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Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

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First for traitors.

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Reminder that traitors and paladins are both false flagging shills.

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Is this a happy place?
Apparently no. This is why we get less OC nowadays, you know. The Shitposters are winning.

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Move it plebs, top tier waifu commin' through.

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The shitposters have always been winning.

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>Boy Maker

But at what cost?

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>In over 2000 years humanity has done jack shit with it
>Made boats, discovered the rest of the entire world and inhabited all of it
>Ended slavery
>Industrial revolution
>Made petroleum into something actually useful
>Invented planes
>Invented the computer and the internet (which you'll using to shittalk your own kind right now)
>Got gud at defending ourselves against nature's disasters and diseases
>Sent probes to outer space
>The fucking ISS
>Debunked numerous end of the world profecies, preventing society from collapsing
>Invented useful technology in order to help us prosper, such as synthetic limbs and machines to do things normal humans can't do alone
>Invented vidyagaems
>Now working on autonomous robot waifus
>Virtual Reality
>And trying to find a way to make contact with other universes, one of which could contain your goddamn waifu

I want this traitor shtick to die.

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No cost is too great.

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We get off easy compared to some animals. Consider the poor anglerfish.

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I just want to headpat an Oomukade and tell her she's cute. Then proceed to get raped in an awkward light-yan frenzy since she's not used to compliments.

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Reminder to be vigilant and protect yourself from the alp menace.

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Anglerfish girl absorption vore art when?

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Fuck off.

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No thank you.

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Can someone write all of that down and replace that with claws?

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Reminder that smugposting is cancer.

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Is it time to laugh at you for screencapping your own dumb shit again already? I mean after the beating you took last thread, a smart person would just blend into the background for awhile.

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Anyone have the Ben Garrison comic on /mgg/'s arguments? You know which one I'm talking about.

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So, anyways, about that monoeye thing coming out that I mentioned. It's releasing onto steam, which generally means its pretty bad, VN wise, but I don't actually know much about it.

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I want to turn a Tanuki into my personal buttslut.

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He calls the cartilaginous spade a "tail bone" too.
>Trusting any observations made by that guy

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Do you mean the English release of Hitomebore or did I miss something with delicious monoeyes?

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Ah, yeah, that's it. I knew I had seen people mention it before, but couldn't remember the actual name. Fucking sekai, use the real name.

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So here goes my message to Alp.

I'll try, think about this humble anon, I should be derping in this thread, maybe I should be jerking it or maybe I should be trying to refine my english grammar so, with luck, some day I try and write a story that would bring joy to some anons. Instead I'm here talking to you why?.

We're on 4chan, almost nobody gives a fuck about anything and when they do it's mostly through silent approval, if you don't get shit on you're doing well and praise whatever gods you have if someone says anything positive.

So here I am wasting time I could be wasting somewhere else trying to motivate you to write with a half-assed attempt, so you bring joy to me and probably a lot of anons.

I'm an avid reader, I was quick to get my favorite writefags, each of them gives, or sadly gave, me different styles, I started reading your stuff only very recently it was a pleasant surprise finding that, the way you write is pretty light hearted and really fun, I'd love to go into detail but this is already too tl;dr.

I always lament when a writefag goes ded, yes even the faggots, I might lament their passing less than others but everyone that dies is less OC.

And when I lose one of my personal holy pantheon, like again Captain for example, the world becomes a worse place for me.

So yeah this all is cheesy as fuck and I might have messed up the speech at some place, I apologize beforehand to all.

The reason I gave enough of a fuck to type this is that you are in that holy place Alp, don't you die on me.

Also there are probably a lot of people aside from me, who will curse your name forever if you go ded.

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You first.

Like I give a shit. Coming from someone who was ready to rip that other guy a new asshole over the way he wrote "EH" and bitching about capitalization and other inane shit, I'm pretty sure you simply have a chip on your shoulder at not being listened to. But by all means, proceed, I like getting nicknames.

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Absolutely disgusting.

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I want to make one think I like her before laughing in her face an calling her disgusting and smelly.

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That's nice.
>ready to rip that other guy a new asshole over the way he wrote "EH"
If you reread that, it was the guy who wrote "EH" in all caps who was upset, not the guy asking him why he did that.

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>Implying I said anything to that guy.
I was probably you falseflagging just so you could bitch like this about how the mean people don't appreciate your inflated ignorant ego.

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I want to fill that pure womb to the brim with daughters.

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You are a peach, if you alped, I might consider dating you.

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>not sonerus

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>You will never compliment a light-yan shirohebi who turns beet red and starts stuttering about how many daughterus the two of you will have

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I want to put vibrators on the antennae of an Oomukade.

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EH, same result, anons need something shiny and distracting to keep from ripping each other to shreds.

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I want to marry an Alp!

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>Marry a monstergirl who can live for many hundreds of years
>Have a child with her
>Your partnership ensures that you will be given the same lifespan as the monstergirl
>Live into your 80s
>Into your 150s
>Into your 200s
>As the years stretch on, time flies by faster and faster
>You find yourself forgetting things
>Names and places
>What month it is
>Your parents' faces
>Magic can keep your body from ageing, but it can't stop time from pulling apart the mind
>Sometimes you come to, and find yourself several miles from your home
>Sometimes you wake up, and are shocked to discover that twenty whole years have passed since you last noticed

>Your wife and child have to deal with seeing you, still youthful, slowly lose your mind and sense of self to time
>It's not Alzheimer's, it's not dementia, and it's not Pick's
>It's simply the work of thousands of years upon a brain meant only to live for a hundred, eroding memories like waves upon a beach.

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So just out of curiosity, what's with the all caps EH? Is it a reference to Despicable Me or what?

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But anon, even alps don't date trash like you

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I really hope you have countermeasures to getting bitten. Centipedes are bad enough as it is, giant yandere ones are even worse.

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I want to bridal carry an Alp into my rape dungeon.

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That's the point. All the mamonos will bully her about the daughters while I cherish and love my darling family.

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Never say never anon.
Perhaps one day.

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Welp, there was an attempt.

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I have a dick, your argument is invalid.


I'm not the one still bitching about fucking nothing and trying to make myself bigger by trying, and failing, to bully people on the internet, from the safety of behind a computer screen. Now I'm gonna stop engaging you because don't want to get banned for feeding a retard. Tuskbye.

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But you know, a few nuggets of chocolate in an ocean of shit aren't worth saving, if you catch my drift.

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I'd that boy maker

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Interesting. It wouldn't be an issue for mine, since she could just either enhance and fortify my brain with magic, or capture my soul, let my body die, and then resurrect the body for me, but interesting nonetheless.

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Oh, I'm not the guy from last night, he said he wrote it that way because when he does it, it tends to come out high pitched, like a woman.

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>not making the mamonos jealous by having lots of sonerus who are too good for their slutty daughterus

Well, I won't tell you how to have fun, I guess.

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Why would anyone put their voice quirks into the writing on an anonymous image board?

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>not having a dozen sonerus who will marry the daughters of all your friends

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You forgot the whole incubus part in your story. I'd assume that they are mentally capable of living such long times.

Also it's unsure how our brains would deal with immortality. Yes we will run out of space to store memories. But we don't exactly have a low supply of space for memories, we shouldn't have much problems holding 300-400 years of memories. That's not adding the fact that our brain causes us to forget memories that aren't important. You could probably live quite a long life without needing magic or technology to allow your brain to keep up.

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>The tusktard trying to take the moral high ground
>"Stop bullying me with your big words and definitions I don't understand"
>"You're a retard"

I wish I had some peanuts to throw in your cage because this is a first class sideshow.

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That might be true, but when you have to choose between trying to take those chocolate nuggets or going to one of the other oceans of shit that don't even have chocolate the result is obvious.

I just want to read things, things about MG's

>> No.13509650

But what is the soul, if the mind is your thought and perception and memory?

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Personal flavor?

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But then you have to hang out with them at family gatherings. That's no fun.

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And I just want to not step into a shitstorm about the same fucking things every fucking time I come here. Can't always have what you want.

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>TFW not sure how to pursue Orc snu-snu

>> No.13509661

I always thought about this, but my interpretation for such situations in these fantasy scenarios is that you keep your memories but you become 'stretched'.

Your brain forces everything to fit and it's a near maddening experience. You also start to get a warped sense of time as your brain tries to adapt to the immorality.

So you could be watching the sunset but then when you get up you're looking at a different sunset. 5 days later.

You need something immediately stimulating to prevent yourself from becoming slow like that, but those moments always feel too short for such individuals.

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It's likely that some souls can hold memories in MGE. Think of ghosts, males dying and getting caught by wisps etc. Though zombies prove otherwise.

The concousness that is you. This is why you do not remember your reincarnation.

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Oh no! The cute Kiki is sad! How do we cheer her up?

>> No.13509674

Solution: Have waifu use magic to delete all but your most important and treasured memories.

Make new memories together. And enjoy all your favorite video games, books, and movies all over again!

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Tell her the urn contained my father's ashes and that I was hoping to piss on them one last time anyway, so it's fine.

>> No.13509678

I do her janitor "job" for the day.

>> No.13509680

Sitting her in the corner while I fuck the old trashy slutty kejourou in front of her, and tell her to call my Alp friend to join us.

>> No.13509681

You don't say, anyway it's better to try and fail than not to try at all.

That settled let's go back to our regular schedule, I want to be strong enough to survive the dungeon and marry an echidna! Why are they so cute?

>> No.13509689

Asking her what's wrong seems to be the sensible thing to do here.

>> No.13509690

>zombies prove otherwise
Zombies might be s special case in this regard. With their diminished mental faculties they may either loose the memories or simply not be able to recall or act on them either permanently or until they get an update.

>> No.13509692

>it's better to try and fail than not to try at all
Why? Less wasted effort if you just give up.
>Why are they so cute?
Because they're designed to be MILFs.

>> No.13509694

>Not for the first time
>After it started it in the first place
>After having regressed when compared to some ancient civilizations
>Valid (If of questionable good)
>Not really
>Did you misspell prophecies?
>Progressing Entertainment, semi-valid
>Valid but I'm biased. Also see below
>Kind of only starting to broach that
>Just read about that the other day. Promising stuff.

>> No.13509696

Do what >>13509689 said. Then let her take the day off if it's something serious.

>> No.13509699

The poor thing didn't know what it held. Nor does it matter. She will clean every square inch of the house, one way or another.

>> No.13509705

Yeah but that way you have all the right to bitch about the situation!

Also yes echidnas are not only the mother of monsters, but of MILF's.

>> No.13509707

I love you. In a semi-Alpy kind of way.

>> No.13509716

>Not for the first time
>After it started it in the first place
>After having regressed when compared to some ancient civilizations
Well, we did fix our fuckups one way or another, mostly.

>Did you misspell prophecies?
Yeah, english isn't my first language.

>Kind of only starting to broach that
Yep, we're just starting but somebody's working on it.

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Ignore her. I can always buy a new one.

>> No.13509735

Would any of this even be necessary? I mean, think about it.

It's not like the human mind stores memories like a hard-drive or bookcase, finding space to fit it. Memory, consciousness itself, is a chemical reaction which is the result of the brain's biological functions.

Humans are naturally designed to have a limited lifespan. Our bodies age up to their prime, and then begin to shut down and wither. This is aging. As the brain's deteriorates, so too do the reactions which record memories and generate consciousness.

If by some means we were able to overcome this flaw in our design, stop ourselves from "Turning Off", then it stands to reason our minds would continue to process memories just as well as before. You'd likely be no more forgetful with immortal life than you find yourself now. That's my take anyway.

>> No.13509738

Somebody was working on the halitosis bomb too.

>> No.13509742

That's one of those things, like with a lot of stuff about the brain, we don't really know how it works, at least not fully. I'm reminded of a quote "If our brains were so simple we could understand them, we could not." Only way to really find out if our minds will deteriorate or stay the same is to keep somebody alive an conscious for way longer than normal.

>> No.13509745

So they're hardwired to act motherly towards all monster girls? And possibly human girls if one was strong enough to conquer a dungeon?

>> No.13509749

Head on down to your local Porkers. Where snu-snu is always on the menu!

>> No.13509750


Wrong kind of Orc, Anon.

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That seems to do the trick! but she still seems a little down after having dissapointed you.

Now the cute Kiki is crying! Saying that she is worthless maid now that Master can't piss on his father's ashes.

The cute Kiki tells you that she wished to suprise you by cooking you breakfast on bed. But from the moment she tried baking you some eggs it all went downhill.

Needless to say, the kitchen is now a mess. Pancakes are stuck on the ceiling, eggs are burned to the pots and pans and for some reason it smells like fish in there.

Trying to clean around the house yourself the cute Kiki ends up cleaning together with you, chatting about and giving you tips. That seemed to have fixed her mood! Good job anon!

You cruel Master! Now she is in her room crying!

>> No.13509756

Dark Slime in a sundress and with shark teeth when?

>> No.13509760

You'll figure it out. Where there's a whip there's a way.


>> No.13509761

>now that Master can't
Oh, silly little Kiki misunderstood. Master can piss on it all, it's just that the maid will have to clean the carpet afterwards. But that's not a problem for a diligent little worker like her, is it?

>> No.13509764

Did that slime kill a shark and take its teeth?!

>> No.13509769

>eggs are burned to the pots and pans and for some reason it smells like fish in there.

All replaceable , no big deal. If I can afford a maid, I can afford new pots and pans.

>Needless to say, the kitchen is now a mess. Pancakes are stuck on the ceiling

I'll help her clean it up. Then I'll tutor her on how to make a proper breakfast.

>> No.13509770

I was talking about her


as an internet janitor, but that works too.

>> No.13509771

I brick her in. She's too damn annoying.

>> No.13509772

>The cute Kiki tells you that she wished to suprise you by cooking you breakfast on bed. But from the moment she tried baking you some eggs it all went downhill.

>Needless to say, the kitchen is now a mess. Pancakes are stuck on the ceiling, eggs are burned to the pots and pans and for some reason it smells like fish in there.
Then I guess I'll just have to have her for breakfast.

>> No.13509777

I want the SoM Orcs to sing this.

>> No.13509779

I don't think you understand their motherliness, though I think they might have some fun with the human girls, in a motherly way of course.

>> No.13509784

How much does she get paid for this exactly?

>> No.13509790

I bet she would look lovely with her belly straining to contain some eggs. The sweet sounds she could make as they shift in her guts with every move.

>> No.13509793

She does it for free.

>> No.13509799

No compensation? Well what does she eat, surely it must be something healthy so she can maintain a healthy weight, right?

>> No.13509800

>Female Paladin walks into an Echidna's lair, ready for the fight of her life
>Instead finds herself bound in a motherly embrace of an Echidna
>Ends up disarmed and getting pampered by her

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File: 149 KB, 640x480, pain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you will never be breastfed by an apsara

>> No.13509803

But why would a human woman have eggs jostling around in her belly? Human ova are so small she couldn't possibly--oh. No Anon, bad.

>> No.13509805

Yes I can get behind this.

>> No.13509809

It'd be how they monsterise human girls, with love and freshly baked cookies.

>> No.13509811

What if we had her double oviposited? I want to see her throat struggle to swallow them.

>> No.13509816

I've been wondering how monstergirls would react to meeting an Immortal human. Specifically an immortal human who's impaled on some debris.
I'm talking Deadpool style immortality and regeneration but without the cancer.

>> No.13509825

Even better! I wonder how many eggs the digestive system of the average female paladin could hold.

>> No.13509828

That tier of stuff would fall under incubus, not human. And they deal with incubi plenty. They'd be more concerned a precious man was hurt and determining if he's single.

>> No.13509830

What kind of eggs though? And would she be considered their mother?

>> No.13509832

Come to the monster side, we have cookies!

>> No.13509834

Can I still make 4th wall penis jokes?

>> No.13509836

Sooo does anyone remember how XXXHolic ended and weather the best girl won or not? ProTip, best girl is the one who isn't even human.

>> No.13509841

That would get a lot more people on side then the rape.

>> No.13509843

Literally what?

>> No.13509844

I would follow Darth Haha to the death! I bet she'd Force Hug people instead of choking them, too.

>> No.13509848

No, but I'm talking finding a guy who's essentially been run through with rebar when all of a sudden he asks if she's just gonna sit there staring or help him.
I see no reason you can't. Being alive so long probably isn't great for your sanity.

>> No.13509850

The ones going down her throat need to be big and durable, so that it's extra hot and she doesn't digest them. The butteggs can be a slurry of small, slimy eggs.

>> No.13509856

Well judging by the denizens here it sure would!

>> No.13509858

Dear lord, Darth Mother works so much better. I need to lay off the weeb shit.

>> No.13509860

This is getting uncomfortably /d/ tier. It might be a good idea to stop now before you go too far.

>> No.13509865

>No, but I'm talking finding a guy who's essentially been run through with rebar when all of a sudden he asks if she's just gonna sit there staring or help him.

Yeah. Same answer, Incubus shenanigans. MGE even has undead ones that probably pull pranks like leaving their head somewhere and start screaming about being buried alive while their body sneaks up and pantses the girls who try to help.

>> No.13509867

Ara ara~


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File: 136 KB, 700x875, 1431201572790.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're down on your luck after losing your home to a cockroach girl infestation and getting fired from your job after refusing one too many times to service your monstergirl boss. Wrought with grief, you sit down on the streetcorner to plan out what you'll do when a shadow covers you and a voice calls out gently "Are you alright?"

You look up and see...

Shirohebi priestess: As a priestess and a devoted servant of her cause she'll offer you the chance to stay with her in the cramped living quarters. You'll be expected to wake up at the crack of dawn, clean everything from the gardens to the outer sanctum, and partake in meditation which can last several hours. She'll start off treating you as a guest, but will quickly warm up if you show dedication in your work. She has a short fuse when it comes to her goddess and monogamy, and will enter a blind rage if you insult either.

Lich Biologist: She thought you were dead and was about to carry you off for experimenting, but figures that you can be just as useful alive. She offers you the chance to help her with her experiments as well as being her semen supply. She's very interested in understanding human affection, but not very good at it unfortunately. She tries to cook your favorite breakfast despite burning it every time, will randomly compliment your skeletal structure, and even cuddle with you whenever you fall asleep. She enjoys it the most when you let her ramble on for hours about her latest creation.

Paladin Recruiter: You reminded her of her little brother who was long ago snatched away by a dracolich and asks you if you'd like to join her order. She'll assign herself as your personal trainer and spend every moment that she can with you. In public she'll keep a stony face and a harsh command, but this drops away the moment it's just the two of you to reveal a loving onee-san who feels terribly alone and wants nothing more than to cuddle. She'll permanently act this way if you marry her.

>> No.13509872

This is what you get when you entertain these guys in the first place.

>That guy going on about the smell of monster farts last thread.

>> No.13509877

You know I've got to go with the Paladin Recruiter.

>> No.13509878

>Lich Biologist
Yes. Fucking yes. The best.

>> No.13509882

I hate religion, and meditating for hours doesn't appeal to me.
The Lich isn't an option either, since I don't want to just be a semen supply, even if she does try and treat me kindly.

>> No.13509883

>Lich Biologist
Yes. God yes.

>> No.13509887

>Impregnate her repeatedly
>Have all the sons you can before she reaches 40
>Proceed to corrupt her into a monstergirl
Now I have human sons and a monstergirl waifu

>> No.13509888

Take her aside and ask her what's wrong. If need be, she'll be hugged almost instantly.

>> No.13509889

The lich.

>> No.13509893
File: 706 KB, 2507x3541, Cookinginstructions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The cute Kiki dutifully nods. Yet she seems confused and asks you why you would to piss on his ashes when you could just go to the local cemetery and piss on your father and his Wisp there.

You end up cleaning the mess with the Cute Kiki and teaching her how to cook a proper breakfast. This results in a very happy little Kikimora and delicious meals as the little Kiki turns it into her hobby, becoming quite the little chef.
Good job anon!

And thus a cute Kikimora is left out in the cold, hopefully to be found by a better Master.

On an unrelated note, her previous Master discovers a devil bug infestation in his mansion not long after. Surely a man who hates Kiki's must love filth and thus Devil bugs?

And thus the cute little Kiki learns how it is to be loved on the spot and 8 more times throughout the day. She grows up into quite the peverted maid, always tempting her Master.
Lewd anon!

>> No.13509894

>corrupt her into a monstergirl
Begone, villain.

>> No.13509895

>You reminded her of her little brother who was long ago snatched away by a dracolich
Dracolich was a nice girl and Paladin-san overreacts about how she is. Honestly if Paladin-san would take the time to just sit down and talk she might find out she has a lot in common with the thousand-year old undead reptile.

>> No.13509897

One more for the lich club. The shirohebi actually sounds like kind of a cunt, though the paladin isn't bad either.

>> No.13509899

Liches and Shirohebis are nice, but not my favorites.
I'll have to go with the paladin on this one, since she can still be upgraded to something more preferable.

>> No.13509900

Give me the paladin. I'm going to make her feel loved.

>> No.13509901


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File: 505 KB, 1280x720, 1431324512391.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You will never be pounced on by a werewolf
>You will never be fed venom by an oomukade
>You will never be coiled up by a lamia
>You will never be groomed by a kejourou
>You will never be oxygen-kissed underwater by a mermaid
>You will never be licked by a sandworm
>You will never be facesat by an anubis
>You will never be stalked by a sphinx
>You will never be courted by a vampire
>You will never be bound by an arachne
>You will never be enveloped by a slimegirl

And so on and so forth, ad infinitum.

>> No.13509903

Lich Biologist.

This is the life I want.

>> No.13509905

Is it just me or have Paladin girl really exploded in popularity lately?

>> No.13509911

She was the only option that wasn't shit.

If I could I'd take none of them.

>> No.13509913

It's because they're cute and elegant.

>> No.13509914
File: 312 KB, 800x1200, 1428879060878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Paladin. Bonus points if she's a Dhampir in disguise.

The Shirohebi is also nice.

>> No.13509916

Well there was not Holst/Slime/Kitsune option.

>> No.13509918

It was the only good pick out of them all.

Though what >>13509914 said would be a nice twist.

>> No.13509919
File: 277 KB, 658x1000, ripe for corruption.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there's nothing sexier than watching something pure become corrupt.

>> No.13509920

This one is kind of loaded in her favor.

>> No.13509921

It's just you. Liking medieval human girls that know they have to fight twice as hard and love twice as hard to compete with monstergirls has been a fetish since the /a/ days.

On the other hand, the "only good for corruption" posting is new. Used to be that kind of view was more "leave her and get a monstergirl instead."

>> No.13509923

>You will never be pounced on by a werewolf
>You will never be coiled up by a lamia
>You will never be facesat by an anubis
>You will never be courted by a vampire
>You will never be bound by an arachne
Anon, why are you trying to hurt me like this?

>> No.13509926

Which one is better? Cucking or corrupting her?

>> No.13509927

>those sleeves and pants
Landsknecht Girl when? It's like the best parts of Paladins and Onis rolled into one fabulous waifu.

>> No.13509930

>This results in a very happy little Kikimora and delicious meals as the little Kiki turns it into her hobby

Sounds like someone deserves day off at the local amusement park.

I like these "evolving situationals", I hope you never stop doing them, Anon.

>> No.13509935

I'd say corruption, since you can effectively choose what kind of MG she becomes if you're gud enough.

>> No.13509937

I think corruption is shit. It's always associated with the worst monsters like Deruella.

Bred MG's>Turned MG's

>> No.13509938

Clearly the only thing she needs is tender, but vigorous buttsex.
I find its the best way to cheer someone up.

>> No.13509941

>tfw each face on a Dark Slime is the mind of a paladin girl that lost to her

>> No.13509944

>watching something pure become corrupt
>not watching as everything fair is made foul and everything foul made fair, as the wicked is turned good and the good turned wicked until the distinction seems dark and comic
>not beholding as the sacred is profaned and resanctified only to be desecrated again and again and again

>> No.13509946

It's way too prevalent to just be confined to Deruella. It's basically women's Game Over in that world, like a man getting married to a monster usually is.

>> No.13509952

Deruella pls go and stay go.

>> No.13509955

But she'll be happier that way!

>> No.13509956
File: 423 KB, 768x1024, 1324786326784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13509957

Brainwashing doesn't count.

>> No.13509958

That bitch is getting slapped.

>> No.13509959

It's her whole schtick. She's the only one of the lilim that actually goes out and fucks up whole towns and cities at a time just for the hell of it.

In other places it's more like a slow natural spread barring something like a dark matter showing up.

>> No.13509963

That's one angry Cat Girl.

>> No.13509967

You see, that's why I tied you up. You ain't going nowhere with that attitude, young lady. Now you're gonna stay there and think about what you've done to my couch.

>> No.13509969
File: 357 KB, 407x559, 1408643143059.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That had nothing to do with her though.

But since you brought it up: No!

>> No.13509972

Yeah. I'm aware, although for paladin and adventurer girls they're pretty much putting themselves in situations where it's win or become a monstergirl.

>> No.13509973

Hissing is cute!

>> No.13509977 [DELETED] 

I'll get her a longer skirt

>> No.13509981
File: 187 KB, 1000x623, 1412313414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, I prefer doing things the hard way.

>> No.13509988

Druella is stupid.

>> No.13509990

I'll get her a longer skirt

>> No.13509992

I am ambivalent on this so I'm just gonna go chill with some goblins and a hobgoblin
It'll be a sunny day napping pile.

>> No.13509998

You're stupid.

>> No.13510002

Disgaea's MGs are great

>> No.13510003

no u

>> No.13510006

You both stupid.
I'm gonna go adventuring with Paladin Holst

>> No.13510007
File: 190 KB, 500x500, I will delete it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Adachi's presence in that image makes your post a little ironic.

>> No.13510008

nuh uh

>> No.13510011

Yuh huh.

You're dumb and your waifu is dumber.

>> No.13510012

Paladin Holst is a big fat cow. Smells like a barn too.

>> No.13510015

It's almost as if I wanted to imply something...

>> No.13510023
File: 2.98 MB, 504x258, SIGMAR SAVES.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>He is the rock upon which the unclean will be broken. He is the tempest, abide not the filth of Chaos. Suffer it not to defile your land. Tolerate it not, whatever guise it may take.

>> No.13510027
File: 128 KB, 337x580, Gyoubu_Danuki_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Harro dere.

Do you like to buy something? Maybe love potion? Get you honeys all over your dick. Maybe a harpy feathah? This one have great ass. Smell like roses. You buy, yes? Maybe alraune nectar? Still strong scent and powah-ful arpho- uh, aphrodia- hm, arphar- sigh, sexy juices. Make you strong and keep healthy! Oh, maybe old painting of vampire lady? I think she die if look at it. Good thing stolen, yes? Kakakaka!

No? That fine, I have many more. Oh! Here is old unfinish story about tanuki like me. Not very far along, but made fresh. New words and things. Only chapter one, but will continue later. You will buy, yes?

Here, you give it try?


>> No.13510032

I'd rather buy the Vampire Lady's portrait.
Maybe I can return it to the owner and get a reward.

>> No.13510033

Too bad the game was mediocre.

>> No.13510034

This already had a second chapter, and a smut sidestory. What are you getting, Mr. RPer?

>> No.13510036

Congrats, she lets you be her new footstool. If you're good and lick her feet she might let you cuddle in her coffin.

>> No.13510037

>Big fat cow
It's all those points into constitution, why do you act like its a bad thing?

>> No.13510040

Because pain breeds pleasure. There can be no joy without sadness, and no contentment in company without first experiencing true loneliness.

The piercing gold eyes of a werewolf, fierce and noble, loving and loyal.
The smooth, muscled tail of a lamia, secuere enough to shield you from all the horrors the world might throw at you.
The perfect bronze skin and warm, furbound limbs of an anubis, everything about her begging for the touch of your hands.
The perfectly elegant and supernaturally seductive silhouette of a vampire as she stands before you, the moon through an open window casting magical, unholy light upon her curves.
And the web of an arachne suspending you before her, wrapping around your limbs and making you feel weightless in her care.

These are the things that become all the more precious when you realise that you can never have them. You must learn what it means to love monstergirls with all your heart, and to hope for that which will never be. And you must learn how to hope and love even more in the face of that fact.

>> No.13510041

What if I am interested in the merchant herself?

>> No.13510044

My waifu is smart and pretty and yours eats farts.

>> No.13510045

It's been edited after almost a year of collecting dust. Just having a little fun to show that it's tarting up ago.

>> No.13510049

>cuddle in her coffin
Worth it

>> No.13510054


>> No.13510058

*starting up again


>> No.13510065

My waifu is way more pretty and smart and rich.

Your waifu eats doo doo!
What the fuck are we even doing?

>> No.13510071

But she's one size category bigger than she's supposed to be and over-encumbered while naked.

>> No.13510077

Let's see if she can keep up that attitude when I start scratchraping her ears and chin!

>> No.13510080

Take her to see the movie about that robot that cut off its strings that held it down!

>> No.13510085

I want to be a servant of the Demon Lord and help her personally convert an ancient wurm that is big enough to be confused with a mountain range into a bubbly wurm girl!

>> No.13510093

Yeah but she's got the charisma points going for her, even with the Dex problems
She's mostly support while I tank with the tower shield and warhammer.
Rest of the party easier covers for her in combat

>> No.13510096


Okay i have been gone for like 4 months, what are the biggest changes ?

Also how starved are we for OC, i can writefag a bit, but your probably talking about drawings.

>> No.13510100


Man, why do daddy issues keep coming up in this thread? I mean, this is like the 6th or 7th time I've seen reference to hating one's own after pop up here.

I think it might be one specific guy, because I never here people hate on other family members (siblings, aunts/uncles, grandparents, moms) like that.

>> No.13510101
File: 391 KB, 300x225, 32423432.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You will never be groomed by a kejourou
>You will never be oxygen-kissed underwater by a mermaid
>You will never be courted by a vampire
Just kill me already

>> No.13510110

Not being oxygen kissed is a way to die. Embrace it.

>> No.13510120

>after = father
>here= hear

Fuck, too many typos. I'll stop posting until I get coffee.

>> No.13510135

>Anoooon! My breastplate won't fit!
>My belt of Bull's Strength is tight too!
>Mmmmmh, how can I smite evil like this? I need to get everything reforged!

>> No.13510145
File: 100 KB, 340x500, Giant_Ant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're traversing the tunnels of the giant ants when this girl slaps your ass.

>"Hello Drone, feeling a little lonely?"

Wat do?

>> No.13510148

The year is 2XXX. /mgg/ is dead. After the great Cait Sith war of 20XX, all but a few of the threadgoers survive, the rest having been savaged by feral alps and hungry beargirls.
All the drawfags have either gone pro or draw for other places. All the writefags are dead, buried with their Pastebin accounts and unfinished stories.

What you see now is not /mgg/. It is New Neo-/mgg/. Monstergirls have changed.

>> No.13510152

>you will never be mindcontrolled by a gazer
>you will never have a threesome with a parasite slime
>you will never sleepfuck a doormouse

>> No.13510153

Slap them arachnid titties.

>> No.13510154

Burn her using the power of the sun and a magnifying glass

>> No.13510162

"That depends. How many sisters do you have?"

>> No.13510165


>> No.13510175

I want to be a servant of the Demon Lord and convert a town and it's pesky paladins to hedonism!

>> No.13510178

Yes, yes I am. I would like it if you could help me with that.

>> No.13510186

Thought so.
Otherwise we have a chubby arachneholst to deal with.
Although it explains the large size

>> No.13510187



I ask if she keeps any Kesaran Pasaran dust in her pleasure pit

>> No.13510193

>chubby arachneholst
>chubby spidercow
>chubby ushioni you're adventuring with
Whatever equipment fails, make sure that seal never does. E V E R.

>> No.13510209

But Arachneholst would never do anything like that!
She's a paladin here to help us! I, for one, am proud to stand by her side!
Even if said side requires a bigger breastplate every now and again.

>> No.13510216

>A Kumiho with an ass as plump as her tails are fluffy
>Won't eat you, but will bite and draw blood during sex
>Acts regal and refined most of the time, but is afraid of thunder and will typically end up inside your shirt when it storms
Would you?

>> No.13510219


>> No.13510220

Of course

>> No.13510230

>A Kumiho

>> No.13510235

But it gets all stuffy and itchy in the summer. Poor girl deserves a break.

>> No.13510240

Are you gauging interest in a potential story? If so, I'm interested.

>> No.13510241

Biters are a serious turn-on for me. As long as she doesn't kill me for my liver I'd tap that Kumiho ass every night.

>> No.13510242

No, unless she lets me bite back

>> No.13510252

Well, it's not like I'm lacking for blood. And I'm into biting.
I'd light candles when the power goes out, stroke her head, and smile when she jokes about things between thunderclaps.

>> No.13510253

You know those stupid posters that say,

>You don't have to be crazy to work here, but it helps!

Welcome to 4chan. Between /jp/, /k/, /pol/ and /mlp/, it's kind of a refuge for the mentally ill of all stripes.

>> No.13510258

Yes! Love bites and big buns to hotdog.

>> No.13510259


>> No.13510263

Good thing I brought my gun, fuck some ants. I think ands would be the only MG I could never marry. I'm really allergic to those little fucks.

>> No.13510269

I believe it's a WC3 reference rather than anything to do with the posters family background.

>> No.13510271

>Poor girl deserves a break.
Just like your pelvis, amirite?

>Even if said side requires a bigger breastplate every now and again.
Wait, she's still growing? Dear lord.

>> No.13510275

I really don't know. Kumihos a best, but I'm a bit of a bitch when it comes to pain or discomfort.

>> No.13510277


Hatesex? Hatesex.

>> No.13510278

>Just like your pelvis, amirite?
It's fine, she can use her Lay on Big Meaty Claws to heal it afterwards.

>> No.13510280

You won't be if you marry her. Incubization gives you traits to adapt to your waifu's wants and needs.

Since they get stuff like heat resistance for fire types, or water breathing for aquatic ones, I would only assume you'd get some sort of allergy-inocculation if you went with an ant waifu.

Shitty incubus adaptation to be sure, but allergies won't be an issue.

Nah man, I've seen various father-bashing snippets pop up at random and unprompted in these threads before. EDGELORD-tier stuff like this, or wanting to run over him with a car, you know, the sort of stuff no sane person would say in public if they hated their daddy. Big daddy issue guy somewhere in here.

>> No.13510293

>father-bashing snippets
I suppose the lack of a proper father figure would explain some of the faggotry in here.

>> No.13510299

>Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
>Lord Uther: The urn holds your father's *ashes*, Arthas! What, were you hoping to piss on them one last time before you left his kingdom to rot?
I don't care about any other stuff but you're literally bitching over nothing right now.

>> No.13510300

I guess that's true. Still, a single ass-slap doesn't equal instant waifuing.

>> No.13510309

Someone's mad.

I think we found DaddyDoesn'tLoveMe-Kun

>> No.13510314

>Ogre breaking blessed weapons

Monster propaganda I tell you.

As obvious and cliche as the story is, continue.

>> No.13510315

Will you continue this, Bollocks?

>> No.13510317 [DELETED] 


>> No.13510323

>And thus the cute little Kiki learns how it is to be loved on the spot and 8 more times throughout the day. She grows up into quite the peverted maid, always tempting her Master.
Good. Good.

>> No.13510327



I'll shank you one m80

>> No.13510330
File: 31 KB, 143x325, 1403113530464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>A Kumiho
>will bite and draw blood during sex
Yes please; loving biting and scratches are my fetishes.

>> No.13510333

>this guy must hate his father
>he was making a vidya reference, here's the quote
>u mad
Man, what?

>> No.13510334 [DELETED] 

Dear journal: one more.

>> No.13510336


Can't now that you all have called it cliche and torn asunder my paper thin tallow skin.

Fuck you I like my cliches

>> No.13510339

Even Alp has gone now, we're on the bare bones for writefags, unless they're all planning on showing up again at the same time like that thread a month or so ago.

>> No.13510340

I'm telling you, this is for your own good. What if next time is my Hellhound waifu who finds you inside my house, uh?

>> No.13510353

They might, all wearing helmets and skin tight suits in various primary colors while making cool poses with multicolored smoke popping in the background. Glorious.

>> No.13510359

You were calling a passive observation "bitching". He literally said, "[someone] makes daddy issue remarks". No one said they hated it, that he should stop, that he needs to keep it outside /mgg/, that it doesn't belong here, etc.

You interpreted a passive observation as "bitching", which is large misconstruing of his tone and the discussion chain.

>> No.13510360
File: 857 KB, 691x950, 1431922081003.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you gonna get lovingly pinned down and rough cuddled by the serial hugger

>> No.13510362 [DELETED] 


Fuck no.

>> No.13510365

Wasn't she captured and cured of her urges a few threads ago, though?

>> No.13510366

Not if I hug her first!

>> No.13510367

Meh, average has written new SoM p'orc stuff, that's all i need for the next week or so

>> No.13510369

My waifu will protect and cuddle with me instead, duh.

>> No.13510374

I want to help a harpy preen, and make her super pretty!

>> No.13510375

Sounds alright to me.

She was, but there will always be a new serial hugger.

>> No.13510376

The only people that are head over heels for Kumiho are (almost) always those League of Legends players since it includes a playable hot kumiho female character. So "hot mature woman" is the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word Kumiho.

/mgg/ natives, on the other hand, think "kitsune who will eat human livers" when they hear the word, so are repulsed.

>> No.13510377 [DELETED] 

Sure, if she's cool with getting split.

>> No.13510378

Worth it

>> No.13510388

>erect nipples
>dat stomach
Damn that's nice, where did you find it?

>> No.13510390

I want to feed a haughty skinny elf so she fattens up in all the right places.

>> No.13510397

Would you feed her meat even though she's a vegan?

>> No.13510399 [DELETED] 

So her tits and ass?

>> No.13510404

And hips and thighs, to the proper extent.

>> No.13510405

Not him, but thighs and belly are good too.

>> No.13510406 [DELETED] 

Deadpool pls.

>> No.13510408

No, nothing but delicious sweets and cake and Holst milk to wash it all down.
What he said>>13510404

>> No.13510413 [DELETED] 
File: 156 KB, 683x1000, 4b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Like this?

>> No.13510414

/jp/ seen this yet?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikzH2JraY7U

>> No.13510421

>"Poor little Drone, all on his lonesome. Those....er my sisters can be so cold and neglectful."
>She spreads her arms, inviting you into her soft bosom
>"Come here. Give me a hug."
>Her tone was soft but oddly enough it felt more like a demand
>You move closer and hug her slowly
>Then with much more enthusiasm, she presses herself against you and holds you tightly
>"I'm glad you're here, I was getting a little lonely too."
>She stares up at you with desire
>An unsettling amount of it
>She lets out a pant of pure longing, her cheeks becoming flush
>You knew what this would lead to but it was getting too strange
>A sudden ticklish sensation assaulted your senses as a warm silky substance started to encircle your legs
>You try to pull away in a panic, but she holds you with an unusual amount strength for her size
>"None of that now."
>She hums and nuzzles your neck
>Her warm breath caresses your ears
>"Just relax. This is what you wanted...what we wanted. Just breathe in..."
>You find yourself compelled to do so
>The air in here was surprisingly sweet
>"And breathe out...."
>As you do so, your body heats up sharply and your nether region stirs
>She sighs and mimics your actions
>The silk had completely bound your legs
>"Yesssss, once more! Breathe in...."
>This time, you found yourself sucking in more of that heavy air
>"Mmmmm, breathe oooout."
>As you do so you let out a moan, the pheromones in the air were maddening
>You wanted to cum so badly!
>She feels your hardness pressing against her skin and giggles
>"It's unbearable isn't it, little drone? Just imagine how I've felt up until you came along..."
>She licks your neck, breathing on it hotly
>Her voice was husky with desire
>"I'll spoil you forever, make you writhe on a bed of silk."
>You let out an involuntary moan, your body growing groggy with overwhelming desire
>she victoriously fondles your shaft and throws you over her shoulder
>"You'll never be alone again, my sweet little drone."

>> No.13510422

I have seen it in the old thread on /jp/ and on /a/

>> No.13510424

Like that, but more elfy and less succuslutty.

>> No.13510426

Seeing how his post appeared to cast the hypothesized poster in a negative light as someone with unreasonable amounts of hate for their father, dismissed evidence that it's not the case in the initially quoted post and resorted to accusations of me being this person, if there is one. Yes I did attribute a belligerent tone to the posts.

You are right though, intent and tone don't translate well into written form, so I probably misinterpreted it.

>> No.13510429

Oh bby yes.

>> No.13510435

I'm conflicted about this, atleast I'll see some monster girls animated...

>> No.13510437
File: 884 KB, 900x636, dacfd07cfe2aa2073f63221b0a52c39d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So, when is humanity going all 'God of War' on the gods and lay waste to Heaven?

>> No.13510439

Hello, boner? It's me, Anonymous.

One has to wonder how I made it that far into the nest without breathing, but whatever.

>> No.13510442
File: 10 KB, 368x203, Bourbon Laugh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, with an actual anime, will these generals be taken off life support, or will you fuckers actually have shit to talk about instead of circlejerking and roleplaying like bronies?

Though, I gotta say they nailed Cerea's voice down pat. Shit is perfect.
Papi sounds like the Demon's/Dark Souls crow.

Suu is objectively best and I dunno how I feel about her VA. I guess I never imagined a VA for her, so it's alright. Also all the girls look cuter than in the manga.
8/10 trailer, hoping these threads will die and be taken over by MM threads that actually talk about things.

>> No.13510443

Ants don't make silk like spiders do, right?

>> No.13510446

Deep conscious breathes are different from just breathing, it speeds up the inevitable. At leas that's how it works in that scenario.

>> No.13510450

That's not an ant.

Good enough.

>> No.13510451

Seems pretty good. Not sure what everyone is so worried about.

>> No.13510452
File: 234 KB, 1333x902, Ant_Arachne.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They don't. You just cucked all the potential real ant waifus.

>> No.13510453
File: 928 KB, 1000x1719, 74771e90e0b475ccd13688e157dd21e7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13510454

But your waifu is the serial hugger yeti

You just don't know it yet

>> No.13510456

Shittiest meme ever, go fuck yourself

>> No.13510458

Hmmmmm yes. Loving spider sex is great.

>> No.13510461

>Did everything I asked for
>AND made her brown
Yes, perfect. Would cuddle inna woods.

>> No.13510462


>> No.13510463

>Shittiest meme ever
I don't know, there are a bunch of strong contenders.

>> No.13510465

Loving spider sex a loving spider best

>> No.13510466


The Ant Arachne must be the ugly duckling of the Arachne family. I mean, she looks like a crappy any girl, and not one of those big mean predatory and/or ara-ara type curvy onee-sans. Really got the short end of the evolutionary straw.

>> No.13510470
File: 357 KB, 599x404, aacx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lovely, to think this is the first bit of smut Ant Arachnes have received.

>> No.13510472

It's equal to doge and "le"

>> No.13510473 [DELETED] 
File: 1.38 MB, 1365x771, Someone for the love of god get the flamethrower.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Fear. Apprehension. Distrust. Terror. Distress Horror. Stupefaction. Nightmares. Dismay. Fright. Alarm. Panic. Perturbation. Consternation. Dislike. Goosebumps. Loathing. Hatred. Detestation. Repugnance. Abhorrence.

>> No.13510474

Woah, let's not go that far.

>> No.13510479

That was actually pretty cool.

>> No.13510480

No, she's my waifu

>> No.13510481

That's one of Bourbon's commissions. He's been known to literally take it personally and go ballistic if you insult one of his waifus. Yes, that is one of them.

>> No.13510482

Now that I think about it, their faces have a XEBEC feel to them.

>> No.13510483

>short end
They just laze around in an ant hill, eat their food and snatch a male they fancy.

They might not look intimidating, but they sure didn't pick the shortest straw in life.

>> No.13510484

Then your waifu is shit

>> No.13510485

>Okay, with an actual anime, will these generals be taken off life support, or will you fuckers actually have shit to talk about instead of circlejerking and roleplaying like bronies?
This is MGE general, so no.

>> No.13510486

Mero's face gives me a fatapulse vibe and it's freaking me out

>> No.13510487

I hate this picture, it's so awful.
They drew a 3/4 shot of a woman, lopped off her legs at the knees and then drew a spider behind her.

>> No.13510488

Hey, I only have one.
And I more go ballistic when people say stupid things
Like if shit's founded I just get annoyed.

>> No.13510489

>dat vid

And suddenly I'm reminded of how I got suckered into this series. I miss the deredere Mia.

>> No.13510492

Hey Bourbon! Fuck off.

>> No.13510493

Don't respond.

>> No.13510494
File: 147 KB, 435x367, 1357590055084.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you hope they display the girls nipples so you can self-insert as them?

>> No.13510496
File: 821 KB, 1600x1638, 1 pic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck you asshole

>> No.13510498

I see noses, therefore I've gotta call bullshit. Those lips are dead on, though.

>> No.13510501 [DELETED] 

I hope everyone who wants to discuss the anime does so on /a/.

>> No.13510503


>> No.13510506

Still shit.

>> No.13510507 [DELETED] 
File: 361 KB, 1600x900, Saddestvid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13510510

He can't. They kicked him out of the IRC channel. Then he tried to start his own-- the fact you probably never heard about it speaks for how it turned out.

It was over some autistic shit too. I think someone made a passing comment how a waifu that is like 95% animal is probably beastiality or furry, and he snapped.

>> No.13510512

Ugh. She's ugly.

>> No.13510516
File: 174 KB, 375x328, , a hj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please do not try to confirm your shit taste so easily

>> No.13510523

Some guy named Udon Thief, I can't find any pixiv or other accounts but he does post a lot of his art to the MGE wikia

>> No.13510524 [DELETED] 

>shit taste
>posts that sadistic bitch


>> No.13510525

Furries and beastiality are not welcome here. Take that shit somewhere else ya assblasting fagmaster.

>> No.13510528

Wow, what a sad sack of shit.

>> No.13510529

Now he occasionally visits these threads to avatarfag and post pictures of the monsterboy traps he commissioned using his mommies money.

>> No.13510534

Nah I never started my own. Also I got banned from ELH's shit once because I said I hate Liberal bullshit, got banned from Grandad's because everyone was being autistic and I joined in but that's too far, then got banned from ELH's again because I talked to Mari and ELH said he is diagnosed with autism (followed it up with some shit like "and I can tell you're acting autistic". The first part is the kicker) so that earned me a perma ban

I more get annoyed at the furry shit with her as that's futafag logic, where if %99 of a person is feminine but it has MALE GENITALS it's female because of the %, when butthatswrongyoufuckingretard.jpg
Same with Justine, where a snout/fur all over their body is what defines furry. If it doesn't have a snout it or fur it can't really be furry, so I get mad when people act like idiots.

>> No.13510537 [DELETED] 

Wow, is bourbon our Antony Burch?

>> No.13510538

>Suu and Rachnee have the weird protruding nipples too
Oh goddammit.

At the very least, their voices are good.
What the hell is up with that opening song though? It's just...

>> No.13510539
File: 568 KB, 1489x1479, 2 spideygirl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh good thing furries aren't welcome. I can keep posting my spider girl.

>> No.13510542

It doesn't even have tit, that's hardly a female you gay.

>> No.13510543

Cry more though.

>> No.13510545

Nah he kinda butchered it. It's like saying "America won WWII". Shit gets the basics but is still pretty much wrong.

>> No.13510546

Does baby need a diaper change?

>> No.13510549 [DELETED] 


>literally a head on a spider body
>not even a spider with a girl hat

Setouchi/Delphinus/bestialityfag pls go.

>> No.13510552

Maybe you should go hug it out with /ss/ big fucking baby.

>> No.13510553

And stay go.

>> No.13510555

>No tits makes something gay
Hahaha, so you're not into DFC? You need to get off /jp/
And /a/
And 4chan if you like cow tits

Nah I'm happy. If ELH LITERALLY confessed his autism to me to try and "insult" me, I don't want to be in an IRC run by an autist with anger issues. Also everyone in there acts like teenage girls gossiping. It's like highschool all over again.

>> No.13510557 [DELETED] 



>> No.13510560

DFC a best, but your shit 'waifu' doesn't even have nipples! You can't have any sort of boobs without fucking nipples you minger.

>> No.13510561

All right guys, you've given him enough attention for one day, it's time to stop.

>> No.13510563

>bestiality with a sapient life form
>furry without a snout or fur
Nice logic there fucktard. Keep making an idiot of yourself with that logic
Haha I dunno where you guys are even getting the idea I'm sad or mad from. I'm more just explaining history to help correct a guy.
This boogeyman mentality is fuckin' funny though. Keep it up.

>> No.13510564

No but cry more though.

>> No.13510567

Seriously, look at Mero and Suu's. They have a Fatalpulse vibe to them

>> No.13510568

Okay there ya go. Now you're starting to make sense
Still tits are an iffy to me. I can honestly do without them. If a girl has a pretty face and isn't obese, then why the fuck not?

>> No.13510570

>Still tits are an iffy to me. I can honestly do without them.
HAH! Gayyyyyy!

>> No.13510571

>EMG victim girls
I need this for reasons.

>> No.13510574 [DELETED] 
File: 107 KB, 735x963, 1428309680285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>4chan is all shit taste flatchasers

Anon kun you're such a fucking faggot holy shit.

>> No.13510575

>It's like highschool all over again.
I'm surprised that you even made it through highschool.

>> No.13510577

Is it tears of joy? I dunno what I'm supposed to be sad at
Maybe at worst I'm sad back in 2013 these threads on /a/ were a little bit not autistic and slightly friendly. But that'd mean I'm sad about /v/ not being nearly as good as 2009
Which, while true, it's kinda random to bring up.

>> No.13510579

I want a Wolfu puppy daughteru who gets very excited and wants to play all the time!

>> No.13510582

If tits are a make it or break it deal with your waifu, she's not your waifu
deal with it

>> No.13510588


Well at least now we know which faggot is going around accusing everyone in the IRC of having a monstergirl sona. What a buttmad sperg.

>> No.13510589 [DELETED] 

>the sapience excuse

Still completely animal body, and that guide pretty much says it's okay to fuck furries as long as they consent. Fuck off.

>> No.13510591
File: 10 KB, 474x162, 436346347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13510592

What I'm trying to say is get your faggy furry/beastilaity shit out of our threads mate.

>> No.13510599 [DELETED] 

You and me both.

>> No.13510602

Can you read? I'm perma banned from IRC because I talked to ELH's white knight material and he called himself an autist to me
Nah, not an animal body. Human face. And let's face it, the face is the most human part of human anatomy.
Also it's not furry if it doesn't have a snout. Geez, have you been paying attention?

>> No.13510605

It's all in the cheeks. Those stupid sexy cheeks.

>> No.13510612

And what your saying makes no sense given the fact that it is basically factually neither furry nor bestiality. I'd settle for "too much monster" or "setouchi tier shit", but don't say things that are just wrong, as it makes you look really stupid. And I feel obliged to help. Which involves me staying.

>> No.13510617


Why do Suu's cheeks redden if she doesn't have any blood in her?

>> No.13510621 [DELETED] 

You prefer Shindo L and Da Hootch? They're allright, but they get too killy for my tastes sometimes. li

>> No.13510622


>> No.13510623

Holy shit, that's fucking gross.
Can we not?

>> No.13510624

If that's the way you rationalize it, that's fine. It's not reality and it doesn't belong here.

>> No.13510625 [DELETED] 

Still well over the 30% threshold. You're fucking an animal. Now go back to where you came from an stay gone.

>> No.13510628

>all the girls look cuter than in the manga
The level to which your taste is utter, undiluted, rancid shit is frightening, but not surprising.

>> No.13510629

>There's this dragon you've known well for many years
>You met her when you were kids
>And now you're both highschool students, nearing graduation
>There was one thing other dragons teased your friend over though
>Namely she didn't have anything in her hoard of treasure.
>A teenage dragon's hoard, although small compared to an adults, would at least have something going
>She told them and you that she had an important reason for this but she was secretive about it.
>And then you both graduated and she invited you over to her house, promising to tell you.
>When you found her in her room she was sitting on her bed
>She used her tail to pull you close to her and then she whispered that she wanted to start her hoard with the most important piece first while staring into your eyes

>> No.13510636

Muh dick...

>> No.13510637

Nah, it is reality. Your rationalization has pretty much been proven to not make sense, as, well, it has no logic to it. No snout/fur = not furry and sapient = not bestiality. Even if you judged bestiality on appearances (which is wrong, you fucking retard) then she still has an entirely human face, which is the most human part of the human body.
So basically, it's right. Like there's opinions and shit, I know, but this is just fact, as all the arguments against her are the same logic as defending futa or Centaurs being bestiality too, which is dumb.

>> No.13510639

Vacuoles filled with preserved blood she extracts through the poles when she rapes the other girls.

>> No.13510644

You keep bringing this argument in a circle. Just go already.

>> No.13510646

vacuoles dont really work without a solid cell wall to keep up the turgor

>> No.13510648


>Bollocks writing Ogre

dropped harder than a matango baby

>> No.13510654

Miia, Papi and Mero look better
Cerea looks decent so thus looks better.
Suu is about the same. Rachnee looks like shit.
Blending in, yo. How does she maintain a human form/walk if she is a wad of slime? It's all camo

>> No.13510655 [DELETED] 

I look like a thing to be owned to you? You want me, you ask me proper, bitch.

>> No.13510656

Let's not engage Bourby-boy any further.

>> No.13510665

Yeah, and if this was opinion I'd totally drop it, as trying to force someone to believe your opinions is tumblr tier shit
But this is like someone saying "Turkeys can't fly", which is a common mistake, but factually wrong. You gotta make them not dumb if you care.

>> No.13510671

>Rachnee looks like shit.
I hope she looks better in the actual animation, but I doubt it.

>> No.13510675

Arachneholst is a growing girl.

>> No.13510676

A loving kiss is the proper response. Because damn she sounds cute.

Childhood Friends a best.

>> No.13510682

Yeah I can't see it either. I do really like the main three girls, though, even if in the manga they've gotten stale.
Or at least, everyone but Suu and girls who aren't in the harem have gotten stale for me.
But overall I think Papi and Miia definitely look cuter.

>> No.13510688 [DELETED] 

They do, they look rally doll like, but I don't hate it.

>> No.13510755

>You will never rub the chubby belly of your jinko daughteru after your jinko wife feeds her a whole animal she caught

>> No.13510762

Do you intend to write a story about it, Average?

>> No.13510792


>> No.13510798

Hey, I never meant it in a bad way

>> No.13510800


>> No.13510803

Those 3 are all terrible
like no doubts, they have some of the worst hentai content I've seen. Which is a shame because the art is good.

>> No.13510821

>worst hentai content
>the art is good
So you don't like the scenarios?

>> No.13510823
File: 424 KB, 788x1200, Expand_KingKongDong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Hey papi! if you prefer snakesluts, cows, and horsecunts over primates you're a furfag."

How do you respond?

>> No.13510828

>"Hey papi!
Fucking spics

>> No.13510830

Smack her ass.

>> No.13510834

"Honey, those snakes and anubi have less fur than you. Now stop masturbating on the table and go do your homework."

>> No.13510853

I want to dress a blue oni up in a business outfit and tell her to finish those TPS reports before Wednesday!

>> No.13510862 [DELETED] 

>He'll never know the feel of being called Big Papi

Me siento mal por ti.

>> No.13510863

Hug her from the front and grope that soft fat ass of hers.

>> No.13510869

I'm always up for rubbing jinko bellies but no, no story about jinko daughteru
She is not an option

>> No.13510872

Who the fuck are you?

>> No.13510878

I'll lower my head and go "Okay..." and then fuck a human

>> No.13510888

Fuck her right in the pussy

>> No.13510896

No me gusta la versión corrupta de mi idioma, lo siento.

>> No.13510899 [DELETED] 


>> No.13510904

>Only being called Big Papi
>Not going by many diffrn't names
>Not being all about games
>Not thinking the Xbox Circle and the Wii ain't ballin' cuz they ain't go no games
>Not thinking the PS-Triple make the best games
>Not stressing ABAP
>Not disliking the fact that there are no bruthas in Supa Smash Bruthas
>Not residing in H-Town
>Not being the most ballin' brutha on that YouTube
>Not being so rich, that $600 ain't shit

Chad Warden would pay you $600 to shut the hell up.

>> No.13510905 [DELETED] 


De que hablas?

>> No.13510910 [DELETED] 

No entiendo ninguna de tus putas referencias.

>> No.13510912

Turn 360 degrees and fuck a Nightmare.

>> No.13510921

Then stop being a filthy uninformed spic, or go watch some Chavo Del Ocho, maldito pendejo.

>> No.13510928
File: 2.58 MB, 320x180, This World Is Peaceful, Its Inhabitants Kind.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't fucking continue the stories, Jon

>> No.13510939 [DELETED] 

Think I'll stay right here eating your burgers and fucking your women, making a million little cholos a day. Se siente bien tener la nacionalidad.

>> No.13510965

Donde vives? Estados Unidos? No es mi problema de todos modos. I don't even live there anyways, so have fun getting obese and dealing with SJWs, Juan Nachoburrito.

>> No.13510972
File: 517 KB, 914x934, b86a2df4358ac0dd3bab7905915ea8e1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you guys love vampires? I love vampires

>> No.13510979
File: 1.04 MB, 1280x950, 1421091651800.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to cool off with a Lilim. Which monster would you cool off with on a hot day?

>> No.13510981

>not watching as the lions sing and the hills take flight

>> No.13510983 [DELETED] 

Insinuando quealguien mas que los blancos sufren esa mierda de las SJW, ustedes han perdido sus bolas y el control de sus mujeres.

>> No.13510984

si senor mucho gracais deneda moi bien por que es loco stupido rapidos philipe pinge es grande gordo et to brute es ariba ariba undale arigatou gozaimasu

>> No.13510985

i love it how spanish speakers always try to start shit

>> No.13510988
File: 787 KB, 900x900, 1431541820530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they are top tier so yes i love them

>> No.13510992


they're alright.

>> No.13510997

Slime, she does in the fridge them comes out with ice-cream to cool me off.

>> No.13510999

Anon that's a spider

>> No.13511002

Isn't that a spider?

>> No.13511005

Man, I'll never finish those books.

>> No.13511006

They can be alright, if done well. They are the lowest tier undead for me though.

>> No.13511008


>> No.13511015 [DELETED] 

Maybe read higher up the reply chain next time, pendejo.


>> No.13511017

>Implicando que SWJs tiene algun poder sobre lo povo de mi pais

Superior kek.

>> No.13511020

Desert Oasis with an Anubis.

>> No.13511023

>Superior kek.

>> No.13511031
File: 492 KB, 809x1145, b743268bdaaf01efe45738eb1161c90c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know what people says, we are hot-blooded

>They are the lowest tier undead
No! They are the highest! Vampires are love and life!

>> No.13511045

But they can't love and are dead. You make no sense.

>> No.13511046

I finished the series, but the story peters out after book four. I think the first two are in a league of their own.

>> No.13511056

That's why I said for me. And they aren't inherently low tier, just among the undead ranks. Even a low tier undead is still alright.

>> No.13511072

I find Vampires to barely even count as undead most of the time, personally.

>> No.13511075

I'll have the wobbly green bit

So you're rewriting this or revamping it? Is it getting some sort of continuation?

>> No.13511076

>But they can't love
You take that back

>> No.13511078

>You will never watcha jurougumo force an ushi-oni into a dress and teach her to be ladylike and loving.

>> No.13511084

>You will never see her failing

>> No.13511085

Ushi-oni already have the loving part down. so I don't see what there is to gain by moe-ifying them.

>> No.13511088

>jurougumo force an ushi-oni

>> No.13511090

>ladylike and loving


>> No.13511091 [DELETED] 


>> No.13511094

Fucking a woman in plate-mail is my fetish

>> No.13511096

Nope. Their hearts are cold, dead and devoid of the warmth of love. They may own men, but they don't love them.

>> No.13511098

Well, he said we'd never see it. He's right, but not for the reason intended.

>> No.13511101

Why would you want a prostitute try to teach someone else to be ladylike and loving

>> No.13511107 [DELETED] 

>turbo rape machine

>> No.13511110

The higher they are the harder they fall

>> No.13511111

Even a Ryu would have a bit of trouble forcing an Ushi to do anything.
Wurms are physically strong enough, but will probably end up hugging her instead of putting the dress on.

>> No.13511113 [DELETED] 

You're thinking of kejorou.

You just have to rape her shit.

>> No.13511115


>> No.13511117

My mistake

>> No.13511119

Yadda yadda threadcanon.

>> No.13511120

They aren't prostitutes, they're just straightforward in their advances like prostitutes. And really, in terms of acting like something that they're not jorougumo are actually a pretty good choice in teacher.

>> No.13511123

>paladin falling
It's like I'm back on /tg/

>> No.13511127

You know, the profile page says they only go rapaging when they want a husband. Once an Ushi grabs hold of one, she disappears. Who are we to say she's violently raping him? Who knows, what if she's actually tenderly loving him in her cave without breaking a single one of his bones and doesn't want anybody to see?

>> No.13511128

Oh I get it, you must be a Dhampir. No sane man would say that about such refined beauties.

>> No.13511130

>wurm tries to teach an ushi-oni to be ladylike
>Spend the entire day together playing videogames before remembering what she originally meant to do


>Wurm tries to teach ushi-oni to be loving and ladylike
>Ushi-oni uses her slightly higher intelligence to manipulate the wurm into learning from her instead
>The wurm becomes an even more aggressive rape-machine who thinks that tackling and coiling around her loved one is ladylike.

>> No.13511133

>draw blood
No, blood kills my boner
I hate that every girl in a vanilla hentai bleeds like a stuck pig in her first scene. Ruins it for me.

>> No.13511135

Such is life for poor, stupid Wurm-chan.

>> No.13511140
File: 132 KB, 484x536, 1429310290270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ushi-oni and wurm

the bestest of friends

>> No.13511141

Anon I'm not sure you realize the full bro potential Alps have. Think about it! You have so many possible scenarios to choose from! Especially if you set it in a Monster Girl City and focus on stage 3, once they've turned into a busty succubus. Show the difficulties of adjusting to her new life as a semen demon

>Roommate turned into an Alp
>You're the type of asshole that jokes about
>"I didn't know all those jokes about you sucking cock were true-"
>"Shut up!"
>"I mean you could've fooled me with our many different monster girls you kept bringing back."
>"This is not the time for any of your stupid 'jokes!' My dick is gone!"
>"Yeah and you got a rocking set of tits, so I think it balances out."

Smash Bros night with the guys
>"So uh, Jessie, right?"
>"Yeah that's my new name, what do you want Mark?"
>"Well the guys are gonna be here soon, and I was wondering if you... ah, you know..."
>"Spit it out or quick distracting me! I'm practising with Mario."
>"Uh... Would you, maybe, I don't know... suck my cock before they get here?"
>She pauses the game and drops the controller."I'm not your personal fucktoy!"
>"Oh come on! I got the shittiest luck in the entire city! I can't even get a monster to come over, neither can some of the guys, so I kinda promised them that-"
>"That you'd turn game night into orgy night?!"
>"Well yeah. What do you think?"
>She stands up and pulls her shorts off. "I think I got a much better idea." She quickly rips off his pants and pushes him down onto the couch.
>She holds his hands above his head and straddles his face. "Why don't you give me head instead! Consider it training!"
>Her tail wraps around his cock. "If you do a good job, maybe I'll let you cum!"
>Mark's muffle cries. "No! I don't-"
>"And that's why you've never get a girlfriend!"

Well maybe that isn't to brotastic, but think about it Anon.

>> No.13511143

>Ushi violently rampages around to look for a husband
>Gets one after destroying a few houses and a paladin ran cafe
>Drags him home to her lair
>Cuddles him while watching Mel Brookes movies together

>> No.13511145 [DELETED] 


Ushi oni a shit.

>who are we to say she's violently raping him?

Because even with their damn seal on that's all they think about?

>inb4 geeralizatins
>inb4 taking things literally

A cow is a cow, and a rape spider is a rape spider.

>> No.13511154

>implying the sad and cold existence of vampires isn't evident to all
Just do them a favor and apply liberal amounts of garlic, sunlight and what have you.

>> No.13511156
File: 227 KB, 744x780, Ushi QT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>wurm tries to teach an ushi-oni to be ladylike
>>Spend the entire day together playing videogames before remembering what she originally meant to do
Sasuga, Wurm. They actually look like best buddy material, you know?

>> No.13511158


>> No.13511163

>Garlic and sunlight
That would just make MGE vampires weak and horny as all hell. Perfect for ramming your stake between their legs.

>> No.13511164

I'd fuck her

>> No.13511178

>you will never have an alp roommate as a friend to play vidya and shoot the shit with.

>> No.13511185

Goddamn cheeky Alps. It's like they're begging to be face fucked.

>> No.13511188


>> No.13511190 [DELETED] 

What the fuck have you been drinking?

>> No.13511191

>"hey ya got laid yet"
>"n-no not yet..."

>> No.13511201 [DELETED] 

I have no interest in a man woman.

>> No.13511212

Guys I have Arachnophobia, but I love spider girls, what do?

>> No.13511217

Conquer your fears through cuddlebugging.

>> No.13511219

Hey, it's my fetish. Of course I also have a story idea where there's non evil monsters and evil monsters along with humans.

>> No.13511221
File: 243 KB, 1366x768, angel-fighting-off-the-soldiers-5238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

HFY much.

>> No.13511223 [DELETED] 

Get better taste, fellow arachnophobe.

>> No.13511227
File: 1.08 MB, 1082x665, Ushi_Oni.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually, Ushi Oni is a loving monster in canon.

Canon > Threadcanon

But not for the reasons you think. It's because the monsters are usually a lot less shit when following KC but then everyone calls it a hugbox.

>> No.13511229

I want my Alp roommate to do me a solid and get me off before I go to work!

>> No.13511234

Why is it called a hugbox although we moe-ify monsters so often?

>> No.13511235

Use MAMONO MANA to fix your brain.

>> No.13511238

Yeah KC retconned that they are only rapey without their seal, which coincides with how people first viewed them since the MGE entry showed them off as rape trains while they had their seal on.

>> No.13511239 [DELETED] 

You know what we do here when someone lies to our faces? We cut them, in a very particular way, so everyone knows you're a liar.

>> No.13511240

>You will never have a ridiculously high class monster waifu who comes home every night and changes out of stuffy formal attire and into one of your old t-shirts and a pair of your boxers

>> No.13511242

I'm shoving my head between her thighs and giving her head. That outa shut her up.

>> No.13511245

That sounds completely normal.

>> No.13511246

What kind of post was that? Are you going to unsheathe your katana next?

>> No.13511248

>that arm

When did Carnage merge with an Angel?

>> No.13511249

>slightly yandere alp roommate pretends to be your wingwoman but in reality does everything she can to keep you a virgin because of her own jealousy and repressed lust for you

>Sit down at the local bar with your alp roommate, she promised to help you pick up any monster as thanks for letting her peek at your calc homework
>You pick out an older tanuki businesswoman getting shitfaced after work. She promises to set you up with a warm smile before heading over to the tanuki's table
>You watch in the distance as she leans over and talks to the tanuki for a few minutes before signalling for you to come over
>You walk up and introduce yourself only get slapped immediately by the tanuki who then spits in your face and calls you a scumbag
>"Whoops, sorry Anon, turns out she only likes shota, what a fucking cunt amirite?"
>You walk back home together after cleaning up, your alp roommate has a big smile on her face despite telling you how sorry she was for what happened.
>Just as you reach your apartment she comments "There's nothing wrong with being a virgin, most monstergirls are just bitches and whores anyway! I'm sure you'll find love where you least expect it."
>The comment weirds you out a bit, but you thank her for the kind words and head off to your room.
>You sleep uneasily that night as she masturbates while screaming as loudly as she can for you to hear.

I would fuck an alp.

>> No.13511251

Seems to me that it's either that, or "Licking you mistress' feet".

>> No.13511252

You don't have to think of them as moe-fied if you don't want to, mang. That's the advantage of having a headcanon.

>> No.13511261 [DELETED] 


>> No.13511267

Because everyone has different desires. Some people interpret MGE as edgier than it is but they like(d) it that way so they didn't like new information showing that it was a rather lighthearted setting for its premise. Then some people followed the edgier interpretation but didn't like it and so tried to fix it with their own brand of moe.

Don't get me wrong. I still think they're rapists with the seal on, or very close to it. They're still monsters. iI's just that after the raping there's nothing saying they can't be loving and KC expanded upon this in his setting info.

>> No.13511269

I remember someone posting a haughty Wight who were exactly like this many threads ago, was it you?

>> No.13511272

This situation could work with any other monstergirl too since Alps are actually very plain.
>a sporty Werewolf will never stalk a bookish, bishie human boy

>> No.13511274
File: 170 KB, 325x424, 1431803040656.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't make me like this man
if it wasn't alp i'd love this greentext

>> No.13511282

Why must you betray me now, boner?

>> No.13511287
File: 15 KB, 664x93, 2015-05-18_19-34-26.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the 3dpd from the twitlonger posted last thread
If 3dpds hate the instant gratification waifuism embedded into MGE, does that mean we should love it? Discuss.

>> No.13511291

I don't care.

>> No.13511294

What about the parents reaction to finding out their son has turned into an Alp. Try explaining that when coming home for the holidays!

What about having the buy a whole new wardrobe? Most of her old cloths won't fit right anymore! Imagine it Anons! Lingerie shopping for the first time, her dragging you into the changing room to "help" her. The cashier giving you a knowing smile as you leave.

>> No.13511295

Fuck off.

>> No.13511302

>your old t-shirts and a pair of your boxers
I suppose she'd enjoy the smell.

>> No.13511303


>> No.13511305

I want to do a cockatrice from behind while ordering her to cluck like a chicken laying a humungous egg!

>> No.13511306
File: 976 KB, 500x374, 1431201061237.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

in the words of a great man

"i don't care"

he was a wise man

>> No.13511311

Lich biologist, but only if she understands the importance of peer review and listens to me rant about my latest creation as well.

>> No.13511312

>from the twitlonger posted last thread
Literally who?

>> No.13511313

Here, I fixed it for you

>slightly yandere _____ roommate pretends to be your wingwoman but in reality does everything she can to keep you a virgin because of her own jealousy and repressed lust for you

>Sit down at the local bar with your _____ roommate, she promised to help you pick up any monster as thanks for letting her peek at your calc homework
>You pick out an older tanuki businesswoman getting shitfaced after work. She promises to set you up with a warm smile before heading over to the tanuki's table
>You watch in the distance as she leans over and talks to the tanuki for a few minutes before signalling for you to come over
>You walk up and introduce yourself only get slapped immediately by the tanuki who then spits in your face and calls you a scumbag
>"Whoops, sorry Anon, turns out she only likes shota, what a fucking cunt amirite?"
>You walk back home together after cleaning up, your _____ roommate has a big smile on her face despite telling you how sorry she was for what happened.
>Just as you reach your apartment she comments "There's nothing wrong with being a virgin, most monstergirls are just bitches and whores anyway! I'm sure you'll find love where you least expect it."
>The comment weirds you out a bit, but you thank her for the kind words and head off to your room.
>You sleep uneasily that night as she masturbates while screaming as loudly as she can for you to hear.

>> No.13511317

What a dense MC, the Alp needs to rape him.

>> No.13511327

The thread can generate it's own drama, we don't need you to go out of your way to drag shit in.

>> No.13511336

How many would use the phrase "Bitches and whores" though?

>> No.13511339

Oh hey, nice. I'm not even one of those people that hates them just because, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Yandere can be good, but I can't really picture a good yan one.

>> No.13511341

>wanting yandere Alp rape
No anon. Down that road lie lunacy, forearm sized dildos, gaping orifices and maid roleplay.

>> No.13511342

In this situation I'm partial to:

I also wouldn't mind switching 'roommate' to 'nee-san'

>> No.13511345

A cabbage alraune probably would, at least.

>> No.13511353

Just need a shota and we have the generic trifecta!

>> No.13511355

>She frequently takes your dirty underwear with her while off on long business trips
>Just before the big conferences she sneaks into the bathroom to deeply inhale your scent and calm herself down
>At night she locks herself in the hotel room and wears it like a luchador mask while calling out for you while masturbating
>Half her luggage is actually just your old sweaters and boxers which she wears exclusively between the business meetings
>When you get back she complains that they no longer smell as strongly and forces you to cuddle for hours so she can enjoy your smell directly

>> No.13511357

I don't really mind them either, I just don't see them as being worth focusing on. They're more background characters to me.

>> No.13511366

Niggas haven't seen My Girlfriend is a Kumiho.

>> No.13511368

Not him, but I find it odd you bring /ss/ into the equation when they weren't even mentioned in the first place.

>> No.13511377

A Monstergirl Paladin is best Paladin, not even corruption but a monstergirl who is 100% paladin

>> No.13511385

I'm just having poking fun at out how often an "onee-san" girl is used in a /ss/ doujin.

>> No.13511388

Nee-san makes more sense than roommate.
I mean what sane man would get a female monster as a roommate?
Only one who wants to fuck that monster, and that kills the scenario. Unless he's withholding the D on purpose to drive her into a mating frenzy.

>> No.13511395

Like the lamia nun in MGQ? How does she deal with the fact that she's working towards her own undoing? Since you brought up corruption I'm assuming MGE's setting here.

>> No.13511398

I went over this fucking sentence twice yet I somehow forget to get rid of "having"

God damn I'm dumb.

>> No.13511399
File: 152 KB, 1920x1080, Hathorgoddess.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have you praised your Goddess today, anon?

>> No.13511401

Loves the human race so much she a paladin

>> No.13511404
File: 413 KB, 371x651, 1431802730925.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Harpy a best."

>> No.13511405

I agree my brother
What monster is best in that role?
There are obvious ones like Valkyrie, Angel, Sea Bishop (though a Sea Bishop melee fighter would be a little weird).

>> No.13511407

Not big enough

>> No.13511414

She's coming along nicely, Loen.

>> No.13511417

Damphirs are literally monstergirl vampire hunters.

They'll gladly join a paladin order if it means that they'll get access to more vampires to innocuate.

I wonder if you could even raise a dhampir to while not letting her know about her heritage and training her to be a monsterkiller, alongside kunoichi and other incredibly human monstergirls.

>> No.13511419

I can see, most MGs love the human race but in their own way. The thing is she'll probably never want daughterus because that would conflict with her goals.

>> No.13511425

Wai wait, Loen, you're not going to try your hand at Hathor, are you
Because if you are I need to buy some more tissues

>> No.13511431
File: 44 KB, 800x450, 1430350283403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13511439

So a Black White Supremacist

>> No.13511448 [DELETED] 


>> No.13511449

Buy plenty. This one will have color.

>> No.13511451

Loen you magnificent son of a bitch. I'm going to have to burn my weekly pay on tissues because of you

>> No.13511463

A paladin is just a holy knight for good and virtue, usually imbued with angelic or godly powers.

A paladin in MGE that serves the chief god would be anti-monster, but she isn't the only deity in the setting. If the paladin serves any of the other deities they could be monster neutral or even pro-monster in a limited fashion.

And in any other setting there's nothing saying they can't get along with monsters just fine, it depends on their faith and the nature of the individual monsters.

>> No.13511465
File: 76 KB, 720x480, uncle-ruckus160[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uncle Ruckus like monster girl who thinks she is full Human

>> No.13511472

Holst, Lizard, Succubus

>> No.13511474
File: 162 KB, 750x937, ad5a5a7b0d6a2f39244b0d671b0182a8.jpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post what your waifu wears to the beach.

>> No.13511478

>Over half of monstergirl paladins are Paladins or Eros

>> No.13511482

>"It sickens me that we were once the same species."

>> No.13511484
File: 115 KB, 750x1000, 1431829617428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13511485

Succubi and Alps.

Gotta have those racial abilities that blend well with the class and get that high CHA for Smites that hit like a freight train.

>> No.13511488

Probably an old timey one-piece from back when she was normal. Well, as normal as she could have ever been.

>> No.13511491

There can never be enough of Uni

>> No.13511495

Hey look, Oppai-Loli-guy has returned!
I don't have any pictures of Ushis in bikinis

>> No.13511497

Yes dick, I understand now...

>> No.13511498


"Don't trust them new monstas over there,
leaving they monsta essence in the air."

>> No.13511509

Yeti Paladin.

>> No.13511518

who would be the best for this role, I think Succubus, but the more drastic the mg the funnier it is

>> No.13511524

>"i'm going to hug the heresy right out of those heretics that will teach them to do bad things with bad people"

>> No.13511535

What if there's a Lilim Ruckus?
Families always have that one black sheep

>> No.13511540

She exists and she's shit

>> No.13511541

Isn't it exactly what happened in average's familiar story?

>> No.13511542
File: 1.78 MB, 1736x2480, 1419600720480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13511553


>Ushis in bikinis

I want to see this.

I must see this.

>> No.13511554

I forgot about that. Forced myself to maybe.
Ushi then? Or are her urges too strong?

>> No.13511557

Mah nigga

>> No.13511558

Was the freak out about the trailer last thread?

>> No.13511560


Who and why is she shit?

>> No.13511564

Ushi wearing lots of seals, Baphomet, Devil, Hellhound, and Dragon all work.

>> No.13511566


>> No.13511567

I wouldn't really call it a freekout
It was a pretty civil discussion about whether we though the voices fit or not and general thoughts on the animation

>> No.13511574

Kitsune blaming the tales on a birth defect

>> No.13511575

>be reading Monsuga
>A wild Nekomata appears!
>Go Penis!
>Penis used Harden!
>Nekomata used Four Ears!
>Penis fainted.

Why do people do this shit? One pair of ears per head, ffs.

>> No.13511576

llassa, and because the execution of her concept isn't great.

>> No.13511581
File: 241 KB, 1000x1000, Never1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13511582


The latest profile isn't all that bad. I don't really see any issue with it aside from a slight creepy vibe from how OCD she is about converting people.

>> No.13511585 [SPOILER] 
File: 151 KB, 779x1026, 1431998932272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>"I have made my daily sacrifices to Mars, yes."
>"Why do you inquire, Aegyptiae?"

>> No.13511587

I want to alp for you Loen

>> No.13511591

>you will never alp for loen and suck his dick under the table while he's drawing for /mgt/

>> No.13511594

That's adorable! As always.

>>You will never be facesat by an anubis
And now I'm sad.

>> No.13511595

We need to teach Monster Girls not to rape,

>> No.13511596


>> No.13511597

We need to teach men to not get raped.

>> No.13511598
File: 17 KB, 160x160, 1428114195135.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop nigga, don't go that far.

>> No.13511605


>> No.13511609

your talking crazy anon
that's like trying to make water not wet
its impossible

>> No.13511614

>You will never Alp for all the drawfags in the thread, sitting under a table while they all draw above you, jerking, sucking, and letting them use your every hole in whats essentially an orgy so they can make OC for the threads and hopefully draw your waifu

>> No.13511615

How do we do monstergirls without corruption, which is a shit-tier fetish?

>> No.13511618


>> No.13511621

We don't. Some things are beautiful because we can't reach them.

>> No.13511627
File: 86 KB, 1200x400, 1431872435324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just make them sound like cute 2-d girls who coincidentally have monsterbits.

The more important question is how do we make monstergirls with MORE corruption?

>> No.13511636
File: 30 KB, 500x332, 9e2[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My Clothes are not my Consent

>> No.13511637

That's not corruption.

>> No.13511638

Looking at it again, it's gotten a bit better. I'd argue that all Lilim give as much thought as Ilassa does to converting people though. At least one's who focus on that anyway.

Creepy is also fine. Part of my initial problem with her was that she was too much on the other side of the spectrum, maybe she still is. As a Lilim of all things it's a suspension of disbelief killer. A Lilim of that nature would be more like the kid who tries to heal the bird with the broken wings but he doesn't understand how birds work or how to mend wounds. So there's a possibility that he can make things worse in his ignorance.

>> No.13511641
File: 424 KB, 700x989, 50090212_p2_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>how do we make monstergirls with MORE corruption?
Yandere time-lords.

No prospective husbando is safe.

>> No.13511643

Hey, if he gets a boner that's consent

Can't say no if he's gagged

>> No.13511647


>> No.13511648


Maybe that's the point. She sees things differently but her way of handling them isn't necessarily "right" either. It keeps her from being a too obvious third choice.

>> No.13511649


monster girls and their rape culture are what is wrong with this world

>> No.13511651

Yeah, I think I'll stick with the Manga on this one, no thanks.

>> No.13511653

If I had a Monster Daughteru I'd be disappointed if she DIDN'T rape her boyfriend

I raised a woman, not a bonnet-tipped

>> No.13511655

What are you, an Alp or a Cyclops.

>> No.13511656
File: 258 KB, 1000x1000, Never2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13511657

>this world

this world was screwed the moment humanity was created

>> No.13511663

you would be in the prime place to help stop this rape from happening
Think about how hard it is for human females to get husbands or how guys are raped because they look at a monster. We need to teach them not to rape

>> No.13511674

Why would I want to stop my daughteru raping like a normal monster her age should? I met her mother after she kidnapped me, raped me, and kept me locked up for months.

How can a daughteru grow up and develop properly if she can't even rape?

>> No.13511678

Kejorou's are lovely creatures.

>> No.13511681

By learning how consent is needed. Without the Matriarchy in the way rape will be gone

>> No.13511687
File: 111 KB, 544x572, 1422398803740.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>consent is needed

>> No.13511693

You're just jelly

>> No.13511696

That's what I was saying, though when I read her profile months ago she was an obvious third choice. Like way too convenient. I'm glad ELH is trying with this OC at least.

>> No.13511697

it is, we need to stop this rape culture. When the Matriarchy is gone we will have true equality and that will include equal sex

>> No.13511700

all your doing is digging yourself a hole anon

>> No.13511703

Hey, don't look down on humans. Your mom would be disappointed.

>> No.13511710

I am offended that you think I am a slime. Slimes are one of the worst of the rapists in the world and they are a key problem in this lack of consent
Humans make 70 cents to ever Monster's dollar. We need to fix this society

>> No.13511716

If you're a Lizardgirl, remember that Menimist Human Boys never put out. Don't bother, try joining the Fencing club and raping a boy there, you'll be happier and happier faster.

>> No.13511718


>> No.13511719

>monstergirl vampire hunters
They don't actually kill Vampires though, they just harass them and retrain them to be doting waifus to their husbands, even if they aren't Incubi yet.

>> No.13511721
File: 2.25 MB, 1920x1080, Isaac_Netero_in_Departure!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which character would you elect to take out the demonlord and save humanity?

>Netero has a bomb surgically placed in his testicles to go off when he nuts.

>> No.13511724

Why would I want to take out the Demonlord and save Humanity?

>> No.13511725

You do know that means that would be no more monstergirls, right? The better target would be the Chief God.

>> No.13511726
File: 228 KB, 834x1024, RX-124 Woundwort MS-F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What if you applied aspects of your favorite mecha designs to armor/an outfit for you're waifu to wear?

>> No.13511727
File: 170 KB, 1000x1000, Never3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13511737
File: 82 KB, 1200x864, onepunch-man-3797389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

saitama would like the challenge

>> No.13511740

His son will take out the chief god in the next arc whenever togashi gets to drawing it.

>> No.13511741

Incorrect. DE has probably permeated that entire planet, meaning monstergirls would exist until life ceases to exist.

>> No.13511742

Rape is what is wrong with this world, Monster Girls need to learn how to coexist. They need to bond and have consent all the way through occurrence

>> No.13511747

i don't know but i have to ask this would MGs dig giant robots because i dig giant robots

>> No.13511749
File: 16 KB, 320x241, I really fucking want to.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to comment about how that's the wrong kind of suit for that situation.
I want to complain that it would be impossible for him to use it on his own.
I want to make note of how he wouldn't be able to even swim in that suit.

But I'll keep my silence for now, because god knows we need the content.

>> No.13511750

Alright, that's pretty amusing.

>> No.13511753

Let's face it, Saitama would one-shot the demon lord.

>> No.13511756


>> No.13511758

Going to chime in. If it's MGE, the reason they rape is because the Chief God is a stubborn asshole and forced them to keep old programming. Most of humanity won't willingly give them the D when they need to breed with humans to survive. Keep this in mind.

Mankind has to get over itself and its god for peace to happen.

>> No.13511760

What's your opinion on males who work in butler cafes and such. Are they being treated as objects and a target of sexualization? What about those guys working as "male companions"?

>> No.13511766
File: 14 KB, 300x169, GL-ep01-09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dwarves would probably dig them the most.

>> No.13511768

Being a Human Boy working at a cafe would be my Dream Job, I want it so bad. It'd be comfy and nice to talk to Monster Girls that actually want my attention!

>> No.13511773
File: 189 KB, 1280x720, Borsalino_Kizaru.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

While we're talking about crossovers, I just know the Order has a guy like this on their side.

>> No.13511774

It's not that good anon, haven't you read those greentexts about the butler cafe?

>> No.13511777

Man should not have to change to stop rape
Sexualization because of the Matriarchy is harming lives. It is because of this rape culture that this is permitted and in most cafes the males are paid much less and causes a pay gap

>> No.13511779

Could lagann handle all that spiral energy? Of course it could, who am I shitting?

>> No.13511780

I have, and I still want it. Ms. Krabs will protect me from unsavory types!

>> No.13511781
File: 533 KB, 1600x1130, Re AOZ Re-Zeon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13511782

you are too good for us, loen.

>> No.13511785

I know, the idea still was cute so. Have you seen Men of honor? the part with the 12 steps, just, damn.

>> No.13511787

Actually, the Demon Lord has complete control over the Monsters. The Chief God was the one to give orders to the Demon Lord about what to do.
The Demon Lord is fine enough with monsters raping men to not do something about it, and her husband seems fine with it just as well.

>> No.13511791
File: 28 KB, 331x311, 1426985369513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Men of honor?
Nigger that ain't Robert De Niro.
That's motherfucking Ted Bundy.

>> No.13511795

Stop being so based, Loen
Do a loli-ushi trying to do a sexy lady pose in a bikini that's too big for her flatness

>> No.13511797

I'm going to go to the Butler cafe, apply for a job, and objectify myself as the submissive little human boy slut I am and there's nothing you can do about it!

>> No.13511799

>Mermaids' faces when they see men's lifeless bodies slowly sinking into the deep sea, victims of a big storm that flipped their ship, which the wreckage follows them into the depths

>> No.13511805

If you can't get a job there, the cuddle parlor down the street is hiring! You can trust me, I'm a fox.

>> No.13511807

>Man should not have to change to stop rape
Actually, they do have to change. Rape is not right, but monsters are instinctively driven to have sex with men and since humans don't want anything to do with monsters they are forced to rape men to satisfy their desires.
Monsters can't change their base instincts, only the Demon Lord can do that to them. Humans are the ones that won't coexist with monsters.

>> No.13511810

They would just save them

>> No.13511812

Forever based. Can you do a Wurm and an Ushi Oni being BFFs and playing video games together?

>> No.13511815

I didn't say they were blameless. But that wasn't part of their (DL and the Hero) initial plan, and I don't see why they wouldn't try it again if the Chief God's settings didn't remain in place.

>However, the settings that had been determined by the chief god weren't so weak that she could completely overwrite them with just that. A number of problems remained that the demon lord hadn't foreseen. Although their objective changed from killing and devouring flesh and blood, to mating and milking semen, the setting “monsters assault humans” remained. Additionally, since the setting “monsters are biologically superior beings to humans,” also remained, nothing but the monster girls who are both mothers and superior beings actually ended up resulting from the coupling of humans and monster girls, even though the demon lord had expected that the incubi, who are the males of the unified race, would also have been born. Because of this, the racial unification that the demon lord seeks is impossible.

For reference.

>> No.13511817

What? He's talking about the diver, Anon, not the reaction image.

>> No.13511819

Mermaids probably pushed that iceberg in front of the Titanic if we're being honest right now.

>> No.13511820

Lifeless bodies, Anon.

>> No.13511824

Which Devil Fruit power can defeat the Demon Lord?

>> No.13511825
File: 862 KB, 2540x2312, 1411068261595.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Goddamn I want to pork an Orc

>> No.13511826

not every soul can be saved from internalized sexism
Monsters need to learn how to coexist with humans and learn to gain their consent then they should breed and sperm banks exist for the ones who can't get a man but still want to have a child

>> No.13511827

Never seen that movie, no.
The last war movie I saw and enjoyed was Hamburger Hill, though I'll check this movie out and see if it's any good.

>> No.13511828

>lifeless bodies
>save them
Now I'm imagining mermaids crying while desperately trying to revive drowned men

>> No.13511831

The doodle and the movie are completely unrelated, just pointing that out, happened to remember the movie.

>> No.13511835

Working at a Cuddle Parlor sounds interesting. Tell me more.

>> No.13511837

>MG world sperm banks

I can imagine those get robbed more often than regular banks

>> No.13511838

>You'll never be a Gunman Pilot trapped in the monstergirl world
>You'll never rally a group of humans and monstergirls and rise up against tyranny of any kind
>You'll never force The Order and The Demon Lord to work together to take on a bigger threat possibly the Anti-Spirals.
>You'll never do anything as awesome as this with your new crew of Human and Monstergirl Spirals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fF0EM1_6BgM
>You'll never ask the world who the hell it thinks you are.

>> No.13511839

Joke's on you.
Mermaid Necromancers. Mermaid Liches.

>> No.13511842

But in that case, the actual death toll would have been a lot smaller than what was reported. Most of the victims would have been husbandoed or turned.
Except that one cunt who made her boyfriend tread water in the freezing ocean while she sat her fat ass on a piece of drifting wreckage. She got NTRd.

>> No.13511843
File: 727 KB, 800x944, Anubis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Woundwort is astounding, but if my waifu went mecha, she'd probably use something...obvious.

>> No.13511845

Scuba-diving Will-O-Wisps.

>> No.13511846

Men of honor isn't really a war movie if I remember right. It's more of a period drama.

>> No.13511850
File: 1011 KB, 500x273, 1431718836899.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13511853

Allow them to have higher security and having the communities understand that it is for everyone not just one to stop robbers from stealing just for themselves

>> No.13511859
File: 209 KB, 721x1024, 06_8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dumbsaur or Deresaurus Rex?

>> No.13511860


>TFW working at a Cuddle Parlor
>Warband of Goblins and Hobgoblin-chan rent you out for the afternoon
>Your Baphomet boss calls you the "ideal onii-chan" when she stumbles upon the gobbos cuddling your arms while Hobgoblin-chan uses you like a daki

>> No.13511861

Well, you'll earn $9 an hour but most of your money will come from tips. Your job will be just to relax in the parlor on the mass of pillows, cushions, and bean bag chairs. When a MG comes in after paying at the door, they'll be allowed to cuddle with you. The parlor has lots of entertainment options to occupy you while you wait or cuddle, but your first priority is satisfying the customer. Sex isn't allowed, but if they really like you they might choose one of the more intimate cuddling options and take you into one of the back rooms.

>> No.13511864


>> No.13511865
File: 110 KB, 720x1023, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Clumsy character tries to cook for the first time in a mango
>Food didn't turn into bubbling black liquid


Also, Churio is cute as fuck.

>> No.13511871

Alright then. Anyways, I'm liking that so far.

>> No.13511872

Heh. It's ok Anon, time makes fools of us all

>> No.13511874

One Piece is relatively low in power level compared to most action and adventure shounens. JRPGs too. If you're paying attention to the mechanics of these powers anyway and you ignore Oda's cartoon physics plot armor.

It would be something cheap like the Gura Gura or Yami Yami (if it works with actual magic and not just fruit powers). Noro Noro might just be really effective if there's no way to block it and counter it. Seriously, that was a strong fruit on a weak character.

The real question is if the Demon Lord can attack logias or not without haki or if MAMONO Mana counts as that. If not, any logia with a hard to counter element can take her down by being untouchable.

>> No.13511881

Obviously the government lied to hide the fact that mermaids are completely legit in the whole business of existing and blatantly kidnapped hundreds. This was over a hundred years ago too. Who knows what kind of wacky shit the government was willing to go through to brainwash people that the event was actually a disaster.

>> No.13511883

I wonder if you guys are twins separated at birth

>> No.13511885

What a sexy design.

Anyways, the mecha my waifu is most similar to is Dann of Thursday from Gun-X-Sword.

>> No.13511886

Fucking morons.

>> No.13511887

How many Space Marines are needed to defeat the Demon Lord?

>> No.13511891


Clearly the T-Rex has caused a new Stand Alone Complex.

>> No.13511892

>take her down
The sheer amount of time it would take for them to beat her would probably take longer than they can live.

>> No.13511893 [DELETED] 

Tragedy boner.gif

>> No.13511901

Ever heard of the Philadelphia Experiment? All those submarines that mysteriously disappear or sink? Flight 19?
Mermaids, Man. Fucking mermaids.

>> No.13511904

A relative of yours and his waifu has died and their will names you to raise their kid should you desire. Otherwise she goes to foster care. Which would be more enjoyable a read for you?

Young teen adopted daughteru you raise solo as best you can for potential dicking when she grows up.


Child adopted daughteru you attempt to raise with your waifu. Could start out raising solo and pick up waifu later.

>> No.13511911


>> No.13511912

>80's action movies remade with Monstergirls.

> The Running Man

>Instead of trying to escape from being killed on a game show, MC is trying to escape from being raped on a game show.

>Fireball is an Ignis.
>Subzero is a Yuki-Onna.
>Buzzsaw is a Bee-girl.
>Captain Freedom is an Oni.
>Damon Killian is a Succubus.

Will you be one of this season's losers?

>> No.13511915

Logia aren't entirely untouchable. The DL has tons of magic to use, and each logia has the weakness of their element. See Enel and Crocodile.

>> No.13511917

>Philadelphia Experiment
Tesla Coils caused that, not Mermaids.

Raise with Waifu, I'm not into daughter dicking.

>> No.13511919

Raise her solo without dicking unless she actively wants it

>> No.13511923

1 with dicking or 2 with waifu from the start. Anything else is just a Laska rerun.
2 with waifu sounds interesting.

>> No.13511924

Why can't Holstaurs give cheese and ice cream instead?

>> No.13511925

>Child adopted daughteru you attempt to raise with your waifu. Could start out raising solo and pick up waifu later.
Adorable daughteru antics are usually a good read.

>> No.13511928

>You'll never have befriended an orphaned boy during your initial travels.
>You'll never have trained him in the ways of a man and a spiral, making him the co-pilot of your Gurren-Lagann-esqe Gunman
>You'll never eventually see him as a brother
>You'll never be caught in an impossible situation during the final battle and be forced to use yourself as a shield for someone else.
>You'll never tell him that he doesn't have to believe in the you that believes in him, but the him who believes in himself before combining one last time to fight the final boss.
>You'll never die in your mech after the final battle, satisfied in knowing that you saved everyone. Almost everyone at least.
>You'll never watch over your adopted little brother from heaven as he becomes a great man with all your other fallen friends.
>He'll never lead the world into a new era of peace and greatness.
Damn it.

>> No.13511931

Because those are both processed milk products. You have to take her milk and make it into them.

>> No.13511932


>Philadelphia Experiment
>mfw Einstein's Chronosphere from Command & Conquer Red Alert was based on this

>> No.13511939

The second. Or the first with no dicking.

>> No.13511940

I was thinking of logias like Kizaru and Smoker. That was always the issue with those kind of logia before haki was introduced. Personally I think Spirit/Demonic Energy use would be a form of haki so it wouldn't help them anyway.

>> No.13511943

>Tesla Coils
Tesla was a lich in disguise.

>> No.13511944

Did want to avoid that, though it's hard when you haven't read it.

Captcha, that's a breakfast spread not ice cream. You're drunk.

>> No.13511953

Is there such thing as a monster girl who can't rape

>> No.13511954

Both sound alright. Probably go for the second, though. Teenagers aren't fun to raise.

>> No.13511955

>The Truman Show
>Truman's life is a recreation of how the modern human world was before the contact with monster girls.
>Billions of humans, monsters and lesser divinities watch the show everyday.
>You are Truman Burbank.

>> No.13511956

I would think along that route too. And there isn't much that would stop smoke or light anyways. Well, maybe wind would help against smoker.

>> No.13511957

The second, with the daughter having feeling for the MC and being jealous of his wife.

>> No.13511959

2 while having a waifu from the start actually sounds unique and interesting. I don't think we've had anything like that other than maybe a few lines of greentext.

I had to pick out a cake with the green lantern symbol on it.

>> No.13511961

Yetis, Cockatrices, Dormouses, Alices don't straight up rape people.

>> No.13511963

>Raising a Dormouse with Hellhound waifu

>> No.13511966

Three of those incite people to rape them instead. Yeti I'll give you though, they're with holsts in the 'only with consent' camp.

That dormouse is going to be tough. Maybe even dress like a punk.

>> No.13511968

Useless and beta ones.

>> No.13511974

>in the 'only with consent'

They'll brutally rape you if you deny them the D for too long, so there's that.

>> No.13511975
File: 212 KB, 974x1241, don't forget to brush your teeth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember everyone, the harder it would be for a human to cosplay as them, the better the monster girl.

>> No.13511986

Does this mean all of Setouchi's monsters are god tier?

>> No.13511988

Only the good ones who know how to exist with humans
they are the best kind

>> No.13511990

>Raising a Yeti with a Hellhound waifu
>Raising a Lamia with an Eagle Harpy waifu
>Raising a Minotaur with a Holst waifu
>Raising an Ushi with an Elf waifu, or vice versa
>Raising a Kraken with a Wurm waifu

>> No.13511991
File: 330 KB, 1058x1412, happy to see you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can someone be so wrong?

>> No.13511999

Those teeth being flat human teeth makes this much more creepy and unattractive than it would be with sharp teeth.

>> No.13512002

I want to raise a Ryu with my Shirohebi waifu!

>> No.13512005



>> No.13512006

>Raising a Cyclops with Lilim waifu

>> No.13512007
File: 33 KB, 420x500, 1417525139154.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13512009

Would you build a shrine by hand with your waifu while your ryu daughteru is playing in the field of flowers?

>> No.13512012
File: 132 KB, 750x1000, 484937401417d871d38a6fb7ee07cf30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Creepy and attractive are becoming more and more synonymous to me every day.

>> No.13512014

Abominations deserve to be gassed.

God help the man with a yandere Abomination after him.

>> No.13512018

>Raising a human girl with X waifu
How would it go?

>> No.13512020

>Raising a sandworm with a fairy.

>> No.13512023

If it can be gassed it's not a proper abomination.

>> No.13512025

Horrible, Humans need to be raised by humans

>> No.13512027

Of course! We'd also teach her all about how to get the power she needs to control the weather if you know what I mean.

>> No.13512032
File: 701 KB, 824x1168, 1431063770400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel that feel.

>> No.13512033

If they're close the girl will probably end up turning.

>> No.13512034

Anon you didn't let me finish my sentence.

Abominations deserve to be gassed, then set on fire.

>> No.13512035

>Philadelphia Experiment
Dammit Anon now I'm rewatching the documentary instead of writing. Thanks alot.

>> No.13512037

She wouldn't stay human long at all.

>> No.13512040

>Implying some monstergirls like Ryus and Holstauri wouldn't be great mothers for them

>> No.13512042

>Sandworm is crying because the other kids don't want to play with her and she doesn't have any friends.
>Hides in her big body and won't come out.
>Fairy waifu flies in through a gap between her teeth and hugs her until she feels better.

>> No.13512043

Yes but if you were gonna pick a random monster to raise a girl you would have better results using a random human

>> No.13512045

Sandworms are shit.

>> No.13512046

Do the paladins have solutions other than just killing monsters?
What about something like a Neural Amplifier to protect from thought influences?

>> No.13512047

If it makes you feel any better me too.

>> No.13512049

>Raising a Yeti with a Hellhound waifu
I can only picture an angry Yeti in a bancho outfit using the things mom taught her to lead a high school delinquent gang

>> No.13512051

Segregation, separate but equal

>> No.13512054

Sounds like that Yeti needs befriending.

>> No.13512056

See >>13511463

>> No.13512057

Need. To. Write. Story. Now. NOW. NOW!
Just need motivation.

>> No.13512059

You are shit.

>> No.13512060

you will get your dick sucked if you write

>> No.13512061

Go do the thing anon! Don't be a faggot!

>> No.13512062
File: 317 KB, 308x638, this girl is fucking beautiful.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to be caressed by oversized monster hands.

>> No.13512063

All I can imagine in that scenario is being very hot and sweaty all the time.

>> No.13512066

I want to be a Paladin for Eros and marry one of those big tittied Harpies with a fiddle!

>> No.13512067

>Raising an Amazon with an Alp waifu

>> No.13512068
File: 140 KB, 590x700, and for some reason cropped.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13512072

I hope you are prepared for Houris coming into your life and turning things into a harem manga.

>> No.13512073

I wish I had a monster girl as a childhood friend

>> No.13512074

I want to be a bard for Ares and serenade a Thunderbird with my song!


>> No.13512079

I shall turn them down then, for I am faithful only to my goddess and my wife.

>> No.13512081

Dear Diary;

>> No.13512082

I want to be a Paladin for Priapus and go on a crusade against the P'orc kingdom with my dick!

>> No.13512083

This is the perfect song to get a harpy

>> No.13512085


Get the fuck out of here.

>> No.13512089
File: 1.37 MB, 2000x1500, 07ac3dea5a14e95ea09fc2181daf0ef0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't get the words 'anal rape' out of my head.

>> No.13512092

Lots of bullying hugs and suplexing even in the summer, but somehow she isn't affected by the heat

Fucking mamono magic

>> No.13512093


>> No.13512098

Hellhound raping your ass with a strap-on.

>> No.13512100

Are you allergic to singing, or just big words?

>> No.13512106

Singing is the worst thing you can do as a human.

>> No.13512110

Why are you trying?

>> No.13512111

You might want to get that checked


>> No.13512114

There's only one solution


>> No.13512116

Mystie is such a slut, she probably wants it

>> No.13512120

Ass probably needs a new shipment of eels to fill it.

>> No.13512122
File: 220 KB, 1000x640, 1429318161297.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nothing wrong with playing around with the back door.

>> No.13512133
File: 543 KB, 804x1035, 9f75fdddd54c911dc579b4d11afd859b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>After your sister's death you were the one who stepped up to the plate and assumed guardianship of your niece. She was too young for this kind of tragedy, but you and your shirohebi wife did the best you could to welcome her.

>It was the little things that put you off about what was happening. She started flicking her tongue at you when she was angry, you thought it was just a habit your niece had picked up from your wife, just a cute harmless habit.

>Then she started napping near the open windows. When it got cold or dark she quickly became lethargic and lost her will to do anything but nap, more than once she had found her way to your room at night saying "The blankets are too cold uncle Anon." You didn't believe her until you touched her skin. Cold, almost clammy.

>Your paranoia boiled into fear when you found a scale on her cheek. You say found, but in reality she proudly presented it to you and your wife and said she was finally becoming a big girl. Your wife gave her a tight hug and congratulated her, on the outside you smiled as well, but your heart felt like it was seized by the demonlord herself.

>Over a period of three weeks her legs became stiff, she would scratch at them incessantly as more scales surfaced. Your shirohebi wife took a proactive role in helping her transition. Your neice started calling her mama soon after her legs became stuck together, their relationship certainly became much more intimate than any other aunt and niece.

>From there things seemed to speed up. You debated with yourself whether to keep her pure and send her to the convent, but ultimately your wife convinced you that she needed parents more than her humanity, would your sister have been okay with this? The question haunted you long after the transformation ended.

>If you ask her today about being human she can only vaguely remember what it feels like to use legs. She says that they seem terribly inefficient compared to her long and beautiful white tail.

>> No.13512140
File: 23 KB, 501x203, `````````.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13512142

fuck off.

>> No.13512143 [SPOILER] 
File: 149 KB, 800x600, 1432005085087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13512156

Nice, I like gradual transformations.

>> No.13512159


>> No.13512171
File: 66 KB, 747x1069, cultist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So do certain monstergirls get cultists following them?

>> No.13512178


>> No.13512188

>Monster Girls are an expression of ugliness and an excuse for me to be a fat PoS!

>> No.13512190

I want to pamper a monstergirl.

>> No.13512191

Baphomet has that loli cult, Dark Priests are recruiters for the Fallen God cult IIRC, and there are plenty of stupidly strong MGs out there that are probably worshiped as gods.

>> No.13512202

9/10 not enough dicking

>> No.13512211

>If you ask her today about being human she can only vaguely remember what it feels like to use legs. She says that they seem terribly inefficient compared to her long and beautiful white tail.

But what about losing her Boy Maker?

>> No.13512212
File: 204 KB, 500x523, tumblr_nk3vxkAO7j1r0w5oio1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tumbrl appreciation thread?

>> No.13512224

Wouldn't tails be worse than legs?

>> No.13512227

For the love of all that is holy, no.

>> No.13512230

For locomotion? Yes. How someone feels about having one or the other is subjective though.

>> No.13512232

>But what about losing her Boy Maker?
Faggot, do you even know what MAMONO MANA is?

>> No.13512240

In all honesty would a lot of women care about that? Like enough for that to be a huge concern for the average woman? Some people just want kids either way or might prefer a daughter anyway.

>> No.13512242

But she calls them Inefficient

>> No.13512246

Something that can't produce male heirs?

>> No.13512250
File: 645 KB, 941x901, Tumblr_n2rbweVUaA1ro77oxo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tumbrl time

>> No.13512256

Right, but in the context of locomotion she'd be wrong. For sex, showing off, and other things? Maybe not. Even if she were talking about locomotion it's not like people never have clouded judgement on such things that they believe something is simply better because they prefer it.

>> No.13512260


>> No.13512265

Christ Mari's body looks stiff and lifeless, and what's up with the pot bellied pig-woman on the right of her?

>> No.13512268

So where is new MGE grill? Didn't KC tweet something yesterday?

>> No.13512272

>Comparing a semen demon to a land whale
Fuck this artist, fuck tumblr feminists, & fuck you for propagating this bullshit.

>> No.13512273


>> No.13512274

I still don't understand the logic of the so-called tumblr 'artstyle'.

>> No.13512276


>> No.13512279

Where's the part where Mari gets disgusted with that abomination and monsterizes it into a P'orc or Holstaurus or something with a touch?

>> No.13512280

I don't understand tumblr logic.
If I don't understand that I'll never understand their "art".

>> No.13512281
File: 207 KB, 485x750, Claudette in spats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As far as tumblr goes, I'll stick to artists I know.

>> No.13512285

>locomotion she'd be wrong
Nigger, what? Bitch could support her entire body off like, fuckin' an arms length of tail, not even. She can climb up surfaces much easier than legs can, the only thing she looses is the long-distance prowess that humans have.

>> No.13512286

What was the source for that pic?
Google doesn't know

>> No.13512290

They want to add a uniqueness to their work, but in some sick form of irony most end up with homogenizing features into the negatives we have come to know and expect out of tumblr centric stuff.

>> No.13512291

Name the music genre your Waifu would like

>> No.13512296
File: 336 KB, 594x404, 1425461491414.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It's okay anon, Hatred is coming out in a week

>> No.13512298


>> No.13512300

Dunno what would an Oni like

>> No.13512301

There's not much more to write.

Maybe another writefag can try to make a story about anon and his wife helping their adopted human daughteru/niece cope with the changes.

tf is my fetish, but only when it's slow and the changes come with subtlety. Super fast transformations are a turn off since you can't enjoy it.

>> No.13512302

Vidya and animu soundtracks

>> No.13512305


*in 2 weeks

>> No.13512306

Even ironically, don't post this shit.

>> No.13512307


>> No.13512308


>> No.13512311


>buying VNs from steam

>> No.13512312

It's interesting how many VNs are getting released on Steam.

Gonna buy the fuck outta that.

Heavy Metal

>> No.13512313
File: 732 KB, 1300x417, puke.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mono-eyed subhuman

>> No.13512314

I'm siding with the bullies. Suicide rout here we go!

>> No.13512315

I may have to get this...

>> No.13512318

This is true, but I was thinking only thinking in terms of the distance thing and her having the same strength level that she had before. I forgot about the boost in strength that would let her use her tail to its full potential.

>> No.13512321

I wanna make a bully simulator with at least three heroines (A Cyclops, an Alp, and a Wyvern)!

>> No.13512322

I'm pretty sure that is shitty kinetic novel without options

>> No.13512323

Sabbath lolis, Ryus, Pharaohs, Snake Cult.

>> No.13512324


>> No.13512325


Before buying VNs from steam you have to be aware that some of them have cut sexual content out of the game because it is disallowed

>> No.13512328


Well too bad because the video's gone now. Some intern must have fucked with the settings.

>> No.13512329

But what do you think about it?

>> No.13512330

Big Band, I'd hope.

>> No.13512331

Welcome to a few hours ago.

>> No.13512333

>anon will never get a major fetish for mono eyes after encountering a Gazer
>he will never fill her montrous womb with his untainted seed and bring more mono eyes into the world

>> No.13512335

I have it loaded in my browser. What do I do with it?

>> No.13512336

>few hours
Try early this morning

>> No.13512337

Pffft. Lame

Who knows what monsterization does stamina wise, but for the sake of argument lets assume that humans still always trump landbound long-distance, then yeah, she loses out on distance, but in terms of strength, why would you assume she only has human-tier strength in her snake body? Snakes are powerful motherfuckers. Scale that up to MG-tier and she could tail whip through solid concrete.

>> No.13512338

It's shit

You mean few days?

>> No.13512339


You reupload it for everyone. Duh.

>> No.13512340

>have to be aware
I'm well aware, I made the mistake of buying NekoPara on Steam and learned from it.
The full game is hot as fuck though, even if it's the most vomit inducing tryhard moeshit ever.

>> No.13512343

>scale that up to MG-tier

This is why Giant Ants would be the most underrated physical monster in MGE. And baphos are officially stronger. Holy hell.

>> No.13512344

>Bitch could support her entire body off like, fuckin' an arms length of tail, not even
It'd be far more than that. There's a reason you never see actual snakes doing that unsupported--it's because they can't. She also loses the ability to jump.

>She can climb up surfaces much easier than legs can
Depends on the surface. Stairs, for instance, would suck. She'd have a huge advantage when it came to climbing trees, but objects to broad to wrap around like a mountain face would probably be harder with a tail.

I've got nothing on energy efficiency, so that aside it sounds like a wash overall unless she digs canopies.

>> No.13512345

Anybody got the link to this artist's pixiv? Can't find it in my mess of boomarks. If they've got a twitter that would be even better though.

>> No.13512346
File: 801 KB, 800x1000, 1401510470996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Uwaa! Are you that hero who slew the giant scorpion?! Can we join your party?! We're pretty inexperienced, but we can cook, and we can carry your things for you!"
>"A-And anything else you might want..."

>> No.13512352

But they are utter shit. They are literally humans but only with one eye. They just inferior humans

>> No.13512354

Certainly, here's all the armor, weapons, books, potions and food I looted off everyone I've murdered so far. And by the way, put some armor on.

>> No.13512355
File: 213 KB, 1006x794, Dark_Knight_by_Remton.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want a dragon's skull.
Go gettit.

>> No.13512356

Can either of you play any instruments? Lost my bard to a dragon last month.

>> No.13512358


>> No.13512363

I've seen a snake reach up to a heat lamp off a few CM of its tail and coil around it, using nothing but its own strength to keep it there. I'm inclined to say you don't know what you're talking about.
>Stairs would suck
>More traction sucks
What are you talking about? How large do you think these stairs are? Most are a foot deep and a foot wide. She'd go up those easy as fuck. And why would mountains pose an issue? Unless you're talking some steep cliff-face shit, but then legs would be a no go either. And you're underestimating her arms. She could cling to the cliff side with her tail and climb up it with her arms. They might be heavy but their weight is easier distributed.

>> No.13512364
File: 412 KB, 1864x3263, 1431842167379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure, I don't have much on me right now, but lets head in to town so we can get you two some proper gear.
Go find the Skeletal Nobleman, tell him I sent you and he'll set you up right.

>> No.13512366

Oh boy I always wanted some gofers.

Start farming alchemy and blacksmithing reagents, slaves.

>> No.13512372

>"Sure, I guess I can use the littler one as some sort of pack mule. The green one needs better armor though."

>> No.13512373

Welcome to the party.
This is slagathor, our barbarian from the north. Watch out for the teeth, he bites.

Over here we have Rynnonunananonanna our Ranger. We call him Ryn for short.

And last but not least, this is the great wizard Jim. He specializes in illusions and likes to pretend to be a girl with them.....or is a girl pretending to be a man. Don't think too hard about it.

>> No.13512374

Yeah, but the video is already gone. I have the video loaded, but I can't download it if i isn't there.

>> No.13512375

Come sing me a song.

>> No.13512376

>Dog girl, not even a wolfu
>No armor
>Shit weapon
You can just go the fuck home, little girl. It's dangerous out here.
>Ork girl
>At least some semblence of actual armor
>Healthy body
>Ball & chain for knockin' heads
You look like you have some potential. I've got a bit of extra gear you can use. I'll help train you up a bit, & we can keep each other warm on long journeys.

>> No.13512378

Depends on the type of monoeye and the setting.

But that's what makes it so delicious when you get a strong fetish for them and fuck them anyway. The shame after your orgasm, and then the consequences of impregnating her. Your fetish would be too strong and you'd be trapped in a cycle of lust and self-loathing. It's perfect.

>> No.13512384


>> No.13512387
File: 91 KB, 480x834, 1426831295439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Hey kid, why would you hire those loser monsters when you can have a paladin? I've killed more monsters than you can count and I don't mind doing lewd things as long as you marry me first..."

>> No.13512389


>> No.13512392

Hmm well let's see, you look like a decent thief, can you pick locks and disarm traps?

And your friend's an Orc so she's probably a good smith.

Also you two can give me blowjobs and titfucks, so tag along.

>> No.13512394


Is she a Christmas Cake? This is important.

>> No.13512395

What's with the abdomen? That gives me an idea though
>Buff antgirl tanks in full plate dual wielding shields.

>> No.13512398

I can't even tell what gender you are.

>> No.13512399

How can you even move in that thing?

>> No.13512400

Jesus, how wide are those hips?

>> No.13512404

Your armor looks terrible for anything outside of a fashion runway and you don't even have your own weapon.
And you try to pass yourself off as a veteran, for fucking shame.

>> No.13512405

Wait just a minute. Take off your helmet! You're not a BBEG in disguise are you?!

>> No.13512406

Who the hell are you calling a monster? Have you seen your proportions?!? If you're human, then I'm Rob Liefeld.

>> No.13512410

Yeah, but how many tons of equipment can you carry in those high heels? I want some mules, the paladin role's already filled.

>> No.13512414

>I don't mind doing lewd things as long as you marry me first...

Yandere Dullahan in disguise detected. Abort.

>> No.13512416

>Monster girl posing as a female paladin, hiding inside a suit of armor to attract suitors.

>> No.13512421

Dullahans are great waifus. You can have prone anal with them while also kissing.

>> No.13512426

Would you make a Dullahan ready her own ass for anal?

>> No.13512427
File: 202 KB, 700x989, Dark Knight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey fuck all these bitches you should just travel and break shit. You can do fucking anything so long as it ain't moral.
You get mad monster puss m8.
Dark Knights are best.

>> No.13512429

why else would you have a detachable head?

>> No.13512433 [DELETED] 
File: 155 KB, 839x953, monster_girls_2_by_nightmarehound-d5bdy1s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13512438


So close to having a Nuckelavee.

>> No.13512440

>go on adventure with paladin girl
>first time you rest at an inn
>armor comes off
>turns out she was a dark slime
>she tries to bind you in her goo while licking her lips

What do you do?

>> No.13512441

No, I'd massage her ass with one hand while I kiss and cuddle her cute head with the other. It's kisses and cuddles from the moment we get to bed to the moment my hot seed floods her cold, dead rectum.

>> No.13512442
File: 434 KB, 1164x1463, 1423330332356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"S-Sorry to bother you sir, but is true you're recruiting for a quest? I-I'm good with my mace and I'll carry things if you ask... Lewd things? If you t-teach me about them I guess I'll try."

>> No.13512443

Hate to admit it, but Harpy looks pretty cute.

Also, why is the centaur a Titan?

>> No.13512444

Nobody likes those kinds of cats, yes that's the joke, that's stupid, that's stupider, that's vaguely interesting, and that's just disgusting.

>> No.13512446

I want to put eggs inside Ricchan, if you know what I mean. I mean creampie her.

>> No.13512447



>> No.13512448


Damn it all.

Paladin-kun are you pinging detect evil and sense motive? This is starting to get fishy.

>> No.13512450

I kind of get the joke here but why doesn't the centaur have skin?
I don't get it.

>> No.13512451

Oh yeah. I'm turning this cutie into a battleWight.

>> No.13512452

man now he has to kill her like the rest. would be avoided if she was a nice and honest slime and not a rapist

>> No.13512456

No nerds allowed, I already fill that quota.

>> No.13512457

>Droping her disguise at the first stop.
She would have to wait until you fall in love with her and are unable to reject her.

>> No.13512458

It was the only way to make horse pussy worse?

>> No.13512461

Make a +5 Acrobatics check to evade her, then counter-attack with a frost arrow to freeze her

>> No.13512462

Heavy metal, progressive metal, and stoner.

>> No.13512465

Pull out my weapon and stab that core for massive damage. Dark slimes a shit.

>> No.13512467

>can't handle a bit of possible rape

You folk would make terrible paladins. You give her lawful dickings so she'll turn lawful good. Ask /tg/ about succubutts some time.

>> No.13512469

No one can be trusted.

>> No.13512474

>Comes with her own weapon and spare
>Has reasonable armor
>Competent with her equipment
Sure, come along with the two monsters and help them pick out equipment with the Skeletal Nobleman.

>> No.13512475

>I'm inclined to say you don't know what you're talking about.
Everything I've ever seen points to the opposite, but if what you're saying is true that's hard to argue.

>Most are a foot deep and a foot wide.
And she's not going to have access to the entire foot of depth. That's not to say she couldn't get up them, but she'd be dragging herself up the corners of the stairs, nowhere near as comfortable as stepping on the flat part.

>And why would mountains pose an issue? Unless you're talking some steep cliff-face shit, but then legs would be a no go either.
I was talking steep or even past vertical slopes, yes.
>then legs would be a no go either.
Not unless there are practically no foot or toe holds and you can't make any.

>She could cling to the cliff side with her tail and climb up it with her arms.
You don't climb with your arms. Doing so is how you tire yourself out and fall. Snakes can climb some really crazy looking stuff, but do realize you've got to scale things up as well. She's got no lower body access to recessed holds either, just the ones that protrude and twisting so she can get her hands on the next hold might well mean losing some important f-er, tailholds. All in all, not so great a situation.

>> No.13512476
File: 321 KB, 960x960, Lovely Elf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to marry a Dark Elf and raise a dozen kids together.

>> No.13512477

I am sorry for your loss.

>> No.13512478

Does a purified dark slime become a regular stupid slime, or do they retain their intelligence and magic powers?

>> No.13512480

Better safe than sorry m8, gotta have trust

>> No.13512482


>> No.13512483 [SPOILER] 
File: 24 KB, 480x360, 1432009460572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>plant girl
>not this

>> No.13512484


Looks like a Titan, if there's one thing that'll get more hate than horse pussy, it's GIGANTIC horse pussy.

>> No.13512489

isn't that a bit much? Just have 3

>> No.13512490

The secret to their intelligence and powers is their core. So as long as the core remains she's good.

>> No.13512494

Then I want to go purify 5 dark slimes, color them differently and assemble a Sentai Slime Team.

>> No.13512496

>Too much
There's never such a thing as too many or too much when it comes to cute. An Echidna would slap your shit.

>> No.13512499
File: 444 KB, 411x580, 1397430562327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to marry an Echidna and raise a dozen kids together.

>> No.13512504

I think it's supposed to be something like a Nuckelavee, that skinless horse-man from Scottish folklore.
Technically, the body's in the middle of those things' backs in most depictions, but it's not like anyone actually gives a damn about that here.

>> No.13512508

Well some people don't want a million kids

>> No.13512509

Gazer isn't a mono-eye though, she's a multi-eye.

>> No.13512512

>but she'd be dragging herself up the corners of the stairs, nowhere near as comfortable as stepping on the flat part.
Essentially yes, but you aren't taking scale and weight distribution into consideration If you step on an edge, yeah it will hurt. but if you distribute your weight across ten edges? You might as well be walking on a flat surface there. Her tail is long enough to make it seem like she's going up a slope rather than stairs.

>Not unless there are practically no foot or toe holds and you can't make any.
I'm inflined to think that these would also benefit a snake, but at the very least, if you can find footholds, you can grab them with your hands. But I guess I'll concede that humans have an easier time of it.

>You don't climb with your arms. Doing so is how you tire yourself out and fall.
This is fair enough though. but there's also her body length. She might miss a few holds, but if she can coil around one protruding root and reach up to grab the next, she could manage just as well. Though really, this is silly to discuss since it varies very much on unknown factors.

Now, if she were a Quetzalcoatl, she's be superior in every way. And soft and feathery to boot.

>> No.13512513

Or a Mahou Shoujo team.

>> No.13512514

Well if you only want 2 or 3 that's fine.
I just want to be dog piled by my daughterus.

>> No.13512515

And I want to set up the high stakes betting pool to make a profit no matter what comes out of your wife.

>> No.13512517

She seems to think she is, at least when it comes to the face. That's why her gimmick is giving people an intense mono-eye fetish.

>> No.13512518

Echidnas are mediocre waifus but they give God-tier daughterus.

>> No.13512520

Some people don't want any kids!

How would monster girls feel about men who are afraid of committing to a relationship and hate kids?

>> No.13512521

I do, there needs to be room for the horse head.

>> No.13512522

enjoy the daughteru pile

>> No.13512526

Oh I will. Nothing would be better than daughterus piling on top of you when you get home from work.

>> No.13512527

Rape the answer is rape

>> No.13512528

Even better - the horse head's a mono-eyed horse.

>> No.13512530

>That one section on melting
Dark Slimes are scary.

>> No.13512532

Stoner is one of the best genres to fuck to, Anon

>> No.13512533

I want to break a paladin's heart in every way till she's eating ice cream out of her helmet!

>> No.13512535

Well then they'll have to go to the store and never come back!

>> No.13512536

I don't normally like them but that one looks alright.
She's a halfy, isn't she?

>> No.13512539
File: 330 KB, 800x1049, 4fe52690924ac84842e2c51cf7ec62ab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wanna bully my MG teacher and get detention for it!
I also want her to unfortunately (for her) have to watch over detention because the other teachers don't want to do it and bully her into it.


>> No.13512540

>Not drone.
>Not pretty much anything else.
Stoner is shit, and only stoners like it cuz "references to muh weed"

>> No.13512542

Looks like a regular Dark Elf to me.

>> No.13512544

Is this a reference to one being flat and the other busty?

>> No.13512545

>she monsterizes into a will o wisp and is set on proactively dating you

>> No.13512547

more a reference to the post I responded to
>sing me a song
is the first line in the song

>> No.13512551

You gon git yo detention commuted into liver eating.

>> No.13512554

Probably something along the lines of 'it's shit'

Just like any other woman, 2d and 3d alike.

>> No.13512555

I've never played LoL, don't like Ahri, and still want to date a kumiho.

>> No.13512558

>Essentially yes, but you aren't taking scale and weight distribution into consideration
I was. It'd be like you standing on a grate. Doable? Sure. Pleasant? Generally not. Especially on escalators if we're talking about a modern setting. Also consider that she'd be basically sawing against them as she went, too.

>but there's also her body length.
There's also more than one type of hold. It's not hard to imagine a shape that a hand or foot could use easily a tail couldn't do much with.

>Though really, this is silly to discuss since it varies very much on unknown factors.
True enough you probably could thought experiment up a face a snake would have an easier time on than a human.

>Now, if she were a Quetzalcoatl, she's be superior in every way.
If she was a quetz I'd rip off my hat and proceed to stomp on it. Fucking OP dragon-lamia bestest huggles fluffy sons of bitches.

>> No.13512559

Why would I want to eat my kumiho teacher's liver?

>> No.13512561

I like Ahri, but LoL is a disgrace to Kumiho everywhere.

>> No.13512562
File: 311 KB, 337x479, 1405652919629.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want to write about all the shenanigans that would happen from having a related family across the entire monster spectrum
>Dragon & Wyvern twins need a fireproof room because they always bicker
>Baby Lamia rides round coiled around yours or your waifu's arm
>Holstaur duaghter hits puberty & you have to awkwardly help her learn about milking
>Your Cheshire daughter likes to play pranks on everyone, so you ground her & put magic seals on her room
>Treating the bump on your Harpy daughter's head after her most recent failed attempt to fly
>The young Werewolf chews on the couch as she's teething
>Your 17-year-old Succubus daughter is acting like (more of) a slut & you have to punish her
>Going to your oldest Echidna daughter's wedding

>> No.13512564

She gets off on it and forced you to do it.

>> No.13512568

How would you punish a Succuslut daughteru?

>> No.13512570

>Echidnas are mediocre waifus
But why? Mad dosh, motherly as hell, both to you and the daughterus, provide you with an exciting married life, snuggle up when it's cold what's not to love?

>She gets off on it
Once. Well, I guess you COULD actually eat most of a liver more than once, but the dude would need to be a master surgeon with a giant scalpel folded over a thousand times and a team of nurses to stitch her back up before she bled out. That's a terribly difficult fetish to set up if I've even seen one.

>> No.13512571

Chastity belt and 3 servings of golem shitbrew a day

>> No.13512577

>It'd be like you standing on a grate
I never found this to be an issue but I walk around barefoot alot so I dunno.

I was just talking normal concrete steps with like, rounded edges or something. Escalators would be pretty brutal
Not really an issue. We're not talking soft sensitive flesh here, we're talking protective scales designed for transport.

>Fucking OP dragon-lamia bestest huggles fluffy sons of bitches.
You seem a little irritated there, anon. Let Quetz-chan cuddle you under the blanket, let her brew for you ancient-aztec style hot chocolate. That'll calm you down.

>> No.13512583

Cut her open, take a bite, jizz on it, close it up. Magic takes care of the rest.

>> No.13512585
File: 422 KB, 748x983, d0405edf1767a61b028ab14f417e78ee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>Your 17-year-old Succubus daughter is acting like (more of) a slut & you have to punish her
Slutty-succubus-daughteru on reluctant-father incest is my fetish.

>> No.13512589 [DELETED] 

>It hurts! Everything hurts! Please...take me, and ease my pain.

Oh yes.

>> No.13512590

I understand that she's a Succubus & has certain needs, but I raised her to be better than that, damnit! If she's going to behave like a child & won't have proper respect for herself, then she'll be punished like a child.
>Put her over my knee, give her a stern spanking
>Confiscate her webcam & toys
>Strict 10:00 curfew
>No more locked doors
>Only one boy brought home a week

>> No.13512592 [DELETED] 


Anon made a funny.

>> No.13512594
File: 68 KB, 640x480, Calm your tits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Let Quetz-chan cuddle you under the blanket, let her brew for you ancient-aztec style hot chocolate.
Fine, but I won't like it.

>> No.13512596

>Implying all fathers want to fuck their daughters.
>Implying my fetishes have to make sense.

>> No.13512599

>Only one boy brought home a week
That's going too far.

>> No.13512600

>But I won't like it
Wasn't traditional chocolate rather bitter?
Would you make her leave all teary eyed for the store to buy some of that blasphemous, sugary sweet crap, because what her mother taught her to brew isn't good enough?

>> No.13512606 [DELETED] 

Ever heard of D.A.D.D?

>> No.13512607

I've never had it. I know I can handle like 95% cacao dark chocolate though, so it shouldn't be too huge of a--
>chile powder
>AND espresso
Fuck. I drink my coffee like a bitch and I have no idea what that chile is doing in there. This is going to be tough, but I'll do it for her.

>> No.13512611

Traditional aztec chocolate was a mixture of chile peppers and cornmeal.

>> No.13512613

I don't care. I didn't rise her to just be used as a cum toilet for whoever wants a piece of action. And I definitely never condoned underage voyeur shows for perverts on the internet. If she refuses to use it properly, she won't get to use it.

Besides, she's not exactly quiet about it. Se keeps getting the rest of the girls riled up, and I'm tired of having to wash half a dozen sets of bedding five times a week.

>> No.13512614

>He's never had chilli chocolate
The stuff is great. Just watch when it's in hot chocolate because the heat makes it that much hotter. Makes for some fiery kisses with quetz-chan tho.

Huh. I thought they came in plain flavors.

>> No.13512617


>> No.13512619
File: 75 KB, 600x800, 1431391994461.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I need more adult Baphomets

>> No.13512621
File: 56 KB, 340x340, Fran happens to be an expert on this subject.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's best about chili chocolate is that both substances on their own make you happier when consumed, so it's a double your pleasure kind of chemistry!

>> No.13512624

needs more oppai loli Baphomets

>> No.13512626

That Dads Against Daughters Dating thing?
I don't mind my daughter dating. As long as it's me.

>> No.13512628

Shut up, Fran. Shouldn't you be out making abominations with Chrome or something?

>> No.13512629


>> No.13512632 [DELETED] 

Not the guy I replied to are you?

>> No.13512633
File: 235 KB, 658x502, 1415322233004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Due to an unfortunate mishap, copious amounts of extremely potent aphrodisiacs ended up in Adorea's system. She's hornier than an Ushi-Oni during the full moon.

>> No.13512634

actually, a bit of chile powder in normal hot chocolate isn't bad
I like to but that, a bit of cinnamon, and a tiny bit of vanilla in mine

>> No.13512635

Beautiful. We need more of this.

I want to fuck your werewolf sister.

>> No.13512636

Melange addict, please.

>> No.13512637

Oh I am.
I just never said I didn't.

>> No.13512642

Night Anons, have a wonderful night and don't burn down the thread.
And ever since that guy mentioned it I've wanted to cuddle a chubby jinko cub.

>> No.13512644

But you can't, anon. You have to pick the Fire Rat. Pick her or the thread burns!

>> No.13512646

That sounds delicious

>> No.13512652

How much is a bit?

>> No.13512653

>Chubby Jinko cub
Anyone ever going to help repair her friendship with the young and chubby Dragon girl?

>> No.13512655

I dunno, i eyeball

>> No.13512656

It would be easier if the Chubby Dragonette wasn't in hiding.

>> No.13512657

No Anon.
I will choose chubby jinko cub.
Today I make her a choice.
I will also bring loli fire rat along with her as well.
Both of them will be cuddled.

It gets repaired years later when they both go after Dadanon.
Dragonette is a school principal and jinko is a successful business woman.

>> No.13512658

The rat is mine, you guys keep the jinko.

>> No.13512659

She's just been unable to get out of her room ever since her dad decided to narrow the doorway as a joke.

>> No.13512660

I'm going to go try this. If I don't like it I'm spitting hot chocolate on you over the internet.

>> No.13512661

We can't. We have to choose the Watery Tart now.
And the Jinko cub has been crouching whenever she passes by their house for some reason.

>> No.13512663

make sure to only put a tiny bit in at a time
you can always put more in
you can't take it out if you put to much in

>> No.13512665

A man chooses. A slave obeys. Would you kindly not pick the Jinko?

>> No.13512667

She's looking around for chocodiles, obviously.
Though I did hear they had a falling out over some pizza and a Twinkie.

>> No.13512669

You watch what you say about the Watery Tarn whose name escapes me, she was cute!

>> No.13512670

>You will never join a busty baphomet in building a rival oppai loli sabbath.

>> No.13512674

Chocodiles? Is that like a reptilian Chocobo?
Well at least she was a valid option, so she had that going for her.

>> No.13512675

I love the cat types Anon.
She will be chosen and cuddled.
As will the rat.
There is no end to the cuddles I have for them.

And years later it will be Pizza that brings them back together.
It's a wonderful thing.

>> No.13512677

So. Anya is STILL not getting any stories, is she?

>> No.13512678

I still remember the whole icecream man thing that went on.

Google it.

>> No.13512682

We're never going to let Nyanon forget, huh?

>> No.13512683

>Google it
EH, I liked my idea better.

>> No.13512687

I'm not doing it to pick on him, but to make the asshole responsible feel guilt. It was one fucking guy who got Cheesenugget to ignore the votes.

>> No.13512688

Yeah, that was a beautiful night.
I had a ton of fun with that.


I don't know cause I don't write her.

>> No.13512690

He's a faggot that deserves every little bit of it.

>> No.13512691

To be fair I've done a few 'not a valid option' jokes myself. Helps to laugh at myself, yknow?

>> No.13512692

Never meant it in a bad way, I just like the concept of teasing our regulars about their mess ups in the past
Like how we tease .Less about being a masochist

>> No.13512695

Please don't feel bad at all. Not your fault you were gullible.

>> No.13512700

All that mayhem, all those monster lolis harassing the driver.
It was a good night.

>> No.13512701

Don't worry about it.
I've don't a few front pussy jokes at my expense as well.

>> No.13512702

Never meant it in a bad way. Good to laugh at yourself sometimes. It's like looking back at when you were a kid and laughing at all the stupid stuff you did
Then you get trapped in the past and start remembering all the stuff you've purposefully forgotten and end up remembering EVERYTHING

>> No.13512705

That and a loli wurm and her mother chasing it.
God that was fun.

>> No.13512706 [DELETED] 

There is nothing wrong with frontpussy.

>> No.13512710

>Telling lies on the internet

>> No.13512711

Was her mother chasing it? I remember a pouty Lilim that somehow got into the vehicle and buckled herself in, but no Wurm mamma.

>> No.13512713

That was a Lich though.

>> No.13512717

Do you want a weak MG that has to rely on you for protection, or a strong MG that you can rely on for protection?

>> No.13512718

>It begins.


It was one of the last couple things.
There was a loli Lilim in the back who was pouting about not being seen. Lich was just along for the ride.

>> No.13512721

Can I have neither?

>> No.13512722

Do we need to look into the archive?
We should anyway.

I know.
I helped out and did a third of the posts

>> No.13512723

You want a roughly equal MG? Those are pretty rare. Which one do you have in mind?

>> No.13512724
File: 2.28 MB, 1051x4140, saber.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just a reminder - It's not rape if he came

>> No.13512725

Being a Dragonslut, I'd naturally have the latter.

>> No.13512726

So, you want a MG rival that challenges you to improve constantly that eventually became your wife after a few dozen hatefucks?
I can respect that.

>> No.13512728

Yeah, I did quite a bit of that and the following jinko/dragon/dadanon stuff that night as well.
That was actually a pretty busy night here.

>> No.13512730

No as in I don't want a monster wife.

I view them as pornstars, I jerk off to them but no fucking way would I fuck one.

>> No.13512732

I did a chubby Jinko/Dragon as a joke and reference to something, and you mutated it into something much more. Good on ya.

>> No.13512734

Are you well? Do you have brain damage?

>> No.13512735

Then why are you even fucking here? It's like being at a fucking Comiccon when you don't even really like comics or whatever.

>> No.13512736 [DELETED] 

>being a horsefucker
>b=but centaurs aren't horses!

You are fucking the body of a mare, when you have the option of fucking a human vagina, and in a land of girls with detachable heads and girls made of goop, frontpussy is too far out? Fuck off.

>> No.13512738

No problem but it wasn't just me. We had a lot of people contributing that night so I really can't claim credit for it.
And thanks for making those two, they are fun.

>> No.13512740

Guys guys, let's not start this now

>> No.13512742 [DELETED] 

A strong MG I can fight side by side with.

>> No.13512743

But that doesn't make sense, I like monster girls but I just don't want to go that far with one.

>> No.13512744

But you're not fucking the body of a mare, you're fucking the body of a Centaur.

>> No.13512746

At least someone likes my ideas that I spew out.

>> No.13512747

I'm okay with this.

>> No.13512749

So what you're saying is you like the concept of MG's, but would never go the full mile?
Correct me if I'm wrong here, chief

>> No.13512751
File: 571 KB, 782x1000, Thunderbird.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're walking home when this girl gives you a kissu. She constantly giggles and flies out of reach only getting close to give you some brief kisses. It seems like she's intent on following you home.

Wat do?

>> No.13512752 [DELETED] 

Same difference.

Baphomet flips you off.jpg

>> No.13512754
File: 267 KB, 800x1000, 1392039757143.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just don't want to go that far
That so? You just fuck them and then dump them.

>> No.13512755

>Yet again the people pushing frontpussy are the people who don't even like centaurs
You'd figure that since you guys hate them anyway, you'd just keep your shit opinions to yourselves.

>> No.13512757


>> No.13512758

Build up a static charge without her noticing.

>> No.13512760


Ignore her. I've had a long day and I don't feel like dealing with her.

>> No.13512761

Go home and close the door in her face.

>> No.13512763

Well, considering the only time I'm walking home is when I'm done shopping and it's like five minutes away then she follow me.
Not like I really have anything against it.

>> No.13512766

Sunbathe topless in my backyard until she lands on me.

>> No.13512767

>Building up a static charge
>She comes over for another kiss
>You're prepared and counter her with a static shock
>This gets her aroused/gives her more energy
Have you not learned anything from Pokemon. electric moves don't effect electric types

>> No.13512769

He doesn't even want to fuck them.
He likes the idea of a fetish, but doesn't have said fetish. It's fucking weird.

>> No.13512771 [DELETED] 

I like the idea, and I'm tired of you shooting it down because "it's dumb, fucking KC panderin" when that's what MGE is, pure fucking pandering. Not everyone who likes centaurs want to fuck a damn horse.

>> No.13512772

Is this the first time you guys have seen that faggot? He's been here for a while and takes any opportunity he gets to state his position

>> No.13512775

I barely go outside unless its for groceries. I little company never hurt anyone

>> No.13512776

I'm definitely not going home until I figure out what her deal is. Having my personal space violated ruffles my proverbial feathers and she's not even being decent enough to rape me. What a tease.

>> No.13512777

Is this a doujin? If so where can I find it?

>> No.13512779

Yeah, I'm not the kind of guy to call others weirdos seriously but this guy sure is a weirdo.

>> No.13512780

To be fair, I want to fuck a horse.

>> No.13512781

But I have, they just do half the damage unless they have lightningrod or similar ability.

>> No.13512782

I'm kind of getting tired of him, honestly.

I know, right?

>> No.13512784 [DELETED] 

You're an odd one.

>> No.13512785

>Implying she isn't waiting until she gets to your house so she could rape young on something comfy than the cold hard floor
She just knows that sex on something comfy is better than on concrete or grass or in some super dark super scary cave

>> No.13512786

Shoot a warning shot of semen

>> No.13512787

And everyone else thinks it's retarded. So shut up about it.

>> No.13512788

Same. If that's his position it makes you wonder why he doesn't just find smut, pictures, and just fap to those.

>> No.13512789

God having lightning rod and fighting people who think electric moves to half damage to electric types is the most satisfying feeling

>> No.13512794

Yeah I know, I like the concept and discussing them but I just can't see myself going the full mile.

>> No.13512795

Today I will remind them of true terror.
I've created something that will causes even the most stalwart paladin to tremble in fear.
The Werehsolf. A mixture of a werewolf and weresheep.

>> No.13512796

Lead her home and see what happens.

>> No.13512797

She's courting you and warming you up for the things she'll do to you in your house.

>> No.13512800 [DELETED] 

Good for you?

And everyone else who doesn't share this fetish probably thinks we're animal fuckers, furries, mentally ill, or all of the above. See how that don't mean jack? Also, make me.

>> No.13512802

I got tired of him months ago but it doesn't seem likely he'll die any time soon so there's really nothing to be done about it. Just don't engage him.

>> No.13512804

Then she should've gone bird of prey and dropped on me while I was pulling out my keys! I'm not making babies with this dumb broad!

>By pissing me off and not saying anything
That's it, I'm going to actually reward a white knight lizardman with sex to get her off my back.

>> No.13512805

He's just going to respond to every "What would you do with X" with "Neither" and "Because I don't like MGs" every fucking time.

When did this guy even come here? He might as well go to fucking /tg/ at this point.

>> No.13512809

Go home, see if she follows me, if she does then let her in. And fuck her until we both can't stand anymore.
After asking her name and why she seems to like me of course, I'm not a fucking barbarian.

>> No.13512810

>make me
So I haven't really been involved with this discussion, but I think you're just stirring shit up for no reason, please stop.

>> No.13512811

>Says the guy that thinks fucking a regular centaur is fucking a horse

>> No.13512812

More like MGElogic.jpg

>> No.13512813 [DELETED] 


Why not? Less chance of an STD.

>> No.13512814



I will chase it and I will shear it.

>> No.13512816

But she's scared that she might scare you if she goes all Birds of Prey on you! Can't you see that she just wants to have kind, loving, sex in the missionary position with the lights off
Which you have no choice but to do in because her moans keep causing the power to fluctuate and her orgasm causes a blackout in a block radius

>> No.13512817

No man has ever shaved her tail. It wags much too fiercely.

>> No.13512819

Don't you mean: it will chase you until you shear it?

>> No.13512821 [DELETED] 

If you're fucking the horse vagina, it's the same thing, there is no difference in the sex of a horse and a centaur, and only a fool would claim otherwise.

>> No.13512822

I honestly don't know.

I entertain the idea every so often but other times I just don't, maybe I should go get that checked out.

Anyway enough about that shit let's talk about big poofy Dog girl daughterus!

>> No.13512823


>> No.13512826

Some time after the move, or at least that's when he started with his shit. That's pretty vague but I don't remember exactly.

>> No.13512827

>Too shy for a proper rape AND a proper talk
>Also a boring fuck despite being an electric eagle thing
>Apparently causes EM pulses when you fuck her too
Keep stacking the NO higher, let's see if we can build a tower to the gods.

>> No.13512828 [DELETED] 

Por que no las dos?

>> No.13512830 [DELETED] 

Poofy? Nah, short hair is where it's at, easier to groom.

>> No.13512832

>He doesn't like EMP orgasms
>He doesn't want the satisfaction that he's caused a "ground" shaking orgasm
>He doesn't want to tell his kids the story on how they were born, and how he caused their mother to black out half the neighbourhood
>And how he could tell she was getting close because the static in the air caused his hair to stand
What you see as no, I see as YES

>> No.13512833
File: 252 KB, 600x600, Gazer Housewife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does he even really stay? He would seriously be much more at home in /tg/.

Anyway I want a Gazer to cook me a delicious meal.

>> No.13512835

>All part of the same girl
>"Nuh uh, it's a horse a HORSE"
>"I like centaurs but fucking a normal one is bestiality."

Guess it just goes to show that not only is front pussy retarded, but you are too.

>> No.13512836

>bonnet tippers

>> No.13512838

You telling me you don't want to see your daughteru as a big puffball climbing up your leg for hugs??

>> No.13512839 [DELETED] 


>implying gamer gazer knows how to make anything but ramen

>> No.13512841

What would /mgg/ do if they found out their daughteru wore a bonnet and trenchcoat to school?

>> No.13512843

Just make sure she isn't dripping into the stew.

>> No.13512844

>Owl girl daughteru
>Can't tell if that's a girl or some sort of sentient puff ball

>> No.13512845 [DELETED] 

>No defense
>time for insults

>> No.13512848
File: 151 KB, 375x264, 1374599581270.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah, I want to fuck a centaur. Right in the horse pussy.

>> No.13512849

Not all Gazers are the Gamer one done by Trader anon, who by the way stole the idea from me when I was complaining about my Gazer GF going on about Other M over and over.

>> No.13512851

Pray to Eros she had 8 meters of rope and at least three vibrators under that coat, and that the bonnet was there to make people less suspicious.

>> No.13512853

Be disgusted with her fashion sense. Bonnets haven't been attractive since the 20's and trenchcoats are not suited for sunny weather.

>> No.13512854 [DELETED] 

Sounds cute. Would be a hassle.

>> No.13512857

I think bonnets are cute anon.

>> No.13512858

Something about ramen you don't find delicious?

>> No.13512859

Alright then, what if it only happens after a bath?

>> No.13512860

>No defense
>Literally part of the girl
>"No you're just having sex with a horse"

I'll say it twice since apparently retards don't have good reading comprehension either. I mean, that should be pretty obvious with their mental deficiencies, but it's still disappointing.

>> No.13512861

What breed of dog girl?
Shiba daugterus, short, puffy and with a taste for Eastern media and food? She's guaranteed to be a massive weaboo, eating ramen. Not a cringey weeb, but she'll watch anime calmly and learn Japanese.
Massive Mastiff daugterus? She'll be large for a daughter when she's born, and will only get larger. Expect her to love nothing more then trying and failing to sit in your lap, ending up draped all over you in hundreds of pounds of cuddle. She'll adore you and love you like no other, often stooping down to lick your face with a massive, broad and rough tongue.
Maybe a trim Chihuahua daughter? She'll be loli sized at maximum, with a personality and ego the size of the Mastiff's body. She's very forceful, and will not request, but demand that you come over to her and give her belly rubs and ear scratches. She gets very tired after a day, and can often be found lying in the sun or a warm place with as little clothes on as possible, asleep.

>> No.13512862

Well your opinion is perfectly respectable.

>> No.13512863 [DELETED] 

I want to make a unicorn into a bicorn by fucking her frontpussy with my tainted spirit energy.

>> No.13512864

Clinical insanity or some kind of crippling social disorder. Just ignore the negative responses to hypotheticals, if nobody responds he doesn't have an excuse to start up again.

That gazer looks far too kind and friendly, I don't trust her. She's really a lonely cyclops in disguise, isn't she?

Captcha thinks hand-soap is a drink.

>> No.13512865

Don't you mean long modest dress?

>> No.13512866 [DELETED] 

Tell me the differences between a horse's pussy and the pussy of a centaur. I'll wait.

>> No.13512868

It's much easier to hide a katana in a coat.

>> No.13512869

She just wants to make you a nice meal for her hubby!

>> No.13512871

>She just wants to make you a nice meal for her hubby!
Wait, no no no.
I meant "She wants to make a nice meal for her hubby!"

>> No.13512872

I'd like a German Shepherd daughter myself.

>> No.13512873

One is attached to an animal, the other to a person.

>> No.13512874 [DELETED] 

Nigga I've had long haired dogs, and short haired ones, and I'm sticking with short. That is not to say it wouldn't be cute as fuck.

>> No.13512878

It's too late, anon. You titanic blunder can be seen from the heavens

>> No.13512879

I want a Siberian Husky daughteru!

>> No.13512881

So it all comes out now, eh? I'm onto you motherfucker.
That bitch is going to cut me up and cook me for her husband! Gazers eat people!

>> No.13512883

Which ten MG's are best for hours of paizuri?

>> No.13512885 [DELETED] 

>the pussy is different because theres a girl at the end, even though it is clearly stated it is a horse vagina, on a horse body

So no difference, nice chatting with you. I'll be over here, enjoying my front pussy and schnapps.

>> No.13512886

Mastiff daughteru all the way.
Especially with a mastiff waifu.
I'd be the smallest one in the household but damn if the cuddling wouldn't be worth it.

>> No.13512889

Ten? Why ten?

>> No.13512890


>> No.13512893 [DELETED] 

I said she can't cook anything else.

>> No.13512894

Why the fuck do you need to know ten?

Motherfucker just pick ten monster girls with big tits and you're good.

>> No.13512895

Can all ten of them be hobgoblins?

>> No.13512896

I like giving a challenge.

>> No.13512900

>no difference
If you can't tell the difference between fucking an animal and a person capable of consent and stuff like that, I think it is better if you just... stayed away from animals.
But it's still a delicious meal!

>> No.13512901

Sadists I swear
>Bleeding uncooked meat counts as steak
Captchas I swear

>> No.13512904

1. Holst
2. Holst
3. Holst
4. Holst
5. Holst
6. Holst
7. Holst
8. Holst
9. Holst
10. _Holst_

>> No.13512906

A German Shepherd Daughteru is an excellent choice. She'll be very attentive to everything you say, from "Go to school" to " Drop that boy and come home" and will obey your commands with only an appropriate level of reluctance. She will be almost stiflingly strict when dealing with you, demanding that you do the budget immediately or some other demand from her part. This isn't to say that you couldn't interrupt her orders with a swift tickle, melting her.
A Siberian Husky is a seasonal sort. She's going to gain weight every winter, to become plump and healthy. Every summer, she's going to lose most-but not all- of the weight unless you interfere. If left unchecked, this could lead to something unsightly, but if properly attended she can range from however plump you like to a muscly girl. She enjoys long walks in the snow and will drag you out to play with her. Did I mention how strong she is? She's really strong. Dragging things is her specialty, but if there's a suitable hill nearby you can be assured she'll be sledding.

>> No.13512908
File: 243 KB, 600x600, Gazer Housewife2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>delicious meal
S-She did her best to make it out of ano-I mean using love!

>> No.13512910

I want to keep my unicorn waifu pure by marrying her and remaining faithful.

On the subject, I like some centaur types but I think horsepussy is too limiting and would get boring pretty quickly, and front pussy is fucking retarded. I just head-canon that they can shapeshift into satyr style bipeds like draenei or Soraka. Bonus since that's one of my favorite monster girl designs.

>> No.13512911

Which mg is most likely to be a sjw and anti-Matriarchy

>> No.13512912

>She's small enough for headpats
Ah. Ah, my heart

>> No.13512913

What's that? She made a pie out of my poop again and served it to the neighbors?

>> No.13512919

Tell me the differences between a human pussy and the pussy of one of our close primate cousins.
Pussy is pussy

>> No.13512920

Did her chest shrink?
Is she using her stalks to pad her bra?

>> No.13512922

That was a pretty dumb movie.

>> No.13512923

Looks the same.
It's just a different angle.

>> No.13512925

>She made a pie out of my poop again and served it to the neighbors
Sounds like something Pepina the froggirl would do

>> No.13512926

Dass rayciss.

>> No.13512928 [DELETED] 
File: 17 KB, 163x340, epona_blue_ribbon_lg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, other than the clothes, ain't seeing any difference between these hindquarters, and >>13512848. Keep up the mental gymnastics, you might be able to stretch back far enough to fuck mare pussy while kissing your waifu.

>> No.13512931

No u.

It was bad movie.

>> No.13512937

I love that you keep this dumb shit up man. It just further cements for everyone how retarded frontpussy is, when the only proponent of it thinks this way.

>> No.13512938

>mental gymnastics
It doesn't require any to know that fucking a person and fucking an animal are different things, you dumb-dumb.
Yessuh mastah.

>> No.13512939

Kamina is simply too many for any monster girl to handle and he won't let any would be rapist lay a hand on his blood brother Simon!

>> No.13512942 [DELETED] 

BR pls go.

>> No.13512943

Until he gets double teamed by a chubby monkey girl and shark toothed ???.

>> No.13512945

Don't make fun of him. Mental impairment isn't a joke.

>> No.13512948

What if someone has a very funny retardation?

>> No.13512949

But he's a walking joke.

>> No.13512950

It's not nice to laugh at retards, but that doesn't mean they're not funny.

>> No.13512951

You should at least have the decency to make fun of it in private, where he can't hear.

>> No.13512953

He can't hear it now, we're just typing it.

>> No.13512955 [DELETED] 

>it's retarded cause I say so!

Whatever man , I'm out, fuck horse cunt if you want, just fuck off when front pussy comes up.

>> No.13512957

Lava Golem
Ren Xiongmao

>> No.13512959

Are there any dental or medical benefits? Cuddling is a risky business and I might get hurt on the job, or worse, be attacked by a jealous customer. I'm interesting in hearing more, but my safety is a major concern.

>> No.13512961
File: 1.65 MB, 1282x2352, 1393186436722.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No frontpussies allowed.

>> No.13512965

Shouldn't you be posting about tusks or something?

>> No.13512966

>just fuck off when front pussy comes up.
Nope. Always going to be retarded.

>> No.13512967
File: 34 KB, 520x390, viking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>People hating on centaurs for not having human pussy.
>Implying their monster-waifu has a human pussy.
>Are you fucking a human? No? Then it's not a human pussy.
>Why are you in a monstergirl thread?

>> No.13512968 [DELETED] 

>wants to fuck horse pussy
>calling anyone else retarded

Where can I buy whatever you're snorting?

>> No.13512970

It's a person, singular. A person with a very serious learning disability.

>> No.13512971
File: 1.15 MB, 768x1024, 1420395805593.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But it's not a horsepussy, it's a centaur pussy. Just like the pussy of an Elf is an Elf pussy and not a human pussy.
I'm sick of saying pussy. Here's some Octopussy.

>> No.13512972

Why do you people care about this?

>> No.13512974

Centaur pussy exists on easy to use rails that slide up and down the belly of the horse. It can be frontpussy or horse pussy.

>> No.13512975

>implying implications
I don't even like centaurs
A blind man in a snow storm could see the waves of retard coming off you

>> No.13512976

Technically with his views on centaurs he would still be fucking a horse even if he did the retarded front pussy.

>> No.13512979


>> No.13512982 [DELETED] 

Nice cherry picking. Does an elf have an animal vagina? No. Does a holst? No, since they're not tauric, centaurs on the other hand.

>> No.13512983

Why do you care about monstergirls at all? Why do you care about anything? Why is this type of question always the way fencesitters pretend to be superior?

>> No.13512984

>Modular pussy
Interesting. Tell me more.

>> No.13512986
File: 467 KB, 744x650, 1416209197559.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13512987

This may have been the best thing I've read today. I'm imagining a centaur with train tracks all down the bottom of the horse half.

>> No.13512988

Yeah, they seduce you or are straightforward with their intentions. You say know and they find someone else, I like that.... Though most Anons says those are a rare nonexistent type of monster, but I can dream. After all, a monster asking you to fuck her may not be your waifu, she would.... probably... maybe respect that answer.

>> No.13512990 [DELETED] 

Fucking the front pussy keeps you from fucking a horse, idiot.

>> No.13512991

Really though. Frontpussies aren't a big deal. Just let people write/fap/whatever to frontpussies

I say this as someone who doesn't mind the horsepussy one bit. Any issues of it being a horsepussy stopped happening when it's no longer attached an actual horse so it's a non-issue for the most part. Hell, what's back there might not even be something like a human or horsepussy but some new hybrid of the two.

Maybe they have two clits or something and the muscular control of a horse pussy while possessing human proportions. It's your imagination.

>> No.13512992

Except he's too retarded to understand that's the logical conclusion. That's what makes it so easy to make fun of him.

>> No.13512995
File: 476 KB, 1200x1734, Kraken Science.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like Octopi

>> No.13512996 [DELETED] 

Don't care what you think, frontpussy is here to stay.

>> No.13512997

It's pretty stupid to argue about a fucking vagina in a fictional setting made so you can blow your load.

>> No.13513002

There's not much more to say. The centaur has muscles to controll the rails and the position of the pussy, so it's impossible to rape her.
>Go from behind
>Front pussy
>Run around to the front
>Back Pussy
If you're alone, you end up running around a horse like a retard, and if you bring friends, she just keeps the pussy in the middle of the tracks. Belly-pussy, and you can't fuck belly-pussy.

>> No.13513007


>> No.13513009

It isn't so much that he likes front pussy that we're mocking him for, or at least in my case. I don't really mind it either. It's that he thinks fucking a centaur in her horsepussy is literally the same as fucking a horse.

>> No.13513010

>Frontpussies aren't a big deal.

Someone hasn't been paying attention to the last few hundred posts at all. Besides, the only people who argue for it don't like centaurs anyway. It's the lesson that Average learned.

>People who like centaurs know it's retarded
>People that hate them know it's retarded
>People that push it don't even like centaurs and consider them bestiality in the first place

>> No.13513011


But one of the main facets of monstergirls has always been that they can give much more pleasure than human women can.

So isn't it reasonable that they would biologically have pussies that are different than humans, whether by shape, feel, reaction, etc.?

>> No.13513016

And you will always be called a retard for it

>> No.13513018

>It's pretty stupid to argue about sex organs in a setting about sex

I don't think you thought that through, like at all.

>> No.13513022 [DELETED] 

Its mamono mana that accomplishes that, not different biology, and the demon lord made monsters HUMAN LIKE.

>> No.13513023

No, there's 1 guy who likes them but only with frontgina. The guy we've been arguing with.

>> No.13513027

Oh. I just thought he was a strange anon who liked centaurs but wanted frontpussy. This argument got a lot worse when I realize that he's pushing for it and doesn't like the monstergirl to begin with.

>> No.13513029

Statistics don't include the mentally impaired.

>> No.13513030

>the demon lord made monsters succubutt-like

>> No.13513031 [DELETED] 

Wanna know a secret? Doesn't actually make me one.

I sure do love frontpussy. Horsefuckers can go eat animal cunt.

>> No.13513032

But only one guy here admittedly wants to fuck a horse. Centaurs are not horses.

>> No.13513035

Hey man, be honest. You're tusktard aren't you? Admit it. Come on. You know you want to.

>> No.13513039 [DELETED] 

>succubutts aren't humanoid

>> No.13513043

I am really sorry for even mentioning it in the first place.
Didn't expect this to happen.
Good night for real this time

>> No.13513046

According to him they are, which means he still wants to fuck a horse with a front pussy according to his own logic.

>> No.13513051

Full dental and medical is covered, though you will earn two times regular pay if you come in with a cast on. Be sure to consult with your doctor to see if you can work first. For your protection we employ the strongest MGs to keep the customers in line, though they are free to cuddle with the boys during their breaks.

>> No.13513054

No, actually being retarded makes you a retard. Getting called one is just an insult.

>> No.13513056

That's funny because I had the thought a couple of minutes ago

>what if 'I don't want to fuck monstergirls', tusk guy, and frontpussy anon were all the same person?

>> No.13513057

Is that a jojo reference or it's the same in jap?

>> No.13513060

That seems like a bit of a stretch to me. The tusktard thing I believe though.

>> No.13513061 [DELETED] 

We're not gonna get anywhere with this, so I suggest we drop it.

People who hate frontpussy can all go fuck themselves though.

>> No.13513064

What's next? He's also Bob?
Wait, no, even he isn't as retarded as this guy.

>> No.13513066 [DELETED] 

The front pussy is human, you ass.

>> No.13513070


>> No.13513074

So what you're doing is lumping all the people you don't like together so you can shit on all of them at the same time?

I wouldn't put it past you guys.
No but seriously don't lump me with that tusk and frontpussy dude.

>> No.13513078

But it's still attached to a horse according to your mentally challenged mind, since centaurs are still horses to you.

>> No.13513079 [DELETED] 

You want to make something of it fag? Please defend bob, I want to see where you go with this.

>> No.13513080

Says who? KC only ever said they can grow a frontpussy if the husband so desires. He never says it's a human pussy. For all you know it's a gaping, wet horsepussy up there too.

>> No.13513082

You're dumber than Bob.

>> No.13513083

Why do you guys even bother? If he wants his waifu to shred the fuck out of her cunt and die when she tries to give birth to a centaur through her frontpussy, who cares?

>> No.13513084


But mamono mana only exists in the MGE universe. What if you took something like the MGQ universe into consideration? That shit literally draws and describes how different monstergirl vaginas are.

>> No.13513086 [DELETED] 

The front pussy is on the girl part, not the horse part, it's all good.

>> No.13513090
File: 685 KB, 800x600, Elf Teacher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How would you react to MG teachers in your school/uni?

>> No.13513091

EMG is a better example. MGQ is full of monstrosities.

>> No.13513093

I didn't say I believed that, but it was more like one of those over the top disaster scenarios the brain comes up with more than anything else. Like trying to imagine a person that obnoxious is both hilarious and terrifying.

>> No.13513096

>Not tusk maniac
>Not frontpussy idiot
So that makes you the guy who-...?

Obligatory "What are you even doing here?"

>> No.13513097

I'd try and not be a teacher's pet.

>> No.13513098

BTW I love you new Janitor!

>> No.13513099

thank god

>> No.13513102

You an Alp, son? Because teacher's pet is the best thing to be!

>> No.13513104

I'm all for having a monster daughter, I'm just reluctant for having a monster wife.

>> No.13513107

Actually he said it grows from the desire to cuddle face-to-face, or something like that.

And the original paragraph stated that both it, and the original rear-end cunt are tight as a human pussy. Though if you believe that one guy who has that one relevant pasta, horse-pussy is always capable of this, MAMONO MANA nonwithstanding.

>> No.13513108
File: 2.76 MB, 704x396, elf purging.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>knife-eared scum

>> No.13513109


Monstrosities with some crazy-ass vaginas.

>> No.13513110

Well...fair enough...I guess?

>> No.13513111

Not him but I'd rather make the teacher my pet
Especially if this >>13513090 is the teacher

>> No.13513112

It is. Mares can prevent rape by tightening their vaginas to the point that nothing can reasonably penetrate it. Despite its size it would be far tighter than a human woman.

>> No.13513115

Christ... Viral as a monster girl.

>> No.13513117

You should adopt. Though she'll probably claim you when she comes of age. If the Christmas Cakes don't get to you first.

>> No.13513118

B-but you should respect your elders!

>> No.13513120

B-But I don't want to have the Dragon teacher play favorites!
I would like to start dating once she's no longer my teacher

>> No.13513125

Both can be used to impregnate, no I have never imagined them giving birth through the front one.

>> No.13513127


>> No.13513131
File: 695 KB, 800x600, Cute.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably fascination at first, once the novelty wore off it'd entirely depend on the subject and her competency at teaching it. Also a healthy dose of "dayum, dem assets!"

>> No.13513132

I'm having trouble picturing it actually.

>> No.13513134

>you can't fuck belly-pussy
Not without rope or mad pecs, anyway.

>> No.13513137

I'm only talking about MGE's centaurs, so that's a discussion for another day.

>> No.13513141

Don't worry, I will. I'll be the most respectful pet owner/dom you can imagine.
I've never been one for punishment or verbal abuse. Positive reinforcement is a much better training tool.

>> No.13513143

>She's teaching Greek
Welp, I'm dropping this for something practical.

>> No.13513146

I'm just picturing that one scorpion chick. Aren't they the same race/spiral form/I-remember-jack-shit-about-TTGL anyways?
Captcha, that is a hamburger, not a sandwich.

>> No.13513147

I like you now. Go spread your good kind of maledom around.

>> No.13513149

Uni is different, but I'd be a better student through school cause I'd have to self-learn all day. Teachers too busy sucking cock

>> No.13513152
File: 22 KB, 334x295, 1424560696798.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lets all agree Mgs with 2 pussies are stupid
1) centaur
2) unicorn
3) manticore

lets face it 2 pussies is the dumbest childish fantasy ever.

>> No.13513153

It's on the human half, that's what matters.

>> No.13513154

Time to bust out the ballgags

>> No.13513156

You my nigga.

>> No.13513157

>Post gets deleted
>Most likely banned
>Responding so someone who responded to you
Enjoying the ban evasion?

>> No.13513158

What are the hours like? How many breaks do I get during a work day? Washroom? Lunch? Can security escort me to my car or the nearest bus station if I stay late? Some days I may get picked up, but other day's I have to get myself home, so I'm sure you'll understand why I'd be concerned with that. It is reassuring to know dental and medical are covered, I am definitely interested in this job.

What type of cliental can I expect to cuddle with? Who are your regulars? You don't need to name names, just monster types. Also what's the opinion of me potentially dating any of the security staff? I doubt that would happen, but I want all my bases covered.

>> No.13513159

This is giving me unwelcome ideas.

>> No.13513161
File: 2.58 MB, 946x522, plastic.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What MG has the best mating dance?

>> No.13513162

All beastmen are indeed all the same non-spiral race. They however cannot breed, though that doesn't mean they can't get into relationships as we see with Tymliph and Adiane.

>> No.13513167

My thanks. I haven't seen TTGL in forever.

>> No.13513168

Why you gotta be hating on Ms Happy?

>> No.13513169

What the legitimate shit did I just watch?

>> No.13513170

As opposed to a land full of sex starved babes who all want to fuck you, live off sex, promote harems, the rest?

>> No.13513171

So the retard is also a ban evader. There's a shock.

>> No.13513172

Manticore isn't really a pussy though. It's something else entirely, and gained the title of pussy through threadcanon meme.

>> No.13513175

What's this from?

>> No.13513176

That was my exact thought when this argument continued after that mass deletion.

>> No.13513177

Were you not paying attention? Obviously it was the dance of Hana-chan you retard.

>> No.13513178

Probably nothing changes, collage ain't going to pay for itself and I don't have time to start fucking teachers. But if there are monster girl students then my chances of having a girlfriend go up significantly.

>> No.13513180

I get that one a lot

>> No.13513181
File: 684 KB, 1323x629, Cancer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This grill.

>> No.13513182

I can't be someone who wants to keep the topic going?

>> No.13513183

Dance of Hana-chan the gorilla
Are you stupid?

>> No.13513184

If ass is the deciding factor probably troll or wight.

Kakuen is most likely to actually have a mating dance though.

>> No.13513190

Funny thing is it's technically where the scorpion's asshole is. Tailpussy is manticore anal.

>> No.13513191

Manticores are great. Tail pussy is love, tail pussy is life.
It also isn't exactly a pussy.

>> No.13513192

The use of "I'm" in your comment gave it away.

>> No.13513193

But if you sex the MG teachers, they'll give you good grades! Hell, you could even make one of them your girlfriend!

>> No.13513194

we need to replace rape with mating dances

>> No.13513195
File: 41 KB, 339x479, cancer2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cancer is so underrated

>> No.13513196


>> No.13513197

Oh yeah her, Viral did have a crush on her, he has good taste.

>> No.13513201

+tic neesan
I think

>> No.13513203

Monster girl fuckbuddy?

>> No.13513205


Still no PRW writing a sequel for the Ushi-Loli who did the mating dance and wrote a love letter for her neighbour. Damn you, cliffhangers!

>> No.13513206

This is the kind of thread Cancer I can really get behind.

>> No.13513207
File: 556 KB, 600x517, 01a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BTW here is the pixiv of this guy http://store.steampowered.com/app/353330/?snr=1_4_4__123

>> No.13513209

Also no Spaceworm updates.

>> No.13513212

Manny the manticore

>> No.13513213

So friends who Alped?

>> No.13513214

Plastic nee-san
It's fun as fuck but very short

>> No.13513215

I'd like them so much more without the crab eyes.

>> No.13513216

Or monster girl friends you fuck but don't get married to.

>> No.13513217

Are these from the same set of images?
Or are they from a VN or something?

>> No.13513219
File: 390 KB, 542x825, Tight Elf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will watch.

>> No.13513220

Dude I need to get that education myself, not be handed it by being the teacher's toy. I'm paying to learn! I need that down the road! Sure I'd be tempted to fuck them, but in the classroom I want to maintain a friendly, but profession relationship. Now if I ran into one at a bar and I wasn't in their class anymore then hell yeah I would! If I enjoy their class enough I might try to stay in contact with them afterwards!

>> No.13513221

>monster girl VN on Steam
What weird times to live in.

>> No.13513223
File: 795 KB, 905x1240, monoeye2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to bully that monoeye so hard

>> No.13513225

First is the Vanadis school game
Not sure about second

>> No.13513227

No, the harpy is from Sei Monmusu Gakuen, the elf is from Dark Lord.

>> No.13513228

What a goody-twoshoes, god damn. You do you though anon. Me, I want to marry a Christmas Cake with all sorts of assets.

>> No.13513229

What, did you miss when Nekopara was the first blockbuster 17+ title on steam? Shit got thousands of reviews for a net total of like 95%+ positive. Must have broken a ton of records for popularity and positive reviews.

>> No.13513233

Nekopara was a good time.

>> No.13513235

Wasn't that the censored version, though?

>> No.13513237

It's on steam, so yeah. The devs made making it 18+ again easy though.

>> No.13513238

Surprisingly cute. Still upset the big cat and the little sister didn't get any action

>> No.13513242

Sorry Anon, but collage is the one place I can't afford to fuck around in. I am however in complete agreeance with you on one thing. I too want to marry a Christmas Cake, I always loved older women!

>> No.13513243

Didn't that involve downloading a second copy of the game or something though?

>> No.13513244 [DELETED] 

Didn't really count, since kemonomimi stuff isn't exactly rare in Jap stuff the west gets exposed to. But you are right I guess.

>> No.13513245


Most VNs on steam usually release an 18+ patch which simply places back the adult pics they had to remove to put it on steam. It's one of those, "Don't ask, don't tell" tricks for getting adult game content on steam.

>> No.13513248

>You do you

This is like the third time I've heard this lately. Where did it come from?

>> No.13513249
File: 2.82 MB, 1920x1080, 1424556177172.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nekopara has some top-tier TECHNOLOGY and gameplay innovations

>> No.13513250

Yeah. I guess it wasn't actually that easy then, but you still got sick Steam cred for playing that catgirl game.

I'm fine with the tactic so long as the patch is free or cheap.

>> No.13513252

Generally, we like to have our boys come in on the mornings for those in training, as those hours are the slowest. Afternoon picks up, and after dinner shifts get very busy. You can chance your availability to anything you like. You will get a standard fifteen minutes break for a four to five hour shift, two fifteen minute breaks for six to seven hours, and two fifteen minutes and a thirty minute break for lunch for anything over eight hours. Washroom breaks can be taken anytime you require them, security will help in case of clingers.
The safety of our boys is paramount. Security will always be able to escort you to your vehicle or bus station, as long as they are not away for more than twenty minutes. Unfortunately we do not allow them to escort you all the way back home, as this usually leads to... complications.
Our regular clientele varies depending on time of day. Mornings start with sleepy schoolgirls and businesswomen looking to relax for a few minutes before a hard day. Expect tanuki of both ages, young and curious 'predator' MGs building their confidence, lamia needing a warm-up and Ara ara single mothers coming by after dropping their daughters off. Lunch has the same demographic come by, without the milfs.
Afternoons bring in the unemployed and college crowd. Gazers, oomukades, crow tengu looking for a cozy place to study, and even the occasional arachne.
After work and schools let out it gets very busy, with a wider range. Expect the morning crowd to return again, though the afternoon crowd usually doesn't like the crowd of this time slot.
Evenings is when the undead and nocturnal MGs come in. We get lots of zombies and were-bats, and even some lonely gargoyles. There is a vampire girl that comes by towards closing time when very few other MGs are about too. Besides those mentioned, it's a rather mixed bag.
It is not recommended to date the security staff, but not prohibited. Worst is you'll lose some tips.

>> No.13513253

Dang that heterochromatic slut is fine. Can I bang her in it?

>> No.13513257

No one could've predicted Japan's advancement in TECHNOLOGY
I miss those /a/ threads

>> No.13513258

It's always free. I mean, devs sell their game on multiple sites, not just steam. If the steam version meant they lose game content, no one would buy it for steam -- they'd get the full game for the same price elsewhere.

So it's always free, or at least, I have yet to encounter otherwise.

>> No.13513260


>> No.13513262

Nope, you only get to fuck the two in the maid costumes in the first part.
No idea what the second part will have, but it'll probably expand the list of fuckable characters.

Oh look, Captcha is telling me coffee is soup.

>> No.13513263

She's a Maine Coon?

>> No.13513266

Maine Coon is quite possibly the best cat breed there is.

>> No.13513267

I want ragdoll daughterus.

>> No.13513269

Captcha thinks pizza is a drink and that burritos are sandwiches.

>> No.13513270

>She's a Maine Coon?
If memory serves. There's a black joke in there somewhere.

>> No.13513271

So you can have them turn into liquid cat when you pick them up?

>> No.13513272

She's basically the tongue of a crab, not doing much for attractiveness.

>YFW you can't stop imagining her doing the sound Kingler does

>> No.13513273

I wish I'd known what I