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Yukka thread

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Hello flower mima.

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Would pollinate.

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Wriggle what are you doing on the computer? Shouldn't you be out mating?

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I know ..but this is really Cirno's computer that I am "Borrowing"

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Too many Yuuka threads.

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I wonder if Wriggle has ever made Yuuka squirt.

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>Not enough yuuka threads

I know right?

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Well MAYBE if she wasn't such a cute lovely sweetheart this wouldn't be a problem now would it?

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Is that so?
Post a photo of yourself, then.

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ruima....is that you/

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Just your everyday Gensokian.

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Please do not use little Rumia to avatarfag.

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who would not/

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I want to marry Yuuka so badly, but I'm allergic to pollen and I dislike being outside in the sun so I don't think Yuuka would like me.

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enjoy your vitamin d deficit and eventual meningitis

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She can be your wife in your imagination.

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This is how I live.

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Only guys marry shutins, not the other way around. Unless you're ok with being a trophy human who's only good for being a living sex toy.

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be more creative OP. don't just say 'yukka thread'. if you want to make a general yuuka thread, at least articulate a single sentence to start the thread, god damn

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+ there already is a yuuka thread up.

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