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He has the Mummies!
From 1525 B.C.
He has the Mummies!
Protection for the Pharaoh teen
He has the Mummies!
They're hanging by the Western Gate
He has the Mummies!
They're going to save the world today
The Egyptian way
They're Mummies Alive!

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Blogspot: http://monstergirlcollection.blogspot.mx/?zx=61f8bddc3f284770

Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com/

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Y'know, I never got around to watching that. I heard it was pretty decent.

...but I suppose this is the wrong place to discuss such a thing.

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First for sharks!

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Let's make this a thread that's comfy for everyone from vanilla Elves to Abominations!

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Abominations must die!

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What about Matangos?

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Dragonsluts only sleep with their waifu so they can access her hoard

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Damn it!

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Jokes on you, I picked out all the valuable things from my Wurm's hoard and invested it all, and now I'm earning 12% interest a year on it.

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That cannot die which can eternal lie, with strange eons even death may die.
I'd actually prefer to sleep somewhere other than the hoard, gold is not comfy.

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You're still first for sharks.

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I want this Abomination to die of old age in the bed on the same night as I do!

>not having a hoard and a bed side by side

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Fighter looking for allies to adventure into goblin caves

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If you're a gold digger, who'd be a better waifu to have? A dragon or a Tanuki?

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Rogue willing to watch back, tots not a Goblin agent.

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There isn't an amount of money a Tanuki can make that a Dragon cannot simply take.

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I thought sharks were supposed to be lean meat. I mean, look at those things!

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A dragon can at least fuck shit up. What can a jewnuki do, call her lawyers?

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Whats the intrest on funny shapped rocks and "How to make a baby for dummies" books like

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Jealous Lizard White Knights please. I objectify myself for my Dragon Waifu every day, wearing butler outfits, naked aprons, and sometimes her shirts to take in her smell. And I'll put myself in lewd positions for her to rape. I embrace the Matriarchy and my role as a Dragonslut.

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I'd be highly interested in exploring some goblins' caves.

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>Amazon commedian
"But, boys, if you marry a woman with $300 million, you ain't no regular househusband. You ain't got to clean the house no more. You get a kiki. You ain't cleaning shit! You marry a Wight with $300 million, you ain't cooking. You're eating out.

You marry... You know how a lot of househusbands gotta get jobs on the side to help make ends meet? She got $300 million, the ends are meeting like a motherfucker. What you gonna do, get a job at a boutique on the weekends and shit?

And say, "Here, Honey. I made $70 put that with the rest. Now we have $300 million and $70. Because I want to do my share." No. All you have to do, you marry a woman with $300 million, is fuck your wife. That's it! That's your job. Fuck your wife! That's it. That's... Just fuck your wife."

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In other words, fuck shit up financially.

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Fuck you.

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She can call some friends of her to turn you into a good little slut that makes her lots of money. Or she could just ruin your finances.

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Tanuki would probably let you get away with it more often. She'd set aside some funds for you to spend with because she knows you're a little gold digging whore. Dragon has immense wealth but isn't eager to part with it a lot of the time.

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They'll put the sheeny curse on you.

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So, you guys always talk about mature-young mgs, loli mgs, and even milf ones sometimes.
But what about adolescent mgs?
With all those hormones and questions...
wouldn't they be much more problematic than in the other stages of their life?

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Nothing. I don't think investing is for you, Anon.

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Motherfucker, don't steal Eddy Murphy's shit, especial after ta first amazon comedian attempt.

"Human boy rights".

Then they bitch because amazons dinni du nuffun.

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Excellent, can always use a rogue.
Even a tiny one like you. Please remember that back stabbing fellow adventures will result in a hefty fine and a stint in the baby with pit.

Excellent, welcome aboard!

>> No.13521119

*especially after that

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How is a raccoon with some suits going to ruin a pile of gold?

>> No.13521126

Paladin here, I can heal, detect stuff, and keep your dickass thieves in line.

>> No.13521127

I want to turn a vanilla elf into an abomination and proceed to love her horrorifices tenderly.

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I shall personally anoint this thread near the beginning with my manly musk and pass it onto you so that when the time comes even the fiercest of MGs will find you attractive.

It's like a blessing really. You can thank me later.


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You may not be the brightest of adventurers, but your heart is in the right place. You'll make an Echidna very happy one day.

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>Tanuki acts like it's your job to fuck her, pays you very handsomely to do so
>Get sick of being treated like an employee, you thought you were supposed to be her husband
>She starts crying like a baby and blubbers about how she loves you but she didn't want to seem too clingy and thought you might leave her if she didn't give you spending money

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You just keep all your gold in one big pile? My my, what if there was some accident and it was all destroyed or stolen?

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>live in monstergirl world
>no interest in sex or marrying some demon
>want to read my scrolls in peace
>keep getting these Kikimora things knocking on the door
>some faggot jinko keeps trying to be cute and nyaaing at the door for me to open it
>a fucking dullahan once tried to drag me off saying she was a paladin and it was for my own saftey
>like I'd miss something like her head not being on her shoulders
>wish I was in a world with no monsters
>I just want to be alone

>this thing keeps looking at me through the window too. Fuck whatever that is.

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I'd rather choose myself the MGs to attract.

>inb4 choice

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Thinking whether I should spend the night playing Witcher 3 or reading more Starless, or maybe a little bit of both.

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>>a fucking dullahan once tried to drag me off saying she was a paladin and it was for my own saftey
I want to decapitate a Paladin and fuck her neck stump so much that all my magic energy turns her into a Dullahan.

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Anon, it makes you smell nice to all MGs.

Except Unicorns.

>> No.13521160

>Implying it isn't true.
Just fuck your wife man.

>> No.13521161

Figuring out how I'm gonna put on the bridle and saddle on that spider.

>> No.13521162

Thank you anon, I leave the books to the Wizards.
Now let's go!
Glory and goblins await!

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You wanna try to do something to a Dragon's hoard? Your funeral buddy. You'd have better luck devaluing gold that touching what's hers.

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>Fuck whatever that is.
But it's your reflection. You haven't noticed it yet, but you died and became a ghost.

You then became a girl because of MAMONO MANA and possessed a houseplant. Enjoy having your mind altered until the only thing you can think about is finding a human man, drugging him up with nectar and smothering him in your oversized ghost-alraune breasts.

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I want to be a comedian in the monster girl world!

>> No.13521176

>not riding her bareback

>> No.13521178

But male comedians aren't funny!

>> No.13521180

>lower back dry humping rodeo
If you can cum before she throws you off and envelops you, you win. You can fondle her front any way you like.

>> No.13521183

I'll be super funny, I'll be funnier than all the monster girl comedians on the planet!

>> No.13521184

>"Hey! hey! It's a pleasure to be here, a-"
>"Not paying you to yap, I'm paying you to suck my clit, pretty boy!" chorus of laughs
>"U-uh yes. s-so, I was driving an-" Chorus of laughs.
>"Try not to bust those small delicate fingers on a big steering wheel, bitchboy. I don't want to feel calluses when you finger me!"

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>Except Unicorns

Does anyone else think this sounds suspicious?

>> No.13521194

>>I don't want to feel calluses when you finger me!
>not liking it rough
A literal Pleb Girl.

>> No.13521196

Anon I wouldn't go for a standard act, If monster girls are going to make fun of humans on stage I'm going to make them of monster girls on stage!

>> No.13521197 [DELETED] 

>read my scrolls
The vile action adaptation was better.

>> No.13521200

Sure, go wrap your fist in sandpaper and fistfuck a girl, see how that works out for you. Boys are supposed to be soft and delicate.

>> No.13521211

She'll call in her Lawkunochi.

>> No.13521214

>Ghost in
>Forge whatever the fuck she wants
>You lose everything
Never fuck with the jewnuki. Not unless you have an army. One that she can't simply buy from you.

>> No.13521228

You're taking this bishie shit too seriously.

>> No.13521229

That girl needs to sleep more.

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Thinking about Kikis while playing monster hunter. And waiting for Mabi to get off maintenance.

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>Four CC Mummy super-soldiers protecting a reincarnated pharaoh shota from a pair of bumbling Anubii and their OP Scarab overlord
I'd watch it

>> No.13521245

Not really

>> No.13521248

>Jewnuki claims Dragon is doing illegal shit
>Goes to her cave with investigative team
>Reveals the documents she had planted
>Dragon examines them
>Turns them into ash with her fire breath
>Tosses Jewnuki and her entourage out
>Personally torches all of Jewnuki's warehouses for wasting the Dragon's time with this insult
Petty underhanded tactics are for those too weak to simply take what they want. Dragons are strong and other MGs are weak. Therefore, Dragons do what they want and other MGs must accommodate them or suffer.

>> No.13521261

>There is no Horus monstergirl
>Or Sobek

What a waste

>> No.13521269

>>Turns them into ash with her fire breath
>Dragon is resisting lawful practices
>Her home is raided by a party of heroes the Jewnuki hired, headed by a rival dragon for a small portion of the hoard
>Dragon is killed/imprisoned
>Remaining tiches distributed amongst the poor
>A tryant is put out of comission, and the Jewnuki is lauded as a hero of the people

>> No.13521272

Horus would just be a more elitist Harpy

>> No.13521280


Isn't the kid like 15 or something? That's hardly a shota

>> No.13521286

>Dragon anticipates this
>Already moved everything out of her cave
>Stupid heroes are left to die in there when Dragon caves in the entrance after they stupidly rush in
>Other Dragon isn't dumb enough to take on a fellow dragon alone and fucks off
>Jewnuki thinks she's on top of the world
>That makes it all the sweeter when she gets back to her office to find Dragon sitting in her chair

>> No.13521291

>forgetting baphos are stronger than dragons


>find dragon
>profess your wish to serve, offer some treasure for her hoard
>tend to her wishes for a week or two, getting her to warm up to you
>you notice she starts lingering around you, and she's not as forceful wit her commands
>It's time.jpg
>spike her tea with moth dust
>her desire to breed shoots up 500%
>pop a couple of raging mushrooms and destroy that scaly pussy
>repeat this as many times as it takes, making an obedient lizard out of a dragon

Pride goeth before the fall

>> No.13521294

Creative alterations.

>> No.13521297

Nigger what?
>Dragon magically anticipates something she has no knowledge of
>Does something completely against her prideful "let them come" nature
>The heroes are suddenly idiots
>A tanuki hiring incompetents
>A dragon going back on her word
You were that kid who had magic plot armor whenever he played make believe with his friends weren't you?

>> No.13521307

But that's dumb, you're dumb.

Monster girls are stupid.

>> No.13521311

Dragons are cunning as shit, heroes are always idiots, and a dragon would never get into a fight that she isn't sure she'll win.

>> No.13521315

That's right, Dragons are super smart! Wurm never wins in chess against Dragons!

>> No.13521320

Too busy sucking dicks to sleep

>> No.13521321

[Dragon dick sucking intensifies]

>> No.13521330


This girl gave me an eye-bag fetish.

>> No.13521332

>heroes are always idiots
Does that make you a hero?
>dragon would never get into a fight that she isn't sure she'll win.
A dragon is always sure she'll win. What's where their pride comes from. That's how you take advantage of them
>Dragons are cunning as shit
No dragon will up and move her entire hoard thanks to some uppity tanuki and even humans are more cunning than dragons. Cunning is the tanuki's thing.

Bitch ain't moving from the place she's called home for likely centuries because of some upstart.

>> No.13521335

I'd love to have a Dragon intensely suck my dick,

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File: 300 KB, 2000x1000, Kissers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would you really defile these lips with your dirty cock?

>> No.13521351

Who wouldn't?

Great, now I want to irritate a dragon, using her horns as handlebars.

>> No.13521358

>that pic

You. Have. NO. IDEA.

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File: 581 KB, 1080x1920, nzmiyKk - Imgur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck. Loen's lips make me want to cream in my pants.

>> No.13521366

>fin ears
I'm gonna get zapped, aren't I? Would until I couldn't come without the electricity.

I'd love to get one to play irrumation and do her hard enough to straddle the line where she bites me in anger throughout the act.

>> No.13521367

Considering this is a dragon, would I really have a choice in the matter?

>> No.13521369

Loen's lips


>> No.13521372

Yes, I would.

>> No.13521374

I'm sorry Anon, but the simple fact of the matter is that Dragons are the best and they always win. No stupid Raccoon is smart enough to outwit a being that spends centuries at a time outmaneuvering and dealing with other creatures that are thousands of years old. Your little Jewnuki is simply outclassed. Every play she has to deal with Dragon has been tried at least a dozen times before, and it's failed every time.

>> No.13521379

>I'm gonna get zapped, aren't I
No, this is the MGE one.

>> No.13521383

The Commission of Monstergirls For Fair Treatment of Human Men says:


>> No.13521386

Unless you're beta sub househusband faggot cuck, yes you do.

That's my highest buzzword-combo yet.

>> No.13521393

I wonder who is behind this post.

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File: 712 KB, 868x1228, 1429429429286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Giving it a bit of juice isn't mistreating, sis. Boys love it, why would they gasp like that otherwise?

>> No.13521401

There's nothing wrong with being a househusband.

Except if your wife is a Kiki then you're just taking the joy out of their life.

>> No.13521406

>Not wanting to have Loen suck your cock like a vacuum cleaner.
What are you, an Alp?

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It's because all Unicorns follow me, they fear not the Bi-Corn plight for I only marry the Unicorns and no other shall ever be touched.

I am the King of the Unicorns and my musk is recognized by them all!

>> No.13521409

>She hires a baphomet too
Where is your god now, mary sue, fag. Your waifu is getting financially gutted for being a nuisance, and getting her wings clipped, literally.

>> No.13521413

Nevermind the fact that neither of you is making any money.

>> No.13521417

>Bites in anger

>> No.13521419

You sure are mad
>Dragon is an ancient Dragon that is literally stronger than a Baphomet
I can do this all day.

>> No.13521420

There is nothing wrong with your Dragon waifu being a housewife.

>> No.13521421

I was thinking of the zapping part. Biting would be bad, yes.

>> No.13521423

Playing multiplayer Risk of Rain and wondering why I'm subjecting myself to it. Also planning on writing, but I doubt it'll happen.

>> No.13521428

But then I'd have to be a Viking or something to keep her in bling.

>> No.13521430

>not being a Viking
Would you rather sit in an office?

>> No.13521435

I guess I am a little mad. No mater what plausible or reasonable method I suggest your response will always be
>Don't care dragons
And the maddening thing is the fact that you think that's okay. Eh, whatever.
Try this one on for size
>Kunoichi assasins to slit throats in the night, once she's sleeping
>inb4 she smells them, or dragons don't sleep

>> No.13521437

Nah, I'd carry longboats and drink mead like anyone else.

>> No.13521438

Leave Baphos out of your waifu powerlevel war.

>> No.13521439

Office-Viking does not appreciate your stereotyping.

>> No.13521441

>waifu powerlevel war.

>> No.13521446

Good man.

>> No.13521449

Oh ja?

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File: 447 KB, 600x847, CFLd6hkUsAAStP6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will your MG wife be able to handle the summer heat ?

>> No.13521454

You're right, I will.
>Kunoichi Assassins
Magic wards get tripped, she wakes up and roasts them

>> No.13521455

He's just mad that he's stuck doing the accounts.

>> No.13521456

Somebody has to be the quartermaster, Sven.

>> No.13521460

>Wanting your Dragon waifu to be like any other lizard girl
Shit taste

>> No.13521461

>my musk
But you just smell like fish and a stable full of horny Unicorns.

>> No.13521463

That's bullshit Sven says, as he spits his water onto the floor, because mead in the office is not allowed.

>> No.13521464

Lilim hears of her Mary sue antics and slaps her shit, because lilims are the only Mary sues allowed. Your move.

>> No.13521465
File: 383 KB, 901x870, 1397344494913.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sure she'll manage somehow.

>> No.13521466

>My waifu is the strongest! Stop trying to deny it!

She would be if she actually existed.


>> No.13521471

Dragon Lilim, stronger than any other Dragon or Lilim. Your turn.

>> No.13521472

Why don't you get an amazon if you want to wear an apron so badly?

>> No.13521473

>spitting on the floor
Sven, fy fan!

>> No.13521475


I dunno

>> No.13521480
File: 347 KB, 900x600, Unicron coming to get yeah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unicorns live in the forest and I loathe fish.

If you must know what type of smell it is...it's like Irish Springs.

>> No.13521483

>Shit taste
>implying Lizard girls are bad
That irony.

>> No.13521489

>The dragon she hires is older and stronger, and irritated at this upstart
>She hires a Lich too to raise any one who falls and be heavy magic artillery
>Equips every one with fire resistant runes except for the dragon 'cause she doesn't need it.
>And that's just the first wave
>The second wave is a bunch of unarmed young men armed with scale piercing daggers, brainwashed to try and kill the dragon
>And a bunch of Dark elf archers who hid behind them ahd shoot arrows between the gaps at the dragon
>Meanwhile the lich has already resurrected the rest.

Your move now motherfucker. You can't even fall back on AoE attacks because you'll hurt the innocent human boys. And if she already has a husband, tanuki turns him into a Mg and mindbreaks him whenever he is vunerable.

>> No.13521490

Excep it's clear that she's a dragon, just a dragon. I didn't say anything whenyo u made her an ancient Dragon because, hey, she could be, but now you're changing her nature on the fly? Nah, you've lost.

Bapho lilim
Demon Lord herself slaps her shit .

>> No.13521491
File: 153 KB, 625x1000, 1429635762205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can we please stop arguing? The strongest Monster Girl is Wurm Lilim anyway.

>> No.13521497

Dragon God.

I should warn you that powerful women are my fetish and you guys are feeding it.

>> No.13521499

Liliwurm is a silly creature.

>> No.13521505

>unarmed young men armed
Whoops. I left that unarmed part in when I revised the plan

Bapho Kratos

>> No.13521506

>Not Baphomet Lilim.

>> No.13521510

Oh yeah? Would a silly creature have EVERY COLOR OF CRAYON?
Wurms get stronger when they believe they do, Baphomets don't.

>> No.13521513

>Alp wearing spats and loose t-shirt
>Can't bear the heat even with those and begins stripping the spats off
>now wearing her panties, the loose t-shirt, and nothing else
>she realizes I'm looking at her and begins sucking on a creamsicle

I'll be sweating and it's not because of the weather.

>> No.13521515

Unicorn energy gets corrupted if you sex any other girl, so outside of headcanon, unless you marry one and keep the rest pure, your dream is a lie.

>> No.13521517

Dragon turns the difficulty up to God Mode, Bapho Kratos gives up.

>> No.13521518

Yes, and?

>> No.13521519

Just put her in a bikini and hit the damn beach.

>> No.13521525
File: 177 KB, 836x426, cocksicle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>begins sucking on a creamsicle

>> No.13521526

>Bapho Kratos gives up.
Bapho kratos doesn't know how to give up. AND Asura is convinced your dragon bullied his daughteru. Your loss.

>> No.13521528

And here's where I comment that I just want to get with the bumbling Anubi.

>> No.13521529
File: 411 KB, 953x700, 1395609151621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some daisy duke shorts, a spotted bikini top that's just barely too small for her, some sunglasses, and a cool glass of milk.

That she will 'accidentally' spill on herself.

Right when she knows I'm looking at her.

And insist I help clean her up.

>> No.13521530

Oh I'm sorry, ideas your dragon God get a boost from every MG on the planet? No? Too bad.

>> No.13521531

Oh for fuck's sake.

>> No.13521532

Dragon Demonbane.

You wanna restate that so people can understand what the hell you are talking about?

>> No.13521534



>> No.13521536
File: 1.43 MB, 1165x1144, Daaayyuumm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not if I only sex other Unicorn!

They are all pure! Pure I say!

>> No.13521537

Pls. If anything it's to access the hot spring in her lair.
While she's in it.
So that I can wash her.

Very enjoyable...

Keep on keepin' on Apron-kun.
>And sometimes her shirts to take in her smell
I like it better when the girl does this, like in DILLAWF's story.

>> No.13521541

>Dragon Demonbane.
She isn't on your side. You know who else isn't on your side? The Lilim Onepunch-woman who has decided you're a threat to the people.

>> No.13521546

"Ideas" should be "does". Don't know what happened.

>> No.13521547

I think she could handle it, but she wouldn't be too happy about it.

>> No.13521549

>Blaming the man instead of the Dragon
Lizard-chan, that's not how it works

>> No.13521550

I want to buy a Lizardgirl a bonnet

>> No.13521551

I'm going to stop this before it gets out of hand. Make love, not war!

>> No.13521554

Dragon with Omnipotence.

>> No.13521556

No anon. No. Headcanon yes, reality, no.

>> No.13521557

Yes actually, Iiliwurm is stupid.

>> No.13521561

>That pic

Those lips were made for passionately kissing while mutually masturbating each other.

>> No.13521562

Says the guy who DOESN'T have every color of crayon. Jellybelly!

>> No.13521565


>> No.13521567

but they need to know of their internalized Matriarchal sexism

>> No.13521572

No! The Mary Sue shall fall.

Onepunch-woman has been given spiral power, too. and the power to defeat omnipotence.

>> No.13521574

The problem is the winter chill...

>> No.13521578

Please look up Omnipotence.
Anyway this conversation has made me hard as hell, so I'm gonna go take care of that while imagining my Omnipotent Dragon waifu.

>> No.13521581


>> No.13521586

There are different sizes to infinities as well, anon. One Omnipotence is not equal to another. That's how shit works in goofy stories that deal in this shit.

>> No.13521593

>Asura is convinced your dragon bullied his daughteru

And then the dragonslut's mary sue waifu ends up becoming a belt, a purse and a nice pair of boots.

>> No.13521598
File: 1.93 MB, 6000x5700, Dreamy Horse Pussy and Lich.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I defy you to prove me wrong, if all Unicorns are pure and can only be corrupted by the demonic energy of other monsters, then how can they be corrupted by Unicorns whom are pure?

Even so, a few Bi-Corns to keep my harem of normal Unicorns would be...acceptable.

>> No.13521597


>> No.13521600
File: 9 KB, 236x291, 18a2123055b4ff30e5f3c683b01d5e78[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wouldn't forget a dress

>> No.13521601

>Doesn't know about different powerlevels to omnipotence
>Doesn't know spiral power on OPW trumps something as weak as omnipotence anyway
Also, >>13521586

And Asura has been given time powers so that he can freeze time and just get infinitely mad.

She's ded.

>> No.13521603

Just fuck the Alp under a lukewarm shower.

>> No.13521608

I'm going to settle this once and for all.

A man, bred by the gods to make any dragon love him. She falls hopelessly in love with him and ends her cultish ways, becoming an obedient housewife.

>b-but she's omnipotent!

If she doesn't love men, she's not a monstergirl, and ceases to exist because true rabu motherfucker.


>> No.13521609

She's still silly. But it's okay, I'd still make lots of little Liliwurms with her.

>> No.13521611

And yet you post Nightmare.

I mean, don't get me wrong, Nightmare a Best, but kind of going against your point.

>> No.13521614

Good End.

>> No.13521617

I'm running out of Unicorn images kid.

>> No.13521626

Isn't that a bit concealing for a monster girl?

>> No.13521642

>All these people bashing the fuck out of some mary sue-ing fag


>> No.13521646


Abominations and the writefags who introduce them into this wholesome den of iniquity can burn in the Maker's fire

>> No.13521648
File: 490 KB, 636x820, Great_Ra,_it's_a_lion_goddess_get_in_the_chariot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"I'll never understand why you praise my sister more than me."
>"What good is that fat cow, anyway?"

>> No.13521649

Each MG has her own demonic energy signature, as men do with SE. It's clear, if another woman's DE mixes with a unicorn's, she'll become a unicorn. Unicorn is one of the few monsters that hardline monogamy, either stick to one or watch yourself become a harem Lord.

>> No.13521658
File: 1.25 MB, 1116x1173, 1420574822003.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're a bully-wully.

>> No.13521659

>Praising Monstergirl deities

Shiggy fucking diggy god damn doo.

>> No.13521662

Her anatomy ain't fucked.

>> No.13521663

*She'll become a bicorn

Am I drunk and don't know it? Damn.

>> No.13521664

>"You either die monogamous..."
>"Or live long enough to see yourself become a Harem Lord."

>> No.13521665

Anon please, I just got back inside and I'm trying to cool off.

>> No.13521672

Well what do you do to help the entire world?

>> No.13521675

She's the Sun?

>> No.13521676

White hair
>Posing with a lion
Praise Hathor and all that, but DAMN I wouldn't mind that girl

>> No.13521677
File: 92 KB, 479x650, Water Wurm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That filename

Man I feel ancient now.

Then I shall become the Harem Lord of Unicorns.

Which is ultimately the King of Unicorns and Bi-Corns.

Which means now I have TWO titles thanks to you anon.

>> No.13521679

I wish all bonnet tippers turned Human and experienced enormous pain from transforming

>> No.13521680

Well alright fine. Should have read the file name.

>> No.13521682

>I feel ancient now
Nothing wrong with that.

>> No.13521685

That's too much, even for them.

>> No.13521686

Just contract them into Horse Pussy Overlord.

>> No.13521689

scales falling off to a soft weak pink skin

>> No.13521691
File: 3.46 MB, 410x339, Ara Ara MG When KC.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Suffer not the Abomination. Those who go against the Laws of MGT will be dashed and broken against the rocks of eternity.

Death is all that awaits those who condone such heretical activity. Deus Vult.

Seriously, fuck both Faggot and Harblador for making OC. Fucking faggots.

>> No.13521696
File: 500 KB, 850x685, Great_Ra,_it's_a_lion_goddess'_dad_get_in_the_chariot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Dad! Pharanonh is bullying me again!"

>"I have protected every pharaoh before you during times of war and peace!"
>"I don't know why people say I'm the evil sister when I'm also the goddess goddess medicine!"

>"Yes! Praise Sekhmet! Praise me more!"

>> No.13521698
File: 38 KB, 300x325, woo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13521700
File: 965 KB, 1450x1500, Ehhh close enough.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't rule over Nightmares or Centaurs so I can't.

All the Bi-Corns have other Unicorns as part of the harem anyway.

Will definitely hire Centaur guards though.

>> No.13521702
File: 66 KB, 569x655, CFc4JAXUkAA7h6p.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13521705

Okay that? That is a god. Would sacrifice the children of my enemies to/10

>> No.13521706

Amaterasu already does that, and she's cuter. Your move, forgotten god.
>Thinking I care about some boring sand zombies who don't even get cool ghost claws
You still haven't done anything for the world.

>> No.13521708
File: 480 KB, 516x729, 1404433298489.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Aww! Anon, I spilled my drink!
>Oh dear, my top is soaked though now...
>It's all over me.
>Anon, will you help clean me, please?
>What do you mean, 'everyone's watching'?
>I want them to watch~
>Or maybe we can go inside so you can use something else to clean me?

>> No.13521709

And each unicorn you fuck shall become a bicorn, swelling your harem until you literally fuck all day and do nothing else. I mean, if that's what you want, go you, but you're gonna make unicorns almost extinct at some point. Almost because echidnas, but there ain't that many of those either so...

Also you get perpetual barn smell.

>> No.13521713

I feel the need to bully her

>> No.13521714

You can't have them all! I will find a Unicorn that is not beholden to your musk and romance the shit out of her. It will be pure as fuck.

>> No.13521715

>Ammy appears!
>Ra uses Solar Flare!
>Ammy is now forced to wear silly shades!

>> No.13521716

I'd worship her everyday until my tongue is numb.

>> No.13521718

Ra a cute. I would marry the fuck out of her.

>> No.13521722

Anon pls, these pants were alright kind of tight.

>> No.13521724

You brought rope to tie yourself with? How considerate.

>> No.13521725



She's already got a husband you fuck.

>> No.13521728

Solaire can't marry her, he's not Grossly Incandescent enough.

>> No.13521731


>> No.13521737
File: 189 KB, 733x1100, Leggings for Lamia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean any of my future daughters?

If you treat any of them wrong I'll kick your ass so hard that even a Baphomet would be impressed.

>> No.13521742

Then I'll just marry one of her daughters, and simultaneously obtain the greatest father-in-law I could ever have hoped for.

>> No.13521744
File: 1006 KB, 2000x2500, Solaire finds three suns.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Solaire, you're my bro and all, but fuck you for hogging all the sun girls.

>> No.13521746
File: 1.06 MB, 2000x2500, seth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to worship Set's big meaty paws!

How do you know she's married?

>> No.13521748

Alpollo at least is loose enough for all of us.

>> No.13521749

That's Ra and Ammy, but who's the Third girl on top?

>> No.13521753

Alpollo, duh.

>> No.13521756

I'd rather fuck set.

>> No.13521759

Set has a tight warrior pussy.

>> No.13521760

>alpollo becomes a mayo jar

No! Bad boner! BAD!

>> No.13521762

Shouldn't it be Helios? Apollo is more venerated for the arts and medicine.


>> No.13521765

>threadcanon will always designate deities as singular entities instead of actual races

>> No.13521770
File: 439 KB, 650x920, 1395686371878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Maybe if I try this-
>There we go!
>Now it's all in a neat little pool there.
>Go on then. It should be easy to wipe up now
>Or maybe you'd rather just drink it up now, hmm?

>> No.13521775

Alpollo works better as a pun, you dumb-dumb.

>> No.13521780

>I'm gonna fuck all of the Poseidons and Thors!
Sounds silly.

>> No.13521781

Nay! Unintentional punnage.

Just as the Demon Lord wields the power of the gods, to change all monsters into girls, I too shall wield that great power!

I'll turn them back into Unicorns and if I fail to do that then I shall make them all pregnant and the Unicorn race will be as it was once again.

>> No.13521789

Fuck this crazy bullshit, I'm outta here. Where's my 4x4?

>> No.13521790

Your reign of Unicorn monopolization will fall. The fairest of your daughterus will be romanced in such a syrupy sweet way everyone in a ten mile radius will be puking rainbows and sunshine.
And then be get creampied. Right in her horse pussy.

>> No.13521792

Goddammit, there needs to be more hentai with cow-girls, I can only think of one.

>> No.13521793


Girls saying this during sex will never no be hilarious to me.

>waa! it's so big and hard
>waaa! it,s going inside me
>it's trobbing so much! waaa! you're cumming inside! I'M WAAAING!

>> No.13521794

Just go take a shower or jump into a lake or something, geez.

>> No.13521795
File: 262 KB, 695x918, 1419440820617.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It drove on. You didn't listen to your friend when he said you can't stop here, this is bat country.

>> No.13521798
File: 43 KB, 250x319, 41315l_s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not cow-girls, but it definitely scratches the itch

>> No.13521799

No problem, Solaire is a fag who deserves to be NTRed anyway.

>> No.13521801

How dare you.

Sorry man, but deities are traditionally individuals. Sure, MGE has Anubis or Medusa, shit like that, but we mostly blame that on Nip ignorance.

On the other hand, you could treat separate aspects of a God/Goddess as individual entities?

What would an Amon girl look like?

>> No.13521802

>Anon becomes King Haggard

I can dig it.

>> No.13521803

I want to have consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreating with a monster girl

>> No.13521805

Fruitbat-sempai art when?

>> No.13521806


>> No.13521808
File: 84 KB, 450x627, 0a0a13b7-b907-420a-af46-aafb45664b5b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Would sacrifice the children of my enemies to/10
I think you have the wrong pantheon.

>> No.13521810

>turn them back into unicorns

UH huh, let me know how that works out.

>make them pregnant to renew the race

Did you forget you're already tainted in foreign energies? You doomed the race, now live with it.

And this kids, is why greed is a deadly sin.

>> No.13521811

At the same time?

>> No.13521812

Gonna have to check it out, know of any more kind anon?

>> No.13521814

Nip girls make the best sex noises.
I don't care, I'll do it anyway. Too bad I have no enemies. None at all.
That would be tricky. Sure she stretches like a Fairy, but there's the chance we might end up in a configuration with balls touching, and nobody wants that.

>> No.13521816

>Nip girls make the best sex noises.
Anon please.

>> No.13521817

>>Would sacrifice the children of my enemies to/10
I think he means he would jack them off into her mouth. What a weirdo, and possibly an Alp looking to finally touch some dicks.

>> No.13521818

Are you saying you've got something funnier?

>> No.13521825

Whether or not I'm an Alp or not is no reason to stop me from worshiping my deity of choice! Religious freedom!

>> No.13521826

I'm saying WAAAGH! isn't a nip girl sex noise. Google it and you'll see why its funny.

>> No.13521829
File: 250 KB, 1200x1831, 1430438365472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kyonyou Fantasy is nice, but gain, not actual cowgirls. It's so tit-centric it doesn't really matter, though, plus you actually get sex to go with the rampant lactation & paizuri.

>> No.13521830

>Nip girls make the best sex noises

>UHNN. HUMM. UH HEHE! Your 2inch thick 3inch long wiener is splitting me!


>> No.13521833

That's the point.

>> No.13521834

>Nip girls make the best sex noises.

>> No.13521836

>touching dicks all day and never getting any for herself
Somebody's gonna go full yan one day.

Funbags pls go

>> No.13521837

What's so bad about batgirl country anyway?

>> No.13521839
File: 158 KB, 600x675, Hope you enjoy getting shrekt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Implying Bi-Corns give birth to more Bi-Corns instead of Unicorns

No lying anon, the Unicorn race will never die out.

I just have to deal with >>13521790 assholes like this who remind me of my daughterus finding their own husbands. Like every father who has a daughter I guess.

>> No.13521840

Bat Lolis hitching rides on you and asking silly questions.

>> No.13521846

I work it that there's one deity with the name, 'the' god or goddess in question. Their progeny share the name for their species, but that's about it. Through each generation they lose their connection with the divine or what have you until they're ordinary people.

>> No.13521848

>Just want to left alone by monstergirls
>No peace on Earth
>Decide to buy a junky little starship and leave the planet behind
>Months pass, drifting through space
>Earth is millions of miles away
>Get hungry, and the replicator is on the fritz
>Open your fridge
>"Hi, Captain! Why I am so cold?! Can I have some of your semen?!"
>"It was lonely in there, but I knew you'd never leave me! I love my Captain! Also, I ate those tomatoes you didn't use! I'm sorry, Captain!"
>A matango, seven inches tall, has sprouted out of the mould accumulated on a forgotten sandwich at the back of the fridge
>"Can I come outside, Captain? Can you warm me up? You will, right? Because you're my Captain, and you love me! Because I love you!"

What do?

>> No.13521852

yandere Succubus "friend" cockblocking you at every chance and then when you are pent up she pounces

>> No.13521854


>> No.13521857

Watch that episode of Cowboy Bebop with her.

>> No.13521859

Bats are assholes, they bump into you then fly off without apologizing. Crawl into bed with you and hug hog the pillow. They get in the bathroom and watch you as you shower. FUCKING BATS!

>> No.13521860

>Google it & see why it's funny
With how many times heresy is mentioned around here, I think we all know what a WAAAGH! is.

What kind of trophies would an aspiring Ork gurl mount on her Boss Pole in her bid to become a Warboss?

>> No.13521863

Followed by Mushroom Samba.

>> No.13521866

>implying my Love Tub has space for a third wheel

>> No.13521870

Pictures of all the cute human boys she's made ahego.

>> No.13521871

You can plant her in my ship's garden. I mean my Dragonfu's ship's garden.

>> No.13521881 [SPOILER] 
File: 646 KB, 834x592, 1432149878158.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.13521882

If bicorns birth unicorns, the mother still needs to suckle her child, hertaited energy will pour in and turn her. Nice going.

>but I can have one of my unicorn wives suckle her!

And the mother is going to allow that? It's like you don't know how possessive mothers are with their babies.

>one of the younger ones can do it

And if you dicked her, same problem.

>then one of my pure unicorn daughters married to another anon can do it!

Mother claim problem.

Are you the dragon faggot from earlier?

>> No.13521884

I hop into my RIG and hotwire a plasma cutter from some spare parts.

We're ending this apocalypse before it starts.

>> No.13521885

Throw her out the airlock & watch as she simultaneously freezes, boils, and swells up before popping like spore-filled balloon

>> No.13521888

>TFW have MGs with want to write about
>TFW can't think of story premise outside of bumping uglies

>> No.13521890

oh god that would be hell until you get some, she would probably walk in right before you start masturbating and stop you

>> No.13521892

>tumblr nose

Go away.

>> No.13521894

Jesus fucking Christ, how does a person's ability to draw get WORSE?

>> No.13521895

eject warp core, solves anything

>> No.13521896

How does this artist react when someone calls xis artsyle shit?

>> No.13521897

Awful awful awful awful.

>> No.13521901

nice, whining fuel

>> No.13521908

>not knocking her down and masturbating on top of her

>> No.13521910
File: 286 KB, 515x700, 345_345a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes! Fuck the bat girls until their bellies are swollen with daughterus.

>> No.13521911

Like any tumblr princes does.

>> No.13521912

We did that long ago back in the /a/ thread. There was a compilation image with some of the aftermath. First he went on a "PATRIARCHY MUH STRONG WOMYN" rant, then tried to ban someone on tumblr who he thought was the person calling his art shit (He wasn't), then someone linked him to the the threads where we mocked his art and he got really depressed and deleted his asks. Then he went "WELL I DON'T LIKE YOU GUYS ANYWAYS MY ART IS CUTE AS HECK I'LL DRAW MORE MONSTER GIRLS YOU MISOGYNERDS"

So in other words about what you'd expect a gay indian SJW jew to take it.

>> No.13521915

Like she wouldn't just love that

>> No.13521916
File: 306 KB, 800x665, 0fa356e6b331a605d8b7ebe6ab1d77ca.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Travel the stars in a tiny one-man starship
>Sleep, work and fap in the same chair
>Every time you jack off it hits a tiny Matango spore since you never bothered to sterilize before takeoff
>Eventually she grows into a doll size and starts to give you hugjobs
>No escape
>She grows bigger and starts blowing you
>Still lightyears from safe harbor
>Eventually she's big enough to kiss and vag you
>A week after that your ship gets to our destination
>Just keeps on floating
>Rescue crew finds you braindead, kissing and interlocking fingers with a Matango
>They bail, leaving you to drift off as a ghost ship in your delusion of a happy marriage with your cute waifu

>> No.13521917

My misogynoodle is standing at full attention right now.

>> No.13521920

This is wonderful.

>> No.13521926

>implying it's about her

>> No.13521927

I should be angry but I'm laughing instead

>> No.13521933

And that is why. She want you pent up and frustrated to try and get you to rape her

>> No.13521935

>gay indian SJW jew
I'm getting the urge to purge.

>> No.13521941

The pixie on the top left corner looks almost ok.
They would all be cute if they didn't have scrotum-shaped noses.

>> No.13521943

>You will never purge degeneracy with your Dark Elf Nazi Officer waifu
After you're done clearing out Tumblrcon, the question is who'd dom who that night

>> No.13521945
File: 162 KB, 425x600, Here to destroy Monster Girls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Dragon Faggot


Unicorns are originally pure beings it's only naturally that even after their transition to Bi-Corn they still give birth to Unicorns.

It's not like how human women getting turned into Succubi only have Succubi children after, that's going from one species into a completely different one.

Bi-Corns are just corrupted Unicorns, not a different species altogether, so they'd have Unicorn daughters and since only the mother's nutrients and energy are given to the daughter and no one else's they wouldn't be corrupted at all.

Now dicking the daughteru is a whole different story, that shit would corrupt them.

Which I wouldn't because that's wrong.

>> No.13521952

>the question is who'd dom who that night
That's not a question, that's the next battlefield.

>> No.13521954

Oh hey that moth from yesterday is back!

And it hid behind my dresser as soon as I saw it.

>> No.13521955

>Bats primary vision is from that sonar bullshit
>"They get in the bathroom and watch you as you shower"

All I'm imagining is some kind of insane Dare Devil-esque vision of the shower water hitting your body letting her see you.

>> No.13521959

cum on it and turn it into a mothgirl

>> No.13521960

Now imagine all of those daughterus finding their own husbands. Some of them even becoming Bicorns.

>> No.13521961

Who gives a shit?

>> No.13521968

Be careful, anon! She sounds Yan as hell.

>frail frumpy microbat girl haa-haa'ing as she listens to anon take a shower

>> No.13521970

Flyingfox batgirl when?

>> No.13521972

>Some of them even becoming Bi-Corns

Now I won't be mad at my daughter.

I will kick whomever did that's ass for cheating on my little vanilla muffin though.

Just once, one good hard ass whooping before I let them go on in their happy multi-couple relationships.

That guy will remember me though, he'll remember me real well.

>> No.13521974

>Pure beings

They're monsters anon, with demonic energy like every other.

I'm out, enjoy your headcanon.

>> No.13521975

Like the day before yesterday as greentext

>> No.13521978
File: 147 KB, 1000x1000, Whaz Fwee-dom daddy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm out

Goodbye! Have a nice trip anon!

>> No.13521982

>no kuudere bug
Phhhheeew I've been spared for another day.

Anyway, it's somehow a bit sad to watch as I can't get rid of the thought there are some good points in his style and it could look cute at least if he didn't deliberately ruin it.

>> No.13521983

Wait, hang on now. What if he got raped? Are you going to tell him he was asking for it by dressing like a slut?

>> No.13521987

what is the point of human females when MGs exist

>> No.13521988

>boy maker.jpg
Also incubating eggs.

>> No.13521991

MGs can't give you sons

>> No.13521992

Boy makers.
Keep them enslaved and forced them to give you heirs.

>> No.13521996

if he got a boner then he was asking for it

>> No.13521999

Breed more human males, act as prospective monstergirls.

>> No.13522001


>> No.13522002

Not him but I'm gonna carry that wurm.
Cya later space cowboy

>> No.13522003

Giving sons, having their men stolen from them, turning into monsters.

>> No.13522004

1) boy makers
2) living examples of what monsters should never turn into

>> No.13522005

Having a guy ruffle a young Unicorn's hair and calling her his little vanilla muffin is an especially heartwarming mental image.

I mean, sure she'll grow up and her future husband will ride her every which way, but at that moment she's an innocent little lily.

>> No.13522006
File: 1.08 MB, 1200x1600, 1422743655915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You wake up to find your childhood friend rubbing her crotch against yours slowly. You're already at half mast when she notices and immediately dismounts
>"C'mon, we need to get ready!" She cheerfully says while ignoring your obvious erection and the fluids dripping down her thighs
>You get ready anyway and head off for school alongside your childhood succubus
>She spends the entire walk blowing slowly into your ear with her hand wrapped around your shoulder
>You're rock hard by the time you sit down in your desk, the bat girl even mentions that she smells precum.
>The entire first half of the day is spent staring at the holst teachers knockers swinging with every step she takes. You go soft for maybe the last ten minutes before lunch begins.
>As soon as the bell rings your childhood friend jumps through the classroom door and into your lap with a cheerful laugh
>She coos and smiles while slowly rubbing herself into you more and more, you wonder how she doesn't notice the pillar digging into her ass but are too embarrassed to mention it
>When she leaves she plants a wet kiss on your cheek and winks at you with her bright yellow eyes
>Your erection is such that every girl in a 3x3 grid around you spends the rest of the school day with flushed cheeks and heavily panting from the pheromones.
>You even catch a peek of the normally studious lizardgirl rubbing herself off quietly from the entire ordeal.
>The bell rings and you run home before it even finishes ringing.
>Your childhood friend is waiting by the school entrance in a one-piece swimsuit, but you ignore her and run the rest of way with your rock hard erection straining against your uniform
>Shut your door and unzip your pants for some long-deserved relief
>Just as you place your hand on the hilt the door bursts open revealing your childhood succubus friend with a sweater loosely hanging on.
>"What's wrong Anon?" She tilts her head and puts on a sarcastic expression of shock.

What would you do?

>> No.13522011


How does any red blooded male buy into this muhsojhiny bs? What do they hope to gain?

>> No.13522015

Ropers and parasite slimes, man also matango. They're also for more /d/ versions of such if you're into that.

>> No.13522017

She's trying to make me her toy isn't she? Well better try and ask her out on a date so I have a chance.

>> No.13522020

Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the dick of rape.

>> No.13522021

I am intrigued by this scenario, and would love to see more.

>> No.13522022

They're ugly and/or socially retarded enough to be undesirable and thirsty enough for that 3d pork to want to play along for the off chance of getting some.

>> No.13522023

You did read the last sentence right? That wasn't some made up insult at the guy. It's the truth.

>> No.13522025


Ignore her, quickly return home, lock the doors and windows and do what needs to be done.

>> No.13522026
File: 346 KB, 1280x771, yes ill delete it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck if I know, maybe pussy via combination of white knight mentality plus white guilt? It seems like a dumb idea to me considering how quickly they'll turn on their own if they ever step out of line, like with Joss Whedon.

>> No.13522030

SJW puss and internet backpats

>> No.13522033

flustered tell her to leave my room and go home.

>> No.13522034

Jizz in my pants. She'll go all ara ara and tell me I have to take a bath, then lick my pants clean and come to wash my back and dick.

>> No.13522038

You can't understand the magnitude of my current erection.

>> No.13522039

or she will just throw a bar of soap at you and leave with your clothes

>> No.13522040

>"What'cha building, Captain? Can I see? It's cold in here! What does that switch, do Oh! My Captain's going to warm me up with it! I love you so much!"

>"Captain's taking me out of the fridge! It's so warm! I love how the air smells! Can I sit on your lap! I'll use my whole body to make you feel good! See how soft and sproingy I am? What's this room? Where's that door over there lead to?"
>"Hmm? Why are you putting me down? Can't I wrap my roots around your hands a little more? Wait, where're you going?! Captain! The door closed behind you!"
>"What's that hissing sound? Captain, I'm scared... This isn't like the fridge. Captain, come back! I feel sleepy... It's cold... But Captain loves me..."
>"Why... Why is that door moving? Why is it so dark out there?"
>"Captain... I thought we were going to have fun together up here..."
>"Where I wouldn't make anyone scared of me..."

>> No.13522041

Oh come the fuck on. Too far even for a literal demon.

>> No.13522042 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 1.10 MB, 1200x1600, 1432151695022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, if she's just going to keep tormenting me, there's only one solution: Rip that sweater off her, shove her against the wall, and aggressively hate-fuck the stress away.

>> No.13522047

Hug her from behind, lift up her sweater and slip it in doggy style.

She'd probably see that coming though, so in all likelihood just fap in front of her. That or go "study" with the lizard girl the next day.

>> No.13522049

>not just fucking her right after you wake up in the first place
Anon please.

>> No.13522051

>>you will never have a lamia musuko who curls around your arm and rests his head on your shoulder after a day of tailball
>>you will never have a centaur musuko who can walk to you clumsily on the day he's born to hug you
>>you will never have a harpy musuko who attempts to fly but lands on his butt each time
>>you will never have a spider musuko who weaves a gunpla out of web
>>you will never have a slime musuko who covers you in his entire body as a prank
>>you will never have a bull musuko who you pat on the head as he proudly shows his budding horns
>>you will never have a lizard boy musuko who stubbornly refuses your help in peeling his skin off
>>you will never have a cat boy musuko who purrs whenever you hug him and then blushes as he denies enjoying it
>>you will never have a dog boy musuko who just wants to play fetch with you
>>you will never have a caterpillar musuko who bravely tries not to cry as he readies himself for metamorphosis
>>you will never have a dullahan musuko who you break up fights between the head and the body
>>you will never have a vampire musuko who you have to remand for trying to scare the other children
>>you will never have a scylla musuko who you need to console because he keeps inking his boxers when afraid
>>you will never have a kitsune musuko who plays tricks on people who annoy you
>>you will never have a wyvern musuko who proudly displays his newfound fire breath to you
>>you will never have any monster boy musuko

>> No.13522052

>hatefucking your childhood friend
You can take her roughly, sure, but that better be lovefucking.

>> No.13522056

MGs don't give birth to human girls.

Without human girls, humanity can't reproduce and will eventually go extinct.

>inb4 incubus
>inb4 undead

Those are not actual human beings at all.

>> No.13522057

>Giving the whore what she wants
It's like you don't enjoy psychologically destroying yanderes by telling them that you don't even consider them a friend after what they've done to you.

>> No.13522058

>Jurassic World

Would you take on the task of taming four Raptor girls?

>> No.13522059

Dragon with ultimate omnipotence, since you have this silly idea that something can surpass omnipotence.

>> No.13522065

m8 it's a no win game. You fuck the succubutt she wins, you don't fuck the succubutt you lose

>> No.13522066

What kind? OG Scales or shitty feather ones?

>> No.13522067

Bourbon pls go.

>> No.13522068

Alright, grudge fucking then. That shit is still not cool, priapism is nothing to scoff at.

>> No.13522069

I should love that because I love rough, angry sex, but that's exactly what she wants.

You should torment her right back and only have angry sex with her after she is the one to assault you.

>> No.13522070

OG scales.

>> No.13522075

Unzip my pants and tell her to come over here and quit playing games, or I'm going to her house to fuck her sluttier older sister who always hits on me.

>> No.13522079

Hey, it's pretty light "yan" and I did lay out an alternative option. Really, if I was actually bothered by what she was doing I'd just put it in someone else, someone she can't mess with. Maybe another succuslut for added insult, who knows?

>> No.13522080

That kind of makes me feel bad.
Mantago's might be a threat to everyone, but it's not that their fault they are grown to be like that.

>> No.13522081

>her sluttier older sister who always hits on me.
You mean her single mother, right?

>> No.13522082
File: 81 KB, 707x605, ant arachne and drone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will we ever get more Ant Arachne oriented content like pic-related in the future?

>> No.13522083

They can't give birth to incubi either anon

>> No.13522085

Damn, they're tough suckers, and clever girls too.

I'm probably gonna end up being the one tamed. I-It's OK, I guess being the pack bitch isn't too bad a fate.

>> No.13522086

just ask her why and after the cure confession of love, have sex

>> No.13522088
File: 94 KB, 839x640, 1398100682804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nope. If she's just going to keep trying to get a rise out of me & make me the target of every single girl within 50 yards of me, the end result is only frustrated, aggressive, primal fucking, ramming into her pussy as hard, deep, and repeatedly as possible until I gush deep into her womb in a massive torrent of relief. Though knowing her, that's probably exactly what she wnted & will enjoy every minute of being 'punished'.

The lovefucking comes on maybe the 8th outing.

>> No.13522089

Push her onto the bed, start kissing her feverishly, pinch her nipples and grind against her until cumming, pressing the damp spot in the trousers against her crotch.

>> No.13522093

I doubt it.

>> No.13522095

The guy is suffering from cabin fever anyway. Matangos don't talk or cry until they take root in a real girl's brain. He's having some kind of hallucination from a fungus growing an old sandwich.


>> No.13522096

I want to tease a bonnet tipping lizard man until she breaks down and pleads for a boning

>> No.13522100

I want to 'help' a bonnet tipping lizard by sewing her a bonnet

>> No.13522104

>cosmic radiation mutated the spore
>the sandwichborne matango is basically a Newtype

>> No.13522107

Despite not having her soul tied down by gravity she's doing a pretty shitty job of bringing about UNDERSTANDING. Maybe if we dye her red or something...

>> No.13522108
File: 256 KB, 850x1063, 1430008893329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What happens when a Lizardman is raised by Amazons?

>> No.13522111

what would it be like dating a sjw lizardgirl. I assume she would go m'lord eveytime she opens the door for me and asks for consent for everything.

>> No.13522117

I swear I hate all of you for making bonnet lizardman a fucking thing in these threads.

>> No.13522118

She becomes a part of the matriarchy.
Which isn't that bad to be honest.
Its more fun selling them my goods.
With wealth comes health

>> No.13522119
File: 78 KB, 640x720, 1397940260971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>grudge fucking
>Childhood friend Succubutt slowly becomes more and more lewd
>You start getting jealous about her
>Finally you snap and rape her in the hallway
>Hump her like an onahole from behind with your arms wrapped around her waist and your face buried in her nape
>Grunt through the entire act until you come
>Scream out that you love her as she quivers with the hot energy entering her
>Slowly wind down while panting in her hair
>She's unusually quiet
>You turn her around and see that she's blushing and steaming like hell
>Being a good succuslut was so hard for her, but her mom was right: it did get you to attack her
I almost want to write about a non-villain Succubus now.

>> No.13522120

No. That woman is a maneater, and doesn't play around. You think you're getting your childhood friend back for messing with you one time. But before you know it, you'll have dropped out of school to become the house husband of a hundred-and-something-year-old sex demon.

She makes your childhood friend call you daddy, but doesn't let her fuck you either. It's an object lesson that men are to be seized and held onto tight because there's always a dozen other monsters out there looking to snap up your object of affection.

>> No.13522125
File: 824 KB, 957x933, Lustria.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Clever girls are best girls.

>> No.13522127

One could always undo it by writing proper material about them.

>> No.13522129

>Would you consent to me taking it in my mouth?
>Would you allow me to swallow?

>> No.13522132

Hey, at the very least, imagine the lizardman girls who aggressively try to distance themselves from that stereotype

>> No.13522133

Do it. I for one would like to see some non villain succubi.

>> No.13522134

Masturbating to the thought of that paladin girl down the road, go away.

>> No.13522135

I really like it, maybe have the succubus act that way because of some words or reactions the MC had to her when they were little

>> No.13522137

>What if he got raped?


And yeah, definitely kick his ass for dressing like a slut.

>> No.13522138

OPW with mega ultimate omnipotence

>> No.13522141
File: 35 KB, 750x750, 9ea31e68266052115794766d64f82680.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You straighten yourself out as much as you can in the current situation. You're still in your boxers and shaking from the pain of holding back, but you manage.
>"Hey, lets go out to the movies tonight!" She looks slightly surprised at your resolve before hiding her emotions behind a sly smile and stepping closer.
>"What's that in your pants Anon? Are you hiding a ruler in your underwear?" She giggles while her feminine hand grabs on tightly to your erection.
>You're hardly holding on when she pastes her breasts against your chest and leans into your ear, a warm breath escaping as her lips whisper "Pop for me, won't you Anon?"
>Your mind goes white along with your boxers, the pleasure rising up your spine and making your legs go weak. You're only faintly aware of your childhood friend as wave after wave of pleasure assault you.
>"What's this white stuff Anon, did you bring me some ice-cream?" She giggles and brings up a blue hand covered in your cream to her lips, forcefully licking everything that she can before releasing a content sigh.
>You look for words to reply and mumble something before she silences you with her breasts in her face. She throws one of her legs over your body and mounts you like a cowboy.
>Her thighs are thick and humid from her own lubrication streaming down her thighs. She slowly rubs the length of her body until her lips are placed directly above your still hard cock
>"Maybe you'd like it if I kissed this for you Anon?" Despite her control over the situation her cheeks are slowly reddening. The scent driving her just as insane as her actions are driving you.
>You nod, you think you nod anyway. The sensation of her warm breath on the tip is enough to make you want to rut but she holds you in place with her arms.
>"B-But if I do this, then we'll have to get married! I won't do this for you anymore if you don't get serious!" Her eyes are beginning to look dazed from the scent. She's holding on just barely.

What would you do?

>> No.13522142

The worst part is she is a fucking master at sex but the constant asking for consent is stopping it from going all the way

>> No.13522144

I'd explore the fuck out of the jungles until I find the beefiest Kroxigor girl.

>> No.13522145

>I almost want to write about a non-villain Succubus now.
Do it up, we could always use more benevolent succubi works. If you're gonna go all out though at least give her some additional personality quirks, beyond the general succubus stuff

>> No.13522148

>Drooling after her exhibitionist mom
>She feels inadequate with her opaque clothes

>> No.13522150

remind her about the movie

>> No.13522151

Take her to the movies, are you retarded?

>> No.13522155

Remind her of the childhood promise to wait until marriage

>> No.13522157

I want to adventure with a zombie fighter who wields a tower shield, zwiehander, and cuddles my while at the bonfire

>> No.13522159

What if you gave her permission to stop thinking and treat you as she pleased for one night only and then proceeded to do this every night?

>> No.13522164

Throatfuck her until her belly starts to swell

>> No.13522167

but then it gets even worse she has you fill out a fucking form before sex

>> No.13522168



>> No.13522171

I wan an all undead party.
>Zombie Tank
>Ghoul Rogue/Assassin
>ButtWight Healer
>Lich Mage/Necromancer

And I'd play some kinda battlenecromancer of deathknight I guess.

>> No.13522176

I give her steaming cunt one lick and wait. One of us just came once, I should be able to outlast her now.

>> No.13522178

Oh yes

>> No.13522179

>Not continuing on past that point

I'm going into the mountains till I find some ogre girls.
I hear their "appetites" are endless

>> No.13522182


She mindbreaks the amazon into a proper, obedient wife.

She still doesn't get any.

>> No.13522188

Damn straight. Bone rattling, hours long snu snu in front of all the Skink lolis going 'kyaaa~' as they cover their faces but keep peeking between their fingers.

>> No.13522192

What was this guy's tumbrl? I think he was making his own profiles with them being independent strong womyn who don't need not man or something

>> No.13522193

oh but you won't

>> No.13522195
File: 79 KB, 640x233, Differences substantial.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The choice is yours.

>> No.13522200

Lamia a best

>> No.13522201

Oh boy! My favorite show is on!


I want to be a Paladin when I grow up!

>> No.13522202

>Pelvis is being shattered when a loud scream of bliss echoes from nearby
>Chaneleon skink loli suddenly appears and collapses, panting on the ground next to you two
>Pelvis shattering intensifies

>> No.13522204

>She's holding on just barely.

You bring you knees in tight.
But it's the pelvic thrust...
That really drives you insane

>> No.13522208

I'm taking the lamia. Look, she's even made a loop in her tail for me to stand in while she gets hotdogged.

>> No.13522210

Dire Wolf so plump enough to protect you while cradling your fragile frame

>> No.13522215

all of the above

>> No.13522216

I'm an Anubis man, but dat Dire Butt though.

>> No.13522217

Dire wolf. That bushy tail.

>> No.13522220

Guys, what would a dire jinko be like?

>> No.13522222

>find some ogre girls.
I hope you lift.

>> No.13522224

paladin-chan please save me

>> No.13522225

Frosted Rapes.

>> No.13522231

Direwolf. I want my fluffy snu-snu

>> No.13522234

They all lack substantial hips.

>> No.13522237

Dire butt.

>> No.13522245
File: 306 KB, 842x1000, 3a004b910b3730a6a00b2a98754f7233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"We could do that movie thing first, you know." Her desperate face lights up at being reminded of your earlier request before turning somber once more.
>She looks up pleadingly "Don't get me wrong. I'd love to go to the movies with you, but aren't we kind of in the middle of something?" Her eyes flick downwards to your painful erection before returning back to you.
>A trail of drool drips from the corner of her mouth as her breathing gets heavier. Your own feelings are conflicted considering what you were engaging in less than a minute ago.

What would you do?

>> No.13522247

Out of those three, then Lamia

>> No.13522250


>Get captured and imprisoned by some monsters who laugh amongst themselves as they discuss what they plan to do with you later.
>You despair in solitude, hoping that someone will rescue you
>Suddenly you hear the sounds of battle.
>A mysterious figure clad head to toe in armor is fighting its way through your captors
>It defeats their leader
>The figure notices you after the battle and unlocks your cage with a key it obtained earlier on.
>It silently motions you to follow it.
>You feel compelled to do so and you have nowhere else to be anyway.
>After some traveling, night falls and your mysterious savior sets up a campfire and then took off their armor
>You are surprised that the person beneath the armor to be a zombie girl.
>She moves closer to you and pulls you into a hug
>She smiles as she does so and whispers "Waaaarrmm..." into your ear

>> No.13522251


>Shipwreck on the shores of Lustria
>Spend no less than 3 days without food, and just water from your waterskin on its rather meager leather strap
>The humidity sucks, the mosquitoes suck
>You had to dodge a few Raptor girls and narrowly escape rape
>End up in a seemingly forgotten city, built in the stepped Pyramids and stone houses
>Decide to explore wearily, everything is kept neat and pristine for the most part, as if someone or something still lives there
>You think you're hallucinating by seeing the air shimmer in a humanoid form, disregarding it, you press forward
>End up in a cave lit by phosphorescent algae and fungus, there's eggs everywhere
>You can hear the shift of water as you're inspecting the batch of them, about as big as an Ostriches
>THUD... THUD... THUD...
>Heavy footsteps moving in your direction
>Look up, it's a massive Mamano, looking like the cross between a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Lizardman
>She stands at least 9' tall, and has enough muscles to immediately emasculate you
>Takes one sniff of you, putting her Machuahuitl down, her golden eyes shimmering in the dim light
>Her fist hits you like a run away heifer, knocking you out instantly
>You wake up to a pain in your pelvis, dull and throbbing
>The massive Lizardwoman is impaled on your cock and bouncing up and down in rhythmic silence, grunting as your cock slides in and out of her surprisingly moist and warm pussy
>There's a pack of smaller child-like Lizardmen watching the stone dais you're tied to, shrieking at intervals, their crests flaring as they watch between their nimble fingers

>> No.13522254


>> No.13522255

We can always go to a movie. Make tender love, then see if there's even anything playing. If there is, go see something still after a shower, if there's not at least go to a burger joint or diner or something so she doesn't feel like a meat hole. Even if she is begging to be treated like one.

>> No.13522261

She needs to be punished, giver her a taste of her own medicine, go to the movies and finger her during it

>> No.13522263

I hope she walks out on you

>> No.13522265

Wonder where her yandereness went off to.

>> No.13522266
File: 81 KB, 586x800, 1407984893941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If her sclera is black and their skin is blue. I would run if I were you.

>> No.13522267

So treat her like a proper lady while still having her punished with sexual frustration. I love it

>> No.13522268

Of course I do!
who wouldn't?
Do you think I'm a wizard?

>> No.13522271

>Not liking blockbuster capeshit.
Stop being such a hipster, Anon.

>> No.13522272


>> No.13522274
File: 53 KB, 390x510, 1425278391274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Drawfags where

>> No.13522275

She is my wife now, nothing can change that.

>> No.13522276
File: 193 KB, 480x270, Laughing_Slime_Sluts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hating anything /co/ this hard
Did your parents beat you as a child, or do you just hate other people's fun?

>> No.13522277

Middle post was me, and I didn't blue(er)cunt her. Damn if I'm not returning the favor at some later point though; she's getting locked in a chastity belt for a week before next Valentines day.

>> No.13522281

>Lol, you don't like eating shit like the rest of us? What's wrong with you?

/co/ is cartoons, Avengers is Live Action. And it's capeshit. That's the equivilant of Haremshit in nippon. It's everywhere and it's almost always garbage.

>> No.13522282


She'll eventually become a warrior Wight who'll work even harder to protect your smile.

>> No.13522284

Damn, I'd give her a clutch of eggs. All the clutches of eggs.
Not that I'd have a choice but it's the thought that counts.

>> No.13522286

I'd bury my runefang into that lizard

>Smaller, childlike lizardmen
They are going to be played with

>> No.13522289

And I'm going to giver her the best smile of all.
And cuddles, because nothing is better than hearing your wightfu moan "waaaaarm" like she used too

>> No.13522291

TBH, Ultron was about as much a disappointment as Iron Man 2 or 3. It has some good scenes but they fumble the villain just like both of those.

If I had to pick something right now, I'd go watch the new Mad Max. But then I have a ridiculous boner for post-apocalyptic movies, cars and practical effects. I'm going to catch it a second time once it hits the dollar show and I never see a movie more than once in theaters.

>> No.13522292


>As the massive Lizardwoman continues to ride your cock, you hear a tearing noise. The ropes on your hands and ankles have been cut by a stone-faced flared Lizardman with red scales, tribal paint on her face to mark her as the Shamaness
>Reach up and grasp at your mate's buttocks
>There's a brief pause in her thrusting, looking down at you with seeming indignation
>She begins to buck and thrust again, this time with more force and determination, her pace unabated by your hands
>You can swear your pelvis is going to shatter by the end of this, and that this may be the last pussy you ever get
>Your cock twitches as she plants herself ass to grass onto your member, jettisoning your man seed into her pussy
>Her faces flushes just slightly, your chest heaving with labored breathing
>Fuck, that felt good. Too good. No human woman would ever come close to her.
>The Shamaness approaches you as the Lizardwoman dismounts, your cock popping out wetly
>She feeds you a strange golden honey, it's sweet and sets a fire off in your body, more blood rushing to your cock and stiffening it again
>Strong hands grip you as you're lifted off the dais, the Lizardwoman laying down beneath you
>She pulls you in closer, sliding you once again into the inescapable warmth of her pussy
>Involuntarily, you begin to thrust, your face smothered in her breasts, her cool skin contrasting with the blazing fire beneath yours
>As you begin to thrust like a madman, she's bucking her hips to meet yours, never once allowing you to be fully dominant
>You try to pull out as you feel yourself coming closer to another orgasm, but the Lizardwoman would not be denied, her powerful legs wrapping around your midriff
>There's soft pressure in your anus, the Shamaness sliding a finger into your rosebud, tickling at your prostrate
>You erupt like a geyser into your mate again, the wet squelching noises intensifying as your seed and her juices coat both of your nethers

>> No.13522294

Winter Soldier is the cape film.

>> No.13522296

That's the other alternative, yes. But lifting is preferable, ogre girls like their "meals" hearty instead of puny appetizers.

>> No.13522297

>Skink reporting to a Slan how a human crossed the sea, cut through the jungle, got passed their wards, and fought off their most ferocious guards so he could just play and cuddle with the younglings

That would be my life in that land.
And. It would be beautiful

>> No.13522300

Ultron was a let down, I think mostly because he was written by Joss Whedon. I don't mind the guy, but I'm definitely seeing a pattern in his villians, and the way he writes.
That Hulkbuster machinegun pilebunker punch was fucking beautiful, though.

>> No.13522306

I choose lamiass

>> No.13522307

>That second to last line
You fucked it up, anon.

>> No.13522309

You're on a roll.

>> No.13522312

>I judge other people tastes without trying things myself because people might want to feed me shit.

>> No.13522315

If her sclera's black and skin is blue,
she won't walk when I get through

>> No.13522317

What are you talking about? Ultron was the best part of the movie.
He is basically Tony Stark's Frankenstein's monster. How is he like Loki in any way?

>> No.13522318

Frenzied insemination is best insemination. A little prostrate massage would be worth it.

>> No.13522319

I'll be ready Anon.
The mountains and the great maw await!

>> No.13522320

Lamia, definitely.

>> No.13522322

Are robot girls monster girls?

>> No.13522323
File: 202 KB, 397x527, Age_of_Golem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They are now.

>> No.13522328

>Being /tv/
>Seeing /mgt/ talk about movies with the most plebian tastes
Now I know how /v/ feels.

>> No.13522329


>> No.13522334

/v/ has shit taste as well

>> No.13522335

Neither /v/ nor /tv/ have quality taste.

>> No.13522339

>Being /tv/
Are you the faggot posting the CIA shit?

>> No.13522340

/tv/ is nothing but shitposting

>> No.13522342

Please tell us about how Bane is going to crash that plane with no survivors, /tv/-kun.

>> No.13522344
File: 351 KB, 850x1602, 0146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this supposed to be shit tail list or something?
Where are actually good fluffy tails?

>> No.13522347


>As you lay against the giant Lizardwoman, the Shamaness steps forward with an obsidian knife
>You wince with pain as she cuts your right palm open, doing the same for the giant scaled woman beneath you
>Claps both of your hands together, declaring something in their hissing, sibilant tongue
>Several of the flared children shriek with joy, a Chameleon Lizardman shifting out of her camouflage and turning a bright red before collapsing
>Spend the next several months fully recovering from the fractured pelvis
>Your life-mate has laid her first clutch of eggs, guarding them dutifully in the hatching chambers
>Spend months and years among the Lizardmen of this strange, untamed land, learning their ways and language
>Raise several clutches of daughters with your life-mate, now known as a Kroxigor
>You often spend your time sparring with the Saurus guards or training them in the ways of war
>They're physically stronger than you, but know as if by instinct that to kill you would lead to a rampage from your "wife"
>Each Lizardman has a seasonal estrus, depending on the need for their ranks to be propagated
>Every time you and your wife have sex, it's like a battle to see who can maintain dominance
>With each passing pregnancy, she's become more and more demure towards you, often times even allowing you to illicit a shoulder ride
>Many of the Skink girls try to imitate the sheer carnality of the bestial sex you and your wife have, but due to their physical strength can't even fell a tree like your wife did the last time you decided to fuck outside of the temple city
>Her hip thrusts and frantic need to rear young snapping the decades old tree's trunk
>You can barely remember your life before Lustria
>And the strangest thing of all?
>You don't care

>> No.13522351

You see, it all started with a Jeep driving in an undisclosed country in the middle of a field. In it were Dr. Pavel, the Mosquito Man, and Pavel's Friends...

>> No.13522353

Ultra mega ultimate omnipotence

>> No.13522354

When I said Ultron, I meant A:AoU. It's just shorter. Ultron didn't really get enough screentime to develop. He had three good scenes.

2.Arms deal
3.Last drone

Which is criminal when you consider how much time was wasted on stuff like evacuating the people from the city.

>> No.13522355

>most plebian tastes
But everyone say capeshit a shit
Or you are implying capeshit is good stuff?

>> No.13522356

Fluffy tails are too forced in these threads to be enjoyable anymore.

Thanks, Bob and Psychofox.

>> No.13522357

>Being /mu/
>See that /mgt/ has a small range in music tastes
I'm not even angry, I'm just sad

>> No.13522359
File: 409 KB, 1023x1000, aa2b21277104dc695531589deeed18e1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You pick her up by her hips and place her squarely on the bed. "Get dressed, we're leaving in five minutes." You say as you walk back to your previously forgotten pants
>She scowls and draws out a long whining sound like a kid who just learned they're not buying him a snickers bar. When she realizes you're not joking she complies and slips back into the sweaters
>The drive to the local mall is short, and the ticket attendent, an older lamia, comments on how cute the two of you look together. This draws a nervous giggle from your succubus who wraps her arm around yours as you walk inside
>"Were you looking at her?" Her tone shifts into a serious tone as you walk up the steps to your seat
>"What?" You fail to see how that has any relevance until her grip tightens around your hand and her nails go white
>"From now on you won't look at any other girls, not here, not in school. You'll look at me exclusively, right?" She buries her head into your shoulder as you take your seats. Her voice was demanding, but tinged with desperation in the request.
>You assure her that you will definitely avoid other monstergirls, which seems to calm her down a bit just as the previews begin to roll
>"In a world... Where human boys have gone extinct... One dullahan will go where no other monstergirl has gone before... Space!"
>She turns to you with a bored look on her face. "This sucks, we should have fucked like rabbits when we had the chance." She pouts and crosses her arms while simultaneously sinking her seat.
>After ten more minutes of previews she places a lithe hand on your thigh and leans steeply into your shoulder. She's obviously tuning out the movie as her lips plant small kisses on your neck and cheeks.

What would you do?

>> No.13522360

Personally, he wasn't as intimidating as I would've liked. The bit where he cuts off the dealer's arm in a blind rage was excellent, because that's when you see just how insane, monstrous and dangerous he actually is.
Vision, on the other hand, I have no qualms with.

>> No.13522361

You know, whenever someone brings up that "x board has shit taste in what it specializes" I always wonder if that's true, or if the person went there, was told they have terrible tastes, and instead of opening their mind and trying out whats considered the good stuff, got defensive and said "x hates everything, they have shit tastes!"

>> No.13522362

Every writefag has their favorites

>> No.13522366

Eat overpriced movie popcorn. Feed her some also

>> No.13522367

What a lovely life, will you pastebin this?

>> No.13522369

THERE'S the yandere. Fuck it, if we're going the stoic route we're going all the way. Ignore that and nudge her head back up if she dips too low. Force our tongue down her throat during the ending credits, THEN take her home and ravage her.

>> No.13522372

Why is the Aye man called Mosquito Man, /tv/-kun?

>> No.13522373

Vision was another symptom of the clusterfuck they were putting together. Could have completely cut out all the farmhouse junk and had time to make him feel like more than a last minute addition.

>> No.13522375

Damn, I need more short stories! Already read the pastebins linked which I'm interested in. Any recommendations where I can find more?

>> No.13522377

yeah but they're shit so who cares what they like

>> No.13522378

Turn my head slightly so I can kiss one of her horns, and start stroking her through her panties.

...She is wearing panties, right?

>> No.13522382

Uhhh... are you looking for anything a bit more specific?

>> No.13522387


I prefer not to pastebin my grey matter flatulence.

>> No.13522388

Drive her almost to the point of breaking. She has to be able to know each characters by name and recite me the plot of the movie while we fuck afterwards.

>> No.13522390

Lizard snu-snu, perfect.

>> No.13522391

>snaps a tree in two during outdoors sex
Now that's what I call snu snu. At the mention of the knife I thought you'll go human sacrifice on us, glad you didn't.

Good one, anon, hanks for doing it. You aren't Average, are you?

>> No.13522392

Bollocks pls.

>> No.13522396

>clearly trying to mindbreak and manipulate you

Tell her to fuck off and find someone who is not shit

>> No.13522400

It was an enjoyable brain fart.

>> No.13522401

Enough villians are dark and intimidating as fuck already (See that guy from Guardians of the Galaxy who's name I can't even remember).

The movie could had had more character building, I agree, but the fact that Ultron acts just like a psychopathic, robotic Tony Stark despite hating the real Tony with all his being is perfect.

>> No.13522402

Faggot, did you just now start following that story?

>> No.13522403

It's probably not average, there isn't enough double spacing and I don't think the writing style is similar.

>> No.13522404

I want that Older Lamia please

>> No.13522410


I'm not Average

>> No.13522414

Seen this guys artwork before, really like it. Where does he upload all of it?

>> No.13522415


>> No.13522423


It isn't me.
I love it though, gets my warhammer love burning.

>> No.13522426

Oh man.
>Lean back into her
>Nibble her earlobe until she sighs and reaches higher up your thigh
>Grab her hand
>whisper "this is all going to be on the test" into her ear then straightening up and resuming your measured indifference

Is this how you tame a yan succubus?

>> No.13522428

Loen has a imgur linked in the Blogspot and the Pastebin you can find on the OP.

>> No.13522430

How new?

>> No.13522433

it might be

>> No.13522436

Sorry then. I made the assumption since he's the only writefag who I know is into /tg/ stuff.

>> No.13522440

I work in a theater, I would love to have a monster girl helping at work

>> No.13522449

>taming yandere

Nope, you're just slowly getting her into the mentality that she gets what she wants when she wants.

Next time you don't want to have sex she'll just push you down and sit on your face until you agree to skip school/work/hanging with friends and instead fuck her for hours.

>> No.13522450

Would you be fine with the Older Lamia Manager constantly breathing down your neck literally?

>> No.13522455

Pretty much anything goes, but I'm more into the lovey-dovey stuff instead of the femdom

>> No.13522458

Well I usually just handle soda, so it wouldn't be that big of a deal, might get a little cramped with her tail in suck a small space

>> No.13522460
File: 29 KB, 283x279, 004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't really break something that's already broken. Anyways, what worries you so much about a yandere succubutt?

>> No.13522462

I'm into lovey-dovey femdom.

>> No.13522466


Clearly you don't pay attention to other writefaggots like ELH who's practically /tg/ incarnate


Fuck off m80 you can't allow me to be a non-hipster with WH Fantasy

>> No.13522472

It's not fixing it is more tempting. See who breaks first and rapes

>> No.13522473

Well, while she is eventually getting what she wants she's certainly not getting it when she wants it, otherwise we'd be on our backs begging for a break about now. If anything we're probably encouraging her to be far more forceful or at less coy.

>Anyways, what worries you so much about a yandere succubutt?
The yandere part. Jealous women aren't my schtick, but so far this one hasn't been too bad. Maybe we can get her to relax some with proper training and well applied dickings.

>> No.13522489

See, you keep quoting my posts, but you keep bringing up arguments from stuff other people have said, not even always from this thread.

I never said Ultron was like Loki
I never said his basic premise was a bad idea

I said he was underdeveloped because he got the shaft in terms of screen time, and 2/6 scenes he got were weak as fuck. Just like Hammer could have been fucking fantastic in Ironman 2 and they fucked up and fumbled him.

Guardians didn't develop the Acuser guy hardly at all either.

It's getting where Marvel can write decent heroes but can't bring singular villains to fruition. Like imagine if Winter Soldier was nothing but the Bucky scenes with no Hydra to carry the rest of the plot. That's the issue that keeps cropping up.

>> No.13522503
File: 574 KB, 665x887, 3563733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Jealous women aren't my schtick
You are not my nigga, possessive girls are the best.

>Maybe we can get her to relax some with proper training and well applied dickings
So you just want a sub?

>> No.13522513

That image always gets me.

>You will never have an otherwise normal monster waifu who gets all clingy and a little bit possessive of you when other women try to flirt with you

>> No.13522515

no man not like that, I like yandere also. I just wanna see pure lust filled rape. No sub or dom just rape. Then loving cuddles after it

>> No.13522519

you're getting coiled from the waste down while getting drinks

>> No.13522520

>possessive girls are the best
It's a matter of degrees. Some clinginess is fine, and in the image you posted I seem to recall other women hinting that they found her new boyfriend cute or something. Nothing wrong with a good body coil in that situation, but getting pissy because you made eye contact with an attractive woman is not okay in my book.

>So you just want a sub?
I said "calm down" not "become our bitch." Just tone the jealousy down some, you know? I was completely alright with the domineering teasing we were shown before, I just want less crazy is all.

>> No.13522524

This is why my plan is to go up into space with an Anubis.

>> No.13522525

making me sad Anon.
I just want to play warriors or VC.
I love undead and heavy armor

>> No.13522534

How does one waifu Hathor?

>> No.13522535
File: 7 KB, 150x150, kekkon shimashou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You place your own hand on her thigh and squeeze. This draws out a short moan which she quickly muffles with sweater sleeve.
>The previews come to an end but you're aren't even paying attention as each squeeze of her soft skin brings you closer to the source of heat radiating between her legs.
>She's long stopped trying to bury you in affection, instead opting for laying her head back and letting her tongue hange loosely on her lips while panting as softly as she can to prevent drawing attention.
>Her eyes are unfocused as you draw closer to her ear. A single warm breath calls forth a shudder from her buddy as your hand strokes as close as possible without actually touching
>"What's the name of the movie?" You ask in conjunction with a single flick of her womanhood. Her attention returns like a bucket of cold water had just been poured down her face
>"Wha-I?!" She mutters while her hand darts forward wildly with no real aim. She manages to avoid jumping out of her chair by a few inches and you repeat the question
>"It's... uh..." She can't seem to draw an answer as her yellow eyes continue to jump between the screen and your hand which massages the inside of her thighs. Her breath comes in quick bursts as she tries her best to squeeze your hand between her legs and into her sopping cunt
>"Time's up." You whisper as your free hand cups one of her nearly head-sized breasts.
>She whines in a hushed voice for you to hear. Her hips slowly gyrating in the seat as she seeks out the warmth of your hand which you keep out of reach.
>For the next five minutes you watch her slowly settle back into her state of drowsily enjoying the pleasure of your hands before asking the next question.
>"What genre is the movie?" You finish the question with a small nibble to her earlobe and hear the gritting of her teeth as she holds back a yelp.
>"A-adventure, action, Sc-fi-fi-fi!" She sputters out a few different answers before turning anxiously to face you.

Do you reward her?

>> No.13522539

>Anon tries to handle the soda
>Older lamia manager constantly behind him
>A bit grabby, but "totally didn't squeeze your ass just then"
>Gives stories about when she had just started there at the Theatre and when she was a young teenager looking to get by
>Invites Anon to special private movie showings she thinks he'll like that she sets up
>Always plans the schedule so no other Monster Girl staff member is near Anon and herself is always hovering next to him

>> No.13522546

>I just want to play warriors
You are my nigga.

>> No.13522550

Goddammit, even if it's a matango, if a girl is that genuine and cutesy, I can't help but like her.

I'd treat her like a daughteru at least.

>> No.13522552

Hahaha. The theater is a oldish like over 70 years old. So I can see it working like that. Before we show a move we have to preview it to see if it works so it would be enjoyable to have a private showing with her

>> No.13522553

Was she even right? And fuck no we don't, she's getting to the end of the movie without cumming; every right answer is just a reward earned for later.

There had better be a goddamn puddle in her seat when we leave.

>> No.13522557

Is there no job in Monster girl city where I don't get sexually harassed.

>> No.13522559

>Do you reward her?

>> No.13522562

But would you take her up on her offer to come home with her for an "Extra Private Showing"? You'll have to take responsibility if you do.

>Not wanting to be sexually harassed while working
I bet you think Lizardgirls just want to be friends with you, huh?

>> No.13522563

Just a little. But no climaxes for her until the end of the movie.

>> No.13522564

Personally, I thought every moment with Ultron was fantastic.

But that scene with The Vision and the last Drone was incredible.

>> No.13522568

This would be the perfect opportunity for some payback for all her earlier teaing.

>> No.13522570

Well if we are taking my area. I live in a small town so. I might as well go along with it.

>> No.13522572

Man I just want to concentrate on my job.

>> No.13522574

If they actually cared about a Job being done they would've hired a Monster Girl. You know what you're at work for.

>> No.13522579

Sounds like a difficult task in MGC. Maybe it's better to consider dealing with the harassment as part of your job. Kind of like being a host.

>> No.13522583

Huh, being a host doesn't sound so bad.

>> No.13522589

>You will never be lost in the vast ocean and found by a MG version of The Great Thing.

>> No.13522590

I want to be a cute Butler at Butler Cafe and make lonely Monster Girls happy with my smile and bringing them tasty snacks while calling them Mistress!

>> No.13522593

Then get married.

>inb4 nobody will hire a married man
>or worse, you alread have a job and this happens when they find out
>"fired due to misrepresentation of qualifications"

>> No.13522596

Yeah that sounds nice.

>> No.13522598

I also want this too

>> No.13522600

What if they try to make you do lewd and unbutlerlike things?

>> No.13522602

Mah nigga.

>> No.13522604

That's why you marry your Boss/Manager.

Or better yet, be a House Husband, like it's supposed to be. Honestly, a human boy that isn't raising the daughterus or cleaning the house just doesn't make sense.

>> No.13522606

I wanna befriend a dullahan

>> No.13522610

You say it's nice now, but how will you act when that chubby creepy perverted Otaku Jabberwock keeps trying to lick you with her tentacles while she tries awkwardly to hit on you

>> No.13522611

Working is fun, I get free movies and a free large combo

>> No.13522618
File: 1.21 MB, 2480x3508, 25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw when no giant Kitsune waifu.

>> No.13522621

Get the Oni bodyguard to suggest she leave.

>> No.13522627

Masterfully veer away and bat aside her come-ons. Such a task is nothing for a skilled butler, or if that doesn't work have her escorted out until she learns to behave. No cafe worth working at wouldn't have someone assigned to drag out the troublemakers.

>> No.13522630

Do you all like MGC? Well then here come the jokes...

What happens when you dial 411 on an MGC Line?
You get a dog-girl barking at you constantly.
Last long enough and you can ask her on a date.

>> No.13522632
File: 253 KB, 714x1000, 668bb0230633efca32529430431c256b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Your hand previously massaging her breast slides up to the very tip before you press her erect nipple between your thumb and index finger.
>"I'm sorry, but that's wrong." You whisper before drowning out her screams in a kiss that forces her to face you.
>When you let go her tongue seems to follow as if seeking your lips out even more. She looks at you with an empty stare like a soldier coming home.
>"Why... Why are you so mean to me." She seems on the verge of tears as every bit of your assault wears down her defences. Everything from your hand teasing her lower lips to your fingers playing with her outstandingly hard nipples brings her just as close as you'll let her to the edge without going over
>For a while longer she pleads with you. Her hands cupped in a prayer as she shakes her ass in the seat. You kiss her lovingly and compliment her willingness to suffer before redoubling your efforts to break her.
>The movies passes by a in a blur of dialogue interspersed with over the top action. During the dialogue you busy her lips with your own and during the action you let her moan and beg for more, the sound of cgi explosions drowning out all but the most desperate requests.
>The movies comes to an end with your succubus's panting turning into something more akin to a dog than anything a succubi would show..
>You turn around for a second overcome with worry that others would realize what you were doing, but instead see an almost entirely empty movie theatre with nobody but yourself, your succubus, and an elderly couple slowly hobbling toward the lower exit and away from you.
>"Please... I can't... Not anymore." Her legs twitch and kick weakly as you absentmindedly continued playing with her lips. Her panties hanging around her knees ruined with lubrication.
>You peck her lips and motion for her to stan up, but she's already beyond realizing her situation. She spreads her legs lewdly and begs once more.
>"Right now! Fuck me right now!"

What say you?

>> No.13522634

Walk away.

>> No.13522638

Fuck her right in the pussy

>> No.13522641

But she's your best customer who comes in every other day and leaves a big tip! You don't want to scare her away. And that won't stop her when she stalks you outside the cafe anyways.

Smoother Anon, you might make for a fine Butler!

>> No.13522643

no you have to catch me, then run home

>> No.13522644

No. She doesn't deserve it yet.

>> No.13522646

Slam a finger straight up into her cunt, and tell her that if she can make it to a bedroom, you'll fuck her all night long until you're a sweaty mass of flesh writhing against each other in the morning.

>> No.13522648

Almost there, but not yet.

>> No.13522649

Tease her some more.

>> No.13522653


Pls your goddamned self. You have just as much ability as I do to screencap or pastebin that malarky.

>> No.13522656

Walk home fingering her. If she makes it home she can fuck

>> No.13522658

Ask her the name of the main character.

>> No.13522660

Okay then I grin and bear it. And hope the MILF monster girl brigade comes today.

>> No.13522664

This only makes me want a Yeti with earmuffs, she doesn't need them for warmth but she thinks they look good on her

>> No.13522666

That's what the holy can of pepper spray and the enchanted taser are for.

>> No.13522668

She has wings, anon. You wouldn't make it out of the theater.

This guy gets it. Walk home with our hand in her back pocket, kneading her ass the entire way. If she makes it the whole trip without begging or trying to knock us down we're going to make blueberries 'n cream all night long. If she fails... what should be her penalty? Condom sex?

>> No.13522669

I'd like to use a yeti AS earmuffs, if you know what I mean.

>> No.13522671

Condom sex would work, maybe only blowjobs.

>> No.13522672

I don't think you could fit your entire head in her vagina.

>> No.13522674

But she's been nothing but nice to you, besides, you knew the risks when you took the job.

>> No.13522675

>Condom sex?
Yes. It's all they deserve to begin with, so it would be a good punishment.

Aww, man. Tough luck, I guess.

>> No.13522677


>You'll never give shoulder rides to your Yeti daughteru, as her fur makes for the perfect winter earmuffs

>> No.13522678

Yeti and Seep thighs are the best earmuffs

>> No.13522680

>Hurting your biggest fan who just wants to be closer to you

>> No.13522683

Sheep*, not seep

>> No.13522684
File: 574 KB, 1200x1678, 1423930921670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"I-If I do this you will be my boyfriend?"

>> No.13522689

100% yes

>> No.13522691

All monster girls would do that to get a boyfriend.
What would you do that the others won't?

>> No.13522692

What a fat dog.

>> No.13522694


>> No.13522695

Mofu is shit, and so is this picture.

>> No.13522696

Kill all the lamias

>> No.13522697

In the theater? I don't think so. She gets to wait.

>> No.13522699

Fuck off you shitty mutt.

>> No.13522704

Mofu is shite, and so is this picture.

>> No.13522707

>Whoring yourself our like that

No need to bribe me. All you gotta do is ask.

>> No.13522709

Wolf tengus the worst tengus.

>> No.13522710

Sure, I don't see why not. You could have just tried asking me though.

>> No.13522718

Anon, she may be a chubby creepy Otaku, but she's still a 7ft chocolate thesaurus dragon from Wonderland. You think mere Pepper Spray would hurt her? Her feelings, maybe. But she'll just be convinced that she has to show you just how big of a fan she is so you'll love her.

>> No.13522723

No, that would be crow tengus.

>> No.13522724

>actually unironically bullying wolfus
Give me your monster girl lover licenses, you do not deserve them

>> No.13522728
File: 526 KB, 1280x1380, 3f5546135ee0d4b267c5197caa39eddb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You calmly straighten out your shirt and stand up. As your feet touch the ground you hear a sticky sploching sound and realize that there is not a patch of dry floor left for several feet around both of your seats.
>She tries to grab at your sleeve, but her eyes are so out of focus that she only swings at the air in desperation.
>"It was a fun date, great movie huh?" You wave back to her as you make your way to the exit. Her legs kick desperately but are too weak to support her after the severe dehydration she's suffered
>Just as you open the door you hear the sound of crying, not just regular crying either. Her sobs are the distraught screams of a mother who's just lost her child, a child putting his first dog to sleep, a plane crash survivor being surrounded by the corpse of his friends.
>You walk home with a new perspective on life, shitpost for a while on your favorite imageboard, masturbate and then go to sleep early for school tomorrow.

>The window to your room is forced open. The cold breeze bites at you for a second before something large lands on your body.
>"He... Hehe..." It laughs derangedly as your eyes do their best to adjust to the dark. You can only make out two horns and the sound of wings flapping rapidly as the large creature locks its legs around you
>"I finally found you Anon. We're going to get married right now." Her voice sounds dead, there's not a touch of emotion in her voice as she tears your shirt off.
>Your free hand reaches for the lightswitch just in time for her to forcefully grab it and push it back.
>"No more tricks, no more waiting, no more fucking movies. It's just the two of us from now on." She places her tongue on your groin and licks all the way up to your face before locking your lips together with an iron grip.
>You break free for a moment "W-What about school tomorrow?!" and she responds with a polite laugh.
>"We can go to school, next week." The thought sends a chill as you realize it's only tuesday.


>> No.13522730

>Yeti fluff tunnel and bumpity boo earmuffs
a bit closer to heaven

>> No.13522732

Alright then.

>> No.13522734


>> No.13522735

>>Just as you open the door you hear the sound of crying, not just regular crying either. Her sobs are the distraught screams of a mother who's just lost her child, a child putting his first dog to sleep, a plane crash survivor being surrounded by the corpse of his friends.

We really are awful people.

The least we could do is give her a loving kiss? Try to calm the yandere-ness a bit?

>> No.13522736

Not what I wanted, but okay. I was more preferring the torment to end once they got home and sex happens. I feel bad for the sobbing, should have gone back and carry her

>> No.13522738

>7ft chubby Jabberwock

Say no more, I'll take her.

>> No.13522744

All according to plan. The only thing left to do is pound that pussy into next week.

>> No.13522745

Shit route, would not recommend VN, 2/10

>> No.13522746

I'll fight you. Crow tengus are the best.

>> No.13522748

Quick! Use the pocket sand!

>> No.13522749

I can't say I feel bad for thim. You guys made him a faggot with your teasing shit.

>> No.13522754

LOVING KISS, PUT ALL YOUR FEELINGS INTO TO. After it calms her down. Hug it out then sex

>> No.13522757

Yes. This.

Must do this.

>> No.13522760

Guess I'll have to use the dreaded Restraining Order to keep her at bay.

>> No.13522762
File: 628 KB, 834x592, NoSquidwardVersion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


The Black Harpy's nose was too much, I had to do something.

>> No.13522764

We went to far we have to apologize.

>> No.13522765

Did we go too far?

>> No.13522767

say we are sorry but tell her this was for this morning. Hug then fuck

>> No.13522768



>> No.13522769

Succubi deserve every little bit of misery they get.

She completely deserved it.

>> No.13522770

It's probably far too late for that. Gonna get raped for days and days.

>> No.13522771

Xis artstyle looks a teeny-tiny bit better now.

>> No.13522773

Knigga, why did you left your friend all alone on the theatre?

>> No.13522774

Shut up paladin

>> No.13522775

>Thinking the MGC Legal system will take your side in a case like this
Oh, to be young and naive again.

This Anon gets it. But are you sure? She's an Otaku, she'll probably take lots of pictures of you, dress you up in all kinds of weird outfits, and cuddle you incredibly tightly.

>> No.13522776

I'm with this guy. Yall done goofed.

>> No.13522777

Not great, but the lack of scrotum-noses improves it by magnitudes.

>> No.13522778

We can fix it. We got revenge on her for what she did in school. We need to kiss her with love and calm her down and discuss our feelings. Then condomless sex

>> No.13522781

You're evil.

>> No.13522786

Can't I have another girl stalking me instead? I don't really like Jabbers that much

>> No.13522787

Well, considering he put "1/?", I assume this is already set in stone, which is why I said it's too late.

>> No.13522789

>The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing

There are still good men in /mgg/.

>> No.13522791

>leaving her behind
>not helping the poor sloppy mess stumble home
Come on.

>> No.13522792

We femdom now?


>> No.13522793

>Monster girls are allowed to tease human boys at school as much as they want, but when human boys do it it's wrong.
T-Thanks Succobama

>> No.13522795

yeah I mean most of the other responses were like that

>> No.13522797

There is literally nothing wrong with teasing an MG.

>> No.13522798

This is what you get for being selfish and not dicking her.

>> No.13522801

We need more otaku monster girls.

>> No.13522802

He may yet be monitoring us as he writes...?

>> No.13522803

BY THE POWER OF MUTUAL LOVE it will fix itself

>> No.13522805

Nobody likes a cunttease.

>> No.13522806


>> No.13522808

She's a cunt, completely deserved it.

>> No.13522809


>> No.13522811


Hey Carlton

You sell fish

>> No.13522812

>she'll probably take lots of pictures of you, dress you up in all kinds of weird outfits, and cuddle you incredibly tightly
As long as she takes it as well as she doles it out. But that awkwardness has to go. She must be used to behaving like a proper dragon in public, even if she's a chubby dragon nerd. Plenty of dates and the eventual exhibitionist sex should help her acclimatize to the outside world.

>> No.13522813

The only thing that can fix a broken succubus is the word of our lord, Jesus Christ.

>> No.13522814

The irony is not lost on us.

>> No.13522817

She just wanted for you to fuck her.

>> No.13522819

She isn't broken.

>> No.13522820

To be honest she didn't tease him to the point where there was a pool of precum under his seat in school.

>> No.13522821

She sounds pretty out there.

>> No.13522822

exactly we went past the line. Time to atone and ask forgiveness
Just gotta snap her back to normal

>> No.13522825

Yeah but I never asked for it.

>> No.13522826

>Not Hikkiing it up with your MG Otaku waifu

>> No.13522827

Actually, it's time to take her to suplex city.

>> No.13522835

>Your father will never work the mines until the day he dies
>You'll never stand upon his grave, and grit your teeth, swearing you'll make things right
>You'll never spend hours in the libraries reading exotic scrolls and theses on golemancy, honing your technical and magical skills
>You'll never learn how to bend steel, learn how to make her move
>You'll never watch as she withstands all the hell they put man through
>You will never build cities in a day
>You will never build towers to the heavens
>You will never build heroes
>You will never be a hero


>> No.13522837

so we want mc and succubus to work it out then have loving sex. The two forgive each other for the teasing and happy end

>> No.13522840
File: 46 KB, 287x296, 3095734532342.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>moose only updates once a month now

>> No.13522841

>You'll never be the father of death

>> No.13522842

But taking her out of her little safe heaven means a huge frightened Jabberwock uncertainly clinging to you while spilling spaghetti everywhere. And when you finally get back she'll be all distraught an din need of some calming down.

>> No.13522844

No, he should lock her up and tease her even more.

>> No.13522845

No we don't.

>> No.13522847


>> No.13522848

Hmm, you raise a good point.

>> No.13522849
File: 50 KB, 425x300, 1430677622697.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You will never be a hero

>> No.13522850

Well she's a Dragon, she probably knows how to be "Proper" by nature, she just doesn't bother most of the time and is really rusty and awkward. And she's a Jabberwock, exhibitionist sex comes with the package.

>7ft Chubby Chocolate Dragon with Tentacles clinging to her tiny husbando
This won't end well

>> No.13522853

Is the succubutt thing a CYOA now?

>> No.13522858

Nah. I think people should accept that we fucked up. Back in my day, we accepted our cyoa bad ends and waited until the next session to try again. Why, this one time we got beaten to death with a baseball bat because we forgot to lock the door before masturbating, and we enjoyed it.

>> No.13522861

That fucking devil-bug.
Did they use a human female as a stand in or something?

>> No.13522862

Heroes do not exist, Walker.

Your talents lie elsewhere.

>> No.13522864

we did fuck up but we can try and fix it. I mean we will probably get raped a few times

>> No.13522865

There are no heroes left in man.

>> No.13522866

Good things comes to those who are patient and don't post pepe.

>> No.13522872
File: 48 KB, 224x257, EVEN NOW THERE IS HOPE FOR MAN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Implying that even now there isn't hope for man
See, this is why you're not a hero.

>> No.13522874

Isn't this a happy end already?

>> No.13522877

Hope rides alone.

>> No.13522878

There are heroes right here, in our midst.

>> No.13522879


>> No.13522881

>you will never be the man who turns the wheel

>> No.13522882
File: 514 KB, 1250x967, Two cows.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whatcha doing, friends?

>> No.13522883

>in /mgg/


>> No.13522885

I'm not your friend, buddy.

>> No.13522886

This is comeuppance, anons.

>> No.13522887

Dreaming about cuddling with that chubby Jabberwotaku and watching anime.

I don't even like anime that much but I'd learn to to be with a tubby dragon like her.

>> No.13522890

Sweaters are a gift from god.

>> No.13522892

Hungering, you?

>> No.13522893

There are, you simply refuse to see them.

Or perhaps, you can't.

>> No.13522894
File: 264 KB, 850x691, 1399623797882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nothing much. You?

>> No.13522896

Why I don't get is why did weren't we asked if we wanted to leave her instead of just making the decision for us without giving us any warning about it.

Literally only one guy said we should 'walk away' without even taking her with us.

>> No.13522900

Trying to troubleshoot why my computer overheats like a fat man climbing a down escalator.

>> No.13522901
File: 290 KB, 1188x1050, 1401737079913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know right

>> No.13522902

Holy hell anon, have you ever heard of brushing your waifu? Poor girl.

>> No.13522903

Clean your fans, brah.

>> No.13522904

I fucked that up, but I think I get my point across.

>> No.13522905
File: 688 KB, 823x1297, 04d6a625281b0206120a11c5ed702831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The bags beneath her eyes are larger than you thought inhumanly possible. She laughs while simultaneosuly kissing your skin. Everywhere she can she passes her lips as if to become one with you.
>Her attention turns downward as her continued attention forces you to rise just enough for it to bump against her legs.
>For a second she stops and a satisfied look comes across her face, she rubs her ass against the growing erection, small moans and yelps escaping her lips until it grows to full size.
>Her face shows an expression of supreme gratitude as she fishes your erection from the confines of your underwear and nestles it gently in her hands
>"You got hard for me. This means that we're meant to be together forever, right?" She smiles before licking the entire length with the enthusiasm of a dog being gifted a new bone.
>Her efforts are rewarded as you burst in her mouth. Her lips refuse to let go as she swallows ever last drop and then smiles in delight.
>"It's so tasty, of course it would be since it belongs to my beloved Anon. We'll be so happy together." She slithers forward until planting a flurry of kisses on your cheeks and forehead.
>"Look!" She proudly gets on her knees to show off the stream of lubrication snaking its way down her thighs. "This is proof of my live for you Anon. It's finally time!"
>She grabs your erection once more and positions directly at the opening of her lower lips. Her hands shake as she slowly brings the tip against her pulsating lips. Her face turns a deep red from the combination of excitement, fear, and utter bliss.
>With a single motion she slowly impales herself on your cock. The insides uncontrollably contract and press against your cock while her hands grab a hold of your hips to stabilize herself.
>Her eyes roll into the back of her head as she slowly lifts herself once more. Her mouth hangs open unrestrained by anything except the heaving of her chest.


This is going to be long.

>> No.13522906

Try pouring salt on it, that'll help.

>> No.13522907

They make big breasts look even comfier. Truly they are magic.

>> No.13522908

Yeah, I cant. Need my glasses.

>> No.13522909


>> No.13522911
File: 166 KB, 1000x1000, Cowpire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm experiencing what >>13522892 is going through.

>> No.13522913

Oh my.

>> No.13522914

>They'll never watch you die to save their lives.
>They'll never not stand here by your side.
>You'll never fight alone

Man. I just wanna pick up a simple fuckin' trash can lid, and stand before the metal golem fighting for all of us. I wonder what would happen. Would I die alone?

>> No.13522916


>> No.13522920

I fucked up the spoilers, excuse me.

>> No.13522923

Yeah, I'm not sure what I even expected.

>> No.13522924

We're at YANCON 1.

>> No.13522927

we still can fix this. We need to confess so hard

>> No.13522928

Vampire Cows, how terrifying.

>> No.13522929

Your waifu's face when you're set on fire and burned to death

>> No.13522930

I don't like yanderes.

Tell her good bye while teleporting out of the room with my secret ninja technique passed down my family through generations.

>> No.13522931

We was just teasin', honest! W-will a hug fix things?

>> No.13522933

>"I am the terror that MOOS in the night!"

>> No.13522934

I like where this is going.

>> No.13522937
File: 2.24 MB, 808x1200, 1194850-FMIURA0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13522938

Try and fix this, I like Yanderes but this is on a whole new level

>> No.13522939

But she already does that to me when we have sex, minus the whole burning to death. The fire is a little more metaphorical as well. Would Shirohebi jealousy-fire give you fire immunity?

>> No.13522941

Break down crying and and beg for forgiveness

>> No.13522943

Just dusted it yesterday, doesn't help.
I'm pretty sure that there's something wrong with the CPU fan, but I'll have to turn it off and shit before I can really look into anything.

>> No.13522944

What would dating a corrupted Elemental be like? They seem nice, would they dom me?

>> No.13522945

>Implying writefag had any intention of going anywhere with this story but here in the first place.

>> No.13522947
File: 254 KB, 550x792, 1406919635736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can live with it.

>> No.13522948

I want to get terrorized by her.

>> No.13522952

Pray to the elder gods it's not the paste that's fucked up.

>> No.13522957

How about we try something less pathetic first?

>> No.13522962

I gave you guys a whole lot of opportunities to make this loveydovey before going down this route.

I even emptied the entire theatre just so you could gently love her without feeling ashamed, but you chose to tease instead.

You chose this future despite my attempts, not because of them. Now drown in your ideals and die.

Maybe there will be redemption.

>> No.13522968

I never said we should leave her on the theater or crying her lungs out. You did that decision by yourself.

>> No.13522970

I guess a "win" for the MC was too much to ask in /mgt/.

Maybe next time.

>> No.13522972

Fuck redemption, go yandere route.

>> No.13522973

In terms of wanting some lovin', yeah. Just take their regular persona, then amplify it.

>> No.13522974

Awww. I wanna be dommed!

>> No.13522975

well I wanted love but in the room

>> No.13522977

Hey, you're the one who went for the douche options out of all the anons who responded. You're just as much "at fault" as the readers are.

>> No.13522978

Now him, but how the fuck do you think she'd react? Doesn't feel like he's shoehorned this rout in at all.

>> No.13522980

No anon, you picked out the only really harsh option that was listed.

Who cares, I´m happy to see Succusluts getting some attention.Keep going.

>> No.13522981

It's more like we would take her home and fuck

>> No.13522983

You're doing the worst thing in a scenario like this: replying to displeased posters. The best you can do is plunge on ahead.

>> No.13522984
File: 604 KB, 1000x950, 1402430515935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's go full yandere modo.

>> No.13522987

You guys acted like a bag of cocks since she burst into your room, do you really think it's "in character" so to speak to be so considerate? I would have been surprised had he not left her there.

>> No.13522988

Well, mission accomplished?

>> No.13522989

He picked a single response saying we should walk away compared to many others saying we should fuck her right there or at least take her with us.
It's like writefag's being spiteful about the choices we made.

>> No.13522990

This >>13522968

>> No.13522994

well it was more for revenge but once we heard her sobbing we should have ran back, remember she is our friend

>> No.13522995

It was the first response.

>> No.13522996

>You guys acted like a bag of cocks since she burst into your room
See? This is the reason why it feels writefag is just being spiteful, about it.

Just keep writing and let get it over with.

>> No.13522997

Is it? You guys made your recent choices because she was getting jealous and clingy which was foreshadowing to this sort of behavior.

>> No.13522998

If it's first-come, first-serve, why even bother posting it here?

>> No.13522999

Fucking this.

Just continue on as it simmers down.

>> No.13523005

It's often good etiquette to at least mention what will be your way of deciding what happens, whatever the way of doing so is.

>> No.13523006


I'm not writefag if that's what you guys thought. Seems like you're directing questions to me which should be asked of him.

>> No.13523009

>"I love Anon. I love Anon. I love Anon. I love Anon...." Her words become an anthem that refuse to stop. Her slow movements become a constant thrusting that bring with them a repetition of her undying feelings for you.

>Time seems to contract for the two of you. The only real measurement is the amount of time that it takes from one thrust of her hips to begin until it finally ends and another wave of pleasure consumes you. The only other thing that seems constant is the occasional scream of pleasure as she cums once more from the movements

>Eventually you stop counting the thrusts, instead choosing to depend on the sound of her screams or your own ejaculations to count the amount of time that has passed since she last screamed or since you last ejaculated, was there ever anything before this?

>You come to realize that here is no time. Only the endless pleasure that you bring to one another as she pistons herself perfectly and mechanically and you squeeze out every drop of semen that you can inside of her.

>Occasionally you hear her scream some variant of “I love Anon!” Ranging from simple compliments like “I love anon more than I love the sky!” to complicated lyrical compositions such as “Anon is the only truth of this universe, blessed is his being from the dirt underneath his toes to the sound of his cute moans!”

>You remain in this state for an unaccountably long amount of time. Sweat rains down on you from her body and your own sweat forms a darkened circle around the two of you on the bedsheets below. Neither of you stop.

>You don’t know when the darkness begins to seep into your vision, or when the sound of wet skin being slapped against wet skin begins to slow down, but sure enough there comes a sense of tiredness that follows begins to consume the two of you.


It's all for fun anyways, I just write what I think would be most interesting. I think so far it's been pretty damn fun.but you're right.

>> No.13523011


>> No.13523016

>fucking up spoilers twice.

I should really kill myself.

>> No.13523017

>Implying that's my fetish.

>> No.13523018

When we wake up in the morning maybe she will be calm

>> No.13523019

Well, it's some of ours.

>> No.13523023

>Implying that isn't my fetish

>> No.13523027

Orignal poster about the theme. I honestly am okay with the

>> No.13523028

I really need to see a Kroxigor monster girl now.

>> No.13523029

The minute I can she's getting a fly kick to the chest.

>> No.13523030

No one thinks you're the writefag, but we certainly think you're acting like a faggot.

>> No.13523031

No, you can't make us.

>> No.13523033

Yupp. Officially broken.

>> No.13523034

Oh man. This really is the only good kind of succuslut.

>> No.13523035

Well, not everyone in here likes yandere.

>> No.13523036

You also realize what time of day it is, right? Wanting proper replies from the daytime /mgt/ audience is like wanting fish to fall from the sky. Its been rumored to happen rarely but don't expect it

>> No.13523039

With how often its fans push for it around here you'd think otherwise

>> No.13523040

>yandere Succubus "friend" cockblocking you at every chance and then when you are pent up she pounces

>> No.13523046

That's what we ended up with because y'all couldn't talk to her like an adult. Now we're getting served a plate of yandere and the chef doesn't seem interested in making a different dish. Might as well suck it up and finish what's on the plate.

>> No.13523047

>waking up at all
she will just keep fucking us into oblivion
gud end

>> No.13523049

Is it truly too late for lovey-dovey?

I don't think anyone ever wanted to leave her sobbing in a movie theater...

>> No.13523053

I'm just not gonna eat it.

>> No.13523057

>That's what we ended up with because y'all couldn't talk to her like an adult.
More telling us we acted like a bag of cocks? Really?
Because I'm pretty sure we attempted dialogue before and the only thing the succubus wanted was to either tease us or get into out pants.
Stop being a faggot.

>> No.13523058
File: 325 KB, 600x800, 3f8e27298ce25cf70021b7270c5f5209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> “I… Love Anon.” “I looove… Anon.” “Love Anon… So much.” Her chanting becomes a quiet whisper that is soon reduced to an unintelligible string of sounds. She slowly collapses against your body with a sound similar to a hunk of meat slapping against another slab of meat. You can’t move, she can’t move either.

>The last thing either of you hear is the contented sigh of the other as the darkness finally overtakes your senses. As a final act of will she nestles herself against your chin and wraps her hands around your shoulders. You fall asleep an instant later

>There’s something heavy on top of you, a mass covering your entire torso and making it hard to breath. You wonder for a second if this is sleep paralysis before realizing that you still haven’t opened your eyes.

> “Anon…” The voice sounds tired beyond reason. You look down and see two bright yellow eyes staring up at you full of contempt and thinly veiled lust lurking beneath.

>She slowly gets up and places herself on the far side of the bed. You can’t help but feel hurt by the distance she’s put up between the two of you after what happened.

>A minute passes by with neither of you speaking until she finally turns to you. “What are we exactly now?” The question goes through you as you realize that these last few days have been completely nonsensical.

>She's even gone so far as to cover her breasts when just last night (probably last night) she had refused to let you look away from them. The sight of her sanity returned makes you remember that more than just a succuslut, she's also your lifelong friend with whome you've shared uncountable moments.

>She breaks through your moment of self-reflection with reddened cheeks as she proclaims. "I mean, it's not that I hated what you did, but you were definitely taking it too far, you know? I want to make you feel good too..." She places her hand closer to you than before and looks away.


what do you do?

>> No.13523060


"I'm sorry for what I did, but you've wronged me too...even if I kind of liked it. Can we talk this over, like adults?"

>> No.13523061

>still no Lanternon update

Its almost been a month. Don't tell me the last remaining writefag I actually care about has died too...

>> No.13523062

Funny you should say that, because this is one of those exceptions. People have been talking about monster girls, we got two greentext stories and the general atmosphere has been amicable. Now compare that to the last night's thread which was mostly dead and then a tits fecal whirlwind broke out.

>> No.13523063

>we certainly think you're acting like a faggot.
All I did was point out that it's consistent with the way he's acted thus far, and offer up the fact that "walk away" was the first response, a possible explanation as to why he chose it. You're a bit touchy aren't you, pal?

>> No.13523066

What if mummies could evolve into pharaohs with enough dickings, similar to how zombies evolve into wights?

>> No.13523067

Give her a kiss, please?

>> No.13523069


>> No.13523070

Make it up to her. Tender, sweet loving time.

>> No.13523071
File: 259 KB, 2134x1200, 4470869+_50d7927479818bd09f8f66c04816ca29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fucking love these threads.


>> No.13523074

>What are we exactly now?

>> No.13523075

This, we're going to need to work some shit out.

>> No.13523079

If this ends in anything other than a warm cuddle I will have the angriest erection

>> No.13523080


>> No.13523081

She can fuck off and find a different guy, then find a better species to waifu.

>> No.13523082

Walk away, forever.

>> No.13523084

Needs more options.
I only like certain kinds of Yan

>> No.13523086

Isn't that what they basically are? Pharaohs with the warping still on.

>> No.13523087

[pure love intensifies]

>> No.13523092

Ask for 69 paizuri as make up sex

>> No.13523097

>And children that's how I married your mother

>> No.13523099

Kiss the girl.

>> No.13523104

If they make up there'll still be maniac sexathlons, right? Or does that only come with the yandere trance state?

>> No.13523107

once a month blackout yandere sex?

>> No.13523117


No you don't.

>> No.13523119
File: 732 KB, 1000x1250, 1429336888003.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Ara ara~ you've found of a picture of when I was younger? I was a lot more headstrong and naive then. I wonder what my old adventuring group is up to now?..."

>> No.13523124

Yes. You intentionally get a little flirty with the coworkers and she unleashes her lust and jealousy all at once when you arrive home.

>> No.13523130

Pure as fuck.

>> No.13523131


>Wanting anything that Ovaries had to do with
>Motherfucking ever

You make me sad. Not angry, or happy. Just, sad.

>> No.13523143

I didn't even know that was Ovaries

>> No.13523144
File: 243 KB, 960x544, Hikage Daydream Sperm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why isn't this finished?

>> No.13523146

Why am I talking to a snake?

I hate snakes.

>> No.13523151

So with his talk of Yanderes, I figured I would post this.
Feel free to post your results.


>> No.13523152

She's your mother, aunt or maybe your wife and you're both old.

She's just an old snake, reminiscing about her exciting youth.

>> No.13523154

Don't care. Kroxigor girl was delicious.

>> No.13523160

She'd probably be an aunt considering how much I hate my aunts.

>> No.13523165
File: 265 KB, 850x935, 1378192236878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She probably has a strong smelling perfume on her too. Adorned with jewlery and leaning in real close to give you a look at her cleavage.

>> No.13523167

>tits fecal whirlwind broke out
A few dudes discussing tits isn't much to speak of. Hardly a shitstorm.

>> No.13523170

>you will never ask her to teach you all her grappling techniques from her youth

>> No.13523176

I need an adult!

>> No.13523179

succubus a qt

>> No.13523180

How would Officer Anon fair in MGC? Would the uniform only make it worse?

>> No.13523182

I am an adult

>> No.13523183

She is an adult.

>> No.13523186

The one in the semi-cyoa? Yeah.
She also fucks like a rabid tiger apparently.

>> No.13523187

>Would the uniform only make it worse?
So much worse.

>> No.13523188

An Ara Ara~ gyaru ushi.

>> No.13523189

There was a story from a while back that covered this. Not very well from what I can tell, basically guaranteed to end up dating another officer or get involved with a thugdere after your back-up didn't back you up. Officer Anon would be a liability for the most part, unless he's trigger happy but that's not really a good thing for a cop.

>> No.13523190

Don't care, nuke it.

>> No.13523191

Good thing she is one.

>> No.13523195

>MGs with a fetish for men in uniforms
>bad girls wanting to show him up
>other bad girls wanting to be punished
I wonder.

>> No.13523196

What's wrong with cooperating with monstergirls?

>> No.13523201
File: 111 KB, 450x500, dcc4fc0242ee1e927c612334424cc458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>You wordlessly lean over and kiss her. For a second she seems reluctant to return the kiss before leaning forward as well and melting into your arms. Her Arms wrap around you and soon she finds herself placed entirely in your lap.

>By the time you pull away she’s turned a bright red and is eager for more, but you feel that it’s important to speak now and clear up any doubts. “Marriage?”

>She nods in a matter-of-fact manner before responding with her own query. “Daughters?” Her eyes narrow down into slits and she presses herself into you as if to tempt you with the offer

> You shake your head “Too young, we can wait until we’re older right?” She looks down for a second before agreeing begrudgingly. “Fine, but no condoms either!” Her eyes light up and you realize you’re going to have to compromise.

>You grin as you agree that she can have as much as she wants, this draws out a smile before you jokingly ask. “But I’m still allowed to have other harem members, right?” Her smile freezes on her face as she pushes you down onto the bed and holds your arms firmly.

> “You will never look at another monstergirl as long as we’re together. I’ll milk you everyday if you want, but your sperm and heart belong solely to me.” Even though she's being serious you only think about how cute she looks when she's jealous.

>You lean forward and draw her into a wordless kiss which she responds to by slowly locking her legs behind your back. Her hands passionately roam over your body as her tail wraps itself around your leg. The two of you finally leave the bed hours later just in time to see the sun set against a pastel colored sky.

>"We will have daughters someday though, right?" She places her head on your shoulder while watching the sun slowly disappear into the horizon. You grab the palm of her hand and turn it over slowly, examining her empty ring finger. "As many as you want."

This was fun.

>> No.13523206


>"So tell me, have you laid any of your female classmates yet?"
>"Don't be shy, you can tell me."
>"Mfufu, I figured as much. You're far too enamored by human girls to go for one of the more exotic flavors. It's okay, sweetie. Mama can fix that."
>S-shouldn't we... uhm?
>"What, expecting a kiss so soon? My dear, dear boy. You've got to learn to pace yourself, otherwise you'll find yourself... rather wrapped up."
>C-can't move
>"There'd be no fun in you moving, Darling. Can't have you setting off my predator's instinct. I don't want to eat you... yet~"
>"Mmm... How was it? The taste of an adult?"
>"Ara. What a vexing response. Perhaps I need to give you a little more... encouragement."
>"Stop struggling, sweetie. I'm not going to bite you, but I am going to eat you. I'll devour every last bit of your virginity and heart"
>"Mn! How is it, this 'old snake' pussy? It's been too long since i've had sex, but no matter, we're going to go at it all night long."
>"Don't be afraid, you're not the first virgin brush i've dipped."
>It's warm...
>"What, were you expecting something cold and gross? My boy deserves better than that."
>"I wonder how you'll react when I do... this!"
>H-holy shit! It feels too good! You're sucking me in deeper!
>"Once you enter a snake's pussy, there's no leaving. So tell me, so-- husband of mine."
>"How many daughters are you willing to give this old snake? Mm?"
>"Don't worry, you have all night to think about it. In the mean time, just enjoy my body to your heart's content. I won't let you go until every last bit of you is devoted to me."

>> No.13523208


>> No.13523209

Fuck that she's getting cheated on super hard.

>> No.13523210

Anon, I've had my fill of keks for the day.

>> No.13523213
File: 60 KB, 1298x202, So_Many_Flavors.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That was a cute ending, and the yandere rape gave me a boner. Basically ideal for a monstergirl story.

Just remember, a little rape can lead to lovey dovey and not just bad ends.

>> No.13523215

Does this mean she won't tease you in the mornings?

>> No.13523217

Kinda mellow, but I won't look a sweet ending in the mouth.

>> No.13523218
File: 56 KB, 298x184, 1431639573145.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13523219

Anything that is reverse-rape is dumb.

>> No.13523221

I'm fairly sure that's part of the promised daily milkings.

>> No.13523222

It's simple. The good little humanboys spread their legs, and in return the nice monstergirls help them with all their problems.

>> No.13523225

Nah. It just means your taste is shit, and boring.

>> No.13523228

You are dumb

>> No.13523233

Go be grumpy somewhere else.

>> No.13523234

>Hating free sex

>> No.13523235

As long as my taste is not as shit as yours, I think I'll live.

>> No.13523237

How does rape help me with cancer?

>> No.13523238

>being a second-class citizen
Pleb, git gud.

>> No.13523239

Anon, if I could I would write for you everyday a real-time update of succutebus and her slightly yandere antics with her anon husbando, but that would require you to pay for my living expenses and a decent computer, so instead please accept the author's promise that she does indeed bring him to the edge of frustration whenever she wants him to hurry home faster for his daily milkings.

Sometimes he's the one who frustrates her though, and instead she calls him several times while he's working reminding him that she's waiting for his return as patiently as she can.

>> No.13523240

>5-10 years my junior
>pale skin/black eyes/black&red hair
>D-cups (full of justice)
>Hugh Jazz (but not the biggest)
>Normal background.
>Slutty persona
>Genius intelligence
>Interested in books about survivalism
>Head shorter in height
>Skinny, but doesn't affect her busts/badonkadonk
>Bad constitution/sickly
>Uses needles, giant scissors, and a longsword to provide blood sacrifices. Will cling to my arm when stressed.

Well Chuck, the date started off good, but then the Kiki tried to spike my drink with the blood of 40 stray kittens. That's four times ten, and that's terrible.

>> No.13523241

>He doesn't know about the MAMONO MANA treatments

>> No.13523246

That would just turn it into a monstergirl.

>> No.13523247


>> No.13523248



>> No.13523249

Yesss, this is lovely.

>> No.13523250

well fuck I love it. Nice end

>> No.13523252

You're not second class at all. But as a human man, there will be a few laws you have to follow for your own safety, since there's not enough of them to go around.

>> No.13523255

It'd turn him into an incubus, which is basically a human with a power up and no cancer.

>> No.13523256


>> No.13523259

Hello boner. She's still your aunt in this scenario right?

>> No.13523260

>follow for your own safety
Ah yes, the "It's for your own good" argument.

>> No.13523262

I mean it'd turn the cancer into some parasitic monstergirl.
He'd probably go incubus as well.

>> No.13523265

Do I also have to wear an armband telling everyone I'm a je...I mean man?

>> No.13523267

Smart Slime girls sounds amazing

>> No.13523269

>monster waifu made from your own defective cells

That's kind of hot.

>> No.13523272

Crab parasite. Literal Cancer. A little like a daughteru.

>> No.13523273

Is that one guy from last thread who did the transformation greentext still here?

>> No.13523274

>Ara Ara Tanned Hellhound
>Red Eyes, Black Hair
>D-Cup, Rolled a 10 for Ass
>Orphan, Energetic on the outside
>Olympic level Athletic
>Science fan and master of Anatomy and Psychology
>Much taller than me
>Average Weight
>7-8 foot tall tanned genki senpai Hellhound with a huge ass and big tits.
>Incredibly fast sprinter, so there's no escape, and has probably studied human anatomy enough that she knows the most sensitive spots of the body
Oh god, I'm fucked. I don't even like Yanderes but I'm so beyond fucked. She'd better make an honest man out of me.

>> No.13523275



>> No.13523278


>> No.13523281
File: 562 KB, 1297x600, Dark_Slime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like these?

>> No.13523282

That shit was amazing.Spider one was great.

>> No.13523285

The shirohebi one?

>> No.13523290
File: 87 KB, 839x640, 1382391006610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This succubutt is a great succubutt.
Thanks for the entertainment.

>> No.13523299
File: 437 KB, 572x420, Queenslime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And speaking of slimes.

Choose your slime waifu.

>> No.13523300

I wanna fuck a purified dark slime

>> No.13523305

A ring on that spade tail. Right now.

>> No.13523307

>Same age
>Pale/yellow eyes/blonde
>Average breasts
>Average ass
>Dark and sad
>Very athletic
>Interested in magic
>Much shorter
>Strange eyes
>She's a vampire
>She uses fists, legs and magic as weapons
>Frantic whispering and fondles her weapon

After that I used the random feature on the MGE wiki and got a Werecat.

>> No.13523308

oh I forgot about that once. I was more remembering the spider one. Still that one was nice

>> No.13523309

The one with the witch hat. Almost no question.

>> No.13523312

Thanks, Bollocks.

>> No.13523313

I refuse to waifu a messy slimy asshole like a slime.

>> No.13523314

>Crow Tengu, Older then me
>Very dark skin
>Brown eyes and black hair
> Huge breasts and a average ass
>Seems normal at first
>Kuudere until she snaps
>Highly intelligent
>Into guns
>Short and chubby
>She's mute and a masochist
>Uses acid and has dead eyes when she snaps.

What sort of abomination is this?

>> No.13523319

I'm not sure if that would really work out. It depends on what the core is truly made of and if it can survive being turned into something else.

You'd probably need to do it gradually without her making you fall into depravity along the way.

>> No.13523322

There is no purifying a MGE

>> No.13523323

so turning a dark slime into a light slime

>> No.13523326

>Genius Kiki that is sickly and preforms blood sacrafices
Fucking love it.
She'll break you into an honest man if she has to, and there's nothing you can do to stop her.
Still though, and Olympic level Hellhound, good lord.

>> No.13523331

The flames of death purify everything.

>> No.13523333

I don't care which one as long as she's in to PVC/latex.

>> No.13523337

Would a Sandworm, Wurm, and Ushi Oni be the bestest of buds?
Would they all play together in a sandbox, disregarding the fact that the Sandworm is longer than three trucks at this point?

>> No.13523342

the bestestest of friends

>> No.13523345

Nah, it's more like a woman in an islamic country sort of deal.

>> No.13523349

It's not her fault that you're a pleb who still uses carpets.

>> No.13523352

imagine asking a monstergirl friend to pretend to date you so you can avoid getting raped.

>> No.13523357

Then she really rapes you while pretend raping you because she has no sense of self control.

Gratz on the new waifu though.

>> No.13523358

That's not a great selling point.

>> No.13523360

She'll just rape you then.

>> No.13523361

There is no 'pretend', anon.

>> No.13523362

then they fall in love and have rape together

>> No.13523364

>"Anon please, you're in your early 20's an still single, at least go on one date with her daughter"
"Mom for the last time no"
>"So do you want to be a free fuck for the rest of your life Anon? If you get married you won't have to always be watching over your shoulder."
"Didn't you rape dad every day for 2 months until he caved in?"
>"T-That was out of love. And besides we're happily married now."
"Mom I got to go, my train is here."
"Anon if you come back single I'm setting you up on that date."
"No you won't"
>You hang up on the 7th argument you've had this morning on this topic
>For the past 3 months your mother has been trying to get you dating again
>It wasn't bad when you had human girls to pick, but now all the normal women are taken and you're left dick deep in monsters
>You turn your phone off when she calls you back, boarding the train and taking your seat
>You're not going to let someone ruin your vacation
>A week at the beach, nothing but sun, sleep and hopefully, no sex
>If everything goes right, you could die the day you get back home and you probably won't care
>"Excuse me sir, is this seat taken"


>> No.13523366


imagine being the ghost of someone famous in history who died long ago who was taken by a will o' wisp.

>> No.13523369

sounds like a good monoeye story

>> No.13523372


>> No.13523373

BFFs? Would they go to each other's birthday parties?
>They go to Wurms BD party
>All laugh when she trips while trying to blow out the candles and splats facefirst into the cake
>They to Sandworm's BD party
>Everyone gets to watch Sandworm molt very awkwardly, but at least there was pizza
>They To to Ushi's BD party
>Ushi's parents aren't there, so they have to improvise and make the party themselves
>Needless to say, by the end of it there was a mountain of soda bottles, candy wrappers, and three very sick little monster girls

>> No.13523375

>an still single
I already fucked up, great start

>> No.13523376

Yes please
That guy gonna get raped after a pretend date at a fancy restaurant

>> No.13523377

>Same age
>Very dark skinned with Blue eyes / Blonde hair
>Chubby, Huge tits - F or G, slightly below average butt, much taller than me
>A shy Foreigner with contacts
>Average intellect and athletics
>Crazy into the occult, no magic knowledge
>Related to me by blood
>She is extremely dedicated to me, and will do anything at all I ask. Will murder others with a big cleaver while narrating everything and photographing everything
Rolled on the wiki for a MG and got Mantis. Jesus christ, why.

>> No.13523380


>> No.13523383

I'm not the one selling it to you. MGC is a containment zone.

>> No.13523389

and then the teen years roll in....

>> No.13523392


>> No.13523394
File: 248 KB, 833x1100, 1422300090537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tanned Hellhound
How is that possible? Can Hellhounds have different skin colors too?

>> No.13523396

Imagine the yearbook photos as they grow up

>The wurm is holding the sandworm in the palm of her hand while the ushi stands off to the side

>fifth grade
>Wurm and sandworm are about the same size and are putting bunny ears on each other while the ushi stands behind them tall and defiant

>Ninth grade
>Wurm is holding on to the the sandworms mouth as she stands tall at 9 meters, the ushi jealously stays by the ground moping

>Highschool graduation
>Ushi is now the smallest among the three with the sandworm towering at around 20 meters long and the wurm standing on the tip of her tail at around five meters long.

>> No.13523399

...And they remain the exact same.
Everyone else grew up and changed in some way, but those three stayed the same outside of a newfound love of those fake tattoos.

>> No.13523400

>Tan skinned
>Blue eyes
>Black Hair
>Average ass and tits
>Orphan who can survive anywhere
>Bit of a ditz but she's hiding super strength and speed
>Does Judo but not mastered
>Tiny, shorter than me
>The chubbiest whose breast and rear got some of it as well putting her breasts/ass two under the next tier
>Can't be away from me
>Uses animals
>Tells are Getting furious, petting her animals, and narrating her thoughts
>Random is Dark Priest
Short and chubby dark priest who uses animals and only breaks if I'm separated from her.
I'm ok with this.

>> No.13523401

>Edgar Allen Poe wants to be depressed
>But Will o' Wisp waifu won't let him

>> No.13523409

Ushi lost her big sister status despite still being the oldest.

>> No.13523411

then the college years...

>> No.13523412

>>"Excuse me sir, is this seat taken"
So, how is our hero gonna get raped this time?

>> No.13523419

And so we learn what happens when a Wurm gets shitfaced at a nerdy DnD session.

>> No.13523422

I assume you date one you date all

>> No.13523425

>Vampire, 5 years older than me
>Pale skin, Brown eyes, Black hair
>Flat as a damn board, not much of an ass
>She's a foreigner that came to my country
>She's a total slut who seriously raves my dick, like holy shit she's horny
>Seems average in smarts and strength, but she's actually very smart, she just wants me to think she's stupid
>She's an ultra gun nut, and loves military history and the study of tactics
>She's 2-3 heads shorter than I am, so around 5 feet tall, and is pretty skinny, she can wear the kind of sizes most women today dream of wearing
>Having been blinded at a young age, her hearing is crazy good, watch out for echolocation
>Utterly despises herself and thinks that nothing good could ever happen to her, especially not my love
>She has a collection of Acids from a chemistry set she bought online
>When she gets close to snapping she tears at her clothing and bites her thumb until it bleeds
I can live with it, I'd love to try and teach her to shoot using echolocation, an she doesn't seem THAT dangerous.

>> No.13523433


Bullying older yet tinier people literally my fetish.
Specially if they were the bully when they were the larger, or if they enjoy it.

>> No.13523438

>implying his soul doesn't already belong to his crow tengu waifu

>deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering fearing
>doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before,
>but the silence was unbroken, and the stillness gave no token,
>and the only word there spoken was the whispered word 'marry me!'
>This I whispered and an echo murmured back the words 'marry me'
>merely rape, and nothing more

>> No.13523442

>Ushi always enjoyed being looked up to
>That changed when her friends grew up
>They still technically looked up to her, but with their height difference it was almost as if they were looking down on her

>> No.13523443

Yeah probably.

They're still shit though.

>> No.13523452 [SPOILER] 
File: 824 KB, 1002x829, 1432170669295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I slowpoking or is no one else aware of this?

>> No.13523454

What? You don't want "Hurr, MC get raeped" story #965612?

But that's heresy.

>> No.13523460

There was a pretty long conversation about it last thread.

>> No.13523462

Yes, you're late on this.

Also, gross monoeye pls go.

>> No.13523465

That was brought up last thread

>> No.13523472

>I-I wanna rape the darkness

>> No.13523474

You are 3 days late

>> No.13523479

I've seen the MC subvert rape more often than not in these stories. It's usually only a select few of niche writefags that truly play it straight. And the one with the succubus was probably the first CYOA thing I've seen where the MC gets raped, because the writefag wasn't a pushover. Get over it.

>> No.13523484

>You turn to the aisle to see suit wearing manticore hovering over you
>You are already starting to dread this vacation
>Before you can say anything she sits down in the seat across from you
>"My name is Brigitte"
"I'm Anon, and that might be someone's seat"
>"The train is half empty, I think they can make do"
>This is going to be an awful vacation
>You immediately tighten your belt and keep an eye on her tail
>"So, where are you going Anon"
"I'm on vacation, spending a week at a resort on the beach"
>"A full week huh, that sounds nice, I'm in for very much the same"
>Of course she is, you would be surprised if she was going anywhere else
>Looks like you're spending your vacation locked in your room
>You spend the rest of the train ride talking to your probable rapist
>Mostly about your line of work, turns out she is in the same business, just in another town
>Thank god for that, worst case scenario you get raped and part ways

>> No.13523485

>Steam VNs
>No porn
Literally no reason to buy a VN off Steam since they block porn content.

>> No.13523486

>Wurm pls
>You've been trying to rape the darkness for the past hour. Before that you were trying to grapple every single enemy and intangible concept.

>> No.13523487

I still wanna play a monstergirl bully simulator.

>> No.13523488

It might seem Katawa Shoujo for monoeye lovers, but it's actually a trap set by Steam-using Gazers to check who likes one-eyed girls and abduct those who have the most hours logged into the game or leave good reviews.

>> No.13523496
File: 50 KB, 433x600, 0fmfUdGs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tanned Ara Ara Vampire
>black eyes, brown hair
>A cup, huge butt, essentially pear shaped in body-type
>orphan with a dark and sad personality
>average intelligence and skill, expert on anatomy and psychology
>same height, skinny frame despite having a fat ass
>soft skin & facial features, believes we were destined lovers
>uses poisons as weaponry, clings to my arm as a means of calming down
I got way more invested in this than I should have.

>> No.13523498


Everything's shit.

>> No.13523502

>I make things up
>I respond to jokes in a serious fashion
Well then, aren't you special?

>> No.13523503

Never too careful but maybe you can ignore her and relax

>> No.13523505

Keep going

>> No.13523506

>One cyclops
Shit is rigged.

>> No.13523508

I knew a few people were going to say this

I closed my eyes and opened a picture folder at random and rolled with it, don't be mad

>> No.13523513

Who are you quoting?

>> No.13523514

True, but that game doesn't have porn anyway

>> No.13523515

Good for you, don't back down

>> No.13523517

Gonna go with a Holstaur since they're my favorite.
>Same age
>Light skin
>Shifting eye color
>Brown hair
>Huge tits
>Average ass
>Completely normal or just good at hiding it
>Innocent, doesn't know much about the world
>Isn't smart or strong, hiding the fact that she's really smart and is just pretending.
>Loves firearms and tactics, rolled a six so I guess that means she doesn't have a small armory
>Much taller than me
>Chubby, rolled a nine so I add two the the tit and ass rolls
>Strange style of dress, like a FF game apparently
>Extremely dedicated to me, will murder any woman that gets near
>Signature weapon is deadly traps
>Has two tells, first is she leaves to somewhere I'll never find her, second is she messes with her clothing hard enough to rip it

Jesus fucking christ, sweatingman.jpg, right up until the insanity part she was 150% waifu material even then it doesn't go down that much, still I dislike yanderes so it takes some points off.

>> No.13523521

Tell her you're allergic to manticore venom

>> No.13523522

I admire you.

but don't ever speak to the audience while running this shindig, just ignore and roll with the punches.

>> No.13523523

Someone who can't read, apparantly.

>> No.13523525

Was there a general consensus on it, or no? I brought it up after starting the thread and nobody seemed interested. I mean, I'm not going to buy it anyway, since I only have like $7 left for a week and a half, and I can't find a download for it, but it would still be nice to know.

>> No.13523528

>"Captain, I'm going to call you Dad now! Because of this space suit you made, now I can be your daughter anywhere, and people don't get scared!"
>"And you wash me, and clean me, and brush away my spores, so you can hug and kiss me, just like a beat dad would!"
>"I love my Ca- uh, Dad!"
>"Because of you, Dad, I can be with people without hurting them. I'll always have you there to look out for me, and tell me that I'm loved. Because of my dad, I can be a matango, and still be happy with my life."
>"Thank you, Dad.

>> No.13523530


This. Tell her you have a weak heart/allergy and aphrodisiac will kill you

>> No.13523535

Manticores are nice, this one especially seems quite amicable.

Personally, I'm always happy to meet someone interested in the same fields.

>> No.13523540

My heart....goddamn...my heart...

>> No.13523544

And then anon was rape.

>> No.13523547

>Taking the window seat
Nigger you should have taken the aisle seat and just stared as her when she asks if the window seat is taken like "Bitch there are other places. I'm not getting up for you."

>> No.13523548

>Katawa Shoujo
BTW why it's not on steam? They could delete h-scenes and make it all-ages
Russian 2ch VN is on steam

>> No.13523551

A quick thought from the old thread where we has a small discussion on mg to human transformation. How would that work with a slime?

>> No.13523552

So, yourself.

>> No.13523556

Dark Slime's profile has some insight on this.

>> No.13523557

Oh alright, here's your reply.
Don't spend it all at once.

>> No.13523561

Are the russians asking money for it?
I'm pretty sure the KS devs want it to be free.

>> No.13523562

>why it's not on steam?
Because the company that made it dissolved and it was intended as free in the first place.

>> No.13523565

Probably some fusion/melting stuff or something.
/d/ knows more about the subject.

>> No.13523566

You watch as her core swells and bloats grotesquely, turning from a simply little gem into a fleshy growth. More and more it would grow, bone, muscle, blood and nerves forming, growing out, filling the slime up. And as a full body grows inside her, and she screams aloud as she experiences sensations she'd never before even conceived, her once delectably slimy body would contract, sealing around the flesh sending scorching pain through her mind, until at last it scabs and grows into skin.

Something like that.

>> No.13523568

Nope, it's free

>> No.13523571

Oh, you meant mg to human?
...Is that possible'

>> No.13523574

It even has 14 steam achievements

>> No.13523575

Oh fuck. Sounds like she explodes into a human
Last thread we had one where a spidergirl lost her extra eyes and her spider body died and she had to be pulled out of it

>> No.13523576

>...Is that possible'
Not really

>> No.13523579

She starts feeling more and more solid, becomes more thirsty as her outer layer changes into something similar to gelatin and you slowly watch things like individual organs forming beneath the transparent skin.

Her legs are molded as if she were sitting down and she doesn't even realize that they're their until her trail dries up revealing ten toes which she can wiggle but cannot in any way manipulate.

From there there'd be a period of around ten hours of extreme sensitivity where she'd basically beg to be submerged in constant running water as more and more of her surface slime either solidifies or completely washes away showing her skin underneath.

There'd probably be a time where her skin would still be transparent but her organs would be in working order, in which case you'd be able to see her heart beating and her newly formed digestive system flushing out all the slime that it can possibly filter through the system.

By the end the last thing to dissolve would be her hair, revealing a bald woman (or extremely short hair) with eyes that remain the same color as her old slime due to the nature of the eyeballs being completely separate from the rest of the immune system.

She'd have a panic attack, freak out realizing that she's completely stuck in this form, and then beg to hold her as she can truly touch you for the first time without fearing that she'll digest you.

>> No.13523582
File: 1.30 MB, 1600x1200, 1424327856750.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You stay glued to your seat, refusing to use the restroom out of paranoia that she might make a move
>You can pee when your dick isn't in danger
>"Anon you're here alone, that means you're single, right?"
>With that statement she coils her tail before opening it, either trying to scare or arouse you
>You got scared
"Yes, but I plan on marrying a girl when I get back home"
>"What's her name"
>Shit, out of all the girls your mom tried to set you up with she never gave you a name
>"It doesn't matter, I'll make you mine before you can propose anyway"
>With that threat she starts to snake her tail across the gap in the seats, reaching your leg before you can step on it, keeping it down as it writhes
>You're only option is to lie and hope she buys it, if not you can always barricade yourself inside once you're at the hotel

>> No.13523589

well it isn't all bad in the end. Also damn the part about seeing the organs is just so weird to imagine seeing

>> No.13523592

>manticore being a shit
Wait, let me put on my "suprised" face.

>> No.13523593

Tell her you're a Dragonslut and you have a big tough Dragon/Wurm/Jabberwock who can beat the shit out of any rapist.

If that ruse fails, oh well. It could be worse than a Manticore, they're nice and fluffy.

>> No.13523594

>"It doesn't matter, I'll make you mine before you can propose anyway"
This makes me think that I would probably accept the first monstergirl that wanted me. I'm a slut.

>> No.13523595

Just say she's a Tanuki or something. No one wants to mess with a jew's slut.

>> No.13523599

>It's rape.
God damn. Is there even a way to stop it? "Please don't" Would just make her hornier. And turning violent gives her a reason to turn violent. Can you shame her out of it?
>No thanks. The girl I plan to marry got in my heart because she doesn't rely on cheap tricks. Keep that overrated syringe away from me.

I just. Fuck. Mantiwhores a shit.

>> No.13523603

>inb4 she turns out to be the girl your mother was plotting to set you up with

>> No.13523605

Calling it now. His mother seems like a shit anyway so I wouldn't be surprised.

>> No.13523611

I'm ok with this

>> No.13523615

As am I, I'm just predicting it.

>> No.13523616

>"Is there even a way to stop it?"
>Implying you have any choice in MGE

Come on anon, now isn't the time for jokes.

>> No.13523620


>> No.13523628

>Implying you don't have any choice in MGE
U w0t?

>> No.13523631

The helplessness. It's delicious, isn't it?

>> No.13523633

>God damn. Is there even a way to stop it?
Punch her straight in the face.

>> No.13523634

Now you see what I see. The threads scorn matangos pretty consistently, but they'll always have a mossy little spot in my heart, like every other monstergirl you can think of.
Except waspgirls. I don't really like waspgirls.

>> No.13523635

Like spoiled milk.

>> No.13523641
File: 246 KB, 1000x1000, This kills the Wurm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How would you embarrass or screw with your monster daughter?

>> No.13523644

This is why I need masculism, so I don't feel like a victim on public transport.

>She looks at you with a bleeding nose
>She licks the blood trail, "Like it rough, do we?"

>> No.13523645

>get shit pushed in because she's a poison lion monster thing
>get raped

You should think these things through.

>> No.13523646

I'd ruin her childhood, if I can't have a good one neither can my kids.

>> No.13523649






>> No.13523652

"My girlfriend is a dragon, if she finds out I left her she will kill the both of us"
>"Oh really, the most possessive monster in the world let her precise man go on vacation alone?"
>The train comes to a stop, the resort outside of the window
"It was fun chatting, but maybe we can have a drink later"
>"We will, and when we do you'll be coming back to my room with me"
>Not if you don't leave your room for the next week
>You grab your back and haul ass off of the train, slipping into the crowd of tourist and making your way to the front desk, taking your key
>You get inside of the elevator, peering outside for your new stalker
>She comes into sight as the doors close, leaving you isolated for now
>As isolated as a man in a elevator full of married couples can be
>You reach your floor, making a hasty retreat for your room, locking it behind you
>Just for safe measure you take the sofa and prop it against the door
>You check the rest of the room, nothing in the room, not even a fly
>This is as safe as you are going to get until you get off the train again back at home

>>13523603 It was obvious wasn't it?

>> No.13523655

I guess It's time to pull out my gun.

>> No.13523657

That specific Monoeye has her own GAME?!

>> No.13523658

>precise instead of precious

I am fucking retarded

>> No.13523661

And now you suddenly have a gun? Are you going to pull shit out of your ass to basically say "I win"?

>> No.13523665


I also predict that anon forgot to seal his windows.

>> No.13523666

Might as well skip the bullshit and get to the rape.

Can you put on a trip so I can filter you?

>> No.13523667

You should have done that from the start. If you're close enough to punch her and waste time doing that you're already fucked, literally.

B+ for effort, but mission failed.

>> No.13523668

>Not carrying a gun everywhere you go.
The bullet isn't for her.

>> No.13523670

>She knows
Jesus christ. Book it. Lock the doors and barricade them and play some radio or something, make her think you're in there, and then leap out that window and don't look back. Catch the safest transport back and call your mother a whore for setting you up with a rapist.

>> No.13523672

I want to play with a chubby manticore cub whose spines haven't come in yet

>> No.13523675

will we get a twist with his mother finding him a human girl?

>> No.13523677

You're still acting like one of those RPers whose character is his gary stu self insert that he refuses to let die.

>> No.13523679

>guns aren't outlawed since day 2
You that's gonna happen.

>> No.13523680

Not him, but it was probably either that, or magic powers, and we both know you would complain about that a lot more.

>> No.13523683

>You're still acting like one of those RPers whose character is his gary stu self insert that he refuses to let die.
>Implying you're not.

Why is it so wrong that I won't want to be raped?

>> No.13523685

from the ceiling she will watch you masturbate

>> No.13523686

You know you're the shitter here, and not him right? It's like going to /d/ and getting upset that there's futa there. Sure, you went there for something else but you're on fucking /d/. I don't know why you just don't go to /a/'s occasional EMG stuff if you really hate this sort of thing.

>> No.13523687

MGC Detroit, nigga
Everybody got a gun

>> No.13523688

>Monster Girls against Freedom
Besides, Magic usually trumps Firearms anydays. And besides, not just Human Boys would have guns, Monster Girls would have guns too. So once again, the shift of power is brought back down.

>> No.13523689

It's not really complaining so much as pointing something out.
Though him using magic would have started an actual argument.

>> No.13523692

>Monster Girls would have guns too
Nah, they all think that MGs are a bunch of savage retards who can't into human technology.

>> No.13523698

>magic usually trumps firearms

Depends on the setting. Since it's based on a JRPG you're probably right though.

>> No.13523701

This is getting better and better. Stalker/Yandere Manticores need to be done more often.

>> No.13523702

Should've been carrying a custom made cathedral ward to protect against nearly 94 different types of monster rape.

>> No.13523709

>Implying it's only him.
>Implying all monster girls are about rape.

>> No.13523712

what about the rest that it doesn't cover?

>> No.13523713

Normally magic tends to be better.
Mages were casting nuke(Flare) spells in the middle ages before scientists made actual nukes. Magic also allows one to outright reflect and stop attacks dead in their tracks.

Is it +3?

>> No.13523714

No you heard him anon, I'm the only person in this thread that's like that and I should have know that.

>> No.13523719

It's like a small minority of you guys who showed up post-/a/. And no, don't pull that shit when the reason this thread is here is because of MGE. If it weren't it wouldn't have moved to /jp/. What do you want out of these threads then?

>> No.13523720

Provide commentary when I catch her conspicuously fucking a human boy.

"You know, I think this is the exact same position you were conceived in!"
"Her weakness is her ears."

>> No.13523721

So what do you guys think about Konami saying they'll be primarily focusing on mobile games from now on?
It looks like Silent Hill and Metal Gear are dead and gone for good at this point.

>> No.13523724

It can't protect against true love and certain yanderes, so make sure that you're not affiliating with any childhood friend types or the clingy ones who rape you because they believe they're in love with you.

>> No.13523725

>You're not going to let some whore ruin your vacation
>You still have a balcony to get sun on
>Wait, no you don't
>Fuck you just had to get a windowed room, you just wanted to treat yourself and this is what you get
>You get the hotel phone and dial the front desk
>"Hello sir you have reached the front desk how can I help you"
"Yes is there any way to lock the balcony doors?"
>"Excuse me?"
"The balcony doors, can I lock those, and the windows too?"
>"Sir if you're an alcoholic we advise that you simply do not drink"
"That's not what I mea-...did that bitch just hang up on me"
>You can hear knocking on the door followed by a voice
>"Room service, the front desk told us that you checked in"
>Doesn't sound like her
>Just to be safe you use the little spy glass thing in the center of the door
>A normal woman stands there with a cart of food, mostly desserts and drinks
>You haven't ordered food service yet
>What if it's a trap and she is behind you
>You look back out at the balcony, no one is there and the door is still closed
>Maybe you are a little too paranoid

>> No.13523726

I think you should go to /v/.

But yes, fuck Konami.

>> No.13523727

>Implying all monster girls are about rape.
Wait what
But all monster girls about rape
MGE, MGQ even darling in EMG got almost raped dozen of times already

>> No.13523729

Would you be one of those Sport's Commentators and constantly talk as things go down?

>> No.13523732

>It's like a small minority of you guys who showed up post-/a/.
Nice straw-manning of /jp/, faggot. I've been in these threads long before we came here.

>What do you want out of these threads then?
The same thing you want except the exact opposite way than you do; can't you tell?
Monster Girls.

>> No.13523733

Oh it's definitely a trap.

>> No.13523735


>> No.13523736

A little paranoid indeed.

My guess, she's using the ol' "Order them room service and hide in the cart" trick. It's a classic.

Though for a Monster, maybe she might do a variant where she is served naked to him on a silver platter, covered in food...would be an interesting twist on an old favorite.

>> No.13523737
File: 16 KB, 320x241, Where Do You Think You Are.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to /v/

>> No.13523741

>A normal woman stands there with a cart of food, mostly desserts and drinks
I don't know about you guys, but that's fucking rad.

>> No.13523743

I'd have to bring in the waifu to do that, it's no fun commentating alone.

>> No.13523745

no harm just let her in

>> No.13523747

Ho boy, I can't wait to see all the statistics you clearly have to back that up.

I can't handle all the excitement.

>> No.13523749

Alright then. Why do you feel the need to start whining every time there's content that doesn't suit your tastes, and why didn't you do this back on /a/? That is one thing that did change. If you were a part of these threads before the move to /jp/ you had the decency to keep quiet. What changed?

>> No.13523750

It's something with her venom

>> No.13523751

That would thoroughly embarrass her beyond mortal means.

>> No.13523752

Don't let her in. Obviously.
The food has been altered and probably has something that will put you to sleep.
Eat sealed food and drinks for the rest of the vacation.

>> No.13523754

Don't bother anon, it's not worth it.

>> No.13523757

>tfw completely burnt out from reading these threads
>tfw never get a writing drive

>> No.13523760

Vampire Liliraune when?

>> No.13523761

Talk to her through the door. Ask her about the keys. Ask her who can unlock this door and how well guarded their keys are. If there are duplicates, and if so, under no circumstances let a manticore get the keys.

>> No.13523762

Nah man, he will surely deliver.

I godda believe.

>> No.13523766

Monster Girl law states that you must defeat your monster girl of your choosing in a fight.
How do you train to fight her?

>> No.13523768

Oh, you're lost.


Here you go, glad I could help.

>> No.13523769


>> No.13523772

>you must defeat your monster girl of your choosing in a fight.
For what purpose?

>> No.13523775

I don't.

Men can't beat monster girls, why bother training for something that's impossible?

>> No.13523776

What for? You know how this is gonna end.

>> No.13523778 [SPOILER] 
File: 178 KB, 1024x768, 1432174281409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone else interested in the news of Rance 03? It does have a sexy Devil in it, as well as the chance to slaughter thousands of bunny girls.

>> No.13523782

>of my choosing
This is a trick to get me to get a future waifu, isn't it?

>> No.13523783

Can I rent the hyperbolic time chamber for a day?

>> No.13523784

You can, but it's something you basically have to devote your time to learning to do. Not a good way to run a society, but neither are the way most Demon Realms are run.

>> No.13523787

Why did you link me to this thread?
That's rather unhelpful and rude of you.

>> No.13523788

>not rape

This isn't the Rance I remember!

>> No.13523790

There's hope. Until she's on you, there's hope.

>> No.13523792

For you.

>> No.13523793

>Why do you feel the need to start whining every time there's content that doesn't suit your tastes
Do you live only to make strawmen of people you disagree with?

The ironic part is that you're the one who is attacking me for my opinions. Yeah I don't want to be raped by a fucking monster girl. What's the fucking problem.
Why do some of you who want to be raped have to counter-argument every little shit like faggots by saying 'muh MGs monster girls' to everything.

I'm not even >>13523666 and fuck I'm mad.

>> No.13523801

Well, hope dies last I suppose.

But don't say I didn't warn you.

>> No.13523804

They give the best experience.
It's not like he can rape all of them anyway.

>> No.13523805

Not interested

>> No.13523806

Dude it's not worth it, all that's going to happen is you'll be banned and nothing else.

>> No.13523810

Please anon, don't pretend to be retarded.
It's unbecoming of you.

>> No.13523812

I train in the art of shounen fisticuffs so I can use inhumanly fast arm speed to overstimulate multiple parts of her body at the same time!

>> No.13523821

Not really all that interested, but that girl at the far end with the skull on looks nice.

>> No.13523822

>All the monstergirls I like are stronger than me

>> No.13523823

What would happen if you blew a dog whistle in a room of Thugdere werewolf bikers?
Would it involve rape?
And on a slightly related note, what accent would sound best on a Werewolf? I've always thought a Brooklyn accent would for some reason.

>> No.13523824

>unbecoming of you
Being in these threads is beneath any of us, yet here we are.

>> No.13523826

>You pull the sofa back, staring out of the peep hole
"Lift up the cart's cloth"
"Just do it please"
>She complies with your crazy commands, nothing is under the cloth except for more food, mainly boxed ice cream
>You unlock the door and peek your head out, no one in the hall ways either
"Thanks you, I've just been under alot of stress"
>"Most people go on vacation to get away from that"
>You seem to be the exception
>You wheel the cart inside, locking the door again and putting the sofa back against it
>You start with all the hard packaged food, ice cream and bottled soda first
>If you even drink a drop of that venom she might be able to track you down
>After about 30 minutes of making a pig out of yourself you start to relax
>You hear a knock at the door again, when you check the hole you see her
>"Excuse me sir I was told a man named Anon was staying in this room"
>Shit shit shit
"Uhhh...no my name is Hector, I am merely a Janitor"
>"Oh really? Why is the door locked than"
"A couple broke it on their honey moon, it can only be opened on the inside"
>She lets out a sigh before turning around
>"Sorry to trouble you then"
>You're safe for now, atleast you think you are, she already found you, you hope she fell for that though

>> No.13523828

Hence why you're gitting gud.

>> No.13523830

Well since it's a remake of 3 you'll see some hot Devil, Demon, and former Demon King action.
I think girl on the far right gets a CG or two.

>> No.13523831

>would it involve rape?

It always does.

>> No.13523836

Is it? Is it though?

>> No.13523838


>> No.13523842

>tfw no shrew waifu who paralyzes you with her love venom

>> No.13523844

>"Uhhh...no my name is Hector, I am merely a Janitor"
Man dis guy is fuckin' dumb. Nigger better draw the curtains on the balcony so she doesn't see him in there.

>> No.13523846


It's not though, if you're replying to a story post that wasn't intended for your tastes about how much you don't want to get raped it looks like whining to me. That's pretty straightforward, and I would like an answer about why long time posters are making this a habit now when they didn't feel the need to do it before.

>> No.13523849

He gonna get raped

>> No.13523850

I don't want to git gud, I want to be the cute feeble house husband for a big powerful Monster Girl who'll cuddle me, hug me, and protect my smile. I'm too weak and crippled to git gud.

>> No.13523851

and this is why no one like traitors/subs/betas

>> No.13523854

Then unweak and uncripple yourself boy, your time is now.

>> No.13523856

If only more men could be like you.

>> No.13523858

But I'm not.

I'm just tired of fighting a losing battle.

>> No.13523861

Gee, what gave you that idea?

>> No.13523864

You should get stronger.
One day you will have to protect the smile of the woman who protects yours.

>> No.13523866

I learn Aikido, I heard from /jp/ that it can stop a charging rhinoceros.

>> No.13523868

The cart lady will want her cart back so once she gets it back she gonna rape him

>> No.13523873

I know that feel, but we can't let them win.

>> No.13523876

>stopping a rhino
My sides have gone into the Dead Sea and traveled to the Sea of Eden in another word.

>> No.13523880

No, it's my cart now.
She can fight me for it if she wants it back that badly.

>> No.13523881

It's just so pointless anon.

>> No.13523882

>the manticore breaks into the room just in time to watch the demure cart lady screaming in ecstasy as he busts a nut inside of her

>the manticore breaks into his room just in time to save him from the demure cart lady about to rape him and instead asks him out to walk on the beach and talk about each other's feelings.

>> No.13523883

This only works if the rhino comes at you with Karate.

>> No.13523888

I have no problem with this. I might be the only one here who would want to wreck a dragon in 1v1 combat but become a dragonslut anyway.

>> No.13523895

If you wanna back down, be my guest.

I will not move for them.

>> No.13523899

Oh, I don't know. maybe I didn't know it was that kind of story in the first place?
Maybe if you were reading a story about your waifu that promises to be good, but suddenly a fifty-foot-tall faggot came out of the blue and took a shit on your waifu you would complain too.
Unless that's your fetish of course.

>why long time posters are making this a habit now when they didn't feel the need to do it before.
Oh, maybe it's NOT the long time posters but someone else?
Why do you keep talking like there's some sort of complot to harass you with opinions you disagree with.

>> No.13523903

>asks him out to walk on the beach and talk about each other's feelings.

The shit manticore? I don't think so Tim.

>> No.13523907

I'd prefer to combat her as equals.
Our fight would last hours, maybe even days as we exchange blows. By the ends we'll deliver one last attack to each other before collapsing from exhaustion in unison.

>> No.13523910

Something about submitting to some one you've proven to be superior to in combat excites me.

>> No.13523919
File: 26 KB, 352x370, 1430160832803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are people even arguing about this?

>> No.13523921

They just want to make you smile anon., why do you have to be so rude?

>> No.13523925
File: 1.34 MB, 4200x3880, 1424315018842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You keep your eyes locked on the door, hoping no one else comes to it while you continue eating away at your desserts only buffet
>You eventually dig your way through all the sealed food, leaving the opened dishes left
>You don't want to risk eating any of it but the pie is calling out to you
>Mainly because it isn't frozen solid and taste like chocolate
>Before you go and risk it you hear pounding against the walls
>You listen closely, thinking your stalker is trying to make an advance only to hear two voices
>"Dammit you got the bed all sticky"
>"You're the one who forgot to bring my rubber sleeping bag"
>"Why the hell do you need a sleeping bag on vacation for"
>It's only a couple arguing, their problem not yours
>You hear another bang but attribute it to the angry couple
>You forgot to pee when you got here, nature calls and she won't let the voicemail pick up
>You hurry off to the bathroom, locking the door behind you out of caution
>You undo your pants and let your stream flow off into the toilet, only to hear metal scraping under your foot
>You look down to see a vent cover on the floor
>You force your gaze upward to see a hole in the ceiling opened, the needlessly large air duct cracked open

>> No.13523926

Because there are people on the internet that are wrong and I have to correct them, Anon.

>> No.13523929

You're rude.

>> No.13523930

Not him, but I gathered it all here:

>> No.13523935

I told you to jump out of the window man. I fuckin' told you.

>> No.13523937

>You force your gaze upward to see a hole in the ceiling opened, the needlessly large air duct cracked open
Clever girls make me hard.

>> No.13523940

Rape can't be stopped

>> No.13523943

If I get the scent of bacon and catnip on me, which cat would find me first?

>> No.13523944

That I can understand, but something like manticore or a similar monster? You wouldn't waifu them when their gimmick is exactly that. I'm not talking about other instances of people giving negative feedback for the most part.

>Oh, maybe it's NOT the long time posters but someone else?

It's at least two of you mainly from what I can tell. According to the other guy he's a long time poster. That's a question for him, not for you.

I don't think there's much to it. I just see shitters being shitters, and I didn't when I was a part of /a/'s threads. Otherwise I wouldn't have stuck around this long.

It's as obnoxious to me as a reverse-rape story is to you apparently.

>> No.13523945

Jinko has the best sense of smell out of all of them, so probably her.

>> No.13523947

>She's already in the room
Well, now that it's come to this, lock yourself into the bathroom stall and start crying like a little bitch, blubbering "I don't want this. Not like this" on repeat untill she's so disgusted she leaves.

>> No.13523948

direwolf, sorry.

>> No.13523950

>implying that would've made a difference

>> No.13523953

So, which one wins in the street fight?

>> No.13523954

>Implying that won't just make her harder

>> No.13523958


>> No.13523964

Reminds me of the Jurassic Park raptors or something I'd be shitting my pants at that point or just give up and accept the inevitable.

I'm sure it would be more fun that way.

>> No.13523966

Using a squeaky toy might be a better idea.

>> No.13523967

It's a manticore son, crying will only make her more wet

>> No.13523968

I was going to say that "she'll have to be gentle though. No one wants to traumatize their husbando on the first night is he's a quivering wreck" but then I remembered she's a manticore and sadism is their thing.

>> No.13523969

One's roughly a heavier graywolf, which can be torn apart by a Wolfhound, while the other is the largest living cat as well as the strongest.

>> No.13523972

Nothing is going to happen during his entire vacation and once he comes back he will be too weak from not having slept anything to defend himself from her.

>> No.13523975

Bless you I was staying up hoping someone would do this so I wouldn't have to do it myself in the morning.

>> No.13523976

If I pout and cry harder that might work, surely she'll have mercy and spare me a night of rape if she sees my red puffy face covered in tears, filled with fear, right? She wouldn't really take advantage of a crying weak human boy, would she?

>> No.13523977

Wait, this was meant for>>13523953
How the hell did I get >>13523954 when I didn't click it?

>> No.13523978

Well then I guess I'm a fool for liking particular monster girls and monster girls in general for the wrong reasons.

>> No.13523983


I'd agree, except where I live, all the bathroom vents are really small (like the spine of a large dictionary, or a VCR) so there's no way a person could get through them.

I don't know if where the writefag lives that's the norm, or he's talking a full-size crawlspace vent, since he hasn't specified. But normally they're only used in areas that require large airflow (like pools, public halls, etc).

>> No.13523989

She would lick the tears off your cheeks, before sinking her claws in your flesh to hold you down while shoving your dick in her tailpussy.

This is MG land, the building was probably built by a Tanuki who designed the vents with this scenario in mind.

>> No.13523991

>sinking her claws in your flesh
Anon no

>> No.13523995

Yeah it's a little unusual to have vents that large but I'm happy to let it slide for the sake of the story. Maybe it's heading for the pool or front desk and Anon's room was on route.

>> No.13523997

You can like them however you want. Just don't shit up the place when other anons like them a different way. It would be just as irritating to see someone screaming for rape in a vanilla story or something every time one comes up. This should be basic thread etiquette.

>> No.13523999

No problem.

>> No.13524000

Nah, it won't work.

>> No.13524001

I want to date a dire holst

>> No.13524002

my waifu and I commentate like wrestling commentators

>> No.13524004

Would monster girls NTR another monster girl's husband away if she was destroying his smile?

>> No.13524007

>she's just a minotaur

>> No.13524008
File: 2.65 MB, 4167x3333, 1424397227885.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Shit shit shit shit
>You look around the bathroom, finally emptying your bladder
>You put your pants back on before looking over the room again
>She isn't in plain sight so you hurry back into the main room, closing the door and putting a arm chair infront of the door
>The balcony door isn't open and neither are any of the windows
>She has to be in the room already
>You check under the cart's cloth again, it's still clear
>Where could she be
>You look out of the balcony again and see another tourist train arriving, from the other direction granted but anything is better than staying here
>You pull the sofa away and unlock the door
>You run outside only to slam into a tall figure, knocking you down
>When you look up you see her standing over you, wearing a fancy dress over her business suit
>"I was never in your room, it was like playing with a puppet. You're mine now Anon"
>She says all this with a twisted smile on her face

>>13523983 The last time I went on an expensive vacation the bathroom vents were fucking huge, big enough for some James Bond shit, no idea why though

>> No.13524009

You mean a Minotaur

>> No.13524014

Only if she couldn't make them live their life the right way. By punching them. In the gabber.

>> No.13524016

>not a holst built like that and with bigger breasts and better milk

>> No.13524017

>Hey, who ate all the chips?

>> No.13524020

>Ah, son of a bitch!

>> No.13524025

How did she open the vent? Is this a wizard manticore?

>> No.13524026
File: 189 KB, 960x825, ika.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Your Kraken daughteru finds your beloved Diorama you've been working on for years
>This happens

What do you do?

>> No.13524030

>wearing a fancy dress over her business suit

>> No.13524031
File: 403 KB, 1024x768, CG01780.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do they have to make Feliss so cute?

Now I'm going to feel even worse when Rance cums inside her with out contraception when she's in heat, making her give birth to a humans child and as punishment get mindbroken by getting continuously forcibly raped and impregnated by hideous monsters.

>> No.13524034

It was meant to come off as instead of her suit, sorry

>> No.13524035

Muh dick, what would a Dire Minotaur look like then?

Dire Weresheep?

>> No.13524037

Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry a lot.

>> No.13524038
File: 664 KB, 2000x2200, 15edd867f35b2574e7463cb796d196b6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post what your waifu wears on date night.

>> No.13524040

God, I'd love to make dumb wrestling references with my waifu all day.

>> No.13524044
File: 259 KB, 1024x768, guishen_0036CG08101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13524048


This is just pure speculation on my part, but maybe they need the full size ones in warm/tropical regions to make it easy to check for and remove the various molds and creepycrawlies without tearing apart the building.

Also bet they sell VIP keys to the vent network for kinky couples or perverts.

>> No.13524052

Time to go get some smokes.

>> No.13524054


>> No.13524055
File: 43 KB, 447x285, Green Domination.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The kid is half devil. You can notice that from him growing at a ridiculous rate.
And Rance helps her out in 6, which is roughly 70% translated right, and helps her out again in Quest Magnum before throwing his son off the 60th floor of a tower.

I wonder if Loen could do something here...

>> No.13524056

Hope she liked that brief moment she spent tearing it down, because she's grounded until she can put it back together again.

>> No.13524060

You know that thing that just happened in Waco? It would be like that, but with rape instead of killing.

>> No.13524061
File: 517 KB, 914x934, b86a2df4358ac0dd3bab7905915ea8e1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13524066

More muscle, more tan, more pelvis shattering snu snu and more awkward blushing when you put her in a dress

>> No.13524067

>before throwing his son off the 60th floor of a tower
I'm sure there's a reason for this.
Was he just being a dick again or something?

>> No.13524068
File: 456 KB, 788x1024, 0d7d48f66e162daa5ca042a9790ae634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When it's warm enough, this.

Side question, since mice have so many kids at once wouldn't their breasts balloon up to oppai loli proportions while they breastfeed?

>> No.13524074

Bigger, curling Rams horns, abs you could Iron on and the fluffiest fluff you could imagine

>> No.13524076

You know, I was about to write something along the lines of, "It's become a meme that whenever anyone posts maus, it can only be Nyanon." But looking back, he usually responds (like, 75% of the time?) if you call out any mouse-posters.

>> No.13524080
File: 442 KB, 640x480, 1424196450411.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tough love, I think.
There was some reason for him doing it, I think it was to make his son grow stronger by being an obstacle of sorts. We'll know once Quest is translated in 2041 after 5D and 6.

>> No.13524084

>implying any monster girl would want a /mgt/ anon.
>implying they wouldn't just go for the feminine looking men and the Chad Thundercocks.

>> No.13524086

Helps her in VI by helping her escape from being a baby factory.
But then she ends up a wandering mindbroken hobo for a few years and then in Magnum she finally regains her mind and begs Rance to just break their contract because she's now too weak to be useful

His reasoning is that if his son is strong enough to be a midboss he's strong enough to take that and grow up to be capable of protecting his and his own.

Feliss wasn't too happy about it though and started throwing all sorts of kitchen tools at Rance when she found out

>> No.13524087

Well, to be fair that post was me. I can't be here all the time either, I work around 30hours a week right now.

>> No.13524091

>feminine looking men and the Chad Thundercocks.
What if I'm both of those things?

>> No.13524092

I don't normally care much either way about the various doms but I can see the appeal to this.

>> No.13524097

Divorce her mother, disown daughter
Why do I even have shitty kraken as a waifu? I don't want stuff in my ass

>> No.13524098
File: 365 KB, 1200x1704, 002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any time is a good time for some newly uploaded Kloah.


>> No.13524099

Then there's this faggot

>> No.13524101
File: 385 KB, 640x420, Best boots.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And the end result is he makes her stay in his castle with him from what I remember.
She still had a pretty harsh life.

>> No.13524107

So manticores are Japanese businessmen?

>> No.13524108

>abyssal girl /ss/

>> No.13524109

>stuff in my ass
Are you trying to start shit anon?

>> No.13524111


>> No.13524115

And how did he get into the military?
Either way, dropped.

>> No.13524116


>> No.13524117

I don't think a kraken could help much with constipation that way.

>> No.13524119

>Abyss of your tits
Oh wow.

>> No.13524120

When they give him a blowjob, it's like they have that Wesker cat-eye thing going on.

Which is pretty rad.

>> No.13524122

Tell her she is not a kid

>> No.13524126

He keeps her in his castle.
She wants to stay alone in the basement because she's scared of getting hunted down by angels.
Rance uses her as bait so he can fuck angels, he defeats them and rapes them.
The angels are now scared of Rance but don't want to admit to their superior that they got beaten and raped by a human so leave his castle alone.
That is why Feliss is now safe.
But she is still depressed and worried about her son and only gets visited by Rance and Reset.
She then finds out that Rance threw their son off a building and gets mad.

>> No.13524127

Looks like something will be released into the atmosphere alright.

>> No.13524128

>More largely vanilla Kloah
Oh yes. This is good. Real good.

>> No.13524130


>> No.13524134
File: 349 KB, 2644x1909, 183232476832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.13524135

The son lived, right? I mean, demons are kind of OP in that universe from what I can recall.

>> No.13524136
File: 2.79 MB, 1600x2600, 1424397981971.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"It's alright Anon, just let me take care of you and you won't get hurt, that much"
>You stand up and try to run but before you can she wraps her tail around your leg, her barbs stabbing into your ankles
>You keep trying to escape despite your sealed fate
>She bends over and wraps her arms around your waist, lifting you up off of the ground without showing any physical strain
>She carries you down the hallway and opens a door near the end
>She brings you inside of a room far larger than yours
>You can't help but gawk at the sheer size of the room, it could easily fit yours 3 times over and still have space to spare
>She sets you down on the bed, pinning you down at the wrist as her tail reaches for something, the sound of chains jangling filling the room
>"Oh Anon, my venom is already taken effect, you're getting hard already"
>She's right, you're at half mast and it's only getting worse
>Her tail comes back into play, a bungle of handcuffs handing from a few of the barbs
>"If you would have come with me from the start this wouldn't have happened, but now you made it fun"

>> No.13524137
File: 398 KB, 3431x817, Felis timeline.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

IIRC she practically becomes a second mother to Reset.
It makes sense since she used to be a Kalar before becoming a Devil.

>> No.13524144

The half-assed MGE answer is NTR NOT ALLOWED

The true MGE answer is monster girls don't destroy smiles no matter what because MAMONO MANA. Don't like being raped and abused? Now you do.

The non-retarded answer that is applicable in any other setting is yes

>> No.13524145
File: 108 KB, 319x279, 1430290511829.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13524146

He's a Devil, not a Demon, but yes he did.

>> No.13524148

Well yeah. It doesn't even phase him.

He's also in that edgy phase so wouldn't want help from his father anyway.

He does like his little sister though

>> No.13524151

So... do we call the police? Or are they already there?

>> No.13524152
File: 54 KB, 275x658, bitch-tears.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This sort of stuff is the only reason I even look into Kancolle doujins.

>> No.13524154

can we spill our spaghetti right before we are rape

>> No.13524157

What a shocking development that nobody could've forseen.

>> No.13524158

The Police are trapped in the sewers

>> No.13524160


>> No.13524162

As of Quest he also has a little Brother thanks to Yamamoto.
He's also going to have a bunch of siblings since Rance knocked up a bunch of girls like Sen and Teru.

>> No.13524163

Rance 03 (2015)


>> No.13524166

Bad end incoming.

>> No.13524168

He's only met the one though.

>> No.13524169

Already saw those.
Eagerly waiting till the release.

>> No.13524170

>That girl on the far right
I like.

>> No.13524172

I'm surprised Rance hasn't sired an army yet. Fucker gets around.

Inb4 allergic reaction to the venom.

>> No.13524174

I knew this was going to happen, but I still like it

>> No.13524176


>> No.13524180

He could meet the others.

It is surprising.

>> No.13524181

shit we should have told her we were allergic

>> No.13524182

Do you really need to ask? Obviously yes, so don't respond.

>> No.13524186


You know, I wonder if hotels and stuff in MGC would actually have rape alarms or panic buttons for this sort of thing. Unless it's the other kind of monstergirl setting where rape is less a crime and more, "Oh, silly, monstergirls will be monstergirls," type of thing.

I recall on that strawpoll about half were for sex equating to permanent marriage, and half were for divorce in the case the MG used underhanded methods (pheremones, addicting poisons, spells, etc)

>> No.13524187

Clever girl...

>> No.13524194

>TFW ask your waifu to come to bed since it's late and she just glares at you, tired and with bags and dark circles under her eyes, telling you she has to write post explaining why human boys belong in the kitchen

Being a Traitor and marrying a powerful Monster Girl waifu is rough, but still rewarding

>> No.13524195

>rape alarms or panic buttons
They probably just activate a live video feed for their pay-per-view service.

>> No.13524198

Better go back to the kitchen and get her some goddamn coffee

>> No.13524202

He made Sill use contraception magic on him which made him infertile for a month. And every month he got her to recast it.

But then she went off to have a chill and no more magic.

>> No.13524204

I dunno, having a ball gag in your mouth 24/7 seems rather annoying.

>> No.13524205

I'm all for betraying the humans and forcibly defanging them so they can live in peace with monstergirls, bu there's no need to marry someone who's rude to you.

>> No.13524215

Dark elves aren't powerful. They're mid-tier at best.

>> No.13524216

I'm off to get snu-snu'd >>13517075

>> No.13524221

O-Ok, sorry...

Hey, it's not 24/7. It's only on Saturday. Saturday is both "Practice Bondage on the Husband" day, and Laundry day.

She's not rude, it's just that getting into internet arguments with Paladins online and mocking human boy rights is something she enjoys. And I don't want to intrude on her hobbies. Besides, if your waifu is a powerful Lilim you don't make her angry and tell her to stop shitposting and go to bed.

>> No.13524226

>not becoming a janitor
>not doing your best to get her banned at every opportunity

It's the classic Kikimora solution.

>> No.13524228

>Shitposting lilims
>Will actually come out of your screen to slap you if you tell them to face you in RL and see what happens

>> No.13524229

>don't make her angry and tell her to stop shitposting and go to bed.
>MG not meeting her husband's sexual needs by joining him in bed
Shit tier woman, deserves no love, and neither do you for being this whipped by a shitposter.

>> No.13524231

>She crawls ontop of you, using her weight to keep you down as she handcuffs you one limb at a time to the bed frame
>By the time she is done the venom has put your dick on full salute
>"Anon you naughty boy, does this stuff really make you hard"
"Why do you want me so badly, what did I ever do to you"
>"Nothing,I just thought you looked cute and I decided that you would be mine. Now be a good boy and stay quiet"
"If I ever get out of here you better be careful"
>"I'll have fun breaking you down into a good husband"
>Once she gets you restrained she removes herself from the bed, walking over to the corner of the bed from where her tail retrieved the handcuffs
>"Ever other man I've broken was a one time thing, just a quick melting of their will before tossing them off. But I won't do that with you. I'll rebuild your poor little mind and make sure that you only think of me and my tail"

Captcha is nothing but cakes, milf manticore maybe

>> No.13524235
File: 289 KB, 761x1000, 1427514210611.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember to always keep your pantry stocked with garlic, unless you want to help fill a Vampire's 'blood bags'.

>> No.13524236

Into the trash she goes

>> No.13524237

You mean Christmas Cake?
Well, Anon here is old enough to already be out on his own, and have the cash for a nice vacation, so...that'd probably be his age group anyway?

>> No.13524238

But I want to help fill her up.

>> No.13524240

Christmas Cake Manticore is Olev.

Could be College Student Anon.

>> No.13524241

So, what? One of the guys she broke before managed to impregnate her? She's used more than just her Tailpussy on others? She expects you to raise some random guy's kid with her?


>> No.13524242

>Street fight
One thing you should know about a street fight is the street always wins.

>> No.13524243

What if he meant CC?

>> No.13524244

guys we gonna get raped by a slut

>> No.13524246

I couldn't remember the exact name of that, thanks

I drew a blank and forgot what the term for late 20's was called

>> No.13524247

>you will never be completely alone in a monster girl world.
>you will never be able to walk into a store/bank and steal whatever you want because everyone else is too busy fucking each other.
>you will never have fun watching other less fortunate men be chased around outside on a full moon.
>you will never get to shitpost on /hbg/ and not have to worry a bit.


>> No.13524249

I'd love to be suckled from by a Vampire.

>> No.13524250
File: 55 KB, 283x438, 1430768395752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>used goods Manticore
Rest well boner, sorry I disappointed you.

>> No.13524251

CC is good. MILF manticore is shit, because manticores only use the V. with their husbands.

>> No.13524253
File: 488 KB, 625x790, Frozen assets.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How cold of you.
Anyway, without Sill he's no longer unable to put buns in ovens, which resulted in him knocking up a obsessive Queen and a Princess of a nation whose king is a hero of justice.

>> No.13524254

Like I'd want a girl that's been plowed all winter every winter by every snowplow in the city.

>> No.13524256

I would hate to have a vampire attracted to me, I love garlic and have plenty of cloves and a Garlic Press

>> No.13524258

What's wrong with vampires?

>> No.13524261

I bet you would become thralls and be her servants as well, helping keep her extravagant mansion-castle clean.

>> No.13524264

Well, as long as she hasn't used the pussy-pussy on her past conquests, I don't think it counts with Manticores...

>> No.13524265

He meant CC, all is fine.

>> No.13524270

Nothing, I just love my garlic

>> No.13524271
File: 72 KB, 719x406, 1431969439543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not striving to impress her and become her personal attendant
>Not becoming indispensable in her eyes, eventually earning her trust and love
>Not working your way up from the bottom to the top, making your woman love you for who you are and what you've become
It's almost like you don't understand their appeal at all.

>> No.13524274

She hasn't
Thanks, I fucked up

>> No.13524275

>all is fine

>Manticore rapist
>Hardcore S
>Wants to mindbreak you

Yeah, no.

>> No.13524276

Too bad, the damage has been done.


>> No.13524277

Well alright then. Proceed.

>> No.13524280

If that's what the faggot squad wants, then they'll get it.

>> No.13524281

He probably meant if you were actually interested before that. I'm not reading it myself, since manticore and sadists are shit, but it probably appeals to some.

>> No.13524283

Oh yes. I would do everything in my power to make her happy and let her sexually harass me when she wants it, and even pretend to be a pure boy when she decides to use me to satisfy her carnal urges.

>> No.13524285

It's a fucking manticore, and thank god not a moeblob. Yes I think all is fine.

>> No.13524286

I'm hoping this has some kind of twist ending other than the obvious 'She's the girl your mom was trying to hook you up with and you're stuck with her'. It would be kind of boring and cliche otherwise.

For once I'd like a reverse-rape story where the guy doesn't end up enjoying it halfway through like a cheesy mind-break doujin. I just want 1 story where the guy suffers through it since he can't stop it, but then when she's finished he says her he hates her and tells her to fuck off. And he actually means it and they never get married and she's left wondering where she went wrong. The End.

>> No.13524287

>hardcore S
>in MGE

People shouldn't throw hardcore S or M in the context of MGE monsters. You have no idea.

>oh no, she's going to tease me, fill me up with an aphrodisiac, and get me off with her strange sexual organ

So hardcore.

>> No.13524288

You're right, drug-addiction and mindbreak is pretty weak stuff. So edgy.

>> No.13524289

He already confirmed it's "'She's the girl your mom was trying to hook you up with and you're stuck with her'"

What end do you want? It's actually his mother who ate monsterify fruit?

>> No.13524291

I suppose that's better than "Hurr, I like her now".

>> No.13524294

Not him but I'm in the same boat

>> No.13524295

I suggested he subverts that by having his mother try to hook him up with a human but since he was raped and is used goods she turns him down

>> No.13524296

This. Too many stories end up with the rapist and their victim instantly forgiving each other and becoming lovey-dovey.

>> No.13524301

I just don't want this >>13524291
That shit is the worst cliche in hentai. It's as bad as femdom where the guy takes over halfway through.

>> No.13524308

>It's as bad as femdom where the guy takes over halfway through.
You gay, son?

>> No.13524310

>femdom where the guy takes over halfway through
That shit rustles me like nobody's business.
If I picked up a Femdom doujin, I want a Femdom doujin not two pages of Femdom followed by the girl getting overpowered and dominated.

>> No.13524312

Her aphrodisiac isn't said to be addictive, in fact Manticore doesn't seem to rely on it as much as Oomukade does. Unless the writefag chooses for that to happen.

Mindbreak you have a point, but I'm going to argue that's so ubiquitous in some form or another that it's really not that hardcore here. It's also really dependent on how it's portrayed because mindbreak is pretty much a fictional thing. Even some vanilla doujins have "mindbreak".

>> No.13524315

>It's as bad as femdom where the guy takes over halfway through.
>implying it's bad

>> No.13524316

What if she turns out to be a decent and likeable person though? It's not as if he's given her a chance to find out, just assumed she's a rape monster with no other traits because "UHOH MANTICORE".

And what if the only reason she's being so forward in the first place is because of being contacted by his mother?

>> No.13524317

When that happens in a doujin is instant dropped, agreed

>> No.13524318

>just assumed she's a rape monster
>turns out she's a rape monster
Are you serious?

>> No.13524319

That's some shit bait and switch half the time. If you're looking for femdom doujins you're going to want to read femdom. I'd like that a lot better if it happened in reverse order or something.

>> No.13524322

what if she isn't gonna rape him but read to him?

>> No.13524324

>just assumed she's a rape monster
You what?
She already drugged and raped him despite his protests

>> No.13524325

>You attempt to break free as she slowly cuts your clothes off with her claws, panic setting in as you feel them running along your skin
>"Don't move too much or else I might cut you. Maybe you're into that though"
>You shake your head and stop moving, primarily because she is around your crotch now, freedom can wait for now
>She manages to strip off all your clothing without cutting a single inch of skin
>"Anon, look at you, you spent so much time hiding from me, but because you couldn't resist me. It's alright Anon, i'll take care of this before you ca-"
>A phone starts ringing, and the ring tone is something out of a Cartoon's soundtrack
>"Give me a minute honey. Hello? I can't I'm on vacation. What do you mean I already used all my days? I told Jerry I wanted this trip a week ago and he said I had time left"
>Did she skip work just to stalk you?
>"Can't you cover for me until Sunday? Why not? Honeymoon? You just met him. Fine, but you better make sure Jerry suffers? I don't know, maybe i'll sneak venom into his food before he goes home"
>She hangs up the phone before taking the handcuffs off and throwing you a spare set of clothes
>"You're coming back with me, if I lose my vacation so do you"
>Fucking seriously

>> No.13524328

I like maledom doujins too, I just don't like that half-assed bait and switch bullshit.

>> No.13524330

I guess that's fair.

>> No.13524331

Well you see maledomfags, when you use a certain tag you expect the doujin to be about it

>> No.13524332

Again, I'm saying what if she's only acting like that in the first place because she already got the go-ahead from his mom, and assumes that's enough?

She seemed perfectly amicable back on the train, before she started coming on all rape-y.

At least she has a good work ethic?

>> No.13524333

>Feel like femdom porn
>Guy takes over halfway through
>Feel like maledom porn
>Girl takes over halfway through
I 'm getting really tired of this shit.

>> No.13524334

Fuck that, MC better go home early.

Bitch can fuck off.

>> No.13524335

You can't trust tags, they are the devils tool.

>> No.13524338

>decent and likeable person

We've seen enough of her character already to know that's not true. She isn't being forward, she's being a sadistic rapist. I'm fine with that in fact in turns me on I just don't want the:
>I-I didn't mean it!
>Oh, ok, I love you now, lets get married

>> No.13524340

>before she started coming on all rape-y
...So she's a rape monster, and he was 100% right.

>> No.13524342


Are we going to get a good end yet? Maybe a rescue by a Wurm in a cape and spandex, or Doppelanger secret agent?

>> No.13524343

She is just a rape monster no love, fear, or hate. Just Pity

>> No.13524344

>I-I didn't mean it!
Oh no, of course not. Not saying anything like that. More like...

>"Eh? I thought it was a turn-on for you. I mean, you did get turned on..."
>"Why would you just ASSUME that?!"
>"Your mother."

>> No.13524349

Really depends on the context and setting. Like in the succubus story I was okay with that because the two were already close and I'm keeping in the mind that every human man knows 90% of these monsters are possible demons, rapey and instinctual. When they choose to associate with them on any level that takes some level of acceptance of these things happening to you.

It doesn't really apply for this story too much though.

>> No.13524350

That mom should spend the latter half of her days in an retirement home.

>> No.13524352

I don't remember the second thing happening. Ever.

>> No.13524354

*these things possibly happening to you

It's sort of like working with lions or chimps. You know you can get mauled by them one of these days.

>> No.13524355

>mfw it turns out the Mom was so sick of arguing with her son about getting with a girl that she gave the Manticore a Rape Parental Consent Form so he'd finally get married.

>> No.13524358

>get raped and drugged against your will
>about to be mindbroken with no repair
>she admit she already fucked and broken countless men before you
>super used goods slut
>n-n-no it's was a misunderstanding, she actually loves me. it-t's real love!11
Fuck, you sound exactly like a betabitch in Heroanon comics
And people say it's strawman, nope, it's 100% true

>> No.13524359

You haven't? You heard him boys, close the shop, for he has seen all the porn.

>> No.13524360

>That mom should spend the latter half of her days being viciously beaten


>> No.13524364

It can and has happened.
>Guy sees girl masturbating with dildo in shack
>Fucks her in maledom fashion
>Once he's tired he tries to put his pants back on
>Girls goes into hyper drive rape mode
>Femdom ensues
>Guy isn't able to walk once she's done