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Will you take responsibility?

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No, its against my pump and dump policy.

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Yes, raising me and Reimu's child to ensure she will continue the duties of the Hakurei line to keep gensokyo safe would make me feel like a hero.

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Well yes, impreganting 2hus to raise them and having a family is my fetish.

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Of coruse, I'll take her to Eirin's abortion clinic right away.

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kill yourselves

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I will, if for the influence of having a daughter as the protector of the Hakurei Barrier and the chance to raise her to not be like Reimu.

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don't bully!!

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Sugoi thread.

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Now that her Bloodline is secured, I better make myself useful before they realize I'm a losoe end and get rid of me.

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kuso opinion

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Right back atcha!