be part of your life without messing with your memories out of respect
Good job, Anon. You better make up with her for this.

>> No.13705022


... What?

>> No.13705025

I want to comfort a mindflayer with broken tentacles by letting her practice using my head to regain the ability

>> No.13705026

I'm gonna spell it slowly for you:

If you're tired of starting over,




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I want to pick her up in a hug

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What a lewd little girl.

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>They rent out the entire restaurant, much to the delight of the owners who have taken a liking to their vampire customers
>Her lonely single friend keeps making lustful eyes at her husband throughout the night
>After being prompted by his wife he offers to set her up with one of his colleagues
>The rest of the night is spent cheerfully devouring food and chugging down alcohol
>Everything is perfect but they can never shake of the feeling something is missing
>Meanwhile their Dhampir daughter is at home in the foetal position
>It's dark, she's scared and she hasn't eaten since morning
And that's how how rebellious streak started.

>> No.13705039

>implying it wasn't the Mindflayer implanting that idea in your head in the first place
>she's secretly been making you think she hasn't been flaying your mind when she has been the whole time

>> No.13705040

>Forgetting the daughteru
no bad that would never happen, also a secret stash of ramen noodles are in the cabinet

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Why don't we have more sci-fi stories? There's like, Captain's story where the guy got banished to Earth, and then PRW's Spaceworm, which is dead I think?

>> No.13705042

but what if she fucks with your mind

>> No.13705046

You won't mind if you never find out.

>> No.13705048

That is good it means she has regained the ability. Mission accomplished

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>Your in the club when this girl asks you to dance.

What do?

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... Why?


It's because Science Fiction actually requires a little bit of feasibility compared to Fantasy. Like FullMetal Alchemist for what it was was a wee bit more on the sci-fi side than Fantasy because the Alchemists all used some sort of reaction (Either that one dude with his Mister Freeze bullshit or Mustang using the friction to generate sparks) over just IT'S MAGIC AIN'T GOTTA EXPLAIN SHIT.

Then you have silly shit in movies like Xenomorph blood being called some kind of atomic acid or some shit.

>> No.13705052

>That planet


Quick, rehire that artist to put a bender in the background towards where she is standing.

>> No.13705053

Ballroom dance with her

>> No.13705055

>Ushi dominates him, she wins
>Stopman has his way with her, she gets what she wants anyway
It isn't even a contest.

>> No.13705057


I still trust her. At least she's taken enough of an interest in me to want to interact with me.

>> No.13705060

>yfw she swears she hasn't done anything to you, her only proof being that you're still afraid of her species even after interacting with her so many times
>If her justification still doesn't convince you, she'll understand your rejection and promptly leave you alone, admitting defeat
Look at what you've done, Anon.

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>> No.13705067

I was thinking about writing one, but it's probably gonna take months for me to come around to actually work on it, if I decide to write it at all.

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File: 1.19 MB, 1060x1500, Stopman, the hero we need.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>Ushi dominates him, she wins
Never underestimate JUSTICE

>> No.13705069

B-but sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic!

>> No.13705070


Dance goddammit!

>> No.13705071

They're one of the few purge on sight monsters.

>> No.13705072

I want to hug a mindflayer and let her see into my mind

>> No.13705073

>mfw I know she's flayed my mind specifically to create this situation
>so that she can easily guilt trip mean into believing her sweet lies

I'm not a fool.

>> No.13705074

Who is this Stopman?

>> No.13705075

>You see the balrog blushing awkwardly, occasionally reaching for your wurm waifu's head, but your waifu manages to dodge msterfully despite her empty headedness
>This keeps up all the way home with the balgrog gritting her teeth in frustration, to embarassed to talk to either of you
>you take a look
>There's a grey wizard figuring entangles in your waifu's long hair
>Balrog wants it back, and you can see she's on the verge of tears, not used to being in the surface world
What do?

>> No.13705076

>Lies and things that never happened

>> No.13705078

Ruffle waifu's hair like I usually do, and deftly move the figurine to its rightful owner.

>> No.13705079

It's on panda

>> No.13705080

>Those hand tentacles


>> No.13705081

I want to mix yeti and mindflayer dna so you get the softest hugs as she penetrates your mind.

>> No.13705086

I don't know, those eyes aren't exactly saying I want you in a way I'm comfortable with

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File: 285 KB, 826x630, Balrog-chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't laugh to yourself and let the charade continue, earning a balrog pet?

>> No.13705088

>yfw she always kept a good distance from you whenever you bumped into each other to show you she didn't attempt to invade your mind
>yfw her MG friends (even the single ones) look down on you for being mean to her and not even giving her a solid answer to her advances

>> No.13705089

My house is made of flammable stuff. Mostly bamboo. It's the only stuff flexible enough to handle the waifu.

>> No.13705090

I want to marry her so hard

>> No.13705092

She just wants you to show her your moves, anon.

>> No.13705096

Don't let her trick you, anon!

>> No.13705097

You don't fear death?

>> No.13705100

Not falling for her tricks.

Not falling for her tricks.

Not. Falling. For. Her. Tricks.

>> No.13705101

love isn't a trick

>> No.13705103

I wish my waifu was hardcore enough to have skull shaped pupils.

>> No.13705107

>Anon keeps a picture of the Mindflayer in his pocket
>"Don't believe her lies" is written on it
Do you also have tattoos to remind you about what is real and what is not?

>> No.13705110

It is when she can artificially implant the thought into your mind. I bet she's making you think that love isn't a trick!

>> No.13705112

Never fear! A quick dance will turn those skulls into hearts! Probably.

>> No.13705114

if it is true love then it can't be removed and will be forever

>> No.13705116

You could've at least give her a goodbye hug before she leaves you be forever. She even has a couple of brand new ear plugs for you to put on before you hug her as a last attempt to prove you she never did anything to you without your consent, still sealed in the little plastic pack she bought.

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File: 138 KB, 1024x918, 1420049942247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13705121

I want to hug her so bad

>> No.13705125

Give us back Anon! What did you do to his mind?! RELEASE HIM, FELBEAST!

>Implying she hasn't already got to you
>Implying you're not just seeing her tentacles as earbuds thanks to her psychic suggestion

>> No.13705126

>Monsters looking down on you because you don't want to get mindfucked

Ayyy, fuck you bitches.

>> No.13705127

Nothing has happened, mindflayers are love m8

>> No.13705128

>Look at inside of palm
>seil reh eveileb t'noD


Yes I do.

I'll tell her goodbye. From about 5 feet away. Maybe 6.

>> No.13705131


Yandere is shit and you should feel bad you shitty fox.

>> No.13705136

the real kind that is for two souls

>> No.13705137

>It's on the back of your hand in a language only you understand
>She has a tic where whenever she gets you, she likes it when you touch her face
>You see your hand
What do?

>> No.13705139

Your existence is SHIT.

>> No.13705143

Why do you take hypothetical greentext scenarios so seriously?

>> No.13705145

Mostly because scifi turns into vanilla aliens instead of monstergirls. Either that or Spelljammer. And fuck spelljammer.

>> No.13705148
File: 89 KB, 768x1024, 8557e095ade82e26d9364c60e75a6618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yanderes are perfection you swine.

>> No.13705151

I want to hold her hands and tell her everything will be okay

>> No.13705157

A yuuki rito style protagonist could trip, knock out the earplugs, fall onto her and end up with her tentacles in his ears regardless of her will.
How mortifying.

>> No.13705160


If I am to be shit then so be it, but that doesn't change the fact that Yandere and by extension Yangire is shit.

It's still not as bad as NTR though.


Say that to my face motherfucker not online and see what I do

>> No.13705165

How do you discipline a wurm child? Keep in mind spanking isn't an option and they can just take anything you try to keep away from them.

>> No.13705166


Well, if you really don't want to even give her a goodbye hug, she understands. She waves at you and bids goodbye before turning around and parting ways, and never approaches you anymore.

You still see her from time to time from a distance, going on about her life, since you both live in the same city. Oddly enough, you still don't trust her species in any circumstance, a distrust which wouldn't even exist, had she actually mindflayed you at any point.

You go for a walk around the local park one day, not minding your surroundings that much. Coming back to your senses, you spot a rather familiar figure sitting on a bench in the park staring down at the ground looking miserable. The purple tentacle girl whose kind you never trusted. It's her.

She looks up from the ground and catch your gaze for a moment, before getting up and going away, hanging her head in apparent sadnes.

That'd be quite an impressive feat, but she would remove her tentacles from your ears hastily before her love got the better of her before helping you back on your feet and asking if you're okay.

>> No.13705168
File: 1.06 MB, 2480x3508, Wonderland being the preferred end destination here.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Fight her! Fight the madness! Fight the dream! Fight everything, anyone, anything! Fight until I end up in Wonderland or break free from her sick fantasies and wake up!

>> No.13705178

It's all a trap...all a trap!

She's in it for the long haul, making me feel like the villain with her mind flaying so that I eventually end up apologizing and giving myself over to her "willingly"!

I'll never do it! I'll even look to Lady Ilias for guidance and peace instead!

>> No.13705179

Man, that was one of the best cartoon shows.
Made my childhood

>> No.13705180

Get her a puppy.
Let her learn to love it.
Shoot it.

She'll never misbehave again.

When she grows up, potential boyfriends are the puppy.

>> No.13705184

I was just watching it with my niece and nephew the other day. Heart of Ice was too sad for me.

>> No.13705189

That one right there solidified Mr. Freeze as my favorite villain.
Don't think I've seen another hero based cartoon show that is as good as the old batman ones.

>> No.13705190


But yeah, monstergirls ARE serious business.

>> No.13705191

Holy shit, you are a sick-minded person.

>> No.13705194

You don't see! If I feel bad, if I give in, she wins! This guilt probably isn't even mine! I bet it's all her doing! she's in for the long haul, but she'll see, she can't break me so easy! I know! I'll leave! I'll go inna woods, and do dangerous things near cliffs in treacherous weather! Because I'm right! And I know she won't come looking for me, worried about my disappearance, wondering if she's somehow responsible! I'll show them! I'll find a shrine, deep in the wilderness, and I'll show the world it's all her doing! Everything! Hahahahahahahahaha

>> No.13705196

Donde piensas Que estas?

Her fault for being nigh unharmable.

>> No.13705197
File: 555 KB, 657x890, Believe me, you're the only one who cares....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How about "new" Batman?


>> No.13705201

The Superman thing they made after that wasn't bad either. Especially the ending of the last episode.
>Superman beats Darkseid
>tells his slaves to do what they want with him
>"Let me help you master!"
"I may be many things Kal-El, but here, I am God"

>> No.13705207

>That episode


>> No.13705208

I wanna ask a mindflayer to look in my mind

>> No.13705209

>Dat voice acting
burn my ears

>> No.13705217

Oh, you're a beaner. Killing a dog doesn't mean anything to you since that's what you eat. It all makes sense now.

>> No.13705218

Batman Beyond was nice.

Superman was pretty good as well, the voice acting was pretty solid in that one.

>> No.13705221

Sephiroth voiced Supes in that one, of course it was.

>> No.13705224
File: 1002 KB, 1008x1629, 1404882168994.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which MG would be the most fun while wearing The Mask?

>> No.13705227

Only in Justice League/JLU

Superman: TAS had Tim Daily.

>> No.13705229

Christ, those colors look awful.
Thanks for the clarification.

>> No.13705230

Vampires are cute

>> No.13705232
File: 352 KB, 1080x1920, Super Wurm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13705236


Anon please.


>> No.13705237
File: 101 KB, 800x800, 1384674988441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Vampires are best

>> No.13705238

Fuck man that looks painful

>> No.13705242

What a pussy. It's not like Flash would've let him hit the ground, he'd have died. Now if it had been Batman, they'd have been a lot lower...

>> No.13705243

JUSTICIA, the Wyvern, and her boyfriend and Dragoon from Hong Kong, Dick Long!

>> No.13705249

>She grows up trying her hardest to please you
>To never disobey
>Show her flashes of kindness when she does well, indifferent otherwise, but always reminding her what happens when you break the rules
>Come home one day and find her with a boy struggling in her coils
>He's clearly not into it
>Tell her to release him
>She slowly tightens her coils around him, a defiant glare in her eye
>Step away
>She actually thinks she's won
>Until she sees you loading your .357 while looking at the boy
>You swear her scales would turn white if they could
>Just like that she's on the floor begging you not to kill him
>Caress her cheek as she looks up at you, tears in her eyes
>"You like him?"
>She nods
>"Then you do this right"
>Invite him to stay for dinner, and interrogate the fuck out of him
>After, drive him home while the daughteru stays home cleaning up after dinner
>Warn him, that if he wants to date my daughteru, he better be strong

Never give teenagers and weaklings an inch.

>> No.13705250


Man I'd pass out from just one bite I bet. I don't do so well with getting my blood drawn.

>> No.13705254

>You're a beaner

Shows what you know, and Peruvians, not mexicans eat cats and prairie rats, not dogs, you uneducated swine.

>> No.13705255
File: 364 KB, 641x601, Super Wurm is mine! STAY AWAY FROM HER!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And what "Villain" shall they be trying to fight today?

>> No.13705256

Vampires are not for you then.

Vampire bites are supposed to feel good. If anything you should feel weak for all the blood you're losing

>> No.13705257
File: 709 KB, 3508x2480, 1429733472584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One so heinous, Super Wurm's amorous arch rival will have to team up with her! IT'S A GIANT OOMUKADE! She'll stink up the town!

>> No.13705262

A villain that large...

Surely the only acceptable answer is to defeat her permanently.

Yes, it's the only way.

>> No.13705264

I want to drink chocolate milk with a monster girl

>> No.13705269

NO! We have to find a shrinkinator-ray and bring her back down to her regular size, like we did with the Wonderful Wurmzilla!

>> No.13705275

I want a brown holst that lactates chocolate milk to nurse me!

>> No.13705280

But she could just develop a way to get bigger again and destroy the town, that's even if the shrink ray works this time at all.

We need to put her down, it's the only way to bring Super Wurm one step closer to living in pea- I mean, so that the town can stay in peace!

Sorry friends, the only monster girls with chocolate milk are Ushi-Oni. Holy chocolate milk is a Arachnotaur worshipper only gift as well.

>> No.13705281

I want a Holst with hypothermia to lactate ice cream!

>> No.13705282

when I was real little I thought chocolate milk came from a brown cows and strawberry from a pink one, Fuck now I want three different Holst with different flavors

>> No.13705285

I hope whoever started to say oomukades stink gets a grease fire on his balls. And herpes. The kind with painful ass sores.

>> No.13705286

But maybe she's not stinky on purpose! What if she just wants to come to town to buy lots of soap, but can't get into any of the stores? As heroes, it's our duty to help her!

>> No.13705289

Would deleting the story it's from get you to unwish these things?

>> No.13705290
File: 67 KB, 680x383, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are female vampires as psychotic as the male ones? I don't want to die horribly when I piss her off

>> No.13705291

Is her name Mootilda?

>> No.13705293

It's probably the most retarded piece of thread canon yet.

>> No.13705294

Don't you dare delete it. But it is silly that people started to assume all creepy crawlies stink, not really the story's fault.

>> No.13705297


>> No.13705299

Puh. Fine, we'll do it your way.

Just an endless wheel with you in the center, spinning it without end Super Wurm.

Maybe one day you'll find a special someone who can help change your mind...

>> No.13705300

But if I hadn't written it, nobody would have made that leap.
Yes, it's all my fault, shamefur dispray, I must commit sudoku.

>> No.13705303

>You will never make a vampire go wryyyy as you make her reach the orgasm

>> No.13705307

Fuck High DIO, what a shitty design.

Also, why wouldn't you want to have a Damphir/Vampire daughterus with a yandere vampire?

>> No.13705310

The damage is done. Do as you please.

>> No.13705313

>"Come oooooon! Say it!"
>"I am not saying it."
>"You know you want to."
>Hirse knew many things, she knew the many, scraggly plants of Mordor by heart and how to evade a ghul swarm, she knew how to wield seventeen weapons ranging from axes to bows to halberds and she knew how to even create the rare, and deadly, blasting powder which could level fortress walls with a single barrel.
>But above all else, she knew that she would never...NEVER thank you for anything.
>Still bound in rope deep within the slaver stronghold, Hirse was trying to figure out what was worse, being tortured by the P'Orcs or seeing your smug grin again.
>"Just let me out before I gut you!" the incensed, redheaded ranger growled, muscles straining against the rope the held her.
>You wagged a finger at her at let out a little tutting noise, this most certainly wasn't how one repays their savior is it?
>Oh wow, you could hear her teeth grinding from here.
>"Look," she growled, still fighting the ropes "I know you are just going to let me go and you know you're going to let me go so just do it already."
>Oh! Is that what she thinks?
>Your smile turned devilish as you took a step back towards the crude wooden door which served as the rooms only entrance.
>The woman's expression turned confused as you did, her concern deepening as you took another step back.
>"W-what are you doing?" Hirse asked, that angry tone vanishing in an instant "Come on and untie me!"
>"Indeed Ranger, what are you doing?"the soothing voice of Celes questioned, the ethereal elf remaining invisible so as not to agitate the woman, something you handily had covered.
>You whispered for her to just watch as you took another step back towards the door, shoulders slumping and your expression turning sorrowful as you told Hirse that you knew when you weren't wanted, guess you'd just have to leave...sure hope some P'Orcs don't walk in and find her helpless.

>> No.13705320

Oh sweet, more SoM.

>> No.13705325

Speaking of Jojo

>Reading Part 4
>Suddenly Yandere Not!Kejourou

Oh my.

>> No.13705327

I want a yandere vampire waifu and a lot of dhampir daughterus that actually love their mother and want to follow her steps

>> No.13705328

Hirse needs to make some new friends anyway.

>> No.13705331 [SPOILER] 
File: 342 KB, 394x394, 1435511330495.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do eet

>> No.13705336

I want to fuck all the cats. Except Cait Sith. Still adorable though, would provide food and shelter for.

>> No.13705349


Despite not having seen or heard of her for a long time now, your unwavering distrust and hate for her remains, and you feel no guilt over it. Your friends, who often teased you for playing hard-to-get with her in the past, inquire about her disappearance. You tell them how it went down and they ask you if you couldn't have gone a little easier on her with your rejection.

You walk by some of her friends on occasion an overhear them talking about her, how she's been leaving her house a lot less often and being more and more gloomy every passing day. You turn your back and keep walking, but you can't help but feel someone staring daggers at you behind your back as you go.

The pressure rises as time goes by, with her recent disappearance worrying you more and more. She must be plotting something, something that involves you, and you don't want to stick around when it happens, whatever it is that she's planning on doing. You need to go, somewhere, anywhere that's not here.

In an attempt to clear your mind and hopefully make her forget you for good, you pack up and go venture in the woods in the outskirts of the city. She won't find you there, right? Nobody will. Yeah, that's good., great even.


>> No.13705356

They're supposedly no worse than a Gazer.
Gazers are terrible.

>> No.13705358

Honestly why is every one being an asshole about it. Not like I ever lead her on. I said no, it's her fault if she hurts herself over me.

>> No.13705360

Gazers are love

>> No.13705361

A gazer will just flash you so you like monoeyes, she can't rewrite you as she sees fit, like a MINDFLAYER. You're comparing a hand grenade to a nuke.

>> No.13705364

Stick to your guns anon. A man is free to love who he chooses!

>> No.13705368

>Anger flashed again as the trapped ranger in her ruined armor sneered at you, sharp, lovely features turning ugly.
>"I know what your doing," she hissed, rocking forward in her bindings "and I am telling you that I am NOT buying it, you wouldn't dare leave me here."
>A true statement, but her increasing agitation showed that there was a hint of doubt, just enough for you to mess with her.
>"No no," you told her, taking a final step back and opening the door with a creak "it's fine, I guess we can just wait for that OTHER ranger who's survived these past couple months to save you."
>The door slamming shut cut off the furious woman, her ravings now muffled.
>"Ok, you've made her angry," the waifish spirit chimed in as you waited outside the room, a dopey grin on your face. "What now?"
>Easy dear spirit, now you just need a P'Orc.
>Her cocked eyebrow showed that she had failed to grasp the genius of your plan as you scanned the area for one of the porcine creatures, eventually seeing a tiny one with a cross bow cowering behind a barrel, frightened by the sleeping, sticky remains your earlier battle.
>The poor thing was so frightened that she couldn't even bring herself to run as you stalked over, merely cowering behind her barrel more and more as you strode over, whistling as you walked.
>She, like the rest of the archers, was a tiny, scrawny thing, her leather rag covered body flat as a board and her black haired head mostly hidden behind a helmet too sizes too big.
>The girl gave a yelp and pulled out her crossbow, most likely just remembering she had it, and panic fired, the quarrel whiffing past your ear and flying off into the distance.
>Your grin remained unchanged, a terrifyingly cheerful grin that made the P'Orc's brown eyes widen in fear, her body freezing up as you pick her up and slung her over your shoulder, striding back towards the room where your raging ex-companion was held.
BRB Burgers

>> No.13705372

Yeah! She's the one that needs help, not me! Who get so fixed one one person, right?

>> No.13705383

Take it up with KC. Mindflayers can go quite far, but he insists they're all good girls that were falsely represented by the Wandering Scholar.

>> No.13705389

Totally correct. They're billions of men on the planet, besides, if she's so hung up on you, she could just flay her own mind and move on. It's all a trick, she wants you to feel sorry for her, but don't give in.

>> No.13705393

I won't! They'll see! I'll head out into the wilderness and never look back, and I'll stay myself! and Every one will know she never got to me!

>> No.13705395

Yeah, well he can go fuck himself with his Notdark! bullshit.

>> No.13705399

Godspeed anon.

>> No.13705411

What do you mean, god speed? I'm not going anywhere. It's cold and dangerous outside, so I'm going to stay right here with my beautiful mindflayer wife. She'll care for me and cherish me, and show me why I never need to leave her ever again.

>> No.13705424

Sucks to be you.

>> No.13705430

>You decide to ignore the crying pleas of the woman who claims to be your life and hang out with the Mindflayer along with a smaller girl her species with your eyes calling you daddy
>The crazy Monster Girl claiming to be your life will never suddenly disappear and later be seen in the red light district along with her little sidekic, both lusting for faceless fat dick to impregnate them

>> No.13705431
File: 553 KB, 1000x1000, 1425905368173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where is her Dragoon now?

>> No.13705435

She doesn't have one, cruel Order soldiers like to keep her in solitude all day, only interacting with her to give her food.

>> No.13705438

Probably getting his way to her location by killing all her captors

>> No.13705443

No, no, NO!

I'd never flee into the woods surrounding THAT city! Tis a deathwish for your pelvis!

>seil reh eveileb t'noD

Yes...yes that must be it hand tattoo.

She's flayed me into thinking it was a good idea?! No, I won't let this happen, I'll go back home, lock down, stay safe! Yes, that's what I'll do! Hide inside the house, she can't reach me there.

I'll lock up in my Full Moon cellar of safety and ride this out for a few weeks.

>> No.13705445
File: 1.27 MB, 1024x768, 1435509188012.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

On his way.

>> No.13705448

why is she in chains?

>> No.13705451

Because villains have caught her and intend to do bad things to her.

>> No.13705454

>You will never save a dragon from a cruel princess

>> No.13705463

Is the princess jealous of the dragon?

>> No.13705471


As you make your way through the deep, dense woods, you do your best to forget this entire ordeal. Past life decisions, your family, your career...hell, anything that doesn't involve her, you've had enough of it.

Walking over fallen trees, rocks and leaves, you reach deeper and deeper into the heart of the wild, each step harder than the previous, and for a moment you think about stopping for a minute of rest.

No, you won’t stop there. You can’t stop there. Not until you’re free of this damned curse. You’re not in the wrong! It’s not your fault she fell for you, dammit!

You start climbing a rocky cliff, furiously pulling yourself up. Why does everybody mad at you? You did nothing deserving of their disapproval! SHE's the one who needs help, not YOU! Can’t they see you’re just trying to survive here?! Can’t a man have a moment of peace in this world?!


>> No.13705475

Struggling not to lose grasp of your sanity, you look up and glance at the top of the cliff. It’s pretty close now, you should reach it in no time. You’ll show them, you’ll show them all! SHE is the one who should be looked down at for being so persistent! It’s not your fault she disappeared in the first place! You are a free man! Free men choose! And you chose not to give in to her lies!

You scream out at the top of your lungs. Why won’t she just go away?! Why won’t she leave you alone?! Lost in your own ramblings, you glance up at the top of the cliff again. Weirdly enough, it seems to be alot farther than you thought. In fact, it’s getting…farther and farther away? You feel light, no tension in your muscles at all. You close your fists, but you feel nothing...

…Weren’t you holding onto the cliff's rocks for just a second ago?

And then, darkness.


>> No.13705485

I want to be part of a big, strong werewolf's harem!

>> No.13705489

I think at least having a harem is more appealing than being a part of one and I don't even like harems.
You cuck.

>> No.13705494

How is he poultry?

>> No.13705495
File: 115 KB, 138x207, yeti tower.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You will never be a knight and save a helpless princess

>> No.13705499

But anon, being part of her harem means the easy life!
You can have sex with her every now and then, tend to her by brushing her tails and massaging her paws, and that's about it. The rest of the time you can play video games and gossip with the other guys about mistress' needs.

>> No.13705500

>confusing cuck with cock

>> No.13705502


>> No.13705507

Nigga, you ain't living your life correctly.

>> No.13705509

No he clearly said cluck.

Perhaps it is he who is the poultry.

>> No.13705512

That's just lazy.

>> No.13705513

>Even worse than Amazon relationships

I mean, at least have something cool, like the Alpha Male getting to mate with the Werewolf and it's always a constant struggle to be the Alpha Male.

With differing competitions each day.

>> No.13705515

Yeti tower?

>> No.13705516

I know, isn't it great? Though I do imagine some work would have to be needed to become a favored pet, lest she dispose of you once you become too old.

Anon, why can't you take it easy?

>> No.13705517

>Wanting to share your woman
If according to maledomfags I'm a beta for being a femdomfag, I don't know what you are

>> No.13705520
File: 771 KB, 554x900, 1431462129775.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Amazon relationships aren't even and though. the shit they get comes from shitposters that mix in the mythological Amazons with hyperbolized portions of the MGE profile.
Fuck off with your blatant false-flag shit.

>> No.13705522

She's not his woman.

>> No.13705523

Amazon shill spotted, stop trying to make more bitchboys.

>> No.13705526

Fuck off you cancerous shitposter.

>> No.13705528

Amazons are so big because they contain so much love.

>> No.13705529

>Obeying a bitchboy

That'll be the day.

>> No.13705532

By love, you mean subjugate and enslave?

>> No.13705533

>hurr bitchboy
Eat shit, you were cancerous shit on /a/, and your are here too.

>> No.13705534

Here we go.

>> No.13705536
File: 129 KB, 792x1450, 1412454699418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go inna woods maybe?

>> No.13705538

Amazon's were completely hated back in /a/, the difference, we didn't have bitchboys then.

>> No.13705539
File: 252 KB, 335x571, 1433219304420.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just report and ignore the shitposters, and at least let people discuss Amazons at their leisure.

>> No.13705540

She needs to shave that bush.

>> No.13705545


White. White is the first thing that comes into view as you slowly open your eyes. You can barely feel anything other than the warmth of the white blanket that covers you. You don’t remember having a white blanket…or a white bed…or a white floor. This…this isn’t the woods…or your house…just where are you?

You attempt at moving your body is met with intense, crippling pain, almost making you scream in agony. As you slowly relax your muscles and lie down on the bed again, you look down and realize that you’re not wearing normal clothes, all you see is a hospital gown. Beneath it, you see something else...wrapped around your arms, your chest, and your stomach. You can feel them wrapped around your lower body as well, hidden under the white blanket. Are these…bandages? Are you in a hospital? Just what the hell happened to you?

You take a deep breath, trying not to panic, and try to remember what got you in here the first place. You remember walking around town, doing nothing in particular. Just enjoying the day, maybe? Then you went out with your friends, and they kept nagging you about…something. You can’t quite remember. The last thing to come to your mind was that you decided to go venture into the woods for whatever reason. Maybe just to be in touch with nature? Or perhaps…

>> No.13705547

Bitchboys don't even exist, it was just a nickname used for the guy from that Manticore thing that got people of your ilk assblasted.

However, it IS kinda funny how "bitchboys" threaten your masculinity.

>> No.13705550

Amazons a shit.

There, I'm helping.

>> No.13705551

>"Please tell me you aren't doing what I think you're doing." the ghost elf sighed as you carried the little P'Orc back to the room.
>Oh you know it!
>Setting the shaking monster girl down, you handed her the discarded whip of Gimmy the Slaver, the little P'Orc looking mightily confused.
>"You're just going to make her angrier," Celes said as you instructed the little P'Orc on what to do, the tiny creature's trembling diminishing "don't you ever wonder why she doesn't like you?"
>"I can tell." she the spirit said with a roll of her eyes "Just...whatever, what happens will happen. Enjoy."
>You will.
>Fully instructed on what she had to do, and what would happen if she didn't, the tiny monster took in a deep breath and opened the door, a barrage of cussing nearly bowling her over.
>"Told you you bastard! You're the same spineless dick for brains that you always are! Now get the HELL over hear and untie..me?"
>Hirse's swearing quieted as she saw that it was not you who'd stepped in the door but one of her captors.
>Still, the quiet didn't remain for long, her anger returning in a flash.
>"Very funny Anon!" she called, her fury back in an instant "I'm still not thanking you! Just get in here and untie me!"
>The only response was the little girl walking forward, the whip's leathery length dragging along the dirt floor.
>"C-come on! This isn't funny you son of a bitch!" the muscled red head tried again, uncertainty making its first honest showing "J-just get out from where you're hiding and untie me!"
>You fought to contain your laughter as the little monster girl gave the whip a test swing, sharply splitting the air with a 'crack' as Hirse's calls intensified.
>Yep, just let the P'Orc get in one good smack and then you'd pop in to save the day, again. Hirse would have to thank you.
>Celes doubted that, especially considering every third word out of your former comrade's mouth was an oath sworn against you.

>> No.13705556

Yeah, tell yourself that.

>> No.13705557

What happens in Mordor, stays in Mordor.

>> No.13705558

What do you tell yourself bitchboi?

>> No.13705561

Cool your tits bitchboy.

>> No.13705566 [DELETED] 

See this would be more effective if I was a prideless bastard telling people on the internet I want to be a monstergirl's bitch and and be slave and lick feet and get assfucked like you guys like to profess, luckily, I'm not you, so your attemps only amuse.

>> No.13705568

You know things would be a lot easier if the amazon lovers just let the shitposters piss in the air and get 0 replies. Bait relies on people actually taking it, just saying.

>> No.13705569

Amesia, forgot the dislike for mindflayer, she comes to your side, happily ever after.

>> No.13705570

You're correct.

>> No.13705572

You guys fight and argue over so much over so little.

I think you all need some time with mistress to straighten out!

>> No.13705574

2/10, you can do better.

>> No.13705576

Where do you think we are, MGU?

>> No.13705578

>“Oh, you’re awake, that’s good.”

You hear a voice in the room, interrupting your train of thought. Opening your eyes in bewilderment, you see a man wearing a long white coat, he seemed to be in his late 50’s. He gently closes the door behind him as he walks into the room. Must be the doctor.

After greeting him, you ask the man how you ended up in a place like this. He tells you that you’ve sustained some pretty big injuries due to a hiking accident in the local forest, and that you would’ve been a goner if it weren’t for a passerby that found you lying on the ground at the base of a cliff.

He tells you that you were pretty banged up, by some miracle, the damage to your head was only superficial, with no traumas to be found. You thank him for saving your life, but he refuses it, telling you that he’s not the one you should be grateful for. Confused, you ask him who saved you from the cold grasp of death, but sadly, he claims not to know who brought you in, as by the time he attended you, the person who brought you in had already left. Despite this, he says he’s heard that she was a friend of yours.

A friend? None of your friends like going innawoods, do they? You don’t remember going there with anyone, at least not recently…


>> No.13705581

What do you expect from a buch of house slaves? Not to act like bitches?

>> No.13705582

Go away fence sitter, no one likes you, you're the switchfag of arguments.

>> No.13705587 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.36 MB, 400x286, 1435517124671.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bracing for mindbreak end.

>> No.13705589
File: 178 KB, 1000x1000, 1418809074339.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hmmm? Honey, are you shitposting again?

>> No.13705594

Go make up and love that Mindflayer already.

>> No.13705595

This picture is bad for my heart.

>> No.13705601

Reminder that if monstergirls see real, we'd become /pol/2.0, shit talking everyone's waifus. There is no cure.

>> No.13705606
File: 43 KB, 624x448, 1432300909139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"shut up women i'm busy"
"fucking people liking what I don't like"
"who do they think they are"

>> No.13705607

We wouldn't have to shit talk your waifu if you would stop being a filthy degenerate.

>> No.13705612

>As the little, flat-chested girl gave the whip a final test swing, Hirse launched into her most fearsome tirade yet, one that even caused your spirit to waver a little bit.
>"GET IN HERE AND FREE ME YOU HONORLESS, SHAMELESS, PERVERTED, WHORESON!" she raged, your elven companion wincing at the typhoon of terrible cursing "IF YOU DON'T CUT ME LOOSE I SWEAR THAT I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND -"
>The whip cracked and there was a smack as the heavy leather smacked against bare flesh, drawing a cry from your vitriolic friend.
>Although it wasn't the cry your were expecting.
>"-AHN!-" the noise came, the musclebound red head letting slip a pleased sounding noise as a thigh was struck by the whip, leaving an angry red mark.
>You, the ghost elf, and even the little archer were caught off guard by that lewd moan, the red head's face turning the same color as her hair.
>"W-What are you looking at?" the girl recovered, trying to put on the best front she could "Y-you think you can b-break me? I'm the Ranger Captain's right hand ma-aaaan!"
>Another snap, across the chest this time, caused her back to arc and eyes to roll slightly as pleasure and pain intermingled, nearly overwhelming her nervous system.
>"She's a masochist?" Cele's pondered as another crack, this time across the buttocks, her white cheeks pink "Did you know this?"
>No, if you did then you would've taken advantage of it long, long ago.
>Your grin widened as the whip struck again, already thinking of ways you could make use of this.
>"Y-You listen-ngh!-ing Anon!?" she shouted again, her diminutive torturer licking her lips as she struck "Y-you've hear w--wha-aaaah-at you wanted! Get in he-eeek!-re and get me out you ba-ahn-bastard!"
>"I can't hear you!" you called in a sing-song voice, the smug practically filling your voice "Did some one want to say thank you?"
>There was another snarly of fury, which quickly devolved into an orgasmic cry before she could tell you to "EAT A DICK!"

>> No.13705614
File: 159 KB, 512x512, 1435293487525.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying I won't be dancing in the pit of shitposting with you all

>> No.13705615

Nice. Hirse is going to do some growing here.

>> No.13705617

This wouldn't happen if you sucked me off more and slept less. You sure you're not a cat?

>> No.13705654

Woman I am going to chew on your ears.

>> No.13705663

The doctor tells you that your recovery may take a while, as your diagnosis reports a few fractured bones and some bruises that can’t be walked off without some proper medical care. Other than that, you have nothing to worry about.

He shakes your hand as you thank him again for fixing you up before turning around to attend to other important matters and wishes you a good stay. Just as he’s about to leave, he tells you that you got a few letters from your friends and relatives while you were asleep, and that they’ve been stored in the small bedside cabinet by your side.

You look to your side and see the small cabinet, just within arm’s reach. You slowly stretch your arm and carefully open it, and as the doctor said, a bunch of envelopes come into view.

You retrieve them from the cabinet and start opening them one by one. Most of them are from your dear friends, some wishing a great recovery, others hoping to see you back on your feet soon. Strange, you could’ve sworn they were kind of upset with you for some reason, maybe because you got hurt? Ah man, how did you manage to get into this anyway? There’s no way you could have screwed up this bad to end up in a hospital bed, not in your right mind, at least…

Dismissing this brief thought, you continue reading through the letters, written by your beloved family, your boss, and…Huh? What’s this? The last letter seems to have no sender. You wouldn't expect someone to miss something so important as their own name in a letter, but who are you to judge?


>> No.13705667

That doesn't sound very pleasant.

>> No.13705673

I'm reading intently.

>> No.13705679

>"I can't heeeeaaaar youuuuuu!" you called again, grinning as you continued poking fun at her.
>More wordless fury and another pleased cry.
>"You're just making her angrier," the ancient, elven chef said in with a hand over her mouth, no doubt trying to stop the little snickers slipping out "she's going to kill you after this."
>She can try.
>"F-FINE YOU FUCK!" the roar came, Hirse almost screaming, although you couldn't tell if it was more in ecstasy or anger "THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!"
>With those magic words you leapt into action, kicking the door of it's hinges and, faster than greased lightning, closing in the distance with the loli P'Orc, pulling the crude, beaten metal helmet from her head in a single movement before molesting her ears, the whip falling from nerveless fingers under your assault.
>"You're welcome," you said with an innocent smile, the monster turning to moaning goo beneath your touch "I'll cut you loose in a second."
>You only got a grunt in reply, your compatriot looking almost as bad as the P'Orc, her cheeks a heavy red and her legs weak and shaking.
>Why, if you looked close enough, which you were, you almost swore that some thing was dr-
>"I think that's enough," the red head growled, her legs closing and denying you a peek "can you just cut me loose?"
>You told her to wait a moment as the little girl squealed beneath you, your teasing of her ears taking the little P'Orc over the edge just through touch.
>In less than a minute the flat chested monster was snuggled in the corner, a pleasure drunk look on her face as she slumbered while Hirse was freed from her bindings, hands rubbing the red marks her binding shad left.
>"Should've just killed her," the woman grumbled, a disgusted look on her face as you put a stray blanket on the girl "they wouldn't give you the light of day if you'd been in their shoes."
>You scoffed at that, they are good girls! She just got on their bad side is all.

>> No.13705681

Here's hoping for a happy ending.

I fear the worst.

>> No.13705686

Who would a Gnoll without the dyke hair and extra equipment?

>> No.13705687


>> No.13705695

Until my body gave out.

>> No.13705696

Just do it.

>> No.13705700

I love pounding girls with dyke hair.

>> No.13705701
File: 3.15 MB, 2550x3300, 1407210147512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're monster girls in towers, but you can only save one

>> No.13705702


So how many amazons did this guy just make wetter than a monsoon season?

>> No.13705706

They'd probably think he took too long to complete it, and that their huts are higher quality adobe styled things. Not that that'll prevent them from teaching him better hut making techniques.

>> No.13705707

None, role reversal, remember? If anything he pissed them off.

Man outside the kitchen, the fuck is this...

>> No.13705715

>Amazons in charge of wanting real men when they're second class

And that's why you don't go for Amazons unless casting your maleness aside is no issue to you.

>> No.13705718


pls no mindflayer end we came this far it feels like a cop-out to just end up with her anyway in the end

>> No.13705721

I want a Role Reversal Relationship with a Mnster Girl other than an Amazon. Not that I hate Amazons, it's just that they're too... Vanilla.

Something like a Dragon Girl, Salamander, Arachne, something that could dominate and have loads of power over me, I want to serve a girl like that.

>> No.13705722

I don't know, man. I look around at guys today, especially myself, and I know that when push comes to shove, I'll just die. I don't have the knowledge or skills to provide shelter for myself like that. Keep in mind he did that all solo. they'd have more workers on it, which frees up time to be more styled and of a higher quality.

Nawh, they'd love it. Deep down they'd think it were hot. It's like chicks doing manly things, cars/guns/sports/gaming. It'd be a paint of pride too,
>My husbando is so great even he can build a house. Not even most girls can do that these days.

>> No.13705723


As you open the envelope, a sweet smell of perfume reaches your nostrils. This smell…it feels familiar, but you can’t quite put a finger on it. Perhaps your head injury might’ve scrambled your memories more than you thought. Regardless, something tells you that you’re no stranger to it…

You retrieve the letter from the envelope and carefully unfold it. The writing is the first thing to get your attention. It’s delicate and sincere, with no strong lines or spelling errors anywhere to be found. It’s almost as if somebody put a lot of effort and time on it.

Impressed by the amount of care invested in it, you muster some of your strength to sit up on the hospital bed and give it proper attention. With a deep breath, you begin to read it.


>> No.13705724

What do you hate tomboys?

>> No.13705727

>She brain sucked you while you were out
So much for no tentacles amirite? Filthy Mind Flayers, I knew it would end this way.

>> No.13705731

>Telling lies on the internet
>A manly man is hot

Is this what the chief told you to say to lure hapless rubes into your village?

>> No.13705733

Agreed. I don't hate longer hair, but it just doesn't do it for me as well.

>> No.13705737

I wonder, would Amazons make use of magitek or some shit? I'd like to imagine Amazons societies that pilot Golem mechs or something.

>> No.13705744

They live in mud and shit huts, are you kidding?

>> No.13705746

Where was the lie? Some would find it hot. The idea of a strong independent man who can literally just set out into the woods with nothing and live happily ever after in a warm home with a fire pit, a circular barricade around his mud hut, lush vegetable and fruit gardens inside, a nice waterproofed roof and a warm fursheep-lined bed. where they could fuck and live in comfort away from society and occasionally hunt some game.

Maybe. I imagine there being autonomous protectors to help fend off stronger monstergirls

Nigger don't you underestemate shamanism

>> No.13705753 [DELETED] 

>Men's place is in the home to provide energy after a hunt, mind the house and provide daughters

Slave pls. Why don't you get in touch with deruella and some mindflayers, You might fool someone that way.

>> No.13705755

She removed all evidence about herself from his mind. That's heartbreaking.

Now let him fall in love with her afterwards on his own.

>> No.13705757

Are you such a cynical asshole in regards to a monstergirl you dislike, you don't even have an imagination of sorts?

I imagine that higher class tribes would have fantasy Mayan styled cities.

>> No.13705760


>> No.13705768

>Men's place is in the home to provide energy after a hunt, mind the house and provide daughters
Yeah. AND provide a home in the first place. Isn't it great?

You seem needlessly bitter, anon.

>> No.13705770

>Men's place is in the home to provide energy after a hunt, mind the house and provide daughters
I like it, it's a nice, simple comfy life. And I make my wife happy and she protects me, what's not to like?

>> No.13705775

>Tribal monster focused on fucking building anything more complex than a hut

>> No.13705777

Love will conquer all. And a cute Mindflayer that refuses to use her abilities for her benefit deserves love.

>> No.13705780

You know they're going to find ways to improve the living standards of their people, with their husbands and daughterus well-being at the highest priority.

>> No.13705784 [DELETED] 

YOU get taken to the village fool. You don't provide anything other than being a babysitter and cumpump.

Being a bitch for one. Being property. Dishonoring your ancestors.

>> No.13705787

Do you enjoy telling lies? When something as complex as an army proves innefective because, made of fuck monsters, unlikely villages made of fuck monsters are any different.

>> No.13705788

>"Whatever..." the warrior growled, picking up a spare sword and dagger, "thanks for the help but stay out of my way. I don't have any time to waste on you and getting you laid."
>She made for the gap where the door used to be but you stood in her way, barring the woman's escape.
>"I don't know what you thinking," she said, green eye's narrowing, "but you aren't getting in my pants so you can just let me go before I make you let me."
>Oh little Hirse, do you think that's why you came all the way out here? No, the real reason why your here is so you could learn about the black captains, evidently some slave had fought them.
>"More like run from them," the ranger growled, her poor attitude directed at herself for once instead of you "the captain sent me out here to disrupt some of the orc activities, mainly freeing slaves and sabotaging supplies since a CERTAIN SOMEONE evidently didn't do it."
>Hey! You did your part! Doesn't she know how many P'Orc's you've dealt with since you've arrived?
>"I think you're actually exacerbating the problem," you ghostly companion chimed in, her form materializing next to you "do you know how many kids you probably have at this point?"
>That's besides the poi-
>"What the hell is this?" was the ranger's response to your ghost elf's appearance her dagger striking out, and going through, her form.
>You informed her that this was Cele's your most trusted lover and companion, the first comment earning you a smack on the back of the head.
>"Anyways," the embarrassed specter continued, turning back towards the confused Hirse "we need to find the black captains for various...reasons."
>They stole your boots.
>"And we felt that you could assist us in this matter."
>The muscled ranger though as she sheathed her dagger, giving up on ghost busting for now to consider the offer before her.

>> No.13705790


>> No.13705792

Do you think rival amazon tribes raid each other to steal husbands?

>> No.13705795

>something as complex as an army proves innefective
Ahaha faggot, armies are some of the stupidest and ineffective institutions around to begin with.

>> No.13705796

Yeah, I can't do any of that. But then I'm not interested in Amazons or striking out on my own either. Still, it would be nice.
>muh bitchboy
>muh property
>muh ancestors
nigger none of that matters to me, nor do I think like that. Go be anal somewhere else, you filthy alp. And as far as property goes, if my amazon waifu starts fucking around you can bet I'm slinging her ankles together and dragging her back home.

>> No.13705798

Christ, sorry for trying to discuss monstergirls in the monstergirl thread you Salty Simpletons.

>> No.13705799


>> No.13705800

>Amazon NTR

Oh boy.

>> No.13705807

I want amazons and their lying bitchboys to leave.

>> No.13705808



>> No.13705809

Husbands already claimed? No in MGE because that's NTR.

Maybe the shotas that are not ready for marriage.

>> No.13705812


I'm not the one being dominated by a possible alp.

>> No.13705813

They'd probably engage in honorable combat of sorts in order to prove themselves worthy for that Amazons husband.

But you know it'll just end in bigamy of sorts.

>> No.13705818

>All these beaten "husbands" trying to rope more men into slavery

Chief God preserve us.

>> No.13705820

No, but you are a faggot.

>> No.13705823


“Dear Anon,

I…I broke our promise. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t do it, I really did. I wanted you to see that I would never hurt you, that I would do anything for you, but it seems my sheer existence has brought you nothing but pain.

I was naïve, I thought you would see me in a different way if I showed you that I meant no harm, that I could be a good girl. I tried so hard to convince you to think of me differently on your own, but sadly, my efforts were not enough.

You asked me to go away, and so I did. I promised I wouldn’t come near you ever again, but it wasn’t enough. You were still scared, worried that I would come back someday, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I swore that I wouldn’t do it, I didn’t want to do it.

I heard you went into the forest outside of town out of frustration to clear your mind. I thought…I thought that maybe, if I tried one last time, just you and me, I could at least earn your trust, to at least be your friend.

I heard you screaming in anger in the woods, cursing me for everything that went wrong in your life since we met. I didn’t know I affected your life that much, maybe it really was all my fault.

When I gathered the courage to call out to you, I saw you lying on the ground, unconscious and injured. I got so scared that I started panicking and crying and…

I…I had to do it. It was all I could do to give you your old life back, it was all I could do to give you peace again.

Perhaps I should have never fallen for you. All of this could be prevented if we never met, so I thought it would be best if we never did. Im sorry, so very sorry...

I just wanted you to give me a chance, but now it’s clear that my kind doesn’t deserve such luxury. I know that this letter is pointless to you now, but I hope you can forgive me for breaking our promise, for this crippling guilt will follow me to my grave…

I will always love you. Always."

>> No.13705825

I think it's better if you just ignore shitposters like >>13705807, or >>13705812, and actually engage in meaningful discussion about Amazons.

They're just going to repeat the same buzzwords and fallacies again, so why should it matter if we discuss a monstergirl they don't like?

>> No.13705830

Let's see, I'm free, I can come and go as I please, no brown bitch is making me look like her toy in front of no village, I don't have spadetail up my ass.

Yeah no.

>> No.13705832

Because scat is not allowed here.

>> No.13705837

And now we find her and give her the daughterus she deserves.

>> No.13705838

Must be nice, to live in a world where everyone who disagrees with you is a shitposter.

>> No.13705839

Good, now go fall in love with a cute barometz or something.

>> No.13705841

None of that is the case for me either, because monstergirls aren't real


Ha! I Knew it! For all her lies I knew She'd get brain tentacle-y on me! You can't trust those devil squids! Got to keep a close eye on them! Very close! Gotta live with them! Watch every beautiful, sensual movement they make! Sleep in the same bed! Hold her close So she can't leave to commit her trickery! Quickly! We must find her!

>> No.13705842

>if my amazon waifu starts fucking around you can bet I'm slinging her ankles together and dragging her back home.

In your dreams, house slave.

>> No.13705845 [DELETED] 

I see some bitchboy didn't git gud. And you call yourself a husband?

>> No.13705851

>implying being a housefaggot is being gud
Please, tell me more.

>> No.13705853
File: 185 KB, 800x800, 1434341640806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You can't trust those devil squids!
You need to bully them to keep them in line.

>> No.13705857

No bully! ONLY FIRE!

>> No.13705861

>Those things aren't happening because monstergirls aren't real
>But I want them to happen to me

I know.

>> No.13705866

>On one hand she did owe you, as much as she detested the thought, and helping you take out the black captains would go a long way towards helping her own cause.
>On the other hand it would mean she'd need be around you and your touchy fingers, the mere thought of which made her skin crawl.
>The mental debate raged for a full minute before she came to a conclusion with a sigh.
>"Fine, I'll help you but ONLY if you help me," Hirse grumbled, arms crossing "It'll take a LOT of doing to get the black captains' attention and as much as I hate to say it, your our best shot at crippling the orc forces."
>Be still your beating heart! A compliment from Hirse! Is this what they call....dere?
>"But! You can't touch me or ANY of the slaves we free," she continued, that iron tone of her's coming back "it's bad enough that you did it at the academy, no way in hell am I letting you do it here."
>You told her it wasn't a problem, you wouldn't touch anyone you rescued.
>They'd be touching you soon enough anyways.
>You kept that last bit to yourself though, you didn't want to spoil what you had going after she'd just started opening her heart to you.
>"Good," your irritable ranger said with a nod, sealing your eternal cooperation, now get out of the way and I can show you to our hide out....no touching..."
>You didn't care, you and Hirse were on the same side again! Oh happy day!
>You were so caught up in the moment that you skipped from the room, leaving the ghost and ranger together.
>- - - - - - - -
>Cele's let out a sigh as her mortal compatriot ran off, a truly happy grin on his face.
>"I still don't get what he see's in her," the spirit wondered as she looked at his self proclaimed "soulmate".
>Sure, the woman was pretty and her body was not displeasing, her abs tight and limbs covered in wiry muscle, but her attitude was bad, no, beyond bad!

>> No.13705876
File: 173 KB, 800x600, 1434274074542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to bully a mindflayer until she cries and flays me into being nice to her.

>> No.13705877

>Can't fuck what you free

To hell with you bitch.

>> No.13705878

>a kuudere Amazon will never gaze at you with a subtle loving smile as she gives a headpat
>a tsundere Amazon will never playfully, albeit gently give you a noogie after you made a bit of banter between one another
>you will never help a Dandere Amazon adjust to a new tribe after living in solitude for a while
>a genki Amazon will never give you a piggyback ride through he forest while plucking fruits from trees to snack on
>an Amazon will never rest her tail on your lap while you sit on hers as you chill by the fire

>> No.13705882

>Things that never happened in the history of ever

Shill hard or die trying.

>> No.13705885

>You will never conquer an Amazon camp with your battle harem
>You will never have your girls hold the Amazons in place at the centre of the settlement
>You will never fuck their leader in the ass in front of her tribeswomen while she cries and screams at them not to look

>> No.13705893

Why even live?

>> No.13705899

I mean, I like it.

>> No.13705901


You fall into deep silence as you finish reading the letter. You’re not quite sure what you just read, but you can feel something’s not quite right. This looks like some kind of goodbye letter, but the author speaks of love?

You re-read the previous letters one by one, trying to find evidence about any relationships you’ve been involved it, any kind of playful teasing, “lovebird” jokes, anything, but to no avail.

You sit there for a while, trying to recollect your memory. Regardless of how much you try, you remember nothing regarding love or partners. The letter can’t be meant for someone else, right? It speaks of an accident just like yours, it can’t be mere coincidence.

You think hard about this, but nothing comes to mind. You just can’t remember anything. Your head starts to hurt from trying so hard, and you decide to lie down and rest for the time being.

Surely someone must know who sent this to you. Your curiosity demands to know the person behind this letter…

Maybe you can find her someday, whoever she might be…

Or maybe, just maybe, things are better off like this? Would you even like to hear the truth?

...Perhaps it would be best if you didn’t know…?

>The End

>> No.13705902

Gender role reversal is my favorite part of MGs.
I'm always desirable, regardless of personality or appearance, and the legal system would favor me heavily. Then, to make some side money, I could just be a camwhore. Play video games with the camera on my dick the entire time, happily taking donations from lonely gamer MGs to make little flirtatious remarks or wink at the camera.

Life would be easy.

>> No.13705904

Why do you continue this still, it's been a year for fucks sake.

>> No.13705906 [DELETED] 

>a kuudere amazon will never gaze at you coldly as she rides you ragged, commenting on your pitiful stamina
>a tsundere amazon will never violently assault you and declare you hers after seeing you talking to another girl
>You'll never be kidnapped by a dandere amazon driven insane by years of loneliness
>Your amazon mistress will never choke you with her spadetail while she forces you to eat her out

Fixed that for you friend.

>> No.13705907


I want to camwhore and have a legion of Lizard Girls defend me and give me money. I also want the nice househusband life when I straighten up.

>> No.13705910

>The ranger didn't miss the elf's gaze, her lips pulling up in a sneer again.
>"What do you want spirit?" the woman asked, her tone caustic as she left the room "Don't you have a walking semen dispenser to follow?"
>Anger, that's what Celes felt at those words, the woman mocking the man who'd come to save her.
>"Watch your tongue mortal," the elf hissed as she followed the woman, floating above the ground with a serious expression "he may have the misguided notion that you like him but I am under no such illusion, try to hurt him and I'll make you suffer for it."
>"Oh? And what could you do to stop m-"
>A lithe leg shot between Hirse's legs and sent her sprawling to the ground, tripped up by the specter.
>"You can't touch me and but I sure as hell can touch you..." the elf hissed before vanishing, her words hanging heavily in the air. "You would do well to remember that...."
>The tripped woman glared at the space where the ghost had been, an icy look which could have chilled the heart of the ring wraiths themselves had they been under it.
>"Oh...I'll remember it..." she growled,brushing herself off "But it won't change a damn thing."

That's it for today, sorry if it's crap. Wanted to set Hirse up as a character (See: Bitch).
Kinda wish I'd done a better contribution for my birthday but whatever, I'll try to put out another one with the outcasts mission later this week.

>> No.13705911

Man there is no love in your femdom.

>> No.13705912

>The End
Nice try. fuck that, we're going mindflayer hunting, gotta get dat waifu

>> No.13705914

The pain is real.

>> No.13705917

They always use the biggest extremes in femdom in order to incite a reaction.

>> No.13705918

He's a maledomfag what do you expect. Best to just ignore them

>> No.13705920

Well done.

>> No.13705923

>Gender role reversal
Usually prefered by people who can't perform in their gender role.

>> No.13705925

Has Lawyer-chan posted any new art lately?
The only gallery link I have is, I think, missing some of his stuff: http://imgur.com/a/4a44B#VNUg6qH

>> No.13705926

Nowhere near manticore bitcboy, this is pretty standard femdom, if that, and you know it.

>> No.13705928

What could go wrong?

>> No.13705931

Is that his actual nickname?

>> No.13705934

>Biggest extremes
>No ballbusting, no chastity, no pegging, no humiliation, no slaveplay, no sissification

But that's wrong.

>> No.13705936

I want to knock Lu Bu off his Centaur, Red Hare, and steal her away from him.

>> No.13705941

Imagine playing a game with voice chat with anonymous monster girls. Getting swatted on stream would also be weird experience if the cops were monster girls.

>> No.13705944

A few threads ago, we decided on Sidhe-tan, but it never stuck.

But on his doodles, I noticed some text written on the flipside of the documents. I pulled up photoshop and realized they all seem related to court cases; in my free time I read a lot of lawsuti outcomes (yeah, really niche hobby, I know) but I instantly recognized law-speak.

The language is in a more technical format (normally you'd use something more plain if the document was intended to be read by non-lawyers), so I can only assume (s)he is a lawyer or possibly a secretary at a law firm.

So I'm going to start calling him Lawyer-chan.

>> No.13705945

You'd get more hits that way.

>> No.13705946

Your abrasive attitude tells me I'm most likely correct. Or maybe your just an asshole who feels the need to correct some one else's ideal femdom with your own.

>> No.13705949

Or maybe I'm not even the guy who wrote it and you're still assuming.

Go on though, I'm having a blast.

>> No.13705950

I'm not against happy endings, feel free to write it if you wish.


>> No.13705954

What if one of those swat members was one of his most avid fans?

>> No.13705959

Happy birthday Average.
>mfw my birthday is on July 4th this week

>> No.13705966

Have a happy freedom birthday!

>> No.13705975

>NTR'ing Lu Bu


>> No.13705978

What makes you think I'm the guy you were originally arguing with? Nice hypocrisy.

>> No.13705980
File: 31 KB, 443x372, smug little shirohebi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah, that's neat.

I wouldn't mind seeing him doodle some of the more obscure/least talked about monstergirls at some point though.

>> No.13705982

>Lu Bu is an oni who rides a massive centaur named red hair
>you will never knock her off her mount and muso inside the two of them.

>> No.13705983
File: 302 KB, 1920x1080, MGK Mia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kinda wish I'd done a better contribution for my birthday
Certainly better than the one I did on mine.

>> No.13705984

>"It's okay I know this guy I sorta watch him in my spare time" the Jinko says trying to hide how happy she is
>The other girls leave with their heads hung in disappointment
>Not the Jinko though, she locks the door behind them
>You resign yourself to your fate and close your eyes praying it will be quick
>Rather than rape, she hugs you
>"OMIGOSH I NEVER THOUGHT I'D MEET YOU I'M A HUGE FAN" she blurts out awkwardly
>She starts sniffing your hair and chuffing with tears in her eyes
>How the hell did someone like this get a job as a cop

>> No.13705985 [DELETED] 

I asked, and you delivered.


>> No.13705988

I love that picture and always will.

>> No.13705992

>Get 10 mini MG orbs
>9 are Shirohebi
>1 is a Jabberwock
I just wanted a dam Ryu.

>> No.13705994

Neutral ending then? Perhaps one day they will find happiness.

>> No.13705999

>She starts sniffing your hair and chuffing with tears in her eyes
This is both cute and arousing.

>> No.13706000

Your contributions are always welcome.

>> No.13706001

Why are they mostly Shirohebi? Wry?

Shirohebi a great MG, don't get me wrong.

The curiosity nags at me.

Lawyer-chan has great taste in MGs, though.

>> No.13706002

>Get a mini familar
I would be so happy

>> No.13706009

You don't even know who I am.

You get like 20-30 Shirohebi when you order 1 Ryu orb. Shops have a massive surplus of them because of that.

>> No.13706012 [DELETED] 

>I got nothing so I'll keep acting like a facetious cunt
Hey, I'm just killing time 'till I fall asleep. Calling faggots out ain't a biggy to me, so keep at it, friend.

>> No.13706014

You're a Dark Knight.
A silent protector.
A big guy.

>> No.13706023 [DELETED] 

>I got nothing so I'll keep calling you names
I knew you were something special.

>> No.13706025

Not him but, do you to bed angry a lot? That can't be good for you.

>> No.13706031

Angry? Naw. Sad and lonely? Yeah.

>> No.13706032

No, Batman-kun is the mgt shitposter who believes in martyring himself to protect the thread from "fucking traitors" who visit other MG forums besides /mgt/. Most notably, he comes screaming out of the woodwork when someone mentions Captain or Bromont , since they visit /monster/

He insists it's to protect the purity of the thread and defend it against... stuff.

>> No.13706034


I go to bed and live in a state of perpetual anger. It's a small wonder that a Red Lantern ring hasn't found me yet.

>> No.13706037

What's his best and briefest? I keep hearing about him but never read any.

>> No.13706039

>Implying I'm wrong
Fuck you guys for sucking e-celeb cock.

>> No.13706043

To be fair, some people here do pretend Captain&Bromont are the saviors of MG fanfiction.

>> No.13706045

It did, but due to some cosmic anomaly, it also sent you across dimensions, and into the MGE, what do you do?

>> No.13706052


I rage-fuck an Ushi-Oni and have red furred rape train babies.

>> No.13706057

Oy vey
A man named marcus

>> No.13706067

Well thank you for starting the mamonocalypse, asshole.

>> No.13706075

Bromont certainly has seniority over everyone else and has done more good work than anyone else.
He's like our Hades, and somebody else is our Zeus.

>> No.13706077

>There are people STILL defending bromont and captain

>> No.13706085

That doesn't necessarily correlate with being good.

>> No.13706088




I will cut you nigga.

>> No.13706096
File: 192 KB, 469x600, Ushi-Oni lite.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>red furred
What other colors will they have?

>> No.13706100

Can you please tell me how he isn't good then? He has brought content and good times to numerous anons for years, starting with his KS stories.
He also was a great boon for these threads in 2011 thanks to his BS story.

>> No.13706101

He's an opprotunistic bastard who just wants to shill shit. He doesn't care about you or these threads. Stop defending them and accept that they see you as nothing more than cattle.

>> No.13706119

Are you implying you care about us?

>> No.13706126

I usually don't enter this stupid debate, but doesn't shill imply money? I don't think any of them get paid for their shit, man.

>> No.13706135

I hate spiders and ushi oni, but I'd maybe fuck a blue one. MAYBE. Through elemental tempered glass.

>> No.13706140

I wouldn't be here and constantly explaining this shit if I didn't. Damn straight I care, and like hell I'll let massive traitorous faggots try to have their cake and eat it too, especially if they go to a fucking pedophile place.

They still attention whore and want their egos stroked. Don't give them that, they should be shunned and mocked, not looked fondly upon.

>> No.13706143

How about a green ushi that hides in forests and ambushes her prey.

>> No.13706149

So a Green Narga, but it's a Green Ushi?
What's next, Lucent Ushi Oni who turns invisible and has a really hard head?

>> No.13706151

Dude, he's pretty average. Certainly not good enough to warrant the deification that's going on here.

>> No.13706161

>Damn straight I care.
>I care enough about the threads to scare away writefags who are always nice and never started shit for anybody

>> No.13706163

Quite the over exaggeration you have there. A lot of people found his works to be very good, despite their spelling mishaps that lead to even more good times when pointed out.
You seeing him as not that great does not mean others see him that way.

>> No.13706172

Oh fuck off, you and the rest of their faggot defense force can fuck off. Like I said, if you and those faggots want to put your lot with fucking pedophiles and abandon us, just fucking do it.

>> No.13706178

Well, time to kill myself. Any of you kind anons have any acid vats?

>> No.13706183

Ad hominem and strawmanning in the same sentence doesn't make you right, man.

>> No.13706203

I tried to leave it as an open ending so people can come up with their own, yes.

>> No.13706205

>not liking loli's
Okay dude.

>> No.13706207

>A man named marcus
I'm trying to read this but it seems like going pro dropped me half way through a story. Where's the first?

>> No.13706240


No other color. Red-furred heart shaped pubic fur Ushi-Onis will be sufficient. Being as I am lord of Rectal Ravagery and a colossal faggot, let's just add in the effects of Basically being a Lava Golem and Ushi-Oni hybrid, able to make their prey fuck them silly with just a molten touch.

>> No.13706243

>Basically being a Lava Golem and Ushi-Oni hybrid
That's fucking metal.

>> No.13706252

I want to do an Amazon from behind until she ahegaos, and make her daughteru question if women are destined to lose against dicks!

>> No.13706262

No, it's one story, Captain just switched names for a few chapters, you're reading about Carom after going pro, right?

>> No.13706264

What if you made an entire tribe of Amazons who are slaves to dick instead of strong arming men into doing cooking and cleaning for them?

>> No.13706265

I imagine orange are just crazy as hell and angry all the time


>> No.13706267

I want to nurse from my Amazon waifus left breast while my daughteru drinks from her right!

>> No.13706273
File: 285 KB, 1227x1622, 18680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Go adventuring with a Goat-girl.
>Approach a mountain.
>She say's, "Well, we're gonna have to traverse this."
>She just starts leaping up the near-vertical surface.
>You: "I...I guess I'll just walk around."

>> No.13706275

No, 'Man Named Marcus: Going Pro'.

>> No.13706277

Would you faggots give it a rest.

>> No.13706278

Give me a bag of raging mushrooms and like 100 feet of Ushi Oni silk and I'll see if I can make that happen before my heart gives out.

>> No.13706283

Wasn't there a version of that image where she had an actual nose?

>> No.13706284


It'd have to be metal in order to make my masochism from the Souls franchise flare up.

I will accept nothing short of an Ushi-Oni melting the very steel and iron of the building's structure around us as she chases me through walls, floor, what have you.

Setting everything ablaze as she madly cackles at the idea of having us "melt together"

>> No.13706285


>> No.13706287

I meant start with one Amazon and make a tribe out of her, with you teaching the values instead of their mother.

>> No.13706288

>Ushi Oni silk
Isn't it weaker than than normal Arachne silk?

>> No.13706290


Anyway, have the link?

>> No.13706291

Thinking of hybrids, how about one of the following
>Ushi/Cheshire hybrid with purple fur and teleportation
>Ushi/Wight that can toy with your soul while she slams her hips down on you
>Ushi/Vampire for a blood sucking spider cow
Or if we want to be really silly an Ushi/Thunderbird mix for a flying Ushi that can barely get herself off the ground and shocks herself on a regular basis.

>> No.13706299

I'll have to look at the Q&A again but I think it's stronger, but coarser. Like a bundle of rope.

>> No.13706300


>> No.13706301


>> No.13706302


>> No.13706307

In the previous thread: (1/2)

Anon writes some Fallout monstergirls. Bloatflies, Bighorners, Yao guai, and the Tunnelers. Also, the (mostly human) Enclave, the Sisterhood of Steel, and the succubus Ceasar's Legion.
/mgt/ is sent off by the Adventurer's Guild to neighbouring kingdoms.
Blackmyst draws an anubis astronaut floating about in zero gravity, complete with Gundam skintight spacesuit.
Nyanon writes A Game of Cat and Mouse. Alex and Cassie adopt Samantha the dormouse after her parents' deaths.
Anxiety_Incarnate writes Kitsune Royal Politics. The paladin gets himself a daughter. Sort of.
Alpanon updates chapter 11 of Vertex.
KC updates with a new monster: the Wendigo. It's Manus in a furry teepee, manhandling a little deer loli.
Mysterious Drawfag draws the Orc makin' da livin' and going on tha vacation. And a yeti with a wendigo encountering their new husband. And a yeti doing things inside the wendigo's cloak. And Anon protecting the yeti's innocence. (/mgt/ summer is when we celebrate yetis, motherfucker. Don't like it? The door's right there.) And a minimonstergirl gashapon machine. And a waitress... cait sith? I'm not sure what that one is, I'm afraid. The nose makes it look like a cait sith. Also drawn, Anon cleaning the monstergirl Spirit Bathhouse, the mighty Thread Cannon, and scans of pretty much all their previous stuff.

>> No.13706309

A double Ushi-Oni. Also stop forgetting the Oni. A Ushi is just a zipangu holst.

>> No.13706310

In the previous thread: (2/2)

Mini lamias make great dick protectors against potential rapists.
New Fire Emblem features cute foxgirl, cute wolfgirl, and retcons Tharja into a magical, generation-transcending succuvirus.
Murchez writes The Hairy Ghost. It's about a ghost with lots of hair.
These wurms will be the ones to pierce the earth, the heavens, and the universe itself!
Quicksilver writes about Hera and Maya, two kikis come in from the cold.
Harblador writes The Sensual Suspect. An alp is walking through a desert, and they see a tortoise. She reaches down and flips the tortoise on its back.
*It's a hologram.*
Yeti therapy works wonders.
Anon brings pizza to his shrine god kitsune friend.
Unnamed Drawfag draws a kraken brushing a mindflayer's hair/tentacles, and Anon explaining himself to his anubis boss.
.less draws laska sticking it in repeatedly.

inb4 500 posts. That means I'm on time.

>> No.13706313

No other MGE monster has Ushi in its name, so just saying Ushi would likely mean the Ushi Oni and not a Holst.

>> No.13706314


I dunno since Ushi-Oni isn't my cup-o'-tea.

I'd gladly kill every single one of you if I could summon a Dark Slime and Mindflayer hybrid, preferably formed into Shoggoth

>> No.13706324

The first story of the Marcus saga is riddle me this.

>> No.13706325


Oh hey I got namedropped in one of these things. That's always neat. I should get back to writing...

>> No.13706328

>Anxiety_Incarnate writes Kitsune Royal Politics. The paladin gets himself a daughter. Sort of.
I can't believe I never noticed this.

>> No.13706330
File: 416 KB, 3095x1158, uh-oh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A massive mistake on my part to use such paper for my doodles (ethics and info leaks the reason). I do commend you for your hobby in figuring out what I do. I will do my best in the future to at least limit myself to clean or clearly scrap paper with non important text on the back. You may label me as lawyer-chan for identification purposes, but I hope to preserve the remainder of my anonymity.

When there was talk about mini MGs I recalled a post about having 20 shirohebi all over them. With the idea of the gatchapon and how often you keep getting repeats while trying a specific one, I put the ideas together.

>> No.13706334

Now instead of a rape-train, you know get a rape jumbo jet.

>> No.13706336

>Blackmyst draws an anubis astronaut floating about in zero gravity, complete with Gundam skintight spacesuit.
And I am ecstatic about it! So wonderful.

>Manus in a furry teepee, manhandling a little deer loli
An apt way to describe her. It. Them.

>> No.13706338

Hey thread, do you have any pictures of monster girls in fancy underwear?

>> No.13706339
File: 1.18 MB, 1200x1204, NOT THE BEES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13706344
File: 1.89 MB, 2400x2500, 1429976769531.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure thing nigga.

>> No.13706345
File: 2.25 MB, 1200x1500, Jabberwock Gamer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More soon.

>> No.13706350

Don't be to worried. There's not enough info to dox you or anything, or even to clearly what sort of cases you're working on. The only possible identifier I found was a certain Temple. But then again, I didn't try thoroughly.

You may want to double-check your doodles in photoshop for any identifiers you may have missed (case numbers, client names). You can increase the clarity of the faded text by flipping the image so that it's readable, then lowering contrast to see what shows up. Probably want to do a once over just to see if you missed anything else.

>> No.13706351

Can you draw a mini Ushi Oni punching her way out of a Gatchapon? Maybe have a bunch of Shirohebi gatchas roll out of the hole in the machine?

>> No.13706360

I want to marry a Dark Slime and a Wurm!

>> No.13706366

Thanks for doing this anon! You're alright.

>> No.13706370

But why those two monstergirls? What if the dark slime melts and converts the wurm into another slimegirl? That's no good.

>> No.13706371

oh my, yes.
I would like one Jinko in lingerie, blushing as she says, "L-like this?" and tries to pose sexy.
Muscle moe is best moe

>> No.13706372

Oh, should probably add: the fastest way to "sterilize" doodles on the back while keeping its integrity would be to up the contrast really high, then use a magic wand tool to fill in all the blank spaces with a white paint bucket. Also consider using a feathered magic wand (the kind that blurs the edges instead of making it razor-sharp to the individual pixel).

Just cranking up contrast alone won't do it since someone could in theory just lower contrast again if there's even a remote trace of black left from the text on the back.

>> No.13706377


>> No.13706378
File: 90 KB, 900x1100, 1422438061773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to rescue the Goblin Princess!

>> No.13706387

Because I love Dark Slimes and I love Wurms.

>> No.13706392


>> No.13706398

You'd wind up with a slime that tries to crash through wall, only to splatter across the room when she hits it.

>> No.13706400

Aren't Dark Slimes incapable of melting other MGs?

>> No.13706401

I love slimes, and Dark Slimes are the best and rapiest slime outside of Queen Slimes, which are a pain in the ass. I also love dragons, and Wurms are the rapiest dragon. Also, one is good with magic and the other one is really, really fucking strong. Finally, a three-way would work best if one of the participants were a slime.

>> No.13706408


>TFW Hobgoblin dressed up like a German Oktoberfest girl
>The bar even stats No Using The Barmaids Until After 11
>It turns into an orgy

>> No.13706419
File: 401 KB, 800x600, Alraune tears.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Go to local mini MG shop ran by that Wurm and Lilim
>Go to their Gatcha machine
>Limited edition Shirihebi White Mage
>32 Shirohebi later get one Echidna
>She comes with 5 free Shirohebi
Damn it all.

>> No.13706423

>Wurm plays around in the dark slime, rolling around and splashing, generally having a fun time
>Starts laughing when her skin gets all tingly, and her tummy and breasts start to get softer
>You have to pull her out and scrub her down, telling her to stop annoying the dark slime with her antics

I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. Even with what I just wrote above, it'd probably be quite dangerous if dark slimes could just go around and do that to literally any female they see, regardless of monstrousness.

>> No.13706426

I would pull her into my lap and get two nice handfuls of her breasts, then consequently get thrown out by the Ogre bouncer.

>> No.13706436

Are you gonna keep them all?

>> No.13706440

I'd cuddle the fuck out of the first Shirohebi I get.

>> No.13706443
File: 671 KB, 800x937, Shirohebi Mailman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sure there's some Shirohebi slut willing to trade for them.

>> No.13706445

Gonna be one hell of a rape ball once the full moon rolls around

>> No.13706449


>TFW be under the impression that the Hobgoblin is a slut because of the "Only use after 11 rule"
>Her subordinates in their waiter outfits all call her The Strongest virgin slut to ever live
>Not even the legendary virgin Lilim can out-Virgin Slut the Big Cheese

>> No.13706450

>Receive mail from Shirohebi.
>It always has kiss marks all over it, along with flirting messages.

>> No.13706454

>The writing and kiss marks are so small you just toss them out think the letters are pranks.

>> No.13706458
File: 136 KB, 850x973, fairy2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13706459

I can see them all forming together into a huge sphere like in that bollywood movie Robot, and charging down their husband.

>> No.13706461

While Katamari Damacy music plays.

>> No.13706462

Can be kept out of your bed if you set up a mosquito net around it.

>> No.13706463
File: 173 KB, 600x659, -0.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

...belongs in a cage.

>> No.13706466

>.less draws laska sticking it in repeatedly.
What? She's futa now?

>> No.13706468



>> No.13706469


>> No.13706471

It was a knife

>> No.13706474

Is that her crown? It's so tall, it's adorable.

>> No.13706475

No, the little shit is stabbing someone with a knife like the little worthless shit she is.

>> No.13706478

Hell, they are the ones singing it. If you had the chance to be a ball going after somebody, wouldn't you take the chance?

>> No.13706481

>Full moon comes around
>Their Mini spell wears off for the day
>They become full size again
>You're swamped in Shirohebi poon
>All you can see is tits and ass
>All you can feel is soft skin and scales
>All you can smell is lewd fluids
>All you can hear is sultry moaning and Futurama playing in the background on your TV

>> No.13706484

I'm not sure if that's better or worse

>> No.13706488
File: 22 KB, 334x295, 1404855406984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Shirohebi ass
I suppose there will be many delicious full moons that night.

>> No.13706491
File: 310 KB, 1181x1561, 18244.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Would you like a drink, Anon?"

>> No.13706495


Sure. A drink of what though?

>> No.13706496

Now come on, that's just not right.

How's a guy meant to suckle all four of those at once?

>> No.13706498

>Her left eye saying it's 7 O'clock
And dry humping.

>The one Echidna you got, who normally rode around on the top of your head, also got normal sized again
>She somehow ended up on the outer edge of the ball though, and is currently smushed up against your front door
>She grumbles and tries to wriggle free

>> No.13706499

N-Not in public...

>> No.13706500
File: 82 KB, 600x600, 90f55cc2f9504f04fcca5bdee7dd858a.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, so I finally got around to reading the bromont's threads on the otherchan. I can kinda see why people like him, and I won't lie, I kinda like him more now.

But why that place? Is that just everybody's go-to after 4chan? Isn't there any other place, to go? Why not just stay here?

>> No.13706502

"how do you wear clothes? were do you even get clothes to hold/hide those sweeter puppies? how is your back not broken? YOU MAKE NO SENSE?!"

>> No.13706503


>Laska wrapping her tail around Anondad's neck like a noose, biting her lower lip as she grinds her hips into his groin
>[Insert generic porn dialogue]
>Constricts it tighter as she begins to rhythmically bounce up and down on his turgid cock
>Calls him a liar for saying they'd be a real family, yet he's getting phone calls from the Anubislut
>Tells him it's okay
>She's been raping him in his sleep for a while now, he hasn't had sex with Eralia in weeks
>It's always been Laska, it will -always- be Laska
>But now she's not going to stop, not until her belly's distended from the kittens he's going to give her
>Rapes Anondad into the double digits of orgasms, making him feel like he's ejaculating red hot razor blades
>Goes full yangire mode by threatening to turn him into a eunuch with the kitchen knife, laughing when it finally dons on him that she was self-inflicting the cuts on her paws during her cooking
>She'd been feeding him her blood and breast milk in his soup
>His face when his mind collapses in on itself

>> No.13706504

He merely wanted to try out a new and fresher market place.

>> No.13706505

Short guy/shota could suck on the top two while doing the bottom two.

>> No.13706512


>last line


>> No.13706518

This would work better with some generic Werecat in all honesty.

>> No.13706525


It's more fun to ride the FotM train with Laska to be honest. It'd be a better end than "HE DIED OF A BRAIN ANEURYSM".

>> No.13706527


>> No.13706529

I'll never understand that place. It's just so... sparse.
The ability to post multiple images at once is nice, but the formatting for the entire site is so messy and slapdash. That, and spreading around the userbase over an entire board makes it feel so disjointed. You have to keep track of several threads at once to stay updated on the things you like, and new art could get posted in one thread without you ever knowing about it.

>Futurama playing in the background on your TV

Truly, this is a night to remember. Will they get all hot and bothered when they see that episode rerun?

>> No.13706531

and this is why yan are shit


>> No.13706532

Surprise surprise, Bob can't write for shit, especially when anondad is his fucking self-insert.

>> No.13706535

They're already randy from the full moon.
Will MC be able to satisfy them all before they go back to being minis? Will they spoon with him afterwards when they're mini again?

>> No.13706537
File: 772 KB, 500x500, 1407547138487.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>using some shitty Laska greentext of all things as a representation of yanderes
Eat shit.

>> No.13706538


Well neither can I so there's to that.


Yangire is the most bullshit fetish. Soft yandere where they're completely obsessed with you is the purest form of high impact sexual violence

>> No.13706539

Keep talking shit I'm putting an M-80 up your ass.

>> No.13706544

It's yangire, what did you expect.

>> No.13706548
File: 503 KB, 1320x1664, Happy Family.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic-related is among my favorite yandere varieties.

>> No.13706550
File: 98 KB, 576x1008, CDXcBnHUIAAHV_m.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13706554

After they're all spent and fulfilled, they shrink down and fall asleep. This is when they need to be gathered up, and gently placed in their custom minihebi bed. It's basically a shotgun shell belt, except the pouches are warm, fluffy padded socks the hebis can all fit in, with little flaps for them to pull out like blankets.
Then you roll them all up so they're hugging each other in a spiral pattern, and cuddle the whole bundle while drifting off to sleep.

>> No.13706556

Man, fuck that faggot who wrote the mother back in.

>> No.13706558


>> No.13706560

>Then you wake up and realize something
>Something you forgot
>Something you shouldn't have forgotten!
>You get up and tun off the TV
>The now Mini Echidna sighs in frustration while she's trapped in a flowerpot

>> No.13706561

The daughteru has to get her yandereness from somewhere.

>> No.13706562

Good moment to ask for a shoulder ride anon. Don't be shy, she will be happy to help. She's a strong girl.

>> No.13706566

More importantly
>no dredd at the end

>> No.13706574

Yangire is just "serial killer" so of course it's shit. There's a reason it drops the "dere" (love). It no more embodies love than the term "serial killer" does in English. No one should like it unless they're into guro.

>> No.13706581

>mini tanking keeps trying to sell you the on your desk
>sometimes even the other mini monster girls

>> No.13706584

* tanuki
Autocorrect is toilet application

>> No.13706587

Let me put some English into that for you.

>mini tanuki keeps trying to sell you the stuff on your desk
>sometimes even the other mini monster girls

>> No.13706598

I dunno, I liked Laska more when she was a cute, confused teenager dealing with raging werecat hormones.

Also, where's the pic?

>> No.13706600
File: 123 KB, 472x580, Shirohebi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Screw that. I'll undo the shrink spell entirely and start a new temple entirely, centered around the Echidna.

We'll attract lots of visitors and donations by offering to teach parents how to better raise their children. I bet the Ryu at the end of the street will get really jealous!

>> No.13706601

The yangire one where the snaps?

>> No.13706604


> Mini Ushi keeps trying to bench press your arm
> She's actually making progress

>> No.13706610

>Mini Salamander keeps your coffee warm
>By bathing in it

Ryu won't care as long as you don't tread on anything relating to water or weather. Also if you don't get yourself a shiny mini MG.

>> No.13706612

>Mini Yeti keeps your hot cocoa warm
>By hugging the mug

>> No.13706613


> Get Shiny Mini Quetzalcoatl
> Hurricane season starts early

>> No.13706617
File: 177 KB, 833x1100, 1422299020876.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want a Shiny Mini Hellhound.

>> No.13706620


>> No.13706621

>She convinces you to let her sleep in your bed, rather than the mattress you cut out of a foam swimming board
>You roll over her in your sleep
>She frantically works to push you back off of her
>While you're sleeping, it feels like furry little paws tickling and scratching your back

>> No.13706622

>Your shrine is swept away in a Japan swallowing tsunami

>Yuki Onna sits in a pocket on your shirt to cool you off
>Mini Wurm opens those pesky pickle jars for you

>> No.13706625

>All these people wanting mini-monster girls
>Not wanting to be mini for a Monster Girl instead

>> No.13706627

>Mini Tanuki on your desk trying to sell you stuff at work
>"Need a new pen? I can get you one for $ 2.50, eh? How about it?"
>With a little bit of difficulty, she raises the pen over her head with her arms
>"Come on, eh? It's used, so I'm giving you a discount!"
>That pen is actually yours, she grabbed it from your desk
>You grab the pen and use it for a while
>"Wha-- H-Hey! You can't take it like that! I'm selling it, not giving it away!"
>You give her a piece of candy you bought on the way to your office
>"Oh, uh... I suppose this will do for a while, yes."

>> No.13706632

This is bait

>> No.13706634

Yeah, with the knifing.

>> No.13706643

>Not wanting to be a mini human boy
>Not wanting to bum out in a Jabberwock's cleavage while she plays Super Mario 64 for the 64th time
>Not wanting to lay on an Anubis's head and whisper important things to her and remind her of things, as well as help her keep track of things
>Not wanting to play Cat n Mouse with a Chesire
>Not agreeing to help a Manticore pull a prank as she slips you into an Alp's pants

>> No.13706644

>Mini Arachne fixes all the small tears in your clothes
>And gets rid of any pests
>She still traps your mini Mothman and interrogates her to know if she's friend of foe, even though you've told her countless times

>Mini Thunderbird is handy for jump-staring things
>Even though she's the cause for them short circuiting them to begin with because she sneezed

>Mini Glacies that lives in your freezer
>Good friends with your mini Yuki Onna
>Don't remember the last time you've plugged in that fridge

>> No.13706650

Nigga, that's autistic as fuck/

>> No.13706653

This whole fetish is autistic.

>> No.13706659

The whole thread is

>> No.13706660

>Mini Elemental Spirits to do generic cute things
>Mini Werewolf that growls and barks at things you don't like
>Mini Lilim to sit atop your head like a throne
>Mini Lizardgirl usingyour safety pin as a sword
>And now, for a super limited time offer at Wurm and Lil's, you can get your own mini Demon Lord and Chief god! While not the real deal, they're as close to the real thing you're ever going to get.

>> No.13706662

The whole website is

>> No.13706668

>Jump into a kitsune's tails and hear her giggle as you roll around in a world of yellow softness
>Take a bath in creamy holst milk as she lactates into a bowl
>Slime puts some piping in her body and morphs into a waterpark for you
>Put on a glidesuit and fly around as a sylph keeps you up with air gusts
>Barometz and seaslimes suddenly become the best bouncy castles

>> No.13706669

Truer words have never been spoken.

>> No.13706670
File: 467 KB, 800x1000, yanlaska.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13706675

So are the stories this character is in worth reading or is she just kept around because of her meme status?

>> No.13706677

They're nothing remarkable.

>> No.13706684

Well, the core story is a lot different. There's no yan or anything.

>> No.13706686

It starts out OK, then the ending just ruins whatever potential it had.

>> No.13706694

Have any mini monstergirl stories been written, beyond thread greentexts?

Is there desire for such a thing?

>> No.13706699

It frustrated a lot of people primarily because of two factors:

1) He tried to re-write it. You know how George Lucas was almost universally panned for re-writing their beloved past memory of the Star Wars saga? Well...

2) It broke the "muh purity" rule of the KC hugbox. Laska went to a brothel, dated boys, raped, etc.

3) Daughteru-fags don't like it because it didn't end in an incest end. (.less, the guy who does 90% of laska art, probably hates it more than anyone. That's why half his art is Electra complex themed).

Might be more, but that's the point notes.

>> No.13706701

Also, I added the third point after without thinking about it and will go run into a mantago pit because I can't count.

>> No.13706702

>Daughteru-fags don't like it because it didn't end in an incest end
What? You can want daughterus and don't want to fuck them you know.

>> No.13706703
File: 1.13 MB, 2772x3047, Gatchamon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A little. I don't plan on any though. Not to mention I might be gone for a grand while too due to circumstances.
Looks like I might not be able to do more MGK for a while.

>> No.13706704

By daughteru-fags I meant the incesty kind. Like KC himself.

>> No.13706706


They're better than my stuff for what it's worth, since Bob can do chapters. Didn't particularly care for the content though because Laska is basically a strange colored werecat over a Cheshire.

>> No.13706707

>1) He tried to re-write it. You know how George Lucas was almost universally panned for re-writing their beloved past memory of the Star Wars saga? Well...
But the rewrite of Laska was superior. Plus it was pretty much adding fluff to places and fleshing points out better.

>> No.13706708

How does one post manage contain so much wrong?

>> No.13706709

How about giving us the "correct" version then?

>> No.13706716

How about not typing dumb shit and expect others to correct you?

>> No.13706718

>Feels the need to be "right" and point it out to everyone
>Can't be bothered to back it up with anything other than "you're retarded"

Bet you have lots of friends and are a swell person.

>> No.13706722


The rewrite was never an issue. It was the fact that original Laska was supposed to be a vanilla apology for all the shit he caused with Truckercore and he completely rushed and screwed up the ending.

That anybody would even point out the rewrite when all the disappointment and hate is from the original story sounds like someone who was never even there.

>> No.13706723


>> No.13706724

>Mini Dhampir and Lizardgirl fencing with paperclips/saftypins

>> No.13706725

>that distressed looking kiki at the top
>that qt sleeping werekitten in the middle
hnnnnng fuck why do these things have so many shebis? I can't ever get to the great stuff not that shebis are not great but come on, I can't handle more than one

>> No.13706730

But he's right though. The other guy sounds like learned about Laska through a game of telephone.

>> No.13706731

I actually have heard people complain about the rewrite once or twice. But it may not be one of the largtest reasons, since all the complaining about it tends to blur together after a while.

>> No.13706735

>It broke the "muh purity" rule of the KC hugbox. Laska went to a brothel, dated boys, raped, etc.
Nobody gave a shit about it. The complaints where how none of the dicks stuffed into her belonged to the foster father.

>You know how George Lucas was almost universally panned for re-writing their beloved past memory of the Star Wars saga? Well...
The only thing those two had in common is the writers redoing their work. The SW expanded/remade/whatever versions where bad because nobody was in a position anymore to tell Lucas, "George, this is fucking stupid and this and this and that too. Leave those out." Bob, to his credit actually tried to improve on the original based on feedback and the reactions he got instead of chasing some grand vision of re-presenting it.

>> No.13706736

>Mini Jinko having fun in a glass of water
>Mini Mermaid in said glass of water sitting there and smiling at you

The Kiki is distressed because one of them is smushed up against the side of their ball.
And we've explained the reason for the surplus of Shirohebis numerous times now.

>> No.13706738

people complain about everything

>> No.13706739

The only thing anyone says about the rewrite is "who cares" and "fuck you bob" which is more about the author than anything.

>> No.13706741

Yep, this will surely convince people.

>> No.13706744

>qt sleeping werekitten in the middle
I can't make it out anywhere.

>> No.13706747


Lawyer-chan tends to have so many awesome ideas for cute drawings. It's too bad he keeps them as just messy doodles instead of cleaning them up. They would make awesome pictures.

>> No.13706749

I thought it was pretty boring because Laska was carefully crafted to be a 'pity me I'm so cute let me pull your heartstrings' character and didn't feel like she was anything more. Like her entire purpose was to make you feel bad for her. It felt like manipulation. And Anondad had literally no character development. He was as safe and as neutral as a character could possibly be, which works for self-inserting but ruins something you're trying to turn into an actual story.

>> No.13706752


Alot of times people will complain if you don't write to their specific fetish. To that I say "Fuck you" if you don't like it and instead of sitting there just ignoring it you go out of your way to be a shit about it.

>> No.13706753

Is that his nickname?

>> No.13706754
File: 541 KB, 1001x882, Colored Ushi hugs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Judging from the tail it's actually a fox.

He cleans them up from time to time. Or someone else does.

>> No.13706756

I love his ushis.

>> No.13706758

Yeah, we decided on that since a lot of his pen doodles are on the back of documents talking about court cases in a technical manner, suggesting he's a law student, lawyer, or a secretary at a law firm.



>> No.13706759

>And we've explained the reason for the surplus of Shirohebis numerous times now.
The ryu orbs thing? Why are shrihebis so hard to manufacture then?

>> No.13706761
File: 153 KB, 700x700, 1432923761277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then why have them?

>> No.13706763

>that hot breath
Oh my.

>> No.13706764

To get diabetes, and then embarass them with dad jokes when they bring their friends over.

>> No.13706768
File: 124 KB, 452x541, Loli Ushi - MINE!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me too.

The orbs or the Shirohebi themselves?

>> No.13706769

I'd rather they just stay nameless, or called Sketch Guy, or something like that.
Doesn't feel right to associate their real life with their stuff here when they were posting about the worry of doxxing.

>> No.13706772

Huh, yeah. That actually makes sense

>> No.13706779

Diabetes raped my mother.

>> No.13706782

He said he was okay with it, and clearly he isn't upset since he hasn't deleted his doodle imgur album or anything. Also, it has to be at least semi-unique otherwise it'll be literally impossible to find his album or drawings in the archive.

>> No.13706783


I like Sketch-kun as a name, honestly.

>> No.13706789


Call him what you want, then. No one is forcing you to call him anything. But he's okay with it, Lawyer-chan, and using a generic name like "sketch guy" or "sketch-kun" makes it really hard to find his stuff on google or the archives.

>> No.13706790


Well since apparently he's made me the boss elf I'm going to dumb him Law-san. It is known.

>> No.13706791

>Mini vampire teams up with the other undead to reign in the lego castle
>Come home to see them fighting with minipharoah and her undead, along with her anubus minion, a dragon who wants it for her base, and orcs who want it for their fort.

>> No.13706799

Who died and made you chieftain?

>> No.13706801

I meant metaphorically, but I'm so sorry anon.

>> No.13706802

I'm getting flashbacks from that God game.

>> No.13706804


>> No.13706807

New update for the MGC Private Eye Dennis, and his new coworker Adaleine. Line 48 begins the new section, more to follow soon. Finally, things starting to get serious.


>> No.13706808


I did. But then I got better. It was just a flesh wound.

>> No.13706809

>I'm going to dumb him.
You're fooling no one, Hobgoblin.

>You may label me as lawyer-chan

He has already made it so himself, so I think that should be his official name

>> No.13706811

How about we call him/her Phoenix?
You know, because...

>> No.13706814


Pretty sure the name plate reads "Boss Elf", not whatever you're thinking it says.

>> No.13706815

Well, normally namefag artists and writers always choose their own name. So given that, I think we should probably have to use lawyer-chan as his name.

>> No.13706817

>writers always choose their own name

Not true, especially if they get a nickname before they make a pastebin.

>> No.13706820

I miss Peterdznl.
And YBA.
And Captain.
And prostitute Alice guy.
And Shitty writefag.
And Legendary Smut guy.
And Punladin.
And loli ushi guy.

>> No.13706829

Nook, we don't want whatever threadcanon we make for KC's inevitable Phoenix girl rubbing onto him.

>> No.13706830

>loli-ushi guy
That was written by PRW.

>Legendary Smut guy
Who? You talking about Danna-sama? He mostly did those kiki arts but wrote a few greentext things.

>> No.13706831


I don't miss


>> No.13706840

What did he do again?

Not sure why anyone hates her, she's never around to do anything to get angry at, unless I missed something.

In all fairness, he is a good writer. He just made one shitty call during a CYOA that caused drama, but that doesn't magically negate his writing ability. Since it was a once-off thing, I personally just dismiss it as a mistake and not a trend.

>> No.13706843

>Calling him Eunuch

Only Bollocks calls himself that. Faggot.

>> No.13706844


No, the one about a guy who ends up in mamono world and husbando by a dragon, then waifus a ryu. There's also shirohebi orgasm denial of sorts. And wyvern footjobs. And something to do with a wurm but I forgot.

>> No.13706847

I do miss him. His story with the zombie girl turning into a wight is one of my favorites.

>> No.13706850

>Have mini monster girls
>Play DnD with them
>They take their character's spot on the map and wear little bottlecap armor and napkin cloth

>> No.13706852

I think it was because of that stupid thing I did about two months ago and not that CYOA thing. I-I'm not that good a writer either.

>> No.13706854

Hmmm...Then Karma?

>> No.13706855


It was some stupid spat with ELH that resulted in the schism that effectively divided the writefaggot community as far as the blogs go.

That and He isn't even sure if it's worth re-creating the blog that was taken down.


I call him Eunuch, El Castrato, Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes, NegaWalker 2.0, Bob 3.0, whatever suits my needs. Doesn't change the fact that he's a mincing little Lord Varys in the making.

>> No.13706856


He's all right, you fast just ruined his stuff with your schizophrenia and get mad at him.


I'm biased, but his stuff was readable as fuck.

>> No.13706860


I'll come out of lurking to say I'm not dead. Just trying to finish a story. Which if I can just get it done, I can get back to updates for the regular stuff. Should finally get the draft done tonight. Editing may be tonight, may be tomorrow.

>> No.13706863

dark elves or amazons?

>> No.13706864


It's the fact that he became a family man (Which in itself isn't a bad thing since that's more than a lot of people in these threads and 4chan as a whole can hope to achieve) but the fact that he left for the other place and never looked back.

>> No.13706867

In fall fairness, that's probably ELH's fault. Remember ELH did have a meltdown in the past and delete the MG master pastebin. Also I've seen that he gets very passive aggressive and grudge-holding, where as LDR is... just rarely there. Hard to blame someone for a crime when they're never around to commit one.

>> No.13706868
File: 213 KB, 744x1052, 1431896994399.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

female paladin

>> No.13706869


>> No.13706872

Man, imagine ending up in KC's universe, and having the misfortune to make eye-contact with an Ushi-Oni.

As soon as your eyes met, she believes you to be her husband, and starts following you and sleeping at your camp, embracing you in fluffy hugs.

You can't do anything about it too, it's not like you can just push her away.

>> No.13706873

The one who stays in the kitchen, like she's supposed to.

>> No.13706874


>> No.13706875


>> No.13706878


Doesn't seem deleted to me.

And LDR has always been just as two faced. Just ask Mari or anyone that interfaced with her surrounding aurorachan.

>> No.13706879
File: 208 KB, 750x579, 1435113469654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Whoever's fault it is it isn't monstergirls, so whatever.

>TFW no mini MG Ushi-Oni story

>> No.13706880

That's the viridian ninja guy correct?

>> No.13706881
File: 253 KB, 550x780, 14578343343.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to molest Holstaur calves!

>> No.13706882

Why karma? His job again? I don't mind, but why not simy sketch anon?

Name reminds me of this blonde faggot in a manga about human radiators fighting aliens in a battle royal so our planet doesn't get eaten. Total Gaylord.

I don't mean his orientation though.

>> No.13706883

So you?

>> No.13706887


Always had a thing for the tribal look.

>> No.13706889

Oh lord my heart.

>> No.13706890

Like clockwork.

Seriously, I hope you didn't think you were being clever.

>> No.13706891
File: 3 KB, 186x186, 1391881946829.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>complaining about femdom in monster girls

I bet your a /pol/lack who calls others degenerate ironically

>> No.13706892


>> No.13706895

I've been gone since Wednesday, last thread I remember was the one that was basically one giant shitstorm and I last remember there was that guy who challenged hellhounds to a sexual battle.
Any big updates since around that time? Mainly to do with Kikis, like the maid service guy doing another profile or something, or Holstaurs, like any new stories in general?

>> No.13706897


Wait, maybe it's not anger I'm feeling. And I think I need to replace that "about" with "for"

>> No.13706898

Well the intention of your post was pretty obvious.

>> No.13706899

>implying monster girls are 100% femdom
And I bet you're an /i/diot.

>> No.13706900

He deleted it for a while, and claimed some excuse about re-organizing, but his story was just too full of holes. Like why he never told anyone for weeks he was re-organizing and let them think it was gone forever.

Also, ELH does have a habit of being very passive aggressive -- shifting all blame onto circumstances or anyone but himself. (Like in the above, where he was only doing something for the community's good, and it was everyone else misunderstanding). So I'm sceptical to push blame on anyone who fights with ELH unless there's a reasonable reason to do so.

>> No.13706901
File: 83 KB, 615x638, Yanyan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


There was absolutely nothing of import.

>> No.13706902

Good to see you're still around.

And I'll take this opportunity to remind everyone that Nina is best Vengeance, best horse pussy.

>> No.13706903

Beats me.

>> No.13706905

>You used to make figures for their enemies
>That is, until the mini wurm punched one so hard it shattered and shotgunned straight through your wall

>> No.13706907

>Not Jack
>Kuudere shell with soft squishy dere-dere center

>> No.13706908

Dark elves to rape. Amazons to purge.

>> No.13706909


Do you have any proof to back up your claims or are you just trying to get shit to stick to a wall?

Because either way? This shit isn't monstergirl-related. So fuck off for trying to start drama.

>> No.13706912


>> No.13706914

My proof is I was there.

>> No.13706915

Nina is the second worst character,

>> No.13706917


>> No.13706918

But Jack, much like tigers, is not a valid option.

>> No.13706920

>All this talk of mini and big monstergirls
I want to tend to a flock of bird-based monstergirls while living off the food that grows in the hair of a giant Troll MG

>> No.13706921

I'm not into pain but I'm ok with being a househusband so Amazons.

>> No.13706930


>TFW no Jotunn waifu

>> No.13706933

I'm a traitor human boy slut who follows my Lilim devotingly and believes Human Boys belong in the kitchen serving their Monster Girl waifu!

And there is nothing a female paladin can do to convince me otherwise!

>> No.13706936

>immediately netting a waifu/mount/bodyguard

I see nothing wrong with this. I do like spidercows already though.

>> No.13706938

Neither, they are both a shit.

>> No.13706939

>Mini bird-based monstergirls
Fuck forgetting words.

>> No.13706941

Anon, please. This is not the time to display your poor taste.

>> No.13706942

>and starts following you and sleeping at your camp, embracing you in fluffy hugs
No rape or it is implied?

>> No.13706945

Both look good at a man's feet.

>> No.13706946

Oh jeez. But really, I'm one of the ones waiting for a maid profile from that guy so if he posted I'd like to know.

>> No.13706947

>not liking submissive yandere with violent tendencies

>> No.13706949

How about tending to a brood of Mini Wurms while living in a house made out of a mushroom atop of a giant Troll, all while nano Wurms circulate through your system?

>> No.13706950

This was pretty brutal.

>> No.13706952
File: 526 KB, 1600x1300, yanlaska2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13706955

Says the man who likes unhinged dicksleeve horsepusy

>> No.13706956


Elves are absolutely haram.

So Amazons.

>> No.13706958

>Try to get wurm to roll wizard
>She always rolls monk
>Tell her she has to hold back ten present, it still moves them back a square.

>> No.13706959

Paw too big.

>> No.13706960

The most recent thing that comes to mind (because I'm too lazy to go back as far as months to find the original stuff) is this:


Read all the children to that post, a few anons explain things pretty well. That, other past discussions, and my personal experience with ELH sort of coincides with what these and another anons have said. While certainly not air tight, there's not a whole lot more you can get as far as proof in an anonymous message board, unfortunately.

As a side note, don't ask for proof THEN ask to stop a discussion since once sort of spurs discussion forward while the other tries to stop it.

>> No.13706961

I wish to sit on a bench feeding tiny night sparrow harpies bread.

>> No.13706962

Can't it be another monstergirl like an Apophis or Shirohebi? Laska is garbage.

>> No.13706963

Too mild. Needs more stabbing.

>> No.13706967

>too big

>> No.13706969

You gay son?

>> No.13706973

They're all unhinged dicksleeves. Except the succubutt, she's just a gigantic rotten bitch.

>> No.13706975

Change the giant Troll into another Wurm and I'm set. I think putting a bunch of ultra strong MGs with the tendency to burrow on top of the head of an MG that can grow plants on her head is a bad idea, unless you wanna see a troll have a wurm tunnel through her skull.

>Nano wurms in system
>They personally beat the crap out of any bad bacteria, virus or parasite that tries to enter your system
>You can literally break stone and lift mounts because the nano wurms help you do physical tasks

>> No.13706976


All I see is drama fags trying to cause drama.

Fuck off.

>> No.13706977


>> No.13706981

Mein neger.

>> No.13706982

But she's still horsepussy, so she's doubly shit.

>> No.13706983

Yes, too Damn big. Big meaty PAWS a shit, the Fuck you gonna do about it.

>> No.13706984


More like I'd rather be the kind of Anon who gets into wild sex parties with other men in the village to see who can have the most outrageously animalistic sex with their wife in the celebration of the Fertility Goddess.

Elves just bore me to death. They get no writing, they're fucking pedestrian as fuck and if you even so much as mention a Male Orc and Elf story the thread gets in a tiff because heaven forbid Jun have shown a fun side to that pairing.

>> No.13706985

Lift mountains*

>> No.13706986
File: 404 KB, 1159x778, coolingoff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will try to clean them when I can.

>> No.13706988

The only thing doubly shit here is your tastes.

>> No.13706991

Damn son, were you born with your shit taste, or did you have an accident?

>> No.13706994

>Asks people to post proof in an attempt to stop a discussion, not realizing he's actually encouraging it.
>Expects air-tight standard of evidence in an anonymous image board setting.

Not the brightest crayon in the box, are you?

>> No.13706995

>Wants to go to sex parties with other men


>> No.13706997

If this is a compliment thank you. If it isn't a compliment thank you as well.

>> No.13706999

Are you Laywer-chan or an anonymous lurker?

Also, do the gachamon one next. All them cuties!

>> No.13707000

>Get five mini hellhounds
>Pour out a circle of salt on your tabletop
>Then draw a pentagram in the circle with a marker pen
>Put each hellhound at each point of the star
>Prick your finger and let a droplet of blood fall onto the salt circle
>There's a blinding flash of red and blue hellfire
>When you move your hand from your eyes, you see all your little hellhounds strewn about the room, stunned and smoldering with blue flames
>In the middle of the circle is a shiny mini hellhound, yawning after being disturbed from her sleep by the summoning process.

>> No.13707001


>Not wanting to have outrageous sex in the middle of the village while other men fuck their wives
>Not realizing this is how tribal life works since it's not like the Puritan era where you get scolded for not making the beds groan


>> No.13707005

Sure Mr. I like malformed girls, how can be as cool and refined as you?

>> No.13707006

That was less rapey than I expected for a Hellhound summoning.

Also, terrifying.

>Mini-MGs doing spells and rituals while you sleep
>Some someone real-life versions of their species to rape you.
>Some cast spells of enlargement to become regular sized people. Then rape you.
>Some cast charm spells to subliminally make you husbando them or just be a good caretaker.

>> No.13707007

You said it, now live with it.

>> No.13707012

Some summon real-life versions of their species to rape you.

Damn spellcheck

>> No.13707013


I'll live with it just fine because the day I let you faggots and your crybaby whiny-assed opinions get to me over whether or not I prefer Elves or Amazons, i'll let you know.

>> No.13707015

Trying to be less of a faggot would be the first step.

>> No.13707021

Is it hard to type with broken fingers? I know how your masters get when you burn the food.

>> No.13707023

Are you implying that mini monstergirls are somehow less real than their larger counterparts? That's hurtful to them, man.
Now look what you've done. That whole gacha machine of them is crying.

>> No.13707024
File: 134 KB, 800x600, 1405269138569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unsurprisingly, you've somehow managed to make something yandere related boring as fuck, it's also bogged down further by your shitty characters.

>> No.13707026

No, that was Perent. The guy he talks about had some illegible jumble of a name to remember.

>> No.13707037


That's nice :)

>> No.13707041

No it's not! You're more than your dick anon. Come to the shelter, get rehabilitated, abuse is not love.

>> No.13707049

Not him, but you faggots repeat the same shit ad-nauseum whenever you bitch about Amazons, which is every single goddamn time they're mentioned.

>> No.13707052


Get the fuck out.

>> No.13707056


>TFW Nu-13 is literal perfection as a yandere

>> No.13707062
File: 136 KB, 600x768, e5c16c3b324cf36f6a9ada8679137c89.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn straight.

>> No.13707065

I want a group of Krakens to spray their ink all over my mouth and face!

>> No.13707068

I would give Nu-13 headpats.
She'd kill me because I'm not Ragna but it would be worth it.

>> No.13707069

And you say the say shit she's programmed you to believe. That you're not a slave, that she loves you. I've seen the bruises, the burns. You're not fooling anyone.

>> No.13707071
File: 173 KB, 1700x1500, The Wight stuff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well I don't have much time till I probably end up living in a tent down by the river, like Junko, so I'll do something.

You're Jimmy, and you know this story.
It's summer vacation after your time in Kindergarten ended.
Do you go camping with Ophy and her family?
Do you cheer up the grounded Pharaoh?
Do you play with Anubis and meet her sister who came back from studying abroad?
Do you dig to China with Wurm, Sandworm, Ushi Oni, and Khepri?
Do you play with Kiki in her family's attic? Maybe find some imagination fueling book?
Do you eat some fresh baked goods at the local bakery with Dragon and greet her mother?
Do you and Ryu teach Wyvern how to swim?
Do you play Mario party with Mino, Dullahan, and the one Holst that wasn't mentioned in forever?
Do you get Werewolf and Kitsune some ice cream to cool them down?
Do you pat Albino Lamia's back while she vomits up her lunch due to chemo sickness?
Do you spend time with your former teacher, and try to cheer her up without reminding her that she's still single at 32?
Do you shoot at things with a real gun with soon-to-be 3rd grader Salamander and Hellhound?
Do you spend tie with Jabberwock and Lilim before summerbreak ends and they enter middleschool?
Do you watch Disney movies at Lich's house with her Elf-Wight sister and your Dhampir cousin?
Or do you ask Junko why she's napping on the train tracks while smoking a cigar?

>> No.13707073

Uhhh, you okay anon?

>> No.13707074

That's enough rp faggotry.

>> No.13707078

Can you cut the roleplay shit out too? You also do that ad nauseum.

>> No.13707079

Albino lamia until she's better.

>> No.13707080


>> No.13707081

>Do you shoot at things with a real gun with soon-to-be 3rd grader Salamander and Hellhound?

Someone is finally going to get CPS'ed for something other than father-daughteru incest.

>> No.13707084


>> No.13707085

I want to fug Junko with my shota dick after she gets a nice warm shower.

>> No.13707090

>Do you play Mario party with Mino, Dullahan, and the one Holst that wasn't mentioned in forever?
I know how this'll end. All the more reason to be there

>> No.13707091


Truth hurts.

>> No.13707096
File: 223 KB, 850x707, Splat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Mindflayer and Kraken doing this when



>> No.13707098

Junko. She has so much to live for, to get her life back on track, start a family, give birth to all the adorable chuffing little Jinko cubs.

>> No.13707099

Time to taste some goods at dragon's place...

>> No.13707101


Or the teacher.

>> No.13707104

I always go to play with Anubis.

Meeting her sister sounds nice too!

>> No.13707105

When the fuck will Junko and Albino lamia get better? ;_;

>> No.13707110

And I thought I was a depraved slut.

>> No.13707114

Why did Pharaoh get grounded?
What Anubis' sister like? Not a mean asshole, I hope.

>Albino lamia on chemo
Oh man. I live for the fluff, but I can't say no to that. Time to help the snake throw up.

>> No.13707116

I want that too.

>> No.13707119

I want to fuck that sick lamia.

>> No.13707124

Autistic roleplay doesn't add truth to anything, unless you're the sort that likes to pretend to be a retard 100% of the time.

>> No.13707140

A series of events orchestrated by Ophy to ruin her summer vacation.
>What's her sister like
She's the intellectual type with noticeably larger than average breasts.


>> No.13707141

You seem angry anon, might I suggest taking it easy~?

>> No.13707147
File: 483 KB, 529x470, 1435116373730.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13707176

Don't worry. She won't be suffering for much longer, and neither will Albino Lamia.

>> No.13707179

And then I want a group of holstaurs to do the same with their breastmilk, so that I become a soiled mess of black and white!

>> No.13707182

pls no

>> No.13707185

Okay, you're weird, and I've talked to necropedo kun, headset masturbation guy and tile anon. So...yeah.

>> No.13707188

Teaching Wyvern to swim with Ryu. No matter how long it takes. I could use lessons at that age too.

>> No.13707189
File: 2.69 MB, 500x500, 6478468.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon no

>> No.13707191

I want to ease cancer lamia's suffering! I want to tell her she's still pretty when her hair and scales start falling out!
I want to help her fight it back into remission, and be her girlfriend when she starts to get better!
I want to be there to hold her hand when her cancer goes into recurrence, thrice as severe as before, rendering her bedridden for the rest of her vastly shortened life!
Cancer is horrible.

>> No.13707194

>headset masturbation guy

ASMR guy?

>> No.13707198

>be her girlfriend
Lesbian plz

>> No.13707200


I'd rather not talk about about it.

>> No.13707201

Now Demonic Energy doesn't sound that bad uh?

>> No.13707208

Oops. Pretend I wrote boyfriend.

>> No.13707209

Considering I know the stories of the other two mentioned, I don't doubt it.

>> No.13707210

I think he meant panty friend.

>> No.13707212
File: 1.23 MB, 1200x1500, 1434730681220.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to fuck two Ushi-Onis! At the same time!

>> No.13707214

Was that the story of the guy who shoved his headset's mike up his ass while playing TF2?

>> No.13707217

ok Dante calm down a little and think about this

>> No.13707221

That's a lot of confidence you have in the sturdiness of your pelvis.

>> No.13707222

I feel bad for your pelvis and tongue

>> No.13707223

What did I just say?

>> No.13707225

Too late, we forbidden love and/or monsterizing now

>> No.13707227

I'm thinking about it, and I'm thinking it's nothing but a good idea.
I want to be sandwiched between those two fluffy spiderbutts.

>> No.13707228

I thought Dante was a dorky virgin.

>> No.13707229

She has much more than cancer.
Albinism, hemophilia, brittle bones, an allergy to peanut butter, heart arrhythmia, ect.

>> No.13707231

>Do you spend tie with Jabberwock and Lilim before summerbreak ends and they enter middleschool?
Th-They were already in 6th grade though.

>> No.13707232

Pfft, Dante could do it with three. 5 in his Majin form.

>> No.13707235

Peanut butter? Not just a peanut allergy?

>> No.13707239

Shit, but I don't want to be the monstergirl. Or the forbidden love.
I just want to help the cancersnake.

>> No.13707242

It's summer break, which means the year ended, which means they're now on their way to 7th grade.

She baffles the scientific community as being the only person allergic to peanut butter and not regular peanuts.

>> No.13707243

Reminder to not believe Flat Lilim's lies.

>> No.13707251
File: 323 KB, 729x763, 1434420724365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Overly protective ushi-onis.

>> No.13707254

If they and the teacher don't have a good ending we riot

>> No.13707264

But they're the ones I need to be protected from.

>> No.13707265

Middle School is usually 6th-8th grade though.

Some of them include 5th grade too, mine did.

>> No.13707268


I want your tears. Give me your tears.

>> No.13707269

if that's how you think anon then you need to be protected harder.

>> No.13707273


We Katawa Monmusu now? With Rin as a flightless harpy?

>> No.13707279

This man understands.

>> No.13707281

Junko keeps trying to off herself, but fails each time. Later dies from starvation.
Albino Lamia dies at the age of 9 from an aneurysm.
Echidna teacher is found hanging in her closet after a man she was interested in told her, "I'm not into old hags."

Depends on where you are. Over here in the west coast America it's 7-8 for middle school.

>> No.13707282

Don't get me wrong. I like spidercows, but my puny bones couldn't possibly handle all their love.

>> No.13707286

I'm sure you could find a gentle enough one, it just might take some searching.

>> No.13707288
File: 18 KB, 691x597, 1409588623377.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be anon
>Be adopted at the age of 5 by an Echidna and her husband
>Your onee-sans are a Kraken, an Ushi-Oni, a Hellhound, a Dragon and a Wurm
>They're all overprotective as fuck

>> No.13707296
File: 46 KB, 800x450, 43563755247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate you all

>> No.13707297

I lived this, it's not all it's cracked up to be.

>> No.13707300
File: 161 KB, 442x801, 1434756810590.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Overprotective onee-sans a best.

>> No.13707302

Well the west coast is fucking stupid. Who makes a brand new school building for new fucking grades? That's retarded.

>> No.13707304


>> No.13707306

Where's my true good end route where I save them individually and merge the timelines?

>> No.13707310

>I lived this
Anon you didn't have monstergirl onee-sans don't lie.

>> No.13707311

>you try to save them all

butterfly effect end where you're crippled and everyone is dead

>> No.13707312

Schools work differently in different counties and such. Blame them.

The one that branches from Mantis' unmentioned route, who I forgot.

>> No.13707315
File: 100 KB, 96x96, 1435367706613.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No good end, only Death.

>> No.13707318

>Be walking home
>Talking with a nice girl from school
>As you pass an alley, there's a flourish of tentacles and a squeak.
>You're oblivious until you realize she hasn't said anything in a while
>See two of your onee-sans walking next to you like nothing happened
"Where did my friend go?"
>"Friend, Anon? You've only ever been walking with us."
"Then where are the other three?"
>"Just making sure you're safe."
>A shrill moan rings out from a ways behind you.

>> No.13707320

But I did have neesans, 11 of them.

>> No.13707323

It's the other way around really. Smaller schools usually have middle school and high school in the same building with grades 7-8 called middle school.

That's the case in most of rural murrica nationwide.

It's just newer buildings in bigger cities (newer as in built in the last 30 years or so) that have separate middle schools usually.

>> No.13707331

Time dragon monstergirl when?

>> No.13707333

I've been choosing Junko since this shit started. I demand my Junko good ending.

>> No.13707339

That's not a viable option.

>> No.13707340

I know it's blogshit, but I'm curious. Tell us more.

>> No.13707347

Well, Aply, that's really expected of you.

>> No.13707353

After we get Bahamut. Dragon or sea monster, I don't care.

>> No.13707355

>What would you do if you had a million dollars?
>I'll tell you what I'd do, man: two monster girls at the same time, man.
>That's it? If you had a million dollars, you'd do two monster girls at the same time?
>Damn straight. I always wanted to do that, man. And I think if I were a millionaire I could hook that up, too; 'cause monster girls dig dudes with money.

>> No.13707358

Were your parents irish rabbits, or something?

>> No.13707364
File: 309 KB, 855x949, Leviathan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sea Monster
You will call Leviathan-sama by her proper name.

>> No.13707367

The right answer

>> No.13707376

quoted wrong post

>> No.13707378

I've never played Fire Emblem but Camilla makes me want to do it.

>> No.13707379
File: 103 KB, 940x664, levia-san.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to get shitfaced with a leviathan, and noone can stop me.

>> No.13707383

She's merely a colossal faker with good abs.

>> No.13707386


>> No.13707389

What about that time she terrorized all those penguins?

>> No.13707391

I wonder how much she can last a tickle assault before giving in to laughter.

Those muscles look like they're painted on. Ain't fooling nobody, Levia.

>> No.13707392

Not you, Levi-chan.

Was talking about the original interpretation of Bahamut.

>> No.13707394

>That's the case in most of rural murrica nationwide.
Speak for yourself, I live in as small town south rural america as it gets, and our high school was shared with another town and still only had at most 500 students, and we still separated our middle schools from the high and elementary.

The point of all this though is that I want to marry Jabberwock and Lilim!

>> No.13707396

How long*


>> No.13707405

Well, there was F, who took me horseback riding every summer. K, who looking back was the quintessential oneesan, tall, big boobs she loved to make me rest on, could cook, all that jazz. There was G, crazy as fuck, but fun, she was the yandere, thought I was a damn teddy bear. E, who was like Chikage, you ever see sister princess? Exactly like that. P who was the dork, loved playing table games with her. L who gave me my first smoke, and boob. They used to sleep over all the time so they took care of me. But they WERE teenage girls, so drama, when it broke out, was a bitch.

Ah, I should clarify, they weren't related, they were just at my house all the time. Went to the same school, that's why.

>> No.13707407

Nothing last forever

>> No.13707410

So? Where I grew up there was only 200 students, k-12. And it was shared with 3 towns. It still largely has to do with the age of the buildings. OIder usually has fewer and newer has more. If I would have gone to my same school in the 50's it would have been only one building.

>> No.13707416

Geez, you were in an oneesan harem anime in real life. Fun to look in on from the outside, messy in the middle of the storm.

>> No.13707420
File: 523 KB, 640x360, 1401231409355.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Levia-san is the best senpai.

>> No.13707421

How's it feel knowing that you were a harem protagonist?

>> No.13707424

They'd make me pick sides, I was just a damn shota. And once or twice I got beat up because ok my "ownership" of K's boobs, though, is was satisfying to watch those two faggots get beat up by a bunch of girls in return.

From the outside it sounds okay, but it has it's drawbacks, and you're not aware enough to enjoy it truly.

>> No.13707425

Not him, but anon, it's worse than it sounds.

Ask anyone with a real little sister if they like imoutos. Or anyone with an actual older sister if they like onee-sans. I guarantee you that 90% of the time they'll be apathetic if not outright hating it.

3DPD ruins everything.

>> No.13707439

I was too young, so I don't feel anything because nothing serious would have come of it. Maybe. A, K, and C were a little too affectionate sometimes. Maybe they thought nothing of it?

>> No.13707444

Of all the possible yandere pics, you chose her. Wow great.

>> No.13707445

I can confirm, as I have an actual older sister.

I still love Onee-sans though since 3DPD a shit.

>> No.13707447

Yep, I had all those oneesans, but my own sister hated me.

>> No.13707450

/jp/ - I miss my onee-sans are taking care of me/random.

>> No.13707453


>> No.13707454

I want to run a DNA test and find out chubby alp senpai is my long lost onee-san

>> No.13707458



>> No.13707461

I'd sudoku.

>> No.13707463

That censorship.

>> No.13707466

Wouldn't that be onii-chan?

>> No.13707471

She'd help you, she's really good with math. She's not a Senpai for nothing

>> No.13707473

Best way to tease.

>> No.13707475

Depending on how you see it, he got it right the first time.

>> No.13707481

No but, he wouldn't have a sister who became an alp, he'd have a brother. Then he does the DNA test and finds she's related to him, puts too and two together.

>> No.13707487

I want to marry a Lilim!

>> No.13707494

I want to serve a Lilim and crush the human resistance!

>> No.13707496

I'm not a footfag, but I want to rub a lilim's feet. All that demonic energy makes them look soft as fuck.

>> No.13707501

Anon, I may have some bad news
You may be a footfag

>> No.13707502

Wait for MGK Lilim to grow up. There will be virtually no competition.

>> No.13707506

I want to make a quilt with the flayed skin of traitors and adorn my armor with their skulls!

>> No.13707509

Why? I'm not following MGK

>> No.13707511

I honestly not, the only girl I want to try this on is lilim.

>> No.13707513

I want grumpy and violent people like you to find a monstergirl wife and be happy for once.

>> No.13707515

I want to take my waifu and daughterus and flee from the horrors of war

>> No.13707525

I'm not grumpy and it's not violent. It's a very long and delicate procedure, and I'll only do it once you're dead!

Smiling moeblob.jpg

>> No.13707533

Well it's still mean.

>> No.13707540

I want to mount an expedition to unexplored MG lands!

>> No.13707542

No meaner than than transforming our women, kidnapping our men, corrupting our children and turning our idyllic villages into demon infested brothels you big silly!

>> No.13707543
File: 502 KB, 600x659, 1429145678190.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>All monsters are liked to the Demon Lord, but are there any Lilim that have to body of a snake or spider amongst their sisters?
>I don't really know if there are any Lilim on the level of having a different lower body, but Lilim with beast-like horns and tails or with limbs that are covered in an insect-like shell sporadically exist!
I wish we got some art depicting Lilims with features like these instead of the Mari/Ilassa stuff we most commonly get.
I don't dislike Mari or anything, I just wouldn't mind seeing more Lilim variants or whatever.

>> No.13707544

I want to marry two amazons who are also twins and raise a lot of daughterus!

>> No.13707545

Then you're a lilimfag, through and through.
Would you suck on her toes to make her feel nice?

>> No.13707552

See, you're a footfag, I just like sleek looking things. Like bodysuits and the toeless legwear thing the profile lilim has going on.

>> No.13707554

Me liked.

>> No.13707555


Did you mean serve?

>> No.13707559

Shit taste.

>> No.13707560

>He and his crew were never heard from again

>> No.13707566

Guilty, I suppose.
Though I totally see where you're coming from with the sleekness thing. Makes me want to see a tall lilim dressed in thigh-high latex stirrup socks, and a bodysuit cut off at the legs and arms for some zettai ryouiki and elbow gloves.

>> No.13707567

No I meant marry

>> No.13707569

Yeah, but I have a feeling it'd probably come out rather boring, at least to my tastes.

I'd anticipate KC do one though. His hybrids like that Elf-Werewolf and others in Fallen Brides come out pretty cool.

>> No.13707570

Too bad.

>> No.13707573

>Spend your time cooking, cleaning, and looking after your many loving daughterus
>Always greet your wives with a warm meal and a clean home filled your happy children
>In bed, they gang up on you to tease you at the same time
>You always fall sleep with the both of them hanging onto you.

>> No.13707577

Huh, that sounds lovely.

>> No.13707582

I'm ok with this.

>> No.13707586


>> No.13707592

Nah, I just mentally separate it from whatever shit it 'should' be associated with. I still don't like two thirds of his stories as a whole, but the writing style appeals nevertheless.

>> No.13707603

I can't wait to purge some filthy Nohr scum!

>> No.13707605

>Spend your time cooking, cleaning and tending to your daughterus' demands
>Receive the wives, not making eye contact as a good servant should, food ready or else
>In bed, they use you as they see fit, whether this be the mothers teaching subjugation techniques to the daugherus or sex techniques
>Try to sleep at the foot of the bed where you belong before you have to do it all over again


>> No.13707607

Keep it on /v/ faggot.

>> No.13707609


You done goofed purger, Hoshido are those with demihumans.

>> No.13707613

nobody likes you.

>> No.13707616

So all the monsterboys are on the hoshido side?


>> No.13707618

It's more simple than that. One side has Camilla, the other one doesn't.

>> No.13707621

Neither does your "wife" or daughterus like you.

>> No.13707622
File: 47 KB, 512x512, FUCKING SHIT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What good is listing a bunch of scenarios when nothing ever comes of it?

I miss Captain and Bromont. Seems like there's either no OC left or whatever's left is just not fun in the least.

>> No.13707623

Hoshido has two demis, Male and female kitsune
Nohr has a werewolf and his daughter who dresses like little red riding hood

>> No.13707624

Both sides have monster girls
Hoshido has fluffy tail fox, Nohr has little red riding Nah.
Hoshido also has an Oni.

>> No.13707629

>No dog-girl daughteru to give bellyrubs
>She'll never greet you after a long day at work, yapping and cheering for her daddy as you come in through the front door
>She'll never love you unconditionally
>She'll never force you on walks to keep you healthy as you get older, talking about her life and asking you for advice
>She'll never be overprotective of her daddy
>She'll never run up to your room to sleep with you because there's a thunderstorm outside and she's terrified
>She'll never stand at the door every day waiting for her daddy to come home from his trip
>She'll never run up to you hugging and kissing you every time you get back home
>She'll never rush into your bedroom at night, whining and crying because she got nightmares about giant sentient vacuum cleaners
>You'll never let her sleep in your bed, wrapped up in your embrace, warm and safe in your arms
>She'll never drift off and start kicking in her sleep, dreaming about chasing squirrels or something
>You'll never wake up to her lapping wetly at your face, giggling when she sees you come to

>You'll never have her there beside you on your deathbed, now matured into a beautiful woman with a righteous and loving husband
>She'll never try to smile as she takes your hand between hers, breaking down and crying as you impart your last words to her, telling her how much you love her
>She'll never kiss your forehead, telling you how much she loves you, and how happy she is that you are, and always will be, her father
>You'll never drift off into the sleep of death, her hands around yours and her tongue lapping against your cheek the last things you feel
>As you slip from this life
>Happy that you got to spend your life with her
>It'll never happen.

Just a reminder.

>> No.13707630

Well someone has their priorities straight.

>> No.13707632
File: 64 KB, 1138x371, camilla-w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd disregard the fluffy tails and oni abs for sweet romantic Onee-san action any time.

>> No.13707633

Use your imagination, young one.

>> No.13707640

>sleeping with you cause she's afraid of thunderstorms

You motherfucker. You made me "aww". This shit is unnaceptable.

>> No.13707642

>this image

Every time.

>> No.13707643

A lot of things won't ever happen.
>Finding 'the one'
>Leading a fulfilling life
>Having a thread with zero shitposting

Just have to deal with what you have, and try not to let it get you down.

>> No.13707662

Has nyan updated that guide dog story recently?

>> No.13707669

That's a good question

>> No.13707672

I don't think so, no.

>> No.13707691

You mean rinka?

>> No.13707696

I can't really think of much else to do with it, so I'm leaving it be for now.

>> No.13707708
File: 55 KB, 204x184, 1369545536035.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You will never be breastfed by a Holstaurus

>> No.13707714

Beach episode.

>> No.13707715

>You will never go to therapy with a Mindflayer therapist and come out of it sane, happy and married

>> No.13707716

Where the fuck have you been?

>> No.13707725

Well, that's one idea.

>> No.13707730

You mean dickfed? Or I'm out.

>> No.13707732

Goddammit anon, I can't get one night of not sadness.

>> No.13707734

Considering the pic, do we really need an answer to that?

>> No.13707735

Go away Alp.

>> No.13707741

>Having a thread with zero shitposting
It once looked we were getting one; I derailed it out of fear.

>> No.13707743

April takes Anon out swimming while he clings onto her back.
April and May take singing lessons to impress Anon.
April and Anon give May catnip, just to see (or not see) what happens.

Brainstorming is hard.

>> No.13707753

Are you me?

>> No.13707759

Now re-read the original post.

>> No.13707765

I know, it's much easier to just steal ideas from gullible sa- I mean handsome, smart guys.

>> No.13707769


>You will never be breastfed by a Holstaurus
>You mean dickfed? Or I'm out.
>Go away Alp

What am I supposed to be seeing here. That you like cow futa?

>> No.13707773

Only midflayers can heal me now.

>> No.13707779
File: 276 KB, 725x856, 1398732126488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13707782

>accidentally confused giving and receiving sides
Brb sudoku.

>> No.13707783

Would you play Mario Party with a bunch of mini MGs?

>> No.13707789

No brakes on the Alp train, boyo.

>> No.13707792

Holst have big butts don't they?

>> No.13707793

>you will never have a holstaur press her bosom into you.

>> No.13707795

You want to be murdered by tiny assassins?

>> No.13707798

I won't steal their stars, not unless there was a mini Wyvern.

>> No.13707799


>> No.13707800

summon demon
impregnate and not take responsibility

>> No.13707802

I want to run my hands through her fuzzy fur-stockings!

>> No.13707804

>into You

You're doing this on purpose aren't you?

>> No.13707809


You wot?

Being a nigger in MGE

This too is my wish.

>> No.13707811

I mean the hair on her legs mate. It's like stockings.

>> No.13707812

You say this. But when the option presents itself you know for a fact you'll do it
That's how Mario Party is

>> No.13707815

>Hands! They're just like gloves, but made of skin!

>> No.13707816

That's what they all say, but when push comes to kill, they show their true colors. It's okay anon, we've all lost friends to this.

>> No.13707821

It's not like I'm playing against a bunch of mini Kunoichi, anon.

I've lost a mother to this game once.

>> No.13707823

>TFW when your computer is fucked up and spaces don't register on your prefered word processing software for some unfathomable reason.

Anyway, I'll do something short, then I'm going to get high and watch band of brothers.

And then cry.

>Single Mother Jinko
>Burn Victim Succubus
>More Kiki BDSM

>> No.13707826

YES. And where was the first part?

>> No.13707829

>Single Mother Jinko
I need this.

>> No.13707830

getting high to watch band of brothers is an awful idea

watch bill & ted or something

>> No.13707831

Kiki Kiki Kiki

>> No.13707832

For you.

>> No.13707833
File: 309 KB, 982x309, 1432509182064.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go be black somewhere else.

>> No.13707835

All the better to milk you with.

>> No.13707836


What did you do? Push her into a lava pit? Steal her star? Ally yourself with her then screw her at the finish line? Did you sabotage her controller while she went to get a drink of water?

>> No.13707837

not if you're physically unable to cry otherwise

>> No.13707839

>Single Mother Jinko
dick status: muh

>> No.13707840

>Used goods
>"I need this."


>> No.13707842


>> No.13707843

Jinko or Kiki. Either one is fine.

>> No.13707845

>Kiki BDSM
Look at this retard. Kikis aren't for BDSM you fag.

>> No.13707846

fuck. Meant for him.

>> No.13707847

I won't tell. She is still mad about it to this day.

>> No.13707848

Oh, that one. That was... pretty hot. I'd love to see more Kiki play.

>> No.13707849

They are gloves, worn by the skeleton living inside you.

>> No.13707851

Shut up trick.

>> No.13707853


>> No.13707856

Maledomfags need to go.

>> No.13707857

>Used Jinko
>Damaged Succubus

Kiki plz.

>> No.13707858

Jinko! Gotta have my daily dose of chuffs!

>> No.13707859

Who mentioned anything about maledom? It could just as easily be the reverse.

>> No.13707860

>17 years later
>Still mad

Holy crap, what did you pull?

>> No.13707861

>Stop liking what I don't like!

Delicious salty tears.

>> No.13707863

Anon, I...

>> No.13707864

lets do this from now on.


>> No.13707865

I shall not diverge my grievous sin.

>> No.13707866

Jinko is an option though.

>> No.13707867

It's a shame you can't paint her butt white with you semen.

>> No.13707868

It was technically maledom.
But when do kiki's ever dominate in the first place?

>> No.13707869

>get high and watch band of brothers
Is that a Home of the Brave reference?
An option, yes, but not a valid one.

>> No.13707870

You just fucked up.

>> No.13707874

No. A friend told me it would be a good idea, so I did.

I'm on episode 7 now, and I feel sad.

>> No.13707877

Oh well. Your friend might have got the idea from that movie. Enjoy being sad then.

>> No.13707878

Maybe if her master is, for lack of a better term, a lazy, unhygienic beta.

>> No.13707880

I see what you're saying. Alright I dun goofed.

>> No.13707882

It gets more depressing then on out.

>> No.13707884

alright then it's kiki time.
I know, I've been warned.

>> No.13707886

You'll go by the poll.or what? Come on, gimme the butt.

>> No.13707887

I've dun my share of goofs. No harm done.

>> No.13707888
File: 899 KB, 635x903, 1392840720562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>kiki time
So is it gonna be maledom or did you pussy out and turn the meek meido into a dom? Depending on your answer, I might have to kick your ass!

>> No.13707890
File: 198 KB, 807x362, 1434088011536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You double nigger.

>> No.13707891

>Damn it, that Tanuki told me a sand mine would be a great investment opportunity in NotEgypt! Damn her!

>> No.13707899
File: 555 KB, 867x1300, 0b33dda651918685513f057ad345437a-d32wdm0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone else find it disturbing that when a question is asked, such as: "A young heroine is being transformed against her will, what do you do?"

An appropriate answer is to rape her and help it along?

Rape-fags can go die in a fire.

>> No.13707903
File: 217 KB, 800x829, 12077752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13707904

Oh god she's so short I want to hug her

>> No.13707905


Seriously. In MG-land, Rape is pretty much like saying hello. The girls get to do it all the time, don't be so backwards-thinking and 20th century.

>> No.13707908
File: 1.02 MB, 800x2262, 12258336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13707909

But becoming a Monster Girl makes for a better life than being a human girl.

Paladinfags can go jerk off together.

>> No.13707912

I'm sure all the screaming and crying means they're enjoying it, amirite?

I wonder how much you'd enjoy being raped by non-mge demons?

>> No.13707913

Don't hate the player, hate the game. If you hate rape, the MGE setting is the wrong place for you.

>> No.13707917


The fuck are you doing.

>> No.13707919


>> No.13707923
File: 68 KB, 638x630, 1433935244400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13707924

I'm reasonably sure I'm not the only one who appreciates the setting minus the rape and mind-breaking. Generally I can ignore it, but there have been a couple of particularly tasteless comments over the last few days.

I get the whole "desire attractive women to not give me a lot of say about sexy-time"

The: "I get off on the idea of screaming women being forcibly raped and mind-broken" pisses me off.

>> No.13707927

can't argue with that logic

>> No.13707932

Where do you honestly think you are right now?

>> No.13707935

Thankfully not in your delusional fantasy

>> No.13707936

I don't even like the stuff, but there's no need to play moral superiority in here. It just comes off as

>Stop liking what I don't like

Telling other people what they're permitted to like or not just ends up in shitposting and fighting.

>> No.13707941

Don't worry, the other two will go on the back burner. They will be done. Someday.

Oh and no Rushka this tuesday. Sorry. Had to work overtime a lot.

>"M-Master.... Why do I have to wear this embarressing outfit?

>"Because it makes you look good."
You say grabbing her hips from behind.

>"It's so sweaty, I hate this..."

Your delicously plump kiki is dressed in a skin tight, latex suit. Her massive tits are being hugged by the black latex, it looks rather nice. Her fairly large bottom is perfectly squeezable. So you take a moment to run you hands down and give it a tight pinch. She winces a little. Her tail goes limp as you begin working your hands between her voluptuous thighs. She freezes instantly.

>"Master, don't tease me like that."

>"I can't help it, you're body just looks so soft, I have to pinch it and run my fingers through your lovely legs."

You bring your hands up her sides and drape your fingers across her flat stomach. She is definitely a prime specimen, the fat from all those sweets just flushes to the right places. Especially her chest, which is brandished with a perfect pair of D Cup breasts.

>"I mean, you desrve to be punished, with all those desserts you eat, it's no surprise you've gotten so fat. How do you expect me to focus on my work when you're constantly swinging these massive, hulking tits in my face!"

You grab her breasts and get a good hold on them. You fiercely squeeze her breasts as hard as you can, letting the plump flesh flush between your fingers.

>"Agh! Master, Stop it!"

>"I'm sorry, Angela. My hands are tied, you need to be disciplined."

You take her by her wrists and begin working them into a pair of handcuffs, You secure her to the wall by a hook and leave her with her rear facing outward.

>> No.13707944

>his newest one is about MLP

>> No.13707947

tumblr pls.

You're that faggot who said rape is worse for women than it is for men? End yourself.

>> No.13707948

everything was looking so good until I read this, Well shit.

>> No.13707950
File: 114 KB, 800x600, 1392005744324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pisses me off
Behold now this virtous, virginal paladinette! She shall be whipped across her smooth buttocks, raped by P'Orcs, and then their seed shall serve as nutrients for the Beelzebub eggs that shall be laid inside her. I say this to annoy you. Now begone, or I shall taunt you again!

>> No.13707951
File: 90 KB, 638x480, I exist to get raped you idiot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please get out.

>> No.13707956

Good luck, MGK anon.
I go the dragon route.

>> No.13707959

How the mighty have fallen. Well, at least that shit's still straight.

>> No.13707961

>living in a tent down by the river
Oh dear god. I knew this would happen. First you let Alp take Junko, and then you're giving away all your shit and paying other people's bills.

>> No.13707962

I do have a name you know.

>> No.13707964

No you don't.

Nobody has a name here.

>> No.13707969


>> No.13707970

He said: Oh dear god. I knew this would happen. First you let Alp take Junko, and then you're giving away all your shit and paying other people's bills.

>> No.13707971

I'm assuming that giving up Junko opened a floodgate and then you couldn't stop giving, even when you couldn't afford to. Because that way we can blame Alp for everything.

>> No.13707976

Nothing of the sort happened.

>> No.13707977

Do I want to google who kiret it?

>> No.13707980

How did they fuck up the anime so badly? I mean, it was about a perverted samurai catgirl who wanted to rape her master. How can you mess that up?

>> No.13707981

And I was being totally serious, too.

>> No.13707982

>I do have a name you know
What is it then?

>> No.13707983

Amanda Huginkist the Alp. At your service.

>> No.13707984

Ore wa SteamyChowder.

>> No.13707985

>I'm not dead
Yes! You can't die before finishing Travels with a Yellow Bird.

>> No.13707988

Setuhumi Choudah?

>> No.13707989


>> No.13707990

Ah yes, Clam Chaudah

>> No.13707992

>Massive, hulking tits

I love his candor.

>> No.13707994


>> No.13708001

>but there have been a couple of particularly tasteless comments over the last few days.
>Pisses me off
Wah-wah, baby want a bottle?

This is goddamn 4chan. And a thread of autists singularly devoted to a particular fetishism.

Go to tumblr if you want someone who cares about your sensibilities.

>> No.13708003

At least the author delivered on the manga ending.

>> No.13708009
File: 299 KB, 1280x960, 1428437764714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's too hot. Kitty won't play.

>> No.13708010

>Was reading this
>Imagining a humanized version of whoever the fuck this is
>Mention of horse snout through fly

I couldn't nope out out if there fast enough.

>> No.13708012

>raping me is ok
>but raping women is not
Can you see your own double standard here? In the setting there would obviously be men who don't want it either. For example, an arachnophobe will not take an arachne's surprise sex very well.

>> No.13708013

This made me laugh. Thanks mang.

>> No.13708014

More like kitty's too high on catnip to keep playing.

>> No.13708015

No, just very high.

Would you let your daughteru use catnip recreationally? And record every stupid thing she does for future blackmail?

I so would.

>> No.13708019

But catnip is a stimulating drug. It makes go CRAZEEEHHH!

>> No.13708021

You"'ve never seen a cat high on catnip have you? It's like crack or heroin, total disconnect.

>> No.13708025

My cat smothers itself in catnip herb like it's got itchy skin and only catnip can satisfy the itch. Maybe after the rush has worn off and it gets bored 10 minutes later does it settle down.

>> No.13708026

But I have. Happy kitty is happy.

>> No.13708030

I think its more her being fucked up on catnip. Once she stops staring blankly at the guy I'd imagine her instincts will take over and drugged up mindless rape will begin.

>> No.13708034

That was the entire point. Who do you think the target audience is here? Perhaps I wasn't clear. The vast majority of people here are men who fantasize about being raped.

Ok, fine. I truly respect others fetishes when they apply strictly to themselves. But fantasizing someone else being raped and getting in on the action is low even for 4chan.

I was using a specific example not making a double standard. Regardless, I am at fault for the moral superiority thing, and really should have just kept my mouth shut. I'll enjoy the consensual aspect of MGE and politely ignore the rest. Now drop it.

>> No.13708036

Yep, just like heroin.

>Master, get these fucking bugs out from under my skin!

Heh Heh Heh Heh.

>> No.13708038

>low even for 4chan
Go away please.

>> No.13708040

Cats never really last that long on catnip. They always have short highs, forget about the catnip, then 'discover' it again a short while later. Its like leaving a pile of cocaine in front of someone with alzheimer's.

>> No.13708041

Gr8 b8

>> No.13708044

That describes it with perfect accuracy.

>> No.13708045

You pick up a short plastic rod with long leather strips attached to the end from your bed. You approach your lovely maid from behind, and take her by the chin.

>"Remember, Angela. This hurts me more than it hurts you."

Her face flushes red as you force your tongue down her throat. She moans softly as you explore her mouth. You pull away leaving a trail of drool connecting your mouths. Her eyes practically scream that she wants more.


You whip her back first, she jumps and yelps like the wily dog that she is. You let the sting sink in before you deliver a slap to her voluptuous ass.

>"I'm going to give you 7 lashes in total, you've already been given two.

She shrieks as you give her another lick across her left thigh. And then her right buttcheek. Then another to her back again. It's not strong enough to do any real damage but it does sting quite a bit. Which is exaclty what you want. Yo give the last two lashes to her right thigh and her butt. When at last you finish, she's panting and whimpering. You drop the whip back onto the bed and grab her tender rear.

>"Oh come on, that wasn't so bad Angela."

>"It hurts, master."

>"Don't worry darling, you'll be fine. And guess what, for being such a good girl and taking your punishment I'll even give you a little treat."

You unsecure her from the wall and she falls to her knees. You've prepared a bottle of chocolate syrup beforehand because you knew your maid could stand her punishment. You're sure as hell not training some push over. You unzip your pants and expose you're already rock-hard cock. You being pouring the chocolate syrup onto you're manhood.

>"Here you go, but you can't use your hands."

She stares at your rigid cock and pants heavily. She attempts to take it into her mouth but you quickly manuever and end up wiping chocolate syrup onto her right cheek.

>"Master..." she mumbles with your cock pressed into her cheek.

>"Dang it Angela, look what you've down now!"

>> No.13708046

>Sleepy, high as fuck catgirl
Excellent, she's vunerable. Now I can pick her up and princess carry her to her room, where I'll gently put her in her bed and tuck her in. I'll ruffle her hair and leave her be for the time being as she has fun with her cute hallucinations until she falls asleep.

>> No.13708047

What is this 2004?

>> No.13708048

What are you even doing here? Perhaps tumblr would be more to your liking.

>> No.13708049

I don't keep up with the lingo of kids these days, what do you say now? Hizzle for shizzle, in da hood?

>> No.13708053
File: 125 KB, 1200x1200, Shean_Connery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just like not slapping a woman just because she's a woman is sexist.

>> No.13708054

Go away Shean, you're blind.

>> No.13708055


>> No.13708057


>> No.13708060
File: 663 KB, 900x1200, 1428053244507.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Flibbety-floppety-floo? In da hood? Cool like a fool in a swimming pool?

>> No.13708061

>Dang it Angela

I instinctively read that line in Hank Hill's voice. Immersion breaking, but hilarious.

>> No.13708063

That's tame. I'd have her wake up the next morning to find a DVD beside her bed. She'd play it and watch in horror as I sit by her bedside, refusing to have sex with her and gentle holding her hand instead. I'd tenderly kiss her on the forehead as she nyaa's happily in her drunken state. She'd run to the bathroom and throw up violently at the depravity she was part of last night, little knowing that I uploaded this cute video to the internet too. It becomes one of those really sick videos you can only find on sites like fatherless.com and has a legendary reputation with Lizardmen for some reason.

>> No.13708064

I want to marry an Echidna, get worn out when we get Echidna, Dragon, Bapho, Kraken, and Jabberwock daughterus, and watch smugly as the tables turn when my waifu gives birth to hyperactive Wurm twins who want to play with their nee-sans all the time!

>> No.13708066

>hyperactive Wurm twins

>> No.13708068


>> No.13708070

Is this meta?

>> No.13708072

Aww man, the old guys took that one too. Now we need to make up a new word.

>> No.13708074

>old guys
Can't you see she's a beautiful black-scaled Dragonette?

>> No.13708075

Dragons live for thousands of years. She's probably older than your grandma.

>> No.13708078

She was just raised in a very sheltered and out-of-the-way lair! Now are you going to help her walk among the teeming millions as one of them or not?

>> No.13708079


What would World star hip hop be like in MG world?

>> No.13708081

But what if she takes a liking to me? I'm not a gary stu, so I wouldn't be able to stop her from dragging me to her treasure room. I don't want to be trapped in a dragons lair forever!

>> No.13708088

'Monster' would probably be like the mamono version of 'nigger' so I guess their rap would feature the word a lot.

>> No.13708089

Why would she keep you in the lair forever? You can't have romantic outings and picnics inside the lair. You don't understand a Dragon's heart at all!

>> No.13708094

I'd still imagine there isn't much freedom being a dragon's treasure. Could you deal with her instead?

>> No.13708097

>Two Amazons fighting in a McDonalds
>Manager sends some poor high school kid out to break it up
>They turn on him and rape him so hard that it cracks the floor

>> No.13708102

>Gary stu

Then there's this faggot.

>> No.13708106

I've already got one. Or two, if you count both the wife and kid. And I'll have you know being a Dragon's treasure is great. You get a bitchin' place to live and if you want something, you're going to get it.

>> No.13708110

>"You've made a mess of yourself!"

>"I'm sorry master, please forgive me!"

>"I'm sorry Angela, you've forced my hand."

You begin unzipping the latex suit and exposing her soft tits, they jiggle as you free them.

>"I guess you don't deserve a reward after all"

You begin pouring chocolate syrup onto her lovely breasts and watch as she dies of embarressment. She can't even look you in the eye anymore. You force your manhood between her gigantic lady lumps and begin thrusting into them, using the chocolate syrup as lubricant. You delight in her warmth, pinching her small bead-sized nipples while you slam your cock into her lush valley of flesh. The pleasure is unbearable and you almost cum to quickly. You rest for a moment before continuing your assault. Once again you reach your peak and before you climax you order her to catch it in her mouth.

She forces her mouth open to try and catch it but you spurt your long stringy globs of semen all over her face. It gets in her hair and dribbles onto her breasts. How dissapointing. She managed to catch a barely any at all.

>"I'm dissapointed Angela. I expected better from you, it just seems like you can't do anything right. Clean me off and then I'll discipline you."

She starts to swallow but you stop her.

>"And no swallowing until I say."

She whimpers.

She begins running her tongue along your cock, licking off the chocolate and semen. She makes her way down to your balls and licks them clean, when at last she's finished she presents her open mouth and your manhood slick with her saliva. You grab her chin and take a good look at your cum mixed together with her saliva and the chocolate sauce in her mouth.

>"You may now swallow."

She does as she's ordered and swallows the cocktail. She presents her open mouth and awaits your next orders. You stand her up and return her to the hook on the wall. This time facing you.

>> No.13708112

Goodnight Anons,
Have a good start of the week and don't burn down the thread.
You can save that for the fourth of July when your daughteru sets off the fireworks.

>> No.13708113

Who's going to take care of him when he can barely move his legs for months on end?

What if they broke his spine and killed him?

>> No.13708115

Its a fucking dragon, anon.

>> No.13708116

But I'm not an American, I don't care about that day.

>> No.13708118

>Showing how much you love your country by launching flaming rockets during what is arguably the driest season of the year.

>> No.13708120

This with monstergirls. I imagine the song would be some touchy feely coldplay crap. Or something about hanholding. Mamono is a mouthful huh?


>> No.13708121

Then I guess you can just have her wait until the so you can burn stuff down.
You know...just because....

Freedom knows no fire warnings

>> No.13708122

You don't have to be. I celebrate Cinco de Mayo and I'm not Mexican. It's just a good excuse for a party where you get drunk and blow stuff up.

>> No.13708123

Gay Muslim Communist detected on 'murrican soil.

>> No.13708124

I'll pass and continue hiding in my apartment. Monsters can't kidnap what they can't see.

>> No.13708125

Big whoop.

>> No.13708126
File: 62 KB, 504x508, Sadako fap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sometimes they get in.

>> No.13708128

Let me guess, you'd get out your dick and she'd immediately fall to the ground and roll over for you because you have a penis, right?

>> No.13708129

Gotta go to bed soon, hoping this will be pastebinned.

>> No.13708130

Why are you so upset? Please stop. Think of the children.

>> No.13708133

I'll just tape another TV to it, face to face. So when Sadako emerges, she'll just fall into another TV.
That ought to give her the slip.

>> No.13708134

Then how will you watch TV, you hikki?

>> No.13708136

But this loli ignis needs more flammables to grow!

>> No.13708138

I want to be an adventurer and ruffle a loli dragon's hair as she tells me to stop because she's going to be the strongest and the fiercest one ever.
I want her to find me once I retire at twenty five after having struck it rich, her abs now a solid six pack and her frame packed with heavy muscle and a chest beyond respectable.
I want her to glare, kneel down, and then demand that I pat her head. A dragon can only have her head pat when she demands it.
Better not be after my necklace of might blows though, that's a key part of my fighting style

>> No.13708139

That's an option. Or saying no ans walking away. Or powerbombing her with the fury of 1000 nuggets if she gets handsy.

Now you say, but she's a dragon, you don't have a choice.

And I say, yes I do, fuck You.

You already used Gary stu so

>inb4 HFY
>inb4 Maledomfag pls

>> No.13708140

Then she can do a whole lot of growing on freedom day, all while watching pretty explosions and gaining pyromania.

>> No.13708141

Firstly, Sadako has no right to be mad there. She clearly interrupted that guy's fap session and with tits like that in a loose, wet top bouncing in her face she's just asking for a cleavage full of cum.

Secondly, stop making me paranoid. I'm still not sure I got rid of that doppelganger the other day, even that new flatmate of mine can't find her.

>> No.13708145

Oh! Forgot


>> No.13708146

>go up to Jabberwock
>say this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAYXlLCb1qo

What happens?

>> No.13708147

>clearly interrupted
She called SEVEN DAYS IN ADVANCE. He knew when she'd be there.

>> No.13708156

I want to surprise her with a TV that's too small for her to really fit through, and then masturbate on it.

>> No.13708157

>Aw shit, look what you did to him!
>What I did?! Bitch, this is your fault!
>Fuck you, no it isn't! Shit, no one told me he was so fragile. I guess I'll take care of him, because I'm such a good person you know?
>You'll just hurt him worse, I'll take care of him!
>Fuck off, skank, you just want him all to yourself!
>You know what? We'll let the kid decide, then you'll see that you're the asshole here. Hey, hey kid, which of us is going to take care of you? Me or her?
"No, please stop, no more"
From that they somehow got the message that he wanted them both to take care of him, and that's how the poor boy ended up with two Amazon waifus.

>> No.13708158

I'll stream from my smartphone. Right after I buy a smartphone. I don't think old nokias can stream videos all that well.

I'll keep a pyrex cooking bowl and a paperweight on hand for if she tries to jump out of the phone.

I think exceptions to powerlevel rules should be made if wrestling moves are ever involved, just because I wouldn't mind seeing a fairy perform a tiger suplex on a seven foot tall musclebound jinko.

>> No.13708159

You get your dick sucked. Not even kidding.

>> No.13708160

>New Flatmate

Anon I have some bad news...

>> No.13708164
File: 60 KB, 566x800, 1432535511267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13708170

Shit end .

>> No.13708172

She's going to kill me with cuteness

>> No.13708177
File: 182 KB, 1000x650, 1401306254734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No bully pls.

>> No.13708180

Like I said, I'll just trap her in the bowl. Nothing can surpass the bowl.
It's like THE WALL of kitchen-themed containers.

>> No.13708184

I kind of want to kick her butt.

>> No.13708186
File: 45 KB, 566x800, 1432535981532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Love, uhh, finds a way.

>> No.13708191

Now I want to see Dark Souls' man eating clams as monstergirls.

>> No.13708192

How hard would you kick her butt?

I know mobile phones are meant to be portable, but this is ridiculous.

>> No.13708193

You unzip the suit completely and a sudden flood of her juices comes pouring onto the carpet.

>"My goodness Angela, you just can't maintain your discipline."

You take her by the legs and raise her lowerhalf until it's level with your throbbing manhood. You prepare to penetrate her letting the embarressment sink in. You force her to look in your eyes as you begin rubbing yourself against her flooded cunt. Her face burns red and her gold eyes tremble as they cross with yours. You put on a wide smile.

>"What's wrong Angela? You look flustered."

>"Please Master, I can't take this anymore."

>"What do you want, Angela, my hands are tied."

>"Please stop teasing me master. I promise I won't try and secuce you anymore!"

>"I'm not so sure, Angela. I don't think I can trust you. How about this, if you beg for it properly like a dog, I'll fuck you until you're just a writhing mess. Heck, I might even cum inside. Just like you've no doubt been wanting."

She chews on the words barely able to speak she opens her quivering lips and says,

>"I w-want you to violate my slutty pussym with you-r b-bb-big, hard -p-penis, master, I want to f-f-feel you stir- up my clumsy cunt and -c-cum inside me until I'm pregnant with your daughter!"

You grab her head and pull her into a long kiss, your tongues coil around one another squirming around in her mouth, until you pull away, giving her a single gasp of air before forcing another kiss. You stab her wet slit and push past her walls you maintain a strong hold onto her flabby buttcheeks and squeeze them as you pierce her. You take her to the hilt and kiss her womb. She stiffens as you reach her deepest part. You pull backward and slam back into her with full force. She shudders and you slide out once again and ram her womb like bullet fired from a rifle. She desperately coils around your tongue, trying to hold you as close as she can with her restrained arms.

>> No.13708197

I really want to put my cock inside an elf, even if she doesn't like it for the first hour or so.

>> No.13708198

Hard enough that she faceplants when she gets back in the well. Hey...she's already dead.

>> No.13708202

Why kick? Man, I want to bury my face into it. Turn her from a spirit of rage, to a spirit of love.

>> No.13708204

God I want to stick my face into that ass and just eat her out until she's just a drooling mess on the other end.

>> No.13708205
File: 314 KB, 1038x1393, 1418052749567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13708208

It's not rape if it's an elf.

>> No.13708209

And I want to sit an elf in my lap and nibble her ears while we watch TV

>> No.13708210

>4 seconds apart with the same desire
My brother.

>> No.13708212

This also sounds nice.

>> No.13708213
File: 409 KB, 1067x720, 1392223637428.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so glad you feel that way.

>> No.13708216
File: 401 KB, 700x921, 1407127425581.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13708219

Because she fucks with my tv and she wanted to kill me? She deserves it just for the first thing.

>> No.13708221

that's a gun, not an elf
but she can treat me however she likes regardless.

>> No.13708224

Great raifu

>> No.13708226

Monstergirl Sadako would essentially be a Will o the Wisp, only more proactive.

>guy finds an old DVD on a table at home
>weird, he doesn't remember putting that there, or even owning one of this make...
>curious, he puts the DVD in his DVD player and sits down to watch it
>at that point he's bombarded with the most provocative, sensual and erotic imagery he's ever seen, like it was created specifically with his fetishes in mind
>strangely, the image of a well keeps popping up between these arousing scenes, and anon can faintly hear some wet noises and light moaning coming from it if he listens carefully
>the video ends abruptly, and anon is left sitting there, weirded out, confused and with a raging erection he now feels compelled to deal with
>just before he can grab is cock the phone rings, preemptively ruining his fap fest
>annoyed, he picks up the phone and a cute voice seductively purrs "See you in seven days, sweetie!"
>anon demands to know who he can blame for interrupting his fap but the voice simply giggles and the phone goes dead
>anon finally gets the alone time he needs to jack off to the memory of that wonderful video and goes about his day, still wondering what all that was about

>seven days later, anon is watching TV late at night when the image starts flickering and behaving strangely
>he's just about to get up and fix the TV when the image of a well pops up on the screen
>wait...isn't that the well from the video? What the fuck?
>anon stares at it for a second, and an overwhelming sense of terror envelops him as he notices something about the image
>something is climbing out of it!
>frozen with fear, anon continues to watch as the feminine figure in a soaking wet white dress crawls towards the camera
>Anon's mind races for an answer for all this. It has to be some kind of joke right? A hidden camera show, a cruel prank, this can't actually be real, can it?

Continued -

>> No.13708230

Is it me or does the master look like she doesn't want her near him?

>> No.13708231

What will YOU do when you Cat Girl co-worker goes into heat?

>> No.13708236

Make kittens.

>> No.13708237


>> No.13708242

Give her some catnip, lotion and a dildo.

>> No.13708243

Look at these two brave paragons of men.
They'd dare tempt the hand of death for a chance to place their hands upon that wholesome rump, and invade the spirit's peach with their tongue until she's dripping, not with water, but sweat and arousal.
Truly there can be none more virtuous, with hearts so pure, and such a noble goal: to plunder that booty like there's no tomorrow.

>> No.13708244

Cats can be annoying when they go into heat.

>> No.13708247

So what now? You have a little ghost who knows what wants to do with you trapped in a crystal bowl from which she can't get out.

What's next step of your master plan?

>> No.13708254

They do yowl a lot.

>> No.13708256

Oh man. I want that so much.

Give her what she wants, or needs rather. Especially if she is that cute.

>> No.13708258

Lifting it up slightly so I can give her strawberries and shot glasses of rosé.

>> No.13708261

She's a big guy

>> No.13708264

Not really. That's why she's in the bowl.

>> No.13708281

She whimpers and yipps with every thrust. Every time you ram her womb she stiffens and moans. You only seperate from her for a brief gasp of air every now and again and then you continue your onslaught. Her folds grip you, sucking you in deeper and deeper like a vacuum. Your hips slam against her making a lewd smacking sound with every stab. She wraps her long legs around your waist and hangs on for dear life as you violate her. Soft moans escape her lips every now and again as you devour her. Her pussy starts to clench up as she nears orgasm squeezing your manhood with immense strength. She cums, spraying her hot love juice onto your crotch like a garden hose on full blast. She holds you tight with her legs, clutching you like an eagle its prey. You reach your peak in that instant and buck your hips into her begging snatch. You shoot your load of pearly semen into her womb, flooding her with your sperm. She cries out as the hot globs of your seed fill her up to the brim.


Her face one of pure ecstacy her tongue droops out of her mouth and she stares off into space. You pepper kisses down her neck as she rides the pleasure out. You seperate when she goes limp. She just hangs there, your seed spilling from her slit and dribbling onto the carpet in a single runny stream. You take your phone and take a picture for safe-keeping. What a lovely photo... You uncuff her and she collapses to the floor. You pick her up, and after cleaning her off in the bath, dress her in her pajamas and tuck her into her bed. You kiss her forehead.

>"Good night, Angela."

>> No.13708287
File: 703 KB, 1020x1200, 17219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which vidya gaem would you help your monster-daughteru master? I'd go with Illusion of Gaia.

>> No.13708292

>taking a picture

Of her cute, satisfied sleeping face, I hope. Don't want none of that icky stuff on my phone.

>> No.13708293

None of them. To become a master, she has to stand on her own.

>> No.13708296

I wouldn't let her play video games at all, she should be learning proper raping techniques and how to keep her husband from running away.

>> No.13708302

Everything has been added to the pastebin
This update starts at line 121.
That's all for tonight.

>> No.13708304

>Not wanting to blackmail and shame your maid.

>> No.13708305

I'll blackmail her by threatening to tell the world how cute she is.

>> No.13708309

>as anon tries to make sense of this, the woman reaches out to the camera
>and her hand reaches through the screen!
>anon gasps out, and tries to scream but for some reason can't
>its like something has taken his voice, perhaps its sheer terror
>perhaps it was her
>anon's eyes are drawn to the soaking woman who was impossibly crawling out from his TV
>lust crazed eyes burned into his from behind streaks of soaking wet, jet black hair
>a wicked grin was forming on her face, and she seductively ran her tongue across her full, kissable lips
>strangely, anon's fear started to melt away. He knew he should be scared, but all he could think about was those lips tightly wrapped around his cock...
>...and those wonderful, piercing eyes staring up at him as she'd greedily slup and suck his manhood
>no...he should be frightened. What is happening?
>he slumps down onto the couch, unable to look away from the mesmerizing sight, his erection painfully attempting to break through the fabric of his pants
>the sopping wet dress hangs from her shoulders, revealing an amazing view of her cleavage
>two colossal, shapely breasts dangle and bounce with her every movement, wobbling as they occasionally collide with the pleasing light sound of flesh slapping against flesh
>the woman eventually pulls herself completely into the room, and stands up
>anon just sits there, shaking with lust and the remnants of his fear
>she sways her hips as she slowly stalks towards him
>her dress is almost transparent from all the water it holds, leaving nothing to the imagination
>her clearly erect nipples are easily visible now that the garment clings back to her breasts
>oh god... those thighs!
>those hips!
>anon's eyes roll back as his brain is fried by a supernaturally powerful orgasm
>his body is found by baffled investigators, but they are unable to determine anything other than he died of heart failure.
>strange though, he died it with a blank DVD playing on his TV

>> No.13708310

how do you heal a succubutts out of their slutty ways?

>> No.13708312

>Oh man. I want that so much.

Home waifu delivery. You don't even have to open your front door to get it. Who wouldn't want that?

>> No.13708315

You don't. You addict them to your dick so they become your exclusive use cocksleeves.

>> No.13708317

Hold her hands and rest your forehead against hers, and look into her eyes as you talk about how much you love her.
Do this thrice daily, in ten minute sessions totalling half an hour a day until she can fall asleep snuggled with you without having sex, and without experiencing discomfort.

>> No.13708322

Why fix what isn't broken?

>> No.13708328

That was not worth it at all.

>> No.13708330
File: 402 KB, 800x906, 1398678015242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Heal? That's not the correct word.

>> No.13708331

I want an injection of nano-wurms into my bloodstream!

>> No.13708332

Why strawberries and rosé? Do you want to get her drunk and full before you lift the bowl? Or do you plan on keeping her there forever?
I don't think she would like that.

>> No.13708333

Too far.

>> No.13708334
File: 324 KB, 1000x986, 1414803682841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, I'm bored, and have nothing to do. So let's play a game.

Imagine your favorite monster girl.
Got it? Good.

You're married to her and have a daughteru with her, caring for her the way you as a wonderful father can. For a good, long while, the two of you live a carefree life, raising a daughteru who will eventually grow up to be a kind, strong, heroic young woman who will proceed to take part in her own adventure to save the world, and weave Tales of legends to come.

Until some time later, a terrible fate befalls you and your family...
(Roll 1-99 at https://www.random.org/))

1-33: The evil military that plagues the nation you and your waifu settled down in came for you in the night, and tried to assassinate you and your family for having crossed them one to many times. Amidst the chaos, you thought your family had died, and escaped to the wintry country of Not-Russia to serve as a military official there, determined to protect the weak, the way you couldn't all those years ago.

As you ascend the ranks over several years, you eventually grow into middle-age, and decide to retire, returning home to the country you had abandoned to instruct youth how to become knights at an academy. Three years before your daughteru's journey begins, you become her instructor and most trusted mentor at the academy.

At some point, you will join her party of ragtag adventurers midway through her journey, where she will eventually come to realize that you were her long lost father.

You even get to become a wizard for your troubles--a wizard who fights with a boomerang sword.


>> No.13708336

We don't tolerate your kind around here

>> No.13708337

>not manamo machines

>> No.13708339
File: 46 KB, 351x534, 1397382504012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


34-66: Whilst taking care of your daughteru while she was still an infant, you were the lancer of your own group of brave heroes who fought for the fate of humanity and monster girls alike. Sadly, due to reasons you couldn't disclose to your friends, you betrayed them for the villain, and died atoning for your betrayal. Though your final sacrifice ultimately helped save your friends and allowed them to continue their journey, your name was forever marked in history as the traitor of heroes. Your waifu never told your daughteru of who you were, or what became of you.

However, several years later, you are revived by yet anther villain seeking your assistance to claim the world for him/herself. You refuse, and instead wandered the earth, hiding your shame from those who would remember you as a traitor beneath a mask, and through near-happenstance come upon your daughteru who has become a strong, kind fighter with a band of friends at her side. Upon meeting her, you simply introduce yourself as "Nemo" when she asks for your name.

You will join your daughteru in her journey to save the world from evil, but she will never know that you are her true father.

But you get a sick mask made from a dragon skull for your troubles.


>> No.13708342

It's all part of my plan to slowly turn her from a demon of vengeance into a tiny, tipsy, busty, friendly ghost.

>> No.13708344

>Dragon wife and daughter
>Dragon Skull mask
I could do worse. Sign me up. I'll be one of those "martial pacifist" types.

>> No.13708345
File: 156 KB, 484x536, 8c11b55e4928ca94a9279b00af188d52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


67-99: You married your waifu while she was a top scientist in her field of study, material replication, and helped nurture a home for the three of you, taking good care of her whenever she was able to come home.

Unfortunately, a terrible accident occurred in the labs while you came to visit her one day. This accident left you dead in the rubble,and your waifu, in her attempt to revive you, performed the material replication process on you--something which had never been done before.

Though your body was revived, your mind andbody were both left unstable due to the unstable process of human replication. Your senses of right and wrong shot, and your need for flesh to stabilize your otherwise-constantly deteriorating body, your waifu had no choice but to seal you away in the deepest parts of the world for everyone's sake--yours, hers, and the world's.

Your waifu, racked with grief as to what she had done to you, joins your daughteru on her quest to right the wrongs and injustices of the three continents as your daughter's mage, while your waifu secretly hopes to see you again, so that she may use her newfound powers to finally put you to rest.

Though your waifu will protect your daughteru, and both of them will remember you for the caring father you once were, you will ultimately be forced into battling her as her toughest opponent yet.

But hey, for your troubles, you get to be a being that is stronger than her final boss, and give her something she'll desperately want and need.

>> No.13708347

All your endings made me sad. 0/10

>> No.13708349

I'm going to court a succubus, date her, and hold her hand and kiss her on the nose, and only have sex with her when we get engaged, and there's nothing you can do about it!

>> No.13708351

Dude, the second one is great. Incidentally it's the one I got.

>> No.13708356

What about the first one made you sad? It's the best ending you can get.

>> No.13708358

I want to make a green goo out of nano-wurms and end existence!

>> No.13708363

You cancerous little shit

good on you, m8

>> No.13708364

I'm going to stop you using my Galaxy-sized Wurm Wrangler!

>> No.13708365
File: 1.02 MB, 849x1200, 1435353297803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is your waifu strong?

>> No.13708370

Not that strong.

>> No.13708373

That's like choosing drowning instead of dieing in a fire.

No family time cuddles man. Is sad.

>> No.13708375

that looks grotesque

>> No.13708376

Carrying out the Human Instrumentality Project with Wurm-chan and friends!

>> No.13708377

If she cared about that stuff she could m̶i̶n̶d̶f̶u̶c̶k̶ bend the ear of somebody else that's physically strong.

Or leveldrain them to oblivion.

>> No.13708378
File: 153 KB, 619x1002, MG_sisters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unarguably yes.

>> No.13708380

Did 6th grader Wock have that much influence here, or do you just really likes Wocks?
Big, soft, supple Wocks.

>> No.13708389

No, she's pretty bottom tier in strength. Her species survive by being numerous through use of highly powerful attractive properties to males that will impregnate them with litters of five or more daughters at a time.

>> No.13708394
File: 222 KB, 1673x1144, d7a544b10c2fb9b7905b946cc23c4d66.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit anime Doppel is going to be hot. Why are the side characters always the best ones?

>> No.13708398

I just really like 'em.

>> No.13708399

It's a universal law as dictated by Japan's poor taste.
The best characters get given the side roles.
Heartwarming romance is shunned in favour of harems.
Shit series' continue, while good series' are cancelled.

This is the world we live in.

>> No.13708401

Harems sell. Sad fact of life

>> No.13708402

Because the main characters get too much effort put into them, thus drowning out the muses, resulting in overly processed shit.

>> No.13708404

What about Zombina?

>> No.13708405

>tfw no twin demon waifus


>> No.13708407
File: 380 KB, 500x707, 1418752416201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Praise the Sun.

>> No.13708412
File: 1.71 MB, 1343x1859, Dante and Ammy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13708417

I like this couple. Does Ammy make lewd paintings on his body when he sleeps?

>> No.13708418

Maybe when it's up in a few hours.

>> No.13708420

I'd shower her with praise and paint her celestial bush white, if you know what I mean.

>> No.13708421

>Hey, what's this japanese kanji you put on my chest?
>It's pretty cool, lets go outside!

It says cock.

>> No.13708423

I want to join Ammy's faction with my wurm waifu! Neutral Good best alignment!

>> No.13708425

If Dante walked around with "Cock" written on his body in western letters, nobody would give him any shit for it. I don't see the problem.

>> No.13708426

>"Hey! Hey! Hey Master! Look what I can do!"
"Would you please be quiet? I'm trying to summon your sisters, if I make the slightest error the spell could go haywire!"
>"You're no fun~"
"Dark gods. I should have just summoned an Imp for an assistant..."

>> No.13708428

Just give MON its own spin off or OVA and I'd be happy. I'd settle for a single episode based around them, the main characters don't do much for me but MON have it all. Delicious brown, undead gun girl, cyclops...

>> No.13708429

And a "human" with dem legs.

>> No.13708432

>Adventure with wurm waifu in the name of Amaterasu
>She wears armor, but it's just because she drew a sun with a smiley face on it
>Needs to be repaired all the time because of her tendency to go through things instead of around them
>It's actually less durable than she is
>Meanwhile, you're a wizard who also has light powers granted by Ammy
>Putting down both jerks from the order as well as monsters that get too rape-happy
That's it. That's the life I want.

>> No.13708438

>Putting down
>implying Ammy would approve of you killing someone in her name
Anon, calm down.

>> No.13708440

I want a vampire waifu that follows Ammy!

>> No.13708444

I didn't mean to imply that we would kill them. I guess "stop" would be a better word.

>> No.13708447

That's ridiculous Anon, Vampires hate the sun!

>> No.13708449

Do they sparkle?

>> No.13708450

How about a priestess of Ammy that gets turned into a vampire?

>> No.13708451



>> No.13708452

You showed such promise.

>> No.13708454

Dawnguard DLC route with MGs?

>> No.13708456

Go away Jason.

>> No.13708458

You sound like someone trying to lead us away from the teachings of our glorious glowing Goddess, Ammy.

>> No.13708464
File: 341 KB, 600x891, Paladin_by_H_Minus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I offer redemption to those willing renounce their misplaced faith.

The Order is the light that guides humanity.

>> No.13708465

Burning people alive does not actually offer spiritual illumination.

>> No.13708466
File: 371 KB, 985x733, Charon's Wild Ride's Absurd cost.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But it enlightens them and warms their hearts for the rest of their lives!

>> No.13708468

The light of the celestial mother Ammy is all I need to guide me to do the right thing, thanks.

>> No.13708473
File: 190 KB, 538x600, Echidna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How come the ultimate MILF doesn't get any art?

>> No.13708477

Because Shirohebi happened.

>> No.13708478

We need updated KC art for her. Badly.
Somebody has to PM KC about this.

>> No.13708480

honestly because the original art is shit. once it get's updated people will remember she exists

>> No.13708481

>Go into combat together
>Wurm charges into fools like a quarterback freight traim, laughing and catching enemies in the gut with her flailing tail
>You cast all manner of crazy magical raves, using fire and hardlight to cow and blast your enemies
>Ammy dances about without a care in the world, pillars of fire, ice and lightning arcing from the weapons floating around her
>Enemies who approach her are caught and flung away by galeforce winds, or blasted by pillars of water

>After one battle's won, you're looting downed thugs for money, while the wurm sits atop one and talks about the time she accidentally caused an eclipse by hugging Ammy too hard
>The goddess herself is squatting over one of the unconscious enemies
>When you call over to her, she panics and turns her head to you, blushing madly
>She's got a blue fang in her hand, one of the ones she sometimes trades to merchants
>She also pleads with you to turn away from her
>You do so, shrugging, continuing to loot fools until you're all ready to leave

>Whenever it gets too hot for you to do any work, wurm digs a crater out of the ground
>Ammy casts rainfall to fill it up, creating your own little pool to relax in
>She summons up lillypads to act as lilos
>All three of you spend the day doing nothing except lounging around
>And occasionally saying hello to the confused passerby
>It turns out the wurm dug the hole right in the middle of the path to a major city

>> No.13708486

What was she doing with that fang?

>> No.13708487

I wonder how many people got the middle one.

>> No.13708489

Obtaining it.

This guy gets it. He understands how depraved I am.

>> No.13708491

Come on guys. Don't leave me hanging here.

>> No.13708497

I don't care if she makes stupid puns, I want to waifu Charon!

>> No.13708499

She's the very definition of used goods.

>> No.13708501
File: 478 KB, 408x580, Echidna01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We already do. This is the fan coloured version.

>> No.13708502

I want to see Charon and Junko hugging, with Charaon making a severely bad pun that results in Junko slapping her across the face.

>> No.13708505
File: 365 KB, 1280x917, Alternate ways to earn Praise.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's two particular special techniques you can learn in Okami buy purchasing them from the dojo.
The first is urinating on an enemy. If they're hit by it, they drop a demon fang, which is a very valuable form of secondary currency.
The second is basically taking a shit, which acts as a time-bomb, dealing damage and dropping fangs from any enemies caught in the stinky AoE.

One of the canine warrior (literally just dogs with cute little bibs on) bosses you fight can use these techniques on you, digging a hle to act as a pitfall, then urinating to deal damage.

Okami is at times an austere game.

>> No.13708506

She's also not real, so I can make her whatever I want.

I could make her a fucking dragon wearing a clown mask and it wouldn't matter for shit due to her not being real.

>> No.13708509

And now I know.

>> No.13708512

Do you really want to marry her? As engaging as you might be, Charon might not feel that "Mrs Anon" has a good ring to it.

>> No.13708516

I'm disappointed that her skin isn't a weird colour. I always expected her to be something non-standard.

>> No.13708519

Wait for the MGE II book to come out, might be something in there.

>> No.13708521

Is there a pic of her as well, or is it just Tio and Doppel?

>> No.13708522

>MGE-sorta Vampire
>Doesn't spontaneously combust in the sun
>Just gets extremely weak to the point of barely being able to move
>Nonetheless, steps (Really more of a limp or hobble) out onto one of her castle's balconies in the middle of each day
>Lays herself out nude on a lounge chair and gets herself a tan
>It's very, very possible to talk her into wearing any manner of bikini to get just the right sort of tanlines

>> No.13708530
File: 158 KB, 1665x1184, Zombina.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same. I thought she'd be bluish-grey or something, just she just looks like a normal girl with scars everywhere and odd eyes.

>> No.13708536

MMMMMM, that delicious hairstyle.
Needs a view of her ass, and maybe legs that aren't almost the same width as her arms.

>> No.13708537

She probably got drunk, got into a barfight, and both of their eyes got knocked out. In the drunk fumble the two strangers didn't see that they got mismatched eyes until they sobered up.

>> No.13708539

I won't lie though, those faces are adorable.

>> No.13708540

Roll to seduce Charon so I don't have to pay.

>> No.13708543
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May as well post the other two

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