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I put a lock on my closet and put all my figs in there so I can take girls home. It's kind of sad, but I feel sorry for the figs. Especially my Goodsmile Holiday Saber. And honestly, dating 3D women has really shown me how grateful I should be for 2D. I have to be dishonest dickhead to get girls to even look at me, and the whole game is pretty disenchanting. Part of me thinks it would have been better just stay inside my shell, dreaming the world was a nice place I'd have to explore someday.

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nice repost not only 2 minutes after the failthread was deleted

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>I have to be dishonest dickhead to get girls to even look at me
how on earth does that work?

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I've never dated, but if you have to lie to women to get them to like you, then it doesn't seem worthwhile. Also, I want your goodsmile saber.

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Hey, to that last person going on about cosplayers.

Cosplayers are almost universally sluts, I've heard stories about one night stands and that kind of thing.

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Whatever, man... you're better off with real women out of your way.

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Also, could someone who has been to cons confirm this? I've heard it from numerous people myself.

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I can only get girls when I start engaging in over-the-top antics that arn't really true to myself. If I just talk to them normally, they get bored and find me awkward. So I consider that being a dishonest dickhead.

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...and I forgot to add the part about suppressing my power levels.

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Then stop, you'll only get more depressed. Put on some nice music and relax for a bit. Mostly I post anonymously on /jp/ these days too because there are a hell of a lot of women on at certain points during the week and they ruin ronery threads.

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Depends on how drunk they are, how good looking you are, whether you can score various illegal substances, how much money you have, and whether or not you pass their "SHOULD I GIVE HIM A BLOWJOB OR NOT?" quiz followed by the "SHOULD I ALLOW HIM TO PLOW INTO ME FOR A WHILE?" exam.

In other words, it's the same as going out with a regular woman, except the cosplayer is probably a little fatter and probably a little more eccentric.

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I've heard a lot of them are absolute whores and do coke a lot and other drugs. How can you have sex with someone you met 1 hour earlier?

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How can you have sex with real women?

Disgusting cunt cheese. That's fucking gross.

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I feel the same way, but I doubt the best way to get rid of them is to shower them with more attention like you do.
That's a bit of an exaggeration. They generally just act like normal girls with attention issues, i.e. if you send them mixed messages of attraction and disdain they'll get insecure, making them do things they normally wouldn't do. It's really justifiable, but that's just how it is.

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>athens !SysNpnp3nU

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>it's not really justifiable*

Sorry, that's what I meant.

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Very easily.

You get them drunk, get them snorting coke, and then no matter who you are, you probably look like Matt Damon's mildly attractive stand in; or, if you're super fucking ugly, a young Tom Hanks. The side effect of drugs is that sex with whatever is in front of you is acceptable for a woman.

After that, you proceed to fuck them before they decide to hurl on you, try to rip your skin off, die, or some combination of the three.

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I dont shower them with attention. They just actively seek me out and start attacking me with their boyfriends.

>making them do things they normally wouldn't do.

Are they crazy? I know a lot of weeaboo girls are crazy.

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I'm not saying the previous is an acceptable thing to do, but that's how a lot of guys hook up at cons. Drunk, drugs, or they are normal guys with enough looks and appeal to bag an average-or-below girl.

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The more I learn the more I loathe. Don't they have any dignity? They ARE NOT 'one of us' at all! They are just like party girls basically.

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>attacking me

With baseball bats, I hope.

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3D is pig disgusting. Have we not been over this before?

Anyone that thinks there are women willing to fuck them at a con, for relatively no effort or time, without being complete cockwhores/drunk/stoned/wasted, are just retarded.

Purity and easiness to fuck are inversely proportional to each other.

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athens, go swallow a nigger cock

/jp/ is not /r9k/

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Well, otaku culture has gotten mainstream for both genders. For every conslut there's a bro who watches Bleach with his friends from the soccer team. I'm not joking.

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Heheh, that's some of my old school associates.

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There's also guys who go to cons just because they know there will be free and available parties.

Well, women, too.

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Yes you are.

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No I'm not.

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But slutty women also want to be seen as 'pure' and they rage over the fact they are NOT seen as pure! Can you believe it?

Wow... And they've entered /jp/ too.

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also it makes me kind of depressed, cant women just leave us alone?

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You're sounding kinda homosexual there, braw.

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Do you want these 'consluts' on 4chan?

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Wait... what?

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Jesus fucking Christ athens, when will you learn we don't want you here?

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fuck off bitch.

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I feel for athens in that women are evil, but he's either a poor troll or a tinfoil hatter. He's like Joe McCarthy, except instead of commies it's women.

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I've never gone to a con. It sounds like they're all infested with mundanes now, so maybe I never will.

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Well, there was one guy with a Touhou hijack shirt.

But he was from Pooshlmer...

Also, Man China. Awesome.

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If he was anonymous, you and I wouldn't notice his posts.
What we need is a script that filters tripfags names into to anons. It'd help me too.

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Hisui <3

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I also saw Man Sakuya. Lord.

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>He's like Joe McCarthy, except instead of commies it's women.
Cons are a great place to get good deals on figs and other merchandise, especially big ones like AX. You'll find figs that are not only cheaper, but that are sold out online. Last AX I got the Goodsmile Holiday Saber for only 30 dollars and lots of other nice stuff.

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Such a script already exists.

The Man China was good, though. Costume worked and he appropriately responded to various attempts at calling him China.

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>Such a script already exists.
Where? I hope you're not talking about the ignore script.

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Cons are pretty good for buying things. Lots of stores in one place that tend to lower prices as the thing goes on.

There are also some good cosplayers to see there. Despite the attitudes surrounding the whole thing, it's cool to see the results of someone's hard work like that.

Some of them also have good concerts, and the admission to the convention is no more than most concerts.

You don't have to socialize with random people or try and have sex with consluts or whatever. You don't have to enjoy everything that goes on to make it worth the attendance fee.

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Underneath this box... Konata is not wearing any clothes...

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But she's wearing socks. That hair colour on her disturbs me.

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I rather like Konata in black.

Here's the original, by the way.

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Black haired Konata is the best.

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I concur

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For a moment there, I thought that was Shana.

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We all know Shana actually is Black-haired Konata. Louise is Pink-haired Shana which means that she actually is a Pink-haired Konata.

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age for black haired konata and ronery

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The problem with ronery threads these days is they're completely separated from our hobbies. We're ronery because we're dedicated to our hobbies. We're ronery because we honestly like 2D girls better. We're NOT ronery because we achieved some higher plane of existential introspection. If that's your reason, go somewhere else because you're not welcome here. Ronery was always related to /jp/ and old /a/ because it was integral to being an otaku.

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This is the culmination of everything that I hate: off-topic copypasta.

Just fucking kill yourself.

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This thread is shit but I am posting in it because there's a picture of Hisui in the OP.

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