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walk in see this, what do?

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Fuck Reisen and drink Tsingtao.

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Pretend I didn't see and walk away.

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cum in her mouth and push her back through

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Create another Yukari thread on /jp/

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Yukari has three threads!

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Get my gun

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Better than that autistic idol!

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Kiss her upside down like spiderman

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>hanging upside down
>breasts still sag towards stomach

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Yukari laughs at the laws of gravity!

This, though, makes her cry. Why are there so many duplicate character threads lately? With got a catalog, you know.

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one is dying though

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What if she stole your underwear?

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yukari is a boat?

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jokes on her, it stinks

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I want to stick my DICK into that mouth!

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But my underwear are exceedingly plain. Why would she target me?

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maybe a whale

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>Tickle mercilessly.

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a slutty one

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Maybe some crazed deviant stole hers and you're the only one who can help her keep her butt warm.

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If that's how it is, it can't be helped. She can have as many pairs as she needs.

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Why is there so much love for Yukari lately, usually there's only a thread made once every blue moon.

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was me samefagin' so don't worry I'll come back to my forest soon

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who are you quoting?

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I made this thread though and I'm not you.

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>Why are there so many duplicate character threads lately?
It's the same person.

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No, I made this thread, but you're not me and I'm not that other Anon.

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Play with her hair.

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Remove youkai, obviously

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>walk in see this, what do?

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I created the delicious thread a couple of weeks ago, but I don't know why these new one keeps spawning immediately afterwards.

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Do the limbo and give her high fives

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Punch it straight in the nose.

Thats for Pearl Harbor nip

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Grab her head and jam it in her mouth

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Shove her back where she came from

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Pull her out and jump through her gap to Gensokyo

This is the only correct answer and you know it

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What if it was a trap set by her, and the gap brings you to her rape dungeon?

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I thought Gensokyo was her rape dungeon.

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Do you want to be youkai food?

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I want to be yokai sex toy.

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The first thing that will happen to you if you somehow get in Gensokyo is being devoured by a low-class youkai.

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Why, boner? I don't even like Yukari.

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Bad idea dude

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Bury my face straight into her breasts and take a deep breath. If I have some time I'll rip off her top and suckle on her glorious breasts before she kills me.

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Good luck. There are three or four layers between her breasts and freedom. She could always feign helplessness and make you suck out boiling acid instead of milk.

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Punch her in her stupid fucking face
I'm sick and tired of people spamming threads of this bitch

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She's a damn nice one.

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Bad idea to mess with the sleeping giant

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Whats cuddling with Yukari like?

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Like walking into a barn.

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But the side of a barn is flat, Yukari is fat.

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Yeah, like walking into a barn of lewd affection and desire.

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Soft and warm.

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She owns two smelly animals, and cleanliness standards were much lower back then.

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Ran-sama is not smelly!

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Smelly fox! Ran smells like sweat and fur especially on hot days or when shes around you!

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No, you're wrong! Stop being such a meanie!

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You're the one making her smelly though.

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Now that's not true at all!

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your fault!

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Look at her! Look at her and laugh!

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Ran is a much better boat!

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Please stop being mean!

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*unzips dick*

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>*unzips dick*
Lizardman detected.

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Catch her cause from here it looks like she's falling down but ended up getting ourselves knocked over and laugh

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Where are her hands?!