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and the most beautiful 2hu award according to /jp/ goes to marisa!

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you'reself out of jp

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It was a nice joke

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>and the most beautiful 2hu award according to /jp/ goes to marisa!
>goes to marisa!
>to marisa!

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What can you expect from someone who wrote their own thread.

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I'm glad this art style is catching on. Or is this one an edit? Either way it's great.

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shrinemaiden.org tier thread

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/b/ tier post

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it's the edit of the original art It seems.

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That's not marisa, it's RI姉貴!!!
The クッキー☆ universe is its own canon amongst Japanese fans!!

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thanks for the reliable information dude.

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Most beatiful, my ass. That awards goes to Sumireko.

Marisa a shit. A big one. A grat one.

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Why is /jp/ so mean to marisa and so friendly with Youmu and Reisen, It's not fair.

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Excuse me?

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It's SUMIRE-ko, not sumi-reko.

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God, she is so chuuni it hurts.

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Sumireko Usami, bitch. Maybe if you stopped being a shit-eating secondary and actually played the games, you'd know who she is.

I know, right? It's awesome!

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It's like you just finished an online course of "how to post in /jp/". Yeah, nice memes and stuff, but you still sound like a total newfag.

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Looks like he hit the nail right on the head.

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She's the other Touhou main characters that have a gun aside from Reisen, I approve.

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You must be retarded too if you think anyone here might not know about a character in a game that was released just few weeks ago.

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Oh, so actually playing the games makes me a newfag now?

Don't the moon rabbits from SSiB have guns too? Like, bayonets and stuff.

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Yeah, but they are not main characters.

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Being new makes you newfag, duh.

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Whoops, I totally missed that word in the post I replied to. Yeah, you are right. Sumi and Reisen are the only ones with guns so far. And quite funny-looking guns, at that.

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marisa does look quite nice in that artstyle, old marisa looked too normal.

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Which means that is probably a dude.

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I absolutely agree with this result.

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Of course she is with her European good looks.

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Shit tier Moe wannabe image, doesn't even shade properly

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Tenshi is the objectively most beautiful Touhou. That's the only reason she's popular.

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Myth-wise, the most beautiful 2hus should be Tenshi, Kaguya and Ran.

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[citation needed]

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In Mythology a Kitsune (A Nine-tailed fox) has beauty and allure that lures men into a daze,reducing the man into a love-struck boy with no means of defense.

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This thread needs more Marisa.

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Marisa is a thieving nigger.

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I still love her.

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I want to protect that smile.

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Good morrow, fedora Marisa