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Chens been getting rather chubby lately. You haven't been bringing her junk food have you?

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Kill yourself.

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I want /v/ crossies to leave


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Yes and you cant stop me

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I haven't been bringing it to her, I've just been leaving it out and she's just happened to eat it.

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No fat Chen here.

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I'm going to sabotage Yukari too.

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Is /v/ into fat now?

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They actually have some "thick" threads and fatty ones pop up every now and then.
I'm actually surprised at the boards I've seen them on here.

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Does /v/ even come here?

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This explains it

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I'm only doing what needs to be done.

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I would that Chen.
I would her gentle, I would her hard.
She would have kittens and be soft.

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She ain't called the great fairy for nothing.

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No more than usual.

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Huh, wonder if she can hear my ten desires.

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Plump Miko is pretty rare

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That it is, although I imagine she'd have to deal with some guy putting a plump her on his desires

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Dai must be building up some fluff so she isn't so cold around Cirno

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You're fucking disgusting. Why on Earth would you show off a body as revolting as that one? Lose some fucking weight and hide yourself.

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Can we not have constant fat threads? I'm a pretty big fan of chubbies but I don't want you guys turning this into a general. Keep it under control.

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Why is patchy pretending to be a hamburger?
I think all that time in the library has driven her mad.

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In order to master the art of the hamburger, you must first become the burger.

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So very zen, Patchy must spend hours a day covering herself in mustard and ketchup so she can better prepare herself for the ultimate test of hamburger aptitude.

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I've heard of stuffing a turkey but I think you did it wrong.

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It's foie gras.

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Please don't eat the 2hu, even if she did get stuffed.

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Why is she looking like that?

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one of my favourite artists drew a chubby Chen!

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and yeah she's been fattening up on this

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She looks soft and lovable, perfect for petting

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bullet to your heart!

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That it is.
Chen will always be adorable, thick or thin

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Chen challenges you to a manly duel.

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I accept, this is the moment my life has been leading towards

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fat cat

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Yes she is.
A belly of jelly for rubbing.

Challenge accepted

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I want to play with the jelly belly.

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Well, if she's anything like my cats she'll lay there purring with a dumb grin on her face

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A plump Chen getting belly rubs is a happy Chen.

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Which 2hu would win in an eating contest?

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I doubt anyone can come close to beating that gluttonous ghost.

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In order to win, she actually has to contain all the food inside of her and not just shove it into her mouth and watch it phase right through her.

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Probably Ran then.
The fox has a hefty apatite.

I want to playfully tease a chubby Chen before scratching her ears.

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That...actually looks pretty comfy.
I'd cuddle the ever loving hell out of her as I slept.

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Pretty much, she would be my precious, chubby treasure whom I'd spoil and snuggle.

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Yukari can just gap stuff into her stomach.

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thanks faggot now im crying

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I want to make Ran chubby too!

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Chen gives me a chubby, if you catch my drift

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Two kinds of fluff are better than one.

Well, just don't do anything weird without her consent

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Adorable, would scratch her ears as she sleeps.

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I will hug them both at the same time.

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And they'd hug you back, Ran getting her tails around you and Chen giggling

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That sounds dangerously soft.

>> No.13559132

As it should be, any additional soft to Ran will make a soft singularity. That's on to of a pudgy Chen who wants to sleep in your lap

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i wish i was that happy

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We all do.
Chubby Chen is well fed and has Ran and Anon to look after her.

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Overfeeding Chen!

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i wanna bite chen on the tail

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Well, that's the fastest way, although she's gonna get an upset stomach or two that you're going to need to help her with.


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your cat has a beard

>> No.13560589

It's a wizard obviously.
The mighty nekomancer

>> No.13560706

She'll get used to it. Yukari can help.

>> No.13560714

Well sure but she's going to need something done until then.
And why would Yukari want to help, she probably wouldn't stuff her Familiar's familiar for no reason

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Bring her sweets and ruin her figure. She sleeps a bunch anyways so its not like she'd notice until its too late.

>> No.13561286

Well, just be sure to watch out when she does notice.
You better hope Chen's there to stick up for you lest Yukari get some interesting ideas on how to make you take responsibility.
Many of them are not pleasant.

>> No.13561356

I'm sure they wouldn't be too unpleasant. Especially if you were going go make pineapple upside-down cake that night.

>> No.13561500

That sounds nice Anon.
Just remember that she isn't letting you off the hook, she just doesn't want to ruin dessert with punishment time.

>> No.13561543

What sort of punishment will there be?

>> No.13561553

Well, seeing as you gave her a piece of tribute to make up for what you did while she was asleep, you''ll be helping her burn off the extra fluff.
You're in charge of planning her diet and exercise until she's a fit 17 year old again.

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That is one happy cat

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This one looks even happier

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puffy vulva

>> No.13562731

That she does.
Not as soft as the first pic but still cute.

>> No.13562746

As puffy as her belly by the looks of things, that Chen's been eating well.

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She is just a cuddly ball of happiness and joy.
She is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis happy

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Chen is very amused when you gently scrub her ears.

>> No.13563221

That she is, the cuddliest, fluffiest ball of happiness.
She could always be fluffier if she wanted.

That would be fun.

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This is probably the fluffiest Chen I've encountered

>> No.13563263

That is one fluffy Chen.
I'm more partial towards the other form of fluffy but that is certainly a cute one.

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CanI make it worse instead?

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Well, you are in charge.
Go for it

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Yukari's biggest mistake is putting Anon in charge of her diet.
It'll only get worse from here on out

>> No.13564817

How long until Ran falls victim to it?

>> No.13564838

As long as it takes for the fluffy tails to make one wrong remark about Yukari's weight and be stuffed till she makes Yukari look thin

>> No.13564990

Now Ran has a belly just like Chens!

>> No.13565022

Chen won't let that stand for long.
Another belly that's the same size as hers means the nekomata is getting less belly rubs from Anon.
She stuff her self till she outclasses both Ran and Yukari

>> No.13565076

we have the same jeans

>> No.13565548

Anon found his soul mate

>> No.13565581

>Chen won't let that stand for long.

>> No.13565613

And neither will she.
Hope Anons have been lifting to carry a hefty nekomata because one wonders wether walking or flying will go first

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I can only dead lmao2plaet.

>> No.13566473

Patchy is looking pudgy

>> No.13566595

why we always get Pachushills in Chen threads?

>> No.13566630

Eh, Patchy is one of the more common soft 2hus. I don't mind her but this is the chubby Chen's time to shine.

>> No.13566747

I don't know but I like both.

>> No.13566765

I love all 2hus, although I'd have to say that Yuuka is my least favorite due to sadism.

>> No.13567067

Would you let a chubby Yuuka sit on you?

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I was just joking I love Patchy too, she is cuddly and probably smells nice.

>> No.13567506

In my lap?
Of course! Then I can hug her from behind and give her head pats while she grumbles about me getting so close.

On other places?
Well, if she isn't afraid of my counter attack then also yes.

>> No.13568691

Chubby Yuuka is a miracle

>> No.13569704

patchouli smells like patchouli

>> No.13569786

Sounds lovely.

>> No.13570648

Pudgy Patchy Pleasingly Patting your head.

>> No.13572118

Large Letty Lustily Loving You

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That might be too hot, I would need some ice on top of her

>> No.13572147

A chubby Cirno on top of a large Letty?
Sounds like your a pretty cool dude.

>> No.13572168

Letty would have it all up top while Cirno would have it all down low.

>> No.13572229

fuckin hilarious

>> No.13572263

Hey, no reason we can't just chill out.
The man wants an ice fairy on top of a yukionna.
Seems like a pretty ice suggestion to me.

>> No.13572545

Chubby Cirno would be the best, a fluffy ball of a girl you can carry around and play with her belly, not even counting how you can use her like a portable air conditioner if it gets too hot

>> No.13572602
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yes, imagine that sensation of warmth and cold from one side and another on your chinchin, dude

>> No.13572624

But who would you start with?
The excites Cirno or embarrassed Letty

>> No.13572655

Letty, because Cirno looks up to her and if she looked pleasured, Cirno would want to get same thing. Also Letty first because of that softness.

>> No.13573017

My, my,
The plump little Cirno would be watching off in the corner as you thrust into Letty, causing the Yukionna's breasts to bounce and her face to take a most lewd expression
Why, she'd be so overwhelmed that she couldn't even think to cover her face, letting the ice fairy see all those wonderful, lewd expressions.
Cirno would be awestruck and feel more than a little "excited" after her idol collapsed...panting...before you.
Why, the bottom heavy fairy would probably grab your leg and ask you to do the same thing, her legs trembling a little as she waits for you.

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>> No.13574709

Man, Patchy's method of storing mana is pretty nice.

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>> No.13574859

I too wish to fondle miko belly

>> No.13575370

Please wait, young girls are putting on weight.

>> No.13576019

You know, she looks cuddly.
I'd snuggle that at night, giving that tummy of her's a squeeze as we slept.

>> No.13576134

I want to BITE that belly so bad.

>> No.13576151

The shrine maiden is delicious, just be careful when you try to eat her, she's a bit of a screamer.

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she's got quite a lot of it

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File: 154 KB, 850x802, decency checker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 195 KB, 675x516, don o--oo - oooorange.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you can't get fat on oranges

>> No.13576990
File: 28 KB, 386x359, 135253934541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can I store my fluid in this druid?

>> No.13577002

A large orange has like 80 calories and is mostly sugar so we just have to make sure she's eating 40+ oranges a day.

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File: 129 KB, 850x1047, Don Orange (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She is a cat, she lives and burns those few calories during the night.

>> No.13577033

well obviously she'd be eating them ontop of her regular diet, thus the point of getting fat off oranges

>> No.13577053
File: 199 KB, 1200x839, don orange.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She eats dried bonito besides that and licks some mouses, is she still getting fat?

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File: 205 KB, 1200x1200, 46952662_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not sure if there's any free space left for that.

That's a ton of effort.

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File: 60 KB, 500x500, 12323060323.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are always 3 holes available, tho some artists showed me that there are actually 5, and 12 if you include all of the face. Don't forget about 2 available hands.

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File: 26 KB, 266x230, 1420620594171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a ton of effort
that image

>> No.13577725

It'll be worth it, Chen needs some fluff for the coming winter.

>> No.13577849
File: 108 KB, 600x761, IMG_20150531_114617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shrine maidens have adapted well to long winters with little food.

>> No.13577859

Of course, they've gained the ability to easily put on weight so they don't freeze during the winter.
Now, if one were to feed them on a regular basis this would have catastrophic effects but they don't have to worry about that yet.

>> No.13578063

I can't believe that delitized Chen hasn't been posted yet

>> No.13578075

Please no, chubby Chen is for stuffing, cuddling, and snuggling.

>> No.13578112
File: 1.70 MB, 1288x1289, Jesus christ how hilarious and horrifying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't have Chen but I have this.

>> No.13578124

I can't nope, hard enough.
I just want to sit a super soft Chen in my lap and play with her belly.

>> No.13579411


>> No.13579435

How far are you going to push her anon?
I agree that the best things require a little effort but how much are you wiling to put in?

>> No.13579540

A duffel bags worth. She'll have a sloshy orange filled belly and have a fresh citrus scent to boot.

>> No.13579561

She's gonna need some attention after that, her tummy gurgling as it struggles to digest that.
Would you sit her in your lap and give her tummy a good rubbing?
She'd be purring up a storm if you did.

>> No.13579592

After I play with it sure. I bet it'd feel really nice to lay your head on. Kissing it too!

>> No.13579642

You're pretty bold.
What would happen if you rested your head on her and Chen, in a moment of bravery, took the initiative to give you a kiss?

>> No.13579711

Wrap my arms around her and give her a big hug causing her belly to press against my face even more.

>> No.13579747
File: 146 KB, 800x800, blush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

please stop the perverted talk about Chen

>> No.13579811

That would make her blush so hard and purr even harder.

Just pure love here.

>> No.13580785
File: 259 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_20150531_234544.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13580790
File: 247 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_20150531_234546.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13581160

Is that Shou?
She's looking soft.
I want to rub that belly and scratch her ears.

>> No.13583931

Would she purr though?

>> No.13584186

Tiger's chuff instead of purring.

>> No.13584194

This tiger seems to puff instead of chuff.

>> No.13584218

All the more reason to scratch the base of her tail, make her chuff, and puff and roll over for belly rubs.

>> No.13585435

Chubby Chen, Shou, or Orin?
Which is best?

>> No.13587143

Chubby Chen!

>> No.13587162

Oh and why is that?
Is it her innocence? They way she starts purring when your giving her belly a rub?

>> No.13588991
File: 747 KB, 700x1100, break time.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because my daughteru must be healthy

>> No.13589362

If she's the daughteru then who is the waifu?
Making Ran a momma for real?

>> No.13589405
File: 728 KB, 637x900, Celestial Perfection.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chen needs a younger sibling so she can show how much of a good, and by then responsible sister she can be, and one more furball of happiness will bring much more joy!

>> No.13589417

Chubby younger sister to go with chubby Chen?
Those daughterus sound cuddleable

>> No.13589713
File: 354 KB, 600x800, Chen Yakumo sama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chen will grow into a great woman and if she will get a sister, she will as well

>> No.13589727

Then enjoy the daughterus Anon.

I'd personally enjoy trying to keep the chubby baka's out of trouble.

>> No.13589739
File: 221 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_20150602_122559.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13589753

Chubby dog is chubby.
Which makes sense, I can see that temple being the hub of chub

>> No.13589829
File: 618 KB, 1000x706, meganeChen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chen is a very smart girl, she is just lazy and it doesn't show.

>> No.13589835
File: 373 KB, 1200x1193, turbo chen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13589846

But what's the point of having a lazy daughteru if it doesn't show?
You wouldn't have a chunky nekomata belly to rub while she naps in your lap.

>> No.13590207

Taking tubby Ran and Chen to the pool! Rub tanning oil on her belly.

>> No.13590261

Chen would probably giggle and Ran would blush, probably trying to not let you know how good it feels

>> No.13590311

How good does it feel?

>> No.13590438

Good enough that she's got a blush on her face, gives little squeaks of pleasure, and is rubbing her thick thighs together

>> No.13590458

her name is daidai

>> No.13590459

But shes at the pool! What if another 2hu sees her like that?

>> No.13590510

The worlds most awkward conversation as Ran tries to speak with them while forcing her eyes off of you, stopping her hips from wiggling in that too small bikini of hers, and her tails twitch.
And some stuttering and miss said word

>> No.13590614

Jiggle chubby Ran for them to see!

>> No.13591109

Oh that there would be.
Quiet a few folks would smirk at her ne, bouncy body.
Although I image you'd be there to make her feel better if something slipped or snapped.
Chen would be having too much fun in the pool to care about folks murmuring how chubby she was

>> No.13591182

Remember to flip her over and oil up her backside so she doesn't tan uneven. Bring her some ice cream to help cool off too!

>> No.13591225

Chen would be ecstatic at the opportunity for ice cream while Ran would be less enthusiastic.
Not that she'd say no, maybe it would take her mind off the stares.
But when you went to rub oil along her back and bottom? Well, she'd have to focus awfully hard to ignore you rubbing that big backside of hers.
Especially if you were to sink your hand deep into the malleable, cream colored flesh of her bubble butt

>> No.13591231


>> No.13591304

She wouldn't notice her belly either since she's laying on it. Sooner or later she'll be too hot and sweaty and will need to hop in the pool. Unfortunately for her she put it off for as long as possible by trying to cool off with ice cream.

>> No.13591335

That she would, sending you back for three cones before admitting defeat and jumping in the pool to refresh, making a much bigger splash then she used.
And this is before she notices her stuffed belly.
Well, that and Chen diving in after her

>> No.13591353

A splasg that big I'm sure will be enough to irritate someone. Who would be the first to actually say she and her familiar have gotten bigger?

>> No.13591458

Tough question.
It could be an irritable Yuuka who's sunning herself, and has a body much thinner that Ran's
Or it could be the twiggy shrine maiden Reimu who'd been floating by on an inflatable raft.
Either way, Ran wouldn't take anyone calling little Chen fat, even though it may be true.

>> No.13591651

And where would Yukari be in this situation?

>> No.13591668

Chen's tanned fat belly!

>> No.13591691

Probably napping in the sun, although the loud shouting from the irate 2hu may wake her up.
She may even be willing to help Ran out after her nap was so rudely interrupted

Rub it, blow on it, and make her giggle. Just watch out for if she asks why you make her feel so funny

>> No.13591723

What sort of help would Ran be needing? I'm sure if the upset individual was Reimu things would bet quite interesting.

>> No.13591795

Ah, but what if Yukari is entirely aware of the whole situation? She could be scoping it out with her gap magic while under the guise of a nap.

>> No.13591839

Well, if that were the case, she may deem it necessary to "even the playing field"
That ice cream salesman would probably badly find himself a few bucks richer and a few quarts of ice cram poorer.
As for Reimu, she would be so caught up in her tirade that she wouldn't notice her belly bloating outwards until that thin stomach of hers had been stretched to its fullest with ice cream.
Ran would pick up on it but Chen would be too busy playing with Anon while this happened, showing him how well she floated with that big belly of hers.

>> No.13591901

Poor Reimu, how will she ever go back to protecting Gensokyo with such a big belly? Would she have to do some personal favors for Yukari and Ran, or perhaps even Anon?

>> No.13591980

Maybe but for someone who's gone through as much as she has, she'd probably carry on as best she could, ignoring her perpetually stuffed stomach and growing pudge.
She'd carry on when her breasts stretched her sarashi tight, she'd carry on as her thighs thickened until they perpetually touched and rubbed, she'd carry on as her hips widened till the skirt was useless and her bottom looked like two basketballs.
Why it wouldn't be till her belly was full of fluff and the size of a watermelon that she'd approach Anon for help getting rid of it, the outsider of the Yakumo household being one of the few people who she trusted, and who put up with the grumpy maiden.

>> No.13592132

How would Ran use the maiden being bulked down to her advantage? The pool is no place for danmaku.

>> No.13592270 [DELETED] 

Maybe if the rest of Gensokyo is in a similar state, it will lead to peace.

>> No.13592276

Easy Ran can point out how Reimu's in no position to talk and, unlike Ran, doesn't have a few additions to show for it.
Just a gut.

>> No.13592293 [DELETED] 

Will Chen notice or care when her normally boundless energy is sapped by her encumbering bulk?

How will she react? Just figure that physical things aren't as fun anymore, and go for more snacks?

>> No.13592429

A certain group of four would find themselves slowed down and a blonde thief may wind up getting stuck during a hiest (heaven help her if her victims find her and make "stuck" a permanent condition)

Not at first but as time goes on?
She may find anon catching her more often during tag and hide and go seek locations may close themselves after a while but Anon knows better than that.
He can always do some slower games, card games, or board games with her, something that'll accommodate her bulging belly and growing rear.
Besides, he gives her more belly rubs and cuddles now

>> No.13592443 [DELETED] 
File: 253 KB, 560x800, patchyflabgrab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Her victim would know a lot about being stuck, wouldn't she?

Maybe seeing her rival reduced to such a state would give her the confidence to stop paying attention to her own body, and start going for an extra biscuit at dessert, an extra helping at breakfast, an extra serving of cream and sugar in her tea, and so on.

>> No.13592459

That it would.
I imagine Patchy would start living up to the title of "Great Unmoving Library" before too long.
At least she'd have an equally sized companion in the form of Marisa.
Although they may have to let any guy friends of Marisa's move into the library with her to keep her happy and he would be....surprised

>> No.13592482

What about chubby Chen and Ran exercising so they can still manage to get around with the new girth? They'd be awfully sweaty and out of breath trying to keep up with Anon whos just a human. Would Ran really want to be seen in a sports bra and shorts though? What would Chen wear?

>> No.13592522

Well, youkai are naturally stronger than humans but there would come a point where they'd need to start running or exercising if they want to stay mobile.
Ran would be mortified at going running wearing a sports bra that is MUCH too small for her now gigantic chest and her big, bouncing bottom would threaten to tear her shorts at any moment.
This doesn't even count her doughy belly and thick thighs that rub against each other.
And then there's poor Chen who's wearing spats that cling to her huge bottom and a bigger belly that peeks out from a too small shirt.
Afterwards they'd be panting and exhausted from the run while Anons merely winded.
And the showers?
Well, Ran may try make an offer to share one of the two with Anon as a reward, and so he can help clean some tough to reach places.

>> No.13592551

Is taking a shower with the both of them at the same time really a good idea? You'd get squished between the two of them.

>> No.13592576
File: 590 KB, 775x610, training time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Something like this

>> No.13592584
File: 711 KB, 569x762, training time 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And something like this, Yukari's enthusiasm shows because she didn't even run 5 meters yet and Ran just passed the stick to her.

>> No.13592633

Whos the cat with the one tail?

>> No.13592638


>> No.13592641 [DELETED] 

Chen's pretty childish, and doesn't have the vanity for being obsessed with her body. I can see her being content with her chub unless Ran forces her.

>> No.13592653

Chen wants to be like Ran but Anon keeps filling Ran will food.

>> No.13592655

One of Chen's friends or followers

>> No.13592674
File: 344 KB, 442x472, konkon with it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One of the fastest youkai and she will never get fat, also as one the most intelligent ones, she would never let her weight affect her ability to fight.
Ran is a fit girl, chubb chasers!

>> No.13592687

I like fit Ran too, chubby Ran just maxes out the softness stat.

>> No.13592696

Oh, it would start out with just Anon and Ran in the shower, the latter's well padded behind brushing against him while her hips wiggled in an mixture of excitement and embarrassment.
It would take a little bit but eventually the kitsune would probably build up the courage to start washing Anon's back, surprising the man with the soft pillows, and belly, pressed against his back.
Not that he'd turn it down, who wouldn't want that softness pressed against them?
He'd enjoy it for a while, thanking her and letting her know that he'd repay the favor when Ran would interrupt with the most dangerous of questions.
"Do you think I'm cute?"
Oh sure, Anon would instantly say yes but it would show that Ran was quite selfconcious about the padding she'd put on. This mean that she'd start out by telling him that he must be joking, no one would like a big girl like her.
That would be the final straw though, he'd turn around at that moment and give her a big Ol' kiss, causing the youkai's chubby cheeks to heat up.
The display would get her heart pounding and she'd maybe try to go in for a second attempt but that would be when Chen shows up, pouting about how she'd been the one who had to take a shower alone.
Stopped cold, the shower would continue in a less exciting manner, although Anon wouldn't say no to being trapped between Chen's buddah belly and Ran's thick flanks.

>> No.13592741

Would the really be all? I don't think Anon would be able to calm down, especially being squished between two soft bellies of the most exquisite quality under the warm water making them both especially warm and slippery. Sure Ran's fluff would hide what he has going on down there but wouldn't that only make her more hot and bothered? Not to mention the things are even more cramped now.

>> No.13592840

Who knows, while Chen's talking and washing, she probably wouldn't notice her her plush belly, combined with Ran's, was wearing down his composure until a certain part of him was hard and at the ready.
He wouldn't be the only one though, Ran would be feeling fairly hot and bothered as well, her face pink and little something extra dripping from her as she waited.
Eventually all the touching, brushing, and rubbing would get too much and Ran would wrap around him to better hide what he had going on downstairs.
Not to say she was letting it end there, she'd probably line him up along that special place on her's and start rubbing a little bit to take care of him, and her, as quietly as possible.
Wouldn't want Chen to see whats going on after all.
Trapped beneath those thighs of hers and rubbing her intimate place, it wouldn't take long before the two were trying to keep their cries quiet lest Chen discover what they're doing.
Soon enough, the two would shudder and shake as they released a bit of stress, a small moan slipping from Ran's lips despite her best attempts.
They were lucky though, Chen none the wiser as she spent quite a bit of time washing that big belly of hers, although she was confused about why there was "soap" leaking from between Ran's thighs.

>> No.13592887

What if Chen wanted to try hugging anon in the shower?

>> No.13592910

Well, I'm sure that Ran would try to tell her that it really wouldn't be appropriate for her to do that to Anon in the shower, which would make the nekomata more than a little angry.
After all, she likes Anon and wants to give him a hug, nothing bad about that is there?
She'd press forward, heedless about what her soft belly and rubbing against him would do.

>> No.13592973 [DELETED] 


Nice Dubs

>> No.13592976 [DELETED] 


Nice roll

>> No.13592977

Not to mention Ran would be pressed against him from behind. What'll Chen do if she finds something interesting? What about Ran?

>> No.13593052


>> No.13593056 [DELETED] 



>> No.13593115

Oh, the combined soft sensations would definitely get Anon in a situation, Chen's aggressive hug getting him up and ready.
Something that would grab her attention as something bobbed into view.
She'd blink and Anon would do his best to get her to look away, explaining that she was looking at a very private part while Ran's ears perked up, telling Chen to look away while trying to wrap it up again in her tails.
Chen wasn't going to be having any of that though, getting right up against it and sniffing it in curiosity, her pupils dilating at the scent. Almost on instinct she'd open her mouth and give the rod a lick, her tongue a little rough, but not uncomfortably so, an odd sensation that go Anon quivering.
Ran would be so shocked that she wouldn't now how to respond, letting Chen get in another two curious licks despite Anon's protests.
By the time Ran collected herself, she'd tell Chen to stop and pull Anon back only for the heavy nekomata to stay with him, belly squishing against him as she growled a "no", letting Ran know that she was making Anon feel good.
After all, he made her feel good all the time when they played, Anon quickly clarifying that he simply made her happy at Ran's look, before Chen took the pole in her mouth.
For her first time, she was exceptionally skilled, slightly course tongue adding a new, pleasurable sensation to the sucking.
Ran wasn't too pleased though, trying to pull Anon free and get Chen to stop only for the girl to let out an angry growl every time.
It wasn't too long before Anon released himself, Chen's eyes widening in surprise and ears going flat at the bitter taste, struggling to swallow the white burst.
Suffice to say, Ran was not pleased but Chen wasn't wiling to let go of Anon after that, imprinting on him and cuddling against him as much as she could.
going to bed.

>> No.13593144

Why not muscle fat Ran?

>> No.13593470

A tasty snack should help get the taste out of Chen's mouth. Hopefully it'll be enough to calm down Ran, probably not...

>> No.13593707


I feel really guilty about jerking off but god dammit I'm so hard

>> No.13593733

Ah, but what if Anon tries to excuse himself out of the shower? Will Chen or even Ran allow it? How about making a break for it, since this situation clearly has no way to make both parties happy.

>> No.13594267
File: 80 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20150531_234928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13594852

Anon would probably try to excuse himself right away, mostly to avoid the death glare Ran was giving him, but his hurried apology and escape interrupted by Ran, who wants to give Anon a piece of her mind, and Chen, who's filling a little weird and wants to make Anon feel good.
In fact, the two of the two of them started speaking at the exact same time only to notice how they were on opposite sides of the situation.
Ran would look down to the hefty Chen and telling her to let go of Anon, the fluffy tails gigantic bosom almost engulfing him as she leaned over.
Chen would not stand for this though, asking why she shouldn't when it made Anon feel so good, rubbing her big, basketball sized belly on him in an effort to get him excited again.
To be fair, it did work but it wasn't necessarily helping the situation.
Ran, in full mom mode, told the little nekomata to let go as she press even more forward, her own soft belly pressing against Anon.
Chen, in an act of defiance, said "no", and pressed so close that her small, squishy chest was against the struggling Anon as the soap and water mixed for a slick sensation. The soft skin brushing in on him at all sides and bringing him to full mast again, although he was more worried about what Ran and Chen would do to him if they saw it.
As the arguing continued, Anon slowly struggled forward until, due to the slick soap and water, he popped out from the shower, leaving the two youkai to their argument.
When he next saw them, the two were pouting at the table, angry looks on their faces as they awaited lunch.

>> No.13595026

Oh dear, what can help cool down Ran?

>> No.13595034

My pissssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

>> No.13595209

What a sticky situation Anon-kun's gotten himself into. And on top of that, Chen's marked him with her scent, because she'd been rubbing against him like cats do to claim ownership. Is there any way for a fox to counter-claim ownership? Perhaps a more mature way, like a bite? That would be for later, though. Anon has to resolve the situation now.

>> No.13595582

Well, with the table looking as if it would break out in a fight at any moment Anon would need to make peace as best he could.
Seeing as words had failed thus far, he put that nervous energy towards whipping up a quick lunch for the pair, a heaping helping of fried tofu for Ran and a thick slice of smoked salmon for Chen.
As he brought it out, Ran's expression briefly flickered to joy before she remembered what Anon, or Chen to be more accurate, had done, her scowl returning although a bit less severe.
Chen's pout evaporated entirely as the fish was set before her, a beaming smile overtaking her face as she thanked Anon, purring as she did.
The outsider told her it was no trouble and sat down with a sandwich he'd made.
As he ate though, set dead center between them, he could have sworn that they'd scoot a little closer every time he looked away until Ran was on his left, a cautious eye on Anon while Chen happily wrapped her twin tails around his waist, happily talking about some games she wanted to play

>> No.13595641

How sweaty poor Anon must be. He must need something to wipe his face with. How has Yukari been faring in this whole ordeal?

>> No.13595697 [DELETED] 

Are you the same anon who wrote that elaborate writefaggotry on 2hus that bled well into the archive?

Because you made me cum something like 10 times at least

>> No.13595711

Bring cake for Ran!

>> No.13595784

Yes, I do shorter stuff in active threads, longer/narrative stuff there. Doing this on my phone

Well, Chen seemed as cheerful as ever now that her belly was full, although Anon was getting worried about the games she wanted to play. At this point he was wonder if she'd be asking him to play hide and seek or...well, hide and seek of another nature.
Ran though, she seemed to still be agitated, unhappy that Chen seemed to have gone from daughter to rival in such a short amount and that Chen seemed to be rebelliously pressing onward.
Well, the tofu had brightened Ran up a tiny bit, so Anon figured spoiling her may help ease her, although he'd need to make something for the nekomata lest she feel she was getting ignored.
With a few awkward words, anon slipped from between the two girls and went to the kitchen to make some goods for them.
Namely a large vanilla cake.
As he stepped in though, he found himself face to face with a tired looking Yukari.
The gap youkai was remarkably untouched compared to her familiars, her breasts only a little bigger while her hips and rear sported only a few more inches of fluff, although she now had a small pooch Neely from the snacking she'd done.
It seems Yukari had taken an interest in tormenting the Hakurei shrine maiden after an insult had been thrown at a pool.
The shrine maiden now found herself perpetually stuffed full and her dress bordering on useless, unable to find the coinage for new clothes to hide soft F cups, a tremendous bottom, and belly as big as couch cushion.
Still better than Marisa though, the black and white have finally gotten caught by an irate Patchy and Sakuya.

>> No.13595793

No fat girls no fat girls. A woman gets easy mode the day she is born and godmode if she's not overweight and under 30. Is it really that difficult to avoid stuffing your face for a half day to lose weight? You can do it! Also fat fetishist feeder and leave 'er men should burn in the fiery magma below us.

>> No.13595805

Also did an Oppai Remilia short in that "Satori Growth Spurt" thread

>> No.13595815

That's Yukari for you, she can just gap herself thin if she needs to. Might as well give some of the cake to her as well, Anon should give attention to the whole family.

>> No.13596119

How will he explain the cake to her?

>> No.13596197

Anon would greet her, as a normal person should, and she'd greet him back with a cherry "uuuugh" as the recently awoken youkai grabbed a couple bagels from the counter, tearing into one as stalked back to the kitchen table.
Anon told her that cake would be ready in a bit and she responded with another "ugh".
Yukari was not a lively person after she'd woken up and Anon didn't expect her to be at full capacity for another hour.
Still, it did mean he could eye her in those lacey panties and bra she wore, the straps sinking into her flesh a little bit. Despite being the least active of anyone, Yukari had barely put on any weight, making Anon wonder if she'd been gapping her fluff elsewhere.
After a quick stint in the kitchen, Anon found that Yukari had awoken, and was watching something through her gap, while Chen was having a whispered, if tense, discussion with Ran.
All eyes turned to him once that great, triple layer vanilla cake hit the table though, mouths watering at its scent.
Ran and Chen were served first, both of them nabbing generous pieces of cake that were nearly a quarter of it each, while Yukari took a three normal pieces and ate two of them, gapping the third elsewhere.
Anon questioned where it had gone but
the only reply the youkai gave was "a historian", a little moan of frustration coming from the gap.
Anon soon felt a tug at his shirt though, looking down to see Chen's chubby cheeks as she bashfully asked him to feed her, Ran's ears pricking up while Yukari gapped another slice away.

>> No.13596260

I had a chubby while at the grocery store, thanks. Anon probably does too, from scoping out Yukari's booty. He probably should lay off of getting close to Chen for now to avoid upsetting Ran.

>> No.13596501

With those bright eyes and the hopeful look on her face, Anon couldn't help but give in to Chen, grabbing a bite of cake for her and holding it up with an "Aah"
Chen closed her eyes and opened her mouth, a smile at the edges of her lips as the fork entered.
The cake disappeared with a small "chomp" and moan of delight as the nekomata enjoyed the dessert, although he swore those moans were a little more "exicited" than they should be.
Ran didn't miss it either, the kitsune approach Anon and demanding that he feed her two, Yukari uninterested and throwing bagels into a gap while someone on the other end shouted something about a "Shanghai".
As Anon held out a bite for Ran, trying to ignore Chen rubbing her cheek against his side, the many tailed woman took a bite while her golden eyes locked onto Anon's, their lids a little lower and the gaze more than a little hot.
She didn't let him remove it quickly either, slowly drawing back while holding his stare.
Chen hadn't missed it, asking Anon to feed her next as the war reached a new stage

>> No.13596512

Poor, poor Anon-san, he's probably screaming internally, stuck between these two chubby animals, feeding them. However will he escape from this horrible hell?

>> No.13596530

Does Ran want to be fed by Anon?

>> No.13596558

she wants him to feed her the dick

>> No.13596895

And so the battle of lunch began, Anon trying to feed both Ran and Chen as their attempts at seduction became progressively less subtle.
Chen's moaning became louder, and lewder, while her twin tails became more and more agitated.
Ran, conversely, was quiet but started taking more of the utensil in her mouth, anon beginning to worry if she'd choke on it with how far back it was going.
For the next hour anon fed the pair cake, their bellies growing more and more taut with each bite, buttons straining as pale flesh pushed outwards.
It was then that Anon noticed how odd they started acting.
Well, more odd than they already had been. Chen's incessant rubbing against him started turning into playful little nips and licks while her purring turned thunderous.
Ran began fidgeting and was soon red faced and panting, squirming a little as her tails coiled more and more around Anon, one of her hands slipping under his shirt and rubbing his chest while Chen's head moved closer towards his cro-
They vanished, disappearing down two gaps while Yukari pouted at the scene.
I can't even make ice cream in peace when they go into heat," she sighed, pouring two gallons of milk down a gap while some one by the name of "Dai" was shouting to someone in panic "you really must be unlucky to have gotten them both up like that."
"Heat?" Anon asked as Yukari grabbed a third gallon, getting a nod from the blonde.
She explained how certain youkai, namely the beasts, would go into heat every couple years or so, although she was surprised that Ran and Chen had done it at the same time.
Anon sighed a bit, feeling relaxed as he thanked Yukari for sending them off.
She seemed confused at this though, telling him that he'd be going with them.
The last thing Anon saw was Yukari gave him a wave and told him to "come back with kids" before all went dark.

>> No.13596905

Oh boy, Anon's going to have to figure out how to satisfy both of them, wherever the three of them are now. This will surely be very difficult, and I wouldn't be surprised if Ran tried to take him all for herself, she has been acting a bit greedy with Anon lately.

>> No.13596916

Would be nice if /jp/ had more writefags. One of the reasons I browse /mlp/ is because of the constant supply of new stuff.

>> No.13596927

Holy shit, I thought it was just me. It's feels like the most shameful thing I've done, but I like reading.

>> No.13596928


>> No.13596938 [DELETED] 
File: 146 KB, 740x740, puking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13596947

You niggers need to get out of /jp/.

/jp/ isn't the fetish board.

>> No.13596957

I'm sorry. I'll leave forever now.

>> No.13597034

But /jp/ is my fethish

>> No.13597123

writefag you're a noble man for doing this shit on a phone

>> No.13597124

>I browse /mlp/
You dun fucked up. We could've just had a nice little quiet chubby thread but nope.

>> No.13597134

It might be, but it's still not a fetish board.

>> No.13597221

I'll continue around midnight.
I'm indisposed right now.

>> No.13597250

Can't wait for it~

>> No.13597422

I can finally see the appeal of weight gain

>> No.13597431

>that bled well into the archive?
Its still going dude.

>> No.13597485

Wasnt Chen and Ran tanned from being at the pool?

>> No.13597533

This is what I get for sleeping between sessions

>> No.13597742

Retcon: They are tanned because I forgot they'd done that.

With a small pomf, Anon landed on the bed confused about where he was and what was going on.
Yukari had gaped him from the kitchen table to...somewhere, although this somewhere did have a bed and that bed just happened to have two panting, soft looking youkai.
Chen and Ran had both gone into heat, their chests heaving, although Ran's tremendous, bouncing bosom made it look much more impressive.
"Anooooon~" a squirming Chen moaned as she lay on her back, thick thighs rubbing against each other and her soaked undergarments in plain view of the outsider "I feel weird..."
"We're in heat Chen," a twitching, gasping Ran told her familiar, the golden tailed woman laying on her full, watermelon sized stomach "although I w-wasn't expecting the two of us to have it at the same time."
The nekomata whined, asking how her master how to make it stop, rolling around on her beach ball sized belly and crawling towards Anon, eyes fogged over from need.
Ran simply told Chen that "Anon will do it," fidgeting with her robes until they fell away to reveal caramel colored skin split by a few thin lines of white, lines that showed where her bikini had been.
"You will take care of us, won't you Anon?" the kitsune added as her eyes smoldered with barely contained want.
Well, Anon wouldn't be a man if he said no would he? Besides, Chen was rubbing and licking him as she mewled for release, her body craving for Anon to ease her tension.
Taking the cat eared girl by the chin, Anon tilted her head back so her head back for a kiss, the girl's glazed eyes rolling back a bit as she moaned into the kiss.
She turned to putty in his hands, allowing the man's free hand, along with Ran's help, to slowly unbutton her dress so that her big, ball of a belly could spring free and reveal her soft, petite chest.
Lost in lust, Chen pushed forward against Anon as she fell into the kiss, her moans growing louder and louder.

>> No.13597840

Chen's plush, tanned belly was pressed against Anon's stomach as she clung as tightly to him a she could, her body grinding and rubbing while Ran worked the nekomata's blue striped panties free.
Anon had to struggle to breath from the girls intensity, little moans of "Anon" slipping out as her body flooded her brain with pleasure.
Needless to say, Anon was nice and ready for her and she him, her liquid need dripping onto his pole.
With a bit more strength than he planned on, for even Chen was stronger than she looked, the man panting a little bit by the time the nekomata was on her back, gasping, red faced, and with her womanhood exposed a bit below that giant belly of hers.
"Y-you'll make me feel good, right Anon?" she asked the man, a little afraid while she wiggled and writhed below him.
Anon told her that he would, lining himself up with her secret place before slowly going in.
She let out an "eep" of pain as he entered her, tears of pain hanging at the edges of her eyes as Anon took the nekomata's first.
Anon hushed her though, his right hand taking her left and his left hand rubbing and patting her belly, hand sinking into her softness while he slowly pushing onward.
Anon comforted the whining girl by letting her know that it would feel good soon, slowly withdrawing so he could dive into her again.
Bit by bit he went, patting her belly, teasing her flat chest, and holding her hand until those pained moans of her began to grow sweeter and sweeter until no trace of pain remained.
It was then that Anon knew he could go forward, increasing the pace until her belly shook like jello from the impacts and her pleasure frazzled mind could only manage were lusty gasp and moans as her hips, padded enough to give ample hand holds, began to move in time with the outsiders .
"A-Anon," she gasped as her insides started to convulse, a pressure inside her building up for release "I-I feel s-strange. H-hold me! K-keep me close!"

>> No.13597858

What a lewd girl. To think a shower was the cause of all this, or perhaps it was inevitable. With a stomach so full poor Chen must be feeling awfully lethargic and helpless as well, Ran isn't in good shape and is equally heated and pretty bloated. Why Anon could do anything he wanted at this point, as long as they get some relief.

>> No.13597905

With a request like that, Anon couldn't resist, pulling her close into a hug as his thrusts continued, the climax soon to come.
"A-Anon I..I..." Chen tried to stammer out as her body began to shake "I-I-I Love you!"
As if a trigger was pulled, Anon fired deep into Chen as she clamped down on him, trying to milk him for all his worth before she slumped back against the bed, panting and dazed .
Anon sighed as she pulled himself from her, a little tired from pleasing her.
"I hope that isn't all you had," a heavy, heated whisper from Ran said, lightly nibbling the outsider's ear as she pressed her plump belly and massive, headsized breasts against his back. "You wouldn't leave me like this would you?"
Anon could only stutter out a couple words before one of her delicate hands found its way to his flagging member, stroking it while she continued to tease him.
"Such a greedy girl, I'd wanted you all for myself but then little Chen caught us" she sighed as her tails began to wrap around him, nuzzling into his neck and nipping him lightly "guess I need to take responsibility as much as you do."
Just as suddenly as she had grabbed him, she let him go, allowing anon to turn around and see her wide, door jamming hips and huge, seat cushion sized cheeks on full display as she lay down for him, her secret place dripping with need.
Furthermore, Anon thought he caught sight of another damp patch from where she'd been sitting, one hand dripping sticky liquid to show how she'd "occupied" herself while Anon and Chen were busy.
Her flanks and bottom swayed as she tried to entice him, great, soft cushions that begged for Anon to dive into them.
She didn't need to try for long, Anon getting up and ready at the sight.
Ran was hot inside as he plunged into her, her first falling away as she bit her lip to hide the gasp of pain.
"D-don't mind me Anon," she told him, one fang biting her plump lip hard enough to draw blood, "I-I'll be fine."

>> No.13597918
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>> No.13597971

Shh just fap, its okay.

>> No.13597993

Anon was going to mind though, he wasn't going to simply pump into her and use her like a toy, it'd be no fun if she didn't get any enjoyment.
As he slowly pressed time and time against her bottom, one of Anon's hands reached though the sea of swaying, fluffy tails to reach her golden ears, scratching at their base and drawing a squeak of surprise from her.
"W-what are you doing?" she gasped, her voice weak as her bottom raised higher with each little scritch until her chest was pressed against he bed and her belly hung downward towards it "I-I'm sensitive there!"
Anon knew that, which is why he was doing it, his other hand groping and fondling that super soft behind, hand sinking into the malliable flesh.
"K-keep going!" the kitsune pleaded, her insides starting to grip him and keep him inside her "I-I want it all! Give me your kits! Give me your love!"
Her sweet nothing only increased as the end neared, her panting only increasing until hat final scream came.
"Make me a momma! Make me your wife!" she screamed one last time as her insides spasomed an clamped down on him, holding in that next shot of white.
Ran collapsed as her exhausted body gave out, basking in the after glow as she muttered "A husband and kids" over and over again.
Anon let out a breath as he sank back onto the massive bed they'd been resting on, getting ready to drift off to sleep....
Until a loud purr and a happy "Anon~" reached him, a slightly rough tongue licking his member as Chen recovered for her next turn.
It was going to be a long night.

Bed time.

>> No.13598006
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>> No.13598059

Exhausted, that word could barely even describe how Anon felt, Ran and Chen having milked Anon all night until he was bone dry and they were filled with...well....something other than food.
At least they'd cuddled him afterwards, especially once they'd calmed down, Chen pressing that ultra soft belly of her's against Anon's right arm while Ran buried his left deep in her cleavage, the latter wrapping him in her tails while the former let out a quiet purr in her sleep.
Whatever, it gave him a little extra time to enjoy some delicious softness.
As he drifted off to sleep, there was a small tap of plastic on his chest.
As he looked down, he saw what looked like two pregnancy tests on his chest, a little plus sign on each of them.
"W-what is?" he said before looking up to see a smiling yukari giving him a thumbs up before disappearing back through her gap, an angry, green haired woman tied to a chair behind her surrounded by sweets.
"Wow" was the only thought going through Anon's mind as he stared at the little plastic things. on his chest, Ran and Chen snuggling up against him tighter as they dreamed.
He gave a small shrug and a yawn before drifting off to sleep giving the slumbering girls a kiss on the forehead before he two joined them in sleep, thoughts of kits and kittens going through his head.

>> No.13598065

Figured I'd get one more out before hitting it.
Night all.

>> No.13598755 [DELETED] 

Wait, really?


The last time I checked, dude seemed to imply it was the end.


>> No.13598810 [DELETED] 
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Chens been getting rather buff lately. You haven't been bringing her amphetamines have you?

>> No.13598865


Writefag went back to the Remilia story. It kind of went off on a tangent with actual writing so its more of an actual story than it is a fapfic which isnt necessarily bad but still its a bit incoherent at times. I'm hoping he'll compilate it into a pastebin or a deviantart story.

>> No.13598908

where's the secret yukari dicking ending

>> No.13599097

Chen looks like the marshmallow man, how awful.

>> No.13599107 [DELETED] 

she's bulking.

>> No.13599193

I hate when artists draw muscles and have no idea how anatomy works. Her arms and sides look all kinds of fucked up. Nobody has delts shaped like that, her obliques are missing, abs are not present, and her hip flexors are way too round.

>> No.13600049
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I want to nuzzle her soft belly!

>> No.13600213

Life in the Yakumo household had settled ever Ran and Chen became mother's in waiting, their bellies now growing bigger for reasons other than stuffing.
Ran was quite embarrassed the morning after the deed, apologizing to Anon for what she'd done while in heat. After finding out her "condition" though, the kitsune had wrapped Anon up in a great hug and started squealing with joy, awakening the hefty Chen who gave a little yawn before burying her face into Anon's side, happily mumbling something. Ran was...less pleased about learning how Chen would be joining her on the path to motherhood but had come to accept it, teaching the nekomata how to sew, knit, cook, and other such tasks she'd need to know.
To the surprise of everyone, Chen had actually taken to learning these skills quite easily, telling Anon that she was going to be a great mother like "Momma Ran."
There was still one sore point thought.
Despite her initial actions, namely hurling Anon into a bed with two youkai in estrus, Yukari had become increasingly pouty as time passed and the pregnancies progressed.
Which was why Anon had decided to pay the youkai a visit, a steaming plate of cookies in hand as he knocked on the door.
There was no answer at first, making him wonder if she was asleep, but soon a disappointed sounding voice called out for him to enter.
Yukari Yakumo's room was dark, lit only by a few burning candles and dominated by a gigantic bed and equally huge dresser, the rooms owner listlessly laying on her bed and tossing doughnuts through a gap....and into a blubbery green haired youkai with antenna who's eyes were spinning as her bulk grew and grew.
Anon, only slightly wierded out by this, asked Yukari if she was feeling OK, earning a mumbled "yes" as another doughnut disappeared down the gap.
This was an obvious lie and Anon called her out on it, telling her how she'd barely left her room in days.
Yukari pouted at that, telling Anon that he didn't need to worry about it.

>> No.13600293

Anon didn't let it end there, telling the gap youkai how telling him not to worry was just going to make him worry, the man firmly planting his feet on the ground as he looked at her.
Those purple eyes locked with his for a moment before Yukari, with a sigh, upended the rest of the pastries into a gap and sent the groaning, green haired girl away.
"Babies" she simply told him, looking quite unladylike with her mussed and sleep tussled hair "I want babies."
Oh, well...Anon let her know that Chen and Ran would be delivering in another couple months or so, if youkai pregnancies worked like human ones, and she could play with the little kits and kittens then.
That drew a sigh and a flick on the forehead from Yukari as she shook her head.
She didn't want their babies, she wanted babies of her own.
Anon suddenly felt very awkward as the blonde watched him, her eyes turning hungry as she leaned forward to give him a clear view of her cleavage.
The man couldn't even react before he found himself gapped onto the bed and naked as the day he'd been born, an amorous Yukari pressing against his back as she started whispering about what she'd do to him.
Despite this, Anon was a little hesitant to take the leap, something Yukari picked up on.
"Something wrong?" she pouted, head resting on his shoulder as her arms wrapped around him. "It wouldn't be me would it?"
Anon hastily told Yukari that it wasn't her but she'd already made up her mind.
"I guess you only want bigger girls don't you?" she whispered before spinning into his lap, removing her evening gown with a snap of her fingers. "That can be arranged."
Having the ability to control borders and gaps, Yukari was able to ensure that she'd remained relatively thin by gaping her pudge elsewhere.
That which was given could easily be reclaimed though and Yukari's pudge was no different.

>> No.13600352

Her small pooch belly began to bloat and swell outwards with each passing second, soft flesh filling the gap between the two until it was filled entirely, the belly as big as a beach ball. Her already respectable mammaries weren't left behind either, swelling larger and larger atop her belly until they were head sized melons that remained surprisingly perky. Finally, there where her hips, thighs, and rear which grew and grew until her bottom was made of two, soft, extra large pillows, her hips looked like they could get stuck in doorways, and her thighs touched and rubbed.
Just as swiftly as the bloating began, it stopped with the, now quiet large, Yukari smiled at Anon, lightly grinding on him as she asked if he liked what he saw.
The answer was a definite yes, Anon's manhood already up and pressing into the youkai's plush flesh.
"I could probably go bigger you know," she whispered into his ear, eyes steaming hot "I could probably get bigger than that thieving black and white, her boyfriend and her seem to enjoy it."
As anon blinked, she pushed him down onto his back with a laugh, commenting about the look on his face before she held herself above his spear.
"I hope your ready Anon," she told him with a confident smirk, "because you aren't leaving till I have a kid."
And with that, Yukari let herself drop on Anon, impaling herself on him as her weight crashed down.
This proved to be a poor decision as Yukari's first was taken before she was ready, causing it to be quiet painful.
Her grin vanished and a pained squeal slipped out, the woman doubling over and burying Anon's head in her chest as she fought back tears of agony.
"Owowowowow" she repeated as Anon asked if she was alright, a pointless question considering her moaning, asking her if there was anything he could do to help.
Yukari wouldn't let him though, telling him that she had it covered as she slowly rose and moved her hips.

>> No.13600417

With agonizing slowness she rose before crashing into him again, her weight causing him to bounce in the bed and her body to jiggle.
Another pained gasp, slipped out as she moved before her body was ready, trying to force her way to pleasure.
Anon wasn't going to let that happen though, his hands shooting out to give her huge, soft bosom a squeezing and successfully drawing a sweet gasp from her.
They were supremely soft, marshmallows that his hands sunk deeply into, teasing the sensitive flesh and causing Yukari's face to grow steadily redder.
"Enjoying them Anon?" she asked him as she slammed down again, her gasp just a little sweeter this time. "T-they'll get even bigger when the kids are on the way you know?"
He did, already Ran's had gone up a cup size or two and even Chen was starting to get a little bigger up top, although not by much.
Still it would have been something to look forward to.
For a while, Anon let Yukari have her way, bouncing and ridding atop him as her body bounced and jiggled, moans containing more and more pleasure each time.
Soon there was no pain at all in the gap youkai's voice, just pure esctasy as she bounced and ground harder and harder atop him. This wasn't to say Anon was passive though, for he'd begun his counter attack, pushing forward every time she descended so he could hammer into her hips and reach her deepest depths.
"K-keep going," the heavy woman pleaded as her insides began to twitch, the sign that her climax was approaching "f-fill me up! Give me kids!"
Anon wasn't going to say no to that, he was reaching his limit as well, the blonde's gasps and pleading for him to explode inside her only making the end draw ever closer.
With a shriek Yukari came, clamping down on Anon as he dyed her insides white, firing a ropey stranding into her as her back arched and eyes turned skyward, YUkari's heaving breasts on full display before she collapsed heavily atop him.

>> No.13600439

For the longest while they lay entwined, Yukari's soft flesh enveloping him as she gasped and panted.
"Not too heavy am I?" she asked him, red faced with embarrassment "Don't want to hurt the daddy to be."
The little giggle she made gave Anon a smile, his hand rising to give her head a pat. She gave out a little, trilling sound not unlike a purr at his touch, head nuzzling into his hand as she smiled.
"I do hope you're ready to take responsibility Anon," she said as she pulled him deeper into a snuggling hug. "because you're going to be quite busy."
Anon laughed at that, they were just kids, nothing he couldn't handle.
"I'm not talking about the kids," Yukari laughed, pointing towards the door where a blushing Chen and Ran stood, looking at the pair of them "because I think a few others want to have their turn."
Anon took a gulp as the pair practically through themselves at him, turning a short stay into a long, exhausting one.
Still, the happy smile Yukari gave him as she showed that positive pregnancy test was worth the work.

>> No.13601306
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>> No.13601623

Tubby tanukis a great

>> No.13602527
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I wonder how many gallons of alcohol it takes to get a 300lb tanuki girl drunk.

>> No.13602584

No idea but I need suikas ford to find out.

>> No.13602588


>> No.13602917

pour it down her butt!

>> No.13606090
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>> No.13606130

Why is Mystia so fat?

>> No.13606283
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Why not?

>> No.13606387

I want to stuff her till she can't fly and tease her about eating her.