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Which Touhou is the most gentle?

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The Hong

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The cuddly devil!

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cute moon rabbit is the most gentle touhou

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This is Reisen II with Reisen I's fake ears.


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Rumia. If you ever end up in Gensokyo, be sure to find her first.

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For us dirty humans, probably Futo.

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I meant Miko. Please forgive me.

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Kaguya's neetdom is so contagious, even the rabbit is wearing naruto bandanas.

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I get this odd feeling this is some kind of trick towards the poor anons who are going to Gensokyo.

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If I'm going to be eaten then I might as well get eaten by Gensokyo's cutest little girl.

She might even let my ghost attend to her as her faithful manservant.

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She'd probably lose interest in your ghost once she finds out she can't eat it.

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Vore fetishists really have the worst luck. They find a way to relive the fantasy and there's no one to eat them.

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I'm not a vore fetishist, I just like little girls, is all!

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Man, /jp/ is pretty slow tonight.

And sure, I like it slow, sometimes I don't really mind when Reisen fucks me in the ass all slow and shit, but today, man, today I was feelin something else, something more fresh you know, ya fellin it? But you bunch of pussgays are mellow as HELL tonight and there's no action on the scene.
This shiet blows, dude, I'm not feelin' it, not tonight.

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Kyoko won't eat or try to kill you or be rough with you, she just wants to wish you a good morning.

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Why can't I meet up with reimu in gensokyo and go on fun adventures and play games with the other touhous and fight them and befriend them when,we win.

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Diamond in the Rough

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Is there any Canon reason? Can,I still dream of flying around with reimu? Can I dream of a happy idealized gensokyo?

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Definetly the Satori.

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What if you're one of those people that acts properly but has a twisted mind?

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Well I do have super lewd thoughts about her.

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Kyouko also wants your screams to resound through Gensokyo.

The only real answer is Wakasagihime, clearly.

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Die kleine Rumia ist ein sehr vertrauenswürdiges Touhou.
Schöne Grüße, Adolf.

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Of course it's Gensokyo's sweetest girl Sanae Kochiya.

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I like you.

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Satori is the most dickhead 2hu though, how can she be gentle.

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IN, obviously. Though I did find TD real easy, too.

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Damn this guy is actually correct in his "Touhou" usage.

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I got the Doge, she is cuddlier.

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The girl who would mate with anyone! Even you!