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If a girl becomes immortal while she is going through puberty does that mean her breasts will never stop growing?

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It doesn't work like that nerd. Women keep producing the same hormones her whole life, but their breasts do not keep on growing.

Go back to elementary school.

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I think immortals can still have their bodies changed like gaining weight but they just can't lose any part of it or whatever.

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your genes are what decides what hormones are produced and how much are produced. I would imagine that immortality would only keep the hormone rate constant instead of allowing it to increase. Breasts would only grow more if you force them to, otherwise they would stay the same size that your genes allow.

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Wouldn't that make Kaguya also gain weight easier? Hormonal imbalance can lead to effects on the metabolism you know.

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How many fat Kaguys to fat Patchoulis have you seen?

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Not enough

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There should really be more.

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I want to watch as the NEET Princess gains weight and gets a tubby belly but still stays in the world of physical practicality

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I'm working with what I have anon, sheesh.

Chubguya is rare!

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Honestly surprised she isn't more popular with fetish artists. She's a lazy shut-in, you'd expect more chubby/weight gain art of her.

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When you have Patchouli and other popular characters, it's no surprised that even Remilia will have more art of that than Kaguya does.

There's even more chubby Mokou and Reimu!

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Fatfags need to be gassed.

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I'd rather more Fattittyguya to be honest.

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In general softguya bestguya.

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If Kaguya got fat, everything she needs to do is kill herself, when she resurrects, she won't be fat anymore.

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What if she resurrected fat? Eternally dying and gaining more and more weight?

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She can't resurrect fat, because she wasn't fat when she drank the Hourai Elixir.

If she were fat when she drank the elixir, she would resurrect fat.

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Is it ever stated that's how it works, I mean I know it ceases aging, illness and death and injuries disappear. I mean if she was completely destroyed in the true sense I could see her reverting to how she was when she drank it and I can understand scars disappearing as they would fall under injuries. I suppose it's a pretty specific thing, the only comparison I can think of would be something like nail growth although that could fall under "Aging" as well like I assume growing in the sense of height would.

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The Hourai Elixir makes your soul immortal, not you body. When the body dies, the soul creates a new one. So, it isn't actually a regeneration.

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So if Kaguya's soul gets fat, she resurrects with a fat body.

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Yeah, I just figured it would use her original body as the base.