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Yukari is the most huggable Touhou!

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Too tall and smells like an old lady.
Better candidates: literally everyone else. Including Genji. Relaxing nude on a cool tortoise's shell on a summer day is heaven. I'm sure there's a Reimu sunbathing image of this out there.

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I'd like to verify that for myself.

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What are you, a manlet?

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do you think she's a tight hugger?

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How is being tall a bad thing? You'd go to hug Yukari and she'd stuff you into her cleavage.

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No, but she hugs over the shoulders.

Answered your own question.

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The only thing she's most in is she's the Touhou I most want to avoid.

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Yes, and after a few moments you'd realize that her hands are on backwards (or perhaps yours are), and then she'd laugh in your ear.

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Is Yukari the ultimate Dom?

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No, because she'd get bored from you very fast.

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Then she would smack you

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What's not to love about Yukari's funbags?

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I want Yukari's pussy to hug my cock and squeeze it tight until i unload my love juice into her!

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Stop being so lewd!

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Yukari is very haggable indeed.

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It cannot be helped.

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Yukari's massive, motherly mammaries majestically milking your mast!

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>Yukari's massive, motherly mammaries majestically milking your mast!
I am not following you, there. Is she a pirate?

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Attempting to pull out of Yukari's pussy only for her to wrap her legs tightly around you and pull you back in, forcing you to ejaculate large quantities of semen deep within her while your head is pressed against her ample bosom.

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Yes it can. You should meditate to purge those perverted thoughts and cleanse your mind.

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They're not even turned up all the way? Yukari, you're weak!

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Feels good, man.

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No, Chen is the pirate of the yakumos.

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Well it could feel better.

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>Fantasy Kaleidoscope in a nutshell.

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I wonder whose decision it was to have them wear hats in the bath. And more importantly, why? Did they think the hats were so key to the character that they could not be removed at any time? Or that nobody would recognize them?

In b4 "both."

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100% sure that that is Ran but what do I know.

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Now I'm actually curious to know what they're talking about. Sound where?

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2hus die when they're hats are removed

have you not played the original shooters

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Warm, heartfelt hugs with Yukari!

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The dinosaur thread is two blocks down

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I'd rather be hugged by Patchouli.

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Now, that.s not nice. She's not that old.

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Dear lawd those hips.

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Look at all the meanies in the thread. Please do not bully the Yukarin!

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Nice vagina, Yukari!

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Socks and a swimsuit is one thing, but gloves too? There is NOTHING erotic about this.

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I think it's pretty sexy. Strange yes, but sexy.

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"Hm. I can see past the Hakurei barrier, into Hakurei."

I would rather hug a bakeneko.