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What would you do if your favorite touhou was chunky?

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Rub her belly and offer to bring her food.

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Knead the dough.

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love her even more.

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Self-hating fatty here, probably try to form a diet plan for both of us I guess?

And riding bikes together.

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tell them to stop swallowing

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Get a new favorite touhou

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Use her belly as a pillow.

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What if she started snacking while you were resting?

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It mean she is ready to love me. I would assume the position and allow her to peg me tenderly.

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diet plan and exercise!

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Fall asleep to the cute sounds.

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Thick fox.

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Continue to fatten her up while telling her how fat, lazy, and worthless she is and how I'm the only one who will ever love her. This will destroy her self confidence while making her utterly dependent on me.

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man the harpoons

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This artist is good.
Very good.

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If she gained enough weight that its really only apparent her butt, thighs, and belly got slightly larger or really makes her have a soft pudgy belly and/or muffin top I'm okay with it.

I think weight gain can be sexy if its in small doses. But I don't like huge fatties or whatever. I think that though yes, a belly should have a bit of chub on it. Women are supposed to be soft after all.

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Tell her that she looks nice and that she'd probably look even better if she was BIGGER

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Acceptable. Some fat would be good for all the children I'd give her.

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holy shit why is this so erotic

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I like the difference in thickness between the two.

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Reverse image search ain't helping.

Sauce? Preferrably in english.

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Sorry, it isn't scanned.

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Honestly, if best 2hu wasn't at least pudgy, I'd administer a heaping helping of delicious foods and treats ASAP.

Thankfully, she takes care of that on her own.

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This, what else?

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get a new favorite touhou

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The only answer and the best answer.

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Not only is your love of your favorite 2hu false, your taste in women is horrible.

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Pls don't bully non-chubby chaser!!!!

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Forsaking your love of your favorite 2hu is unforgivable, no matter the circumstances.

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Kissu belly (✿ ♥‿♥)

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You find yourself in Gensokyo, but everyone is between chubby and obese.

What do?

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Open a gym, or start giving yoga classes

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Ejaculate even more furiously.

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How do I fatten up Flan?

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Lots of sexercise


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Put her on a diet

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She's an energetic girl, it's gonna take a whole lot of enticing food, but as she grows fat and weak, so too, will she get lethargic.

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It'll be harder than you realize with a girl as hyperactive as her.

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Try and get to the village or hakurei shrine so I avoid death. After that I try and find work somewhere, maybe hang out with Meiling or Mokou.

I'm an average outsider so catching someones eye is probably gonna be difficult.

That said, I wouldn't say no to helping get a chubby Marissa unburied from a collapsed junk pile or substitute for Keine after she splits her dress

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Mock her relentlessly with baneposting references.

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Thus began the life of anon, the human everyone called on when they got stuck in something or needed some grunt work done, a few even offering him something "special" as a reward for his hard work, along with walking him home or letting him stay the night so he doesn't get eaten.

Next incident is caused by someone kidnapping him, forcing a hefty, and grumpy Reimu and a rotund Marissa flying off to save him.

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1.My dick.

2.Why would someone kidnap anon? Just because he's useful and everyone else is getting fat?

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Sure, why wait for him to walk there when you can just keep him as your own?

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Well, Anon seems to

A. Be very useful to the girls who are probably finding their new bulk to be a bit combersome, having him at their place would lead to quicker response times

B. Is probably a fairly nice guy if all he asks for repayment is a place to sleep, some company, or just someone to take him home so he doesn't get eaten

C.He's probably one of the few males to interact with many of them of his own will and seems to like girls of a larger size.

If anything theres either going to be a schedule written up for him or a danmaku version of capture the flag over him

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Ask the chubby reporter what happened

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Well, she'd probably say that all the girls in Gensokyo seem to mysteriously packing on the pounds and no one knows why.

Then she'd ask you a couple questions, get you a drink or two to ease the tension and then she'd drop you off at the human village where you'd sleep the night off.

Until your awoken by a few irate 2hus who read Ms. Shameimaru's newest headline.

"Mysterous Outsider Anon Appears: Related to Latest Incident?"

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Letty "hitbox" "booty phatrock" whiterock

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Would Ran mind someone resting their head on her gut?

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Go right ahead, sugar

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Chen? No

Someone Close? Probably a more hesitant no

Everyone else? No touching

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b-but ;_;

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Get good, win over the fluffy.
It will all be worth it in the end

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Knead her meat and finger her a bit to get the natural lube flowing, then slippery sumata and cum between her thighs.

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i would bring her to MAGURO.

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God bless.

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She is a great fairy after all. She needs some padding

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Do you think she would mind me making her fluffier?

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Not if your on good terms with her, after which point you have two kinds of fluffy in one girl.

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I will do my best to make sure her tummy is always taught with the food baby.

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Dream on you crazy diamond, you may even be able to Yukari to help if you ask.
That or Suika, although that may give either of them the idea to try it out on the other 2hus who wouldn't take it as well.
I don't know about you but an angry, and tubby, Yuuka is the last thing I would want to see on my door step.

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I'll just pacify her with my tasty baking and hearty stews. She may be able to beat me, but her stomach will falter to the yumminess before then.

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A tubby Yuuka grumbling how anons lucky he's such a good cook or else she'd have to kill him. Cool, the more you gave her then the more the odds turned in your favor

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The Anon guide to survival in Gensokyo, feed every girl until they can't kill you, wether it's from love or the fact that they can't catch you is irrelevant

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Chunky women are the best, so a chunky Yuyuko or Yukari were even more awesome and boner-inducing.

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You'd better just give up. Ran is far too busy and active to fatten up. You should set your sites lower, like on Yukari, who's inactive for more than half the year.

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Why doesn't he try and take over her duties?
Less work for her means less energy spends.
It'd almost be like trying to fatten Sakuya

>> No.13260506

I'll just feed her on a warm lazy sunny day and until shes too full to get up.

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That is the look of a Ran who just had Anon walk in on her

>> No.13260722

I'll just offer to wash her back and hope she isn't too upset. I wonder what she'll do if I accidentally pinch her sides though.

>> No.13260794

She'd probably let you, assuming you became friends with her. Then when you grabbed her she'd give a small squeek of suprise, embarrassment, and pleasure before covering your eyes with a golden tail so you can't "sneak a peek".

Well, that and so you don't see her blush isn't just from embarrassment

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Looks like chicken's on the menu tonight.

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Not good enough.
Feed it till it can't fly, then it'll be good

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Oh my, does Ran secretly like anon playing with her tummy?

>> No.13260917

Of course she does, she loves him caressing and rubbing it. Heck, she even plays with it herself when no ones looking. She just doesn't want Anon to know, she thinks he's find it disgusting, let alone if she told him she's like it bigger.
At least Yukari hasn't found out. Yet

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Become an insulin provider.

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>What would you do if your favorite touhou was chunky


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Oh and supply mobility scooters.

>> No.13260956

Uh oh. What do you think she'll do?

>> No.13260982

Teasing, maybe gap some food in her familiars belly to help her along, and some foundling of her own.
Oh, and drop Anon in Ran's room while she's playing with her pudge.

>> No.13261125

I wonder if she'll start to pick up some of Ran's eating habits on accident.

>> No.13261160

Maybe out of curiosity, after all, Ran seems to like it. Besides, it's lonely at the top and an eternally 17 year old youkai like her sure could go for some attention from that Anon they took in.

Little Chen may even get in on the action, wanting to be just like Ran.

Just don't be suprised if Yukari starts upping the scales On all three of them once she gets going. Being able to gap what you want, where you want, when you want certainly has its advantages

Personally I'd be helping the SDM after Remilia decided that she and the oyher girls of the mansion should have some "old world beauty"

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How does the fattening-anon feel about Suika who can control her own weight?

>> No.13261238

Pretty good considering he could either have her adjust it day by day to simulate gain or have her go full blown belly mode in an instant.

Convincing her to keep it would be the biggest challenge, although a drunken romp may not be out of the question. That would probably make Reimu mad if she walked in on it though

>> No.13261249

I feel that Suika would be his biggest challenge in her Gensokyo fattening plan.

>> No.13261252

>in his*

>> No.13261260

I'd love to pressure Chen into eating so much her bellybutton pops out and she starts to worry. I bet she'd be like an overfilled water ballon since shes so squishy and soft but also young and not flabby.

>> No.13261261

Yep, he'd need either Yukari or Suika on his side to really get it going.
Both if he just wants to watch the world burn.
But beyond that he would need to get the girls of Gensokyo to like being hefty, Reimu and Marisa being the prime targets

>> No.13261264

A happy Yakumo family is a heavy Yakumo family

>> No.13261266

First Gensokyo!

Then the moon!

>> No.13261282

That's the EX round.
Have fun with that.
I'd honestly love just being a regular Anon helping out on either Youkai mountain or underground while this is going on.
Seeing Kanako and Yuugi's reactions would be nice.
And then Satori gets a peek in my head.

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I want her to sit on me to crack my messed up back into place. Then get comfy there and start snacking.

>> No.13261324

You can never make Suika weighty though.

Fat in appearance yeah, but not weighty.

>> No.13261339

Is sleeping with an increasingly pudgy Yukari a bad idea? I feel like you'd be at an even greater risk of getting smothered.

>> No.13261348


It would be a good kind of smothered.

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Oh fuck. Well what if I have her down an entire keg of beer?

>> No.13261357

I feel like the number of meat fans is increasing.

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Seems like.

I'm ambivalent about it.

>> No.13261368

It doesn't matter because her power is controlling density.

Incredibly fucking overpowered.

>> No.13261404

Grope her breasts to try and wake her up.
Sure, she may misread what you were doing but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Even she needs some release every now and then.

That's why you'd need to make her like it so she can let it "slip" a little bit on herself. It also means that she can, presumably, get as heavy as possible while remaining mobile.

>> No.13261420

What if I bribe her with the beer?

>> No.13261433

Yeah, the only way to do it is to convince her into the whole weight = good thing.

>> No.13261447

Well there ya go. A keg of beer is expensive too, if someone gave me one under the conditions I drank it and let myself go I'd do it if I could somehow not die of alchol poisoning.

>> No.13261450

Pretty much you'd have to romance her or become a good buddy. Get her thinking that you'd like the solid feel of her in your lap.

>> No.13261466

You underestimate Suika man.

Bribing her beer when she got a gouge of infinite well-made wine is not going to do shit.

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I feel like it, too. But as a lover of plump girls, I don't mind. I think big breasts only look good on plump girls anyway.

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This style looks wonderfully soft.

>> No.13261508

Which is why you pop it on the fly. Like "hey, why not do this?"

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That kasen is absolutely delicious

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I know. I want to kiss this artist's girls' bellies and hug them and use them as pillows.

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Would marry.

This artist does fantastic work. One of the best.

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>What would you do if your favorite touhou was chunky?
i would do her on a pool table.
next question, please

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>Just don't be suprised if Yukari starts upping the scales On all three of them once she gets going. Being able to gap what you want, where you want, when you want certainly has its advantages
I hope Ran and Chen will be okay, eating like that is pretty mindless. I'd imagine after a while you probably wouldn't even think like you're eating. You'd just get stuck there and hear your stomach gurgle as it slowly grows larger and more uncomfortably full.

>> No.13261935

I'm sure it would mostly be reserved for when they are out and about outside of the main three meals. I mean, cutting out those meals out entirely would mean they wound't be able to eat with anon.

That said, if they are just lounging about then Yukari may use it as an opportunity to top everyone off (and maybe push them a little further.)

>> No.13261954

Who would get stuck with the task of being filled with all the extra leftovers?

>> No.13261971

All of them, but it might fall to whoever's looking the fullest if Yukari's feeling sadistic.

>> No.13261982

50-50 between that or she messes with some of the other 2hus

Maybe She gives it all to Reimu to "help out". Poor girl probably can't afford good food

>> No.13262001

Oh jeez. I wonder what Ran thinks when she has to get filled until shes about pop while anon is in the room.

>> No.13262008

Poor little Chen would probably stuff her self to near bursting to be like Ran.
Then would come leftover disposal. Poor girl would be packing on the pounds.
Unless It starts driving Ran to eat more to prevent this ofcourse

>> No.13262018

Anon would probably help her out with extra attention as well as some rubs and pats. I wonder how that would make Ran and Yukari feel though.

>> No.13262020

Probably mentally counts numbers and tries to distract him as her middle grows ever more taught with all the food being dumped in it, stretching her robe and almost visibly swelling with the leftovers being pumped into it.
Let's not forget that Yukari may do this if Anon and Ran are a little "busy" at the time of disposal

>> No.13262025

It would probably turn into a contest of who could stuff themselves the most and get "belly time" with anon.
Jeez, the Yakumo house hold would probably balloon because of this

>> No.13262064

Poor anon getting crushed under Ran's growing globe of a stomach. I just hope it doesn't bother Ran too much, being a garbage disposal girl for all that extra food must be awfully embarrassing.

>> No.13262076

Do you think Yukari would ever do the job herself or maybe make anon split the work with her?

>> No.13262090

Most definitely but, again, belly rubs.

I'm sure that would be a special treat for the weekends, winner gets belly runbs and fed half the leftovers by Anon while Yukari makes a "direct deposit"

>> No.13262144

But Anon is just a regular guy. Half the leftovers would leave him defenseless and beached like a whale.

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what is going on in this thread why is everyone trying to be lazy and fat

>> No.13262265

Its the enabler, run while you still can!

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She never stood a chance. Might as well have painted a bullseye where her navel is.

>> No.13262833

Because a cute and soft girl is the greatest of joys.

>> No.13262915

That picture is disgusting

>> No.13263054

No, he is feeding them.

>> No.13263068

Chen would probably need extra attention by Anon after a "win"
Laying in his lap and getting belly rubs and ear scratches to take her mind off all the left overs being pumped into her tummy

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File: 1.11 MB, 835x1200, 49621317_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 78 KB, 855x572, CBlyuvNUAAAqw2u.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13263087


>> No.13263257

A tubby Chen whining slightly in anons lap as he does his best to comfort her as she gets the leftovers sent directly into her. Adorable

>> No.13263422

Is she going to be okay? Leftovers for four ontop of a meal the size of Ran's must be an awful lot for someone so small.

>> No.13263470

She's a youkai Anon she can handle it, besides, she'll never be like Ran if she can't handle something as simple as this.
Lord help her if Yukari decides to help her reactive though, she be more belly than girl at that rate

>> No.13263557

What's wrong with her labia?

>> No.13263619

Density isn't the same thing as weight.

>> No.13263670
File: 44 KB, 348x219, 1423456195481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chen is way too small to outeat Ran, let alone Yukari. Even if Chen won, Yukari would gap her food into Chen and watch her pop like a balloon. Then she'd do the same with Ran.

>> No.13263700

Near to burst anon. Just enoughso she can't get up and slips into a food coma. She could also do it gradually and watch her slowly stretch out. Maybe she could even start gapping whole full course meals into Chen while shes sleeping.

>> No.13263749
File: 249 KB, 1000x706, 49348250_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sometimes she's drawn fat or chubby. I like her no matter what way she is.

>> No.13263756

>Near to burst
Yukari wouldn't take to getting beaten by her subordinate very well. I think she'd go overboard with it.

>> No.13263782

Do not underestimate the stretching capacity of Youkai, if anything Yukari may start stuffing her self with a few of the victors spoils so she's better prepared for next time.
Or she just decides to screw the rules and stuff all three of them and forcing Anon to care for them

>> No.13263888
File: 180 KB, 702x1000, 36891682_big_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sure she'll make it through somehow, anon will just rub her expanding belly till she falls asleep ontop of him. Of course this might make Yukari awfully jealous and Ran could use that to sneak some revenge.

I bet if Yukari was told anon wanted her help to try out lots of new recipes she wouldn't mind and might even stuff herself for some rubs as well. I wonder if she'd know when to tell him to stop though. The after effects might come back to haunt her.

>> No.13264007

Ah yes, the awkward moment when her dress tears in front of Anon.
Wonder how Yukari would avoid that one.
That or her dress fitting a little snugger and her intimates riding a little higher each day

>> No.13264180

damn I want to impregnate that fat butt.

>> No.13264188

Almost all 2hus are good in my book. A little padding would certainly help the rest

>> No.13264265

She probably wouldn't even see it coming since shes always putting food into Chen and Ran who already eats way more than her. One lazy and peaceful day she'd sit down with anon to talk and hear a loud ripping noise followed by accidental exposure.

>> No.13264314

That's when she gaps out to get bigger clothes, leave a confused Anon alone at the table.
She then goes on a "diet" (shoveling part of her food into Ran and Chen) before she cracks and binged for a week.

>> No.13264376

>this thread
why boner

>> No.13264422

Because the life of Anon during Gensokyo's "Biggest" is a fun and erotic one. Gurgling bellies, soft girls, belly rubs, and more.

>> No.13264441

Thats no good. Anon wouldn't just let her starve herself for a week would he?

>> No.13264518

Of course not, that's why he'd give her bigger portions, which she then sneakily gaps into Ran and Chen.
All bets are off after the self imposed diet implodes though. Anon will be cooking double time for her

>> No.13264571

But what about Chen and Ran? They're going to have no choice but to be taking Yukari's extras ontop of their regular meals and jobs being the garbage disposal of leftovers. What will happen to their poor tummies?

>> No.13264595

One can only hope they enjoy being stuffed beyond full, their bulging bells straining outwards as anons food fills them.
and that they can get new clothes.
And that someone can explain to Eirin why the Yakumo family has almost tripled in size since Anon showed up

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I would help her lose weight, and set her on the path towards a better, more healthy lifestyle.

>> No.13264623

What about when she starts to bulk for sick gainz?

>> No.13264637

Is she going to become the next victim of Yukari's food gapping?

>> No.13264670


If you're fat you must be some sort of not NEET. get out and kill yourself

>> No.13264680

Maybe, she'd need to taste some of anon's cooking first and, unlike Ran, she won't have a loose dress to hide behind when she starts feeling full, and then a little beyond full. She'd probably try and whip up a drug real quick so she can loose the weight.
This, of course, would require a certain useless bunny to "volunteer" as a test subject.
All assuming Anon or some one else doesn't change her mind about being big of course.

>> No.13264682


I start lubing up

>> No.13264686

I'd hug her

>> No.13264735
File: 78 KB, 558x600, 1389479201890.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't see what the issue is.

>> No.13264738

Maybe someone should convince her to stay that way for a while so she can have more room for Anon's cooking and enjoy the fullness. It's not like she can't fix it when she needs to so why not just lay back and let it happen for a while.

>> No.13264742

Well, to gain muscle you also gain fat at the same time. The real question is will you be able to withstand her hugs.

>> No.13264786
File: 313 KB, 704x1000, 42764104_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm alright with this.

>> No.13264873

Sure, Eirin decides to take a small vacation to try out Anon's cooking. I imagine that she'd tease Anon about the big girls around him and how he doesn't seem to mind it.
Almost makes me wonder if Yukari mamay have Ran, Chen, and her eat a little light that night so Eirin can experience the full package. Belly rubs from Anon and all.
Although those three may sneak some snacks in later

>> No.13264892

Someone make a eroge out of this, I call it:

Gensokyo Dominion Plan: Record of the Fattening.

>> No.13264957

The best bit is if Anon is completely innocent, it's all Yukari screwing with everyone while he just want to be a great cook and not get eaten.
Well, eaten in one way at least

>> No.13264962

Hopefully she'll come prepared with something to make her stomach stretchier. All that food at once and she'll need all the rubs she can get.

>> No.13264979
File: 139 KB, 600x819, 40144953_big_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How nefarious, though it seems like she made a victim of herself in the process.

>> No.13265026

A groaning Eirin with blimp of a belly trying her best to ignore the pleasure she gets from being so stuffed and the tingle she gets from Anons hands rubbing her. All while trying to hide her blush

Of course, she wouldn't want to be the only one out would she?
The real question is who would handle it the worst?
I imagine Youmu wouldn't be terrible happy.

>> No.13265084
File: 207 KB, 800x785, 1380065370826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Being crushed to death by a Marisa hug is the way I want to die.

>> No.13265321
File: 426 KB, 1000x1300, 43459583_big_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She'd just need a little bit extra attention and affirmation. You wouldn't bully her tummy would you anon?

>> No.13265344

What? Sneaking up on her and grabbing it from behind, remarking how I don't remember her being this soft before? Saying that she wears it well and could even stand to go a little bigger?

Whatever pu that idea in your head?

>> No.13265355
File: 377 KB, 510x600, 27032623.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

like this?

>> No.13265405

Pretty damn close.
Love that artist

>> No.13265438
File: 298 KB, 1096x1379, 36891682_big_p4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So what happened to Yukari here?

>> No.13265451

Fell while getting dressed and Anon rushed in because he thought she was hurt. That clothing of hers can hide a bit, even without gap shinaneganry, so he is probably seeing her belly for the first time

>> No.13265471

It sure has gotten flabby and jiggly. Do you think Anon's food is to blame?

>> No.13265485
File: 280 KB, 600x600, 337640ddf5256f16917d7611cd9203b8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread is disgusting.

>> No.13265489 [SPOILER] 
File: 221 KB, 819x665, 1428031635960.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you are both horrible for even making up situation like this

>> No.13265501

That and maybe a meal or two she snuck in. The real question is can she stop Anon from fondling her?

>> No.13265504


I'm sorry you had to see this, Anon.

>> No.13265508
File: 975 KB, 1246x1800, 49566577_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13265520
File: 251 KB, 715x1000, 1e9b392834fd4b242f578c0aa843185d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Perfect for easy deliver

>> No.13265527

I only like chubby 2hus if I can make them gain weight.

>> No.13265564
File: 135 KB, 1008x1229, 1993762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She'd probably try to stop him at first, then give in and let him as long as hes gentle. Ran's gross appetite may have been what caused anon to start making the extra portions but it almost seems like Yukari has a different motive..

>> No.13265623

Well sure, at this point anon's probably with them a good long while. At first he was just there a small toy for them but his cooking quickly won them over, Ran mostly due to him being able to do this for her. After that Yukari would tease poor anon, dropping him in a hot spring naked while a few other girls were there or giving him a peek at her half dressed body before dropping him back in his room.
Then she noticed that he started paying more attention to Ran and Chen as they grew, his eyes wandering more then they used too. Even her attempts at flirting weren't enough to get his attention and it hurt a little more than she expected for him not pay attention.
Perhaps she started putting it on so she could get him to look back at her again, it's not often she gets male company and even less that they show an interest in a non human. Jealousy can do some crazy things.

>> No.13265739
File: 288 KB, 1794x1294, 41684654_big_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Poor Yukari. Lets hope she doesn't go at it too hard, her less than modest bosom already shields her tummy from taking the extra fluff she gets from those meals. She probably has to eat a whole lot to notice anything in the midsection after the post meal bulge of food there. Perhaps thats why she accidentally let her clothes get so tight they ripped open in front of him.

>> No.13265786
File: 73 KB, 900x1300, 1415749542391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know, most of the pics are within the meat threshold.

>> No.13265792

Started that way, slowly became that way over time, or changed suddenly and rapidly? These are each very different scenarios. Chunky is a disgusting word, too.

>> No.13265798

Don't forget that some of her extra "fluff" may make its way northward so that belly may be unseen by her for quite a while.

>> No.13265844

How would you go about doing that anon?

>> No.13265866

I'm interested, too. No McDonalds or animal steroids and gmos in GSK.

>> No.13265912

GMOs don't actually cause weight gain as far as I'm aware. The appeal is they create larger crops and have them grow in poorer conditions. Its only bad when you realize that you're creating a large population with the same genetic information and that it can also spread like a weed or a bad cold.

>> No.13265956

Poor anon probably gets sandwiched between her and Ran's every night then huh? They're practically sandwhiches themselves now. Well at least he won't get cold at night.

>> No.13265982

Hip and rear heavy Ran on the right (with a still respectable bosom), top heavy Yukari on the left, and Chubby Chen with her big belly sprawled on top. Suffice to say he doesn't need any blankets.

>> No.13266012
File: 66 KB, 515x729, 1420909549574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13266046

I hope Chen gets to eat a lots of squishy food like pudding. I bet she'd make an awfully comfortable blanket when shes filled up all the way.

>> No.13266083

Most definately, fill her up and her belly will be a big bouncy globe that Anon can play with and bounce, all while she nuzzles up against Anon and purrs, dreaming of showing him that she's just as great as Ran is.

>> No.13266152

I meant as if they start in their normal stature and body size, and I seduce them. Encouraging the likes of them to get slovenly, lazy, constantly feed and served. Encouraging sedentary behavior and stuff like that.

If their metabolisms work anything like a normal humans does, they'll start to gain and plump up.

>> No.13266171

But who would you go for?

>> No.13266179

Do you think Yukari would mind gaping some more extras into Chen after she dozes off and her tummy has had a chance to recover from all the dinner, desert, and leftovers?

>> No.13266248

Of course, I imagine with a small "favor" or two then Yukari could keep Chen perpetually full, topping her off every now and then but letting her get a little free for dinners. Wouldn't want her to miss dinner time with the rest of the family and anon would we?

>> No.13266287 [SPOILER] 
File: 1005 KB, 1000x1400, 1428043646264.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13266293


>> No.13266339

Got a source? I can't find anything with reverse search.

>> No.13266350


>> No.13266419


>> No.13266464

Its ok, issue with Sakuya is you would need to either convince her that being big like that won't impact her work (not likely) or that you can perform all her duties (equally not likely because you can't syop time)
I doubt even, somehow, winning her heart would be enough.
You'd either need Remilia to give the order or organize the fairies to be competent

>> No.13266486

What kinda favors would Yukari want?

Also would Chen mind being filled so much? It'd slow her down an awful lot.

>> No.13266530

Probably a 50/50 split between some alone time with Anon and making him do some embarrassing things like speaking with Ran while naked and pretending he's clothed
As for Chen, she'd be torn between being slow (and having a larger hit box) and the fact that she gets to spend a bit more time with Anon and never has to worry about trying to find food.
I imagine Mystia and Mokou would make a pretty penny off the family when they visited

>> No.13266566

That belly is just begging to be bullied. I bet you could take a nice nap on it afterwards.

>> No.13266759
File: 1.08 MB, 1200x1500, 34241751_big_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13266854

I'd love to be Patchy's assistant in the library, fetching her books, while keeping her well stocked in snacks and tea. After all, every second she spends >>13266759
hoisting her overfed, burdensome body out of her chair, and shuffling all the way across the aisle on her weak, atrophied legs, wholly unsuited for their load, then all the way back, huffing, puffing, and gasping all the way, then finally returning to the welcome comfort of her chair, an exhausted, tired mess who needs the welcoming comfort of food and drink to recouperate from the previous undignifed ordeal is a second she could be spending flat on her butt, staving off her ever growing appetite with cakes and biscuits and whatnot.

>> No.13266858

Nah, you are getting canon wrong.

Fatchouli doesn't walk, she floats.

>> No.13266867

Fair enough.

I'd still be her assistant. Plus, I'd have access to her library, and presumably, a free stay in the SDM.

>> No.13267204
File: 233 KB, 653x800, 971acf8beb65ac717ad23c009ab105d8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13267599

Most likely, Remilia would probably be overjoyed that her friend found a guy.
Sakuya wouldn't trust you, always keeping an eye on you as Patchy keeps growing

>> No.13267982

This thread is disgusting

>> No.13267996

Your mom is disgusting.

>> No.13268057


>> No.13268066

Then ignore it. Because we're enjoying ourselves posting in this thread and we don't give a shit if you don't like it.

>> No.13268095

I see that not even hell itself is free from anon's influence.

>> No.13268096

Oh jeez, who would be more embarrassed, her or anon!

>> No.13268114

Traditionally, the slimmest and most elegant denizens of the land. Sakuya, Satori, Yukari, Yuuka, Mom, etc...

>> No.13268120

Don't know, I imagine anon would be used to the teasing by this point but Ran's reaction as she stands there, stuttering and blushing while simultaneously trying not to look at anon but also trying to sneak a peek at him.

Good taste.

>> No.13268166

It seems the best option is to make Sakuya a target. But could she really remain dignified and proper doing her work with a pot belly?

>> No.13268177

Sakuya would still have her slim figure, just a bit of a chubby belly? That could work. Otherwise I don't see it happening. But Satorin would be an easier target.

>> No.13268206

How so? If anything wouldn't she blow Anon's cover or book it when she finds out Yukari's devious plan?

>> No.13268219

Not a chance. Sakuya would easily be able to za warudo and do some stretches or other exercises before you could fatten her up anyway.

>> No.13268229

She would sense our arousal and lust for chubby girls, and her empathy would make her want to be one. Win the Satorin, win the war.

>> No.13268243

Then the only option is to make too many cakes. If they're basically everywhere she'll have to clean them up somehow right?

>> No.13268264

I don't know, she could simply just pitch them.
Sakuya would require Remilia on board, if she gives the order then our elegant maid would have no choice but to follow through. She probably wouldn't like it though, as she'd believe it negatively impacts her performance. That's where round 2 comes in.

>> No.13268288

Satori you'd need to with over through her pets. Get Orin and Utsuho nice and tubby and make them feel good about it. Satori already knows your plan so you need those two's enjoyment over the warm feelings they get and all the attention you give them to win her over.
Being a good person and send a few thoughts about how cute a hefty Satori would be may help speed things along

>> No.13268298

I'm sure it wouldn't be too bad at first. Just a bit of extra padding on the rear and midsection. Her plump stomach might rub up against some tables and strain her clothes when she bends over though.

>> No.13268316
File: 144 KB, 646x810, cdc9f770f500c32b41ac9933c3a98e51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A heavy Okuu would be lovely and very appropriate.

>> No.13268320

That would be the limit for her to go without some serious work.
A little bit going up top would help a little bit but she's probably going to be bottom heavy for life.
Although her pudgy rear lifting the skirt and giving a peek would be nice.
Would almost make one wonder if she keep her small clothes for a reason

>> No.13268321

Okuu is slow as hell in soku despite having gigantic wings. She'd be one of the few touhous I would imagine to be pretty hefty, unless her concrete leg weighs more than I think it does.

>> No.13268338

That it would, a nice soft belly that peeks from her shirt, thighs and a rear that make her skirt almost useless, and a bosom that strains her shirt while she presses against you and asks if you want to do anything during her free time

>> No.13268394
File: 189 KB, 800x1131, 43239250_big_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread is great.

>> No.13268399
File: 54 KB, 500x418, elephant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I doubt it would be a light weight, considering what it's probably made of.

>> No.13268439
File: 679 KB, 909x1199, 1410726647945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That is obesity.

>> No.13268476

That's the best part! There's no way she can pretend she's just "a bit chunky", she's fat! Fat!

>> No.13268515

Indeed, light teasing combined with belly groping

>> No.13268521
File: 58 KB, 244x269, 1352434853602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13268528
File: 420 KB, 600x800, 1422994993028.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13268532

Those ears beg to be scratched and that belly fondled

>> No.13268595

It totally is, dude.

>> No.13268609

Can she handle it? Being so full of those tasty treats, the belly rubs, and thoughts might be a bit overwhelming.

>> No.13268643

Same as with Yukari, show her how green the grass is on the otherside and she'll eventually crack over how happy her pets look and feel. She may even want to try it out for a little while, stuffing herself and getting you to rub her belly like you do with her pets.

>> No.13268666


>> No.13268698
File: 44 KB, 508x512, IMG_20150330_024510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ran can't stop

>> No.13268705
File: 192 KB, 960x1280, a0d759adc73e429c6feaf607c1c0b981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13268719

Even when he rests his face on her
supple bloated stomach and starts to get drowsy? Surely his mind would start to wander.

>> No.13268727
File: 343 KB, 600x650, sachito_00_56.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love everything about this thread

>> No.13268729

She may blush and give him a light smack while asking him to "quit it" but she'd be flattered that he even thinks of her that way, let alone the fact he's at ease around her. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad for her to gain a couple pounds if it means she can spend more time with Anon

>> No.13268737

Even Awoooo is getting in on the action

>> No.13268758

She'd get flustered and tell you to stop. Then regret it and ask you to do it again and look away pretending she isn't enjoying it.

>> No.13268762

Ran is on a one-way train to morbid obesity! Do you really want your favourite fox to become a helpless whale?

>> No.13268767

Maybe, she can fly so she's not completely helpless. She just has a bigger hit box

>> No.13268799

You don't think she'd get carried away and stuff herself silly every time she sees him do you?

>> No.13268807

Where did you get this particular pic from? It doesn't on sachito's twitter, pixiv or gelbooru

>> No.13268910

It's a shoop.

>> No.13268931

Maybe, I imagine all those thoughts of his involving her would spur her onward, a small, but satisfied, smile on her face as she stuffs herself to the brim so she can get a little alone time with him so he can help her with the bellyache that may, or may not, be real

>> No.13269020

Well his thoughts might become compliments unintentionally. She'd end up stuffing herself silly before she goes to visit only to find he made an even bigger meal for her. Of course she'd end up eating it all not wanting to disappoint him. She'd have to push her belly past it's limits every time.

>> No.13269085
File: 1.73 MB, 1600x1900, 2775146.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13269093

Just what she wants in a round about way, Anon fawning over her and rubbing her food packed belly as it peeks through her shirt. She may be stuffed too stuffed to move but the feeling she gets combined with his happy feelings (and maybe a few others) would make her feel quite content

>> No.13269104

Who would be next in the mansion to size up Remi or Flan?

>> No.13269133

now i like chubby chicks but this, this requires this song.

>> No.13269198

Between those two? Remi, she was around back when that was considered attractive. She'd probably lecture Anon about how it was a symbol of status to be big, all while picking away at her meal and trying to take his attention off Sakuya who almost seems to be showing off her bottom beneath the too small skirt.
Then she'd probably need Anon to help feed her after she gets a little full. She is a light water after all

>> No.13269284

I would commit suicide

>> No.13269302

Ask her to smother me with her huge butt !

>> No.13269312

Not ran

>> No.13269395

She better hope he doesn't get too cheeky since shes weighed down by that big heavy belly. Unless thats her intent of course..

>> No.13269449

Maybe it is, a few teasing jokes at anons expense, pushing a few of his buttons before realizing that he isn't the one pinned down by a belly.
I'm sure Anon wouldn't do anything too cruel to her, heck, she may even enjoy it.

>> No.13269681

No she did not.

>> No.13269725

What does sex with a chubby girl feel like

>> No.13269765

bags of lard

>> No.13269786


Depends how chubby she is.

Normal chubby is like sex with a heavier girl who's harder to grab onto, because when you pull fat it doesn't stay in place, it moves on an axis. It's really unpleasant because it's squishy and has the same consistency as squid.

If she's really really chubby it's feels the same but worse, and you're cutting two inches off because you are blocked before getting all in.

>> No.13269851

Please don't summon the normies

>> No.13269901

If its just chubby you actually want her ontop.

>> No.13269908

She won't be light for long! How will they get Flan?

>> No.13270004

We've been through this. Flan's easy. Given unlimited access to treats, she'll gradually become slow and lethargic, and have no way to aleviate her boredom other than stuffing her face and attention from Anon.

>> No.13270073

Flan should be filled with flan until her belly wobbles like flan when she moves.

>> No.13270127

No you don't. They can't hump so they only slide back and forth. Really slide thanks to the oily sweat.

>> No.13270147

That statement really depends on a lot of things you know. A girl whos chubby and physically active is much different than one thats sedentary. Also oily sweat is usually caused by not getting enough water.

>> No.13270156
File: 1.23 MB, 1500x1500, 1424505249148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>chubby and physically active

Is this even possible?

>> No.13270186

Yup, exercise doesn't really burn as many calories as people think it does. Most of its diet. It actually is more common than you think and can happen pretty easily for someone who regularly goes to the gym or runs if their main goal is just fitness in general. They don't normally notice it either since it just feels like running a little extra.

>> No.13270295

The war between Flan and Remilia over anon would be legendary. The two of them stuffing themselves to near bursting so anon could spend time with them. Eventually it would just end with the two of them groaning in the study as anon tries his best to help get them better by rubbing their stretched bellies.
It would probably end in the two of them agreeing to share him, moving Flan into Remilia's room so the three of them can share a ,by now too small, bed, one hugging him on each side as they slept.
Although they would have to wonder why he seemed to be in a slightly different position in the morning than when they went to bed.
It certainly wouldn't be Sakuya stealing anon for an hour or two so she can snuggle with him while she stops time would it?

>> No.13270412
File: 152 KB, 700x700, 48435109_p2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ontop of Remi having less of an appetite, Flan's tummy is probably much tougher than most other girls.. Could Remi really keep up to a draw?

>> No.13270414

/jp/ sure loves weight gain and fatties!

>> No.13270443

Of course she can, she's the head of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. It would be ill fitting of someone of her stature to lose out on something like this. She'd train as hard as she could, snacking at all hours to keep her self as far ahead, if not tied, with her little sister.
Although this may take her out of comission for a while, laying on her bed after a endless gorging cycle. But even when she's at her sickest she would continue on, not willing to give up her quality time with anon for its fated you see, she's supposed to be the biggest in the house.

>> No.13270503
File: 1.44 MB, 1024x1500, 1408832328984.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe she should get some pointers from Patchy, she was chubby before it was cool.

>> No.13270522

But what if the answer was magic? Surely a lady like Remilia wouldn't turn to spells to help stuff herself would she? Using one of Patchy's elasticity spells to stuff herself until she can't reach the table?
Only to turn beat red when Anon returns from errands with Sakuya (who's stopped using pads by this point.) and see's the Vampire filled up like a balloon on sweets.

>> No.13270558
File: 597 KB, 749x900, 34786004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If shes so full she can't even reach whats in front of her as well as "safe" with the elasticity spell anon might not be able to help himself. He'd just have to tease her while feeding her more and poking and patting her tummy thats grossly stretched out onto her lap. The real question is would she get frustrated at him for being such a twerp or secretly enjoy it and only pretend to be upset while lying back and taking it.

>> No.13270582

She'd probably complain about he's supposed to obey HER and how he should stop shoveling delicious cake into her mouth. After all, she's the one who lets anon live in her mansion.
She'd probably quickly realize she was harsher than she meant to be when anon look a little hurt. It's probably at this point that Sakuya would chime in and let Anon know that for as much as she's complaining, the mistress really isn't putting up that much of a fight is she, causing the tubby vampire to turn a brilliant scarlet as a sudden look of realization shone on Anon's face and he gave Remilia a sly grin before continuing, giving the elegant maid a slice or two every now and then as she brings in a few more cakes she had set aside for "personal reasons"
Suffice to say, when Anon was called to fill his position as "Royal Body Pillow" for Remilia that night, there was a bit of an obstruction in the way.

>> No.13270755

Stick to your botany, Yuuka.

>> No.13270774

I'm sure anon was than than pleased with said obstruction pressed up against him. I wonder how Remi felt about it.

>> No.13270785

Probably more than a little proud that she managed so much, even if she had a spell, Sakuya, and Anon to help her along.
Sure, it looks a fairly strange on a frame as small as hers, and she's certainly going to be more than a little chubby when she manages to digest it all, but if it gets her more time with Anon then its most definitely worth it.
She'd also struggle a little bit to give Anon a dainty kiss on the forehead while he sleeps, a reward she can't give him when he, or anyone else, is awake.
She does have an image to maintain after all.

>> No.13270830

Do vampires even need food?

>> No.13270853

It's probably made with donated blood to spice things up. I doubt drinking the same blood day in and day out is going to be good.
Or it could just be food to enjoy it.

>> No.13270866

She'll probably be well along at digesting and starting to get much tubbier by the time she wakes up. What will she do if shes still half stuffed and her nightwear doesn't want to fit her bottom anymore?

>> No.13270873
File: 288 KB, 738x485, alice-pumped.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this thread
loving every minute of it

>> No.13270884

Well then, I hope Sakuya likes imporomptu tailoring for a half asleep, half gorged Remilia.

>> No.13270891

Probably try and get Sakuya to get her some new one's before anon wakes up.
Wouldn't want to give him a peek would she? Especially since she isn't prepared for it. It's got to be a special occasion, with her in her throne after a lavish feast and dressed in her finest garments.
Most of which, she'd probably realize, don't even fit anymore.
Much like the lacy undergarments which are cutting into her thighs and straining to contain her growing rear while the gown itself is now outlining her heavy belly.

>> No.13270906
File: 395 KB, 728x1050, fatremicantfly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would the touhous' newfound girth impede their ability to fly?

>> No.13270916

Can she really shuffle out of bed without waking anon with her butt and gut?

Also what will she do when the spell wears off and her stomach starts to shrink back to its normal size while still full of food? Furthermore Anon doesn't even know she had the spell in the first place. What if he makes her large breakfast sizeable to all the cakes she pigged out on earlier.

>> No.13270918

A little bit, still better than trying to walk.

>> No.13270929

She can certainly try, and if she does then she can make the excuse that she is heading to the ladies room, Anon most assuredly wouldn't follow up on that would he?
She'd also try to hide a bit behind the drapes that surround her bed, hoping that anon doesn't notice that he cheeks look a little rounder, her belly is still bulging, and that the back of her nightgown is currently displaying a pair of white panties that are stretched tight across her rear.
During this time she'd need to use this time to get changed after Sakuya's speedy clothing adjustments and get Patchy to re-cast the spell, otherwise our bloated vampire is going to be whimpering from her over stretched belly.
All while Flan makes a few jokes at her sisters expense.

>> No.13270939

Patchy's a lethargic and sickly girl. Remi had better hope she can bring her back to enough mental alertness to cast the spell again.

>> No.13270960

Definitely, imagine if she wasn't awake. Remilia would have to deal with her stomach tightening on the food that's already there while she eats more of Anon's delicious cooking, trying to maintain her poise and elligance while hiding the few squeaks of pain that escape from her.
Heaven help her should Flan decide to challenge her sister to an eating contest to see who gets to spend the day with Anon.
The poor girl will probably suffer a defeat to her pride...along with her waistline.

>> No.13270995

She could try and pin Flan with her still partially stuffed tummy though I wonder how she'd respond to finding out how heavy shes gotten. Would she take it out on Anon in the morning and demand he take responsibility or maybe take it out on Flan somehow while shes still stuck under her big big sister's gut?

>> No.13271015

I imagine she'd be quite cross with Anon but Flan would probably be the first she dealt with. Pinning her and asking where all those "Big Sister" jokes are, lording over the, at this point probably still thin, Flan.
This of course would probably end with a very confused Anon walking in on the scene, distracting Remilia enough that Flan could push her over and run off, leaving the elder sister ever more flustered as she tries to not only deal with the fact that her clothes are still quite tight, and hiding barely anything, but that she's just been pinned by her own rotund belly.
She'd probably opt to remain silent and try to get herself up, pouting in impotent anger while Anon tries to figure out if he's going to lose an arm trying to help her.

>> No.13271084

How will she act when her and anon go back to bed? She'll be forced to realize its not just her belly that takes up more room now and that her newly pudgy thighs are rubbing against him as well. Not to mention its less than half a nights sleep before breakfast.

>> No.13271112

Try to ignore it as best she can all while pressing as much of her squishy self as possible against him as she tries to go back to sleep as the next day is going to be very busy, there's clothes to be resized, sleeping arrangements for a bigger bed must be made and she needs to go and annoy Reimu about a party she will be hosting. Taking a hefty Sakuya with her, leaving Anon alone with a Flan who hasn't played with him in a long time and just noticed the little light in his eye when he saw her sister.
She'd probably want some of anons freshest cooking and maybe a nap somewhere private. It would be nice for her to figure out why someone like her sister would end up like that
After all, Royal Body Pillow and Royal Chef are an odd combination of jobs to hold.

>> No.13271118

Meant for >>13271084
Apparently they aren't the only ones who should be sleeping

>> No.13271165
File: 373 KB, 1500x2118, 25624076.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh oh, just Flan and Anon? Will he be making her lunch?

>> No.13271198

Going to need a source on that one.

>> No.13271207

Is the anon at the Yakumo's the same as the anon at Scarlet Mansion?

>> No.13271225

He's in high demand these days.

>> No.13271335
File: 347 KB, 782x815, komachi-growth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't think you'd like it, anon.
There's two relevant pages out of a 70+ page doujin, the rest of which are full of scat and guro.

>> No.13271862

Of course he will, can't have someone like Flan getting hungry can we?

Maybe he is, maybe he's just another lost Anon who got taken in as a food source but was more adept at making food than being food.

>> No.13271890

Well there goes her figure. Hows he going to start with her?

>> No.13271958

Isn't it obvious? Flan would approach him while wondering, quite pointedly, why her sister seems to be so into him, certainly into him enough that she's been packing it on. Even Sakuya sees to be warming up to him, amongst other things.
She'd wonder if he'd really worth the trouble when Anon would produce some flan for Flan, a joke that isn't lost on her and would have been amusing if this wasn't the hundredth time she's heard it.
Regardless, she'd take a bite and become very aware of why he's around, it's VERY good food. So good that she didn't eat it so much as inhale it. After which she'd demand another, bigger helping, and a helping of everything he's had to make for her sister. What would follow would be a very full afternoon for Anon of cooking for the younger sister and awaiting her judgement, once more uncertain about his fate in the mansion. It would be about halfway through a stew he made that Flandre would lean back in her chair and pat her over stuffed stomach, once more looking, and acting, like the cheerful girl he's used too, congratulating Anon on passing her test. It's just such a shame, she'd say, rubbing the belly peeking between her shirt and skirt as she eye's Anon, if only there was someone to help her finish his delicious stew. Someone who could feed it to her before they go and see a Danmaku match between Meiling and that Ice Fairy again.

>> No.13272030

Half the pot of stew is still a lot. How will she be able to get around like that after becoming a pot of stew and flan herself? Is anon going to have to help?

>> No.13272063

Slightly plump girls are so hot

>> No.13272067

She'd probably have to be given a piggyback ride by anon or carried, luckily she's still lighter than her sister.
Although how much longer that lasts is anyone's guess. After the Danmaku match (which Meiling easily won) Flan, figuratively, ran anon ragged, flying around the house with him, playing hide and go seek (with her three clones and a fairy filling in for extra players.), and a game of tag before a few of the clones argued about how only the "real" Flandre got to have Anon's cooking.
Anon didn't mind, Remilia was probably coming back from her errands soon so he'd need to get cooking anyways.
This led to a happy cheer from Flan and her clones, although one of them seemed to be getting awfully touchy with anon.

>> No.13272105

I like this story.

>> No.13272140

Well that's, nice. The Flans probably like it too, each one asking Anon to refill their plates (that night was pasta) when they burned through it, vying with each other over who he sat with, who help talked with, and who he had to help feed until all four of them were groaning and overstuffed from their zealous battle four Anon.
It's probably at this point that Sakuya and Remilia, her confidence restored and clothes refitted, would return home to the scent of warm food and the sounds of some Flans who may be regretting stuffing themselves full.
Oh, and an Anon who has two heaping plates ready for the maid and mistress

>> No.13272159

What will Remi think when she sees what Anon did to her sister? Also hows she doing now that her bellys had a chance to digest breakfast ontop of all that food from last night?

>> No.13272187

The belly has gone down, thankfully for her, but is still there a bit. Some chub that's going to remain there for quite a while and gives her a belly, although she's still a little concerned about how tight her clothes feel across her rear.
And let's just say that the sight of four stuffed Flans at the table is making her feel a little smug about her sister's predicament, although she can't help but feel a little jealous about the attention he's govin them. Rubbing bellies and ruffling hair as much as he can.
She'd probably commend Anon on his timely cooking and for keeping her sister occupied, right before ordering him to serve her up a plate of his fine food, all while giving her sister a knowing grin

>> No.13272199

They should team up against Reimu and get the help of Patchy's stomach stretching spell and Yukari's gaping. I'd like to see her try to beat that.

>> No.13272210


It worries me to see plump threads being degraded into inflation/morbid obesity deviantart-tier shit.

Plumpness is healthy, fucking balloons and obese touhous aren't.

>> No.13272239

If Remi challenges her sister to an eating contest she'd probably have the upper hand. What would Flan do? She seems like she can't even eat another bite.

>> No.13272300

Its not that bad. >>13270558 and >>13266287 seem to be the upper limit and thats still within the realms of normal looking sorta.

>> No.13272442

Hmm. Try me anyway? As long as it's not too cruel. Alice there seems to be enjoying it at any rate.

>> No.13272489

>deviantart-tier shit

You can say that all you want, but the majority of fat 2hu pics I've seen come from pixiv.

>> No.13272513

I imagine that Reimu is coming too earn the nickname Reimoo in short order. Knowing her personality she'd probably make a few unflattering remarks at their expense.
They'd probably have their anons start making extras that mysteriously dissapear, although the Yakumo Anon may be used to it by this point.

>> No.13272578

Well, Remilia is still a light eater and doesn't have any Patchy magic going and Flan, despite having stuffed herself(s?) still has four of her who can maybe fit some more in.
It'd still be Remilia's win in the end though, she hasn't been gorging all day, giving her sister a gloating smirk as the younger four all lay face down on the table, unable to eat another bite.
Unfortunately it's going to be a bitter sweet victory because after Flan dismisses her clones, they all learned that the food doesn't leave with the clones.
Even some help from Patchy wasn't enough to put a tremendously overstuffed Flan at ease, forcing Anon to spend the night with her. That being said, the smirk Flan gave Remilia may have been just as smug as the one her sister gave her earlier.
This turn of events didn't make the older sister happy because she'd just picked up some new evening wear to show off to Anon
Wonder if it's ironic I wrote this after going to the gym

>> No.13272659

Four filled to the brim tummies worth of food crammed into one? Is she going to be okay? Anons definitely going to need to help her to her room but how will he manage when her stomachs too gorged to give a piggyback ride?

>> No.13272702

He would need to resort to the time tested princess carry, something he's able to accomplish thanks to all the training Sakuya and Meiling put him through when he joined (see, wandered into the mansion one dark and stormy night). Flan's taught tummy pressed up against him while her arms were wrapped around his neck. All so she can watch her sister pout in jealousy and start digging into her food as anon carried her off to her room.
Suffice to say she snuggled right up to him after he put her in bed, turning around so she could have some privacy to get changed.
Just like her sister the night before, her pink nightie was almost useless, hanging on her heavy orb and displaying her silken panties for all to see, something Anon did his best to avoid staring at for too long, not that Flan seemed to mind.
She did fall asleep quickly though, her arms wrapped around his neck as he rubbed her stuffed stomach.

>> No.13272847

I wonder whos stuffed tummy is comfier to have pressed against you, Flan or Remi? What will Flan do the next morning upon realizing shes gotten rather plump just like her sister whos flab she was teasing only just a day ago?

>> No.13272908

Not at all, dat der high test. Ran and Remi are there in spirit to help you make sick gainz and beat your PRs.

>> No.13272926

Well, for one, Flan would quickly find out that her belly hasn't diminished nearly as much as her sister's did as, apparently, was going to be the belly heavy one of the two.
She wouldn't mind nearly as much as her sister did though as Anon fell asleep with his hand still on her squishy belly, hand slightly pressing into it. That's not to discount the nice, jiggly feeling it had to it, she actually spent quite a bit of time bouncing it until Anon awoke, a look of curious joy on her face.
She was just about to offer him a go at touching it when he caught sight of the clock and excused himself, giving her hair a small ruffle before he ran off to fix breakfast, although not without giving it a generous glance.
When she finally got to the table she found a quite grumpy looking Remilia who announced that Flan would be going out for the day as, it was readilly apparent, Flan's clothes had gotten just as tight as Remilia's had the day before.
A schedule change that Flan was quite miffed about, she'd wanted to spend another day with Anon.
To sweeten the deal though, Remilia announced that She and Flan would be sharing rooms, something that brought a smile to the younger sisters chubby cheeks.
It was at this moment Anon returned to the scene, chatting with a Sakuya who was licking her fingers and lamenting the fact that her top was feeling oh so tight now a days, although she should be more worried about her skirt with was displaying more and more thigh with each day.
As Anon deposited breakfast (blueberry pancakes and bacon) and took his seat between Remilia and Flan, the eldar sister announced that he would be spending the day moving furniture today under her personal supervision while Flan and Sakuya went out for clothes that day because, as Flan put it, the three of them would be sharing a bedroom now. Something that nearly made him choke on his meagar, by comparison, breakfast.

>> No.13273047

Anon sure is a lucky guy. I hope he can convince Patchy to cast spell on the two sisters before dinner time, he'll probably want them both to be nice and full by bed time. If he could somehow get her to do it chances are they could easily be coaxed into another contest to see who can eat most though Flan would probably leave her sister in the dust by abusing her clones again and then maybe pinning her sisters belly with her own larger one much like a couple nights ago. What do you think Remi would do now that she not only lost to that belly monster two nights in a row but also is sharing a bed and anon (who's quite literally stuck in the middle of this) with her?

>> No.13273085

Well that would require that Anon is able to sneak away to Patchy, something that would be difficult as he (and whatever fairies he can round up) start moving flan's furniture up to Remilia's chambers. It would be tough work as he's carrying furniture, trying to keep the fairies from breaking anything, and listing to a hovering Remilia who is floating through the air letting him know what he should carry next, all while she's munching on a few snacks Anon has prepared. She'd quiet down a little bit after he had to take his shirt off to cool down, blushing a little bit as her scarlet eyes track him about the room.
She'd be so out of it that she'd barely notice when he finished, or the fact that the angle she was hovering at was giving away the new, lacy undergarments she'd bought. Anon would finish around noon, much slower than Sakuya obviously but he can't really beat time hacks, and would leave Remilia with a large plate of sandwiches before absconding of to the library to have a word with the purple spell caster.
He was lucky that she was awake and even luckier that she was open to his request, although the fact that he forgot his shirt may have had something to do with that, and he convinced her to cast the spell on both of them for fear that they'd hurt themselves.
She agreed on the condition that he brought Koa and her a few snacks, something he half expected at this point and was glad to do.
After a quick shower, during which time he had a feeling he was being watched, he returned to find Remilia had polished of the sandwiches and was reading a book from the library, a slightly disappointed look on her face as she saw that he was wearing one of the spare shirts he'd gotten for that odd shop with the blue haired man.
Anon got to spend two hours with Remilia as she sat next to him on the luxurious couch and talked about the current gossip in Gensokyo.

>> No.13273122

The first sign the two got that Flan and Sakuya had returned was when the "little" sister had flown into Anon on the couch, interrupting their riveting discussion about Remilia's last meeting with Reimu. The youngest scarlet had gotten her new clothes and was very keen to show them off to Anon, although he mentally noted that the skirt seemed a bit shorter than her older ones.
This, of course, set off Remilia who gave Flan a stern lecture on proper ways to greet people before Anon was taken by Sakuya off to the kitchen's to prepare for Dinner.
Suffice to say, it was a good thing that Anon had spoken with Patchy that afternoon as, for whatever reason, Remilia and Flan had challenged each other to another eating contest, danmaku being ignore because Remilia didn't want to ruin the house and neither wanted to ruin their new clothes.
Well, that way at least.
Flan, like last time, had resorted to using her clones, the four of them giving Remilia a quartet of victorious grins as they watched her struggle to keep up with them.
To her credit, Remilia managed to take in quite a bit more than the first night, leaving Anon wondering if she even tasted the food as it went down her gullet. Sadly for her, Flan won out in the end, the four of her easily outpacing Remilia, all while Anon looked on in awe as his grand feast was devoured by the ravenous girls, and a Sakuya who almost seemed to be trying to keep up, albeit at a slower, more dignified pace. About midway through the Scarlets registered that they were feeling none of the discomfort from yesterday, even though all "five" of them, looked like they swallowed basketballs. In fact, the Flans were busy poking their bowling ball stomachs in curiosity while their older sister shot anon a knowing look before tucking in again.
When it was done, Remilia was pouting as her bulbous belly yet again strained against her clothes, even though she'd planned for them to go up a size or two just in case.

>> No.13273128
File: 417 KB, 917x509, 49647267_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13273137

It was nothing compared to Flan though who, once she had dismissed the clones, was almost propelled from her chair as her belly reached truly mind boggling sizes that made Anon wonder if she would even fit in the bed. Needless to say, her skirt had been pushed out of the way and her shirt couldn't even cover the massive mound of food and flesh that draped before her.
Not that she minded, she was giggling and wiggling in her chair with joy about how she'd "won" something that caused her older sister to mumble something about "cheating" as she picked at the last few crumbs of cake on her plate.
When Anon asked what Flan had "won" Remilia refused to answer, simply continuing to pout as she ordered a stuffed Sakuya to fetch Meiling because she doubted that Anon could carry her sister to the bedroom.
When Anon asked about this victoriously told him that she'd won fifteen minutes with Anon in their new bedroom.
What this entailed he wasn't able to get an answer for, Remilia simply continuing to pout and blush while Flan simply replied that it was "a surprise."
Poor little Remilia is going to need to step it up if she wants to beat that clone technique of her sisters. Although that depends on if her sister can even move the next morning.

>> No.13273156
File: 716 KB, 789x1118, 1385598437527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Patchy is sexy!

>> No.13273180

My, that Patchy looks intolerably lewd

>> No.13273199
File: 376 KB, 622x700, 11461551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe Remi can catch up with the help of Sakuya and some other acquaintances. If she pushes Flan on her stomach ontop of anon before either of them have the chance to wake up I'm sure neither of them would mind leaving bed assuming they're alone when they wake up. Not that it'd be an easy task anyways given Flan's belly weighs down heavily on the still tired anon.

Leaving them alone again would have to be a noble sacrifice in order to catch up. Though is she really going to mind letting herself end up like that? Unlike Flan who could probably burn it off in pretty quickly given all her energy, Remi would surely be stuck like that a while. Is beating Flan and getting anon's undivided attention back really worth sacrificing her figure?

>> No.13273206
File: 2.50 MB, 1360x1256, 37203137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13273312
File: 484 KB, 650x800, 2794891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13273315

Jealousy is a terrible thing and although she would enjoy being alone with anon again, she wouldn't want to take away some of her "little" sister's happiness away.
That's not to say she's going to let Flan remain the undisputed champion in the household for whenever she wants to be alone with Anon for the night.
That simply cannot stand.
After slipping free from one of anon's arms, and mentally sighing at how heavy she feels and how her brand new intimates are beginning to feel tight against her ever growing rear again, she'd give Flan (whose belly seems to only have gone down a little bit from last night) a little push she presses against anon, her chubby cheeks stuck in a happy grin.
Although it made her a little jealous, she had to hope that Anon and Flan would keep themselves occupied for a little bit while she did some training, waking a tired looking Sakuya, her pajamas cutting into her wide hips, so she can get to work before grabbing Patchy.
The new plan would be to work on Remilia's speed eating as it was the key, using Patchy's magic and Sakuya's time stopping so she can practice stuffing herself.
It wouldn't happen over night though, it would be a grueling process for Remilia who would wake up each dawn to stuff herself, slipping free from Anon's arms and leaving him with her sister so she can prepare.
Oh sure, she still spent time with him when she was able, usually between lunch and dinner when Flan was off doing her own business and Anon wasn't cooking. They talk, joke, and Remilia would do her best to put her charisma to work, a rolled word here, a little promise there, maybe a little physical contact if she was feeling aggressive. She'd have to focus on her "assets" of course, Flandre was going to be a belly queen, that much was sure. The doughy orb putting the possibility of piggy back rides out of the blondes reach, and the table before they figured out to get her a bit higher chair, but Remilia had something of her own to flaunt.

>> No.13273367

Remilia's rear would be quite a sight to behold, requiring some clever tailoring from Sakuya to keep it covered and a new throne after she got stuck in the last one.
She made sure to put an extra sway in her step when Anon was watching, doing her best to draw his attention to it.
She'd even sat in his lap once, the two of them going a brilliant red at the closeness, although Remilia did feel something from Anon that made her quite happy.
She wouldn't challenge Flan for a while though, her sister ate without the clones as long as she didn't feel like there was competition.
So Remilia bided her time, stuffing herself in the morning as she trained for a final, definitive show down.
By the time it came, Remilia had gone through two sets of clothes and was running into trouble finding larger lacy things to keep her modest. The new chairs had arrived to fit her posterior and, two her pride, she finally had a wee bit of something up top, although it still paled compared to many of the other denizens. Her belly, the last item, had also reached her lap, although it still paled in comparison to her sisters, whose advance had slowed, but not stopped.
As the gathered for dinner that night, Remilia through down the gauntlet. Whomever ate the most that night was going be the one to decide how things in the room would be decided.
As Remilia sat giddy in her throne and Flan drew her clones, something that she'd used once in bed with interesting and, for the bed at least, destructive results.
It was to everyone's shock when Anon sat at the table and stated that he was joining. Shock that only deepened when Anon pulled out what he said was that nights "dinner", a single piece of toast, and ate it before the sisters and their maid

>> No.13273380

Silence was followed by confuesed shouting over if it was legal for him to do that, why he was doing this, and if he actually had dinner ready.
After the barrage of questions, a quite irritated looking Anon asked them if the reward still stood for that challenge.
Remilia and Flan(s) eventually relented, awaiting whatever command he was going to give.
The command was simple, "Share", no more infighting, no more squabbling. They either shared him or he traded positions with Meiling.
The sisters gave each other a quick look before huddling in discussion, the four Flans arguing with each other while Anon adjourned to their bed room.
The answer finally came ten minutes later when the sister's both stepped into the room and showed him just how much they were willing to share him.
He was a little late to work the next day and was a little sore but he, and the sisters, had never been happier.

>> No.13273399
File: 680 KB, 1024x780, 29726328_big_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Patchy's weak point is laziness. Everything she needs is close by or brought to her so she never realizes how out of shape she gets underneath of warm cozy robes. She keeps telling herself its not that bad and that she'll find a way to exercise soon but of course that never happens. All you need to do is find away to get her out of the house and well, this happens.

Its even more exciting when you convince her to play a game like volleyball where floating herself is cheating and shes forced to realize how heavy and out of shape she actually is.

>> No.13273460

I still have to wonder who can eat more. Perhaps when anons secretly in a grumpy mood from still being slower than the chubbed up Sakuya at chores he'd make more than a couple person's worth of extras for dinner and guilt Remi and Flan into eating it all.

>> No.13273520
File: 577 KB, 1102x1594, the_big__bad_vampire_by_themonkeydude5-d886byy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she finally had a wee bit of something up top, although it still paled compared to many of the other denizens. Her belly, the last item, had also reached her lap
Like this?

>> No.13273554 [DELETED] 

Pretty close.

>> No.13273565

Yes but a bigger rear.

>> No.13273620

If you were a girl or a 2hu, would you let yourself get fattened up, /jp/?

>> No.13273644

Without clones? Remilia.
Suffice to say that when Anon gets grump he cooks.
A lot.
Something that Remilia and Flan have, mostly, learned to avoid.
Their gate guard has not and she usually gets all his "angry cooking" dropped on her. She wears her weight well and usually serves as his confidant when he, rarely, has to gripe.

>> No.13273772

Flan will probably end up being the main target huh for that very reason huh?

Make a special dinner and let her get a bit cocky seeing as how shes cleaning her plate much quicker than Remi whos lagging behind and missing out on tasty morsels. Then trick the filled up Flan into creating clones by telling her theres extra desert that night for everyone present at the table. Then stuff each of them until they're about to pop and shes scared to go back to a single Flan.

>> No.13273837

Depends on who. If I was Ran I'd like Yukari to senselessly gap food into me while Chen lays on my stomach and feels herself slowly rise upward while jokingly talking about how poofy I'm getting. Then once I'm stuck on my back and Chens about to fall asleep Yukari would start gapping food into the half asleep Chen whos to confused to fully realize whats happening as she begins to weigh down on me even more.

>> No.13273848

>Chunky Remy in spats.
Surprised I never found this one before.

>> No.13273853

Yeah, the staff of the Scarlet Devil Mansion would learn to be very afraid of Anon when reaches his limit.
He'd guilt Remilia about how even the mistress of the mansion won't touch his food. While placing a gigantic platter of her favorite foods in front of her.
Flan would be cornered in the dining room as he says how a girl like her needs to eat a lot if she wants to grow up like her sister? An endless river of meals coming from the kitchen until all of four of her and her clones are stuffed full.
Sakuya would be faced with a solemn Anon in the kitchen surrounded by a mountain of food where he tells her he over cooked and doesn't want to waste of of Lady Remilia's food.
Meiling would be faced with a scary faced Anon who tells her that it must be so hard for her to be outside all day and night. She needs a hot and hearty meal to keep her going. A very BIG meal for her.
Patchy would find a mountain of sweets and hot drinks on her table so she can keep up her strength. She's so weak, she must not be eating enough.
And poor, poor Koa. She'd be probably be tied down as Anon fusses about how thin she looks, poor girl must be starving herself. Don't work Anons here to help cook for her.

>> No.13273881

I don't want Sakuya to get fat.

>> No.13273893

and then anon was some sort of chef youkai.

Chef Boyardee

>> No.13273927

She's stuck with Anon friend. It's a cruel fate she's fallen into.

He's a human whose special ability that anon who eats his cooking doesn't have the urge to kill him. Along with making more from less and being very fast

>> No.13273929

I won't allow it.

>> No.13273932
File: 378 KB, 800x800, Chef_Boyardee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13273950

Help her lose the weight then anon, after all you're the one that did it to her in the first place. Surely you've gotten in much better shape from having to carry Flan and Remi's fatasses around the house pretty much everyday. Just have her squeeze into her old workout clothes that probably don't fit and enjoy watching her sweating up a storm.

>> No.13273958

I disapprove of weight gain. I just want someone or group of anons to explain to me how they derive sexual pleasure and arousal from weight gain and seeing skinny bodies plump up.

>> No.13273985

Ultimately its a fetish and doesn't neccessarily make sense. For me I enjoy big women (assuming the face is nice which is like finding a unicorn)
Weight gain for me is enjoying the process that leads to them being big.
Now, strangely enough, I also enjoy muscles and fit girls.

>> No.13274001

The obvious answers are its 1 a fetish and 2 just kind of hot in general if you like larger or curvier women with large assets.

Otherwise a large portion of it comes from the actions that are either pampering, controlling, or both. If this is the case theres a lot of different reasons why you might be into it but usually its because you're giving her a type of pleasure, controlling her in a very physical way (potentially against her will) which may or may not make her more dependent, or because its contrary from what people typically like and by causing someone to gain weight you're specifically making her the way you want her to be for you.

>> No.13274035

This but as Chen.
Little one stuffed to near bursting

>> No.13274102

If you were Chen and anyone was lying ontop of you I imagine you'd get crushed regardless of whether they're filled with food or not.

>> No.13274114

No, as in. Chen on top of someone.
I'm crazy but not that crazy

>> No.13274205
File: 477 KB, 630x700, 44726636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hows Yakumos been doing anyways? Is Ran still the biggest or has Yukari caught up yet? What about Chen, has other anon been doing a good job taking care of her constantly full gut?

>> No.13274301

Life in the Yakumo's has been continuing just fine, although their Anon is confused about where the extra food he's been cooking is going. He's used to it just disappearing but none of the three seem to be getting it.
Ran is still the largest, though not by much, with her hips and rear carrying much of it, the bottom of her robe stretched quite tight, although she does her best to cover it with her tails. Her breasts have also fallen victim to it, going up a cup or two and resting on her heavy belly. She's gotten a bit friendly with Anon and, if he's not going crazy, believes he's seen her wiggling her wide hips and massive behind at him.
Yukari, to her credit, has caught up quite a bit, although her relatively light appetite still cause her to lag behind Ran. Her breasts are easily taking the brunt of it, becoming large enough that she doesn't bother wearing a bra any more. Her belly and lower body are have a pinchable layer to them but they still don't compare to the bosom. Something she's used to tease anon with by tugging the neckline down enough to give him a tantalizing view of cleavage before gaping away with a laugh.
Except for the few times where she's accidentally let them slip free, much to her embarrassment.
The smallest member, Chen's stuffing have gone straight to her belly, forcing her to fly lest she trip over herself. Unless she's gotten anon to carry her around of course as she, for now, is still the only one who's light enough for that to happen. She enjoys nothing better than to crawl into Anon's lap and fall asleep to him rubbing her grand belly, which constantly pokes from between her shirt and skirt, and scratching her ears.

>> No.13274507
File: 543 KB, 1200x900, 25287742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yukari sure is lucky shes got her "shield" to protect her midsection from ending up like Chen's, not that Chen seems to mind having a belly all that much. Her fatty breasts probably make sleeping with anon a bit awkward though thats actually much to his enjoyment. I wonder if she would ever try to ignore her lesser appetite and push her limits so she could get the less perverted sort of attention from anon that Chen and Ran do at the end of a big meal after its sorted out who gets leftovers duty and pumped into submission. After all those two have gotten used to having all sorts of things gapped into them, certainly she could do it too. She'd just have to pretend its something other than eating and ignore how much tighter and rounder shes getting. Certainly it'd be worth it in the end.

Where has anon's extra food been going though?

>> No.13274569

Mostly she just loves to tease Anon, the flustered reactions she gets from him is certainly worth the occasional accident but she's considering maybe but maybe a stuffing session or two for practice wouldn't be bad. Getting her nice and ready for a big win so she can have a night of letting anon comfort her overstuffed belly and maybe just some innocent cuddling, after all, Remelia seems to enjoy doing that with her Anon.
Although I'm sure she'd still try to tease him, this is Yukari after all.
As for the extra food...well....Let's just say that a certain shrine maiden may have said some unkind things to two very powerful people in Gensyoko and she's paying for it.
The only way things could get worse for her is if some other Anon showed up. Surely there isn't more than two of them out there.

>> No.13274798

Well, looks like we've reached the end of the line anons.
In case this dies before tomorrow, remember to love your tubby 2hu, whether it's a chubby Chen napping in your lap or two super-sized scarlets, they are yours.

And if you don't love ladies in the large persuasion that's OK because she is yours to love as you see fit.

>> No.13274844
File: 165 KB, 818x1157, 13612883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She could always try filling herself with something lower in calories thats high in substance like gelatin in order to stretch her stomach out for when she needs it. She'd have Chen's belly for a night and wouldn't have to worry about eating it since she could just dump a couple buckets worth into herself and slowly scale up from there. Anon will probably get to her sooner or later, maybe making dinner for the 4 of them, then Ran and Chen conveniently have somewhere to be so she has to eat 3 persons worth and has no choice but to suffer filling herself with the leftovers while anon watches since she has no excuse after always pinning it on the other two girls.

>> No.13274874

I'll make another one in the future and hopefully you guys will be there. Someone should edit those certain posts into a short story and put it somewhere not awful so other anons can read it in the future.

>> No.13274877

Wierd, saucenao worked for me.

>> No.13274913

Ah yes, the old Jello trick, all the size with none of the extra calories. Letting her experience Anon's attention first hand as he rubs her belly and massages her to make her, quite fake, pain go away. She'd load herself up with some gelatin, enough to give her a supremely stuffed belly, and then drop out of a gap, moaning and mewling for his attention. Although this was not without risk as shed once dropped in on Anon giving Chen a bath (at Chen's insistence) and another time had seen her land by Ran and Anon as the kitsune was preparing to get a little "close" with him.
Still, those times it did work she got the full Anon care package without any of the pain.
Until the night Ran and Chen had to run a suprise errand, leaving the gap Youkai alone with a dejected looking Anon as he complained about all the food about to go to waste. Until he remembered the contest of course, one that Yukari had easily won.
That night was one of they few times she'd legitimatly needed his ministrations as he rubber her tender tummy, the heavy orb on full display after the pain made her forget to hide the non-bosom related changes, suprising Anon as she puffed up as the gaps went away.
Not that he minded, she looked quite cute that way.
A compliment that made Yukaris heart beat a little bit faster and her cheeks pinken as she told him to be careful with those words, she may not let him off with just cuddling and tummy rubs next time.

>> No.13274984

How did she manage to sleep that night without embarrassing herself fully? Rans portion alone would make walking on two feet impossible for anyone but that gluttonous fox. After somehow managing to awkardly lay down without plopping like a waterlogged towel the bed probably groaned like it does when its carrying the whole family. Though this time it was just anon, her, and the bloated blimp once resembled just a slightly flabby belly. The real trick would be finding the right position. Would she let anon sleep facing her from behind leaving his hands free to wander her enormous chest and strained aching belly or would she sleep facing him hoping he wouldn't get too carried away but at the expense of smothering him with all her newfound weight.

>> No.13275888

Oh Yukari was very embarrassed but she hid it well. Just flicking that little fan open to hide her wry smile as she teased Anon with how "helpless" she was, how she hoped an upstanding man like him wouldn't take advantage of her.
That facade only lasted until she gapped them to her room and realized just how stuffed she felt, the meal fit for a giant weighing her down so that only flight or gap could move her, pinning the yokai to the bed as Anon's fingers danced across the taught skin while Anon muttered to himself how impressed he was at Yukari, he doubted even Ran could have managed that much.
Yukari would, of course, huff that she was a growing girl who needed a big meal like that.
To which Anon, with a boldness that suprised even him, slipped one hand to the blonde Yokai's grand chest, joking about where all the growing was taking place.
It was then that he'd find that Yukari seemed to have abandoned any sort of bra, an involuntary moan of pleasure leaking through her soft lips as Anon gave an experimental squeeze.
He soon caught himself though, had withdrawing to his profuse appologies before he notice that Yukari's modest rear was pressed up a certain place, grinding ever so slightly against him. Before he could act Yukari had gapped her stretched clothes away, leaving her heaving chest, monolithic belly, and her needy place on display, her gaze heated as she asked if Anon would take responsibility.
It was a question easily answered, the better one was how he'd avoided being smothered when finally slept, Yukari's titanic chest almost covering his face.
It probably wasn't Ran who cleaned the sheets the next day, the heavy fox may have taken that as a sing that Anon was now "ready" for anyone to take.
They'd also have to worry about where all that food would go, the eternally 17 Yokai may fall out of her gaps if she's not careful

>> No.13275981

I'd like to see how she responded to Ran and Chens return the next day. Chen probably got a bit too excited seeing Yukari and said something embarrassing about how now shes just like her and Ran now, immediately going in for a hug and having her fat gut pressing into Yukari's newly large midsection that was still slightly full but also layered with more than a bit of new padding.

>> No.13276051

Oh yes, it would be quite the morning for Yukari, especially considering how late a sleeper she is.
The first sign she'd get that two familiars were back would be a door being slammed, awakening the gap Yokai to a very plump looking belly, breasts that seem a little larger, and a still slumbering Anon from his late night.
It would be some quick work by Yukari to get ready, gapping Anon into his room before gapping and preparing to meet a tired looking Ran and Chen, all while tring to ignore how tight her clothes feel.
Chen, of course, would be overjoyed and rub her face into Yukari's midsection, talking about how the three of them are all squishy together, although Chen still has the biggest, proportionally, belly of them.
Yukari would give an little laugh as Ran told Chen how that wasn't the proper way to greet someone, giving Yukari a suspicious look at her new found pudge.
A suspicious look that only grew greater when a disheveled Anon stumbled from his room, to which Chen asked why he smelled like Yukari. Sending the two scarlet as Ran murmured how she should help Anon clean up

>> No.13276070

Goodness what an experience. Hopefully having Chen's face and belly mashed against her own has given her an idea of how large and soft shes getting. Her breats won't be able to protect her much more thats for sure. Its a good thing anon made such a large breakfast for them after they missed last nights dinner.

>> No.13276109

RIP. Remember to love your favorite Touhou no matter how big you make her.

>> No.13276112
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This thread is incredible.

>> No.13276119
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More Jouji.

>> No.13276124
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>> No.13276126
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>> No.13276135
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>> No.13276136

Are you aroused, disgusted, or both?

>> No.13276144
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Aroused, disturbed, and astonished at the number of posts and the volume of text in them.

>> No.13276147

Got any weight loss pills, Eirin? From the looks of things, most of these girls need some.

>> No.13276155
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>> No.13276162
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>> No.13276165

Its proportionate to the end result of Yukari.

>> No.13276177
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>> No.13276183
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>> No.13276273

Anon and Yukari will need to team up and feed those two enough that it makes up for what they put her through last night.

>> No.13276281
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Just die already!

>> No.13276289
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>> No.13276295
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>> No.13276329
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>> No.13276338

Is he your new favorite artist yet?

>> No.13276341
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My image was lost!

>> No.13276349
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>> No.13276355
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>> No.13276391
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>> No.13276398
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>> No.13276408

that wicked hermit

>> No.13276411
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This isn't too explicit, right?

>> No.13276415
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>> No.13276423
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>> No.13276438
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>> No.13276439

Im too erect from everything in this thread to tell.

>> No.13276445
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>> No.13276486
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Please stop working so hard and take it easy already, mister thread.

>> No.13276491
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>> No.13276498
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>> No.13276538

It must be waiting for the next chapter of the Yakumos and anon.

>> No.13276785

i like this thread.

>> No.13276799

That it won't, that fact that she can feel the nekomata's belly pressed into hers and still see her beyond the bosom may be the first hint, as would the slight pressure of the table edge pressing into it. As they sat down for breakfast the air felt quite different than normal.
Sure, Anon was busy cooking and Chen was sleepily sitting in her chair, hands patting the belly in her lap, burg Ran had a serious air about her eying Yukari who was silently feeling the layer of chub which seemed quite thicker than last time.
As soon as the the food hit the table, a war began, Ran tucking into her food while giving Yukari a level gaze as the gap yokai dug into her breakfast with gusto, seriously trying to take the coveted Anon time for the first time.
A war raged between the two of them, each trying to out do the other while Chen nibbled at her own breakfast, happily chatting with Anon who was unaware of the battle.
Eggs, bacon, and sausage disappeared, sometimes literally, down their throats but, despite her newfound drive and gap had, Ran's superior apatite won out in the end, the foxes belly a food filled balloon as she downed the last speck of her food, telling Anon that she needed some of his attention...in the shower..
With a smug smile she told her grumbling master to help "clean up", the few scraps of breakfast disappearing and Ran's belly continuing to push outward in her robe as she wrapped Anon in her tails and strode towards the washroom, a stuffed Chen already asleep in her seat

>> No.13276808

Could you at least give me a name to go on?

>> No.13276845

They can fit in the shower? I forsee a stuffed foxed pressed up to anon constantly.

>> No.13276926

Oh, that it would be, her hips brushing against his as she shifts in it, the sea of golden tails draping over him, and his hand grabing a generous handful of plush rear as he fumbles for the soap, Ran brushing off his apologies.
Anon would mentally try to distract himself from the woman in there with him, her silken skin touching his, her melodic voice humming a song as she presses against him, her breasts on his back and food laden bell against him as she grabs him.
He'd squeak in shock after her touch as she rests her chin on his shoulder, whispering about how lonely she was last night while she was gone, about how she wanted to repay him for all the cooking.
There'd be a small groan from her at that moment as the leftovers being dumped in her doubled its pace but she'd continue regardless, ignoring the tiny, eye sized gap behind her.
Yukari was not happy that afternoon, sulking and stuffing herself, and the still napping Chen, in preparation for the next round

>> No.13276944

I hope they didn't get stuck with anon wedged up against her growing gut. With those leftovers steadily being pumped into her she'd only be getting bigger. Yukari in the room over might even be so upset at that turn of events she resorts to using the jello she was practicing with earlier after she runs out of leftovers causing a sudden spike in Ran's size.

>> No.13277229

Indeed, for Yukari can be quite petty when she wishes to be. She'd keep an eye on Ran she toyed with Anon in the shower, her familiar upping the game as she spun the, still quite shocked, Anon around, giving him a nice view of her swollen belly and heavy breasts which, although sizable, were still smaller than the gap Yokai's (To Yukari's pride). Her hips and rear were still the main attraction though, her flanks almost touching the shower walls and her rear jiggling slightly as she wiggled.
She was getting so aggressive with Anon pressing up against, him, ignoring her continuously growing middle as her lips closed in on his.
Yukari could not stand this, dumping the remaining food into the Kitsune's belly all at once, causing it to balloon so suddenly that it pushed anon back, the gravid orb swelling to fill the remaining space and drawing a gasp from Ran.
The golden tailed yokai shot the gap an angry glare, unable to see the proud smirk on Yukari's face as she stuffed another biscuit, part of the snacks Anon had prepared, into her mouth and dropped another two into the still slumbering Chen's belly, rolling the little nekomata on to her side so her bulbous orb of a stomach didn't weigh down on her so heavily.
She was shocked though when Anon keep on going, grabbing one of Anon's arms and bringing it to her chest while the other was brought to her belly.
His hands squeezed the malleable meat of her chest, drawing a moan as she sat their, Anon's mind so frazzled that he was running on autopilot, simply enjoying the ride.
This, more than anything, incensed Yukari. If Ran wanted him to rub her belly, then rub her belly he would
She'd prepared three great bowls of jello for her private stuffing exercises but without a though she emptied them into the fox, causing the woman's belly to grow in another great burst the pinned her and Anon on opposite sides of the shower before she leff, Ran gasping painfully as she was stuffed more then she ever had before

>> No.13277267

After this Yukari would leave in a huff, off to pester Reimu (and maybe visit Remilia for advice) as she let Anon and Ran sit alone in the shower.
She'd let get them out later on, when she was in a better mood.
Hopefully Chen didn't get hungry and find the snacks.
Or find Anon and Ran.

>> No.13277326

Chen will probably find all the snacks, among something else I'm sure.

>> No.13277368

Indeed, Chen would awaken a little while later, her tummy still stuffed. She'd gotten used to the feeling, finding it's weight to be quite comforting, like a pillow she carried with her. Although she was finding getting up to be a little more difficult after each meal, something she actually didn't mind as it meant Ran and, ever more frequently, Anon could carry her around. after a few grunts of effort, Chen stumbled to her feet, the belly throwing off her center of gravity.
The house seemed empty, neither of her masters present nor Anon in the room, the later of which made her feel a little sad, her new favorite sleeping place, outside of her bed on a sunny day, was in Anon's lap, although it was a close second.
So it was she went exploring, lazily flying, as she'd found it less tiring than walking, through the Yakumo household.
Her distinctive Red clothes had been forced apart by her great belly, pale flesh leaking from the part in her clothes and displaying her belly button to the world.
She couldn't find anyone in the living room, where she snagged a few stray cookies from a plate, she didn't find anyone in her room, where she raided her seceret muffin place for two of them, and she didn't find anyone in the kitchen, where she topped off on a liter of something Anon called "Coke".
Comfortably full, it was when the bloated nekomata passed the washroom that she heard a few muffled moans coming from it, Ran's from the sounds of it, and a lower, almost whispered, voice, Anon's.
Her tails twitched and her ears pricked up, they were in trouble! She tried the door but was met by the insidious door lock, trapping her outside.
Unless she's used one of her secret passages of course.
Which, in reality, was just the window to the bathroom. Speedily (for a snail) flying outside she found the window and burst through the open gap.
Well, she would have had she not had a bowling ball of a belly. Instead the nekomata got stuck halfway in, enough to see the two.

>> No.13277541

She sure gets troublesome when Yukari isn't around to fill her regularly. Maybe she should switch from pudding to something heavier like cookie dough and poundcake. That ought to keep her full enough.

What about anon and her master? They're doing something weird that she and anon never do when they bathe together.

>> No.13277576

continue on the archive when the thread dies?