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Is a dakimakura a worth while purchase? I want to sleep with one naked and I just got enough money to get one. Are there any good sources for the pillows themselves? Who makes the best covers?

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If you have completely given up on having an intimate relationship with another human being, then yes, it would be a solid investment.

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I think he's completely giving up on following the rules.

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That image is totally sfw.

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Anyone that has them are you happy you got them?

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I have one but never really bought the pillow for it so I just hang it on my wall. It feels really silky though, so yes.

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Why didn't you get a pillow?

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neet with no money

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Sounds perfect for me then. Only problem is, they're too damn expensive.

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Sena's butthole

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So how far down the social suicide ladder am I if I just ordered a pretty lewd Daki?

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you ain't even on the ladder anymore son