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Would you date this magician even though shes a huge nerd?

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Cute huge nerd girls do not exist OP. Sorry.

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she seems pretty nerd to me

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She's not real. She's a drawing. She doesn't exist.

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More like Patchubby amirite?

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She'd be like the Gensokyo equivlant to one of those weird shut-in looking girls thats that hasn't cut their hair in 18 months, plays pokemon in public, is "more social online", and has her boyfriend guide her around by the hand because shes always looking at her phone and would otherwise bump into people.

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She probably smells too.

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I love Patchouli.

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I'd love any friend who could do magic.
Way much more if they were a cute girl too.

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Patchouli smells like patchouli.

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How would Patchy feel if I rocked up to the Mansion with Alice around my arm? Would she be jealous?

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I am sure we could find something to talk about.

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she is the one i want to date the most

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i hope she doesn't kissed anyone or had sex with anyone before, because then i don't look too stupid if i'm a virgin and don't know how to kiss

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I want to lead Patchy by the hand as she immerses herself in a book in public!

I also want to knead her belly.

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She isn't real but I'll kill myself for her.

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I'd rather bully Patchouli than Hatate or Alice.

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I wouldn't date her even if someone held a gun to my head.

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I prefer less gloomy magician nerds

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Remember what canon Alice is.

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Not Alice > Alice

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Listening to rap with Patchouli!

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Canon Alice is still friendlier than Reimu.
She just gets worked up when it comes to danmaku.

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I'm still pretty sure Canon Alice is less gloomy than Canon Patchy, I mean, is anyone more gloomy than Canon Patchy?
Atleast Patch was cheerful in eosd extra.

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Of course! Absolutely!

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I actually like canon Alice more than fanon Alice.

Why would anyone want to date some flitty pushover.

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This, goes around during the fightin games and warns everyone about an upcoming earthquake.

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Where would she even want to go for dates?

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Stinky Patchy.

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I want to take this Patchy home and lie in bed with her!

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She will never cuddle you like this ;-;

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Her unwashed asshole.

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I'd date her because she's a huge nerd.


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Bookstores! Walk around with Patchy, commenting on the books you and her have read or want to read, comparing favourite authors, etc. Patchy would be a cozy date.

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I can't read
Do you think patchums would teach me?

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Patchouli has the best of that type of silly hat.

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Everyone says Patchouli's gloomy, but doesn't she listen to hip-hop and stuff?

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Dubs speaks truth

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why live

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Brushing patche's hair

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That sounds perfect. Can I be the boyfriend?

Where do you go on a date with Patche anyway.

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You don't, you hang out in her library.