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Yukari understands.
It helps that they fucking hate each other's guts.

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Aren't youkais suppose to die when they get skin contact with celestials?

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Tenshi and Yukari hate each other?

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>Tenshi : To be poor without murmuring is difficult. No wonder you earth-dwellers are so sour!
>Yukari : To be rich without being proud is easy. That celestial glare that looks down upon us is so irritating. You shall leave the earth beautifully yet cruelly!
fuck yes they hate each other so fucking much

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That's not rough enough.

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Why is this picture so hilarious?

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They get sick and it can burn but they won't die from it.

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yes a lot

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Well, considering that Yukari is the youkai of boundaries, borders, and the like, it's highly likely that she could create something between her hand and Tenshi's flesh that allowed near-contact, thus allowing both the contents of the picture and the fights in SWR.

Or it could just be that the artist doesn't know/care. That seems likely too.

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Yukari isn't that kind of youkai. She's a sorcerer in the vein of Patchouli or Alice.

Just a really old, powerful sorcerer.

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I think her powers transcend magic or divine power.

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>>1364527or divine power.

No as the dragons are divine and she doesn't fuck with them

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Developed over time from exposure to magic and eventually exposure to other dimensions.

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Interesting theory. I've always thought of Yukari as something primal, a facet of reality itself. Like a kami, only not.

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I meant divine power like Reimu's.

Where did you get that from?

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Ran has a spellcard called Ultimate Buddhist. Would that make Yukari a Buddha?

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Oh God you are very stupid if you're serious.

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Yukari and friends

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All of the immortal magicians seem to have familiars. Patchy has Koa, Alice has her dolls, Yukari has Ran. Beyond that, Yukari still seems to be far too human for >>1364543 to be right. A primal force of the universe likely wouldn't manifest as a mortal, and Yukari's power is quite unnatural, disrupting nature by toying with our reality and other realities.

She acts much like a powerful wizard would. Bored, has servants to do menial jobs, tends to meddle in unusual affairs, but is still undeniably more human than an animal or natural spirit. Maybe an ascended human(think /tg/) or a warlock of a special pact with an interdimensional creature.

That last thought is actually kind of weird though. Yukari having a direct superior is odd.

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Dolls are not familiars, they are more like tools. Koakuma is not Patchouli's familiar (at least not officially). But yeah, Yukari has that "old sage that reached illumination long ago" feel around her, even if she is fooling around most of the time. I wouldn't go as far as to call her a powerful wizard just because she acts like one though.

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Is that Genji or a Torrasque? Or both?

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It's obviously the head of a Void Dragon, duh.

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>Void Dragon

That's 'Machine God' to you scum

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Looks like a tarrasque with a lot of horns to me.

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I don't know which is hotter.
Mokou and Kaguya hatesex or Yukari and Tenshi border of pain and pleasure sex.

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Have you ever SEEN a Void Dragon's head before?

Of course you haven't. Because the heads are in Gensokyo.

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Have you ever SEEN a Void Dragon's head before?

Of course you haven't.

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Yukari is a physicist math major programmer that wondered into gensokyo that slowly accumulated her math power to be so great that it's seemingly some sort of magic. yeah for math!

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>>1364712that slowly accumulated her math power to be so great that it's seemingly some sort of magic. yeah for math!

Thats not Yukari
In b4 the DEEP touhou.

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Those who see void dragons never return to tell the tale.


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So how would a half-yokai like Rinnosuke react to Tenchi's touch?

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I've seen the INSIDE of a Void Dragon's head, if that counts!

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Because he is a homosexual like the rest of Gensokyo.

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No because he is a half-yokai

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He won't be affected by the poison until he eats it.

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Didn't we already agree Yukari is an avatar of Nyarlathotep?
Or the other way around.

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I just love it when the border between /jp/ and /tg/ lessens.

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Boundary of Boards.

It ain't so much broken as nonexistant.

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I always thought of Yukari as a 4D existence. Yes, a Blink Winkel of some short.
Think of it like this: You, a 3D existence read/write a book, a 2D world. The "existence" that "live" there are 2D but think of themselves as 3D. Extending this we could say that this 3D world is just a book/dream/fantasy world of a 4D existence.
In that way, Yukari is a higher existence, not a god, but something close to it, that helped creating Gensokyo in order to separate reality and fantasy.
You can actually extend that theory as Yukari being a great sage/magus/yokai that ascend into a higher existence through time.
...or you can take the Maribel/Yukari approach and say that Gensokyo is just a dreamland, a "2D world" that somehow affects the real world (or not) that Maribel generates as Yukari in her dreams.

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Boundary of /jp/ and /v/?

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This should explain it all.

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Watch this. Then you will understand Yukari.

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In the beginning there were a few boards. Most anons used all of them.
With the increase of boards and anons, the distinction between the boards become bigger and board elitism and hate began. That's the era where /a/, /v/ etc began. /b/ grew faster and faster.
Then the first "satellite" boards were created. /tg/,/co/,/m/ etc. The parent-child relationship became a love-hate situation. /b/ grew as a black hole and was unwanted by the rest of the boards.
Then even more boards were created but another thing happend, /a/ was split into 2. Not simply a child board, /jp/ was the clone of /a/.
Now the times have changed gentlemen. We live in an era where boards re-unite and create alliances. We live in the era where /co/,/tg/,/jp/,/m/ even /v/ respect each other existence and unite. We strive to return to our primal condition, we strive to become one, complete again.

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http://www.tenthdimension.com/medialinks.php is a more accurate link. Sorry.
Video rocks my socks.

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Would be nice if everything could just be PORTAL'D into order.
Sadly, Yukari and boundary youkai in general aren't real. That'd be too easy.

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Now imagine this:
Somewhere some 4D beings are on an image board looking at 3d pictures and lamenting about 4D PIG DISGUSTING.
Seriously though, video = shit bricks.

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BRB, folding dimensions.

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I will never sleep well again knowing this.

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Just ask Yukari to fold a border through the 6thth dimension where you walk through the 5th dimensional connection boundary and interact with the third dimensional you while traveling through the 4th dimension in such a way that you never learned about the entire process.
Also if you subscribe to the ten dimensions then everything is real. Gensokyo does exist somewhere. You just have to fold through the 10th dimension to get there.

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I'd like to believe that, but I can't agree in the idea of branching paths leading to different versions of ourselves. That's just an illusion, which comes with the illusion of choice.

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Fuck, I thought I was safe in my room from other people judging me. Now I have to worry about fucking 4D 5D 6D 7D 8 D 9D 10D CREATURES THANKS MAN

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If the illusion of choice is absolute, is it still an illusion, or a certainty? Or is the certainty of the illusion of choice, being the certainty of illusion, an illusion by default?
Nobody is safe!

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So all I have to do to get into Gensokyo is fold a sheet of paper in half 10 times.

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It is a mystery.

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Yeah but, 3D are as much of an illusion as 4D, 2D, 1D and 0D are. This comes all down to what is life, what is real, what is conscience or simply WHAT IS A MAN?

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If you can do it I'll personally come wherever you are living and give you all of my property.

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In Gensokyo, very rare.

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Or every possible outcome occurs and our path is both entirely individual and infinitely shared. It was all set out from the start condition.
That shit is hard bro. Folding paper a lot of times. Good luck.

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I only recognize Yukari there

who are the other ones? And what is the context of that image?

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Yukari - Tenshi relationship
What's Yukari
You are now thinking in 10D

I love you guys.

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>Or every possible outcome occurs and our path is both entirely individual and infinitely shared. It was all set out from the start condition.

Anon is wise. If every outcome occurs, this allows for choice to exist and not exist at once.
Another time, I'd love to talk quantum immortality with you.

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Look closely. Tewi and Shinku are there too.

There's also the Tenku god, leader whatever he is and the current Hakurei Miko (the 1st). Don't remember the rest.

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Anytime. I like Tewi too.

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There is Yukari, Tewi, Lord Tenma, a Hakurei shrine maiden, Shinki...and the other ones I can't recognize. It seems to be the birth of the Hakurei barrier and of Gensokyo as we know it, by the hand of that dragon deity.

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Is that image canon? where is it from?

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It's just a random oekaki from coolier. Nothing official.

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So in an infinite number of realities we've already reached Gensokyo.
This is one of the infinite other realities where we haven't.
But through the foldings of higher dimensions an infinite number of Gensokyos make seamless contact with our dimension without us ever realizing. We can only see cross sections of those folds touching.

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>The last time dragons appeared in Gensokyo was when the Great Hakurei Barrier was created.
>The sky was rent with constant thunder, the land was engulfed in a flood that threatened to submerge it, and for an instant, the skies were completely dark.
>The youkai sages staked their existence on pledging eternal peace to the dragons, and in an instant the waters drew back, the sky was torn asunder, and light was returned to the heavens.
>Since then, there has been a statue enshrining the dragons at the center of the human village, which is worshiped every day.

From PMiSS. It's fanart, but fanart of a canon event.

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You see the thing next to tewi? It's mushi.

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The event is canon. Most of the characters there are made up though, at least their designs. But yeah, the dragon showing up in the middle of the chaos and creating the barrier somehow, is canon.

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Egad! I missed another discussion about the nature of fate and free choice. Why do the best things happen while I'm asleep?

In any case, the next step for this thread is occultism. I wonder if this is the right image to use, though? It seems oddly large for an image file.

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So...back on topic.

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10D theory fails because 10D cant exist unless 2D, 3D, 4D, etc... exist. 2D can only exist if 10D exist and 10D can only exist if 2D exist.

In the beginning of time there was nothing.

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Ah, found a better image.

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Time is another dimension. According to the theory, it's the fourth dimension.

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more please

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Never heard of recursion, right?

>> No.1366556

In order to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion.

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Time and space are intertwined, hence spacetime. The beginning of time was the beginning of the universe.

>> No.1366577

But in the beginning of nothingness, space did not exist. Thus, time couldn't exist either.

>> No.1366586

The beginning of nothingness? What?

>> No.1366594

Back before space didn't exist, there was nothing of nothing. No space or time.

>> No.1366606

You can't say 'before time.' Doesn't work like that.

>> No.1366612

>The beginning of nothingness? What?

Ok, let's say during the beginning of existence there was nothing. A realm void of space, time, physics, etc...

10D theory claims that vibrations in the 10th dimension created the matter in our universe. Well, how did the 10th dimension come into existence if the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dimensions did not exist yet? Am I wrong in believing that the first dimension cannot exist without matter and/or space.

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If there is nothing when nothing exists, how can nothing exists where there is nothing?

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I discussion is quite riveting and informing.

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Well, string theory is dumb, but to answer your question, those dimensions did exist.

Our universe did not exist, but that does not mean those dimensions did not.

>> No.1366659

Recursion doesn't work without a base case. (Unless it's a recursively defined acronym, in which case the joke is that it has no meaning.)

This sounds right. A dimension is a way of measuring something. The existence of measurement has little to do with the existence of matter.

String theory is more pointless than anything else.

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>Our universe did not exist, but that does not mean those dimensions did not.

Are you trying to say that "nothingness" has dimensions? That's impossible. Nothingness, means nothingness. For those dimensions to exist, space has to exist.

tl;dr For space to exist, time must first exist. For time to exist, space must first exist. How could the 10th dimension exist without the other dimensions existing?

>> No.1366693

I don't think you actually understand string theory and the concepts of dimensions.

I wouldn't call it pointless, but I fully expect research to start heading in another direction.

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>I don't think you actually understand string theory and the concepts of dimensions.

Who the hell do you think I am? If anybody here is qualified to answer theories of our origin, it is me. I played Half-Life 1 AND 2. Plus I fully completed Xenosaga 1-3.

I got a B.S. in CS (Counter Strike). This thread is out of order. As a matter of fact, this entire website is out of order.

Sage, report, hide, and ignore.

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>Are you trying to say that "nothingness" has dimensions?

...actually, yes it does. Empty space has dimensions.

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We're supposed to be talking about occultism.

>> No.1366770

Essentially what you're doing is taking your flawed understanding of a theory, and finding that theory flawed as an outcome.

That makes you probably a Christian.

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>> No.1366785


We're still thinking with dimensions.

>> No.1366791

But spacetime != nothingness

Last time I checked, space is filled with dark matter and atoms. Nothingness, on the other hand, means nothing. Re-read the definition of nothingness. The second that you add something to nothingness, it's no longer considered nothingness.

If the world (as we know it) originated from the tenth dimension. Who created the 10th dimension? How could nothingness result in this 10th dimension.

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>> No.1366804

No, the definition of empty space is "containing nothing." Once you add atoms, it's not empty space.

And noone even knows what the fuck dark matter is. It only exists to explain inconsistencies in readings.

>> No.1366813

Saying that nothingness can be measured is like saying nothingness can be measured. [I couldn't think of anything clever to say]

So explain to me genius. How does one measure nothingness? Dimension is the science of measuring things. Well, how does it measure nothingness? Also, when did it decide to measure nothingness? 3 trillion years ago? Or five quadrillion years ago? According to the laws of recursion. Every recursion must first have an origin. So what was the origin of our universe? You cant say that we always existed. That'd be going against the laws of recursion.

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/jp/ - Super Science

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>> No.1366822

"Always" is a temporal concept, applicable only where time exists. It, and laws of recursion for that matter, are meaningless in a timeless system.

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>> No.1366829


>> No.1366843

>How does one measure nothingness?
? With a ruler.

>Dimension is the science of measuring things.
"Dimension" is not a science. "A dimension" is a way in which something can be quantified.

>Also, when did it decide to measure nothingness?
Stop being stupid, please.

>Every recursion must first have an origin.
Did you mean "base case"? Because those don't really mean the same thing.

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The whole "10th dimensional" thing is a load of gibberish from 4th dimension up.

Just simply defining stuff as new dimensions does NOT mean that it's actually correct.

>> No.1366852

I don't think you understand how theories, models, and science in general works, enjoy your religion.

>> No.1366863

>enjoy your religion

>> No.1366864


Take a look at the following dot:


Now imagine that there wasn't a dot. How can you measure a non-existent object?


>> No.1366869

If by "dot" you mean "point," it has no dimensions and therefore, by definition, cannot be measured.

This does not apply to one-dimensional or higher-dimensional spaces.

>> No.1366885

>one-dimensional or higher-dimensional

Yeah because out of a universe of nothingness. A first and second dimension magically materialized out of no where.

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...What? It's perfectly possible for higher dimensional sets to exist, for example potentially 11 or 13 spatial sets depending on which unifying theory you're going by.
What I'm disputing is that the video clip has ANY idea what it's talking about.

>> No.1366891

You're thinking in temporal terms. Stop it.

>> No.1366913

Dimensions are NOT objects. They have no material. They do not materialize. They are ways in which something can be quantified. That's like saying "logic materialized" or "math materialized." Either there are dimensions or there are not.

A three dimensional space containing nothing CONTAINS NOTHING. It has no matter. It is still a three dimensional space.

You're either an idiot or just terrible at conversation. "Temporal terms" has nothing to do with his mistake. It is far more basic than that.

>> No.1366916

In that case, I misinterpreted what you were saying as referencing theories in general, rather than the flash in question.

>> No.1366926

>Dimensions are NOT objects. They have no material. They do not materialize.

But they measure material. Only after measuring material can they exist.

>> No.1366933

>But they measure material.
No, they are ways in which something can be measured.

>Only after measuring material can they exist.
No. A thousand times no. I cannot overemphasize how wrong this is.

Things do not exist because they are measured. They can be measured because they exist.

>> No.1367071

Wow what the fuck. You have no concept of what you speak.

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Ah, glad I cleared that up.

Now, to sleep!

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Wow this thread went shitstorm after I went to bed.
Got to remember to link that video more often.

>> No.1367365

This is till where the thread was awesome.

This is were underage b& started waking up.

Pay attention at the time.

>> No.1367446

I fail at 10D, but you're a 23 year old virgin nerd. Let's be honest here.

>> No.1367482

So do you, let's be honest here.

>> No.1367652

10d pig disgusting.

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File: 37 KB, 513x385, Yukari3dPigDisgusting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1367747


She's always begging for cock, fucking whore.

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Yukarin is the best

>> No.1369575

Source please?

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