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So how come Japan uses so much Chinese literature and history for plots for random shit but think they are better than Chinese people?

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Like wut

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Suikoden, ROTK, The legend of Da Ji, Saiyuki etc etc.

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You made this thread before, right?

Time for another Suikoden thread?

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in before Yamato came from a chinese descriminative name for japan...

now you see why japanese hate china with a passion.

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lol no wonder battleship yamato did shit...

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Japan doesn't have as rich of a history as China. Japan was mainly stuck with feudalism and samurai corruption for hundreds of years.

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Who cares about that.
It's all about beautiful incest.

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>I can haz history lesson?

Once, Japan viewed China as th height of culture, because it was. They even took to speaking Chinese. Fast forward, they got isolationist and hated everybody. The end.

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So, like how Colonial Australia views the rest of the English Empire?

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At least they aren't like Korea and claim they invented everything.

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ROTK and Journey to the West are pretty big in Asia in general. They're pretty much like Greek mythology to the West. It's not like KOEI makes games based on a Chinese book about the Rape of Nanking.

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the thing about korea is,

we don't care!

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Fucking Koreans, if you are going to steal something at least MAKE IT BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL.

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I hope you are westerner.

If you are not, you pretty much fail at chinese history.

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A VN based on Rape of Nanking...anyone interested?

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more like guro

cause it was mostly gangrape then snuff rape then torture and canibalism, including the famous killing cunts with a stick penetrating their uterus.

fuck, i just got a hard on.

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I have no idea what you just said, as I'm neither British nor Australian, so have almost no knowledge of Australian history.

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australians see britains as their warden.


i made ajoke base on austrailian history.

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Because Chinese history is full of political intrigue. And Asian people love that shit. So they make stories on it.

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funny thing about chinese political intrigue

5000 years of intrigue and they still think a central authoritarian government is the best.

If experience equals wisdom, and wisdom points the way to enlightment...

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you know western style democracy is a scam right?

if you count people not voting the actual majority if less than 1/3 of the country.

election is base on who can spend most money, and the whole government is a front to advance private interests.

that's just how the world works.

you either have power, or live your lives quietly. If you hate the society either put your life on the line to change it, or shut the fuck up.

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Be quiet, China.

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A scam it may be, but it's better than not having any say in politics at all. Why would I need to put my life on the line if I can just vote for those that share my ideals? Or if there are none, run for office. I mean hell, if the pirate party is legal and actual contenders for parlamentary seats in a few countries then I see nothing wrong with our plurarity. If you don't vote, then you deserve what's coming to you.

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Even Isolationalist Nihon`s trade relation with Zhong Guo was pretty good, as a matter of fact the worst relationship between Zhong Guo and Nihon was in the 20th century

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