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Ohayou /jp/!!!!!

Let's do our best today!!!!

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Screw you four-eyes!

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I'll do my best for Kyouko!

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I didnt sleep last night

Instead of sleeping I masturbated for two hours

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Did you do your best?

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Except it was more than two hours

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I am masturbating to Kyouko as we speak! I too, will be done in two hours.

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Ganbatte kudasai

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I walked 10 km yesterday and now my legs are stiff

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And I'm done.

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Those glasses are very stylish wan

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Why does Kyouko always have a tail in art but Shou rarely has ears or a tail in art?

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With all the spankings she receives from Byakuren, she must have one really firm ass.

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Is getting spanked mandatory to join the Buddhist Shrine?

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Not only that, but getting slapped in general is mandatory.

The male monks aren't bald because they shave their heads - it's because of all the slaps they received during their rite of passage.

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Ohayo OP!!!!!!!!!! Ohayo /jp/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I'm going to make breakfast, and then watch a ton of anime!!!!

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Excessive exclamation marks are the mark of uncuteness, you disgusting subhuman!

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I'll do better next time Anon-kun

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From only walking ten kilometres? You are not very trained, are you?

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He spends too much time masturbating to Kyouko.

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this is true

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How the fuck do you people masturbate for two straight hours?

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They're over 13 and as such don't cum just from the air blowing over their dick when they take it out.

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With vigour.

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Kyouko absolutely requires impregnation.

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I want to raise a family of tiny little yamabikos with Kyouko. The problem is they'll most likely destroy everything when they cry.

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By just doing it? How does it take any less

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Every thread until we like it, right?

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Me again

I did it tonight too

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I don't feel like doing amything.

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It's different for different people. Usually it's easy to masturbate for longer periods of time if you're not trying to cum and just enjoying the feeling.

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Just give me five more minutes...

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Using lots of images of Kyouko.

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Here, I'll help you out.

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Selamat Malam.

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I want to put it in.

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Thats my line.

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Pett dogg.

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Kyouko has a giant head!

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She went to the beach, but her head stayed the same size.