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I see those two haven't got any boyfriends yet.

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they're drawings you gaylord

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Of course not. They are lesbos.

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Why would lesbians blush like maidens when seeing two heterosexual lovers meet? Most lesbians simply groan in disgust or appear uncomfortable.

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Do you groan in disgust when you see two lesbians kissing?

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Actually, I do find it quite disgusting. But then again, almost all lesbians I have seen were of this sort.

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I'd blush and look away if I saw people kissing, be it straight or gay.

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reimu's ribbon is alive?

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I love how this image blew every yuri faggot right the fuck out.

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What are you talking about?
Reimu is the ribbon, so Marisa is the hat (look at the last panel).

For this >>13469815 reason, specially after stalking someone in the middle of the night thinking they're doing something suspicious only to find out it was a date.
Still I'm no yurifag, unless proven wrong I see every touhou as straight due to common sense.

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I'm gonna be Marisa's boyfriend!

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That's like saying anyone who blushes watching two girls make out is gay.

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I dunno what you're talking about, but I'm referring to how they keep blabbering on about "oh everyone's gay because there's no explicit evidence of heterosexuality." Well there's your explicit evidence you delusional faggots.

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>explicit evidence
I'm no yurifag, but you can't be this stupid.

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The image clearly shows a scene where one or two parties are showing attraction to the opposite sex. I don't really remember the chapter, but the guy was clearly trying to get with the love ghost youkai thing.

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No wait, I just reread the chapter. Guess I am the dumb one.

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You're 39 minutes late anon. I already held her hand.

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Imagine how they would react if it was two guys kissing.

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Apparently he's arguing against the people who think literally everyone in Gensokyo is gay, whoever they are and wherever they may be.

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Even then this chapter proves nothing since that guy was mind controlled by an angry ghost while the ghost was just being mean.

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But everyone in Gensokyo is gay, including the dudes.

Vanilla sex is a super lewd taboo fetish.

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> I see every touhou as straight due to common sense.

Same here, until proven otherwise... but the common sense thing, seeing how touhou hate it...

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all 2hus are into girls

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If we go by legends, many monsters and youkai like vampires, mermaids, kitsune, yuki onnas, fairies and the like dated, married and had children with human MEN.

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Come on now, you know there's no victim like young attractive female victim.

Dracula didn't go after fucking van Helsing, Carmilla wasn't looking to score with Spielsdorf.

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Why are these allowed?

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Reimu has to be celibate while she's a practicing Miko.

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but she can still take it in the ass.

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I'd love it if Zun paired off one of the popular or important 2hus with some irrelevant human male who never actually does anything and only gets shown once or twice. The collective anal clench of all the upset otaku would be delicious.

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That plots been done in fandoujins already.

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He got pretty much 90% of the way with Rinnosuke and Marisa/Reimu but that didn't stop yurifans from ignoring CoLA anyway.

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There is nothing romantic about that relationship, he is more like an older brother to them.

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>He got pretty much 90% of the way with Rinnosuke and Marisa/Reimu

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There is gonna be doujins about her getting knocked up. And then something happens to her that prevents her from telling Renko about gensokyo.

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I'd give no fucks about it, and a lot of fans that would care about that are into kancolle now, so it wouldn't be as big as before.

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I don't ignore CoLA, it's just that any interactions he has with any character is the same kind of asexual conversation that happens in every other book. People going to his shop to talk about shit isn't the same as flirting.

If that's the standard then the Yuri ships are just as likely.

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>He got pretty much 90% of the way with Rinnosuke and Marisa/Reimu
No he didn't, at all. There's not even a hint of romantic interest, the tone of the conversation in that book is the same as the conversations in every other Touhou material.

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Hey look, Mamizou changed clothes again.

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>Mamizou can leave the border whenever the fuck she wants and can chill out in the human world

So Mami is basically confirmed to be an insert of ZUNs wife, right?