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I need help remembering a touhou doujinshi and figured you guys might be bale to help. It's actual h-content is really small, and it's exclusively Reimu x Marisa. It take splace on Christmas, and it's Marisa trying to find Reimu the right present. She ends up buying her a charm because she saw her looking at it in the window - turns out she's looking at Marisa's reflection the whole time.

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try searching exhentai for "character:reimu hakurei character:marisa kirisame female:yuri"
it's probably in there but i cbf to dig through it

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Boom, found it:


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That's really neat. Kinda confusing at parts, but really cute.

Also wow this page has quite the archive of yuri stuff. Guess they'll be good if I ever feel bored.

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Why I could reconize artist just by reading reixmari?
Am I really that fuck up?