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What is that thing hanging off her chest? A scarab? An ankh?

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Please post the official art. That's not official art. Not at all.

Anyway it seems like a hybrid of everything.

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Where? I don't see any.

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She's like 15, they're average.

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Looks like an ankh wearing a samurai helmet

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i want to bully that dorky looking newhu with the cape and glasses and no charisma

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It's really sad that every single character has alphes-style fanart (even those who already have three versions of official alphes art!), but that only Sumi and the LoLKhus have superior Moe-style fanart.

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It's really sad that no one can draw the runes on the inside of her cape in any slightly realistic fashion.

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sumireko more like
I quit

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someone post the MEGA link of 15.3... pls ;_;

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a Quimbaya artifact which were supposedly an evidence for ancient airplanes

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What do the runes say?

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Translate it weebs. What is Renko's mom saying?

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Oh yeah, I'm ready for some Maribel-Yukari-Renko-Sumireko confusion shenanigans.

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Group orgy when?

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Worst character ever.
Touhou is all about fantasy world filled with all kind of folklore creatures possessing unique abilities.
And what did we get? An ordinary japanese schoolgirl.
Only newfags who just got into touhou can like her.

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>An ordinary japanese schoolgirl.
I'm fairly sure ordinary japanese schoolgirls don't have telekinesis, for one thing.

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She's an esper though. Sanae is from the real world too.

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>Sanae is from the real world too.
But now Sanae is in Gensokyo. And now she is a GODDESS. And she makes MIRACLES.

>She's an esper though
More like chuuni.

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Why is there the double standard for Sanae, she is from the outside world too
Just old men complaining who cant accept change

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Been into Touhou since 2008 and Sumi is quickly becoming one of my favorites, mostly because I like playing her in ULiL.

>Touhou is all about fantasy world
Shrine maiden. Ordinary magician. Other shrine maiden.

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Huh. Well whaddaya know.

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it's a gun! She's gonna cap you!

Also, it's now canon that real world guns are extremely powerful in Gensokyo.

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Holy shit, it's the 3D printed gun.

Now it becomes an urban legend.

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She's so cute.

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I guess you never read the stories in the ZUN CDs?

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>ordinary magician
Did you include Marisa because of the word "ordinary"? It's irony, the whole point is the contradiction of this title. Marisa is "ordinary magician" while being a magician already makes her extraordinary for us. How can you be into Touhou since 2008 and not realize this?
You're the worst kind of touhou fan. You probably wouldn't even care if ZUN would suddenly include Kancolle characters.

ZUN never even put "Touhou project" on any of his music CDs. Even though he made lots of cross-references between those two worlds he intentionally left them as distant as he could. It's completely different place and time. And in the end Maribel and Renko has absolutely nothing to do with 東方 (as in East) just like Sumireko.
And it's not like Maribel and Renko are good characters.

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>And in the end Maribel and Renko has absolutely nothing to do with 東方 (as in East) just like Sumireko.

Except the part where they go several times in Gensokyo.

>And it's not like Maribel and Renko are good characters.

Ah, it's just an elaborate ruse then.

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Why is it that all of the glasses-wearing characters wear those red half-frames? Is this like a thing in Japan?

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>Except the part where they go several times in Gensokyo.
And? How does this make them more related to 東方? Do you know what 東方 means?

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a bolo tie

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the title is irrelevant

do you even know what gensokyo is? hint: a location

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also urban legends is the contemporary equivalent of ancient mythologies and metaphysics (especially in mega cities like tokyo) so to say they are not really "touhou" or "fantasy" is just wrong and ignorant

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Something you cannot grasp because Touhou always had a load of western characters.

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Irrelevant for shitlords like you. It's not about title, it's about theme and concept.
That's why I said earlier mentioned newfags like you in >>13613763. Touhou, IM@S or Kancolle - it's all the same thing for you, it's just a bunch of cute little girls doing cute thing.

Touhou is not about just EAST, it doesn't have samurais, ninjas etc. It's about mythology and folklore. Several western youkais still fit this theme. As well as urban legends mentioned by >>13616000. But schoolgirls one the other hand have nothing to do with this.

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dont misquote me because you dont seem to understand school girls are a big part of urban legends

also your "theme and concept" does not exist, and dont pretend it has anything to do with the characters having visited gensokyo is somehow a different gensokyo than the gensokyo we know

tldr: u need to lurk more

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Where did I missqoute you, you little piece of shit?

>school girls are a big part of urban legends
Except majority of urban legends in ULiL does not involve schoolgrils at all. Also you could say that people are a big party in any mythology. But Touhou is about mythical creatures and not people who fear them. ULiL didn't introduce a single urband legend touhou, we didn't get Hanako, we didn't get red-blue cape 2hu, etc. Instead we got a schoolgirl.

>"theme and concept" does not exist
Yeah, let's make next 2hu to be an impersonation of WW2 battleship. And the next one a japanese pop idol. You seriously disgust me. Just kill yourself.

>u need to lurk more
Haha, "he called me newfag, it's better to call him newfag too."

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>Instead we got a schoolgirl
who is by all urban legend standards an esper and an esoteric magic practitioner and the story revolves around her encounter with the other world of gensokyo and its beings so your point doesnt make any sense

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>Yeah, let's make next 2hu to be an impersonation of WW2 battleship

Hell we are fighting the Moon rabbits next, might as well give them a Yamoto of their own.

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It's just like that old saying goes:
"1hu, 2hu, how 'bout a newhu"

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>who is by all urban legend standards an esper and an esoteric magic practitioner
What kind of "standards" are you talking about? Name me at least one legend which involves girl with esper powers.
Almost all urban legends are about completely ordinary person without any magical abilities encountering something paranormal.

And the fact that Sumireko met other 2hus means nothing. It doesn't make her more related to eastern mythology and folklore. Magical powers alone are not enough.
And I never disputed the fact that Sumireko is now an official Touhou character, that would be dumb. She is just a shitty character.

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>we didn't get red-blue cape 2hu
You should actually play the game. Also featured are Turbo Granny, Kuchisake-onna, Mary-san, Hasshaku-sama, etc.

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What are their names? What kind of silly hat do they have? Can you post their official profile?
What I meant is that we didn't get new 2hus which are impersonation of those urban legends. Like for example Remilia is a vampire, Aya is a tengu. But we didn't get a new 2hu who is a headless biker or 2hu who is Kuchisake-onna.

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>more related to eastern mythology and folklore. Magical powers alone are not enough
your "ideology" doesnt exist and i dont know where you even get that from

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>we didn't get new 2hus which are impersonation of those urban legends

...how shallow are you if you think this is what touhou is about, do you even read the story

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I don't actually know how to read.

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I want to shoot my semen inside Sumirenko's 15 year-old vagina

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>your "ideology" doesnt exist
Holy shit, I'm talking with retards. Just google what the word "ideology" means.

Oh wow. This is my post >>13616250 and this one is not - >>13616264. I think it's the first time in 7 years I visit imageboards I saw someone doing this thing.

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But I want new 2huuuuus! Goddammit, ZUN, fuck you for doing anything with old characters! Just doodle some silly designs, give them a few lines of dialogue, and throw them in the trash! Give me my new 2hus, you fucking alcoholic!

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I would like to point out that this post is also not mine.

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Great thread /jp/

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wait who are you again

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I'm a much better Touhou fan than you. You're not even liking Touhou right...


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do you even have zun's phone number?

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Look, you can't beat me. I know all the codes. All the tricks. I play every game like ten times a day. Every morning I wake up and flash all of the previous day's new pixiv images tagged with Touhou before my eyes using that machine from A Clockwork Orange. Also ZUN is actually my uncle.

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...ok i am beat

you are more than i can ever be

you win this time

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And in the end turns out Sumireko fans are just /v/-tier shitposters. Good job, guys.

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I don't actually give a shit about Renko 2.

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Then just fuck you.

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She'll just put your semen back into your dick with her psychic powers.

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If anything she's Renko 1

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Good point. Now she's my favorite.

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She's Renko Zero. Because that sounds more chuuni.

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>renko literally passes out from that vagina

more like renko factory

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I'd pass out if I saw her vagina too.

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Nearly a month has passed and still no decent porn of her.

Sumireko a shit confirmed.

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You measure the worth of a character by their porn?

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Nope, only guns that are created in a 3D Printer. Or guns that shoot 3D Printers at you. Fuck if I know what that spellcard's name is supposed to mean.

I posted >>13614205 last night and >>13615824 decided to start the biggest shitstorm of the century out of some strange misplaced rage. I don't even understand.

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Shes cute. I like her

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Japan does. Everyone else is irrelevant.

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The porn itself is the measurement of a character. Good characters get more and better porn.

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The storm surely would be worse if PoDD be released instead of ULiL

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Sumireko is such a cute little dork, i want to brutally rape her so fucking hard in every single hole she has, I want to fuck her so ruthlessly and mercilessly that she cries.

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You're a little late for that, bro. What do you think all those youkai were doing during the night they were "terrorizing" her?

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Just because I'm late to the party doesn't mean I cant make my own

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I hope you like it when she spawns an explosion inside you. Or throws a radio tower above you. Or crushes you between two slabs of concrete.

Not to mention the gun. Or her orbital laser cannon.

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Rance has raped literal gods before
Rance always finds a way

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I just want to see her dorky face while making love in the misionary position.

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Sumireko is such a cute little dork, I want to her to brutally rape me so fucking hard using every inch of skin I have, I want her to fuck me so ruthlessly and mercilessly that I cry.

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I normally assume /jp/ isn't retarded enough to avatarfag and actually pretend to be the fictional character they're using to avatar with, but I guess it was silly of me to think so highly of /jp/.

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What in the fuck are you talking about, I'm not the guy who posted the rance picture.

>> No.13617235

She won't be able to use them after I seal her powers using my Generic Faceless Male ability to seal every superpower imaginable.

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Then why mention Rance at all? Just because someone posted a Rance reaction image? Or are you affirming his avatarfagging ways by validating him?
This is the problem with reaction images. They often lead into tangents that nobody is interested in hearing.

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Just some Danbooru stats 28 days later after ULiL release.

Sumireko's images uploaded: 121
Kokoro's images uploaded (28 days after HM release): 297

Sumireko's status:
☑ Not rekt
☑ SumiREKT

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Shit, I copypasted the wrong checkbox symbol and fucked that up.

Anyway the point is that Japan isn't fond of new character, too.

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because everyone was having fun with Kokoro's masks.

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>Using Danbooru stats as a measure of popularity amongst the Japanese

You moron, you need to be using stats from Pixiv, not Danbooru. Images on Danbooru are all uploaded by westerners who find images that were already uploaded by Japanese artists. Most of them may come from Pixiv, but the guys at Danbooru are selective in choosing what goes up on their site. Not every image of a character on Pixiv makes it to Danbooru.

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We already know that "amount of fan art" != popularity anyway.
Only a small percentage of fans can draw, and they do not represent the likes and dislikes of the fanbase as a whole.

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something about jet fuel

>> No.13617501

Too bad pixiv's API is so poor you can't get statistics of Kokoro's images in the first 28 days. But usually the percentage of images uploaded to Danbooru is constant for all characters.

Total amount of Sumireko's images on Pixiv is less than amount of Kokoro's images uploaded to Danbooru.

>amount of fan art" != popularity
They correlate with each other.

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The power of Harukawa.

She makes everyone cute as HELL.
Its impossible to dislike Touhous now that they're drawn by her.

Cute dork, would bully.

>> No.13618457

Poor Sumireko, she already has guro as well.

>> No.13618968

Now that you mention it, Sumireko does have a lot of parallels to Yumemi. She's from the outside world, she's kinda chuuni, she's involved with a school, she wears a cape, she's the final boss of a VS 2hu game...

As a matter of fact, there's been lots of this kind of stuff in Touhou recently. Kokoro's theme sounds like Yumemi's, Sekibanki looks like Yumemi, and of course the stuff with Sumireko, which also rekindles interest in the CD girls and the outside world in general. There's probably going to be a new CD released soon. ZUN's gearing up for some kind of big reveal about the outside world storylines, I can feel it.

Yumemi's coming back.

I feel it in my bones.

>> No.13619395

I not feeling anymore, my bones are too old for that


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>Kokoro's theme sounds like Yumemi's
Now what the hell are you smoking, anon. And Sekibanki looking like Yumemi? Why, because they both wear lots of red? I mean, I'm all for the Probability Space Hypervessel coming back for a second round, but come on.

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Sumireko is a 15 year old high school girl.
Please remember that while you fantasize about raping her.

>> No.13623823

15 is almost too old (18).

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I will, thanks.

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Daily reminder that Yumemi ended up being fired from her teaching job and lives in Gensokyo.

>> No.13623899

I saw that.
He's the same guy responsible for the kyouko steamroller.
I've resorted to turning off R-18 and R-18G. The few pictures I'll miss aren't worth letting that bastard expose himself to my mind.
Sumireko is to be loved and protected.

>> No.13623908

A machine that makes you flat.

I'd buy that for a dollar.

>> No.13623937

I got one, now I can store 10 yamabiko in the space of 1.

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Remove gorefags

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Please no bully!!!

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I'm not here to cause any trouble.

>> No.13623982

No gore, you just get rolled over and come out of the other end as a cute little girl with a washboard chest.

It's a magical machine that is formed when a 100-year old steamroller acquires a soul.

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Don't bully the awoos

>> No.13624084

This only makes me harder

>> No.13624192


Sanae was always a goddess/half goddess because of her relation to Suwako. That didn't happen just because she went to Gensokyo

And Sanae's miracles suck. It takes days to perform a miracle of any actual use

>> No.13624240


>Now that you mention it, Sumireko does have a lot of parallels to Yumemi. She's from the outside world, she's kinda chuuni, she's involved with a school, she wears a cape, she's the final boss of a VS 2hu game...
>As a matter of fact, there's been lots of this kind of stuff in Touhou recently. Kokoro's theme sounds like Yumemi's, Sekibanki looks like Yumemi and of course the stuff with Sumireko, which also rekindles interest in the CD girls and the outside world in general

I don't really agree but ZUN has done a shit load of games by now. With ZUN's limited art style, character traits/designs are gonna overlap in places.

This includes the music since we're looking at 16+ new themes per main game on average (unless they reuse themes like in 14). And we are up to the 15th game now.

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>she makes everyone look the same
Fixed. Only has two faces.

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I only understood about half of what was going on there. Good thing it was the good half, though.

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Guns that are created from 3D printer still fire real bullets ya know?

>> No.13627611

3DPD bullets

>> No.13627629

Not if it's drawn.

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>Mamizou and Sumireko fight
>Mamizou uses her transformation spell, which turns Sumireko into that derpy ghost
>Alice makes a doll of the Sumireko ghost
>Sumireko doesn't want it
>Sumireko has to wake up for the day and leaves Gensokyo
>Reimu tells Mamizou to clean up her fucking mess
>Mokou sheepishly takes the doll
>Mamizou done cleaning
>Mokou hugs doll because she's too flaky to go full yuri

>> No.13635159

>Mokou hugs doll because she's too flaky to go full yuri
The damn coward.

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What is that thing hanging off her gun?

>> No.13636543

I really want to post those cute ending pictures but it's taboo..
I wonder if just posting them without the text is acceptable, no fair such pictures are locked from posting. Same goes for ZUN's watercolor art.

>> No.13636619

Faces are overrated.

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Stop being such a fucking pussy and do what you wanna do, anon.

>> No.13636647

it's not like anyone care about fighthu endings

>> No.13636668 [DELETED] 

You actually get post deleted and banned for doing that here.
Rip in peace.

>> No.13636739

What in the fuck do you think you are doing? Delete that shit right fucking now.

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A full day, and nothing happened. Y'all worry too much.

>> No.13641191

>her soul crossed back to gensokyo
Wow what a crossie, she should gtfo
I am quoting the picture

>> No.13641228

>Stop being such a fucking pussy and do what you wanna do, anon.

I'd like to follow the only rule ZUN wants me to follow instead of being a douche.

>> No.13641252

ZUN didn't made this game

>> No.13641262

For being such a lawfag, you don't seem to be very well informed.

>> No.13641360

I don't make doujin works so it's the only rule that affects me.


>> No.13641449



>> No.13644657

>being this much of a worrywart
I already posted two pics of an ending and nothing happened, dude. Do the test, it's OK.

And it's basically the only way we can discuss endings, anyway. What with the Touhou Endings wiki being down and all.

>> No.13644755 [DELETED] 


>> No.13644757

"the pleasure of being cummed inside"

>> No.13644764

Huh, interesting.

I know that's an item in La-Mulana, but I never knew it was a real thing.

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>> No.13645024

Yeah, that's because our last good janitor died half a year ago. Now we got some lazy fucker who doesn't do his work properly.

You could at least spoiler them.

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File: 1.55 MB, 1600x2000, 50887179_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13645388

My, I didn't know deleting Touhou discussion was against the rules of what's basically the Touhou board. Please don't be stupid, anon.

Fair point on spoilering them, though. I was just proving a point before. If I seriously wanted to discuss endings, I'd spoiler them.

>> No.13645484

Spoiling things is bannable on every single board on the site, except /b/ of course.

>> No.13645527

ZUN asks explicitly not to spoil the endings of Touhou games. It's not a rule but just don't fucking do it.

>> No.13645706

It's a fucking stupid rule, I'm never going to be good enough to see all of the endings of every game.

Also, Sumireko has rekindled my love of cute high school girls.

>> No.13646085

>It's a fucking stupid rule, I'm never going to be good enough to see all of the endings of every game.

Sounds like a personal problem.

Now kill yourself back to whatever board you slithered in here from.

>> No.13648428

Can't see that in the rules, I'm afraid.

You don't know how to fucking read, do you? I was only proving that posting endings is fucking fine, nothing more. If I really wanted to discuss endings with someone, I would make that perfectly clear to any passerby-es so that they don't spoil themselves, plus I'd cover myself with spoilers like these. I do respect the dude and I enjoy the games he gave us, but I'm not going to pass up on interesting lore discussion just because of that stupid-ass non-rule.

>> No.13648500

And now you switch your brain on.
Asking not to spoiler things is understandable at the time a game is realeased. Weeks, months or years later it is as justified as George Lucas asking people not to tell others that Darth Vader is actally Luke's father.
Once something is a part of popular culture it's the problem of the people to avoid spoilers - usually either by watching and playing it as fast as possible, or by avoiding places where it is discussed. You can demand that much from adult people, instead of asking them to stop using their freedom of speech.

>> No.13648663

Is spoiling new games the new "reimu is a murderer" thread killer?

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Let's just go back to Sumi posting.

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>> No.13654912

Can you spoonfeed me the source?

>> No.13655477
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She's weak, now's your chance!

>> No.13659551
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>> No.13659903

Chance to help her and become best friends, right?

>> No.13661012
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>> No.13663998
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>> No.13664045 [DELETED] 


>> No.13664763
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Weak butt

>> No.13668692
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What about it, nerd?

It's not like I was trying to hide it or anything.

>> No.13669301
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>> No.13669317
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>> No.13676936
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She's still training!

>> No.13685176
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>> No.13685232

I don't get it. Translate it weebs!

>> No.13685264

You dont even need it translated look at the pictures and figure out she is making fun of hatates old ass cell phone because she doesnt have a sumaho

>> No.13685290

Oh, I get it, so that's why Koishi comes up in the second panel. I thought Hatate called in some backup at first.

>> No.13687695
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What do you think Sumireko has on her smartphone? What is she always doing on her phone?

>> No.13687788


>> No.13692735

How does the PK App work in Gensokyo without the surveillan- data connection?

>> No.13692835

Pictures of Renko's panties.

>> No.13693266
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