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So what do you think it would take to create a good VN based on Touhou?

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good art

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I smell a repost.

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Japanese writers.

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☆ Original Character for Protagonist, Female, Human, Doesn't Possess any real combat ability.
☆ She comes in from the outside world, with substantial knowledge of technology, as a result the Kappa are interested in her.
☆ Spend time exploring/learning about genso, with a guide.

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Not being a filthy foreigner, for one.

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Every "mistress" only brought one servant, except for Kaguya..stupid filthy whore

sage for shitty Eientei crew

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Writer must pretend to be Japanese and have the whole thing written in moonspeak. He can release an English patch a year later for lulz.

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Kanako's power level is the highest.

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of course
Protagonist is the first male who
1) isn't a homosexual
2) has a face
to enter Gensokyo in all of it's history. The touhous of import gather in curiosity of this creature. Certain touhous plan your demise and exile, but others start to wonder what a "normal earth life" of heterosexual love-making and perhaps even pregnancy might be like. Over the course of your 2-week long stay in Gensokyo, your goal is to persuade your favorite touhou to open her heart, and her various orifices to you. Only if your passion is genuine will you meet the end you seek, and break one lucky (unlucky?) touhou's life away from the never-ending chain of carpet-munchery.

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Eirin is also a final boss though.

The Logic here is Kaguya-->Eirin-->Reisen

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Must have a hidden Flandre route that will keep all the fans baffled until they realize that Flandre's good end will only be added in a patch.

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that's not logic, that's stupid excuse for a group of whores

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Actually, I think Reisen can be considered both Eirin and Kaguya's subordinate.

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Want to cry about it?

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Sure, but she's more directly subordinate to Eirin. Kaguya's a princess, so everyone's subordinate to her lazy ass.

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yea. i never liked a VN with a MC thats Anon, someone with a face and story for him/her is always better.

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Youkai hunter protagonist. And ZUN's blessing.

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It's Final stage -> Semifinal stage bosses.

Reisen is Stage 5. Eirin and Kaguya are BOTH Stage 6, just 6A and 6B.

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Then where's Tewi?

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sage for IN

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uh-oh guys, we're in the presence of a PRIMARY TOUHOU FAN

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You know this conversation is nice and all guys but where the fuck is Yukari in that image?

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Who would you sage for the best Touhou cast?
Why would you sage for anything? Oh right, 4chan's bastardization of the sageru system.

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Flandre isn't in this image. Mokou isn't in this image. Suwako isn't in this image.

Figure it out.

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Don't forget the best music and most beautiful patterns.
Also best for beginners and most varied cast. (PoFV clearly is not standard.)

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nah i think EoSD & PCB have the best casts

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I hold firm in my beliefs that Tenshi sits at 'our' end of the table and Iku stands close beside her.

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no male lead...ever

females only...but rinnosuke is cool too i guess

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While I disagree, I respect your opinion.

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Is this viral marketing for touhouproject's shitty VN?

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Why female?
All the people that would play it would be guys.

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EoSD have a FAR better cast than IN. Not to mention the music is 20000x superior

IN has one actual good song (Mokou) and one lolmemexD (Kaguya song turned into Meiling Meiling)

Mokou x Keine is like the only thing that came out of IN that can be considered above average

The entire Eientei cast is a complete disgrace to the series

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You don't mean touhouproject.com? A visual novel done by those people would be a sad thing to witness

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I don't think i'd want to play a game where I'm not the gender I am in real life. I like being a man.

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.... What point were you trying to make here?

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I do mean touhouproject.com.

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>i have no argument so i'll just pretentiously throw a score

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Is this a game of "hey lets troll someone else's thread"?

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Hey, works for KS.

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ITT: Your opinion is INVALID.

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That bullshit you just posted doesn't deserve anything other than a 0/10.
I didn't even rage at it.

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>keeps trying

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Agreed about Eientei, I don't find them interesting at all. Hell, they're even boring in SSiB.

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Huh? Posting /jp/-proved facts count as an attempt to induce rage now?

Why don't you just go back to pooshitmer

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Everything is boring in SSiB.

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>(Kaguya song turned into Meiling Meiling)

I hope to GOD you mean
  _, ,_ ∩
 ( ゚∀゚)彡 えーりん!えーりん!

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Kaguya is the best Touhou.

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God help us.

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So...You WANT to be a girl? What are you, a faggot? One of those idiots that says "oh i'm a woman trapped in a mans body" ?
If so, you should prolly just fucking kill yourself.

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No, Help me Eirin isn't even a good meme

Watashi wa Meiling was superior

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I submit to you that YOU'RE the faggot.

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I like both.

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They both suck.
Since when does your opinion mean "/jp/ proved fact"? Jesus christ. Disagree with me all you want, you will never crush my superior taste.

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The Western touhou fanbase wouldn't get so much shit for being crappy if all the Eientei fans just all packed up and left

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Hahaha, you're funny.

I'm just trying to figure out why the hell having the protagonist be girl would affect the amount of guys playing the game.

I'm not saying the protagonist should be a girl. Or a guy. Hell, having the choice to pick with ACTUAL differences in story would be great. Since this is Touhou, there would be three choices.

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That's great.

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No, that's E-mouse.

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whatever faggot ass bitch, why don't you go back to /y/ where lil cock suckers like you belong.

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I rather have a Brave Soul version of touhou, where we can play as a human (male or female according to our choice) landed on Gensokyo, learn magic and help the characters in their quests/battles.

And in return you get to improve your relationship with them, and eventually get to fuck them.

I am all for the Kaguya route, where I can help her beat up Mokou using my awesome self-learned magic and then I can do the horizontal mambo with Kaguya in celebration.

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This thread will now segue into HELP ME EIRIN spam.

  _, ,_ ∩
 ( ゚∀゚)彡 えーりん!えーりん!

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  _, ,_ ∩
 ( ゚∀゚)彡 えーりん!えーりん!

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Now that sounds like a great game.

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Damn right. Neeeeeiiiii-gaaaaa.

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Done by the same artist? FUCK YES HEALTHY EVERYTHING

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Do not want Mogudan touhou fanart.

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Nah, just two people with superior taste to yours.

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 ( ゚∀゚)彡 えーりん!えーりん!

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Eh what? Mogudan's art is fucking awesome. I don't understand why you hate him.

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I don't want to...
I only like well toned girls like this Mokou.

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  _, ,_ ∩
 ( ゚∀゚)彡 おっぱい!おっぱい!

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I don't. I like his Rei shit but I don't want him doing Touhou art. Touhous should not look like that abomination that is Mogudan's Rei.
Though, somehow, I still fap to his stuff.

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It would be easy to mod Brave Soul into a touhou eroge. The fighting is in 2D pixels, something that is not so hard to make, and you can just plug in some fanart HCGs for the scenes.

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  _, ,_ ∩
 ( ゚∀゚)彡 えーりん!えーりん!

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I wouldn't want Mogudan represent me as a male protagonist with eyes, handsome face, huge muscles and VOICE!

I like my skinny eyeless invisible penis dudes in my eroge.

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  _, ,_ ∩
 ( ゚∀゚)彡 ザーボス!ザーボス!

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Mogudan doesn't draw super healthy all the time. I think he would know his limits when it comes to touhou.

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Pretty much this.

Protagonist is the ONLY thing I can think of that would make great use of Mogudan's style.

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>Mogudan USED to not draw super healthy
Sadly, that's not true anymore. And all super healthy and suction nipples with mogudan now.

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>It's all
I guess I was going to type something else but then decided not to and forgot to erase the and and replace it with "it's".

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  _, ,_ ∩
 ( ゚∀゚)彡 フゥータ!フゥータ!

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  _, ,_ ∩
 ( ゚∀゚)彡 えーりん!えーりん!

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I saw the pic, fapped, and only now actually read the katakana, and then I giggled.

And then I got sauce all over everything while asking for sauce on the picture.

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In the VN, you can choose any of the Touhou cast. The character you choose automatically reverses gender, and the plot continues with that twist. And yes, that means choosing Rinnosuke would allow you to play as a girl.

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Hey /jp/, just passing by.
Out of curiosity, why are you supposed to pump your arm when calling on Erin for help?

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Wow, and I already thought this game was going to be shit. Now there's no homo lust route?

>> No.1325969

I thought that is the signal for handjob.

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I actually dunno the name of this guy, but I know a doujin by him.
And here's another pic.

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You can choose any female tohoe, turn male, and get in on with (OMG) rinnosuke. And now I gouge out my eyes.

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Male Eirin would be GAR.

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It's the cry of えーりん!えーりん! more than the arm-pumping.
But TRY to shout えーりん!えーりん! without arm-pumping! You can't do it!
  _, ,_ ∩
 ( ゚∀゚)彡 えーりん!えーりん!

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Touhoes are not to be violated, except by eachother

No VNs for you

The End

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Except it's right in the name: Kagura-dou.

Yeah, okay, I know him. He does lots of full-color pictorials. His art is fappable and awesome.

>> No.1325989

EIrin is already male. Those "breasts"? Just pads. This also explain's Sakuya's "bust" and many other "anamolies" in the Touhou "universe".

>> No.1325990

Damn futa hijack

>> No.1326011

fuck you.

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Because it's shit

>> No.1326019

Why not just have the VN played from from Marisa's POV?

>> No.1326044

Marisa steals too many precious things already.

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Oh. That's his name? Cool. Excellent. Thanks.
Now back to your regularly scheduled
  _, ,_ ∩
 ( ゚∀゚)彡 えーりん!えーりん!

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I still like the idea of making a Brave Soul type game. Just don't put any Mogudan art in it.

>> No.1326052

Needs Yukari route, with an option for a foursome with her, Ran, and Chen.

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>foursome with her, Ran, and Chen.

Can't count?

Start with me.

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Now tell me the name of this artist.

>> No.1326075

Er, are they that bad?

>> No.1326080

Check out the board and their horrible fanfiction.

>> No.1326079

Including the protagonist. Stupid like Cirno I swear.

>> No.1326085

Touhoes are not to be violated, except by eachother

No VNs for you

The End

>> No.1326092

Discussion is about a GOOD Touhou VN. If any of their fanfiction was worth anything, it would have been stolen and made into a game by now.

>> No.1326097

What if Touhous are violated by gender-swapped versions of each other? I still want mah Kyonko VM. Haruhi-ism ftw~~~~! o-o

>> No.1326099

Then a Touhou VN with Reimu/Marisa as the protagonist? Yum.

>> No.1326104

Male Sakuya in a Butler's suit would be fucking GAR.

>> No.1326106

I'm pretty sure their fanfiction writers are contributing to the VN.

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I would only play if there was a Kaguya/Mokou ending where the ending is you fuck FOREVER.

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That is all.

>> No.1326123

I know for sure that Dr. Doujin, the worst writer there, is.

>> No.1326130

I'll second that.

Can't we just have a kinetic novel (no choices, only one route) focusing on a single pairing like Kaguya/Mokou?

I demand my violent hatesex filled touhou kinetic novel

>> No.1326146

no. kinetic novels are dumb.

>> No.1326138

I will make a good Touhou VN before TouhouProject.com.

>> No.1326139


We should go to their site and post penises XD

>> No.1326160

Downing their site will only fool them into thinking that they are actually doing something of importance.

>> No.1326167

what's the diff between a "sound novel", "kinetic novel", and any other *noun* or *adjective* "novel"?

>> No.1326168

Why do you think that me hating the site and all of its inhabitants means that I go to /b/?

>> No.1326171

Danmaku game with VN storyline elements. Give us something to show for finishing Extra Stage at Lunatic dammit.

>> No.1326197

No filthy gaijin writers. ZUN. Maybe Ryukishi07. Hell yeah!

>> No.1326206


Style read.
A kinetic novel is a standard book. Linear and simply read.
A variable novel has 'routes' and is basically a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book without all the pageflipping.
A sound novel is read to you, I think? I dunno, I've never actually heard of that.

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As long as it doesn't have QUALITY art, that might come out well.

>> No.1326200


Choose one.

>> No.1326213

>Visual Novel
>Choose two.
Sounds better.

>> No.1326224

I'll take Good and Visual Novel.

>> No.1326231

Do want Ryukishi07 and ZUN on writing the script. Plot twists will make you shit bricks. Just don't let ZUN draw the CGs.

>> No.1326239

ZUN's art is fine.

>> No.1326247


ZUN drawn HCGs?

...... FUND IT.

>> No.1326261

ZUN would never sellout.

>> No.1326271

I'd his hat.

>> No.1326267

hahaha, keep believing that, Soldier

>> No.1326274

hi remember Silent Sinner in Blue? Me neither!

>> No.1326284

The Inaba of the Moon and the Inaba of the Earth, Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, Eastern and Little Nature Deity and Strange and Bright Nature Deity, etc.

>> No.1326290

It's only a matter of time till his work is absorbed by the industry. Just like Ryukishi07 and TM.

>> No.1326296

ZUN + TM collaboration might work, though ZUN + Ryukishi07 sounds better.

>> No.1326318

I was being sarcastic, by the way.

>> No.1326327


Aren't ZUN, Nasu and Ryukishi07 all friends or something? I could see some kind of collaboration happening.

>> No.1326335

They would probably make something pretty epic, even by /jp/'s unrealistic standards.

>> No.1326373

Listen to this man.