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What would you do if your life-long dream came true and you became Japanese for a day?

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That's not my life-long dream.

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Kill myself.

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That's not my dream

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clean up my room

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There's no point in lying, this is an anonymous imageboard.

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Work like a slave for my corporate masters, then fall asleep at the station since I missed the last train I worked so long.

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I don't want to be Japanese, sorry. IRL Japan sucks.

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>life-long dream
>become Japanese

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Go to sleep for the rest of the day. I like being white.

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Unless I was a 9 year old Japanese girl that's not my dream.

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I wouldn't be surprised if that pic was the average /jp/tard.

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>What would you do if your life-long dream came true and you became the little girl for a day?


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The only benefit I can see from this is that I can probably get better sushi in Japan. So I would probably go eat sushi. I'd rather not be Japanese, though.

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I'd cry at the loss of my penis

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I'm using the Futaba style on /jp/.

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That's /v/.

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What would you do if your life-long dream came true and you became a normalfag for a day?

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Have friends

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Kill myself

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Out of interest, and slightly related to the OP pic, how many cans of carbonated soft drinks do /jp/ drink a day. I myself try to limit myself to 2 cans of pepsi, but sometimes push up to 3, and probably average around 2.3 cans a day. The empty cans litter my bedroom for weeks on end.

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What would you do if your life-long dream came true and you became a hideously ugly 3D girl for a day?

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I also eat around 6 packets of ramen a day along with 2-3 bags of popcorn.

I'm starting to wonder when that first heart attack is going to come along.

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Ah yes, being Japanese would be so SUGOIIII!!!!
I live in a 10 sq. ft room with a community bathroom, leave for work at 4 in the morning, ride a crowded shinkansen for 2 hours, and come home late at night only to sleep and go to work the next day.

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That was never my dream

In fact, if I were Japanese, I probably wouldn't have gotten into the whole otaku shit in the first place

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2 - 4

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I only drink water and milk.

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I already am a normalfag so I guess I would masturbate.

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Yes, but you get to see scantily clad women cosplaying to advertise and sad little girls selling their dvd's on the way to work.

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Typically 0. I drink Arizona green tea all day long instead.

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Arizona green tea is great.

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I only drink coke and soy milk ... true story actually.

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Arizona Green Tea is as bad as most soft drinks.

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>girls selling their dvd's on the way to work.


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>on the way to work.

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If he didn't wear the glasses and shaved his head, he might be able to pass as a normal looking individual.

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Being japanese sucks. There is a reason why they all kill themselves, it's because their society is seriously fucked up. I don't want to become Japanese.

Don't get me wrong, yes I'm a weeaboo (who on /jp/ isn't?) and I would probably be happy to be able to live there for maybe a year or more, but I wouldn't like to be born in a country were being a huge geek is nearly a crime and will make people go away from you. I'm happy to live in a society where I can affirm my geekiness and still have friends and a social life.

Besides, I'm not only an otaku, I'm also a faggot (bi in fact). Nearly everybody I know, and a number of people I don't know are aware of this fact (including at school), and I haven't encountered any problems with that. I don't think I could be that open on the matter in Japan.

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I wouldn't even know what to do.

If I could be fluent in the language for the rest of my life, it'd be great.

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>>Ranka×Vajra=WIN !eBcz2IT0Gk
>>friends and a social life.

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I thought faggotry wasn't a big deal in Japan?

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I don't think you have friends, a social life, or a sex life. Enjoy being a friendless virgin geek.

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I just put the tripfaggotry some time ago to make rage an op claiming eir thread to be immune to tripfags, and my web browser kept it.

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Well they don't think you're evil and should burn in hell for it. However as something out of the ordinary, I'm not sure whether ordinary people will scorn you for it. If you throw it in their faces, put on a fake womanly voice, grab people's arses and be a general faggot about your faggotry, then they will. If you act normally but just happen to favour relationships with people of your own sex, then I'm not sure.
Oh, but Japan hates lesbians. Except when they're 9-13 years old. Mmmm, delicious loli lesbians. Excuse me for a few minutes.

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Accepted in Japan.
Proof that the country is superior.

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you mean it's TOLERATED, not accepted jackass, loli lovers are viewed as the SCUM of the earth in Japan, go read a book you fool

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Whoa, projecting much?

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Close enough.

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Does a light novel count as a book?

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I liked what's in the email field.

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>I'm happy to live in a society where I can affirm my geekiness and still have friends and a social life.

where do you live?in a some sort of wonderland?

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Sonny, I think you need to have a seat....

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Not the guy you were talking to, but some levels of geek in the west do manage to have social lives. Look at the faggots that go to anime cons together or people that have DnD groups. Past a certain point it becomes harder, though.

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Chris Hansen, I've always wanted to ask you something. You have that 18 year old who pretends to be the 13 year old girl when the entrapped paedophile appears. Now I have to ask, how did you find someone who looked this young but was old enough to have playing this role? Did you start a long search? Advertise for one? Or did you just take someone who looked somewhat young and touch them up in the studio?
It's important that I know. For a project I'm doing you see. Really.

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I live in France. Is it THAT incredible? I mean, I know plenty of people who are in the same/a similar case.

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Oh, right. France. Weeaboo central.

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But isn't that like..incest?

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I'm starting to regret I never learned French. Or Japanese.

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>weeaboo (who on /jp/ isn't?)
Speak for yourself.

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Are you lost, little boy?

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What would a non-weeaboo do on /jp/? ExDeeeeeeeee at all the stupid kids with unhealthy Japan obsessions?

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I'm interested in Touhou and visual novels. Not in the actual country Japan.

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ITT fucking stupid.


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Not 4chan in general. Not /b/ or /k/ or /co/. /jp/. JAPAN/GENERAL.

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see >>1323940

Moot agreed, don't bother him about it.

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Except for the sarcasm, you're right.
The entire board is anime/manga focused, and is based off a japanese image board. If you aren't in japanese crap, you do not belong here. You especially do not belong in /jp/.

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Some Japanese pop culture is obscure in the west, believe it or not.

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there's a difference between a person with interests and a weeaboo.

back in the old days of 4chan, weeaboo actually meant something. 4chan caters to a variety of subjects now, although it was founded with animu in mind, 4chan is not all about animu and you can hang out in certain boards without dealing with the animu.

just to let you know, in the CONTEXT of 4chan, places like /a/ are weeaboos due to their actual like of anime. animu and mangos makes you a real weeaboo.

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only weaboos plays visual novels.

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The real definition of weeaboo are people who watch and like shit like naruto, bleach, and the like. Now quit being fucking idiots and throwing around the word just to server your own purpose.

Previously, there was the differentiation between wapanophile and a japanophile, the former being the pig disgusting kind of japanophile. Of course, wordfilter changed it to weeaboo vs japanophile.

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Weaboo = Kawaii Kawaii desu desu

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I know people who watch animu and have no idea what Nippon means. That doesn't happen with visual novels.

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I'm sure visual novels have no idea what nippon means. If they do, you've managed to find a very interesting visual novel.

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To bad faggot all I see is /jp/ - Japan General and your incessant crying won't change that.

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Just be BRAVE.

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You really think it's one person saying that?

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No faggot. Just because YOU wanted a board for Touhou and VNs only (and figs, also included in what people wanted before the split), does not mean that's what the board is for. The name has nothing to do with it. The very first post even said that the board was for general Japanese things and that "unfortunately" that included things like Touhou.

>> No.1325854

But touhou etc isnt about Japan. It's only made in Japan, so I can start posting about Fuji cameras here and not in /g/?

>> No.1325862

OP clearly said "life-long dream came true AND you became japanese for a day"
Odd combination, I think.

>> No.1325868

I don't see why not, although if you actually wanted to discuss cameras the population of /g/ or /p/ would better be able to discuss them.

>> No.1325887

"/a/ is for anime and manga. /jp/ is for the rest of the shit you have cluttered this board up with."

If it wasn't in /a/ before, it shouldn't be in /jp/ now. That includes /trv/ stuff and whatnot.

>> No.1325890

It's the whining and crying of multiple individuals it's still never going to change the name.

>> No.1325892

What would you do if your life-long dream came true and you became Furry, a Haruhi-ism, and a <3 Love My Kawaii Cosplay Fanfor a day?

>> No.1325914

It would be nice if it included junior idols too. We did post them in /a/ after all.

>> No.1325928

God is it that hard? Go on there and tell me where it says topics and photos related to Japan do not belong on /jp/

>> No.1325934

imma furry lemme go to my furry pack please lemme go

>> No.1325935

Ok so according to you guys, Japan = Otaku Culture. We made a board to throw all the stuff that anime & manga does not belong to (which are somewhat anime related or belong to the otaku category) It's named Japan/General, because Japan = Otaku Culture, we don't care if only part of Japan is Otaku, we had to bold out the words Japan when we talk about otaku related material. Japan = Otaku, not Akihabara = Otaku, Just JAPAN = Otaku.

>> No.1325938

LOL yup pictures and topics about the country of JAPAN definitely don't go here.

>> No.1325942

Japan is Penis Festival

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Cry moar. You go to /trv/. I'm not going there. I'll keep reporting your shit too.


>> No.1325949

/jp/ is lulz, you heard it here first ^^

>> No.1325956

It's not like they're going to listen to reason. Touhoufags wanted a /touhou/, moot said he'd never make one, so they try to convince people /jp/ is supposed to just be for Touhou.

>> No.1325964

The people tossing the piss fits about posting actually about Japan are the same three or four fags. They have no interest in Japan. If its not loli, touho or a vn according to them it doesn't belong on /jp/ They love to talk out of their asses. 18 hours of the day they troll /jp/

>> No.1325967

Fuck, the two first posts already covered all the options I had for responses.

>> No.1325977

4chan is 99.9% japanese

>> No.1326002

op pic, is that fred chan?

>> No.1326003

If we just changed the name to something that categorizes dakimakura, morning musume, touhou, vn's etc I garunfucking tee you we wouldn't have to deal with what OP posted. I swear we could enjoy all that stuff without being seen as a weeaboo. If /jp/ never changed it's name great, I'll just go back fapping to junior idols. It's just an idea, So don't freak out on me.

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The OP's shit will always be one topic so keep dreaming.

>> No.1326040

Seriously Moot created it for Touhou, VNs, and figs, the etc was to throw people off and because HE COULDN'T THINK OF ANOTHER REASON.

We've had this argument forever and apparently will forever. If you strip it down to it's core Touhou should be on /v/ but /v/ rejected us, figs are technically /toy/ but he didn't want figs in /toy/ and VNs are /v/ but /v/ rejects both Touhou and VNs which forced us all to hang out on /a/. Moot got sick of VNs, Touhou, and figs on /a/ (actually I never saw figs on /a/ truth to tell) so he created /jp/ for that purpose.

We also stole Miku so it's all good.

If you don't understand this you're either a newfag, an idiot, a troll, or all the above.

>> No.1326056

I do understand. I understand you're wrong, and will always be wrong. Let it be known henceforth that your Wrongness(TM) is a Crime(TM) which must be paid for with blood.

The old-style rules and the reason for creation are dead and gone, and Moot doesn't give a fuck about /jp/.

Let the past die and let the future reign!!!

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Why do you always toss out the same weak troll. Go back to /b/ they are missing one of their idiots.

Your newfag is showing. His name is moot not Moot.

>> No.1326060

>We all stole Miku
Miku belongs in /jp/ to begin with.
That or /mu- lol no.

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This could go on all day.

>> No.1326067

That's old and crusty, like yourself.

>> No.1326071


If that's not the case then explain to me why /jp/ was created. and who cares if it's capitolized or not, I certainly never cared nor ever will. Who does he think he is e e cummings?

>> No.1326072

Excuse me for not being newfag enough for you.

>> No.1326076

I guess you weren't here yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and the day before yesterday's yesterday.

>> No.1326084


Why does moot seem to still dote on /b/? Unless he just keeps it up as a retard pen. I could understand that.

>> No.1326086

You're still old and crusty.

>> No.1326088

/jp/ was disappointing today. I will sleep and hope for a better tomorrow.

>> No.1326096

Story of your life.

>> No.1326098

That post was made for the benefit of /a/. Meaning "any Japanese crap that's not anime or manga goes in /jp/." It does not mean that's the ONLY thing that goes in /jp/. The sticky in /jp/ itself in >>1326057 better serves that purpose, as well as the entry in the board rules that says "all things Japanese welcome."

>> No.1326109

That post was made for the benefit of /a/. Meaning "any Japanese crap you have been posting that's not anime or manga now goes in /jp/." It does not mean that's the ONLY thing that goes in /jp/. The sticky in /jp/ itself in >>1326057 better serves that purpose, as well as the entry in the board rules that says "all things Japanese welcome."

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Tomorrow will be a feast.

>> No.1326119

If there was no /b/, the board would go to hell.
So in a way, yeah it's a retards institution.

>> No.1326124

Still old and crusty. I see wrinkles! [email protected]

>> No.1326132


>> No.1326155

That may have been moot's intention, but everyone hates moot, anyway.

>> No.1326163

No /b/ = no 4chan. I don't go to /b/ but I know that is the truth.

Also /jp/ Japan General "for general Japanese things/images and discussion." You trolls are just going to have to get over it or go back to /a/ or /b/.

>> No.1326176

Unless /a/ is going to talk about VNs again or /b/ becomes Anime/Random, then no.

Besides, the majority of posters are from /a/ and majority rules.

>> No.1326180

Which changes nothing. Cry moar. You don't control this site moot does. Compared to moot you are a total failure and that is pretty fucking low.

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moot doesn't visit /jp/ or care what goes on here. As long as /a/ is Touhou-free, he's happy. We don't even have moderators here- it's basically an anarchy. Cry more.

>> No.1326198

You lose! HAHAHA. *jumps up like a loli*

>> No.1326199


>> No.1326203

We do have at least one fucking annoying janitor though.

>> No.1326204

How does being from /a/ affect anything? I am from /a/ too.

Even if you were a majority, which you certainly are not, the majority doesn't rule 4chan or the Internet. Suck it up fag.

>> No.1326205

I want to be the little anarchy.

>> No.1326209

That anarchy argument clearly works against you, as we are free to post whatever we like. Frankly, I'd rather this place get a slice of "good /a/" and talk about anime beyond whatever the fuck Typemoon is doing next, but I can sacrifice that so I never have to hear about Geass and Bleach.

>> No.1326210

The /jp/ council finds this thread distasteful.

>> No.1326215

There is no /jp/ council, Frodo.

>> No.1326217

Which is why people sage threads they don't like.

>> No.1326222

I was under the impression most /a/ssholes hated real-life Japan. Whatever.

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No mods, lol no, there are mods. Cry moar and fuck you and your agnsty teen "anarchy." You wouldn't last ten second in real anarchy.

>> No.1326237

I lasted more than 10 seconds in STALKER. I. Will. Last.

>> No.1326243

Mods occasionally get called in. That's not the same thing as having one.

>> No.1326266

There is usually no mod over night US time but they have been know to show up. I certainly have seen threads and posters disappear "suddenly" Janitors can't ban.

>> No.1326279

reread >>1326243

>> No.1326291

Who the fuck "calls them in" tripfaggot. You don't even know who the fuck they are.

>> No.1326305

Forgot your sage, baka. and go whine in #4chan if you really wanna know. The mods there love saying "/jp/ has no mods".

>> No.1326307

The janitors, obviously.

>> No.1326308

Somebody cue the "Everybody shut the fuck up" pic, STAT.

Don't like something being posted here? tough it out, because there ain't shit-all you can do about it. Because we're all just pasty guys sitting at our computers instead of living real life.

>> No.1326314

/jp/ is basically a ghetto.

>> No.1326331

>because there ain't shit-all you can do about it.
I like my delusions of grandeur, thank you very much.

>> No.1326332

LOL got banned from #4chan for calling moot a worthless faggot over his "row row fight the power" faggotry.

>> No.1326339

I'm personally a little more worried about the entire site getting shut down due to the recent retardedness committed by /b/.


Truth. We are the Jews of 4chan.

>> No.1326360

The site didn't have shit to do with that just a few of the typical griefers that hang out in /b/.

Didn't change my vote. I still will not vote for a nigger that thinks he can lift folks up by tearing me down and raiding my wallet.

>> No.1326383

If you're referring to Obama, you'd better just kill yourself. There's no way that McCain can better this country, but at least Obama has a chance. 'Tis better to risk success than to guarantee failure.

>> No.1326420

I know 4chan is Obama land. Its what you can expect from a bunch of inexperienced kids who believe everything the media tells them is true and the next greatest thing.

Vote for your negro I won't. I have a totally different viewpoint on him. Most sane people will not vote for a negro if they have ever been around negros no matter what they tell a pollster.

>> No.1326429

>life-long dream
>became Japanese
What ?
I wish to be the little girl.

>> No.1326433

Why does this sound more like an anti-Republican troll trying to pass himself off as a racist to convince people other Republicans are racist than an actual Republican?

>> No.1326448

Wow. You really are an inbred narrow-minded fool. I really was hoping you weren't that stupid.

Oh well, just proves that only idiots think Obama's not actually the smarter pick, with an actual chance of bringing our economy back from being fucked.

>> No.1326452

Because that's what it is.

>> No.1326455

I can't be what I already am

>> No.1326458

A faggot?

>> No.1326461

It was a rhetorical question.

>> No.1326462

no... just no....

>> No.1326465

Stop talking to yourself.

>> No.1326484


jealous fag?

>> No.1326489

Says some kid posting on the Internet. Obama is going to bring the economy back about like Jimmy Carter did.

He is all image.I mean who needs a teleprompter to talk at a Rodeo? The last thing we need in the White House is another freaking lawyer. Know about the MPAA and RIAA much?

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>> No.1328138

>>1326489 09/18/08(Thu)04:00



>> No.1328218

I'd be confused as I would no longer be able to have a conversation with just about anyone around me. No-one here speaks Japanese, and it's a known fact Japanese people can't speak English. I guess I would have to take the day off and stay indoors to masturbate to anime characters on the internet.

>> No.1328401
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Faggots are delish

>> No.1328420
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>> No.1328433

holy. fucking. shit.

I'm wearing the same jacket right now, and similar jeans. And my room is also pretty messy. I have long hair though.

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