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Hey /jp/, answer me this. Are Yuugi and her boobs soft or not?

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Yuugi, yes.

Her boobs, no.

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Yuugi, no.
Her boobs, yes.

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Yuugi, yes
Her boobs, yes

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She puts the 'jug' in 'juggernaut'!

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Her physique is so far beyond improbable it's totally implausible and may even be impossible for a human...
But I like my 10% body fat (9% on the tits) isn't-that-a-man bulk Yuugi.

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Can muscles be soft? If so, yes and yes.

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she is practically a manhu
people who like her are homosexual

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Stop projecting your gayness on others!

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Boobs are always soft as they're conmprised of fat and breast tissue. The rest of her depends on her bf% and muscle mass. I imagine shes soft enough if you were to just touch her but if she flexed or wrapped you in a hug her muscles would tense and quickly become very firm.

Would you let Yuuhi hug you, anon?

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I'd cuddle the FUCK out of Yuugi.

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Boobs are always soft as they're comprised of fat and breast tissue. The rest of her depends on her bf% and muscle mass. I imagine shes soft enough if you were to just touch her but if she flexed or wrapped you in a hug her muscles would tense and quickly become very firm.

Would you let Yuugi hug you, anon?

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>Would you let Yuugi hug you, anon?
I'd hug her first.

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Soft Yuugi is simply the best. This isn't up for debate.

If you prefer the Yuug on the left, you have problems.

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Nope. Best is the left's muscle mass ontop of right's fat. She should be a big girl.

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It fills me with disgust that both the author of this and his audience prefer the shitty, pudgy Yuugi on the right.

Yuugi should be so manly and awesome that the moment you lay your eyes on her, your penis should invert itself and become a vagina from the sheer sense of inadequacy and shame.

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The world does not need Sena-Kashiwazaki-with-a-horn.

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More generic girls! Good idea!

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The musclegirl vs softgirl bullshit is making me hate both audiences, especially when the end became some sort of hating Japan artists for their fanon.

Canon Yuugi is flabby arms beergut Yuugi.

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The fuck,she isn't fat at all.


Go have shit taste somewhere else, please.

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>especially when the end result became some sort of*

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I hardly ever see any art of Yuugi from non-Japanese artists.

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How do you win Yuugi's respect?

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Duh, because she's a fucking blip in the western "fandom".

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If you're a human, you can't.

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Well, she is an oni, after all...

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And among the strongest youkai, too.

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I'm glad Suika didn't have the same muscle following and she's drawn as a lil girl from the get go.

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Pretty sure it's mostly 'cause Suika is tiny and flat as a table while Yuugi is of average height and big breasted.

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Not soft, that's why she's SHIT!

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>Yuugi is of average height
What are you talking about? Yuugi is 7 meters tall (horn adds another 3 meters) and built like a Space Marine.

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It's as I said.

Muscle Kasen is also a nearly non existent.

So Yuugi basically contains the musclefags.

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I actually wish that was canon.

>Muscle Kasen is also a nearly non existent.
Huh, good point. You got me.

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Like bags of sand.

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I want to snuggle Yuugi's gut while she pounds away a six pack.

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You're killing me, man. ;_;

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See, I was right all along.

Kasen is literally Satan.

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That's actually pretty okay art.

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Again, tits have no muscle but Yuugi could give them enough momentum to blow your head like ripe fruit after a strong wind.

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Yes, this will do nicely. Now that's what Yuugi is supposed to look like.

You have no idea how hard I am right now.

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These replies never make much sense to me since I'm really bad at reading expressions.

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>Would you let Yuugi hug you, anon?

Yes, especially this one.

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That doujin makes my dick explode.

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Source? all I'm getting is boondocks sketches

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>boondocks sketches

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Who are you quoting?

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Do not "shitpost" here, thank you.

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Thank you

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But Eiki doesn't actually rule hell.

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This shows that they are very hard.

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And Hades is a grumpy workaholic instead of an evil asshole.

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This guy gets it. Buff bro Yuugi is the best Yuugi.
Other touhous do the soft and cute thing better, Yuugi is for beating the shit out of people

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You mean I can't cuddle with Yuugi after a long day of beating up nerds together?

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Yuugi isn't for cuddling. Yuugi is just for getting super drunk and having a roaring good time. Yuugi doesn't even enjoy sex, she only likes to rape things on occasion.
There are plenty of cuddable touhous though, like pic related. Remember, variety is the spice of life and it's wonderful to have a wide range of different characters in Gensokyo.

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This was pretty good. Man I love Yuugi's MMD model. It's a shame some of them look like complete shit, like Remilia and Flandre, otherwise I might get into making these things.

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>Yuugi is just for getting super drunk and having a roaring good time
Sports too. My goal in life is to wrestle with Yuugi and break all the bones in my body in the process. If I die before realizing my dream, my skeleton will rise from its grave, travel to Gensokyo and wrestle with her until it crumbles into a pile of dust.

Maybe it could even combine with like-minded skeletons to become a giant gashadokuro. Then we could even be an equal match to her.

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You just need to be strong, brave, and a good drinker.

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Humans are weak!

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You're telling me all these years I've waifud the wrong person

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Humans can be strong!! I believe in human potential!

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Nah, he's wrong, is all.

Yuugi is an oni. Oni like sex. A lot. There's no way Yuugi doesn't like getting fucked.

Yuugi is strong, and tough, and manly. She's also soft and womanly. Huge muscles and a boisterous, hard-drinking, never-say-die hot-headed but kind personality combine the best aspects of both genders.

I don't think she's the sort to cuddle as in a face-to-face embrace, but she'd probably like to be the big spoon, drinking and thinking while you nap.

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Your post has really lifted my spirits, >>13533582. Much obliged.

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I heard Yuugi likes to read trashy romance novels

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I want Yuugi to be muscular and hard all over.

Except her breasts, which should be big and soft.

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Don't mind me, posting best oni.

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Not as good as Yuugi but she's close.

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I fucking love you guys.

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She likes to reenact them.

You don't mind pretending to be a barmaid, stable girl, or rich-but-stifled heiress for Yuugi for a while do you, Anon?

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On my fridge, from now until forever!

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I like the idea of a Japanese monster being a Westaboo, wanting to live in a land where competance, daringness and adventure are prized

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look at this: >>13522838 >>13522807 >>13532651
how can you say you like this and still deny you're not gay

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I would play all those roles and more for Yuugi.

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I don't like dicks.

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Not to be mocking, but reddit would probably pass comment more quickly and favourably.

That said, nice Yuugi. Your own work, or a doodle from a friend?

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Check out bunny glamazon.
She hasnt done any hardcore, sadly.

>> No.13536443

Until you rip it off again like you did to Okuu. You terrible, terrible person anon.

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I feel like my Yuugi is safe from that proREMI guy, unlike Okuu was.

>> No.13536484

He didn't even post in that thread.

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Well, she's close. If she could get a bit more swole (the strength's obvious, but Yuugi isn't just muscular, she's ripped!), she'd be on the level.

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She is more fit if anything, she isn't overtly muscular, most of the strength has magical power backing it. Onis in general are beings of phenomena, those phenomena are what makes them at least in this series of games seem so physically strong.

Suika could literally manipulate density, chances are she could use that to add more power behind her attacks.

Yuugi can manipulate similar phenomena but in a sense it's more unexplainable.

If Tl;DR It's Magic, I don't gotta explain shit.

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look up loira cavala vs gordo1
Googling her name by itself doesnt bring up anything, that is the only video I know of.

If she were a bit taller it'd be perfect. I might have to visit /fit/ and ask them how you even meet girls liike this.

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proREMI makes like a total of one post in every Okuu thread.

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Kasen is the lewd oni hermit, bringing humans happiness just by looking at her pink.

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Maybe because some people don't want to have sex with Yuugi? Maybe some people just think she's super cool and badass? I know that's true for me at least, and I'm one of those posts.

I hope you die a very violent death in the near future.

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Though to be curious, what deeds has Yuugi even do that makes people think she's super cool and badass?

At least Suika breaks the moon reflection and conquer a part of heaven and Kasen breaks the Gensokyo barrier.

>> No.13536613

...never mind, please don't answer that question.

Please proceed with your thread.

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Funny, since Yuugi helped Kasen in making the best sake ever.

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I still don't get why Kasen would pretend to be a hermit and hide the fact she's an oni.

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I would fuck Yuugi all over, just because she's super cool and badass.

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>She should be a big girl.
for you, maybe

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"Would it kill you if I threw a bean at you?"
"It would be extremely painful..."
"You're a big girl."
"For you."


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It's a shame since that artist drew one of the better muscular Yuugis I have seen. Most artists tend to overdo the muscles but I think he got it just right.

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this artist does my favorite rendition of Yuugi

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yuugi you cant hold a rock like that
the centre of gravity for the rock is not anywhere near any part of your body
yuugi you're not a psychic stop

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she's on an incline and the picture is just orientated wrong

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so if yuugi were in the real world, which team would she support as a football hooligan?

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Literally perfect.

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Yuugi would be the worst hooligan, she'd never get into fights.

Because her pint not even spill

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Yuugi is going to ride you like a horse once she finishes this bowl!

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Damn right.

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Yuugi is going to ride you like a horse once she finishes this bowl!

>> No.13548062

Well, there's also the fact that she could punch people in half if she did get into fights. If you're not extra-careful around squishy mortals, things could get messy quickly.

>> No.13548086

these pictures have more outlines than actual content
you can barely see an oni in between these outlines

>> No.13548221

There's something hot about that.

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