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Are you scared of Yuuka?

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She scared my dick into an erection

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Fairly sure that's not how erections work.

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Yuuka is scary!

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I'm scared of how aroused I am.

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I'm scared I'm gonna lose my virginity

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I'm super allergic to pollen, and this may has been particularly bad. My nose is runny 24/7 and my eyes are really swollen and red and keeping myself from rubbing them is super hard.

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Yuuka is cute!

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Youkai should be feared not pined after. Yuuka needs to fix her image.

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Is that her war face?
It really doesn't scare me.
She should probably work on it.

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leave her flower field alone and she won't even bother you

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She tried, someone had to put that "eliminates anyone who gets close" bit in PMiSS. And then she spoiled it by doing grocery shopping in the human village and being nice and polite to everyone.

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I'm more scared of Reimu, honestly.

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no need to be scared of her, if she starts to get pissed give her 10$ and she will be calm

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Scared? I'm terrified!

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If only there were some sort of way to prevent the moon's invasion...

some place that you could block or close the passage from in the dream world...

some sort of gatehouse or building that is on the border of the dream world...

If only you could go there and get past some sort of out of practice guard who flings bits of flooring at you...

if only there were some person in charge hanging around, perhaps resting, even sleeping in said building...

I don't know if a stage 3 boss qualifies as being the "strongest" youkai in the dream world, then again I guess the dream world could have been missing a few around the times of the moon incident and the flower incident.

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oh and I wouldn't mind if you remaster an old song for it. After all, there was an unused piece of it.

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Give her 50$ and she will blow you.

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She don't scare me none

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All she wants to do is bully my dick, right? Why would I be scared of that?

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She'll probably get too into it and rip it off.
Then she'll act like it's not her fault and call you a pussy.

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Why would I be?

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She's very scary

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Okay, the ending is pretty scary. What an asshole.
Where are these from, anyway?

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What do I feed my Yuuka?

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go back to deviantart, faggot

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I feel like she'd only be mean if you really fucked up.

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I scared of crab louse.

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time for a meet-up

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I'm more scared of the ants and the other bugs.

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What is this fetish?

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Giant grey spheres.

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That sphere is clearly white.

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Nuh uh!

In fact, humans need to start believing that youkai are exclusively lewd creatures, with nothing but sex on their mind!

As such, the youkai will be forced to comply!

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How muscular do you imagine Yuuka being?

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Yuuka is an iron fist in a velvet glove, so outwardly not muscular at all.

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I want her to do lewd things to me with her feet.

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She's iron, all right

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