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Why are Keine and Eirin such good friends?

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That's Mokou.

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Eirin has to keep Keine away from Mokou so Kaguya will get out of the house and fight/date/get laid.
A bored immortal teenager would be stressful to be around.

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>A bored immortal teenager WITH A HELLUVA LOTTA FIRE would be stressful to be around.

Except she's not a teenager, she's a millenium-ager.

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Fiction always regards long-lived immortals as the same age they look rather than the age they've lived.

Even though she SHOULD be ancient and wise, she's a grudge-holding hermit.

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They're actually only like that to pass the time.
Immortality is boring. Liven it up with extremely long-term roleplaying.

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Old people aren't ancient and wise, they're bitter angry grudge-holding hermits.

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What about grandparents? They are kind and wise.

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They can be either or.
Hell they can be both.

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Mokou is a redneck

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No she isn't, she's a monk, the bamboo forest is her hermitage.

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I thought she was a phoenix.

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She's a chicken

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kya! thats the cutest thing i've seen!

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holy cow! ^_^

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I can't believe you have done this

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God damn!

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I wouldn't mind being immortal because then I could smoke all of the time. I enjoy smoking very much but I don't because I do not want cancer. ;_;

Of course if I were to be immortal I would want the option of being able to kill myself if I wanted to. Smoking does not count.

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And then Kaguys is the Red Guy?

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Smoke pot.

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smoking pot causes cancer

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smoking anything causes cancer

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I'm terrified of getting in legal trouble. Also pot makes me nauseous. The first couple of times I did it it was quite nice but after that every time it has been shitty. Thus I quit.

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I know how you feel.

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Smoking pot does not cause cancer.
Cigarette tar is gently radioactive.
Marijuana tar is benign.

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>Marijuana tar is benign.
And the retarded stoner stereotype lives up to its name once again!

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>Cigarette tar is gently radioactive.


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The tar that builds up in your lungs. Marijuana makes a lot of it.


'tis. 'gently' because it has more of an impact than 'slightly'.
Either way it's what causes the cancer.

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What the fuck are you all talking about?

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smoke weed everyday 420 bitch SS

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>toohoo characters
>farm animals
>cigarettes vs marijuana

pick one.

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in during someone who neglects his mental health complaining about other people neglecting their physical health

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Its sort of like black people, just because they're black doesn't mean they're filthy thieves or brainless gangsters, but the numbers show that there's enough thieves and gangsters for me to consider them, as a group, stupid/inferior. With habitual weed smokers, its not like every single one of them is an idiot, but I'm sure all of us have seen enough droopy, stupified tokers pretending that their little grass has enlightened. Therefore, as a group, I can justifiably consider them a collection of idiots.

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>>has enlightened them*

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You can't die from going crazy.

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>>The tar that builds up in your lungs. Marijuana makes a lot of it.

Bitches don't know 'bout my vaporizer.

>>Either way it's what causes the cancer.

Bitches don't know 'bout my mutagenic carcinogens that chemically affect cellular metabolism.

Not to go too far off topic, have a Mystia

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Rena's laughing her ass off at you right now.

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>Bitches don't know 'bout my mutagenic carcinogens that chemically affect cellular metabolism.

Alright ya caught me.
I don't know jack, but I'm absolutely certain that pot doesn't raise chances of lung cancer.
Science tested it, lots of times.

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Alright, but how dumb do you have to be to believe that cigarettes are radioactive?

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I'm willing to bet cash-money that you heard that from another habitual smoker and not from any (respected) scientific body.

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There is SOME radioactive isotopes in cigarette SMOKE, not TAR, but it's incredibly trace amounts and would NOT increase your daily rad dosage enough to give you cancer.

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Pay me mah moneh

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Also, stoners are normalfags, kindly head to your local /b/ or /r9k/ location immediately

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are you saying normal jp lurkers are drugs free?

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I am.

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I'm not a stoner, I just occasionally smoke at time to time, mostly to relieve stress.

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I know I am.

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Does booze count?

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I get high off of moe. Even with the health risks (almost constant threat of death) it's worth it.

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