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It's the Hatsune Miku listening hour.

First up, Quartz Unit: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm4593130

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I just have Rainbow Girl on repeat.

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It's always Hatsune Miku listening hour for me.

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It's a nice song, but why not try on some Yandere Miku for size?

Confinement, Training, Beef Stew:

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I see your Hatsune Miku videos, and raise you the entire Ryuuseigun.

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Eff yeah!

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How come she sounds like shit with levan polokka and not here? Why?

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Vocaloid is difficult -ze.

I wanted to share some lesser known and up-and-coming songs as opposed to Best of the Year material though.


Really well-animated PV and touching vocals.

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BRIGHT RAiN is still my favorite recent song:

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Miku's lingerie should be black because that would mean she wants to have sex with me.

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How can it be wrong when it feels so good?

I'll make fried rice!

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the best miku song.

if i can draw and program, i would make such an awesome, rpg,beat-em-up,shooter game hybrid game it would be mindblowing.

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I deleted that slut without thinking twice.

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black rock shooter would make an awesome game.

I am thinking part beat-em-up and part shoot em up.

Can have miku and gang as unlockables.


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No you didn't.

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Why the cunts does niconico keep deleting my accounts? What a bunch of FAGS

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this is a pretty decent song too.


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Good question. They never do anything to me.

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Wow, probably because they can smell your fail from here.

But seriously, I've had an account since last April and haven't been deleted once. You must be doing something wrong.

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I'll finish with Θ or "Capsule":

cosMo is easily one of my favourite artists even if he really, really likes using some of his gimmicks in all his songs

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Yeah I must be, to the point where I'm just not going to make another account. I think I'll just enjoy my life sans niconicodouga.

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Where does one obtain Quartz Unit?

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Don't troll with english comments, perhaps? Just a guess.

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I do that and I still have my account.

inb4 it gets deleted next time I check.

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Buy her album

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Always check the vid description for some links, ex: this artist has a PIAPRO site: http://piapro.jp/novten

To save you the trouble of registering to download, here's the original and karaoke versions: http://rapidshare.com/files/146757161/QuartzUnit.rar.html

You can also hit up http://nicosound.dip.jp/ and put the song url into the search box, then download the mp3 straight from the video

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Why is Suigintou throwing up?

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Why are you so awesome?

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Always check the vid description for some links, ex: this artist has a PIAPRO site: http://piapro.jp/novten

To save you the trouble of registering to download, here's the original and karaoke versions: http://rapidshare.com/files/146757161/QuartzUnit.rar.html

You can also hit up http://nicosound.dip.jp/ and put the song url into the search box, then check if there's an mp3 for it there

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Why is he so disappear'd? ;_;

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Why are you so awesome?

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All for Miku and Miku for all.

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Mine was deleted for no reason at all. But they let me reregister with my old name and password.

Maybe you have to do that every time you switch IPs.

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One for Miku and Miku for all.

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No, they just hate you.

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Why do you keep deleting your posts?

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That wouldn't makes sense. Too many people have dynamic IP (including myself).

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I'm sleep deprived and keep making small mistakes. My internet also sucks.

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You're still awesome, though.

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I recently downloaded Re:Packaged. This morning, my alarm clock went off and I had the strongest urge to wake up dancing to Livetune's 'our music'.

Jesus christ, waking up has never felt so good. ( ゚ ヮ゚) ~♪

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Do you have a tendency to spam obnoxious comments in English? Or was it just a random offing? (I've heard of both cases)

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Still my favorite after all this time - and this version doesn't even have Miku in it:


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I like what they did with this.

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me too

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what the fuck. nico's available in Taiwanese, Spanish and German, but NOT English?!

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yes if it was in engrish then

the servers will be down constantly

because of the surge of connections the serveres will get

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Could you act a LITTLE less noobish?

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do you really want to see a flood of "OMG KAWAII ^___^" whenever you watch a video?

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It doesn't translate the comments, idiot. Just the interface.

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Retard, he's saying that if it were usable by any idiot (read: most American weeaboos), it'd be flooded with such comments.

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Like it isn't already flooded with such comments in Japanese.

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Lo bueno es que yo si sé español.


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After watching these videos,

Why is the western fan community so untalented as a whole?

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We never learned to gambare.

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Because we largely don't put much effort int- CRAWLING IN MY SKIIIINNNNNNNNN

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Because shitty Japanese videos don't get linked on 4chan.

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I've linked shitty japanese stuff on 4chan before just to prove that yes, in fact, for all the amazing art they produce there is at least as much deviantart-level horrid shit as we have.

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