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A friend of mine is thinking of cosplaying as Alice. She has a general idea where to get the costume however she's still looking for a Shanghair and/or Hourai doll. She was thinking of getting one of the fumo fumo plushies however they seem to be sold out on amiami. Any idea where she might get one?

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If you can't find one of those, whatever doll Wink JP uses is pretty nice. Though ball jointed dolls are apparently quite a rabbit hole.

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I imagine those are just blank dolls that you dress yourself? My friend says posable dolls would work as well.

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I don't help women or faggots.


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But that only leaves you with /fit/ then and I have some bad news for you, son.

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/fit/ is full of fags though.

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This is /cgl/ material. Please delete your thread.

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>Cannot delete post this old.

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/jp/ doesn't want to be with any other board. Please go back to /a/ and ask in their buyfag general.

Oh, and here's an image for the road since you love that cat so much.

People can't delete their own threads anymore.

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jaypee sure is salty

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We embrace isolationist, please forgive us.

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*shits on you*

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Fuck off with your bkub meme shit

I bet you and your friend are shitty fucking secondaries

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