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everyone is japan seems to love her and nobody in here seems to care, what renko has to do to get your approval /jp/?

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get good grades

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Get fucked (more).

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I like Renko more than Mary to be honest.

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more porn, less well written fiction

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take that autism reminding thing off her head

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Renko wore it before it becomes notorious.

She earned it.

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Its not a fedora

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I personally find Renko to be very attractive.

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Why does Japan love her?

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Level-headed and smart detective girl with a good friendship.

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I want Renko to be my descendant!

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Sumireko being a sibling or cousin makes more sense, though.

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I dont even think ZUN knows how to relate them together.

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The Secret Sealing Club stories are set in the future to some ambiguous extent, while Gensokyo is set in the present. There's no way Renko could be a cousin. The fact that Sumireko is the first president, and is in her first year of high school, should make this immediately obvious.

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Except they have the same last name.
That means either Sumireko gets knocked up without getting married, Sumireko gets married and chooses to keep her last name (unlikely), or they're related in another way.

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she is a dyke

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Even if the wife took the father's family name, her sons or daughters can still choose to pick the mother's family name.
So Sumireko's children may still have Usami as their family name.

Japan was using patriarchal way, but things have changed and they're not absolute, especially in this modern time.

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>Sumireko gets knocked up without getting married

Eh, if my daughter doesn't do shit to even try living, might as well impregnate her sleeping body so she can continue your bloodline.

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Maribel > Renko

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Renko is in my top 10.

Maribel can suck my dick, though.

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What is the speculation so far?
Maribel = Yukari?
Renko = Reimu?

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Renko = Yumemi

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My nigga

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>Renko = Reimu?

Did anyone ever thought that?

Yumemi is a hag by now, Renko isn't even born yet (probably).

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I'm going with aunt.

Sumireko is the girl version of that weird uncle who smells funny and is a bit of a creep but always has the best stories to tell.

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I'd probably rate Renko a lot higher now that Sumireko is here. I've grown quite fond of her.

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sumireko probably dissapeared and was transported to gensokyo by renko's era, but I suppose she met her when she was little.

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Sumireko > Maribel = Renko > Yukari

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>sumireko probably dissapeared and was transported to gensokyo by renko's era
If that's the case, then I want Sumireko to have become a youkai in the meantime and try to seduce Renko into joining her.

Maribel becomes Yukari and runs Gensokyo, Renko is still around but never shows herself because there's cross-generational lesbian youkai incest to be had.

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Yumemi created a ship that could traverse dimensions, I think she could use it to time travel as well.

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I'm fond of this idea.

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I doubt renko would go for anyone that isn't maribel at this point.

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any pics of her *tipping* out there? i could use some more maymay images

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You know, that makes a bit curious. Would Renko a Yukari? Yukari is future Maribel, after all.

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>Japan was using patriarchal way, but things have changed and they're not absolute, especially in this modern time.
You've got that backwards. Precisely *because* a man was expected to be head of the family, it's traditional for a Japanese man to take his wife's surname if her family is more prestigious and has no suitable male heirs.

Heck, even Lafcadio Hearn did that when he changed his name to Yakumo.

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>0 replies
I thought it was an interesting topic.

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Renko looks like that little motherfucker from Children of the Corn.

Merry a better.

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if she's so great why don't people arrange her songs more?

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It takes great people to appreciate great songs.

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le fedora girl

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She's alright, but she's just kinda there most of the time.

She features in http://exhentai.org/g/494425/6b34b943aa/ which I find really hot, so that helps.

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It's a fedora

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Renko has a cool hat

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touching maribel when renko is not watching

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Stealing Renko when maribel is not watching

Did she brought renko in the end?

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It's not a fedora.

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Going to need an artist name.

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aya shachou

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Sumireko is better and cuter.

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based zun trying to force more brown hair + glasses wife inserts by posting on /jp/