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Story speaking, which one was stronger? Taoists or Buddhist ?

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There's no actual canon comparison- the only time we've seen them meet in canon, they just talked. They're pretty evenly matched in the fighting games.

Byakuren's super-strength self-buffing magic is pretty awesome; Miko, being a Taoist, has similar 24/7, but it's unclear if it's anything near as powerful- it's certainly not part of her spell-cards.
Most artists say 'advantage: Byakuren', and I think that's why.

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miko wins with the cape on

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I think Miko is weaker, she even said how kansen is probably stronger than her
And wasn't hard to reimu to beat her

If I go for the generic I would say:
Byakuren = stronger
Miko = smarter

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Byakuren has the whole jesus-superman powers with super-strength and automatic buffs but has also demon powers so she's definitively stronger.

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Miko is the last boss of the last boss in ULiL, she has some big shit

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Miko is still cuter

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Don't forget - Yukari and her followers are also Buddhist in canon but give zero fucks about actually following the religion.

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That's most of Gensokyo's Buddhists.

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byakuren is raw power, so probably her.
for miko to win she needs to use teamwork or tactics.

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Just look at the raw power!

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Yeah, and Mokou would be taoist
and zero fucks given too

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Well, after all byakuren's team is weeeaaak

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OP was never talking about the leaders strength, Miko is a genius and better commander than Byakuren so in a teamfight Taohus would probably win.

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Byakuren acts in good faith, she's not stupid.

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I don't know but they both have silly hairstyles.

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Well, there's more Buddhists.

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Quantity =/= quality

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There are some real quality Touhous in this bunch, though...

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Aside from murasa, nui and ichirin
the rest of them is pretty stupid

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I think you got that mixed up, because Murasa, Nue, and Ichirin are in the bottom 4 Buddhists.

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Taoist got kansen, she alone is already stronger than byakuren

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I think you're stupid

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These aren't reaction images, newfriend.

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say it ain't so

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I'd rather say Miko is more "cunning", not simply smart.
Not being picky with her methods is a powerful trait for strategists, but it has its drawbacks. Being unpopular for example, in-universe or in the fandom.

And like >>13543614 said, Byakuren isn't "brawn over brain" stupid, she's just more careful with her approach, and tend to pick a way that won't drag along unnecessary bystanders/innocents.
Also, I don't know if it's just me, but she's the type that'll take care of stuffs herself, rather than asking others to do it for her. The reason Mamizou came is only because Nue called her without Byakuren's permission. And since they can't prevent Miko from breaking the seal, she'd rather meet her in person before taking any actions. So, talk first, then decide.

Saying that they're weak or don't have enough "quality" is kind of a weird statement, though.
Remember that Ichirin and Unzan is already a match for Futo, while Murasa and Shou(with pagoda) is about the same strength, if not stronger. Not to mention there's Nue, and Mamizou is still arguably on their side.
True enough, the Taoists have an edge in strategical play, but in a 1-on-1 fights, things may be different. Also, remember that Byakuren's followers have a different kind of loyalty compared to Miko's. These kind of bonds have special qualities that some simple orders or tactics cannot accomplish.

Add Yuyuko's group as well. She is after all, a Buddhist nun too. Was, perhaps but she still follows some of the teachings.

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Isn't that just the same thing as people in East Asia identifying with the religion because they were born into it, but not because they've made an active decision to follow it?
Though it is possible that Yukari actually doesn't believe. She's after all aware of both Shiki and Bhava-agra, yet made disparaging comments about Celestials and as you said doesn't follow the teachings, which would make 0 sense for someone that has seen and was convinced by proof.

Yuyuko's group probably are followers, they don't need to be affiliated with Myouren since Yuyuko is direectly connected with and is part of afterlife bureaucracy. Maybe this is her final existence or one of her last ones.
Nearly all of Youmu's Spell Cards have Buddhist references, which is obviously not a coincidence. Going by Eiki's comments, Youmu is also part of the afterlife machinery and subject to different rules than normal living beings.

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I'd like a citation for this, please, because to my mind, Yukari is closer to a taoist (though, being an immensely powrful yokai, probably doesn't really follow any faith).

She uses onmyouji, which is a Japanese taoist discipline, and prances around covered in bagua, which, again, are a taoist thing.

Even if these aren;t enough to make her a Taoist, I still don't remember a single thing relating her to Buddhism; so I'd like a citation, not because I'm trying to to disprove you, but because I really don't have the foggiest where that idea comes from.

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I don't think there's anything apart from Yukari and Ran having a buddhist themed spell card. (but even Mokou has one of those)