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You know, I'm starting to wonder. Maybe it's actually an honest truth, that the majority of people on 4chan are simply desperately unattractive virgins.

Here's a message to all you fucking losers who're fapping to pictures of cartoon girls - There are people out there, people like me, that have sex with girls. In the real world. You might not actually be a virgin, but the one overweight redheaded chick you nailed while you were doing an Art and Animation course at the local community college doesn't count - you'd be crushed in her bull-like stampede as she rushed to fall to her knees should a person like myself even show her the slightest sniff of attention.

There are gentlemen, such as myself, who have slept with a good number of women. We don't get to fuck every woman we see, no one is that successful, but we are in a position where we can choose from a number of girls who are offering interest. They say that 90% of the girls want 10% of the men - we're that 10%.

We're cute. We're tall. We're genetically predisposed to having an attractive body. We put on a bit of weight? It sits just fine. We're funny and charming. When we talk to girls, we're confident and in charge. When we're talking to girls, curiosity fills our hearts, not the gut-wrenching fear of yet another failure.

And as for you? You masturbate to a fantasy representation of a girl that never can exist. You have failed. You have failed. You have failed.

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Thanks Anonymous for the brand new copypasta. I am quite bored of all the So Cash parodies.

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Drop dead.

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I have seen too many made up copypasta it's hard for me to rage anymore. After all 4chan is just a playground.

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Fuck you
I've had sex with only one girl, who I've been with the last two years. Unlike your vain ass, I won't be jacking off in the mirror to my ego, and I will always be able to count my STD's using no hands. She has an amazing body, and there are plenty of beautiful girls at my highschool that envy the hell out of her. Just because you're involved with yourself enough to go out and brag about shit that a lot of other people that use computers might have, doesn't mean you're cool. You're going to die alone, poor, very painfully. Poor, because your wife, should you live long enough to get one, is going to leave you, with your house, kids, assuming you even get that far, and posessions. I'll agree a lot of people on the net will be virgins for a long time. But they'll also be there to laugh as your corpse rots, along with the other handful of good-guys that don't brag about how fucking big their ego is, and how many sluts want to share their fluids with you. Because NO ONE CARES. So enjoy your oh so wonderful life, that seems to be so empty you need to waste time posting dumb shit like this on 4chan.

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Not true! /jp/ is moe, because they're shy and unstable hikkis terrified of human interaction. They just need the right person to help them out. :3

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>there are plenty of beautiful girls at my highschool that envy the hell out of her.
>I've had sex with only one girl
Get out.

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Good luck trying to get laid with that tiny asian penis, faggot. (Taking it up the ass from people claiming to be girls does not count)

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No. We are people of average looks and above average intelligence, who shun the 3D world because the 3D world is too disgusting and ugly for our tastes.

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Although I did not rage, it does sadden me that this is true. ;_;

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/fit/ to /jp/:

Sup /jp/, This morning when I woke up, I ran 5 miles, cut the grass, walked my dog, trimmed my trees and bushes, worked on the shed im building, fucked my girlfriend, paid my bills, drank a few protein shakes, then took a shower.

What did you do /jp/? Fap to traps? Hah, I love /jp/; You fat pathetic losers make me laugh.

-Love, /fit/

Pic related: it's me and my abs.

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LOL, OP's pic stopped just b4 the peen

Good thing tho, his entire troll almost became a joke ^_^


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/fit/, not to be confused with /gay/

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Hey now this isn't /b/. If you wanna dump some copypasta at least turn them into something /jp/ related.

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I see /r9k/ in the subject field and I don't bother reading any of these posts. Now go away. To /r9k/.

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Oh God, the normalfaggotry is overwhelming...

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You're tsundere too. It's adorable.

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Hey guys stop raging over these copypasta. Obviously the creator is also just like us, he made up the copypasta just for shits and giggles (or trolling if you prefer). The OP is not even his own picture for gods sake.

(also, polite sage to be safe).

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Good morning /jp/.
Oh look what we have he-

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>Hah, I love /jp/; You fat pathetic losers make me laugh.

You don't capitalize the first word after a semicolon unless it's a proper noun.

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Thanks for the laugh.

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