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Yukari loves you!

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Getting married to Yukari!

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I wish Yukari was my mom.

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I wish Yukari was my dad.

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No she doesn't.
And I hate her.

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Contain your Yukari circlejerks please.
And please learn to use the catalog, kusadai.

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Yukarin made you dinner
It's really good, you should try it!

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Too bad, cause I actually love Ran. Ha ha!

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You have better taste but still not the best.
Chen > Ran >>>> Yukari

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yukari loves every being in gensokyo! She is a benevolent goddess!

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>it's redundant body part bits of yourself she gap'd out while you were asleep

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Who are you quoting? In which game does yukari-sama say these things??

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Why she don't looks happy?

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Remove Youkairi

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Why did she set herself on fire and shit on a plate?

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pls don't bully the Yukari, she is always working hard to make you happy.

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can you proof it?

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Too bad hags aren't deserving of love.