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What do you do for a living /jp/?

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shit post /jp/.

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can you really call this living

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I literally only work and go to bed, 1h per day I lurk on 4chan and that's it.
Why I do that?
I don't know anymore, I can afford flying to 日本 this year at least.

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Where do you work?

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Draw porn on the Internet

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I work in a power plant.
I just watch a monitor or wait for someone to call and tell me shit doesn't work.
For example, next 3 days I sit in a room just for fire prevention, if shit is burning I press a button and that's it.

I get a lot of money but shit work is killing me inside.

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>I get a lot of money but shit work is killing me inside.
*shift work

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>not shitposting and playing games on your phone all day

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C# and PHP/JS freelance.

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Nothing. For the past 9 months.

My money's running out, too...at this point I'm not even sure anymore what I want to do with my life.

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What do you think I do at work?

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Read books then. I had a job where I had no supervision and tons of free time and I was never bored.

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is this the normalfag general?

get in here normiephone bros

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That sounds like the good life. What are the qualifications or prerequisites for the job?

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I wish I was you.

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Depends on where you live.
Where I live you need to be an electrician or mechanic.
But that's the absolute minimum.

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I used to work at a Fedex call center. I left a month ago for health issues. Now I'm only looking for another job (one who doesn't ruin my mental heatlh more), play School Idol Festival and watch Candy Candy. Oh, and eat.

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I wish I was good enough to do that too

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Full time masturbator and leech, but I'm scared for how long I have left

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I start a new job on Wednesday, I'm sad because I will have to wake up at 6am which has been the typical time I go to bed for the last 5 years, but I'm glad I will finally get to start saving to go to Japan. I'm tired of reading or seeing that other people went and had a good time and I would never get to if I kept this up, even if I was enjoying being a NEET.

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Im living the life of being a poor university student, part time shitposter

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unemployed "student"

funny how I idolized the NEET life when I was employed and now that I got my wish I'm depressed as fucking shit because it turns out I don't know how to organize my time and do productive things so I literally wander around the city by day and masturbate in my 300 sq ft. apartment at night

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shut in NEET

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Absolutely nothing.

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I'm a "technology specialist" at an office supply store. I spend most of my day helping old people pick out a printer. It is terrible.

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I'm the truest, most genuine NEET of them all

Except I go to school and get paid

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NEET, but I'm looking for my first job. I got a call today and panicked, so I didn't answer at first, but I psyched myself up to call back. They just wanted for me to fill out some

I hope I get it, I need a new computer for my blog!

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Onahole designer and robot hunter.

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Nichijou is overrated.

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My job is jerking off to hentai all night, playing vidya and shitposting on 4chan.

In my spare time I like to buy sex toys that I used to fill my ass up with, because nothing can fill the void in my heart.

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Make programs, and dream of once day meeting a nice girl.

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Unofficial World Class Masturbation Champion 6 years running

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Communications and creative tomfooleries at a library.

It's strange work, but very stress-free, unlike my last job.

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I fap to touhou ero doujins while writing test benches in verilog .

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you're lucky.
I work as a technician in a factory, and even when nothing is wrong they try to squeeze every ounce of productivity out of me by making me repair anything electrical or perform needless maintenance

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isn't it dangerous to run while you masturbate?

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Good luck saving money with a job paying less than 100k a year.
Dont forget that even when you leave the USA, you have to pay income tax to the USA, and it takes years to renounce your citizenship on top of paying a massive exit free of over $3000

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I'm waiting for Yukari to come get me. Anytime now.

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In a powerplant it's all about maintenance, nothing else matters.
You have to deal with shift work though.

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>6 years running
Boy, your legs must be tired.

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rmt to support my neet ways

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NEETscum. It's okay, I guess. Used to work at a service station. That was fucking awful.

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Video Editor for a local news station.

I get paid a shit $14/h to cut footage and work some of the longest hours of the company only to get shat on by coworkers for making less than they would if they worked half the time....Or when it's not shitting on my smaller pay, it's shitting on me for my social awkwardness/shyness/still being single.

It's terrible, depressing, and makes me drink more every week but it's how I survive...for now.

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>draw porn
you can share anytime you want

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pizza delivery. It supports me as an /o/taku.

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I just pretend it's still 2007, I sit in my room watching reruns of Conan and replaying the same vidya I did in college.

It was a happier time and for the few hours a day I can delude myself I feel genuinely happy thanks to nostalgia

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That's funny, I pretend it's still 2002.

2002 was 13 years ago

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I work for a landscaping company. It is more of a thing to do, though since I also collect autism bucks.

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ALT in Japan. It's not bad. The salary is low, but I hardly have to work at all.

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I helped a landscaper a few times, that's way too hard.

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It's not awful. I just dig holes,put plants in the ground, spread pine straw around and operate a backpack leaf blower.

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I work in a convenience store on the campus of a party college. All my customers are worthless shitheads.

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I'm being kicked out of my mom's house at the end of the month and I'm thinking of signing up for community college solely so I can get loans for an apartment and food. I'm 26 and getting way too old to dig my way out of this hole.

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I thought comms was one of the most stressful jobs out there.

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I quit journalism for those reasons.

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it's not too late for you anon

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Currently a slacker community college student with excessive amounts of free time. I don't even know what I'm going to college for. I keep putting the career search off. I'm probably doomed to be a bum off of someone or even homeless for the rest of my life. Unless I change things of course.

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you work you die
you dont work you die too

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But which would you say is the better choice?

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Whatever is the path of least resistance.

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The trick is to get a part time job for something with nightshifts, befriend normies, and find out what you want to do while you're doing your generals. The biggest mistakes to make if you want to live a comfy life (assuming you're staying single) is to get your associates degree as soon as possible when you aren't transferring, and to jump at the first place you can get a job at with seemingly reasonable hours and good benefits. Also salary jobs are usually bad unless you know what you're getting into or have a planned way out in the future.

Ideally what will happen is you'll finish in like 3 years and have the aforementioned part time job at something like a cargo yard, security guard, or night time stocking at a department store. You'll have a couple years at wherever to put on your resume and the fact you've got an associates means you're qualified and skilled enough.

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Literally Homer Simpson

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I work overnight going to stores and check if everything is okay and fix shit if it isn't. Super chill and I've never seen my boss. Listen to audio books and podcasts all night

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eat shit :(((

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I'm a labcoat. I get paid enough to live on my own and buy a modest amount of collectibles.

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i work at a bakery in a department store because it's easier for me than dying

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Freelance translation through the internet. It's one of the only jobs I found that required a skill that I could learn from my home and didn't require me to go to college or go outside. Anyone can do it if they have two years to spare and having a prescription for amphetamines helps as well.

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I'm a medical doctor.

Not a lot of time to binge read VNs anymore, but having the money to spend on video games and animu is nice.

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Staff and teacher in a very small school (undergrad and grad courses).

My job is pretty much doing anything that needs to be done, including advertisement, maintenance, classes, cleaning, administration. It's a family business.

I barely have time for myself, but it was not like this five years ago when I had just dropped college (mechatronics), I was a full time shut in and watched VNs all night, slept all day and hoarded piles of trash behind my bed.

I should've just taken it easy for a few more years at least, what happened, /jp/?

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bang any qts yet?

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So true! I get disability payments for the rest of my life. If that's not low resistance then what is.

Granted I'm kinda fucked, but hey I don't have to work so w/e.

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what is this life like? I'm getting my PA certification soon, so I assume i'll have more free time than you, but I still would like some insight

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Same old job I had a for the past couple of years (surveillance) except now I'm the supervisor for my shift. So, I just train people to not fuck up too bad when I'm not there to babysit them... and the pay is still shitty.

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Being a teacher is not like that at all

I actually try to hide my power level as much as I can when I'm in front of the class, as to avoid lawsuits or unnecessary dropouts

Once I was so bold as to carry my phone around with a loli porn wallpaper... I was so paranoid all day, I dropped the phone in front of the students and desperately hurried over it so no one reached it first.

My excuse was I was worried that it might break

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Are you actually disabled or did you remus?

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I'm a chemist. I listen to 2hu music while mixing chemicals, then read LNs/VNs while waiting for the reactions to complete.

Ain't bad.

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*community college

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>this with denpa on back

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I'm a NEET. It is killing me little by little.

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im a doctor. the first time i touched a lady's vagina and boobs was during a physical exam while in med school

>felt good

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Proud stay at home pest a.k.a. NEET.

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I have a job that I'm getting out of.

>got promoted because I was good test taker.
>extra responsibility is really fucking tough.
>have to take care of alzheimers affected dad at home.
>stress at home and at work (which is boring as fuck anyway)

There is enough money coming in from my dad that I don't have to work. Fuck work.

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I'm a physics student. Okuu makes me want to learn about Nuclear Science. I'm not good at maths though which makes it hard. I much prefer discussing things qualitatively.

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That seems very strange, can you describe how it went down?

I mean did you just probe her vagina with your fingers?? Did you get embarrassed while doing it? Did she get embarrassed while you were doing it? Was she cute?

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Medical Laboratory Scientist.
I sit inside a room all day and extensively look over at other people's literal shit through a microscope.
It's the genuine 4chan experience and it never really feels like I've left my computer.

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Ive been at college for 3 years working shitty part time jobs about to drop out after this semester. I just dont want to do it anymore. Sad now that I think about it, i could have been something great in life

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i fucking hate dumbasses like you

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I work in mining in Australia. I get paid a shit ton as well.

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I went to school for journalism because my favourite 2hu was Aya but print media is a dead medium now. I wish I could have majored in shitposting instead.

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i do not a damn thing i have no abilities or skills or talents.

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nice, i became a math otaku because of cirno
let's be friends, because i sometimes have to apply math on physical things i don't understand

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Don't give up! You are doing a great job at shit posting already!

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>That seems very strange, can you describe how it went down?

there's this thing in gynecology called a bimanual exam, basically you stick two fingers in her pussy and pretend you can actually distinguish her cervix and uterus from just regular pussy meat

>Did you get embarrassed while doing it?
not really, i was too caught up in the moment

Did she get embarrassed while you were doing it?
probably, she got so wet that my attending had to get one of those big q-tip things to soak up all the wetness so you could see anything in there

Was she cute?

ive probably done about 20 vag and boob exams so far and ive only had 2 qts total

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digital journalism
television journalism
work for vice or something loser

>> No.13284276

cute girls don't go with male doctors if given a choice

Try a public hospital if youre not amerifat

>> No.13284297

I put shit on a shelf for $20/hr.

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why are there so many journalists on /jp/

>> No.13284341

Journalism will always be big as long as stuff is happening.

That's cool. I like maths, I'm just not good at it, makes me kind of sad.

>> No.13284362

Highschool dropout numbnut making minimum wage. In my late twenties and I can see my eventual suicide. May my willpower deteriorate faster.

>> No.13284372

>Journalism will always be big as long as stuff is happening.
Not him but I was in journalism for three years
When I transitioned from weekly to daily publication here was my schedule:

7 AM Wake up
7:30 Check news feeds, answer e-mails
9 AM Be at newsroom, start assignment
9-12 Reporting, collecting info, attending press conferences/meetings etc.
12:30-1:30 "working lunch"
1:30-3 PM follow-up interviews and writing
3-5 PM stress about holes in stories, publish anyway
6-7 PM home, eat, /jp/
7-10 PM search for tomorrow's stories, transcribe interviews, handle administration, process photos
11-midnightish: pass out on bed

the stress never ends.
to top it all off since google stole most of our ad dollars we all live with shit wages and threat of layoffs

>> No.13284383

Scrap metal processor.

Actually pays pretty good for basically an unskilled position but it's hard work. Hot, dirty, and sharp.

Keeps me in shape though and helps pay for my plastic addiction.

>> No.13284389

Wintel sysadmin

>> No.13284406

barista boy at the Bean

>> No.13284434

Sr. Test Engineer.

>> No.13284443

>Hot, dirty, and sharp.

I like it hot, dirty, and ...... sharp?

>> No.13284473

That sounds like the good life.

>> No.13284482

My dad gives me $500 a month and pay no rent or anything.

>> No.13284494

I was thinking about becoming a physics student because I'm relatively good at math. Math is all it is right?

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File: 1.13 MB, 800x1161, 1341356063050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's applied maths, problem solving sort of thing.
I'm currently doing 'Mathematical Methods for Physics' and 'Network Theory', which is basically electronics without the fun making circuits yourself part.

The first one is basically preparation for particle and quantum physics later. Most of the questions are very 'raw math' and less about interpreting the question and more about interpreting Python and suggesting what the output would be, or just doing the question and not second guessing.

The second is more about interpreting the question and is more wordy, but it's largely still maths.

You'll be fine as long as you've got some common sense about you.

>> No.13284546

i wanna be a computer programmer

do i have to learn maths or can i just buy a ti-84 and cruise control through life

>> No.13284581


You have to learn maths.

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I'm a 34 year old neet. I don't even feel alive anymore. Even the novelty of wizard powers got old fast when I realized they were mostly parlor tricks. This must be hell.

>> No.13284648

Keep going till 50 and get the class change to grand wizard.

>> No.13284650

What do you think you're going to do, type the code snippet you're having trouble with into the TI-84 and have it do the programming for you?

>> No.13284675

I won the 65 million dollar power ball.

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I dropped from high school, and at least in my country you need to have some kind of three year secondary education to even apply for university entrance exams.

All those crappy people from any crappy cooking school can get to uni, but not me, it does not matter how smart I'm, how much I have educated myself, all is naught because I dont have those crappy papers.

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>> No.13284705

How would you expect him to move if he has no well paying job = no money?

>> No.13284714

he might have some money, who knows man

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>> No.13284743

I am also a NEET. A 29 year old NEET, Oh well.

Pretty sure it's too late for me.

>> No.13284748

I don't have much money, however goverment gives loans for studying abroad. I don't know where I would go, I only know that in U.S.A you can basically study if you have money, but that is all. I would also be getting a big debt, but I guess its still better than feeling worthless.

>> No.13284754

>however goverment gives loans for studying abroad
That's interesting. Which government? I wouldn't imagine governments want to encourage students away into other countries.

>> No.13284764

Most 1st world ones have programs like this with the idea being that their students study abroad and learn more about each other's culture.

>> No.13284774

Finnish goverment, our education is free, all you need to do is to get a student loan that is 200-300 euros per month, all other expenses are basically paid by the goverment, and if you go abroad, they loan you the tuition money.

Sounds nice, but I cant afford to spend three more years in high or trade school, I'm already 24 years old, thinking about starting uni at 27 makes me want to throw up.

It just makes me sad that I can't even prove my worth, I'm not allowed to even take any entrance exams here.

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I was a 29 year old NEET just four months ago. September-December last year was one of the worst periods in my life; I was still dealing with the wreckage of an ended (attempted?) relationship, the loss of the one job I thought I knew how to do, and the loss of my last grandparent.

Now I have a well-enough-paying job, and although it's time consuming, I feel more happy and less lonely than I have in years. It takes some effort and endurance, but things can turn around.

Never give up. It is never too late to overcome your hikikomori ways!

>> No.13284806

Make shitty donation threads.


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File: 328 KB, 500x360, all loituma and no korpiklaani makes johnny go something something.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Come to Denmark. Our education is also "free" there is no such thing as "free", and international students are under certain conditions eligible to receive our education support money which is NOT a loan, and will NOT put you in debt.

If you're interested, this link might help a bit?


>> No.13284829

Sounds like a fairy tale

>> No.13284831

That feeling you get when there are people posting on /jp/ who are literally half your age.

>> No.13284834

What sites do you use to freelance?

>> No.13284838

Thank you for the tip, however...

>Admission requirements for Bachelor programmes are: An entrance examination comparable to a Danish upper secondary school leaving certificate. Proof of proficiency in English

I can get the proof of proficiency in english quite easily, but I don't have that certificate or equivalent. That would take like 1-2 years to complete? Unfortunately I have no such thing.

I guess I could apply all day for special permissions, but kind of doubtful if anyone would grant me a chance. I'm currently on a "open university" program where I can take few courses, I have full points on the ones that I have taken, but it wouldn't help much, the pace is deadly slow, I'm completing as fast I can, and in four months I have two courses completed.

>> No.13284844

I wonder how old the oldest /jp/ user is. According to that /fit/ survey, /jp/ has the highest average age at 26.

>> No.13284851

probably some grumpy ojii-sans around here

>> No.13284868

I failed my college 6 months ago after 2 years of college (I studied mechatronics) and I've keeping myself alive with a parttime job since then. It's only 8 1/2 hours a week but is enough for now. The reason I failed college was because I just can't seem to motivate myself to study. I feel like I'm wasting my potential seeing as other students learn a lot and don't do much better. But the work as an engineer seemed worse and worse each time people told about it.
I'm trying to go back into college (my country hasn't immensely high costs for it), but I'm not sure what to study exactly, everything that isn't hard science seems to lead into poor paying jobs. It's really true that when you are a NEET or close to it, you do less and less productive. Fuck, I spent 2 hours masturbating today. You seem like you can't get anything done.

>> No.13284927

Sounds a lot like me. I was an engineering student that couldn't get the motivation to study and flunked out of college. Also spent 2 hours masturbating today. Though I'm lucky I have parents with good income, so I was able to get into a cheaper local college, but I still don't know what to do. I thought being a helicopter pilot might be interesting but apparently it's not good enough for my parents so they won't pay for flight school and a friend of my mom is one and it seems like he hates and regrets it, despite making 6 figures. So now I'm dreamless. And there's a lot of pressure on me because my older brother is an even bigger failure than me. Now I'm just trying to find any career I can do that won't make me hate getting up every morning.

>> No.13284955

Im no wisened old man, but tell your parents to fuck off if theyre going to control what you do for the rest of your life. If money is an issue, I dont know what the government assistance scheme is in your country, but you can probably get a student loan or similar.

My cousin's friends parents wanted him to be a doctor, and he went with his desire of becoming a pilot. He loves his job and it pays well as well as granting quite a bit of time off. It also grants free travel, in a way, if youre the sort that likes traveling.

>> No.13284958

The hardest part is dealing with your parents and telling them that you are a failure, although for me the confusion is added to it that my mum thinks I'm gay half the time, since I have no gf, but she doesn't react to all the loli douinshi I have. Atleast in worst case I can go back to the army.

>> No.13284982

you let your mum see your loli doujinshi?

>> No.13284999

Well it's their money so I can't really blame them for not letting me use it for what I want. And true there are loans but it's $60 grand minimum, but the first several years of being a pilot you make shit pay as an instructor building up flight hours. Being in debt for years scares me. And I guess they can seem a little controlling when they threatened to cut off all funding and kick me out when I brought up the idea of dropping out. Not like it's doing me any good when I'm not any closer to graduating than I was a year ago. I do feel bad about that, though.

I am kind of thankful my brother's such a fuck up, though. My parents spent $150,000 on his education for 6 years and all he has to show for it are a couple of DUIs and getting busted trying to buy illegal drugs from an undercover cop. Makes my failings seem not as bad.

When I look at it, I am pretty lucky compared to many people in this thread but it still feels pretty shitty.

>> No.13285035

I'm a 4th year computer science student. I'll probably graduate in a few months after a few more hardships on the way. I went into the field thinking I could do anything, but I am natively rather bad at maths and I felt it impact me negatively whenever I tried to do what I'd call more interesting: graphics, AI, and such. I can't deal with the soul-rending drudgery of regular work - I realized it after having a regular job as a web developer for a while. So I'm going to be trying to make and sell video games after I graduate. Everyone's telling me I shouldn't, but I don't see myself doing much else except being a pure NEET - which is what I'd be if I didn't need money, anyway. I might go back to the really boring stuff if I fail. I hope to live as much of a comfy life as possible.

>> No.13285052

Man I kind of wish I had studied computer science now. I'm a self taught programmer and I make a living off of it, but I often wish I had spent my younger days reading SICP...

>> No.13285074

Military, avionics for MQ-1/9's

The job isn't hard, everyone just makes it harder than it needs to be.

>> No.13285123
File: 997 KB, 245x240, my mads mikkelsen when.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wouldn't have believed in getting this far just four months ago, that's for sure. Dealing with family infighting in the wake of a death through a growing alcohol addiction followed by months of therapy and labour market readjustment hijinx felt more like a social realist novel than a fairy tale, though.

I feel like I've learned that you only move ten paces ahead in life by taking a thousand.

Maybe it was a long shot. Guess all I can do is encourage you to never give up the fight.

>> No.13285128

Work in a dead-end job in Japan.

Okay money, but after 2 more years I'll probably kill myself.

>> No.13285131

Haha, do I know you?

>> No.13285132

They're looking for dedication and hard work as well. Arm chair smarts won't help you

>> No.13285133

Studying Computer Science after failing another course on a different uni.

Got into trading several years ago as a side income after whoring out myself which was depressing experience.

>> No.13285146

you know an otaku that lives in yokosuka?

>> No.13285152
File: 1.84 MB, 223x141, CLEAR.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all is naught because I don't want to work hard for the things I feel entitled to

>> No.13285154

I might. I'm kind of bad at keeping track of people.

>> No.13285186

Well more like she came by rather unexpected and I had only time to put them to a stack with a harmless one on top. And she needed something to use as writing aid so she took like the top 3 off and a rather lewd loli one could be seen and she gave 0 fucks. I can't even get her out of my appartement with them.
Maybe I need to try it with BL ones.

>> No.13285206

Studying to become a librarian, if I finally manage to get a damned part time job (been trying for 4 months, no good luck) I'll manage to do my practical semester in Tokyo too

>> No.13285256

Real talk, I'm bad at math (barely got a 65 in math 30-1 with my parents paying for a tutor), and I took CIS instead of Comp Sci because I was too scared of calculus.

How rough is it?

>> No.13285260


Not him, but calculus is easymodo.

What's math 30-1?

>> No.13285273

That is the "standard" stream of grade 12 math in Alberta.

Wheras 30-2 is an easier stream for students who want the credit, but don't plan on going into a math heavy field.

30-3 is the stream for retards.

>> No.13285296

I have one of those things and jt's not two years. Where do I sign up?

>> No.13285358

Don't they have an equivalent to getting a GED in Finland?

>> No.13285376

If you're in Britain, get a National Vocational Qualification or something. Doing those got my dad into uni.

If I had absolutely no qualifications, that's where I'd start.

Do an NVQ.

>> No.13285488

I want to gently cum inside madotsuki while having slow sex.

>> No.13285534
File: 427 KB, 700x620, madobed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wah! What are we gonna dream in the bed?

>> No.13285576


>> No.13285587

I hate that artist, his girls are super cute but he draws mostly guro ryona and psychological torture.

>> No.13285597
File: 45 KB, 240x240, 1406235843917.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's not a good reason to hate him.

>> No.13285612

I'm starting up my own business!

I'm going to sell homemade tea and cake in a little café. Wish me luck /jp/

>> No.13285620

Cute girls are for loving, not murdering.

>> No.13285624

are you me

>> No.13285626
File: 624 KB, 722x525, fag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13285728

I don't think there are any GED equivalents here, but you can try to get admission to Finnish uni if you have abroad education/training that would make you eligible for uni in that country, the problem is that GED is not an education but a certification.

I think we have something like NVQ, but it takes two years to complete, well that is better still than three, I guess.

Thanks for the ideas, I think I need to reserve time for some education advisor or something.

>> No.13285736

Iori is pretty good at putting someone down!

>> No.13286466

Barely made it past the calculus. The other math-related stuff was doable with some/significant effort.

>> No.13286468

where u

>> No.13286512

I work in a cinema. The job itself is terrible, but since we work in 10-12 hour shifts, I only have to work 16-18 days per month and I can choose where I want my days off.

I envy the NEETs who can live off from welfare, even if their lifestyle isn't better than mine.

>> No.13286879

Technical SAP Consulting.
That is, a lot of Java, and a little bit of Javascript and ABAP.

>> No.13286929

>highest average
I knew that there were a shitload of teenagers around, but damn...

>> No.13286941
File: 62 KB, 447x686, 1428295091883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Implying anyone on /jp/ isn't going to be a NEET (including myself ;_;)

>> No.13286946

when i grow up im gonna build a gensokyo theme park

>> No.13286957
File: 37 KB, 493x545, 1404234567396.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Living the NEET lyfe

>> No.13287012

I'm in pretty much in the same exact situation and I'm 26 as well.

The only difference is, I don't plan on doing anything.
I've had my share of college, I won't be signing up for anything or taking any loans, I'm done with everything.
I just want to go to Gensokyo already.

>> No.13287058
File: 47 KB, 414x318, nep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been a NEET for over 11 years and I am 31 years old right now.
I will probably only last one more year with the remaining money I have, so this is pretty much getting to be the end of the line for me.
My depression has been getting a lot worse lately as well, as I find myself spiraling down with all sorts of aspects. Even indulging into deep depressing movies like Requiem for a Dream seem to be my day to day habit lately.
Thankfully I can still kill a lot of time by funposting here and watching my Animes, but at the end of the day, I know what lies in store.
Most importantly, enjoy your life kid. Whatever you do or whatever you're doing, be sure you enjoy it to the fullest, even if it's just pointless shit because in the end, that's all that matters.

>> No.13287073

You work and you die.

>> No.13287088

I wish I was rich. I'd make a mansion just for all the NEETs in /jp/ to live at, with free rent and internet.

>> No.13287096

What about food, dude?

>> No.13287105

I guess I could stop by McDonald's every once in a while and get 60 Happy Meals.

>> No.13287122

I like this thread and reading about how all these fellow jp-sies' lives have just fallen apart.

>> No.13287166

You don't even know the half of it, dude.

>> No.13287172

It's a generational thing, I guess. Most of us are 23-30 years old. That's the point of no return, either become a normal or embrace the neet inside.

>> No.13287186

dude same I havnt lived since I was like 5

>> No.13287197

I am on the internet 99% of the time
the other percent is for food...theta how much it means to me ^.^

>> No.13287216

I enjoy it very much.

>> No.13287235

What's a GPA? I know it stands for Grade Point Average but I was never told anything about it when I started college and apparently mine's below 4 or something. I did very badly in my first year.

>> No.13287320

And they have no one to blame but themselves

>> No.13287341

It's not my fault my mother died in a car accident, dipshit.
My life went to hell after that, she was my world.

>> No.13287346

I'm sure you can get autismbux and go for another 11 years dude.

>> No.13287349

Maybe you should drive better

>> No.13287359

I never got any autismbux to begin with. I'm pretty sure I can't qualify for it anyway even if my country gave autismbux in the first place.

I don't drive dude. I never got a driver's license.

>> No.13287373

Dream about getting a job with my CS degree, then suffering extreme gut pains when I think about having to be interviewed.

>> No.13287382

i don't think i ever had my life together in the first place

>> No.13287397

Get a job at costco
Then do it for 7 goddamn years.
It's not as awesome as you would think. Keeps me in shape, though.

>> No.13287428

I never asked to live or be born in the first place.

>> No.13287428,1 [INTERNAL] 

I wanna marry a rich girl. Any tips?

>> No.13287428,2 [INTERNAL] 

Ugh, my cousin's friend's family is rich and she's literally the most annoying and vile person I know of.

>> No.13287428,3 [INTERNAL] 

well she is better than you so it's natural she'd act like it.

>> No.13287428,4 [INTERNAL] 

rape cousins

>> No.13287428,5 [INTERNAL] 

How is she better than me?

>> No.13287428,6 [INTERNAL] 

you just said her family is rich. you're just a peasant boy.

>> No.13287428,7 [INTERNAL] 

My family is pretty well off?

>> No.13287428,8 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.13287428,9 [INTERNAL] 

not as rich as her, thus she's your superior and you should treat her as such, boy.

>> No.13287428,10 [INTERNAL] 

I only respect people who respect others. This girl seems to never have anything nice to say about anyone even if she's just met them, and she generally treats everyone who's not in her group of friends like shit. It's incredibly annoying and not a good way to live your life. Plus she uses yolo and swag unironically and takes selfies all the time.

She literally only dates black guys too.

>> No.13287428,11 [INTERNAL] 

could you be more jealous

>> No.13287428,12 [INTERNAL] 

There's no way I would ever be jealous of some race mixing white girl with a rich dad. I do genuinely believe myself to be a better person than her.

>> No.13287428,13 [INTERNAL] 


Is she cute though?

>> No.13287428,14 [INTERNAL] 

can one of you fags entertain me thanks

>> No.13287428,15 [INTERNAL] 

So, uh...
Holy shit, this thread. It's not the worst I've read, but it's one of the worst I've read in a while.

I wonder how many /jp/sies have killed themselves.

>> No.13287428,16 [INTERNAL] 

epic /jp/sies!!! LoL

>> No.13287428,17 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.13287428,18 [INTERNAL] 

I'm too lazy to read the thread. Can you write me a summary?

>> No.13287428,19 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.13287428,20 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.13287428,21 [INTERNAL] 

That's dickspammer's dad