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Are you expecting permanent changes to Gensokyo after TH15?

For the first time we have a real war going on.

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>my bones feeling it

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the moon bitches are going to get the gas treatment and the moon is gonna be shared by reimu,marisa,sanae and reisen, 1/4 for each.
kinda like germany after WW2

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What the hell is Sanae going to do with a quarter of a moon?

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Rebuild Jerusalem.

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Gee, I wonder who could be behind this invasion

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The fact there will never be a moon rabbit war movie saddens me.

Truly the greatest race.

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>For the first time we have a real war going on.
Reimu will kick some metallic spider's ass and then they will all go back to the shrine and drink tea together. Nothing will change.

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Reimu is not doing that, they can't fight them head on which is why they are infiltrating the moon to see what's wrong with them.

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>Reimu is not doing that
>Implying you won't be fighting metallic spiders, airplanes and tanks on the surface of the moon

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I dunno man, probably more rabbit soldiers then lunarian bosses.

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> Implying the Watatsukis won't be forced to work as peasants on the Earth as punishment

>This kills the pure moonie

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Zun has a golden chance to give us magic/faith vs. science/technology. I want battleships, war machines and other stuff.

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It's probably happening in the background as always.

Or it's Seihou all over again.

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Woo we can kill rabbits instead of fairies!

Reimu almost dies and uses this as a reason to seriously train. Next game is HRtP2

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Please pay attention to the plot, the Watatsuki aren't behind this.

And who ye quoting?

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>Please pay attention to the plot
Zun should really stop putting the premise in the manuals and actually have the characters talk directly in game, maybe in an "intro" section in the main menu. It's so jarring having to do so many jumps to reliably understand what's going on.
Not to mention he's going full retarded marvel route where you not only have to play all of the installments but also need to read all the various spinoffs (which inlcude story from music albums, a couple of mangas and some books about gensokyo's newspapers and spellcards).

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I was trying to reply seriously, but find out all I need to say is: "whatever, dude, pay attention to the plot".

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The fun part of touhou is that you can piece together your own ideas based on what you know and what you accept as credible

>PMiSS saying half of the character are more powerful than God

>All of the manga ever happening at all

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>PMiSS saying half of the character are more powerful than God
PMiSS didn't say this.

Only Yukari entry said this, and the book was edited by Yukari herself.

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>Yuyuko's power is to instantly kill any living creature and there is no counter to this (hourai don't count I assume)

>Reimu "Reality does not apply" Hakurei

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All the manga are canon since the game actually follow their plitline.

TH15 follow plotline left over from SSiB/CiLR.

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That's not godlike power though.

And Yuyuko's power is her manual in PCB while Reimu's power is in IN.

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Who are you quoting?

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Somebody explain me what the hell is happening about touhou 15?
Is ZUN making something that will completly change touhou?

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In most Touhou games stage 1 is "Lol wtf sum spirits are going wonky better find out what's going on"

In this one it is a DEFCON 1 level invasion of Gensokyo where the Lunarians are literally admitting to trying to wipe out all life on Earth.

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>For the first time we have a real war going on.
Windows baby detected.

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Absolutely not. This "invasion" is terribly limited and there haven't been any casualties either.

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There probably are, but just background shit that no one cares about (like outsiders getting eaten).

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>suppressed AR
>for space battles

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We COULD make one ourselves...
[epicness intensifies]

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SDM built a fucking functional moon rocket [with window boxes for flowers!] in like 6-12 weeks.
It took NASA 12 years.
Technology will someday be confronted by magic [basically, Gensokyo introduces itself to the real world].
Then the shit hits da fan.

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mfw the lunarians and their bunnies get BTFO

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SDM built the rocket based on what they learned on NASA tech.

It's still a matter of "human magic" that the vampire relies on, when "Gensokyo magic" can take them there without the need of rocket i.e. gapping.

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I have no money nor motivation.

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>yfw when the entire plot point of TH15 and onward is about this

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Who ye quoting, suka?

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>after TH15

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The SDM rocket only worked because it got tweaked by Eirin and got powered by three gods.
And even then it barely made it since they used Marisa as an emergency propeller.

I'd post the page where Reisen laughs at the rocket but apparently 4chan says it has a malicious file.

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Full-scale invasion from the moon ongoing. Rabbit soldiers will roam, rape and pillage the earth!

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Can't wait for the doujin.

Youkai raped, fairies raped, everything raped by the Bunny Army. At gunpoint.

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No, OP.

I am not an autistic retard, I hope for your sake your parents eventually treat you and I guess continue what will be your 5th grade education minus the plus of home schooling.

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>I am not an autistic retard

But you are: >>/jp/thread/S12864507

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trips exist to be ignored, carry on.

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She'll use it as her personal storage for all the semen she has collected.

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>The Lunar military invade Gensokyo
>Only one person is left who has the experience to actually fight professional soldiers.
>Awoo, motherfucker.

>tfw no game where you control Momiji fighting Lunar soldiers with WW2 overtones.
>No grisly bayonet executions.
>No bloody escapes from POW camps
>No large scale tank battles that make Kursk look like a skirmish

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I want to get gangraped by moon rabbits.

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>real war

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Ghosts was absolutely terrible.

I knew Infinity Ward was bad, but didn't think they were that retarded.

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You don't need expitence to shoot Panzerfaust, man.

I have whole folder of shit like this.

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What I don't understand is if they're going all out with silly shit why do they constrain themselves to the boring hitscan weapons?

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As opposed to...laser guns?

CoDfans don't like much silly weapons, no, we prefer real fucking guns.

Fictional guns have always, always looked retarded.

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Share 'em

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>Bullet freshly ejected
>Bolt is sideways

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What can you say, Japs can't draw guns for shit.

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Now that's just plain wrong.

Japan draw some nice fucking guns.

In fact, they draw them better than western artists (who usually don't care about guns for some reasons)

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That's a nice fucking AK.

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I hate commies but they make nice as fuck weapons.

Then again, capitalist countries use AK too.

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Here you go then.

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The CoD fanbase wants the same game remade each year. Look at how they rant at the newly announced game that says it wants to actually change things.

Did we ever had any real changes so far? Immense character changes? Don't think so. Marisa will never become a youkai magician. And Mima will never return.

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Uh, yeah, look at Reisen vs her past self.

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The barrier broke and now the moon invade.

Those are more real changes to the setting than Marisa turning youkai (which wouldn't matter because she's not a villager) or Mima returns (yet another threat to Gensokyo, that can be put down via spellcard rule).

Can you elaborate more?

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Touhou civil war is starting.

The youkai want out

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Only that lewd oni Kasen.

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Let us take back our shattered skies.

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/k/ please go be autistic about shit no one cares about on your own board

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My nigga. Thanks.

Ace Combat Okuu? Fund it.

To be fair, even normies with a basic understanding of firearms would tell you something's wrong with that rifle's bolt.

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That would be really cool actually

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>For the first time we have a real war going on.
Nah just some weekend warriors trying to be cool.

Yuyuko is basically part of the system and not exactly a free agent.
Reimu becomes intangible not immune to reality. I'm pretty sure Sun Wukong at his peak was also able to do something of the sort, but then look at what happened to him.

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>Nah just some weekend warriors trying to be cool.
Please don't look down on the rabbits and their efforts!

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Sun Wukong was never able to escape reality, which is kinda why he was trapped in Buddha's palm.

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>mfw Seiran flat out revealed the location of the super sekret Lunarian forward base to Raymu

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It's not really secret, isn't it?

I mean she's hammering mochi right next to it.

Then again, it's not like the youkai can do shit against the rabbits.

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Who are you quoting?

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The man in the picture obviously. It's what he says directly before that line.

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I don't trust you, friend.

I don't think that old man knows secret bunny agent Seiran.

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Sanae found it anyways because of all the spider drones going there. Not so secret.

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maybe because probably is the last game