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when did you first learn about touhou, /jp/?
which game did you beat first?
when did you beat it?
how long did it take?

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Can someone please link me to that guy's page that has all those weird spanish Touhou MMD things like Flan's Mexican birthday and the thing with Yuugi making the others kiss?

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Around 2010, when I first got into shoot em ups.
I first played MoF. Left it for a few years.
Last year I came back and beat EoSD for the first time. It took me a few months.

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6 months

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i won't answer you little fucker anything that can be used against me
knowledge is power, you know?

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The one with the Yama as the final boss.
Not long, it's an easier one.

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~2008, touhou 6 IIRC
Never ever gotten past 1st boss. I don't like this kind of game.

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2008 on /a/
Fall 2010
Like three months

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Subterranean Animism
Later in 2010.
5 months?

The other games seem a lot easier by comparison.

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What do you mean 'really'? I don't think any of this sounds to odd.

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Just wow.

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It was early 2014 so it is still over a year and I have been at /jp/ on and off for a year. But then none of this is too important.

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>Can someone please link me to that guy's page that has all those weird spanish Touhou MMD things like Flan's Mexican birthday and the thing with Yuugi making the others kiss?

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2009ish. Through that one sekkenya music video for eien tewi.
Never really beat the games, though I sampled all of them.
Listen to the music 24/7 and read the non-h doujins, and read all the canon material.

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I am fairly new to the games, been with the fanbase for couple of years but wan't a regular on /jp/, I try to post the least and learn before I shitpost because I respect /jp/ as a board, tough, it might seem laughable to some of you probably.
Strugling with MoF on hard and normal.

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Same here, except 2015
I don't get it, is EoSD easymodo?

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No, it's the fact that you guys have gotten into the franchise so recently, unlike us oldfags.

But I don't really care, I'm happy that the fanbase is getting new members. We need to bolster our numbers, we need to crush the abomination that is Kankolle. Come, our darkest hour is upon us!

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Kancolle will be dead soon when/after TH15 comes out.

It's already near dead on /jp/, by the way. General threads are barely getting posts.

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HAH! I knew those boatsluts would just be a fad.

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Oh thank you jesus. You don't know how happy that makes me.
The nightmare is over. Long live ZUN.

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You guys can verify by checking the catalog.

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I'm not giving the kancole thread hits!

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Kancolle felt too forced for me to get into it.
I couldn't masturbate to any of them without feeling like some dirty guys in business suits is rubbing his hands.
The game's shit. The anime's shit.
How am I supposed to like it?

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You are just thinking too hard.

The doujins are the artist's creations anyway.

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Excuse me, are you authorized to take surveys in this sector?

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2010 with the porn
3 months

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Lotus Land Story
1 day

It took me a very long time to get into the games to want to get a 1cc. There were a number of years where I was against them, but it took LLS to get me to warm up to them.

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Before 2004
The same week I downloaded it.
A couple of days I guess.

So that's where the Aya/Momizi video was from.

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I don't remember

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I was scrolling through random electronic music on youtube and i heard Phantom Ensemble for the first time and i thought it was the greatest. I eventually looked up touhou amd thought it was cool. Played PCB first. I later discovered /jp/ as a homebase for touhou. Been obsessed ever since.

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I think it was 2008, after seeing countless Touhou hijacks on /a/ and getting curious about what the fuck that was about, then finding a video of IN Extra on YouTube and downloading it from Moogy's now dead site that had iso files of all games up until then. Can't remember how long it took until I beat IN, but I think it wasn't much time because my computer was even worse back then and I didn't know about the slow rate or the config, so I ended up playing IN Normal at half speed for quite a bit.

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>when did you first learn about touhou, /jp/?
December 2010 or January 2011
I felt like playing a STG, specifically Strikers 1945 II as I played it since childhood. Stumbled upon an IN Extra stage clear video and was instantly captivated by the music.

>which game did you beat first?
EoSD normal Marisa B.
Finished PCB and IN the next day on easy BY ACCIDENT

>when did you beat it?
27th January 2011

>how long did it take?
Started played on the 7th, finished within 20 days. Since I used to play only on weekends, you can say I had around 10 days of actual playing.

Thank you based Strikers.

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Get a load of all these OLD hags!
Make way for the new fandom!
We're hip!
>And I'm not even quoting anyone

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I knew about Touhou in 2013, the first game i played was Embodiment of Scarlet Devil but i beated PCB first in... I don't know, i think in november 2013.

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>OLD hags
B-but I'm still on my 20s

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I learned about Touhou in middle school so around 2007/8 I only listen to the music than

2015 didn't start playing the game until 2013ish

Took me about 1 year to 1cc the game

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2 years
got some shit scores later, moved onto kancolle now, 2hu sucks

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I first downloaded them in 2007 and tried to start on TH01. Big mistake, didn't like the game at all and didn't touched the series again until 2009 when I stumbled on a beginners Touhou thread which recommended players to start with EoSD.

Took me a week to 1cc it (it was my first Danmaku STG, previously I had only played Gradius/Thunder Force/R-Type, it was hard a balls, I played it every day and chessed the shit out of it) and a month to 1cc all the games that were out then (UFO came out during the same year so I cleared that later and SA was a bitch).

I think I took another month or two to clear all the extras but I'm not sure. During the following years I started taking on hard mode which I have all cleared today.

I never seriously tried Lunatic, maybe one day.

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Long ago. When IN first came out?
Long ago. Also when IN first came out.
Long. A month I guess? It's IN, can't have taken long.

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I have no clue. I've seen Reimu and Marisa around forever so possibly 2006-ish? I remember when 2HU HIJACK was a big thing. I didn't start looking into it very much until 4 years ago, and after that, probably didn't start playing the games till 3 years ago. I remember beating EoSD first. It didn't take very long after I got used to the arrow keys. Still haven't 1cc'd though.

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>I remember beating EoSD first.
>Still haven't 1cc'd though.
anycc is just a bombfest and doesn't count.

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I discovered it like most people when Marisa Stole the Precious Thing and Overdrive were running rampant.
That means I started and stayed for a while as a filthy secondary.

Soon after I read the whole written works within a week since I really liked touhou and wanted to know everything about it.

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breddy much 2009, didn't play the actual games until like 2012. th 06 first, dunno when i completed it when

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I learned about it when my buddy zun rang me up and was all like yo bro come over and test this game I made, so I went off with some beer and noodles and one cc'd it all night long

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07-08ish from my cousin
Don't remember

I remember listening Letty's music for the first time and how amazed I was.
I listened the whole touhou soundtrack before I played any other game.

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around 2009
don't remember
about two weeks

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3 months or so?

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2005-6ish I guess.
EoSDon easy
MoF on hard
A while. I'm not good.

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>>And I'm not even quoting anyone
A small light of hope for the future

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early 2011
mountain of faith
couple of weeks after starting

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fuck knows

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Had an awareness of it around 2008
Started listening to all sorts of music from it since 09, but didn't really know what these arranges really were until a bit later.
Loved the music and got into some Remi x
Sakuya doujins, but couldn't play the games until 2013. (Had a mac as only computer)

I beat EoSD within a couple months of play, and now i've cleared at least half of the games on normal and two ex bosses.

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i think it took me 1.5 years to beat StB when it came out and one year alone i was trying beating one single spellcard
Kaguya's 9–6 sure was annoying as hell and pretty much the only spellcard i had a lot of trouble with

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2010 on /g/
2 years

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- Around 2008 (touhou), 2010 (/jp/)
- Around 2008, although I only found out about the concept of 1cc later. Maybe in 2011.
- 1cc wasn't terribly difficult on normal, maybe 2 days. Extra and phantasm a day later. This was done with previous experience from some stgs, I still haven't practised hard really.

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So many newfag secondaries here

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A few weeks to beat it without continuing on normal

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2003 or 2004 from a post on a One Piece fansub message board
Perfect Cheery Blossom
2003 or 2004
A couple days after I got it to clear easy and like a week to clear normal. Played it a lot up until Imperishable Night came out on some mIRC channel

Never would have thought that I would be playing and following this series with a passion 12 years later but god damn do I love everything Touhou

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>when did you first learn about touhou, /jp/?

January 2015. There was this song https://youtu.be/vyj58s9VI6M bundled by default in a rhythm game called osu!.
Few days later, I found Bad Apple while browsing youtube for vocaloid songs, which led me to IOSYS stuff, then I found that the song in osu! with many others that I downloaded were also related to touhou, so I finally googled it to see what the hell it was.
I watched an IN Extra stage video, and it looked fucking awesome.

I started with EoSD on normal, and got PCB not so long after.
I couldn't even 1CC easy, then I tried IN, and beat it after watching replays and strategies, then quickly moved to normal and 1CC it 2 days after.
I've been trying for two months to 1CC PCB on normal, and almost did it a week ago, but lost my last live in the two last fucking seconds on Yuyuko's last spellcard (when everything begins slow down), pic related.

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Fuck off newfag

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Being new doesn't mean you're a secondary, you should know that more than anyone else.

Keep the good work anon, practice deathbombing.

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~3 weeks

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2008 or 2009 on some MMORPG forum.
2009 in release day. Man it was fantastic comicet. Hisoutensoku, UFO, touhouvania.
I was busy playing it for a weeks.
Few hours for easy, Year for normal. 1cc all other touhous on normal and IN on hard by the time. Fucking curving lasers and last Byakuren's spellcard.

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The earliest I can remember seeing it was a wallpaper set in 2008 but /a/ actually got me interested in it in 2010 or so due to secondary work.

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spring of 2003
summer of 2003
2-3 months. I Found it in March,Found an English patch in Late May and beat it last week of July.

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>That webm

Remilia is one twisted little bitch Ain't she?

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2009 or thereabouts
Around 2010ish
Three restarts before I got the hang of it.
I played EoSD first, though. I still haven't beaten Remilia.
I've played all of the games (including the PC-98s) at least once (even if I haven't beaten them), except for STB/DS and the most recent ones.

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What is that from anyways?

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A Genocide Kitten drawing found wandering in the japanese internet of 2006

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something like six years ago
two months or so

>> No.13514543

a week ago
LoLK demo
six days ago
one day

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>It's already near dead on /jp/

What does that prove? /jp/ isn't really that up to date with alot of otaku stuff nowadays.

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Taco humor

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>My weeb shit's better than your weeb shit

>> No.13515433

Not even a Kancolle fan, dude. All you're were really saying is that Kancolle fans aren't posting in /jp/

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japanes!= weeb

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2009, watched Musou Kakyou. I thought it was somehow connected to Higurashi.
A lot of time.

>> No.13515488

Watched Extra Stage of IN
Played EoSD first but I don't remember when
It took me 2-3 months

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Started seeing a lot of IOSYS vids and memes circa 2009 or so.


2012. I got the games pretty soonish after finding what Touhou actually was, but was put away by the difficulty (I always preferred fighting games to shooters).

About 3 months of constant practice, watching replays and memorizing patterns.

BLOGGING CORNER: I find that the shooters after TH8 have bullshit artificial difficulty on them in the form of too much bright shit happening on the background, which confuses me about what to dodge. In TH15, the way graze works (small white dots that fly to your character) is a prime example of this bullshit.

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This is my favorite one.

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December 2014
couple weeks

I've been playing alot of Impossible Spell Card lately

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PoFV, but if that doesn't count PCB
I can't remember

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I forgot the name of that person in that picture frame. Fuck.

Remilia is cute

>> No.13517958

Chabelo? That guy is near immortal. The video he posted is this abomination.


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Late 2011 I guess.
25th Juli 2012 with Marisa B.
Approximately 3 months.

>> No.13518807

probably PCB (I accidentally started with Shoot the Bullet and was confused as hell because I thought it was how all the games were played)
a week maybe?

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It took a couple weeks to 1cc it on normal, a month later I cleared the extra stage. Though I must confess that I probably would not have cleared extra that early without watching a video of someone playing it.

>> No.13520611

hopefully eosd
hopefully sometime in the next 6 months
Hopefully I'll beat it today and it'll only have taken 6 months to beat it. Most likely it'll take me more like 10 months.

Eosd is a hard game.

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>when did you first learn about touhou, /jp/?
2009, was looking for hard games on youtube and stumbled on touhou

>which game did you beat first?
touhou 10

>when did you beat it?

>how long did it take?
1 day to beat normal

after playing some of the touhou games I got more interested in the characters and after that I became a touhou fan.


fav games: touhou 5, 10, 11, 14, 15(trial)

tl;dr: touhou

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Marisa stole the precious thing/overdrive
they are games?

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>when did you first learn about touhou, /jp/?
I first learned about Touhou in 2014 after me and my friend had been playing another shmup called Jamestown, and he recommended it to me.
>which game did you beat first?
I first started playing PCB, but I played a few others as well (UFO and IN, as well as some non-touhou shmups like DoDonPachi) before I beat it.
>when did you beat it?
Mid to late 2014? I left it alone for a really long time and then after a few weeks of playing every day I finally got my first 1cc.
>how long did it take?
I guess like, a year, although it was more an on and off thing. I still feel pretty stupid about taking that long though.

After PCB I played EoSD and was able to clear it after a few weeks, and then a month later about I cleared PCB extra. I worked on a UFO clear for a little bit but I've not played in a while. When I'm a bit better at shmups and more consistant I'd like to play for score.

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>when did you first learn about touhou, /jp/?
Around 2006, McRoll, Night of Nights, Sakuya PADS.
Years later, Emotional Skyscraper, Nuclear Fusion.
>which game did you beat first?
IN Easy Slow Mode 1CC FinalB clear with ReiKari and YouYuko(easy modo? git gud, yeah yeah I know)
TD Easy 1CC with Reimu
>when did you beat it?
A few weeks ago actually.
>how long did it take?
January 2015 a friend gave me the link to Moriya Shrine for the games and music. Since I was finishing up my first year of college, I would play TD in between studies. After the finals was over, I gave it a full run.

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>Bad Apple
This has to be bait.

>> No.13530912

As we all know, the supply of newcomers to /jp/ cut off in 2015.

>> No.13531217

2009 from U.N Owen Was Her YTPMVs
Don't remember
Don't remember too but I don't remember it being too hard on normal difficult

>> No.13531264

knew about touhou for a long time but always thought it was just some stupid generic weeb crap when it was posted on /v/, but I played touhou 6: embodiment of the scarlet devil 2 days ago and its fucking great
I hated japan and anime and weeboos but fuck touhou is changing everything I thought of japan and weebs
I still cant decide who is best 2hu

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Try harder

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2013 because of https://youtu.be/SJkygCzdFxY
Really like youmu's theme so when i found out it was from touhou i downloaded pcb right away but did not play it much but i still was interested in the music and characters. I actually started visiting /jp/ like 3 months ago which is when i started to play touhou again and today was when i finally managed to beat IN on normal which makes me feel like a total noob

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2009 in May
like 5 weeks later

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just a reminder that "beating a touhou game" means 1cc it at least on normal mode
but this isn't really an archivement if you don't play it on lunatic
you could probably delete 90% of this thread, considering that

>> No.13537476

>but this isn't really an archivement if you don't play it on lunatic
and who the fuck made you the judge?
beating a game is beating a game.
it's like saying you can't really play guitar until you know how to shred

>> No.13537584

He's sort of right though. Just getting by isn't an achievement. When I first started piloting a ship, i bounced off of nearly every piling cluster on my way to the dock. I made it to the dock sure but did I know how to? Did I sucessfully achieve my goal? No.

>> No.13537641

march '11
april 2011
took me 1 month and a couple days

Found it through some "le death waltz" crazy piano sheet thing, the one with a too many notes.

Had no idea what sort of game it was before playing it. I just liked the music, and heard that it was from EoSD in the youtube comments so I played it.

I played the other games inbetween 1ccing EoSD.

>> No.13537689

you will never experience the proper spellcards if you only play on normal, some spellcards are even left out on normal
i like the part of touhou where you have some spellcard that first seems impossible, but after hundreds of tries and training you manage to beat them and archived something, while playing on normal you can probably 1cc it on first try

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He's right though... You haven't truly beaten a game, ANY game unless you beat it at default difficulty,and you can't brag unless you've beaten the game at it's hardest.

Claiming you've beaten a Touhou game because you've won on Beginner or easy is likee saying "I Can play guitar" because you can play the first 30 seconds of Smoke on the Water.

>> No.13537751

I thought that beating a game here in /jp/ means 1ccing on Normal 100% of the time.

Does this mean that people above took months and years to 1cc easy? lmao

>> No.13537762

>Just getting by isn't an achievement.

determined by whom?

>like the part of touhou where you have some spellcard that first seems impossible, but after hundreds of tries and training you manage to beat them and archived something

feeling that you have achieved something is individual no determined by others.

>you can't brag unless you've beaten the game at it's hardest.

brag to whom?

>> No.13537771

anyone. You can say "Yea I Beat it" but you can't pick on someone who hasn't because YOU still have something to accomplish.

>> No.13537814

None of my friends would give a fuck if I beat a touhou game on the hardest level.

when I beat the my first touhou game on normal I was like "fuck yes!" and that was an achievement for me, and after that when I beat it on hard I was like "cool..."

>> No.13537816

>at least on normal mode
You mean lunatic?

You didn't need to quote them because it was obvious what part of their posts you were referring to.

Completing Touhou on normal, 1cc or not, is a non achievement. You're saying you passed primary school. Completing or 1ccing easy gives you the ability to say you passed nursery, or kindergarten, or whatever you call it in your dialect. This is inherent to the genre. Easy and normal are to ease you into the game, and allow you to learn the controls without being butchered. Hard and lunatic are the real game - the real normal and hard modes.

/jp/ won't take you seriously otherwise, and everyone else will flat out ignore you.

>> No.13537831

So what's stopping you from trying to beat the game on Lunatic?????

If you're content fine,but Most players would push to beat the game at it's hardest... and doing that is an achievement.

>> No.13537866

>You didn't need to quote them because it was obvious what part of their posts you were referring to.
yes I completely needed to do that otherwise /jp/ wouldn't take me seriously.
>Completing Touhou on normal, 1cc or not, is a non achievement
for some people it is
>Hard and lunatic are the real game - the real normal and hard modes.
then the game could only be hard and lunatic mode. fuck the learning curve.
>everyone else will flat out ignore you
no, you didn't ignore me.

>> No.13537880

>So what's stopping you from trying to beat the game on Lunatic?
me, I play the game because it's fun, if it's to hard I don't find it fun anymore, just frustrating.

>> No.13537903

That whole Part about Suika pitying Charlie Brown made me laugh my ass off...

>> No.13537911

That's you then. If missing parts of the game is fun then I Guess you had fun....

>> No.13537936

I can look up the missing parts on youtube ;)

not to say that on some games I'm pushing myself to the limit, like fighting games and fps, but just not shump's

>> No.13537941

2014, haven't played any of them

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I got McRolled, I liked the song so much I found the game and played it.
I think that was around 2007?

I beat Mountain of Faith first, years later. I kyannot remember, the date...

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get the HELL back to >>>/v/ with your normie behaviour and take your greentext and unnecessary newlines with you

>> No.13538191

how about you go to hell you fucking pice of shit

>> No.13538301

Can't remember exactly. A few days? Maybe a week? I don't think it took too long.

>> No.13538388

1998 or so, I found reimu cosplay while I was browsing Japanese Internet over dialup.