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Ohayou!!! Have a nice day today /jp/!!! Do your best!!

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konnichiwa weeb-kun

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I want to do it with Kyouko

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it's 11pm dude...

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I have no idea who that dude is supposed to be.

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The average /jp/sie!

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/jp/ is hot!

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ohayou gozaimasu
ii otenki desu ne?

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I read this yesterday morning and had a great day.
I hope to have a great day today as well!

Ohayou /jp/!!

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Y-you too.

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Is that Pewdiepie?

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in the butt

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I want to pet Kyouko

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post the beat up ohayo

this guy comes everyday and reminds me of its going to be another awful day full of pain

i will fucking kill you if i ever come across you on the streets.

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Possibly, shitters do draw cancerous attention whores shittons of art.

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Pls no bully

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Don't bully the Ohayo-otakus!

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Fuck off AoC
god damn you're such a shitposter. and you don't even fucking realize it.
You think this piece of shit of a thread was more important than the one you bumped off?