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Previous thread: >>13486833

This thread is for the discussion of all Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know how it goes.

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File: 119 KB, 1280x720, [Final8]Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!! - 11 (BD 10-bit 1280x720 x264 AAC)[5065E170].mkv_snapshot_10.08_[2012.09.06_19.59.00].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you explain to those who didn't read the majikoi vn what she meant by that phrase? I don't quite have time to sit through the vn myself only to find it out.

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It has an entry on Urban Dictionary, really.

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Why do they make so many remakes?

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The series is popular but theold games have aged like milk.

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Been reading UNTLed VN's for about a while now, haven't played that much but I'm currently reading SubaHibi. I wanted to know of some more 'essential' VNs that I should play to get into the medium a bit more. I plan on reading Baldr Sky next, but after that there's a lot to choose from and I need someone to hold my hand.

It seems that pic related was a bit outdated so I wondered if /jp/ had anything else to recommend.

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that list is pretty awesome but is there a way to tell the difficulty in actually reading?

>I'm assuming that the writing doesn't mean difficulty but rather how well it is written

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oh yeah I didn't even think about that. Yeah the writing scale refers to how well it was written I think. To be honest though the difficulty of the writing doesn't really concern me though unless it's REALLY hard like Muramasa or Dies Irae. I like to think I'm learning pretty good and can tackle just about anything right now.

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Really? That's amazing. Allow me to suck your cock.

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LOSE's new game's poll results for most H-scenes.

1. 124cmの娘
2. 143cmの娘
3. 158cmの娘
4. 148cmの娘
5. 114cmの娘
6. 130cmの娘
7. 160cmの娘
8. 164cmの娘

My number 1 and 2 votes rightfully went to places 1 and 2.

Larger images at http://www.lose.jp/wp/imp

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>114 that low
>143 anywhere near the top
>160 over 164

Absolutely awful taste.

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158cm of pure perfection

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148cm and 143cm is supreme.

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You mean 148 and 158

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you mean 160 and 158

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Filthy pedophiles. Don't you know that any girl that is shorter than 270cm or with breasts below G-cups legally cannot consent, and that any sexual action taken with her is outright rape?

Please take your disgusting fetishes against underheight girls to another board. /jp/ is for mature ladies only.

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Go play any of the hundreds of other games with grannies and GTFO my Lose.

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It's not rape if they like it, boyo.

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out of curiosity are there more images like this?

like a compiled list?

I;ve seen different boards do them but still can't really find a collection other than finding one like this with a post.

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guess there's this still don't know if /uvn/ has their own


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I should probably finish this VN already.

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When is unisonshift making a new game?

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Quick question regarding Eve burst error for pc 98,

Is it required to play both Kojiroh and Marina's episodes at the same time?

I seem to be unable to progress on Kojiroh's route at the moment (as I cannot seem to find any plot triggering events), but I'm unsure as to whether I need to start Marina's or perhaps I'm just missing something.

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Yes, yes, it's required to play both.

I know because I'm also stuck at both, you need to play Marina route for a bit to Kojiroh's event to unlock.

I'm not sure why you play it for PC98 when there's a newer PC version that gives you the choice to switch characters at will instead of just reloading save.

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>because I was also stuck at both, you need to play Marina route to the same day where Kojiroh's route is stuck*

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Just to confirm, I'm assuming the part where you can't progress (Where I am currently now) is, It is night, and Kojiroh is coming out of the shotbar after having just met Aqua, and you meet Marina in the lobby with the other man. Afterwords you are required to continue searching for Purin however nothing is triggering an event, but there seems to be a change of music when you re-enter Princess hotel, however there is no event.

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Yes, that very same night.

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accidental NTR

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So you like fucking giants?

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Hey, does anyone on here have a guide of how to set up mechanical translations? I want to do so in order to help better my japanese and get through some VNs that have yet to be translated.

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Trying to get into the baldr series, starting with force. Getting a working torrent for that is going to be hard, does anyone happen to have this title lying around?

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Anyone could upload the first trial of Futsuno Fantasy?
I want to re-read it but It's impossible to find

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try this one:

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Thanks, but it's password protected

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Password is hako.re

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Two last updates from Bishop were about recruiting staff members. Why don't you join them?

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Thank you

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Essentials you could try out are Eustia, Kiminozo, White Album 2, Cross Channel (the original is completely different), Parfait, Baldr Force, and so on. Also that image was made quite some time ago but it's a decent reference, just don't take the scores too seriously. Wonder if Asceai is even alive.

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What font do I need for this to display correctly?

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Nevermind, I figured it out.

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It's actually kinda nice.

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>Cross Channel (the original is completely different),
What do you mean?

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And no updates on newest game.
Though, it was announced earlier that usual.

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The translation is pretty much a rewrite of the whole thing.

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Hey guys, what are some good ways to keep on top of what is going on in the visual novel world? Other than being subscribed to a particular company's twitter or news feed, is there anything else you do? I hate always being the last to know something, for example I misses LOSE's polling. What are some good Japanese sites with information about stuff like this? Preferably one that updates daily at least.

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Since this is the closest thread I can find, do any of you guys know if theres a visual novel on the vita that is in english? I see alot of Japan Import visual novels but not sure if any have english subs.
>sucks being monolingual.

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Not anything beyond few otome games that I'm aware of, but people here (myself included) don't really pay attention to english releases so I could be wrong. Try vndb.

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Do you think anyone stuck here can actually read without machine translation? Those who know Japanese have long migrated to Japanese boards.

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Steins gate will be one.

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This is probably the wrong place to ask but could anyone provide a link for Imouto Paradise? I've been wanting to play it for a while but have failed to find a download.

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If only.

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I wish I could rub your back, Anon.

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