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Is Kanako the Sex Symbol of Gensokyo?

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Kanako isn't a sex symbol of anything.

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she is a fat old lady

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~Mommy snake~

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Look at these three and tell me Kanako is the one that's a sex symbol.

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I love Mom.

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Kanako is a shrewd and intelligent businesswoman who is awkward at sensitive, personal issues like love. Sanae is a complete nerd who wants to ride giant robots and shit. Suwako is a lewd sex goddess who will drain your balls dry while kissing you so deep that her frog tongue is pretty much raping your throat.

There's no real question there.

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i can't tell her apart from the other religionhu with the gradient hair
i think Suwako is more of a sex symbol, she basically does "it" several times a day and made a lot of tadpoles

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Old hag of Gensokyo

Do not want!

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If i remove her ring will she die?

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someone should edit this with a MMD model of Sanae beating up a Kanako pillow

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She's just a faithslut that will do anything for faith at other peoples expense when she's done almost nothing to deserve it.
like a really annoying attention whore who webcams and posts their stream link all over 4chan hoping to become the next Pewdiepie even if they are terrible at entertaining people.

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Go drink pee.

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Awkward, embarrassed Kanako is cute too!

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Kanako's pretty experienced, so she really knows what she's doing.

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'Go forth and multiply' is the creed of any decent god.

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That's not Kanako

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She's a big girl.

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For you

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Well, she is. She's the only one there showing her lewd bare feet off!

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If I pull that hat off, will you die?

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Hug Mom

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She's a snake and twin onabashira

Of course she's a sex symbol

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is there higher res of this image?

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smelling kanakp old woman scent!

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For me to hug!