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Who would you like to meet and possibly become friends with?

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The Utsuho

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The fairies of light

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Mamizou. She's the most trustworthy among the youkai bighats.

Raiko and the other tools are cool people too, and what they want from humanity (being useful/not being bothered) is compatible with what humanity wants from them (not getting eaten).

Would be cool to be a guest musician at a tanuki banquet or something.

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fairies are notorious for being biters. so don't sexytime.

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I want to be friends with Sunny Milk and Tewi!

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Op here
Helluva challenge but if successful she will be good to have as a friend in fights
she will kick some ass to say the least

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I want to be a human worthy of friendship with the oni

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Miko, Kasen, Mamizou. Solid choices and all friendly.

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Can Satori be any more based?

Oh, right. Yuuka is right there with her.

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They can't bite me if it jam it in their butt!

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why would you want to be gay when you can fuck it right in the pussy

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Yuyuko and YUkari all day erryday.

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Don't be retarded.

Hetero is still hetero if the girl is receiving it in the butt.

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hetro is not butt
penis in pussy is hetro otherwise you could be fucking a man haha xD

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Either you're a /v/-tier crossie shitposter who can't use logic, or just acting like one.

Fix yourself or get out of /jp/.

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how about you get the fuck off the internet!
it's simple, you don't fuck ppl in the asshole unless you are homo.
why the hell would you want to put your dick in a shit hole.
I have nothing to so with /v
so please go and fuck your own asshole if your dick can reach it.
and again. f u c k y o u !

and have a nice day

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miko and her crew

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Saying a poster is /v/-tier doesn't mean they're from /v/, just that they're as low as /v/. You still can't use logic.

If anyone should leave it's you.

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Knowing my luck either she hates humans or I'd die from alcohol poisoning.

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how about you stop posting bullshit.
and having /v/ as an insult is disrespecting a lot of people

you can go and lick all your jizz staind manga pictures as the fag you are.

(goddamn these aggro homos)

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worst that can happen to you is that you get raped

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Kyouko is too damn cute...
Also I don't see Tenshi.

End youself my man.

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Y A H O O !

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take it easy moneyboy

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Y A H O O O ~

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awww. so the fun is over :(
well it was fun as long as it lasted.
no hard feelings ok? haha

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Defending /v/ is wrong. /v/ doesn't deserve respect.

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holy shit! those tits!

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like I was even serious

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I need friends

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satori is to spook4me :o
I hope you are rdy for som mind reading

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Kanakp is the mommiest

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Seiga is up top, huh?

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I know that's an official list (according to h*man stink), but i feel that Meirin should be a bit higher.

I mean, she enjoys chatting with passerbys, lets you go if you trespass after apologizing profusely and may even practice her martial arts with you.

Maybe she's in the medium rank because of the bad rep associated with the SDM?

She's a nice girl.

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That's odd. Hina should be higher on friendship, considering what her trade as a goddess is.

And she is only dangerous because of the misfortune that seeps from her, not because she actually harms people.

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Yuka ofc

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In the manga, I have yet to see an instance of them being aggressive towards humans. They are more likely to beat each other up than anybody else.

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They aren't. They'll just pull a prank on you that is normal for fairy standards but actually quite painful or even deadly for a human.
Then they'll get upset because you aren't reacting anymore and leave.
All of this rigorously off-camera, obviously.

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I have nothing to hide so i dont care if she reads my mind

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I wonder what kind of prank they would pull on me.

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Cut your dick off and sodomize you with it.

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Hardcore. I'm outta here!

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I'm going to befriend the shit out of Remilia or die trying, so basically its a win-win situation.

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How the fuck do you even be SUPER FRIENDLY TO HUMANS yet be extremely dangerous?
Does Yuyuko just get way too into the hug and fucking eat you or what?
Suika I could probably see the oni strength coming out when she's drunk and doesn't realize you're a twig...

Its a friendship level based on people from Gensokyo.
They fear Hina because of what she is, even if she's actively friendly and helpful towards humans. Thus the mutual friendship level will never be that high. Same with Meiling. I'm sure she'd love to make more friends but not many people swing by the mansion enough, or would willingly do so with the vampires around.

Its all from the perspective of the human village.

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>How the fuck do you even be SUPER FRIENDLY TO HUMANS yet be extremely dangerous?
I think its more like a combination of powerlevel and their chance of collateral damage and fucking shit up in general. Like Yuyuko and Suika could mess a lotta people up given circumstances.

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Satori and Remi for sure. Miko, Alice and Udonge maybe

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>How the fuck do you even be SUPER FRIENDLY TO HUMANS yet be extremely dangerous?

Like amputating your arms and legs, locking you into the basement and then taking care of you for the rest of your life out of pure love and kindness.

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Unless she's into kinky shit it wouldn't really be rape.

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Onis generally like humans for a few reason.

Good conversation.
Drinking buddies.
But mainly because they make good slaves.

As long as you're not a tricky backstabbing fuck you end up in a decent position sooner or later. Drinking with oni, working with oni, and acting like oni, will eventually turn you into an oni.

Or you could just get eaten.

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All my hopes have been utterly annihilated.

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How is Minoriko more dangerous than Shizuha?

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Hot potato burns

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Can ruin your crops if you really piss her off. Enjoy starving.

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Kyouko, Nazrin, Futo, Suika, Momiji, any fairy, Sekibanki, Marisa, and Meiling.

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Yuyuko can cause the death of mortals at will. But she doesn't. Because she used to be human, once. She also died with a lot of regrets, but did not curse humans at her last moments, instead using her death to seal an EVIL death inducing tree.

Yuyutits is the best example of a benign youkai.

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this guy is a genius

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Oh, and Shizuha and Yamame!

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Yuugi's a party animal so you should be fine. I remember Akyuu saying something about if you fall asleep you won't wake up though.

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Everyone except for Seiga. Especially Nue, Futo, Miko, Kogasa, and Aya.

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Akyu is a lying little human shit.

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Pic related, but I'd probably try and get along with everyone at the mansion.

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>the best example of a benign youkai.
Doesn't go out of it's way to attack humans =/= benevolent.
I remind you that it's standard greeting is offering poisoned food.

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>I remind you that it's standard greeting is offering poisoned food.


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All them youkai gonna be my slaves when I become King of Gensokyou.