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I heard /jp/ doesn't like newhus. Is that true?

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I fully embrace the newhus

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I like Seiran.

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mg mg

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I don't like rodents in general, but this newhu is SWEET.

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>I don't like rodents in general
You're gonna hurt someone's feelings.

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How new must a newhu be for it to be considered a newhu? Does it refer to the characters of an upcoming game, or that and those of the previously released game or...?

Rabbits aren't rodents, though; they're lagomorphs.

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Yeah. But it's their loss, really. All newhus are awesome, especially Sumisumi.

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Usami-san is pretty much the star of her game, so it comes as no surprise that she's so well-developed and cool.
The LoLK ones however are going up to end as a comparatively small fry. I like lewd Doremi though.

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You could say that she is DREAMY

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Why is Doremy so damn smug

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>Sumireko with big tits
I have no penis and I must breed.

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Newhus are the newest possible ones. So that includes both Sumireko, and the Inabas, because they were basically "released" in the same day.

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How could I possibly dislike her?

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Will these four still stay new when th15 is released in full?

Also, I really, really, REALLY want to make love to Ringo-chan...

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When touhou15 is realeased in full, only the characters in that game will be new. The inabas won't feel new for those who played the demo though.
PS: I also want to make sweet love to Ringo-chan.

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But Ringo's a boy...

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She wants your information.


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Doremy is my favorite newhu

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It's りんごちゃん


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Smughu is love

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When is the cutoff date for newhus?

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A new game. Th16 for example, or some fighting game with new characters.

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I like Doremy, but I dislike her hat.
I hope we'll see her without it in Extra or endings pictures maybe.

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All newhus suck. Such a huge letdown after DDC's demo and HM.

Another 2 rabbits. Nothing else to say. I don't see anything interesting about them.
Doremy. She has really shitty design. Usually it's not a problem since artist will . But so far I haven't seen a single cute picture of her. Maybe we need more time. And I belive she may have potential because of her powers. Sleep fetish is a thing.
Sumireko. If I wanted to see a japanese schoolgirl I would go and watch K-On.

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That is often the case but /jp/ is a faggot so WHO GIVES A FUCK

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Okay then, go play something else.

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Please do not treat /jp/ as one person with one opinion. Don't forget to take it easy.

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Sumireko > mg mg > 4kids girl > rabbit seiga

Give her the genetic information.

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Seiran is my favorite design of the 4

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Ringo is... a communist?

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Seiren is cute.

Her theme is the best part about her though.

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You will all complain about the newhus, but in the years to come when zuns style changes beyond recognition you'll call out to the characters you once shamed with open arms and love.
Also Ringo is best.

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I love her face. And the color scheme/design around her hem is goddamn great. Nice theme too.

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She came from the moon, what did you expect?

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Newhus are cute

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>I don't like rodents in general
Not even the bat?

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Bats are not rodents.

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Shit, I'm retarded. Sorry, anonymous.