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How often does your favorite 2hu masturbates?

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How often you save samples?

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A lot.

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Anon please, who cares about a file name.

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I think I can see Remilia's BUM!

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Why Imizu is so lewd?

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Why would you save an image that takes up more space?

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Because image size isn't an issue in this day and age?

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He needs to draw more porn.

(Yes /jp/ laugh at my sample)

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He needs to post more grown up Flan, and more pictures of himself crossdressing.

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Everyone's just laughing at you though.

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It's not just the name you full throttling plebeian scum. It's like circumcised cocks or a tsundere who doesn't like you. Samples are cancer.

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Before every concert

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>and more pictures of himself crossdressing.
These annoy me unsexually, He draws some plump babe with his favorite face, but looks nothing like that.
But he's handsome.

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This makes me jealous, he can draw so well and makes a good trap while I'm a basement dwelling loser with no talent.

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It's the image size and quality that gets reduced if you don't enlarge it from a sample.

Samples are displayed first for people on toasters.

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I don't think vampires masturbate a lot.

Drinking blood feels better than sex for them.

Drinking blood while getting fucked in both holes must be insane.

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How often does Yuuka?

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She edges herself five times a day, with supervision, but cummies are strictly forbidden :^)

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What is she, a boy?

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This method is how I discovered masturbation when I was in elementary as a male.

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There's always a story to cover or a shot to take, she's got no time for masturbation!

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3 out of 4 seasons
one continuous squish session

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3 times a week.

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Twice a week and she falls asleep right after without cleaning up!

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Never. It's partly why she's so frustrated.

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It's good for relieving writer's block.

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Sakuya doesn'e need to masturbate, she has her husband!

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>Cake literally saying "OLD"

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A talking cake?

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She congratulating you on your wizardry

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JAV when?

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>those doujinshi with Remi drinking blood while being creampied.

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>average jaypee

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Who ye quoting?

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myself dude *<:3c

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I want to fuck Imizu right in his girly butthole

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Since she lives alone in a field in the middle of nowhere and has very few social links, I'd bet Yuuka spends a lot of time pleasuring herself.

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I feel like Yuuka doesn't need much worldly pleasure, that sitting in the sun and thinking genocidal thoughts is all she needs to be happy.