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What does /jp/ thinks of Ran Yakumo?
Is she an abusive mother or rather a kind and pristine one?

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I think she is the best waifu one can possibly have.

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Does Ran gets abused by Yukari?

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Do you abuse your PC and never clean or defrag it?

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well yeah, but I just can't help it sometimes other people use it too.. oh wait

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At least she beats Yukari in breast size competition.

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I would see her as a "you spare the rod, you spoil the child" parent.

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>not using solid state

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Looks like something a young mother would wear. Looks good on Ran.

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but that is good isn't it?

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Didn't say it was bad, Anon. How all children should be raised.

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Nah, she's clearly one of those children of abusive parents who pledge never to beat their own kids.

Whether she'll keep her resolve is another story. Chen is a bit spoiled, but so far we haven't seen her doing anything that would require drastic measures.

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she bullied Hatsune Miku

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Cool fanfic, mate.

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very cool

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Ran does what any caring guardian should do. Leaving children to their own devices just asks for trouble later.

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Ran puts me in a solid state.

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It's canon that she does.

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I would beat her with my umbrella.

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I'm sure she's nice

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Ran is my favorite Dog Days character

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is ran firin her lazor?

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I'd like to remind you all that Ran getting beatings from Yukari is canon

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You don't perform percussive maintenance on your PC?

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No, I spray it with compressed air. Maybe Yukari should just get a squirt bottle.

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Ran is implying chen's hat is replaceable.
I hope it becomes a tsukumogami and comes back to haunt them. (Hats are tools too, they protect us from the sun)

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I wanted to be spoiled by those nine tails!

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Ran is a perverted mother

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Is it really he fault though? She might have been neglected by her master. I bet that leads to a lot of pent up frustration.

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so cute

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I want to have swimsuit sex with Ran.

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I don't think she's abusive. Yukari wouldn't allow it. But she's certainly extremely strict, through given how unreliable Chen is, Ran probably doesn't ask her much.
So of course, when she orders Chen and is disappointed, she gotta be strict to be sure she'll be obeyed next time.

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Ran a pedophile.

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What does that mean?

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>But she's certainly extremely strict
[citation needed]

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Play the game, secondary-chan.

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Is it abuse if Chen enjoy it? Cats do enjoy being patted.

Is it abuse if Ran enjoy it? Ran's a freak who never get laid.

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so soft

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Dat hip jiggle gets me every time.

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Ran strikes me as the type of girl to have the perfect ass. Shapely yet firm.

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Too bad it's hidden under heavy clothes and nine (9) tails and that you need a map to find your way to her ass.

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That just makes whatever glimpse you manage of her butt all the more special!

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I fucking hate this smug-ass bitch cunt, I just want to punch her fucking face every time she looks smug.
POW, right in the fucking kisser.
Fucking cunt bitch poser kuso.

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Finally realized she's bending over, not sitting.
It's still disgusting.

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>that blush
She can blush all she wants. That mouth-hiding hand proves that she knows what she's doing. Whatever happens next will be her fault.

>hitting the kisser
>not hitting the butt
Don't damage the stuff, that's unprofessional.

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Ran is a loving caretaker.

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[Source needed]

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Where does the "Ran spanks Chen" thing comes from? I don't remember seeing anything in the game to support it. Unless it comes from the Extra stage or the books.

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There's always spanking stuff whenever two characters' relationships even vaguely resembles a guardian/child relationship.

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I would understand between Rinnosuke and Marisa, or another pairing that make sense, but between the hardworking Ran who's always busy and Chen who just do whatever she wants, I don't understand the logic.
If bakeneko are anything like that, beating her won't fix her attitude. If anything, that'll encourage her to leave the house.

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Well you obviously didn't.

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(Play the game, secondary-chan.)^2

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Is there a image where Yukari spanks Ran while she's spanking Chen?

Like a human (youkai?) centipede of spanking?

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Yukari herself is abusive as fuck.


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Not that I'd know, but that's an interesting idea. Have you tried asking on /d/? They sometimes have a spanking thread.

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I don't know if abused kids tend to abuse their own kids, however...

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It's numbered general, like every non-futa thread.

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What do you mean by numbered general?

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Poor ran =(

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As a psych major, I can tell you that abused kids tend to become bullies and abusive parents as a way to gain control in their lives.

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How do you determine if Ran is just strict or totally abusive?

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That's simple. Just look how Ran spanks Chen.
If Ran uses her hand, it's okay.
If she uses something, like a rice paddle, a belt or a hairbrush, she's strict.
If Ran binds Chen to a chair after removing all her clothes and whip her with a notched, bloody old whip, then she's probably abusive.

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Or, to put it in perspective, if Chen can smile, then Ran isn't abusive. Everyone and their mother know that abused kids never laugh or smile.

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is that so

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Born as a slave, raised as a slave and will die as one.


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Born to be loved, raising her child with love, and will die surrounded with love.

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Chen isn't her child. She's her slave.

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I mean, if what Yukari says has even an ounce of truth to it, then Ran doing anything independently of Yukari results in Ran becoming less powerful and more easily defeated.

On the other hand, I am pretty sure the relationship of shikigami is entirely based around the individuals entering into the relationship, so Yukari probably uses it to keep a short leash on Ran. At least with Chen and Ran, the relationship seems to be much more independent.

In short, Ran got what was coming to her by the law of the land, fairness aside.

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Whipping slaves back in the days was legal.
That doesn't mean it's morally or ethically responsible.

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Unlike a slave, Ran was not forced into making a contract with Yukari. She could have remained an independent, if weaker, youkai.

Ran became her shikigami to further her own power, and sacrificed her freedom as a result. There is a very clear gain for a very clear loss.

It really is not akin to slavery, more like indentured servitude.

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And that makes it acceptable for Yukari to beat Ran into a coma?

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I was talking 'bout the fox but whatever, works for both

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I think I fucking love Ran-sama, is what I think! I'm going to marry her.

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Now Yukari is gonna beat both of you up!

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Youkai are not humans, so human ethics do not apply.

>> No.13228635


Well that's just rude of her.

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It's more like a strict master/apprentice relationship, assuming what Yukari says is the truth. It may be unpleasant and even unethical to do what Yukari is doing, but that is the teaching method that works based on Yukari's experience.

Remember also that the way Yukari talks about this may be partly intended just to mess with Aya. Yukari lives pretty much without fears, and I wouldn't put it past her to be saying what she says just to get Aya mad.

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I want to scratch Ran's ears!

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Now I want a story where Aya becomes Yukari's shikigami and get spanked on a daily basis until her resistance breaks.

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The fuck you talking about, Yukari almost always has cowtits in fanart like Ran.

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If you would be abandoned by your mother and taken to a shelter, and there was a kind lady who would take care of you, what does that make of her? Because the cunt who abandoned you like trash isn't your mother, the one who raised you is, and Ran is doing extraordinary job at it, and also you don't need to point out obvious facts that Chen is Ran's spellcard.

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I want to make more Chens with Ran!

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Chen is just too cute.

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Do you have the cute cute where Chen is playing with her ears while she sleeps sitting up?

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This artist draws ultra cute Chen.

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Cute overload!

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this artist draws Chen that gives you diabeties even if you look at it for a split of second

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I mean her, sorry for being retarded non-native english.

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You don't need to speak. You can just post.

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"It" Is the correct term anon

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For a thread that started with a spanking picture, it's quite tame.

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I'm more curious at the lack of Akyuu spanking, given the huge amount of bullshit in her book, and given she's probably the more vulnerable touhou ever.

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Well, there's this one, but it's indeed very rare.

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Look at that fluffy Ran!

>> No.13237801

Look at that crying Akyuu!

>> No.13238103

those thighs are unreal

>> No.13238151

It's because nobody likes spanking.

>> No.13238306

You =/= everybody, kid.

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Ran has had enough!

>> No.13240008

There was zero need for him to add "except for that one faggot" just to appease you.

>> No.13240493

Why do you pretend to be someone else, kid?

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Ran's a bitch.

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Maybe they should've just fucking waited like she said.

>> No.13240574

That's no excuse to beat people. Do you see me punching people when they touch my glasses or my computer?
Of course not, because I aim for the eyes when I punch people.

>> No.13244880

She's a prime bitch.

>> No.13245774

That awkward feel when you realize you are your own waifu.

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I don't know that feel.

>> No.13251548


Wow! Those Tails!

>> No.13256005

Cute Chen butt.

>> No.13260294

Why is Chen so lewd?

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But she isn't. It's lewd artists doing bad things with her.

>> No.13260345

I want to fatten up Ran. Is this okay?

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But Ran is already fat in all the right places.

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That artist should draw less lewd Chen and more cute Chen like this.

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I love Ran for her kindness

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it;s okay, I will make sure she gets enough sexcersise

>> No.13265099

Does beating Chen's cute butt counts as proper exercise?

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No, it counts as abuse!

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I want to give Ran-sama's fluffy tails the b!

>> No.13265675

I want to give it to Chen's butt.

There's no bad parenting. Only bad kids.
>inb4 this is taken out of context by SJWs and blown out of proportion

>> No.13265695

I want to play with her ears. Do you think she'd mind?

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What about alcoholic parents that beat their kids for entertainment to the point that in some cases they get killed by their own child?

>> No.13266957

They obviously haven't spanked their shikigami into submission enough.
Because, sorry to remind you that, but Chen isn't Ran's daughter, secondary-kun. Perhaps if you played the games you would know.

>> No.13267058

Chen was adopted

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>have about 20 GBP saved up
>get the rumbly wumblies for tendies
>see Ran sleeping in her futon
>rip the sheets off the slut
>Anon? I'm very tired after taking care of Yukari and Chen...
>I grab the bitch's tails and start yanking
>Anon, please. Let go and I'll make you your tendies.
>5 minutes later...
>she comes out and brings me my tendies
>rub my hands together as I begin the feast
>it tastes like shit until I realize what it is
>A-anon, it's not what you think it is! Eirin told me it's unhealthy for you to always eat that so I got the -
>Throw the plate at her head, knocking her down to the ground
>She starts weeping as I pick up one of those disgusting Aki vegan tendies
>I drop my sweatpants as I prepare to flavor it with my special sauce
>Tears run down her face as she faces the consequences like a bad shikigami
And now that whore only gets me Mokou© tendies. I'm glad Yukari gapped me here.

>> No.13267143

Dear lord this autism

>> No.13267352

I don't even know. I don't WANT to know.

>> No.13267461

I think you have an idea considering the tripcode.

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>> No.13267729

Why does this exist?

>> No.13267730

/r9k/-brand autism gives /jp/ a run for our money.

>> No.13267761

That's because /jp/ is ironically autistic in a self-deprecating way
/r9k/ is legit

>> No.13267795

Being ironically autist is still being autist.

>> No.13267831

I think it's the other way around.

>> No.13267836


>> No.13271680


>> No.13275184

But Chen like being beaten. Why else would she come after you in the Extra stage?

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>saved up GBP to acquire an extra tendies box
>I can now eat tendies every hour of the day
>run downstairs at lightning speeds in my footie pajamas
>see Ran in the kitchen being a useless fox already at 1PM
>Oh anon, there was so much I decided to give Chen some for school lunch! I hope you don't mind.
>Take the belt off my JNCO Jeans
>Wait anon! You have some Mystia Nuggets so please...I'll get some more tenders later!
>They satisfy me temporarily but will not erase the crime
>sneak down later that night on tippy toes
>unwrap Chen's tinfoil tendies
>reclaim my treasure and leave a more deserving meal
>next morning
>Stupid cat comes home crying
>to this day even Cirno calls Chen "Scat Cat"
When will normies learn not to get between a man and his tendies?

>> No.13277863

funny reddit meme there

>> No.13278415


Just because your board has gone to shit doesn't mean you should shitpost here.

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>> No.13281922

I love you Ran

>> No.13288269

I'm getting tired of these greenshitposters.

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