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I'm in love with Fujiwara No Mokou!

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She's fucking shit, dude.

Why don't you chose Kaguya instead?

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You can't choose who you fall in love with.

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Are you going to show her your moves?

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Yes I can.

I am the master of my own destiny.

Aren't you?

You fucking pussy.

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If you pick Mokou, Kaguya comes with.
If you pick Kaguya, Mokou is off-limits. She wouldn't send you to assassinate her virginity, for example.

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>If you pick Mokou, Kaguya comes with.

She may come with the package, but she wants to fucking kill you. So that kind of puts her off-limits as well.

If you pick Kaguya, the whole Eientei comes along for the ride.

You can make Reisen your sex slave, dude. Just think about the possibilities, don't be a massive douchelord.

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>Reisen your sex slave.
I'm pretty sure if your romance Kaguya she would only want you for herself, and doesn't want to share you with: Tewi, Eirin, Reisen, or the Inaba's running around.

And if you romance Mokou it would be the same (Only for herself), so no getting Keine (unless you go full douche, and cheat on her without Keine's knowledge).

Anyways moon girl too difficult to romance as all the other people who tried go humiliated/died. Go with Mokou she needs it.

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>Anyways moon girl too difficult to romance

Alright dude, judging by that sentence, let me chose my words appropriately in order to get through to you.





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Your not going to have a harem of bunny girls, and you never will if you go with Kaguya.

Going with Tewi, maybe.

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That guy get it.

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Dude, Kaguya is asleep like 70% of the day.

You get a fucking free card to do whatever you want.

In fact, you're also wrong on another point, going with Tewi would be your biggest mistake ever.
That little cunt ass bitch would probably snitch you over since she would think it would be a pretty funny prank ha. ha. ha.

In order to go with the harem route by chosing Kaguya, you would obviously have to kill that fucking piece of shit Tewi.

Like, sieg heil, dude.

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Mokou looks great in any outfit! She's the barbie doll I never had.

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Because no matter what she's wearing, she still makes the same cute noises when you're making love to her.

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What noises?

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If Mokou were Abdul he'd still be alive! She's a better abdul then abdul ever was. Plus she'd have like a thousand years on Dio.

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You know... These cute "ha!" when you're pinching her butt while ramming your p3n1s in her v4g1n4.

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Vanilla Ice > Mokou

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What do you think she smells like?

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Fucking her would be like putting your dick in a hot ashtray.

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Incense and sulfur.

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Grilled chicken and charred bamboo.

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This pretty much sums all of this thread so far.

Amazing quality post, dude.


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Mokou is the last of the Fujiwara Clan. How are you going to fix this?

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Why the HELL is... nah, I can't do it.

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I'm gonna put it in Mokotan!!

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Can, Mokou even produce children?

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She's like a millenium-since menopausal.

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I'll report back in a month to you.

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Menopause ain't going to affect Mokou, dude.

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Technically, Mokou should still be able to have children she's just not able to have her period as her body is stuck in a constant state of unchange.

You just need a way to fertilize her egg.

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But then why is her wait white?

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By sticking it in her vagina instead of sticking it in her ass.

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>kill one of the oldest and most powerful beings in Gensokyo
Good luck, buddy.
Sounds like someone fell into a few too many pits.

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Fuck you bozo, Tewi is a piece of shit.

I'll murder her in her sleep.

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You'll try, but you'll trip, and the knife will pierce the wallet you happened to leave in your breast pocket instead of your heart. That won't stop you from shouting out in surprise and waking up everyone in the room, however. By then, you'll have wished you had died.

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What the fuck?



Pass me some of that shieeet you're smokin', mah man, nigger, negro.

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At least learn what her powers are if you want to try to kill her.
Remember, she owns the land and lets the mooninites stay there in exchange for more power, and she's psychically linked to every bunny in Gensokyo. You'll need an ungodly plan to get in an out of the dragnet without getting caught.

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I'm goin' in.

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Luck that cannot be measured.
Army of rabbits.
Let's the lunarian stays.
Learning tips and tricks from the Brain of the Moon + her hidden knowledge.
Small and Adorable.
Loveable trickster.

Is, Tewi a god?

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I'm going to marry Ashley!

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We can try

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why no matter how hard I try moku ALWAYS looks like a boy to me

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God, maybe.
Perfect, definitely.

(Mokou's cool though.)

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I want to make gentle love to Tewi.

Yeah, Mokou's cool.

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Shitty rabbits have highjacked best girl thread.

By fire be purged.

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Well, some girls look like boys and there's nothing that can be done about it, but they're still girls and they deserve to be loved just as much as any other girl.

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Does Mokou sound like Rangaros when she gets mad?

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Because being an immortal vampire worked out so well for Vanilla Ice, right? He totally didn't get killed by a French idiot and a dog.

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It's called in-vitro fertilization. I'm sure Eirin could do it.

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Why would you want to do anything about that?

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If she can have kids, will they be immortal?

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Definitely maybe.

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Tewi is just a little girl. Even if she's several thousand years old. Or older.

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You know the saying "if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck", the thing where author can slap a sticker saying "this character is really like 9999 years old" is rather meaningless

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do what now

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Moonfags are the worst.

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To be fair, Mokou and Kaguya aren't much better in that department, other than us seeing them revive.

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Is Mokou lean or bulky?

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What a wonderful face. Mokou's having a real good day.

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Why isn't Mokou in the fighters?

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I agree
Thanks for noticing

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Isn't she in the upcoming one?

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Mokou is too strong.
The game would be impossible to balance.

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They gave Suwako a healing super. No reason they couldn't have done the same with Mokou.

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People datamined the demo and found her name, whether or not she actually ends up in the game remains to be seen.

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Good Mkou doujins are so freakin rare, or they are futanari.

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Very little vanilla. Or plain yuri. It's sad. I was kind of hoping Mokou x Mystia would take off.

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You missed the golden age of touhou. All the top rate characters were used up then.

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Well, it's not like those doujin aren't still available.

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Well I certainly hopes she does.

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In a fighter you just have to survive long enough for Mokou to get bored of fighting and go home.

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>or they are futanari.
And they're always great.

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It doesn't make it good automatically. Though they can be.

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even so, best girl ever

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>page 1
Well that escalated quickly.

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She makes my heart burn with passion. Or maybe just literally burns it.

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she's the king of them

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I wonder if her tits shoot out hot foamy milk, like what they top cappuccinos with.

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They're built in flamethrowers.

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Man, I lack pictures of Mokou being cool. Or Mokou being Mokou. It's all her blushing or dressed up or upset about something and all that shit.

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I feel like this may be a subtle hint that someone wants more of basically any kind of her.

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You'd hope not. Hourai immortals don't age, so it'd just be an eternal fetus.

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It's a flagrant declaration that he only likes her for her body and the character doesn't matter.

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I want to rape Mokou in the butt while Kaguya is watching and laughing her ass off.

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Surprise! She was really Byakuren!

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They're both really old, so sure, why not.

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Looks like some sort of retard clown

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So, Byakuren.

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Heartburn isn't healthy.

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Most things in Gensokyou aren't healthy. You just have to deal with it.

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I support your love Anon.
I'll distract Keine for you.

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With my dick

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But she wears a bento on her head. I wouldn't fuck someone as crazy as that.

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If they don't age then how come Mokou hair changed to white and became long?

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Magic or fire. Or something.

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