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2hu moms

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When was the last time you went shopping with your mom?

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yeah that's good, sweetie. just hold mommy real close and don't let go... just like that.

th-that's a good boy honey, you're making mommy feel very good..don't stop now.

do you like that? you like when mommy holds your head? yeah...just feel me twirling your hair...

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We went to Marshall's
She bought some workout clothes, I bought boxers

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What's wrong with your mom dude?

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Kanako seems like she would make a poor mom, but a great mommy-figure.

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Kanako isn't a mom, but I want to make her into one!

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suwako is a canon mom

drop fucking everything snake internet defense force scum, suwako thread

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suwako is a mother and a loli which means actual pedo sex happened in gensokyo. it actually happened

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She's 2000+ years old. That's gotta be legal in most countries officer.

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she's a 2000+ year old loli

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Wasn't she just 2000+ years old, and not necessarily a loli until Kanako came along?

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Dumb frogposter

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Let's discuss Touhous not commonly fantasized as mothers. How do you think Parsee would be as a mother? Would her intense feelings of jealousy make her a poor mother? I feel like she's the type to depend on her grown child more than the child depends on her.

Also, who do you think is most underrated mother?

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Not even Parsee would be jealous of your genes.

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I think she's sick.

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i'm a mom-otaku, any other moms around here to talk about mom stuff?

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Byakuren is best motherhu

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Don't stop

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Ran is a good motherhu

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>she's the type to depend on her grown child more than the child depends on her
Cute, cute!!

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Does /jp/ love their mommies?