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Yo guys, I heard it that Minoriko is the plumpest girl in the Gensokyo area.

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Letty is the most fatty and than comes Patche and then maybe the potatoe sisters.

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I am not going to let this fat thread die, I have the largest folder on this board

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here's another from that artist

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it's about fat 2hus, stop dumping your *booru folder of random fat anime girls

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You heard right.

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>no pubes or stretch marks
>no anal hair
>no penis

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Holy fuck, a health thread that hasn't been taken over by disgusting obesity fetishists? Incredible.

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The majority of the images in this thread are obese though. What are you talking about?

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Who you quote?

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Nothing wrong with healthy women.

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Here's a tricky question : Define "healthy woman".

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I would say most images in here are just girls being chubby and not fat. Definetely far away of how fat some people in the US are, you can thank them for opening up a new tier in the fatness scale.
Has anyone ever actually made tests about at what rough weight the advantage of more fat reserves is outweight by the disadvantages of higher weight, for examples higher calory need per day, diminishing fitness with more fat etc.

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I fucking hate this artist and the potato faces he gives to the girls he draws.

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A woman who is more than just skin and bones.

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What the fuck after you taking about? I'm not some disgusting fat fetishist. I just can appreciate healthy women.

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*are you talking about

I screwed that post up bad

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All of Japan hates you right now.

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He's right.

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Wifely fat.

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Why is Sanae using lemons as rubber duckies?

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Heard wrong.

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I don't think there are actually any McDonald's in Gensokyou

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fatty batty

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Maybe the mistress needs more exercise instead of sitting around all Dracula-style.

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Chained lady of the night~
You're unmoved by your plight~
With your single maw, you've taken in it all~
And can no longer feed upon the nightfall~

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Please stop.

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>posting in a thread you don't like instead of posting in one you do

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>I have the largest folder on this board
Oh, yeah?

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The best kind.

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I like that song.

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Well, she was born in that time period where it was a sign of wealth.
Course that was more a human thing.

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Welp, never mind. The thread did cheer taken over by disgusting far fetishists after all.

Don't you people have your own thread to post in?

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if i remember correctly, the artist actually tagged that as pregnant, not fat