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Remilia is going to make you her boyfriend. Take your clothes off.

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Gross, why would I give into the worst 2hu

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Remi sucks!

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>Remilia is going to make you her boyfriend.

Finally, a dream come true.

My dick.

That's what she sucks.

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Do her fangs ever cut up the sides of your dick?

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But she doesn't do it on purpose. Or at least that's what she says.

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Only slightly. It draws a bit of blood so she keeps sucking after you nut. She then feels bad and tries to put a bandaid on your dick.

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All day every day.

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What would happen if I told her that I was already in a committed relationship with Flandre?

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Does that give me the right to headpat her?

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That entitles you to ruffle the bedhair a maximum of three (03) times per day. And to become the test subject for an ojou-sama cooking for the first time.

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whatever you like

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Sure... What are we gonna do on the bed Remi?????

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>Take your clothes off.
They're already off

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Good joke OP!

Remi would never date a disgusting loser like myself.

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Okay but just please don't hurt me. It's not going to hurt, right?

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Please do not bully yourself. Don't you want to hug the Remi and make her happy?

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>Remi would never date a disgusting loser like myself.
Of course not, anon! And that's the reason she won't date you! She's just gonna rape you instead!

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/jp/ is too nice sometimes.

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Wake up Aniki!

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thats cute

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/jp/s are people who can't live without dreams

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Remi is cute!

Very cute!!

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I want to procreate with Remi!

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I want Remilia to accept me for who I am!

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What if she wants to bully your penis for being a lame neet and decides you can mooche off her and stay in the mansion as a freeloader as long as she can do what she wants with you?

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I just want to marry her and treat her well for the rest of her life.

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I want Remilia to be my sugar momma and make me not have to work anymore!

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I really like terimayo.
He has a way of making them look incredibly soft.

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All this just to become a cow like in her dream? Marisa sure is a pervert. Anon and Alice will be having a lot or fun teasing and squeezing her by the time this is over. Perhaps she could slip Alice a little bit and sees how she likes it.

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Are you lost, perhaps?

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just a little

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I want Remilia to sink her fangs into my neck and drink my blood.

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Will she make fun of my small penis?

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I want Remi to pat my head and scratch under my chin!

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She's pretty tiny so you'll still be a big guy for her, man.

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Man, I want to be dominated so bad, dude.

So bad.

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I don't know she's hundreds of years old I'm pretty sure she's had some really big ones.

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Yes. She'll tie a ribbon around the base and play with it using her feet.

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I do too. But not painfully, I think - those ideas scare me and make me sad. Light domination seems best though.

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I think it's the lips and the breasts

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I guess that's fine. I hope she'll be nice to me sometimes, though.

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My greatest fear is that she wouldn't like the taste of my blood.

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Not that she hates you so much she refuses to even have a drop of your blood?

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She could still try out your semen then.

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I can always just open one of my own arteries and hose her down in my final moments. That would be glorious.

Vampires can taste with their vaginas?

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The lady has grown up!

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The foulest of heresies. Remilia's flatness is supreme.

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>Vampires can taste with their vaginas?

She has more than one hole, you know.

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But that's not where I want my semen to go...

Semen should always go where it is needed most.

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fuck off jarek

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I giggled.

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I never asked for this.

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Shut it and just take it up the ass, kid.

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Do vampires even need to use the toilet?

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But you'll turn to a zombie if she drinks your blood.

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is she bottomless in this?

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AQN said you'll turn into a ghoul-like thing and the sun will evaporate you.
But this would happen only if she drank all your blood, and as she is a light eater you'll be safe.

If no blood is drawn then you aren't submitting properly to Remilia Ojou-sama.

That incommensurable anguish when no qt vampire loli ojou-sama to force you to give her horsie and crawl on all fours over broken glasses, nor to whip you back and lick the bleeding wounds, nor will she grab your balls with her cold bare loli hands and slap your painfully erect cock.

Why even exist.

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>crawl on all fours over broken glasses
I'm all for letting her do some pervy shit but fuck that. Glass cuts and splinters are the fucking worst. Its not even like erotic pain, its like macro papercuts amd "ow let me deal with this shit stuck in mu hand until heals or callouses enough I can dig it out"

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I'd rather she bit my dick tbh, you're weird.

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>That incommensurable anguish

Kill yourself then

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Would having the blood sucked out of your dick feel good?

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I'd turn into an edgy ghoul for Remilia. I'll protect her, and everyone in SDM.

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>China dress Remi

I want to cuddle her!

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But I'm just wearing my bowler hat and socks, why would you need me to take them off? My willie is already out and erect.

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Are you having tea and crumpets?

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but my penis is not erect. what if she mistakes me for having a small penis?

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I'm in love with ojou-sama

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You realize Yamame is a spider, don't you?

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I want Remi to ravage my neck!

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You used to be a cool guy.

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That's too hardcore, even for me.

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If remilia was my girlfriend I would take her to the beach and get a tan.

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So you're saying you want to kill her..

Unless you're talking about a moonlight tan.

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Remi needs a spank!

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Damn! Who would have the guts to do that to Remi??

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What's uncool about fulfilling every whim of a qt vampire loli ojou-sama?

Your reward comes later.

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Why did I read this in Marik Ishtar's voice?

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I don't date slut.

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don't die

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It's not like we aren't going to have another goddamn Remi thread as soon this one dies.

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if the dog fleas you don't beat it with a shovel you give it flea medicine. ignoring the problem doesn't improve on it.

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>if the dog fleas you don't beat it with a shovel you give it flea medicine.

This is incredibly amusing.

Meet my mighty mistress!

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But I want to protect Remys interests by not performing coitus until marriage with Remy!
Proper ladies do not perform pre-maritals and Remy is certainly among the most proper of ladies.

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Those socks are amazing

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Gosh, I want to touch her feet.