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Fine lady deserves a proper thread, say no to Remi abuse and deprecation!

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Those legs are fucked up.
Wouldn't serve faithfully.

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A Tale of Two Mistresses.

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I love Remi so much. So much.

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Okay, op. What do you want to talk about?

You did make this thread with something to discuss, right?

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Sure, how do you like Remilia decipicted in doujins and in general?

I like her being lovey-dovey or sensual with other touhous, and especially with Sakuya, but I like wrathful Remi with a crazy face too.

Childish Remi is nice too, but I hate it when sometimes they make her so bossy and self-centered.

Wish there were more alternative clothing, somehow I feel like army boots are the best addition for her that I have seen so far, have to post her with them on, if I find the pics.

Pic is from http://exhentai.org/g/635921/c7a68204ef/

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I like big wings.

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I like this thread. Thanks for making it.

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Do you prefer Remi elegant or cute?

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What clan and generation do you think Remilia is? I'd guess 6th generation Ventrue.

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In my head, shes really quite clever and smart like some of her dialogue in IN or the fighters shows, and she can be close and lovey-dovey with some other characters, but just keeps up an arrogant and elegant facade because its more fun and unique for her.
I hate depictions where all she is is a better-than-thou childish snob, I think she has the capacity to be one of the deepest touhou characters personality-wise.

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But Remy is both.

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Agreed. Though the worst interpretations of Remy are when she's depicted as a villain/murderous evil.
She's actually one of the more benevolent characters in Touhou.
Human villagers chase out the hobgoblins, she takes them and gives them jobs.
Claims she's going to "think of plans to terrorize Gensokyo today" during the events of 7.5, but she's actually trying to solve the incident.

Her only known motives for EoSD and SSiB of the Scarlet mist and 'taking over the moon' were just so she could go outside without a parasol and so she could "beat Yukari to it" as if it were a game, it was also sheer impulse it seems.

Silly noble whimsical adorable vampire.

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If she's not lying about being a descendant of Dracula, that'd make her Old Clan Tzimisce.

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That's why Millet Soup's doujins are some of my favorite. Even though they usually aren't too deep, a lot of the time he shows Remi as a caring older sister sort of figure to the rest of the SDM cast, even the lesser interacted with ones like Koakuma or Meiling. Benevolent Remi's even cuter when she tries to hide it by being elegant or haughty.

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Remi is trying to cultivate an outside image of a noble vampire, but deep down inside, she's still a brat.

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That series of doujins was amazingly heartwarming.
Thanks for that, Anon.

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Caring about the well being of her people!
Truly a lady of nobility.

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Thanks for participating, hope you have some pics to offer.

Np, I wish to make a website someday where I can dump all my favourite Touhou things, so people can enjoy them, hopefully as much as I have.

Found the Remi with the army boots on

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I always forget that the SDM is full of maids because nobody draws them. Even if I do blow them up on a regular basis.

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I want to hug that small, waifish frame.

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"Humans are fun." - SCARLET, Remilia

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Summer with Remilia

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I want to drink a bottle of Okuu's waste water!

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i'm going to have to marry Remilia. Sorry guys.

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I'd teach ojou-sama not to underestimate humans!!

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How would you help her?

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Maybe I could be her bf?

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I'll be her boyfriend for tonight..

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I accidentally scarlets. Is this wrong?

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How the fuck did you manage to impregnate a corpse?

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Do not underestimate my penis, it is not to be trifled with.

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Definitely both

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Secondary confirmed

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Definitely both

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I wanna trifle anon's penis!

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That heartbreaking realization when no qt vampire loli ojou-sama to grab your balls with her cold bare loli hands and slap your painfully erect cock.

Why even achieve homeostasis.

This guy gets it.

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Someone who's never read Perfect Memento in Strict Sense confirmed.

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>Perfect Memento
Secondary doubly confirmed.

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Buy her a computer.

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Not him, but why'd you say PMiSS is non-canon? I know it's mostly made up of Akyuu and the villagers thoughts about youkai so information isn't 100% accurate, but is it literally non-canon?

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The Akyuu's score may be tainted with humanfaggotry but it's still more reliable than any other source you may have, aka the shitty fanfiction in your head.

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Sakuya poar the tea

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If you think supporting youkai is a good deed, then you're fucking delusional and/or indoctrinated.

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Pretty sure she still eats human flesh and/or blood.

Remi a shit, remi a monster
captcha is yflan

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Uh oh, now they'll fight amongst themselves to establish dominance.

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/r/ that pic of hers saying 'I want to dig a hole and bury myself in it'

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Rmla means fucking business

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Do you agree with her, /jp/?

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I don't know what that means.

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It means her booty is neither tootie nor fruity.

That's what it means.

A lack of fruity. A lack of tootie.

That's Remilia's booty.

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What's going on in this thread?

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Her this is what remilia looks like after sun exposior

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With extra copypaste eyes and mouths?

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Yeah but killing in order to survive isn't bad even if its humans. Its like self defense as opposed to murder. Most people alive today indirectly have blood on their hands because they buy and support products created in sweatshops and other shitty conditions like that. We just don't like to think about that and pretend like it's untrue because many modern societies, the US especially, treat death in such a way that it's detatched greatly from the normal mindset people are in. Someone dies of old age, an accidentc or a disease so then you feel sad for a week and then get over it by accepting the fact it was inevitable or just a chance thing.

In the modern world you usually don't have to worry about shit coming to kill you. Thats why processing the actual death of a person at the hands of another is so shocking to most of us. A good example from the past would be wolves which were hunted and portrayed as evil for no reason other than they attatck humans and cause destruction of human property.

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Looks at this youkai apologist

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Isn't that the book that claims humans and Shikieiki are youkai?
Yeah. I wouldn't trust it too much.