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This is how Rinnosuke looks like in his customers' eyes.

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And this is what he looks like in Yuyuko's eyes.

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No wonder Yukari and Marisa want to have indecent sexual relationships with him.

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But they don't

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The hottest man in Gensokyo.

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That's what EVERYONE looks like to Yuyuko.

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Rinnosuke is a submissive faggot who wears diapers.

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I don't get it. Why is he always seen reading a book?

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He is a magician just like Alice and Patchouli.

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Wrong. He's reading erotic novels. He's a very lonely man.

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Marisa's a magician and doesn't read books.

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Then why the HELL does she steal them?

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You all know you whan't sum of that.

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So that people will think she knows how to read.

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Wow... Never been so scared of Patchy...

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If we go by canon they are all just friends all of them.

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Friends with benefits

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